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a: a; to; at; in; on
abacá: abaca
abacería: grocer's; grocery shop; grocery store
abacial: abbatial
ábaco: abacus
abad: abbot
abadejo: pollack
abadesa: abbess
abadía: abbey; abbacy
abajeño: lowland; lowlander; person from the coast
abajo: below; downstairs; down; underneath; under; downstream
abalanzarse: lunge; fall upon; rush towards
abalear: to shoot; fire at; execute
abalorio: trinket; glass bead
abanderado: standard-bearer; champion
abanderar: to register
abandonado: deserted; abandoned; neglected
abandonar: to abandon; to leave; to neglect; to give up; to abort
abandonarse: to let oneself go; to neglect one's appearance; to give oneself over
abandono: abandonment; leaving; neglect; state of abandon; withdrawal
abanicar: to fan
abanico: fan; range
abaratar: to reduce the price of
abaratarse: to become cheaper; to fall in price
abarcar: to embrace; to cover; to surround; to comprise; to see; to monopolize
abarquillarse: to warp; to curl up
abarrotado: packed; crammed; filled
abarrotar: to pack; to cram; to fill; to monopolize
abarrotería: grocer's; grocery shop
abarrotes: groceries
abastecedor: supplying; providing; supplier
abastecer: to supply; to provide
abastecerse: to stock up
abastecimiento: supply; supplying; provision
abasto: no dar abasto: to be unable to cope with something; abastos: supplies; provisions
abate: abbé
abatible: folding
abatido: dejected; despondent; abject
abatimiento: dejection; despondency
abatir: to knock down; to demolish; to fold down; to kill; to depress
abatirse sobre: to swoop down on
abcisa: abscissa
abdicación: abdication
abdicar: to abdicate; to give up; to renounce
abdomen: abdomen
abdominal: abdominal
abdominales: abdominal muscles
abductor: abducent; adductor
abecé: alphabet; basics; rudiments
abecedario: alphabet
abedul: birch
abeja: bee; abeja reina: queen bee
abejaruco: bee-eater
abejorro: bumblebee
abelmosco: abelmosk
aberración: evil thing; aberration
aberrante: aberrant
abertura: opening
abertzale: Basque nationalist
abeto: fir
abiertamente: openly; frankly; above-board
abierto: open; participio pasado de abrir
abigarrado: multi-coloured; motley; gaudy; garish; mixed
abintestato: abintestate
abiótico: abiotic
abisal: abyssal; abysmal
abismal: vast; colosal; huge; enormous; abyssal
abismo: abyss; disparity
abjuración: abjuration
abjurar: to abjure; to renounce; to repudiate; to abnegate
ablación: ablation
ablandar: to soften; to soften up
ablandarse: to soften; to give in
ablativo: ablative
ablución: ablution
abnegación: abnegation; self-denial
abnegado: selfless; self-sacrificing
abobado: silly; bewildered
abocado: destined
abochornado: embarrassed
abochornar: to embarrass
abochornarse: to get embarrassed; to feel embarrassed
abofetear: to slap
abogacía: legal profession
abogado: lawyer; advocate; attorney; counsel; counselor; solicitor; colegio de abogados: bar; the Temple
abogar: advocate; to plead; to champion
abolengo: lineage; ancestry
abolición: abolition; abolishment
abolicionismo: abolitionism
abolicionista: abolitionist
abolir: to abolish
abollado: dented
abollar: to dent
abollarse: to get dented
abombado: convex; dazed
abombar: to make convex
abombarse: to become bent; to rot; to go off; to get drunk
abominable: abominable; abhominable
abominación: abomination
abominar: to detest; to abominate
abonado: paid; fertilized; subscriber
abonar: to fertilize; to pay; to subscribe
abonarse: to subscribe
abono: season ticket; fertilizing; fertilizer; payment
abordaje: boarding
abordar: to board; to approach; to accost; to tackle
aborigen: indigenous; native; aboriginal; aborigen australiano: Aborigine
aborrecer: to hate; to detest; to abhor
aborrecible: hateful; detestable; abhorrent
aborrecimiento: hate; loathing; abhorrence
aborregado: unthinking; sheeplike
aborregarse: to follow the crowd
abortado: abortive
abortar: to abort; to miscarry; to have an abortion; to have a miscarriage; to fail; to foil
abortista: abortionist
abortivo: abortive; abortifacient
aborto: miscarriage; abortion; freak
abotargado: swollen; bloated; befuddled
abotargarse: to swell up; to become bloated; to be unable to think straight
abotonar: to button up
abotonarse: to button up
abovedado: vaulted; domed
abovedar: to vault
abracadabra: abracadabra
abrasado: burnt
abrasador: burning
abrasar: to burn
abrasarse: to get burnt; to burn
abrasión: abrasion
abrasivo: abrasive
abrazadera: brace; clamp
abrazar: to embrace; to hug
abrazarse: to hug each other; to embrace
abrazo: embrace
abrebotellas: bottle opener
abrecartas: paperknife; letter-opener
abrelatas: can-opener; tin-opener
abrevadero: trough; watering place
abrevar: to water; to give water; to drink
abreviación: abbreviation; abrégé; abridgment
abreviado: abbreviated; abridged
abreviar: to shorten; to abbreviate; to abridge; to hurry
abreviatura: abbreviation
abridor: opener
abrigado: wrapped up; sheltered; warm
abrigador: warm
abrigar: to wrap up; to harbour; to keep warm
abrigarse: to wrap up
abrigo: coat; overcoat
abril: April
abrillantador: polishing; polish
abrillantar: to polish
abrir: to open; to turn on; to dig; to start; to lead
abrirse: to open; to open up; to be off
abrochar: to do up; to button up
abrocharse: to do up; to button up; to fasten
abrogar: to repeal; to abrogate
abrojo: thistle
abroncar: to tell off; to scold; to boo
abrótano: southernwood
abrumador: overwhelming
abrumar: to overwhelm; to weigh down; to embarrass
abrumarse: to become overwhelmed; to be weighed down; to be embarrassed
abrupto: steep; rugged; rough; abrupt
absceso: abscess
absenta: absinthe; absinth
absentismo: absenteeism
ábside: apse
absolución: absolution; acquittal
absolutamente: absolutely
absolutismo: absolutism
absolutista: absolutist
absoluto: absolute; en absoluto: by no means; at all
absolver: to absolve; to acquit
absorbencia: absorbency
absorbente: absorbent; absorber; absorbing; demanding; domineering; overbearing
absorber: to absorb; to engross; to use up; to take up; to take over
absorbible: absorbable
absorbido: absorbed
absorción: absorption
absorto: absorbed; engrossed
abstemio: teetotal; teetotaller; abstainer; abstemious
abstención: abstention
abstenerse: to refrain; to abstain
abstinencia: abstinence; abstinency
abstinente: abstinent
abstracción: abstraction; abstract art
abstracto: abstract
abstraer: to abstract; to become lost in thought
abstraerse: to absorb oneself
absurdo: absurd; ludicrous; absurdity
abubilla: hoopoe
abuchear: to boo; to jeer
abucheo: booing; jeering
abuela: grandmother; old woman
abuelo: grandparent; grandfather; old man
abuhardillado: sloping ceiling
abulense: native inhabitant of Avila
abulia: apathy; abulia
abúlico: suffering from a loss of will power
abultado: swollen
abultamiento: swelling; bump; lump
abultar: to enlarge; to exaggerate; to blow up; to be bulky; to take up a lot of room
abundancia: abundance; en abundancia: abundantly
abundante: abundant; plentiful
abundar: to be plentiful; to abound
aburguesado: bourgeois
aburguesarse: to become middle class
aburrido: boring; bored; fed up; bore
aburrimiento: boredom
aburrir: to bore
aburrirse: to get bored
abusar: to take advantage; to abuse
abusivo: abusive
abuso: abuse
abusón: bullying; bully
abyección: wretchedness; abjection; abjectness
abyecto: abject; wretched
acá: here
acabado: finished; finish
acabar: to finish; to end; to end up; to be over; to have just; to put an end to; to achieve; to close; to do for; to dwindle; to mop up; to fizzle; to get over; to kill; to kill off; to land up; to leave; to nail; to round off; to settle hash; to smash; to squelch; to stamp out; to wear down; to wind up
acabarse: to end; to come to an end
acacia: acacia
academia: academy; school
académico: academic; academician; member of an academy; academical
acaecer: to occur; to happen
acalefo: acalephan
acallar: to quieten; to ease; to soothe
acalorado: hot; worked up; heated
acalorar: to heat up; to warm up
acalorarse: to get hot; to get worked up
acampada: camping
acampanado: bell-shaped; flared; bell-bottomed
acampar: to camp
acanalado: grooved; ribbed; fluted
acanaladura: groove; fluting
acantilado: cliff
acantáceo: acanthaceous
acanto: acanthus
acantonar: to station
acantopterigio: acanthopterygian
acaparador: hoarding; monopolizing
acaparar: to hoard; to stock up; to take; to corner; to monopolize
acaramelado: sugary
acariciar: to caress; to toy with
acárido: acarid
ácaro: acarus
acarrear: to carry; to haul; to cause; to bring
acartonado: stiff
acartonarse: to become stiff; to become wizened
acaso: maybe; perhaps; mayhap
acatamiento: observance; respect
acatar: to obey; to observe; to notice; to abide by
acatarrado: estar acatarrado to have a cold
acatarrarse: to catch a cold
acaudalado: well-off; affluent
acaudillar: to lead
acaule: acaulescent
acceder: to agree; to accede; to acquiesce; acceder a: to access
accesible: accesible; affordable
accésit: consolation prize; accessit
acceso: access; fir
accesorio: supplementary; extra; accessory; attachment; additional; prop; adjunct; appurtenance; gadget; accesorios: accessories; props; trimmings
accidentado: injured; troubled; uneven; rough; hilly; casualty
accidental: incidental; chance; accidental
accidentarse: to have an accident
accidente: accident; chance; feature; accidental; accidente gramático: accidence
acción: action; deed; feat; share; lawsuit; acting; doing; entrapment
accionar: to activate; to work
accionariado: shareholders
accionista: shareholder
acebo: holly bush; holly tree
acechar: to lie in wait for; to threaten
acecho: watching; watch
aceite: oil
aceitera: oil bottle; oilcan
aceitero: oil
aceitoso: oily
aceituna: olive
aceitunado: olive-coloured
aceitunero: olive; olive picker
acéfalo: acephalous
aceleración: acceleration
acelerador: accelerating; accelerator; throttle; accelerative
acelerar: to accelerate; to hurry; to speed up
acelerón: sudden increase in speed
acelga: chard
acémila: mule; oaf
acento: accent; stress; emphasis
acentuación: accentuation
acentuar: to accentuate; to accent; to stress; to emphasize
acepción: sense; meaning; acceptation
aceptable: acceptable
aceptación: acceptance; approval
aceptado: accredited
aceptar: to accept
acequia: irrigation ditch
acera: pavement; sidewalk
acerado: steel; biting; scathing
acerar: to acierate
acerbo: sour; scathing; acerb; harsh
acerca de: about; acerca de: about
acercamiento: approach; drawing together; rapprochement
acercar: to bring near; to give a lift to
acerería: steelworks
acero: steel; acero inoxidable: stainless steel
acérrimo: staunch; bitter
acertado: correct; good;
acertante: winner
acertar: to be right; acertar a: to get right; to guess
acertijo: riddle
acervo: heritage
acescente: acescent
acetábulo: acetábulum
acetato: acetate
acético: acetic
acetileno: acetylene
acetona: acetone
acetoso: acetose
achacar: to attribute; to put down
achacoso: infirm; ailing
achantar: to scare
achaparrado: squat; short
achaque: ailment; ache; infirmity
achatado: flattened
achicar: to make smaller; to bail; to intimidate
achicharrar: to burn
achicoria: chicory
achinado: oriental; slanting
achís: atishoo
achispado: tipsy
achisparse: to get tipsy
achuchado: difficult
achuchar: to press; to set against; to hug
achuchón: shove
achulado: insolent; bigheaded
aciago: fateful
acicalado: smart
acicalar: to smarten up
acicalarse: to get dressed up
acicate: spur; incentive
acicular: acicular
acidez: sharpness; acidity; heartburn
ácido: acid; acidic; harsh
acidular: acidulate
acídulo: acidulous
acientífico: unscientific
acierto: correct answer; good idea; skill
aclamación: acclamation; acclaim
aclamar: to acclaim
aclaración: clarification
aclarado: rinse
aclarar: lo lighten; to make clear; to clarify; to clear up
aclararse: to turn lighter; to clear; to make up one's mind
aclimatación: acclimation; acclimatization
aclimatar: to acclimatize; to acclimate
aclimatarse: to become acclimatized; to become acclimated
acné: acne
acobardar: to intimidate; to cow; to daunt; to unman; to unnerve; to wilt
acobardarse: to be frightened
acogedor: welcoming; friendly; cosy; cozy
acoger: to welcome; to receive; to take in
acogerse: to seek shelter
acogida: welcome; reception; buena acogida: acceptance
acojonar: to put the wind up; to intimidate; to impress
acojonado: freaked out
acolchado: quilted; quilt
acolchar: to quilt
acolitado: acolythate
acólito: acolyte; server; minion
acometer: to attack; to take on; to undertake
acometida: attack
acomodación: accommodation
acomodado: well-off; well-heeled; weel-to-do; substantial; affluent; comfortable; easy
acomodador: usher
acomodadora: usherette
acomodar: to accommodate; to give a job to; to pull strings for
acomodarse: to install oneself; to get used to
acomodaticio: flexible; easy-going
acompañado: accompanied
acompañamiento: accompaniment; escort
acompañante: companion; accompanist
acompañar: to accompany; to keep company; to enclose
acompañarse: to accompany oneself
acompasado: regular; rhythmic; slow
acompasar: to keep time with; to coordinate
acomplejado: suffering from a complex
acomplejar: to give a complex to
acomplejarse: to get a complex
acondicionado: equipped; aire acondicionado: air conditioning
acondicionador: conditioner
acondicionar: to fit out
acongojado: distressed; upset
acongojar: to distress; to upset
acongojarse: to become distressed
acónito: aconite
aconsejable: advisable; well-advised
aconsejar: to advise; to recommend; to counsel
acontecer: to happen; to occur; to befall
acontecimiento: event
acopiar: to gather together; to get in
acoplamiento: fitting together; coupling; docking
acoplar: to fit together; to mate; to dock
acoplarse: to join; to fit together; to dock; to fit in
acoquinar: to frighten
acorazado: armoured; armored; battleship
acordado: agreed
acordar: to agree; to grant; to attune
acordarse: to remember
acorde: chord; accord; in accordance; accordant; according
acordeón: accordion
acordeonista: accordionist
acordonar: to lace up; to cordon off
acorralado: cornered
acorralar: to round up; to corner
acortar: to shorten; to make shorter; to take a shortcut; to abridge
acortarse: to become shorter
acosar: to pursue; to give no peace to; to sexually harass
acoso: pursuit; harassment
acostado: abed
acostar: to put to bed; to bring alongside
acostarse: to lie down
acostumbrado: accustomed; usual; used to
acostumbrar: to be in the habit of; to accustom
acotación: stage direction; margin note
acotar: to mark the boundary of; to annotate
acotiledóneo: acotyledoneus
acre: tart; sour; acrid; acid; biting; acerbic; acre; acrimonious; pungent
acrecentar: ti increase
acreditación: accreditation
acreditado: accredited; reputable
acreditar: to be proof of; to establish; to accredit
acreditado: accredited
acreditarse: to become established
acreedor: worthy; deserving; creditor
acrescente: acrescent
acribillar: to pepper; to riddle
acrílico: acrylic
acristalar: to glaze
acritud: sourness; acridness; bitterness; acrimony; acidity; acridity; acritude; pungency; acrimoniousness
acrobacia: acrobatics; acrobatism
acróbata: acrobat
acrobático: acrobatic
acromatismo: achromatism
acromio: acromion
acrónimo: acronym
acrópolis: acropolis
acróstico: acrostic
acrotera: acroterium
acta: minutes
actinia: actinia
actínico: actinic
actinismo: actinism
actinio: actinium
actitud: attitude; position; posture
activar: to activate; to stimulate
actividad: activity; pursuit; segue
activismo: activism
activista: activist
activo: active; assets
acto: act; ceremony; deed; function; en el acto: right now; at once; forthwith; at a moment’s notice; outright; on the spot; acto seguido: thereupon
actor: actor; performer; player; thespian
actriz: actress; performer; player; thespian
actuación: performance; intervention
actual: present; current; modern; actual; topical; up-to-date; reigning
actualidad: current situation; news; relevance
actualizar: to bring up to date; to update
actualmente: nowadays; at the moment; currently
actuar: to act; to actuate; to appear; to behave; to perform; to play; to proceed
actuario de seguros: actuary
acuarela: watercolor
acuario: fish tank; aquarium
acuartelamiento: barracks; confinement to barracks
acuartelar: to confine to barracks
acuático: water
acuchillar: to stab; to knife
acuciante: pressing
acuciar: to press
acudir: to come; acudir a: to turn to
acueducto: aqueduct
acuerdo: agreement; accord; accordance; arrangement; accommodation; deal; bargain; settlement; understanding; approval; compliance; compromise; concord; concurrence; de acuerdo: OK; all right; alright; estar de acuerdo: to agree; to conform; to hold with; to be of a mind; to subscribe; to approve; no estar de acuerdo: to disagree; poner de acuerdo: to accord; de acuerdo con: accordingly; under; acuerdo general: package deal
acuminado: acuminate
acumulación: accumulation
acumulado: accumulative
acumulador: accumulative; accumulator; storage battery
acumular: to accumulate
acumularse: to accumulate; to accrue
acumulativo: accumulative
acunar: to rock
acuñar: to mint; to coin
acuoso: watery
acupuntura: acupuncture
acurrucarse: to curl up
acusación: accusation; charge; prosecution
acusado: accused; marked; defendant
acusador: accuser
acusar: to accuse; to charge; to show; to acknowledge
acusativo: accusative
acusatorio: accusatory
acuse de recibo: acknowledgement of receipt
acusica: telltale
acusón: telltale
acústica: acoustics
acústico: acoustic
acutángulo: acute-angled
adagio: adage
Adán: Adam
adaptable: adaptable; versatile; pliant
adaptación: adaptation; accommodation; adjustment; resilience
adaptador: adaptor; adapter
adaptar: to adapt; to adjust; to fit; to gear; to suit; to match
adaptarse: to adapt oneself; to adjust; to come to terms with; to cohere; to settle in
adecentar: to tidy up; to clean up
adecuado: right; adequate; appropriate; apt; aptly; convenient; germane; proper
adecuar: to adapt
adecuarse: to be right
adefesio: freak; monstrosity
adelantado: advanced; fast
adelantamiento: overtaking manoeuvre; passing maneuver
adelantar: to move forward; to advance; to pay in advance; to overtake; to pass; to put forward; to achieve; to gain; to be fast; to gain time; to make progress; to get on; to head; to outstrip; to overtake; to profit; to promote
adelantarse: to go ahead; to be early; to be fast; to gain time
adelante: forward; ahead; forth; forward; onward; adelante de: in front of; sacar adelante: to bring off; salir adelante: to come through; to plough on; to push ahead; to push on; to soldier on; to spur; en adelante: forth; from now on; forward; henceforward; hereafter
adelanto: advance; advancement; betterment
adelfa: oleander
adelgazamiento: slimming
adelgazar: to lose; to lose weight; to slim
ademán: gesture
además: besides; además de: as well as
adentrarse: to penetrate; to go into
adentro: inside
adepto: supporter; follower
aderezar: to season; to dress
aderezo: seasoning; dressing; decoration; jewelry
adeudar: to owe; to debit
adeudo: debit
adherencia: adherence; adhesiveness; grip
adherente: adherent; adhesive
adherir: to stick
adherirse: to stick; to adhere; to cling; to cohere; to espouse; to fall in with; to latch onto
adhesión: adhesion; support
adhesiva: cinta adhesiva: adhesive tape
adhesivo: adhesive; stick-on; sticky; self-adhesive
adicción: addiction
adición: addition; accretion; addenda; admixture
adicional: additional; accessory; added; further
adictivo: addictive
adicto: addicted; addict; supporter; follower;
adiestrado: trained
adiestramiento: training
adiestrar: to train
adinerado: wealthy; affluent; monied; well-off; well-to-do
adiós: goodbye
aditivo: additive
adivinación: divination; fortune-telling
adivinador: fortune-teller
adivinanza: riddle
adivinar: to guess; to foretell; to forecast
adivinarse: to be visible
adivino: fortune-teller
adjetival: adjectival
adjetivar: to describe; to use as an adjective
adjetivo: adjective; adjectival
adjudicación: award
adjudicar: to award
adjudicarse: to take for oneself; to win
adjudicatario: successful bidder
adjuntar: to enclose
adjunto: enclosed; assistant
adlátere: henchman
administración: administration; admin; administrative office; direction; management; government; stewardship
administrador: administrator; steward; bailiff; bursar; curator; manager
administrar: to administer; to manage; to run; to give; to dispense
administrarse: to manage one's finances
administrativo: administrative; administrative assistant; managerial; official
admirable: admirable
admiración: admiration; awe; wonder; wonderment
admirador: admirer; devotee; fan
admirar: to admire; to amaze; to knock; to look up to
admirarse: to be amazed
admisible: admissible; acceptable; legitimate; plausible; allowable
admisión: admission; acceptance; admittance
admitir: to admit; to allow; to tolerate; to accept; to hold; to acknowledge
admonición: telling-off; warning
admonitorio: warning
adobado: marinated
adobar: to marinate
adobe: adobe
adobo: marinade; marinating
adocenado: common; ordinary
adoctrinar: to indoctrinate
adolecer: to suffer
adolescencia: adolescence; youth
adolescente: adolescent; teenager
adonde: where
adónde: where
adondequiera: whenever
adopción: adoption
adoptar: to adopt; to assume; to espouse; to take
adoptivo: adoptive; adopted; foster
adoquín: cobble; blockhead
adoquinado: cobbled; cobblestones; cobbles
adoquinar: to lay cobblestones on
adorable: adorable; lovable
adoración: adoration; worship
adorar: to worship; to adore; to love; to dote on
adormecer: to make sleepy; to send to sleep
adormecerse: to doze off; to go to sleep
adormidera: poppy
adormilarse: to doze
adornar: to decorate; to accomplish; to adorn; to apparel; to bedeck; to beset; to dight; to doll up; to embellish; to embroider; to garnish; to grace; to hang; to stud; to titivate; to trim
adorno: ornament; decoration; garnish; trimming; adornment; array; bauble; embellishment; flourish; flower; frill; garniture; motif; tinsel
adosado: attached; joined; row house
adosar: attach
adquirir: to acquire; to buy; to purchase
adquisición: acquisition; buy; purchase; acquirement; purchasing
adrede: deliberately; on purpose
adrenalina: adrenalin
Adriático: Adriatic
adscribir: to appoint; to ascribe
adscribirse: to join
aduana: Customs; customs house; duty
aduanero: customs; customs officer
aducir: to cite
adueñarse: to take possession; to overcome
adulación: adulation; blarney; cringe; flattery; salve
adulador: adulator
adular: to flatter
adulón: adulator
adúltera: adulteress
adulteración: adulteration
adulterado: adulterated
adulterar: to adulterate; to corrupt; to dilute; to doctor
adulterio: adultery
adúltero: adulterous; adulterer
adulto: adult; grown-up; fully grown
adusto: stern; sullen; austere
advenedizo: upstart
advenimiento: coming; advent
adventicio: accidental; adventitious
adventismo: Adventism
adventista: Adventist
adverbial: adverbial
adverbio: adverb
adversario: adversary; opponent; antagonist; copesmate; foe; opposing; opposition; rival
adversidad: adversity; misfortune; difficulty
adverso: adverse; unfavourable; untoward; inimical; jarring
advertencia: warning; admonition; tip-off; caveat; giveaway
advertido: warned
advertir: to notice; to warn
adviento: Advent
advocación: name under which a church, altar, saint, etc., is known
adyacente: adjacent
aéreo: air; aerial; puente aéreo: shuttle; airlift
aerobic: aerobics
aerobio: aerobic
aerobús: Airbus
aeroclub: flying club
aerodeslizador: hovercraft
aerodinámica: aerodynamics
aerodinámico: aerodynamic; streamlined
aeródromo: aerodrome; airdrome; airfield
aeroespacial: aerospace
aerofagia: aerophagia
aerógrafo: airbrush
aerofaro: beacon
aerolínea: airline
aeromodelismo: model aeroplane making
aeromoza: flight attendant; air hostess
aeronáutica: aeronautics; aeronautical
aeronaval: air-sea
aeronave: aircraft
aeroplano: airplane; aeroplane
aeropuerto: airport
aerosol: aerosol; atomizer
aerospacial: aerospace
aerostática: aerostatics
aerostático: aerostatic
aeróstato: hot-air balloon; airship
aerotaxi: taxiplane
aerotransportado: airborne
afabilidad: affability; geniality; gentleness; mildness; suavity; amenity; benignancy; bonhomie
afable: pleasant; affable; equable; forthcoming; genial; gentle; suave; sweet; amiable; benign; benignant
afamado: famous
afamar: to make famous
afán: effort; desire
afanador: cleaner
afanar: to steal; to pinch
afanarse: to work hard; to make a big effort; to toil; to plod
afanoso: enthusiastic
afasia: aphasia
afear: to criticize
afección: condition; affection; disease; disorder
afectación: affectation; coyness; self-consciousness
afectado: affected; upset; arty; bogus; demure; diseased; finical; finicking; finicky; foppish; lackadaisical; mincing; namby-pamby; precious; self-conscious; stilted; twee; unnatural; verse afectado: to suffer
afectar: to affect; to upset; to pretend; to damage; to blight; to gush; to hit; to impinge; to involve; to prejudice; to shock
afectividad: sensitivity
afectivo: emotional; affectionate
afecto: affection; fondness; regard; devotion
afectuoso: affectionate; fond; kindly; warm; cordial
afeitado: shave
afeitadora: electric razor; electric shaver
afeitar: to shave; to shave off; to file down
afeitarse: to shave; to have a shave; to shave off
afeite: make-up
afeminado: effeminate
afeminamiento: effeminacy
aferrar: to seize
aferrarse: to cling
affaire: affair
Afganistán: Afghanistan
afgano: Afghan
afianzamiento: strengthening; reinforcement
afianzar: to strengthen; to reinforce; to confirm
afianzarse: to be consolidated
afición: interest; addiction; bent; fancy; fondness; love; mania; hobby
aficionado: amateur
aficionar: to interest
aficionarse: to become interested
áfido: aphid
afilado: sharp; pointed
afilador: sharpener; knife grinder
afilalápices: pencil sharpener
afilar: to sharpen
afilarse: to become thinner; to get ready
afiliación: affiliation; membership
afiliado: affiliated; member; affiliate;
afiliar: to enrol
afiliarse: to become a member; to join
afín: similar; related
afinador: tuner
afinar: to tune; to improve; to fine-tune; to refine
afincarse: to settle
afinidad: affinity; propinquity; kinship
afirmación: affirmation; strengthening; statement; assertion; claim; contetion
afirmar: to affirm; to state; to strengthen; to nod; to submit; to tamp; to allege; to assert; to aver; to ballast; to claim; to contend
afirmativo: affirmative
aflautado: high-pitched
aflicción: sorrow; sadness
afligido: upset; accursed
afligir: to upset; to afflict; to ail; to hone; to strike
afligirse: to be upset; to be distressed
aflojar: to loosen; to abate
aflojarse: to work loose
aflorar: to appear; to emerge
afluencia: influx; abundance; affluence; flow; fluency; inflow; inrush
afluente: tributary
afluir: to flow
afonía: loss of voice
afónico: aphonic
aforismo: aphorism
aforo: capacity
afortunado: fortunate; lucky; happy; appropriate; lucky person
afrancesado: Frenchified
afrenta: affront; insult
afrentar: to affront; to offend
afrentarse: to feel affronted; to feel offended
Africa: Africa
africano: African
afrikaans: Afrikaans
afrikáner: Afrikaner
afroamericano: Afro-American
afrodisiaco: aphrodisiac
afrontar: to confront; to face
after-shave: after shave
afuera: outside; abroad
afuereño: strange; foreign; stranger; outsider; foreigner
agachadiza: snipe
agachar: to lower; to bow
agacharse: to bend down
agalla: gill; agallas: guts; sin agallas: abranchiate
agalludo: plucky; brave
agarrada: dust-up; to-do
agarradera: handle
agarradero: handle; hold; grip; protection; pull; anchorage
agarrado: mean; stingy; miser; slow down; close-fisted
agarrador: flatiron holder
agarrar: to grab; to catch; to seize; to clutch; to grasp; to get; to obtain; to grapple; to pick up; to receive
agarrarse: to hold on; to stick
agarre: grip; grasp; clutch
agarrotado: stiff; seized up
agarrotar: to paralyse; to paralyze; to tighten; to garrotte; to oppress
agarrotarse: to stiffen; to be paralyzed; to seize up
agasajar: to regale; to entertain; to fête; to feast
agasajo: attention shown; gift; treat; refreshment
ágata: agate
agavanza: hip
agavanzo: dog rose; hip
agave: agave; century plant
agavilladora: binder
agavillar: to bind; to sheave; to band; to band together
agazapar: to nab; to seize; to crouch; to squat
agazaparse: to duck down; to hide
agencia: agency; bureau; branch; office; pawnshop; agencia inmobiliaria: estate agency
agenciar: to carry out; to negotiate; to manage to get
agenciarse: to get hold of
agenda: diary; schedule; agenda; tickler; agenda personal: personal organizer
agente: agent; rep; officer; attorney; broker; deputy; detective; doer; factor; agente secreto: spy; emissary; agente contraespionaje:spycatcher; agente inmobiliario: house-agent; realtor; agente de mudanzas: mover; agente de bolsa: broker
agigantado: enormous
agigantar: to enlarge
ágil: agile; nimble; lively; deft; limber; lissome; lithe; nippy; sprightly; springe; spry; supple; volatile
agilidad: agility; activity
agilización: speeding-up
agilizar: to speed up
agitación: agitation; unrest; roughness; choppiness; bustle; dither; emotion; excitement; ferment; fluctuation; flurry; fluster; jitters; rabble-rousing; trepidation; turmoil; upheaval
agitado: agitated; upset; hectic; rough; choppy
agitador: disruptive; agitator; rabble-rouser
agitanado: gypsy-like
agitar: to shake; to wave; to stir; to churn; to brandish; to concuss; to flail; to flurry; to fluster; to flutter; to heave; to shuffle; to swish; to tempest; to agitate
agitarse: to get worked up; to get rough; to get choppy
aglomeración: crowd; agglomeration
aglomerado: chipboard
aglomerar: to gather together; to bind
aglomerarse: to gather
aglutinante: binding
aglutinar: to stick together; to bind together; to combine; to draw together
agnosticismo: agnosticism
agnóstico: agnostic; know-nothing
agobiado: overwhelmed
agobiante: oppressive; overwhelming; unbearable; tiresome
agobiar: to weigh down; to oppress; to burden
agobio: burden; weight; oppression
agolparse: to come one after another; to crowd; to throng
agonía: agony
agonizante: dying
agonizar: to be dying
ágora: agora
agorero: gloomy; prophet of doom
agostar: to scorch
agostarse: to wilt
agosto: August
agotado: worn-out; exhausted; impoverished; sold out; out of print; out of stock
agotador: exhausting
agotamiento: exhaustion
agotar: to exhaust; to wear out; to sell out of; to use up
agotarse: to become exhausted; to get worn out; to sell out
agraciado: nice-looking; winning
agraciar: to be becoming; to make more attractive; to award a prize to
agradable: pleasant; nice; fine; agreeable; congenial; cosy; cushy; delightful; enjoyable; genial; goodly; likable; likeable; personable; pleasurable; mild
agradar: to please
agradecer: to thank; to be grateful for; to acknowledge
agradecido: grateful
agradecimiento: gratitude
agrado: pleasure; delight
agrandar: to make larger; to make bigger; to let out; to extend
agrario: land; agrarian; agricultural
agravante: aggravating
agravar: to aggravate; to make worse; to compound; to escalate
agravarse: to worsen
agraviar: to offend
agravio: offence; grievance
agredir: to attack
agregación: accession
agregado: senior lecturer; associate profesor; secondary school teacher; attaché
agregaduría: post of attaché; attaché's office
agregar: to add; to append; to incorporate
agresión: aggression; assault; battery
agresividad: aggressiveness
agresivo: aggressive; belligerent; blatant; predatory; pugnacious; pushy; rampant; truculent
agresor: aggressor; attacker; assailant
agreste: rough; rugged; uncouth
agriar: to turn sour; to acerbate; to canker
agrícola: agricultural; farming; productos agrícolas: produce
agricultor: farmer
agricultura: agriculture; farming; husbandry
agridulce: bittersweet; sweet-and-sour
agrietar: to crack; to chap
agrimensor: land-surveyor
agrimonia: agrimony
agrio: sour
agronomía: agronomy
agrónomo: farming; agricultural; agronomist
agropecuario: agricultural
agrupación: grouping; association; special unit
agrupamiento: grouping
agrupar: to group; to gather; to assemble
agua: water; rain
aguacate: avocado
aguacero: downpour
aguachirle: dishwater
aguada: watering hole; water supply
aguador: water carrier; water seller
aguafiestas: spoilsport; killjoy
aguafuerte: etching
aguamanil: ewer; water jug; wash-stand; pitcher
aguamarina: aquamarine
aguanieve: sleet
aguantaderas: patience
aguantar: to bear; to endure; to stand; to put up with; to swallow; to weather
aguante: patience; stamina; endurance
aguar: to water down; to spoil
aguardar: to await; to wait for; to abide
aguardiente: brandy; liquor
aguarrás: turpentine
agudeza: sharpness; perceptiveness; acuteness; wit; wittiness; salt; witticism; acuity; acumen; fineness; keenness; sharpness; subtlety
agudizar: to sharpen; to worsen; to intensify
agudo: sharp; acute; keen; witty; high-pitched; heart-rendering; piercing; probing; quick; quick-witted; searching; severe; shrill; thin
agüero: omen
aguerrido: courageous; brave; hardened; veteran
aguijada: prod; goad
aguijón: sting; incentive
aguilonear: to spur
águila: eagle; águila real: golden eagle
aguileño: aquiline
aguilucho: eaglet
aguinaldo: Christmas present; Christmas bonus
aguja: needle; pin; pointer; spire; agujas: points; switch; ribs
agujereado: full of holes
agujerear: to make holes in
agujero: hole; bore; loophole; knot hole; leak; amount missing
agujeta: shoelace; shoestring; pains from overexercise
agustino: Augustinian
agutí: agouti
aguzanieves: wagtail
aguzar: to sharpen; to strain
ah: oh
ahí: there
ahijada: goddaughter
ahijado: godchild; godson
ahínco: eagerness; earnestness; ardour
ahíto: very full; fed up
ahogado: drowned; stuffy
ahogar: to drown; to choke; to stifle; to flood
ahogarse: to suffocate; to drown; to flood
ahogo: anguish; suffocation; financial difficulties
ahondar: to deepen; to make deeper
ahora: now; just now; right now; on the other hand; ahora bien: but; however; hasta ahora: so far
ahorcado: hanged
ahorcar: to hang
ahorcarse: to hang oneself
ahorrador: thrifty; careful with money
ahorrar: to save; to economize; to spare
ahorrarse: to save oneself
ahorrativo: thrifty; saving
ahorro: saving; economy; ahorros: savings; accumulations
ahuecar: to hollow; to hollow out; to inflate; to fluff out; to plump op; to deepen; to leave; to beat it
ahuecarse: to put on airs
ahumado: smoked; smoky; tinted
ahumar: to smoke; to tint; to fill with smoke
ahuesado: spindle-shaped; fusiform
ahuyentar: to scare; to frighten away; to flee
ailanto: ailanthus
airado: furious; irate; angry; wrathful
aire: air; breath; draft; draught; look; appearance; resemblance; pace; gait; demeanour; humour; temper; ease; dexterity; elegance; gracefulness; panache; maner; mien; vigor; violence; movement; melody; al aire libre: out in the open; open-air; alfresco; aire acondicionado: air-conditioning; aire comprimido: compressed air; cámara de aire: inner tube; darse aire: to put on airs
aireado: airy
airear: to air; to publicize; to ventilate
airearse: to get some fresh air
airoso: graceful; lively; successful; brave; jaunty; rakish; airy; windy; salir airoso: to acquit
aislado: isolated; separate; insulated
aislamiento: isolation; insulation; seclusion
aislar: to isolate; to insulate
aislarse: to seclude oneself
ajá: good; that's right
ajado: shabby; worn; creased
ajar: to wither; to age; to crumple; to rumple; to spoil; to fade
ajarse: to wither; to age; to become spoiled
ajardinar: to landscape
ajedrecista: chess player
ajedrez: chess
ajedrezado: chequered; checkered
ajenjo: absinth; absinthe
ajeno: another's; alien; strange; foreign; improper; ignorant
ajetreado: hectic; busy
ajetreo: activity; fatigue; bustle; running around; hard work
ají: chili; pepper
ajiaco: stew
ajillo: sauce made with oil, garlic and chilli
ajo: garlic; secret affair; ajo blanco: soup containing garlic, bread, almonds, oil and vinegar; estar en el ajo: to be in on it
ajolote: axolotl
ajorca: bracelet; anklet; bangle
ajuar: furniture and fittings; trousseau
ajuntar: to be friends with
ajustado: tight-fitting; reasonable; limited; adjusted; close; just; right
ajustador: fitter; adjuster; pager
ajustadores: bra
ajustar: to adjust; to adapt; to fit; to accommodate; to push to; to regulate; to tighten; to reconcile; to settle accounts; to hire; to engage; to arrange; to page; to conform to; to come to an agreement; to regulate; to square; to suit; to joint; to line up; to match; to pan
ajustarse: to fit
ajuste: adjustment; settling; settlement; fitting; fit; agreement; contract; hire; engagement; paging; setting
ajusticiamiento: execution
ajusticiar: to execute; to put to death
al: to the; at; at the
ala: wing; brim; eaves; flap; blade; ala delta: hang glider
alabanza: praise; commendation; eulogy; acclaim
alabar: to praise; to commend; to extol; to applaud
alabarse: to boast; to brag
alabastrino: alabaster; alabastrine
alabastro: alabaster
alabear: to warp; to camber
alabearse: to become warped; to warp
alacena: cupboard; closet; recess for storing food
alacrán: scorpion
alado: winged; alate
alambicar: to distil; to rectify; to subtilize
alambique: still; alembic
alambrada: wire fence
alambre: wire; alambre de espino: barbed wire
alameda: poplar grove; boulevard; avenue; mall
álamo: poplar; álamo blanco: abele
alano: mastiff
alarde: show; display; ostentation
alardear: to brag; to boast; to show off about
alargadera: extension cable; adapter
alargado: long; elongated
alargador: extension cable
alargar: to lengthen; to elongate; to extend; to prolong; to increase; to stretch; to reach; to pass; to hand
alargarse: to get longer
alarido: howl; shriek; yell; scream
alarma: alarm; alarum; hue and cry; trepidation; señal de alarma: distress signal; tocsin
alarmante: alarming; startling; alert; scary
alarmar: to alarm; to alert; to startle
alarmarse: to become alarmed
alarmista: alarmist; scaremonger
Alaska: Alaska
alazán: sorrel; chestnut
alba: dawn; daybreak; beginning
albacea: testamentary executor
albahaca: basil
albanés: Albanian
Albania: Albania
albañal: sewer; mess; dump; drain
albañil: mason; bricklayer
albañilería: masonry; brickwork
albarán: delivery note; voucher
albarda: packsaddle
albardear: to annoy
albardón: a large packsaddle for riding; raised land in lake or flooded area
albaricoque: apricot
albaricoquero: apricot tree
albariño: type of light Galician wine
albatros: albatross
albedrío: free will; fancy; whim
alberca: reservoir; swimming pool; pool; pond; millpond
albérchigo: peach; peach-tree
alberchiguero: peach tree
albergar: to house; to shelter; to lodge; to harbour
albergarse: to stay
albergue: housing; shelter; lodging; harbour; refuge; lair; den; orphanage; home; hostel; mountain refuge
albino: albino; albinic
albis, in albis: estar in albis: to be in the dark; quedarse in albis: not to have the faintest idea
albo: white
albóndiga: meatball
albor: whiteness; dawn; dawn light; beginning
alborada: dawn; daybreak; reveille
alborear: to dawn
albornoz: bathrobe; burnoose
alborotador: rowdy; noisy; troublemaking; troublemaker; rioter; agitator
alborotar: to stir up; to disturb; to agitate; to excite; to riot
alborotarse: to become excited; to get worked up
alboroto: noise; racket; uproar; riot; excitement; agitation; disorder; tumult; ado; clatter; commotion; disturbance; flutter; fracas; fuss; hubbub; mayhem; moil; noise; rout; bedlam; brouhaha
alborozar: to delight; to gladden; to cheer; to exhilarate
alborozarse: to be delighted
alborozo: delight; joy; exhilaration
albricias: great!; joy!
albufera: salt water lagoon
álbum: album; álbum de recortes: scrapbook
albumen: albumen
albúmina: albumen
alcachofa: artichoke; shower head; rose
alcahuete: pimp; procurer; matchmaker; gossip; busybody; screener; concealer
alcaide: prison governor; prison warden
alcaldada: arbitrary act; abuse of authority
alcalde: mayor
alcaldesa: mayoress; mayor's wife
alcaldía: mayoralty; mayor's office
álcali: alkali
alcalino: alkaline
alcaloide: alkaloid
alcance: reach; range; pursuit; overtaking; keen; stop-press; intellect; understanding
alcancía: money box; child's bank; poor box
alcanfor: camphor; camphor tree
alcantarilla: sewer; drain; culvert
alcantarillado: sewers; drains; sewage
alcanzable: accessible; within reach
alcanzar: to reach; to pass; to overtake; to forereach; to catch up; to get; to obtain; to achieve; to gain; to get at; to understand; to carry; to arrive to; to be sufficient; to suffice; to fetch; to hit
alcaparra: caper
alcaraván: stone curlew; thick-knee
alcatraz: gannet; cuckoopint; white pelican
alcaucil: artichoke
alcayata: hook
alcazaba: fortress; Muslim citadel
alcázar: fortress; Muslim palace; royal palace; quarterdeck
alce: elk; moose
alción: kingfisher; halcyon
alcista: upward; bull
alcoba: bedroom; alcove
alcohol: alcohol; booze; spirit; surgical spirit; kohl
alcohólico: alcoholic; wino; intoxicating; lush; bebidas alcohólicas: spirits
alcoholímetro: alcoholometer; drunkometer
alcoholismo: alcoholism; drunkenness
alcornoque: cork oak; blockhead; dolt
alcorzar: to ice
alcotán: hobby; lanner
alcurnia: lineage; ascentry; parentage; blood
aldaba: knocker; bolt; crossbar
aldabón: door knocker; large handle
aldabonazo: knock
aldea: hamlet; village
aldeano: village; rustic; coarse; villager; countryman
aleación: alloy; alloyage
alear: to alloy; to flutter
aleatorio: unpredictable; random; aleatory; contingent; uncertain
aleccionador: instructive; exemplary; cautionary; chastening
aleccionar: to instruct; to teach; to drill; to coach
aledaño: nearby; adjacent; bordering; aledaños: surrounding; area; environs
alegación: allegation; claim; plea; argument
alegar: to allege; to quote; to adduce; to plea; to urge; to argue
alegato: plea; pleading; reasoned allegation; argument
alegoría: allegory; emblem
alegórico: allegorical
alegrar: to make happy; to make glad; to brighten up; to cheer up; to rejoice
alegrarse: to be happy; to be glad; to get tipsy
alegre: happy; cheerful; glad; joyful; jolly; bright; lively; cheerful; light; merry; reckless; careless; irresponsible; wanton
alegría: happiness; joy; pleasure; glee; merriment; mirth; gaiety; brightness; irresponsibility; sesame
alegro: allegro
alegrón: thrill; sudden and intense joy; flash
alejado: remote; faraway
alejamiento: estrangement; withdrawal; aloofness
alejandrino: Alexandrine
alejar: to move away; to separate; to estrange
alejarse: to go away
alelado: mesmerized
alelar: to mesmerize; to bewilder; to stupefy
aleluya: hallelujah; wood sorrel
alemán: German
Alemania: Germany
alentador: encouraging; cheering; heartening
alentar: to encourage; to harbour; to shelter; to live; to breathe; to abet
alerce: larch
alergia: allergy; dislike
alérgico: allergic
alero: eaves; splashboard; forward
alerón: flap; spoiler; aileron
alerta: alert; look out; vigilant; watchful; sprack; sprag
alertar: to alert; to warn; to put on guard
aleta: fin; flipper; wing; fender; blade; alette
aletargado: drowsy; lethargic
aletargar: to make lethargic; to lethargize; to get drowsy
aletargarse: to become lethargic
aletear: to flutter; to flap the wings or the fins
aleteo: fluttering of wings; palpitation
alevín: young fish; beginner; greenhorn
alevosía: premeditation; treachery; perfidy
alfa: alpha
alfabético: alphabetical
alfabetización: literacy teaching; literacy
alfabetizar: to teach to read and write; to put in alphabetical order
alfabeto: alphabet; language
alfalfa: lucerne; alfalfa
alfanje: short scimitar
alfanumérico: alphanumeric
alfar: pottery; clay; argil; to rear
alfarería: pottery; pottery shop
alfarero: potter
alféizar: windowsill; sill; embrasure; ledge; display
alfeñique: weakling; sugar paste in thin bars
alférez: second lieutenant; ensign
alfil: bishop
alfiler: pin; brooch; tiepin
alfiletero: pin box; pin cushion; needlecase; pincase
alfombra: carpet; rug; fitted carpet
alfombrado: carpeted
alfombrar: to carpet
alfombrilla: mat; small carpet
alforja: saddlebag; wallet
alga: alga; seaweed; algas: algae
algarabía: racket; hubbub; uproar; Arabic language
algarada: din; racket; fray; disturbance; outcry; ancient war engine for throwing stones
algarroba: carob; vetch
algarrobo: carob tree; locust tree
algazara: din; commotion; clamour; joyful uproar
álgebra: algebra; bonesetting
algebraico: algebraic
algerita: agarita
álgido: algid
algo: something; aught; anything; somewhat; a little
algodón: cotton
algodonero: cotton; cotton dealer; cotton plant
alguacil: beadle; bailiff; dragonfly; kind of judge; peace-officer; jumping spider
alguien: somebody; someone
algún: some
alguno: someone; anyone; some; any
alhaja: piece of jewelry; jewel; treasure; iron
alharaca: fuss; ado; exaggerated show of feeling
alhelí: wallflower; gillyflower; stock
alheña: privet; henna
alhóndiga: corn exchange; public granary or grain market
aliado: ally; allied; confederated
alianza: alliance; league; wedding ring; wedding band;
aliar: to ally
alias: alias
alicaído: depressed; down; weak; drooping; sad; crestfallen; downfallen
alicatado: tiled; tiling; glazed-tile work in Moorish style
alicatar: to tile
alicates: pliers; nail clippers
aliciente: incentive; attraction; inducement
alienación: alienation
alienar: alienate
alienígena: alien
aliento: breath; spirit; courage
aligátor: alligator
aligerar: to make lighter; to lighten; to alleviate; to hasten; to quicken; to speed; to relieve
aligerarse: to remove; to take off
alijo: consignment; unloading; smuggled goods
alimaña: predator; beast
alimentación: feeding; diet; nourishment
alimentar: to feed; to nourish; to sustain; to aliment; to fuel; to stoke; to foster; to entertain; to cherish; to nurture; to be nourishing
alimentarse: to feed oneself
alimenticio: alimentary; nourishing; nutritious
alimento: food; aliment; nourishment; pabulum; allowance for alimony
alimoche: Egyptian vulture
alimón: al alimón: together; with the cape held by two bullfighters
alineación: alignment; lining-up; line-up;
alineado: aligned; straight; in line
alinear: to line up; to align; to range
alinearse: to line up; to align oneself
aliñar: to dress; to adorn; to tidy; to season; to prepare; to arrange
aliño: dressing; seasoning; adornment; tidiness; arrangement
alioli: garlic mayonnaise
alisar: to smooth; to straighten; to slick; to sleek; to polish; to plane; plantation of alder trees
alisarse: to straighten
aliscafo: hydrofoil
alisio: trade wind
aliso: alder; alder tree
alistamiento: enlistment; recruitment; enrollment; conscription
alistar: to recruit; to enlist; to prepare; to make ready
alistarse: to enlist
aliteración: alliteration
aliviadero: spillway
aliviar: to relieve; to ease; to lighten; to make lighter; to unburden; to alleviate; to allay; to assuage; to hasten; to ease up; to subside
aliviarse: to get better; to diminish
alivio: relief; alleviation; allay; ease; assuagement; mitigation; improvement
aljibe: cistern; well; tank boat; tanker
allá: there; over there
allanamiento: flattening; levelling; smoothing; razing; submission; consent; raid; allanamiento de morada unlawful entry; robo con allanamiento de morada: break-in
allanar: to flatten; to level; to smooth; to pacify; to subdue; to yield; to consent; to overcome; to break into; to raid
allegado: close; near; related; close friend; relative; follower
allegar: to gather; to raise; to collect; to add
allegarse: to conform; to agree
allí: there; yonder; then; at that moment
alma: soul; spirit; ghost; person; inhabitant; strength; vigour; bore of a gun; core; heart; web; sound post; alma de cántaro: simple soul
almacén: store; storehouse; warehouse; storeroom; depot; magazine; repository; reservoir; grocer's; grocery shop
almacenaje: storage
almacenamiento: storage
almacenar: to store; to accumulate; to build up; to hoard
almacenista: warehouse owner; wholesaler; storekeeper
almanaque: almanac; calendar
almazara: mill for making olive oil; oil mill
almeja: clam; quahog
almena: merlon; almenas: battlements
almendra: almond; kernel; cutglass drop; pebble
almendrado: almond-shaped; macaroon; almond milk
almendro: almond tree
almendruco: green or unripe almond
almiar: haystack; hayrick
almíbar: syrup
almibarado: syrupy; sugary; honeyed; sickly-sweet
almibarar: to cover in syrup; to sweeten; to honey
almidón: starch; paste
almidonado: starched; spruce; dapper
almidonar: to starch
alminar: minaret
almirantazgo: admiralty; admiralship
almirante: admiral
almirez: brass mortar
almizclado: musky
almizcle: musk
almohada: pillow; bolster; cushion; pillowcase; consultar con la almohada: to sleep on
almohadilla: small cushion; pincushion; bulging front of a cushion in an ashlar
almohadillado: padded; cushioned; bolsterwork
almohadón: big cushion; springer
almorranas: piles; haemorroids
almorzar: to have lunch; to lunch
almuecín: muezzin
almuédano: muezzin
almuerzo: lunch
alocado: mad; foolish; crazy; harebrained; wild; reckless; irresponsible; scatterbrain
alocución: address; speech; allocution; harangue
alojamiento: accommodation; lodging; quartering; billeting; housing
alojar: to accommodate; to put up; to lodge; to house; to quarter; to billet
alojarse: to stay; to lodge
alondra: lark; skylark
alpaca: alpaca; nickel silver; German silver
alpargata: espadrille; rope-soled sandal
Alpes: Alps
alpinismo: alpinism; climbing; mountaineering
alpinista: climber; mountaineer; alpestrian
alpino: alpine
alpiste: birdseed; alpist; canary grass
alquería: farmhouse; farmstead; grange
alquilado: hired
alquilar: to let; to rent; to hire
alquiler: letting; renting; rent; rental; hire
alquimia: alchemy
alquimista: alchemist
alquitrán: tar; pitch
alquitranar: to tar
alrededor: round; alrededor de: around; about
alta: discharge form an hospital; registration for fiscal purposes; inscription in the muster book; an old court dance
altanería: haughtiness; arrogance; falconry; hawking
altanero: haughty; arrogant; flying high
altar: altar
altavoz: loudspeaker; speaker
alteración: alteration; change; agitation; distress; change; unevenness
alterado: agitated; distressed; upset; angry
alterar: to alter; to change; to worry; to upset; to bother; to excite; to unsettle; to make something go bad
alterarse: to become altered; to become changed; to become worried
altercado: quarrel; altercation; dispute; wrangle
alternador: alternator
alternancia: alternation; alternance
alternar: to alternate; to mix; to socialize
alternativa: alternative; option; political alternative; ceremony at which an apprentice qualifies as a fully-fledged bullfighter
alternativo: alternative; alternate; alternating
alterno: alternate; alternating
alteza: height; elevation; sublimity; Highness
altibajo: downright blow; altibajos: ups and downs
altillo: hillock; attic; garret; cupboard above a built-in wardrobe
altímetro: altimeter
altiplanicie: high plateau; tableland
altiplano: high plateau
altísimo: very high; very tall; Almighty
altisonante: high-flown; grandiloquent; altisonant; high sounding; bombastic
altitud: height; altitude
altivez: haughtiness; arrogance; pride
altivo: haughty; arrogant; proud; lofty
alto: tall; upper; elevated; noble; excellent; late; advanced; loud; hillock; eminence; storey; floor; viola; halt; stop; on high; raised; loudly
altoparlante: loudspeaker
altozano: hillock; height; hill; highest part of a town
altramuz: lupin; lupine
altruismo: altruism
altruista: altruist; altruistic
altura: height; hillock; tallness; summit; top; elevation; excellence; eminence; altitude; pitch; latitude; prominence; prominency; alturas: heights; heavens; mal de las alturas: airsickness; estar a la altura: to live up to; to come up to scratch; de altura: sea-going
alubia: bean; French bean
alucinación: hallucination
alucinante: hallucinatory; great; brilliant
alucinar: to hallucinate; to fascinate; to delude
alucinógeno: hallucinogenic
alud: avalanche; snowslip
aludido: above-mentioned; aforementioned
aludir: to refer; to make reference; to allude; to hint at
alumbrado: lit; lightning; lights; tipsy
alumbramiento: childbirth; illumination; enlightening
alumbrar: to light; to illuminate; to enlighten; to give birth to; to give out light
aluminio: aluminium; aluminum
alumnado: pupils; students
alumno: pupil; student; scholar
alunizaje: lunar landing
alunizar: to land on the moon
alusión: mention; allusion; reference; hint
alusivo: allusive; hinting
aluvión: flood; alluvion; silt; wash
alveolo: alveolus; alveole
alza: increase; rise; advance; lift; overlay; sight
alzacuello: clerical collar; dog-collar; neck stock
alzada: height; stature of a horse; appeal to a higher administrative body or official
alzado: elevation; rebel; raised; fixed; rebellious; conceited; arrogant; lump; gathering
alzamiento: uprising; insurrection; raising; lifting
alzar: to raise; to lift; to hoist; to uplift; to heave; to elevate; to erect; to build; to remove; to carry off; to clear the table; to gather a crop
alzarse: to rise; to get up; to stand up; to rebel; to appeal
ama: mistress; owner; housekeeper; ama de llaves: housekeeper; chatelaine; matron
amabilidad: kindness; affability
amable: kind; affable; nice; amiable; obliging; lovable; accommodating
amado: loved one; beloved; dear; sweetheart
amadrinar: to act as godmother to; to sponsor; to couple
amaestrado: trained; taught; drilled
amaestramiento: training
amaestrar: to train; to teach; to coach; to drill
amagar: to threaten; to show intention of doing something; to make as if to
amago: threatening gesture; feint; hint; symptom
amainar: to ease; to abate; to subside; to clear up; to relax
amalgama: amalgam
amalgamar: amalgamate; to mix
amamantar: to nurse; to suckle; to lactate; to breast-feed
amanecer: dawn; daybreak; to dawn
amanerado: affected; mannered; effeminate; twee
amaneramiento: affectation
amansar: to quieten; to mellow; to tame; to domesticate; to subdue; to soften
amante: lover; loving; fond; paramour; mistress; pendant
amañado: fixed; skilful
amañar: to fix; to rig; to falsify; to cook; to fake; to manage
amaño: ruse; dodge; cleverness; skill; artifice; trick
amapola: poppy
amar: to love; to like; to be fond of
amarar: to alight on water
amargado: bitter; embittered; soured
amargar: to embitter; to spoil
amargo: bitter; sour; acrimonious
amargor: bitterness; sorrow; grief
amargura: bitterness; sorrow; grief
amarillear: to turn yellow; to pale
amarillento: yellowish; sallow; pale
amarillo: yellow; amber; sallow; pale
amarra: mooring rope; fast; martingale
amarradero: fastening or mooring post; berth; moorings
amarrar: to tie; to moor; to fasten; to rope
amasar: to knead; to mix; to amass; to massage
amasijo: jumble; hotchpotch; mishmash; kneading; mixing; medley; plot; machination
amateur: amateur
amatista: amethyst
amatorio: love; amatorial
amazona: rider; horsewoman; Amazon
amazónico: Amazonian
ambages: sin ambages: frankly; bluntly
ámbar: amber
ambición: ambition
ambicionar: to desire; to long to
ambicioso: ambitious
ambientación: setting
ambientador: air freshener
ambiental: environmental; background
ambientar: to create an atmosphere; to set; to settle someone
ambientarse: to settle in
ambiente: atmosphere; environment; setting; milieu; circle
ambigüedad: ambiguity
ambiguo: ambiguous
ámbito: circuit; compass; field; area; precinct; sphere; circles
ambivalencia: ambivalence
ambivalente: ambivalent
ambos: both
ambulancia: ambulance
ambulante: travelling; ambulatory; itinerant; walking
ambulatorio: health centre; ambulatory
ameba: amoeba; ameba
amedrentar: to frighten; to scare; to intimidate; to terrify
amedrentarse: to be scared; to be terrified
amén: amen; so be it
amenaza: threat; menace
amenazador: threatening; menacing; lowering
amenazar: to threaten; to menace; to be impending
amenizar: to render pleasant; to brighten; to adorn
ameno: entertaining; enjoyable; agreeable; pleasant; delightful
América: America
americana: jacket; coat; sack
americanismo: Americanism
americano: American
amerindio: American Indian
amerizar: to touch down; to splash down; to land on water
ametralladora: machine gun
ametrallar: to shrapnel; to machine-gun
amianto: asbestos; earth flax
amiga: friend
amigable: friendly; amicable
amígdala: tonsil; amygdala
amigdalitis: tonsilitis; tonsillitis
amigo: friend; fond; friendly
amigote: crony; pal
amiguete: friend
amiguismo: preferential treatment given to friends
amilanado: frightened; intimidated; discouraged; daunted
amilanar: to frighten; to intimidate; to discourage; to daunt; to cow
amilanarse: ti feel frightened; to be discouraged; to lose heart
aminoácido: amino acid
aminorar: to decrease; to reduce
amistad: friendship; amity; favour
amistar: to reconcile; to become friends
amistoso: friendly
amnesia: amnesia
amnésico: amnesic; amnesiac
amnistía: amnesty
amnistiar: to amnesty
amo: master; owner; lord; boss
amodorrado: drowsy; sleepy
amodorrar: to make drowsy
amodorrarse: to become drowsy
amohinarse: to sulk; to get cross
amolar: to sharpen; to annoy; to bother; to whet; to grind
amoldable: adaptable
amoldar: to adapt; to mould; to shape; to model; to adjust; to accomodate
amoldarse: to fit; to adapt oneself
amonestación: reprimand; admonition; reproof; warning; booking; remonstrance; caution; amonestaciones: marriage banns
amonestar: to reprimand; to admonish; to reprove; to warn; to show the yellow card; to book; to caution; to lesson
amoniaco: ammonia; ammoniac
amontillado: amontillado; pale dry sherry
amontonado: piled up
amontonador: accumulator
amontonamiento: accumulation
amontonar: to pile up; to gather together; to heap; to pile; to accumulate; to crowd; to throng
amor: love; care; careful attention; hedgehog parsley
amoral: amoral
amoratado: blue with cold; bruised; purplish; livid; black-and-blue
amoratarse: to turn blue; to bruise
amordazar: to muzzle; to gag
amorfo: shapeless; amorphous
amorío: love affair; fling; amour; romance
amoroso: loving; amorous; tender; affectionate; gentle
amortajar: to wrap in a shroud; to dress for burial
amortiguación: suspension; cushioning; muffling; dimming
amortiguador: cushioning; deadening; muffling; softening; damping; absorber; shock absorber; buffer; damper
amortiguar: to cushion; to soften; to muffle; to dim; to deaden; to absorb; to damp
amortización: amortization; repayment; depreciation
amortizar: to repay; to pay off; to recoup; to amortize
amotinado: mutineer; rioter
amotinar: to mutiny; to incite to rebellion; to rebel
amotinarse: to mutiny
amparar: to protect; to shelter; to help; to support
ampararse: to shelter
amparo: shelter; protection; help; support
amperímetro: ammeter; amperemeter
amperio: amp; ampere
ampliación: enlargement; extension; increase
ampliadora: enlarger
ampliar: to enlarge; to extend; to increase; to amplify
amplificador: amplifier; amplifying; enlarger
amplificar: to amplify; to enlarge; to extend; to magnify
amplio: large; spacious; roomy; wide; loose; broad; extensive; plentiful
amplitud: size; spaciousness; extent
ampolla: blister; small flask; round-bellied bottle; cruet; ampoule
ampollarse: to blister
ampolleta: light bulb; phial; hourglass; sandglass
ampuloso: pompous; turgid; inflated
amputación: amputation
amputar: to amputate
amueblado: furnished
amueblar: to furnish
amuermar: to bore; to make drowsy
amuleto: charm; amulet
amurallado: walled
amurallar: to surround with a wall
anacardo: cashew nut; cashew tree
anaconda: anaconda
anacoreta: hermit; anchoret; anchorite
anacrónico: anachronistic; anachronic
anacronismo: anachronism
ánade: duck; drake
anagrama: anagram; logo
anal: anal
anales: annals
analfabetismo: illiteracy
analfabeto: illiterate; ignoramus
analgésico: painkiller; analgesic
análisis: analysis; test; parsing
analista: analyst; annalist
analítico: analytical; analytic
analizar: to analyse; to analyze; to test; to parse
analogía: analogy; similarity
analógico: analogue; analog; analogous
análogo: analogous; similar; parallel
ananás: pineapple; ananas
anaquel: shelf; ledge; bracket
anaranjado: orange-coloured
anarquía: anarchy
anárquico: anarchic
anarquismo: anarchism
anatema: anathema
anatomía: anatomy
anatómico: anatomical
anca: haunch; croup; hip
anchas: sentirse a sus anchas: to feel at home
ancho: wide; broad; width; breadth
anchoa: anchovy
anchura: width; breadth; freedom; ease; comfort
ancianidad: old age
anciano: elderly; old person; ancient; elder; aged
ancla: anchor
anclaje: anchorage
anclar: to anchor
anclote: kedge
anda: goodness; go on
andadas: old ways; traces of game
andaderas: baby-walker
andador: baby walker; rein; good at walking
ándale: come on; go on; hurry up; get a move on
Andalucía: Andalusia
andaluz: Andalusian
andamiaje: scaffolding
andamio: scaffold
andanada: broadside; line; reprimand
andante: walking; errant; andante
andanza: adventure; event; fortune
andar: gait; pace; to walk; to go; to move; to ride; to work; to rummage
andariego: good at walking
andas: portable platform; stretcher; bier
andén: platform; pavement; sidewalk; footwalk; quay
Andes: Andes
andinismo: mountaineering; climbing
andino: Andean
Andorra: Andorra
andorrano: Andorran
andrajo: rag; tatter; despicable person or thing
andrajoso: ragged; in rags; tramp
androide: android
andurrial: deserted place; andurriales: out-of-the-way places
anea: bulrush; rush; cattail
anécdota: anecdote
anecdótico: anecdotal; anecdotical
anegar: to flood; to overflow; to inundate; to drown
anegarse: to flood; to become flooded
anejo: attached
anemia: anaemia; anemia
anémico: anaemic; anemic
anemómetro: anemometer
anémona: anemone
anestesia: anaesthesia; anesthesia
anestesiar: to anaesthetize; to anesthetize
anestésico: anaesthetic; anesthetic
anastesiólogo: anaesthetist; anesthetist
anestesista: anaesthetist; anesthetist
anexar: to annex
anexión: annexation; annexion
anexionar: to annex
anexionarse: to annex
anexo: annex; appendix; extension; annexed; joined
anfeta: amphetamine
anfetamina: amphetamine
anfibio: amphibian; amphibious
anfiteatro: amphitheater; circle; balcony
anfitrión: host; entertainer
anfitriona: hostess
ánfora: amphora
ángel: angel; kindness
angelical: angelic; angelical
angelito: little angel; baby
angina: tonsil; anginas: tonsillitis; sore throat
anglicanismo: Anglicanism
anglicano: Anglican
anglicismo: Anglicism
anglófilo: Anglophile
anglófono: English-speaker
angloparlante: English-speaker
anglosajón: Anglo-Saxon
Angola: Angola
angoleño: Angolan
angora: angora; Angora wool
angosto: narrow
anguila: eel
angula: young eel; elver
ángulo: angle; viewpoint; corner
anguloso: angular; angulated
angustia: anguish; distress; affliction; anxiety; nervousness; agony; heartbreak; heartgrief; qualm
angustiado: distressed; anguished; anxious; nervous; afflicted
angustiar: to distress; to upset; to make anxious; to worry
angustiarse: to be very distressed; to get anxious; to agonize
angustioso: distressing; upsetting; anguishing; nerve-racking; afraid; agonized; agonizing
anhelante: longing; desirous; panting; yearning; agog
anhelar: to long for; to yearn for; to desire; to pant; to gasp; to ache for; to crave for; to hanker; to be afire; to long forx
anhelo: longing; burning desire; yearning; aching; craving; eagerness; hankering
anheloso: aching; eager
anhídrido: anhydride
anidar: to nest; to nidify; to dwell; to reside; to harbour; to cherish
anilla: curtain ring; tab; anillas: rings
anillar: to ring a bird; to fasten with rings
anillo: ring; circlet; cigar band; annulet; segment; coil; grommet
ánima: soul; bore
animación: animation; activity; liveliness; life; bustle; movement
animado: cheerful; lively; animate; animated; prompted; heartened; full of people
animador: cheerleader; activity organizer; animator; inspirer; encourager; animating; comforting
animadversión: animosity; hatred; ill will; antagonism
animal: animal; stupid; rude person
animalada: stupidity
animar: to animate; to cheer up; to encourage; to impel; to decide; to enliven; to brighten
animarse: to cheer up; to liven up;
ánimo: mind; spirit; courage; energy; intention; purpose; attention; thought; come on!
animosidad: animosity; ill will; courage
animoso: resolute; brave; courageous
aniñado: childish; girlish
anión: anion
aniquilación: total destruction; annihilation
aniquilamiento: total destruction; annihilation
aniquilar: to annihilate; to wipe out; to destroy utterly; to crush
anís: anise; aniseed; anisette
aniversario: anniversary; annual memorial service
ano: anus
anoche: last night; last evening; yesternight
anochecer: nightfall; dusk; evening; to grow dark
anochecido: dark
anodino: anodyne; inane; ineffective; dull
ánodo: anode
anomalía: anomaly; irregularity; abnormality
anómalo: anomalous; irregular; aberrant
anonadado: stunned; stupefied; crushed; thunderstruck
anonadar: to overwhelm; to amaze; to astonish; to annihilate; to humiliate
anonimato: anonymity
anónimo: anonymous; annonym
anorak: anorak
anorexia: anorexia
anoréxico: anorexic
anormal: abnormal; strange; mentally handicapped; aberrant
anormalidad: abnormality; mental handicap; aberrance; aberrancy
anotación: note; entry; annotation
anotar: to annotate; to note; to write down; to jot down; to enter; to inscribe; to score; to record
anquilosado: paralyzed
anquilosar: to paralyze; to ankilose
ansia: throe; anguish; pang; eagerness; avidity; longing; hankering
ansiar: to wish; to long for; to covet
ansiedad: anxiety; uneasiness; worry
ansioso: anguished; desirous; anxious; eager; greedy; earnest; forward; keen; thirsty; wistful; agog
antagónico: antagonistic; diametrically opposed
antagonismo: antagonism
antagonista: antagonist
antaño: in the old days; of yore
antártico: Antarctic
Antártida: Antarctica
ante: elk; moose; bubal; buff; buckskin; before; in the presence of; ante todo: first of all; above all
anteanoche: the night before last
anteayer: the day before yesterday
antebrazo: forearm
antecámara: anteroom; antechamber
antecedente: previous; preceding; antecedent
anteceder: to antecede; to precede
antecesor: predecessor; ancestor; forefather
antedicho: abovementioned; aforementioned; aforesaid; aforenamed
antediluviano: prehistoric; antediluvian
antelación: notice; anteriority; previousness
antemano: beforehand
antena: aerial; antenna; feeler; horn; lateen yard; antena parabólica: satellite dish; antena de coche: aerial
anteojeras: blinkers
anteojo: telescope; spyglass; anteojos: glasses; spectacles
antepasado: ancestor; forefather; foregone
antepecho: sill; windowsill; ledge; rail; railing; breastwork; breastband of harness; breast beam of loom
antepenúltimo: antepenultimate
anteponer: to place before; to prefix; to give the preference to
anteponerse: to go before; to come before
anteproyecto: first draft of a project
anterior: previous; anterior; foregoing; former; front; forward; above
antes: before; first; previously; formerly; soon; sooner; rather; above; once; afore; beforehand; by; erst; erstwhile; formerly; antes de que: before; ere
antesala: anteroom; antechamber
antiadherente: non-stick
antiaéreo: anti-aircraft; fuego antiaéreo: flak; ack-ack
antibalas: bulletproof
antibiótico: antibiotic
anticiclón: anticyclone
anticipación: anticipation; advance
anticipado: early; advanced; in advance; premature
anticipar: to anticipate; to advance; to hasten; to lend; to pay in advance; to occur before the regular time
anticiparse a: to anticipate; to forestall; to get ahead of
anticipo: hint; advance; advance payment; preview; foretaste
anticonceptivo: contraceptive
anticongelante: antifreeze
anticonstitutional: unconstitutional; anticonstitutional
anticuado: old-fashioned; antiquated; obsolete
anticuario: antiquarian; antiquary; antique dealer
anticuerpo: antibody
antidisturbios: riot; riot police
antídoto: antidote
antier: the day before yesterday
antiestético: unsightly; ugly; unaesthetic
antifaz: mask; veil covering the face
antigualla: old relic; antique; old-fashioned or out-of-date custom or object
antiguamente: aforetime; anciently; in the past; formerly: erst; erstwhile
antigüedad: antiquity; seniority; age
antiguo: ancient; old; antique; of long standing; senior
antihéroe: antihero
antihistamínico: antihistamine
antillano: inhabitant of the West Indies
Antillas: West Indies
antílope: antelope
antimonio: antimony
antinatural: unnatural
antioxidante: anti-rust; anti-rusting agent
antiparras: spectacles; barnacles
antipatía: dislike; antipathy; aversion
antipático: unfriendly; annoying; disagreeable
antípoda: antipodean; antipodal; antípodas: antipodes
antiquísimo: ancient; very old
antirreglamentario: against the rules
antirrobo: antitheft
antisemita: anti-Semitic; anti-Semite
antisemítico: anti-Semitic
antisemitismo: anti-Semitism
antiséptico: antiseptic
antítesis: antithesis
antitetánica: tetanus vaccine
antitetánico: tetanus
antitético: antithetic; antithetical
antojadizo: capricious; whimsical; fickle
antojarse: to arouse a whimsical desire; to fancy; to seem probable
antojo: whim; urge; caprice; notion; fancy; freak; will; birthmark
antología: anthology
antónimo: antonymous; antonym
antonomasia: antonomasia; por antonomasia: par excellence
antorcha: torch; flambeau; cresset; firebrand; guiding light
antracita: anthracite; hard coal
ántrax: anthrax
antro: dive; dump; cavern; den
antropófago: cannibalistic; cannibal; anthropophagous
antropología: anthropology
antropológico: anthropological
antropólogo: anthropologist
anual: annual; yearly; one-year
anualidad: annuity; annual payment; yearly rent
anuario: annual; yearbook; trade directory
anudar: to knot; to tie; to take up; to resume; to strengthen; to cement
anudarse: to tie; to do up
anulación: annulment; cancellation; voiding; abatement; abolishment; aboliton
anular: annular; ring-finger; to annul; to make void; to nullify; to deprive of authority; to abate; to abrogate
anunciación: Annunciation; announcement
anunciar: to announce; to advertise; to herald; to be a sign of; to foretell; to bill; to betoken; to bid; to forerun; to foreshadow; to intimate; to omen; to portend; to slate
anunciante: advetiser
anunciarse: to be announced
anuncio: announcement; notice; presage; adumbration; sign; advertisement; ad; commercial; advice; advert; forerunner
anverso: obverse; face; recto
anzuelo: fish hook; lure; allurement; incitement; bait
añada: vintage; good or bad year
añadido: added; hair switch; addition
añadidura: addition; additament; access; por añadidura: in addition; what is more
añadir: to add; to join; to augment; to increase; to append; to build on; to bung in; to mix in; to put on; to subjoin; to tack on; to tag on; to throw in
añejo: old; mature; aged; of old vintage
añicos: bits; pieces; shatters; smithereens
añil: indigo; indigo plant
año: year; crop; harvest; ¿cuántos años tienes?: how old are you?
añoranza: yearning; longing; regret; homesickness
añorar: to pine for; to miss; to be homesick
aorta: aorta
apabullante: overwhelming
apabullar: to floor; to overwhelm; to crush; to flatten; to squelch; to disconcert; to silence
apacentar: to tend; to watch over; to feed one's spirit or mind; ; to put to graze; to pasture; to graze
apache: Apache
apacible: mild; placid; calm; gentle; sweet; pleasant; tranquil
apaciguar: to pacify; to mollify; to appease; to calm; to placate
apaciguarse: to calm down
apadrinar: to act as godfather to; to be a second to; to sponsor; to protect; to favour; to patronize
apagado: out; extinguished; quenched; meek; dull; faint; pale; dead; down; listless; slaked
apagador: extinguisher; damper
apagar: to extinguish; to put out; to blow out; to turn out; to switch off; to quench; to slake; to dull; to soften; to deaden; to dampen
apagarse: to go out; to diminish; to fade; to tail off
apagón: power cut; outage; blackout
apaisado: rectangular; oblong
apalabrar: to agree verbally; to bespeak; to reserve; to engage; to beforehand
apalancar: to lever; to pry
apalancarse: to stay at a place
apalear: to beat; to hit; to knock; to cane; to cudgel; to thrash; to winnow with a shovel
apañado: clothlike; dexterous; skilful; handy; tidy; clean; suitable
apañar: to repair; to mend; to tidy up; to rig; to arrange; to dress; to adorn; to take; to seize; to steal
apañarse: to manage; to contrive
apaño: patch; repair; mending; knack; skill; arrangement
apapacho: cuddle
aparador: sideboard; cupboard; buffet; dresser; credence; shop window
aparato: machine; brace; surgical appliance; device; set; phone; aircraft; apparatus; system; exaggeration; ostentation; display; show; signs; symptoms; assemblage; paraphernalia
aparatoso: showy; flashy; spectacular; exaggerating; fussy
aparcamiento: parking; car park; parking lot; parking space
aparcar: to park; to put off; to postpone
apareamiento: mating; pairing; matching
aparear: to mate; to pair; to match
aparearse: to mate; to pair; to couple
aparecer: to appear; to show up; to turn up; to arise; to walk
aparecerse: to appear
aparecido: ghost; spectre; wraith
aparejado: apt; fit; competent; ready
aparejador: assistant architect; rigger
aparejar: to prepare; to get ready; to saddle; to rig out; to size; to prime
aparejo: equipment; harness; rig; sails; tackle; preparation; arrangement; packsaddle;
aparentar: to pretend; to feign; to look; to seem; to appear; to show off; to put on airs
aparente: supposed; apparent; obvious; visible; seeming; lovely; nice
aparición: appearance; apparition; ghost; vision
apariencia: appearance; aspect; look; semblance; likelihood; pretence; show
apartado: section; retired; isolated; remote; aloof; different; post-office box
apartamento: apartment; flat
apartar: to separate; to divide; to part; to push; to draw aside; to turn aside; to remove; to move away; to dissuade; to sort; to shunt
apartarse: to part; to become separated; to move away; to withdraw; to hold off; to stray
aparte: separate; special; different; aside; apart; paragraph
apasionado: passionate; enthusiastic; enthusiast; ardent; fervid; devoted; fond; biased
apasionante: thrilling; exciting; absorbing
apasionar: to impassion; to appeal deeply to
apasionarse: to become keen; to become a fan; to get worked up
apatía: apathy
apático: apathetic
apátrida: stateless
apeadero: halt; whistle stop; wayside station; horse block; temporary quarters
apear: to dissuade; to put off; to dismount; to bring down; to hobble; to scotch a wheel
apearse: to get out; to get off; to dismount; to renounce
apechugar: to push with the chest; apechugar con: to accept something distasteful
apedrear: to throw stones at; to stone; to lapidate; to hail
apego: fondness; affection; liking
apelación: appeal; remedy; help
apelar: to appeal; to call upon
apelativo: appellative; name
apellidarse: to have a surname
apellido: surname; family name
apelmazarse: to go lumpy
apelotonar: to form into knots or balls; to cluster
apelotonarse: to crowd; to bunch together
apenado: sad; embarrassed; bashful; distressed; mournful; sorry; upset; aggrieved
apenar: to sadden; to make sad; to pain; to cause sorrow
apenarse: to grieve
apenas: hardly; scarcely; barely; just; as soon as; no sooner than
apéndice: appendix; appendage; addendum; process
apendicitis: appendicitis
apercibir: to warn; to prepare; to admonish; to advise; to perceive; to see
apercibirse: to prepare oneself; to realize
apergaminarse: shrivelled
aperitivo: aperitif; appetizer; aperitive
aperos: farming implements; tools; equipment
aperreado: miserable; wretched; harassed; worried
apertura: opening; liberalization; reading
apesadumbrado: troubled; upset; pained; distressed
apesadumbrar: to make sad; to sadden; to pain; to distressed
apestado: infected with the plague; teeming; overrun
apestar: to stink; to reek; to infect with the plague; to corrupt; to vitiate
apestoso: stinking; reeking; sickening; pestilent
apetecer: to desire; to feel an appetite for; me apetece: I feel like
apetecible: attractive
apetito: appetite; appetence
apetitoso: delicious; appetizing; savoury; palatable; tasty
apiadar: to inspire pity
apiadarse: to take pity; to have pity
ápice: apex; summit; top; ounce; whit; iota; crux
apicultor: beekeeper; apiculturist
apicultura: beekeeping
apilar: to pile up; to heap
apiñar: to pack; to press together; to jam
apiñarse: to crowd together; to press together
apio: celery
apisonadora: steamroller
apisonar: to roll; to tamp; to pack down
aplacar: to calm down; to placate; to satisfy; to quench; to appease
aplacarse: to calm down; to become appeased
aplanar: to level; to flatten; to smooth; to make even; to planish; to astound; to wear out; to get down
aplanarse: to get depressed; to lose heart
aplastante: overwhelming; crushing; dumbfounding
aplastar: to flatten; to crush; to quash; to dumbfound; to floor; to overwhelm
aplatanar: to wear out
aplatanarse: to become listless
aplaudir: to applaud; to clap
aplauso: applause; handclapping
aplazamiento: postponement; summons; adjournment
aplazar: to postpone; to put off; to defer; to adjourn; to summon; to convene; to defer; to hold over; to procrastinate; to put off
aplicación: application; patch; assiduity; sedulousness; studiousness
aplicado: hard-working; studious; industrious; applied
aplicar: to apply; to use; to impute
aplicarse: to apply; to be studious
aplique: wall light; patch
aplomo: self-possession; composure; aplomb
apocado: shy; timid; diffident; humble; lowly
apocalipsis: apocalypse
apocar: to lessen; to contract; to restrict; to humble; to belittle
apocarse: to feel intimidated
apócope: apocopation; apocope
apócrifo: apocryphal
apodar: to nickname
apoderado: manager; agent; proxy; private attorney
apoderar: to authorize; to empower
apoderarse: to take possession; to take control; to take hold; ; to seize
apodo: nickname
apogeo: peak; height; apogee; acme; zenith; heyday
apolillarse: to become moth-eaten
apolítico: apolitical
apología: defence; apology; eulogy
apoltronarse: to settle down; to become lazy
apoplejía: apoplexy
apoquinar: to pay up
aporrear: to thump; to hammer; to cudgel; to club; to beat; to pound; to bother; to annoy
aportación: contribution
aportar: to contribute; to bring; to furnish
aporte: contribution
aposentar: to put up; to accommodate; to take lodge
aposentarse: to take lodging
aposento: room; lodging
aposición: apposition
apósito: compress; bandaged application
aposta: on purpose; deliberately
apostar: to bet; to wager; to place; to station; to post
apostarse: to bet; to place oneself
apostilla: note; marginal note; annotation
apóstol: apostle; advocate; champion
apostolado: apostolate
apostólico: apostolic
apóstrofo: apostrophe
apoteósico: tremendous; glorifying; glorious; great
apoteosis: climax; apotheosis
apoyar: to lean; to rest; to back; to favour; to support; to countenance; to abet; to prove; to confirm; to depend; to base on
apoyarse: to base one's arguments; to lean
apoyo: support; stay; protection; help; countenance
apreciable: considerable; noticeable; laudable; praiseworthy; appraisable; evaluable; nice; fine
apreciación: appreciation; appraisal
apreciar: to appreciate; to value; to estimate; to like; to be fond of; to understand
apreciarse: to be observed; to rise in value; to appreciate
aprecio: liking; esteem; regard; liking; valuation
aprehender: to seize; to apprehend; to arrest
apremiante: overwhelming; compelling; urgent; pressing
apremiar: to press; to urge; to compel; to constrain; to dun
apremio: urgency; pressure; constraint
aprender: to learn
aprendiz: trainee; apprentice
aprendizaje: apprenticeship; act of learning
aprensión: apprehension; scruple; squeamishness; dread of contagion or illness; unfounded opinion or idea
aprensivo: fearing contagion or illness
apresamiento: capture; seize
apresar: to capture; to seize; to clutch
aprestar: to make ready; to prepare; to make ready
aprestarse: to be about to
apresurado: hasty; hurried; lively
apresurar: to hurry; to hasten; to quicken; to accelerate
apresurarse: to hasten; to hurry; to make haste
apretado: tight; cramped; crowded together; busy; dense; compact; difficult; dangerous
apretar: to press; to pull; to tighten; to squeeze; to clench; to set the teeth; to fit tight; to grip; to clutch; to compress; to constrict
apretón: crush; squeeze; effort; dash; difficulty; apretón de manos: handshake
apretujar: to cram; to squeeze hard
apretujarse: to squeeze together
apretujón: crush; hard pressure or squeeze
apretura: crush; jam; crush; narrow place; difficulty; hardship
aprieto: straits; difficulty; scrape; fix; jam; crush
aprisa: quickly; fast
aprisco: fold; pen; sheepfold
aprisionar: to trap; to imprison; to shackle; to hold fast
aprobación: approval; approbation; applause
aprobado: approved; pass mark
aprobar: to approve; to approve of; to pass an examination; to adopt; to carry; to clear; to consent; to countenance; to endorse; to fall in with; to get through; to legitimate; to pass; to sanction; to give the thumbs up
apropiación: appropriation; fitting; applying
apropiado: appropriate; suitable; fit; proper; adequate; suited; apposite; apt; becoming; feasible; fitting; likely; meet
apropiarse: to appropriate
aprovechable: usable; utilizable; available
aprovechado: well used; well spent; studious; advanced; proficient; scrounging; scrounger; sponger
aprovechar: to utilize; to make good use of; to spend profitably; to be of use
aprovecharse: to take advantage of; to play up; to play upon
aprovisionar: to provide; to supply; to furnish; to provision
aprovisionarse: to stock up
aproximación: approximation; nearing; nearness; drawing together; in lottery, small prize for numbers close to the winning one
aproximadamente: about
aproximado: approximate; rough
aproximar: to bring closer; to approximate
aproximarse: to come closer; to approach; to abord
aptitud: aptitude; ability; fitness; suitability; talent
apto: capable; suitable; able; apt; fit
apuesta: bet; wager
apuesto: handsome; good-looking; elegant; spruce; dashing
apuntado: written down; pointed
apuntador: prompter; pointer
apuntalar: to shore up; to prop; to back up; to underpin
apuntar: to aim; to level; to sight; to point; to indicate; to mark; to note; to jot down; to write down; to record; to inscribe; to sharpen; to prompt; to hint at; to insinuate; to break; to dawn; to bear; to bear on; to chalk up; to lay; to log; to pencil in; to train
apuntarse: to join; to enrol; to notch up
apunte: sketch; note; prompter
apuntillar: to kill a bull
apuñalar: to stab
apurado: busy; in a hurry; exhausted; difficult; dangerous; accurate; precise; short of money; embarrassed
apurar: to refine; to carry to extremes; to drain; to use up; to exhaust; to hurry; to press; to worry; to annoy; to embarrass
apurarse: to hurry up; to grieve; to worry
apuro: fix; predicament; difficulty; need; want; worry; haste; urgency
aquejar: to ail; to afflict
aquel, aquella: that
aquél, aquélla: that one
aquelarre: witches' Sabbath; coven
aquello: that; that thing
aquellos: those
aquenio: achene
aqueo: Achaean
aquí: here; now
aquietar: to calm down; to quiet; to lull; to pacify
ara: altar; macaw
árabe: Arab; Arabic; Moresque
arabesco: arabesque; Arabic
Arabia: Arabia
arábigo: Arabic; Arabian
arácnido: arachnid
arado: plough; plow; ploughing; reja del arado: ploughshare
arador: ploughman; plowman; itch mite
aragonés: Aragonese
arancel: tariff; duty
arándano: bilberry; blueberry; whortleberry
arandela: washer; burr on a lance
araña: spider; chandelier; weaver; sting-bull
arañar: to scratch; to scrape together
arañazo: scratch
arar: to plough; to plow
araucano: Araucanian
arbitraje: refereeing; umpiring; arbitration
arbitral: arbitral; by arbitration
arbitrar: to arbitrate; to umpire; to referee; to act freely; to contrive; to raise funds; to allocate
arbitrario: arbitrary
arbitrio: free will; power; judgement; decision; choice; means; device
árbitro: referee; umpire; arbitrator; sole master
árbol: tree; shaft; axle; spindle; mast; shank; newel
arbolado: wooded; masted
arboladura: masts and spars; masting
arboleda: wood; grove; wooded ground
arbóreo: arboreal
arbusto: bush; shrub
arca: coffer; chest; box; strong-box; safe; ark
arcada: arcade; arch; retching
arcaico: archaic
arcaísmo: archaism
arcángel: archangel
arce: maple
arcén: verge; border; brim; curbstone
archipiélago: archipelago
archivador: archivist; filing cabinet; file
archivar: to file; to save; to pigeonhole
archivero: archivist
archivo: file
arcilla: clay
arcilloso: clayey; argillaceous
arcipreste: archpriest
arco: arch; bow; arc; goal; hoop; arco iris: rainbow; arco tangente: arc tangent
arcón: large chest
arder: to burn; to blaze; to be on fire; to be afire; to sting; arder sin llama: to smolder
ardid: trick; ruse; stratagem; artifice
ardiendo: ablaze; afire; alight; on fire; agarrarse a un clavo ardiendo: to clutch at straws
ardiente: burning; aglow; passionate; ardent; fiery; hot; feverish; eager; vehement; fierce; earnest; glowing; impassioned
ardilla: squirrel
ardor: burning feeling; fervour; ardour; heat; vehemence; eagerness; intrepidity; courage
ardoroso: burning; passionate; fervent; eager; vehement
arduo: arduous; hard; difficult
área: area; field; sphere; are
arena: sand; grit; arena; circus; arena movediza: quicksand
arenal: sandy ground; sand pit
arenga: harangue; speech; address
arengar: to harangue
arenisca: sandstone
arenoso: sandy
arenque: herring
arete: earring
argamasa: mortar
Argel: Algiers
Argelia: Algeria
argelino: Algerian
Argentina: Argentina
argentino: Argentinian; silvery
argolla: large ring; metal ring; bracelet; old game similar to crocket
argot: jargon; slang
argucia: trick; fallacy; subtlety
argüir: to argue; to deduce; to infer; to reason
argumentación: argument; argumentation
argumentar: to argue; to dispute; to reason
argumento: plot; argument
aria: aria
árido: arid; dry; dull
ariete: battering ram; ram; centre forward
ario: Aryan
arisco: unsociable; unfriendly; surly; shy
arista: edge; arris; ridge; difficulty; awn; beard
aristocracia: aristocracy
aristócrata: aristocrat
aristocrático: aristocratic
aritmética: arithmetic
aritmética: arithmetical
arlequín: harlequin
arma: weapon; arm
armada: navy; fleet
armadillo: armadillo
armado: armed; man dressed as a Roman soldier
armador: shipowner; assembler; adjuster
armadura: armour; frame; framework; truss; roof frame; armature; key signature
armamento: arms; armament; outfitting
armar: to arm; to array in armour; to fix a bayonet; to outfit; to supply with; to assemble; to set up; to build; to establish on; to set a trap; to start; to rise; to prepare; to load
armarse: to arm oneself
armario: cupboard; wardrobe; press; cabinet; closet
armatoste: piece of old junk; hulk; cumbersome machine or object; big and clumsy person
armazón: frame; framework; assemblage; structure; shell; skeleton
Armenia: Armenia
armenio: Armenian
armería: arms museum; armoury; gunshop
armero: gunsmith; armourer; rack or stand for arms
armiño: ermine; stoat
armisticio: armistice
armonía: harmony; accord
armónica: harmonica; mouth organ
armónico: harmonic; according
armonioso: harmonious
armonizar: to harmonize; to blend; to combine; to reconcile
arnés: harness; armour
aro: ring; hoop; rim; cuckoopint
aroma: smell; aroma; fragance; bouquet
aromático: aromatic; scented
aromatizar: to perfume; to scent; to aromatize
arpa: harp
arpía: harpy; old hag; shrew
arpillera: sackcloth; burlap; hessian
arpista: harpist; harper
arpón: harpoon; clamp
arponear: to harpoon
arquear: to bend; to arch; to camber; to beat wool; to gauge a ship; to retch; to keck
arquearse: to curve; to bend; to arch
arqueología: archeology
arqueólogo: archeologist
arquero: bowman; archer; bow maker
arquitecto: architect
arquitectura: architecture
arrabal: poor district on the outskirts of a town; suburb; arrabales: outskirts; environs
arrabalero: vulgar; coarse
arraigado: deep-rooted; well established
arraigar: to take root; to establish; to strengthen
arraigo: taking root; root; settling
arramblar: to make off; to sweep away; to cover with sand or gravel
arrancar: to extract; to pull out; to elicit; to extort; to force; to extirpate; to uproot; to snatch; to drag away; to start; to start up; to fire; to boot; to pluck; to rip; to start; to tear; to tear off; to tear out; to tear up; to wrench; to wrest; to wring; to blow off; to boot; to grub; to plough
arranque: starting; starter; drive; energy; impulse; outburst; lively remark; spring of an arch
arras: thirteen coins that the bridegroom gives the bride during the Catholic wedding; security; earnest
arrasar: to level; to flatten; to raze; to demolish; to devastate; to win a landslide victory
arrastrado: miserable; pathetic; wretched; rascal
arrastrar: to pull; to drag; to trail; to have; to carry after oneself; to lead to
arrastrarse: to crawl
arrastre: dragging; haulage; drag lift
arre: gee up; get away
arrea: you're joking; get away
arrear: to gee up; to urge on; to spur; to hurry; to deliver a blow; to dress; to adorn
arrebatar: to snatch; to mesmerize; to carry away; to captivate; to enrapture
arrebato: fit; outburst; rage; fury; rapture
arrebujar: to crumple up; to crease; to tuck in
arrebujarse: to wrap oneself up; to tuck oneself in
arrechucho: sudden impulse; fit; outburst
arreciar: to get stronger; to increase;
arrecife: reef; stone-paved road
arredrar: to scare; to frighten; to intimidate
arredrarse: to be scared; to be frightened; to flinch; to draw back
arreglado: settled; mended; orderly; neat; tidy; moderate; smart
arreglar: to sort out; to tidy up; to mend; to repair; to adjust; to regulate; to get ready; to dress; to smarten up; to accomodate
arreglarse: to turn out all right; to get ready; to manage; to shift
arreglo: repair; solution; agreement; order; settlement; mending; accommodation; adjustment; setting; understanding; vamp; alteration; arrangement
arrejuntarse: to move in together
arrellanarse: to sit back comfortably; to sit at ease
arremangar: to roll up; to hitch up
arremeter: to attack; to rush upon
arremetida: attack; charge; rushing upon; sudden start
arremolinamiento: eddy
arremolinarse: to swirl; to eddy; to crowd together; to press together
arrendador: landlord; landlady; lessor; lessee; tenant; farmer
arrendamiento: lease; rental; renting; leasing; letting; farming
arrendar: to rent; to let; to lease; to farm; to tie by the reins
arrendatario: tenant; leaseholder; lessee; farmer
arreo: dress; ornament
arreos: harness; gear; accoutrements
arrepentido: repentant; regretful
arrepentimiento: regret; repentance
arrepentirse: to feel regret; to repent; to change one's mind; to be sorry for
arrestar: to arrest; to imprison; to detain; to confine
arresto: arrest; detention; confinement; arrestos: pluck; spirit; courage
arriar: to lower; to strike; to pay out
arriate: border; causeway; trellis; narrow bed along the wall of a garden
arriba: up; upwards; above; on high; at the top; aloft; afore
arribar: to arrive in; to put into port
arribista: climbing; social climber; arriviste
arriendo: lease; rent
arriero: mule driver; muleteer; herdsman
arriesgado: dangerous; risky; daring; bold; rash; adventurous; chancy; dicey; dodgy; hazardous; venturesome
arriesgar: to risk; to venture; to hazard; to offer
arriesgarse: to take risks; to dare; to expose oneself to danger
arrimar: to bring closer; to move closer
arrimarse: to go closer; to come closer; to attach oneself; to associate with
arrimo: protection; support; help; attachment; leaning
arrinconar: to put in a corner; to corner; to shelve; to ignore; to lay aside; to discard
arritmia: arrhythmy
arroba: weight of about 11.5 kilograms
arrobar: to fascinate; to entrance; to enrapture
arrobarse: to be fascinated
arrodillarse: to kneel down
arrogancia: arrogance; haughtiness; courage; spirit; handsomeness
arrogante: arrogant; haughty; courageous; spirited; handsome
arrogarse: to assume; to arrogate oneself
arrojadizo: easily thrown; for throwing
arrojado: daring; fearless; bold; intrepid; dashing; rash
arrojar: to throw; to fling; to hurl; to cast; to shed; to emit; to put forth; to expel; to throw out; to turn out; to dismiss; to vomit
arrojarse: to throw oneself; to pounce
arrojo: courage; daring; boldness; rash; bravery
arrollador: devastating; sweeping; overwhelming; violent
arrollar: to roll up; to carry off; to hit; to thrash; to wind; to coil; to rout; to trample down; to run over; to confound
arropar: to wrap up; to cover; to protect
arroyo: brook; rivulet; stream; gutter
arroz: rice
arruga: wrinkle; crease; crumple; rumple
arrugar: to wrinkle; to crease; to crumple; to rumple; to gather; to fold
arrugarse: to get wrinkled; to get lined; to crease; to get scared
arruinar: to ruin; to ruinate; to demolish; to destroy
arruinarse: to be ruined; to go broke
arrullar: to coo at; to lull; to croon
arrullo: cooing; lullaby; billing and cooing
arrumaco: caress; show of affection
arrumbar: to put away; to lay aside; to reject; to discard; to fix the course
arsenal: arsenal; dockyard; large quantity
arsénico: arsenic
arte: art; craft; skill; knack; cunning
artefacto: device; contrivance; appliance; manufacture
arteria: artery
arterial: arterial
arterioesclerosis: arteriosclerosis
artesa: trough
artesanado: craftsmen
artesanía: craftwork; craftsmanship
artesano: craftsman; artisan; handcrafted; handmade
artesonado: coffered; panelled; panelwork
ártico: arctic
articulación: joint; articulation
articulado: articulated
articular: to articulate; to put together
articulista: columnist; writer of articles
artículo: article; product; entry; commodity
artífice: architect; craftsman; artist; maker
artificial: artificial
artificiero: explosives expert; artificer
artificio: artifice; skill; cunning; trick; device; contrivance; falseness
artillería: artillery; ordnance
artillero: artilleryman; gunner
artilugio: gadget
artimaña: trick; stratagem; trap; snare
artista: artist
artístico: artistic; beautiful
artrítico: arthritic
artritis: arthritis
artrópodo: arthropod
artrosis: degenerative disease affecting the joints
arveja: pea; vetch
arzobispal: archiepiscopal
arzobispo: archbishop
as: ace; king
asa: handle
asado: roast; roasted
asador: rotating spit; skewer; restaurant specializing in roast meat
asadura: offal; entrails; haslet; liver
asalariado: wage-earner; salaried
asaltante: attacker; robber; raider; assailant; attacking
asaltar: to attack; to assault; to storm; to surprise; to rob; to raid
asalto: assault; storm; attack; robbery; round
asamblea: assembly
asar: to roast; to grill; to broil; to bake; to plague
ascendencia: ascentry; descent; influence
ascendente: ascending; ascendant
ascender: to rise; to go up; to ascend; to add up; to promote; to accede
ascendiente: ancestor; ascendant; influence
ascensión: ascent; ascension
ascenso: ascent; promotion; preferment; advancement; climb; elevation
ascensor: lift; elevator
ascensorista: lift attendant; elevator operator
asceta: ascetic
ascético: ascetic
asco: disgust; revulsion; disgusting mess; nausea; loathing; qué asco: how revolting
ascua: hot coal; ember
aseado: clean; neat; tidy
asear: to clean up; to tidy
asearse: to wash; to tidy oneself up
asechanza: scheme; trap; snare; pitfall
asediar: to besiege; to lay siege to; to beset; to importunate
asedio: siege; blockade
asegurado: insured; assured
asegurador: assuring; insuring; assurer; insurer
asegurar: to assure; to insure; to fasten to fix; to assert; to affirm
asegurarse: to make sure; to insure oneself; to hold fast
asemejar: to liken; to compare
asemejarse: to look like; to resemble
asentamiento: settlement
asentar: to consolidate; to set up; to situate; to settle; to enter; to seat; to place; to fix; to establish; to found; to affirm
asentarse: to be situated; to settle
asentimiento: accession
asentir: to agree; to assent; to nod; to accede; to acquiesce
aseo: cleaning; toilet; washroom; tidiness
aséptico: aseptic; dispassionate; cold
asequible: affordable; accesible; obtainable; reachable
aserradero: sawmill; sawing place
aserrar: to saw
aserrín: sawdust
asesinar: to murder; to kill; to assassinate
asesinato: murder; assassination
asesino: murderer; killer; assassin; murderous
asesor: advisory; consultative; consultant; adviser; counsel; counselor
asesoramiento: advice; giving advice; counseling
asesorar: to advise; to give professional advice; to counsel
asesorarse: to take advice
asesoría: consultancy; consultant's
asestar: to give; to strike; to deal; to aim; to point; to level; to direct; to swing; to deliver
aseverar: to affirm; to asseverate
asexuado: sexless
asexual: asexual
asfaltar: to tarmac; to surface; to asphalt
asfalto: asphalt; tarmac
asfixia: asphyxia; suffocation
asfixiante: asphyxiating; suffocating
asfixiar: to asphyxiate; to suffocate
asfixiarse: to asphyxiate; to suffocate
así: so; thus; in this way; like this; as well; in the same manner; as soon; even though
Asia: Asia
asiático: Asian
asiduo: regular; assiduous; sedulous; frequent; regular attender
asiento: seat; entry; site; settling; settlement
asignación: allocation; allowance; allotment
asignar: to assign; to allocate; to allot; to fix
asignatura: subject
asilado: refugee; inmate of an institution
asilar: to give asylum to; to place in a home or asylum
asilo: asylum; sanctuary; refuge; shelter; protection
asimétrico: asymmetric; asymmetrical
asimilación: assimilation
asimilar: to assimilate; to take in; to absolve; to be similar
asimilarse: to be assimilated
asimismo: in like manner; likewise; also
asir: to grab; to seize; to grasp; to take
asirse: to grab old; to seize; to dispute
asistencia: assistance; help; attendance; presence
asistenta: cleaning lady; charwoman
asistente: attendant; present; helper; soldier assigned as a servant to an officer
asistir: to attend; to be present; to go; to assist; to aid; to help; to take care of
asma: asthma
asmático: asthmatic
asno: ass; donkey; jackass
asociación: association
asociado: associated; partner; member of an association
asociar: to associate; to link
asociarse: to be associated; to be linked; to join
asolar: to devastate; to raze; to desolate
asomar: to begin to appear; to show
asomarse: to lean out; to look out; to peep out
asombrado: astonished; amazed
asombrar: to astonish; to amaze; to frighten
asombrarse: to be astonished; to be amazed; to take fright
asombro: astonishment; amazement; fright
asombroso: astonishing; amazing; wonderful
asomo: hint; sign; indication; peep; looking out; ni por asomo: by no means
asonancia: assonance
asonante: assonant
aspa: X-shape figure or cross; sail; blade
aspar: to skein; to crucify; to vex; to annoy
aspaviento: exaggerated demonstration of terror, admiration or feeling
aspecto: look; appearance; aspect
aspereza: roughness; harshness; asperity; coarseness; acerbity; tartness; acrimoniousness; rudeness; gruffness; rough place; pettishness; verjuice
áspero: rough; harsh; sour; rude; gruff; hoarse; acerb; acrimonious; coarse; cragged; craggy; scabrous; crotchety; disagreeable; grating; rugged; truculent
aspersión: sprinkling; aspersion
aspersor: sprinkler
áspid: asp; aspic
aspiración: inhalation; aspiration; wish; ambition; short pause
aspirador, aspiradora: sucking; vacuum cleaner; Hoover
aspirante: pretender; candidate; suction
aspirar: to inhale; to breathe in; to suck in; to suck up; to aspirate; to snuff; to draw in; to aspire; to aim; to pursue
aspirina: aspirin
asquear: to disgust; to revolt; to loathe; to nauseate
asquerosidad: dirtiness; filthiness; something revolting
asqueroso: filthy; disgusting; revolting; rotten; mean; loathsome; dirty; filthy swine
asta: flagpole; horn; antler; shaft; lance; pike; handle
astado: bull; horned; Roman pikeman
asterisco: asterisk
asteroide: asteroid; starlike
astigmatismo: astigmatism
astilla: chip; splinter; astillas: kindling
astillero: shipyard; shipbuilder; dockyard; rack of lances or pikes
astracán: astrakhan
astral: astral
astringente: astringent; remedy for diarrhea
astro: heavenly body; star; luminary
astrofísica: astrophysics
astrolabio: astrolabe
astrología: astrology
astrólogo: astrologer; astrological
astronauta: astronaut
astronáutica: astronautics
astronave: spaceship
astronomía: astronomy
astronómico: astronomical
astrónomo: astronomer
astucia: cunning; trick; artifice
astuto: astute; shrewd; cunning; sly; wily; arch; artful; canny; clever; crafty; knowing; smart; leery; pawky; shifty; slick; subtle; tricky
asueto: time off; brief vacation
asumir: to assume
asunto: affair; issue; matter; subject; business; theme or plot; concern; item; topic; job
asustadizo: jumpy; scary; skittish
asustado: scared; frightened; afraid
asustar: to frighten; to scare; to alarm; to daunt; to shock; to spook; to stagger; to startle; to affright
asustarse: to be frightened; to be scared; to take fright
atacar: to attack; to assail; to impugn; to ram; to tamp
atado: bundle; tied
atadura: bond; tie; rope; string; trying; binding; fastening; union; connection
atajar: to cut off; to stop; to interrupt; to take a shortcut; to cut
atajo: short cut; small herd or flock; collection; lot; bunch
atalaya: watchtower; vantage point
atañer: to concern; to respect; to regard
ataque: attack; impugnation; fit; access; stroke; seizure; ailment; strike; inroad; onset; onslaught; assault; bout; turn; ataque de nervios o de risa: hysterics
atar: to tie; to fasten; to lace; to knot; to bind
atarse: to tie; to do up; to bind oneself
atarazana: shipyard; dockyard; ropewalk
atardecer: dusk; nightfall; to get dark; evenfall
atareado: busy
atascar: to block; to stop; to clog; to obstruct
atascarse: to get blocked; to get stuck
atasco: traffic jam; obstruction
ataúd: coffin; casket
ataviar: to dress up; to decorate; to adorn; to accouter; to accoutre; to trig; to bedeck; to deck; to dizen; to doll up; to gear; to habit; to titivate; to tog up
ataviarse: to dress oneself
atávico: atavistic
atavío: dress; attire
ateísmo: atheism
atemorizar: to frighten; to intimidate
atemorizarse: to get frightened; to get scared
atemperar: to temper; to soften; to moderate; to adjust; to accommodate
atenazar: to clutch; to grasp; to grip; to seize; to clench one's teeth; to torment
atención: attention; civility; kindness; look out
atender: to heed; to meet; to look after; to attend; to pay attention; to listen to
ateneo: learned society; athenaeum
atenerse: to abide; to stick to; to keep to
atentado: attack; assault; outrage; crime; murder or attempted murder
atentar contra: to commit outrage against
atento: attentive; obliging; polite; courteous; watchful
atenuante: extenuating; attenuating
atenuar: to lessen; to mitigate; to attenuate; to diminish
ateo: atheistic; atheist
aterciopelado: velvety; silky
aterido: frozen stiff; numb
aterrar: to terrify; to terrorize
aterrizaje: landing; alighting; touchdown; crack-up; landfall; tren de aterrizaje: undercarriage; pista de aterrizaje: airstrip
aterrizar: to land; to alight
aterrorizar: to terrify; to terrorize
atesorar: to amass; to accumulate; to hoard; to possess; to treasure
atestado: packed; teeming; crammed; stubborn; official report
atestar: to cram; to stuff; to pack out; to testify; to attest; to witness
atestiguar: to testify; to give evidence
atiborrar: to fill up; to cram; to pack; to stuff
atiborrarse: to stuff oneself; to feed one's face
ático: attic; top floor
atildado: dapper; neat; elegant
atinado: sensible; right; judicious
atinar: to hit the mark; to guess right
atípico: atypical
atisbar: to discern; to make out; to peep; to spy; to observe
atizador: poker; inciting; stirring
atizar: to poke; to stir; to rouse; to trim; to fan; to give a blow; to beat up
atlántico: Atlantic
atlas: atlas
atleta: athlete
atlético: athletic; robust
atletismo: athletics
atmósfera: atmosphere
atmosférico: atmospheric
atolladero: jam; tight corner
atolón: atoll
atolondrado: scatterbrained; giddy; thoughtless; inconsiderate; bewildered; confused
atolondrar: to stun; to bewilder
atómico: atomic
atomizador: spray; atomizer
átomo: atom
atónito: astounded; amazed; astonished; amazed; aghast
átono: unstressed; unaccented; atonic
atontado: stunned; confused; dazed; stupid; silly
atorar: to obstruct; to block up; to choke
atorarse: to become blocked up; to become obstructed; to get choked
atormentar: to torture; to torment; to agonize; to bait; to grill; to harry; to plague; to prey upon; to rack; to tantalize; to wrack; to wring
atormentarse: to torment oneself; to worry
atornillar: to screw down
atosigar: to pester; to harass; to press; to rush; to poison
atracadero: landing stage; jetty
atracador: robber; raider; mugger
atracar: to gorge; to assault; to hold up; to raid; to tie up; to moor; to bring alongside
atracarse: to stuff oneself; to gorge oneself
atracción: attraction; amusement
atraco: robbery; hold up; assault; robbery
atracón: blowout; overeating; gorging
atractivo: attractive; engaging; charming; charm; grace; inducement; attraction; appeal
atraer: to attract; to draw; to lure; to allure; to charm; to captivate
atragantarse: to choke; to stick in the throat; to be choked; to get mixed up in one's speech
atrancar: to bar; to bolt; to block up; to obstruct; to bar; to take long strides
atrancarse: to become blocked up; to bar oneself in
atrapar: to catch; to capture; to overtake; to get; to trap; to ensnare
atrás: back; in the rear; behind; ago; aback; hacia atrás: backwards; aback
atrasado: backward; slow; in debt; behind the times
atrasar: to put off; to delay; to retard; to postpone; to postdate; to put back; to run slow; to set back; to be slow
atrasarse: to remain behind; to fall back; to be late;
atraso: backwardness; delay; lateness; slowness
atravesar: to go through; to pierce; to cross; to span; to bridge; to lie across; to transfix; to interpose; to bet; to stake
atravesarse: to come between; to butt in; to interfere; to arise
atrayente: attractive
atreverse: to dare; to venture; to make bold
atrevido: audacious; daring; bold; impudent; cheeky; forward
atrevimiento: audacity; daring; boldness; cheek; forwardness; effrontery; impudence
atribución: attribution; authority; power; responsibility
atribuir: to attribute; to ascribe; to impute; to accredit
atribuirse: to claim for oneself; to assume
atribular: to afflict; to grieve
atributo: attribute
atril: lectern; bookrest; music stand
atrincherar: to fortify with trenches; to entrench
atrincherarse: to entrench oneself; to dig in
atrio: inner courtyard; portico; porch; atrium
atrocidad: atrocity; enormity; excess; stupidity
atrofia: atrophy
atrofiarse: to atrophy
atronador: deafening; thunderous; thundering
atronar: to deafen; to stun; to kill a bull by a stab on the nape of the neck
atropellado: badly off; hasty; headlong; impetuous; precipitate
atropellar: to run over; to trample; to knock down; to outrage; to oppress; to bully; to crush; to push; to do hastily
atropellarse: to gabble
atropello: violation; abuse; running over
atroz: atrocious; appalling; tremendous; enormous; huge; agonizing; awful; beastly; cold-blooded; dreadful; excruciating; ferocious; heinous; hideous; horrible; outrageous; racking; terrible; ungodly; unholy; unspeakable
attrezzista: properties manager
attrezzo: props
atuendo: attire; dress; ostentation
atufar: to asphyxiate; to choke; to reek; to stink; to anger; to irritate; to get angry
atún: tuna; tunny; tunny fish
aturdir: to stun; to deafen; to make giddy; to rattle; to bewilder; to amaze
aturdirse: to be bewildered; to be stunned
aturullar: to fluster; to confuse; to rattle
aturullarse: to get flustered; to get confused
atusar: to trim; to comb or smooth
atusarse: to make oneself neat or trim
audacia: daring; audacity; boldness
audaz: daring; audacious; bold; impudent; cheeky
audición: hearing; concert; audition
audiencia: audience; law court; hearing
audífono: hearing aid
audiovisual: audiovisual
auditar: to audit
auditivo: auditory; auditive
auditor: auditor; judge advocate
auditoría: audit
auditorio: audience; auditory
auge: pinnacle; peak; importance; culmination; apogee; heyday; upswing; boom
augurar: to predict; to foretell; to augur
augurio: omen; sign; augury
aula: classroom; lecture room; palace
aulaga: gorse; furze
aullar: to howl
aullido: howl; squealing; yell; yowl; caterwaul
aumentar: to magnify; to increase; to rise; to accrue; to accumulate; to add to; to intensify; to jack up; to mount; to open up; to raise; to rise; to send up; to step up; to swell; to top up; to upsurge; to beef up; to bump up; to escalate; to gear up; to go up; to heighten; to improve
aumentativo: augmentative
aumento: increase; magnifying; augmentation; access; accession; accretion
aun: even; still; aun cuando: even though
aún: yet; still
aunar: to join; to unite; to combine; to unify
aunque: although; though; even though; albeit
aúpa: up you get; come on; get up
aupar: to help up; to help along; to give a leg up
aura: aura; breath; popularity; buzzard
aureola: halo; aureole; fame
aurícula: auricle
auricular: receiver; handset; earpiece; earphone; auriculares: headphones
aurora: dawn; aurora; beginning
auscultar: to auscultate; to sound
ausencia: absence; lack
ausentarse: to leave; to absent oneself
ausente: absent; absentee; voto ausente: absentee ballot
ausentarse: to absent oneself
ausentismo: absenteeism
auspiciar: to sponsor; to auspicate; to foretell
auspicio: auspice
austeridad: austerity
austero: austere
austral: austral
Australasia: Australasia
Australia: Australia
australiano: Australian
Austria: Austria
austríaco: Austrian
autenticidad: authenticity; genuineness
auténtico: authentic; real; genuine
auto: car; judicial decision; writ; warrant; religious or biblical play
autobiografía: autobiography
autobiográfico: autobiographical
autobús: bus; autobus
autocar: coach; bus
autocomplacencia: complacency
autocontrol: self-control
autocrítica: self-criticism; self-examination
autóctono: indigenous; native; autochthonous
autodeterminación: self-determination
autodidacta: self-taught
autodominio: self-control
autoedición: desktop publishing
autoescuela: driving school
autoestopista: hitch-hiker
autoevaluación: self-assessment
autogolpe: unconstitutional seizure of power by an elected government
autógrafo: autograph; handwritten
automático: automatic; automatical
automatización: automation; automatization
automatizar: to automate
automóvil: car; motor vehicle; automobile
automovilismo: driving; motoring; automobilism
automovilista: driver; motorist
autonomía: autonomy; autonomous region; home rule; cruising radius
autonómico: autonomous; autonomic
autónomo: autonomous; self-employed
autopista: motorway; highway; freeway; expressway
autopsia: autopsy; post-mortem examination
auto: author; writer; maker; perpetrator
autoridad: authority; ostentation
autoritario: authoritarian; authoritative; overbearing; absolute
autorización: authorization; permission; permit; license
autorizar: to authorize; to validate; to empower; to permit; to legalize; to approve
autorretrato: self-portrait
autoservicio: self-service
autostop: hitchhiking
autosuficiencia: self-sufficiency
autovía: dual carriageway; highway
auxiliar: auxiliary; assistant; adjuvant; ancillary; to give aid; to assist; to help; to succour; auxiliar de vuelo: steward; stewardess
auxilio: aid; help; assistance; relief; hand
aval: guarantee; guarantor's signature
avalancha: avalanche
avalar: to guarantee; to answer for a person
avance: advance; trailer; estimate; breakthrough; development; encroachment; headway; march
avanzadilla: advance party; reconnaissance patrol
avanzado: advanced; far into; forward; onward
avanzar: to move forward; to advance; to make progress; to progress; to gain; to move; to trundle; to wear on; to encroach
avaricia: avarice; meanness
avaricioso: avaricious; mean; miser
avaro: avaricious; mean; miser
avasallador: overwhelming; domineering; subjugator
avasallar: to tyrannize; to intimidate; to subjugate
avatares: ups and downs; vicissitudes
ave: bird
avecinarse: to approach; to come closer
avejentar: to age before one's time
avellana: hazelnut; hazel
avellano: hazel; hazel tree; filbert
avemaría: Hail Mary
avena: oats
avenencia: agreement; compromise; compact; harmony; concord
avenida: avenue; flood; freshet
avenir: to reconcile; to make agree
avenirse: to get on well; to come to an agreement; to accomodate
aventajado: exceptional; outstanding; notable; excellent; advantageous
aventajar: to be ahead of; to surpass; to excel
aventar: to winnow; to blow away; to fan; to blow
aventón: lift; ride
aventura: adventure; hazard; chance; risk; affair; fling; escapade; experience; love-affair
aventurado: risky; venturesome; adventurous
aventurar: to risk; to venture; to hazard; to chance; to offer
aventurero: adventurous; adventurer; mercenary; swashbuckler
avergonzado: ashamed; embarrassed; abashed
avergonzar: to embarrass; to shame; to confound; to abash
avergonzarse: to be ashamed; to blush
avería: failure; fault; breakdown; damage; average
averiado: broken; out of order; damaged
averiar: to damage; to cause to break down
averiarse: to break down; to be damaged
averiguación: inquiry; ascertainment
averiguar: to find out; to inquiry; to ascertain
averno: Avernus; hell
aversión: aversion; loathing; dislike
avestruz: ostrich
avezado: experienced
aviación: aviation; air force
avetoro: bittern
aviado: prepared; ready; estar aviado: to be in a mess
aviador: air pilot; aviator; preparer; flier; equipper; airman; cazadora de aviador: bomber jacket
aviar: to tidy up; to get ready; to prepare; to arrange; to equip; to provide; to hasten
avicultura: poultry farming; aviculture
avidez: eagerness; avidity; greed; lust; covetousness
ávido: eager; greedy; avid
avinagrar: to turn sour
avinagrarse: to turn sour; to become bitter
avío: tidying up; use; service; preparation; provision; avíos: tools; equipment; tackle; accoutrements
avión: plane; airplane; aeroplane; aircraft; airliner; jet; fighter; freighter; housemartin; martin; martlet
avioneta: light airplane; light aircraft
avisado: warned; advised; prudent; wise; shrewd; canny
avisar: to warn; to advise; to admonish; to inform; to send word
aviso: warning; notice; information; admonishment; advice; prudence; prompt
avispa: wasp
avispado: sharp; quick-witted; clever; smart
avispero: wasp's nest; swarm of wasps; hornet's nest; carbuncle
avispón: hornet
avistar: to glimpse; to sight; to descry; to catch sight of
avitaminosis: vitamin deficiency; avitaminosis
avituallamiento: providing with provisions
avituallar: to provide with food; to victual; to provision
avivar: to stoke up; to enliven; to stir up; to fan; to quicken; to hasten; to stimulate; to heat; to inflame; to intensify; to revive; to heighten; to brighten
avivarse: to acquire life; to revive; to liven up
avizor: watching; ojo avizor: on the alert
avutarda: great bustard
axial: axial; axile
axila: armpit; axilla
axioma: axiom
ay: ouch; alas; ay de mí: woe is me; ay del que: woe betide him who
aya: nanny; governess; dry nurse
ayer: yesterday
ayo: private tutor
ayuda: help; assistance; aid; hand; ministration; enema; clyster; relief; abetment; boon; concurrence
ayudante: assistant; aid; aide; adjutant; cad; coadjutor; helper; mate; usher
ayudar: to help; to aid; to assist; to abet; to advance; to prompt; to relieve; to assist; to bestead; to boost
ayunar: to fast
ayunas en ayunas: having taken no food
ayuno: fast
ayuntamiento: town hall; city hall; town council
azabache: jet; jet-black; coal titmouse
azada: hoe
azadón: wide hoe
azafata: air hostess; flight attendant; hostess; assistant; stewardess
azafrán: saffron; crocus
azahar: orange blossom; lemon blossom
azalea: azalea
azar: fate; chance; hazard; mishap; misfortune
azaroso: eventful; misfortunate; unlucky; hazardous; risky
azogar: to silver a mirror; to quicksilver
azogue: quicksilver; mercury
azor: goshawk
azoramiento: embarrassment; trouble; fluster
azorar: to embarrass; to trouble; to rattle; to startle
azorarse: to be or feel embarrassed
azotador: caterpillar
azotaina: spanking; flogging
azotar: to spank; to flog; to smack; to whip; to flagellate; to grip; to lash; to buffet; to beat
azote: smack. slap; lash; scourge; birch; thong
azotea: flat roof; head
azteca: Aztec
azúcar: sugar
azucarar: to sugar; to add sugar to; to coat or ice with sugar
azucarera: sugar refinery
azucarero: sugar producer; sugar bowl
azucarillo: sugar lump; spongy sugar bar
azucena: white lily
azuela: adze
azufre: brimstone; sulphur
azul: blue
azulado: bluish; blue
azulejo: glazed tile; bluebird
azulón: royal blue
azuzar: to set the dogs; to incite; to egg on

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