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taba: anklebone; knucklebone
tabacal: tobacco plantation; tobacco field
tabacalera: tobacco company
tabacalero: tobacco; tobacco grower or dealer
tabaco: tobacco; cigarettes; snuff; cigar; tobacco-coloured; mid-brown; black rot
tábano: horsefly; gadfly
tabaquera: tobacco tin; tobacco pouch; snuff box; bowl of a tobacco pipe
tabaquero: tobacco; tobacconist; cigar maker
tabaquismo: nicotine poisoning; tobaccoism
tabarra: nuisance; bore
tabasco: Tabasco
taberna: tavern; inn; public house; wine shop; saloon
tabernario: coarse; low; vulgar
tabernera: alewife; barmaid
tabernero: tavern; keeper; innkeeper
tabicar: to wall up; to brick up; to close up
tabique: partition wall; bone of the nose; septum
tabla: board; surfboard; sailboard; seat; pleat; table; panel; plank; slab; tablet; strip of land; tablas: stage; tie; barrier
tablado: platform; stage; scaffold; flooring; stage boards
tablao: flamenco bar; flamenco show
tableado: pleated
tablero: top; board; slab; panel; table top; chessboard; backboard; notice board; bulletin board; dashboard; shop counter; floor of a bridge; wooden blackboard
tableta: bar; tablet; lozenge; pastil; pastille; small board; floor board
tabloide: tabloid
tablón: plank; plank; strake; notice board; bulletin board
tabú: taboo
tabulación: tabulation
tabulador: tab; tabulator
tabular: to tabulate; tabular
taburete: stool; tabouret
tacada: shot; break; stroke
tacañear: to be mean or stingy
tacañería: meanness; stinginess; niggardliness
tacaño: mean; stingy; miser; skinflint; niggardly; closefisted; niggard
tacatá, tacataca: baby walker
tacha: flaw; fault; defect; blemish
tachadura: deletion; crossing out
tachar: to cross out; to cancel; to strike out; to accuse; to censure; to find a fault or defect in or with
tachero: taxi driver; cabbie
tacho: metal bowl; empty can; empty tin; taxi; cab
tachón: deletion; erasure; crossing out; stud; ornamental tack; short piece of ribbon or braid trimming
tachonado: studded
tachuela: tack; stud; hobnail
tácito: unspoken; tacit; silent
taciturno: silent; withdrawn; glum; gloomy; taciturn
taco: stud; cleat; heel; wad; cube; taco; cue; swearword; profane oath; muddle; plug; short and thick piece of wood; wad; ramrod; popgun; almanac pad; picker in a loom; tacos: years
tacómetro: tachometer
tacón: heel
taconazo: click; back-heel; blow with the shoe heel
taconear: to tap one's heels; to stamp one's heels
táctica: tactics; tactic
táctico: tactical; tactician
táctil: tactile
tacto: touch; sense of touch; feel; tact; touching; feeling
taekwondo: tae kwon do
tafetán: taffeta
tafia: low quality rum; tafia
tafilete: morocco leather
tahona: bakery; baker's shop
tahur: gambler; gamester; card-sharp
taiga: taiga
tailandés: Thai
Tailandia: Thailand
taimado: cunning; crafty; astute; sullen; stubborn
taita: dad; daddy; term for someone in authority; thug
Taiwan: Taiwan
taiwanés: Taiwanese
tajada slice; piece; share; cut; hoarseness; coger una tajada: to get drunk
tajamar: breakwater; cutwater; dike; dam
tajante: categorical; cutting; sharp; peremptory
tajear: to slash
Tajo: Tagus
tajo: cut; incision; step cliff; gorge; cutting edge; work; chopping board; three-legged rustic stool; line of progress
tal: such; such a; someone; such a thing; con tal de que: as long as; provided; tal para cual: two of a kind; qué tal?: how do you do?
tala: felling of trees; destruction; havoc; tipcat; cat
taladradora: drill
taladrar: to drill a hole in; to bore; to perforate; to punch; to pierce; to penetrate
taladro: drill; auger; boring instrument; drill hole
tálamo: nuptial bed; bridal chamber; thalamus; receptacle
talante: mood; temper; willingness; mode or manner of doing anything; mien; countenance; will; wish; pleasure; de buen talante: in a good mood
talar: to fell; to chop down; to destroy; to lay waste; long, reaching to the ankles
talco: talcum powder; talc; tinsel
talego: sack; bag; jail; slammer; a thousand pesetas
talento: talent; ability; accomplishment; talented person
talentoso: talented; able; clever
talgo: express train
talidomida: thalidomide
talio: thallium
talismán: talisman
talla: size; height; stature; standing; carving; wood-carving; engraving; cutting; round
tallar: to carve; to engrave; to cut; to measure the height of; to appraise; to tax; to impose tax on; to be the banker
tallarines: tagliatelle; noodles
talle: waist; figure; form; appearance; length form shoulder to waist; size; adjustment
taller: studio; atelier; workshop; garage; repair shop; factory
tallista: carver; sculptor; cutter
tallo: stem; stalk; shoot; sprout
talo: thallus
talón: heel; talon; a check or coupon detached from a stub book; standard
talonador: hooker
talonario: cheque book; checkbook; stub book
talonear: to hook; to spur on; to walk fast; to dash along
talud: slope; bank; talus; batter
tamal: tamale; meat in a bed of maize paste wrapped in a leaf
tamaño: size; such; very large or very small; so great
tamarindo: tamarind
tambalearse: to totter; to teeter; to wobble; to reel
también: too; as well; also; likewise
tambo: dairy farm; inn
tambor: drum; drummer; tambour; barrel; cylinder; brake drum; eardrum; tympanum; band pulley
tamboril: small drum; tabor; tabour; timbrel
tambolirear: to drum
tamborileo: drumming
tamborilero: drummer; taborer
Támesis: Thames
tamiz: sieve; bolter
tamizar: to sieve; to sift
tampoco: not either; neither; either
tampón: ink pad; tampon
tam-tam: tom-tom
tan: so; as
tanatorio: funeral parlour comprising several chapels of rest
tanda: batch; series; performance; commercial break; turn; shift; relay; layer; bed
tándem: tandem bicycle
tanga: tanga
tangencial: tangential
tangente: tangent; irse por la tangente: to resort to subterfuges; to beat about the bush; arco tangente: arc tangent
Tánger: Tangier
tangerino: Tangerine
tangible: tangible
tango: tango
tanino: tannin
tanque: tank; water tank; reservoir
tanqueta: armoured car
tantalio: tantalum
tantear: to feel; to examine; to sound out; to size up; to try; to test; to explore; to consider carefully; to sketch; to grope one's way; to keep the score
tanteo: sounding out; score; points; trial; testing; trial and error; rough calculation
tanto: so; so much; so many; as many; as much; thus; so long; so hard; so far; so often; in such a manner; such a long time; to such a degree or extent; amount; sum; rate; point; goal; ace; counter; chip; copy; por lo tanto: so; accordingly
Tanzania: Tanzania
tanzano: Tanzanian
tañer: to strum; to toll; to ring; to play; to drum with the fingers
tañido: strumming; tolling; sound; sounding; tune; ringing
tapa: lid; cover; cap; head; board cover; heel; lift; layer; tapa; appetizer; hoof crust
tapacubo: hubcap
tapadera: lid; loose lid; cover; front; blind person who shields another
tapadillo: de tapadillo: without being seen; secretly; covertly
tapado: covered; blocked up; coat
tapar: to cover; to put the lid on; to put the top on; to block; to plug; to cap; to cork; to bung; to fill; to tuck in; to close up; to obstruct; to hide; to conceal; to screen; to veil; to wrap up
taparse: to cover; to cover oneself up
taparrabos: loincloth; trunks
tapete: runner; table cloth; rug; cover; coverlet; coverlid; spread; card table; sobre el tapete: on the tapis
tapia: wall
tapiar: to wall in; to block off; to close up
tapicería: upholsterer's; upholstery; tapestry making; tapestries
tapicero: upholsterer; tapestry maker
tapioca: tapioca; cassava
tapir: tapir
tapisca: maize harvest
tapiz: tapestry
tapizar: to upholster; to tapestry; to carpet; to cover
tapón: stopper; top; cap; capful; cork; bung; plug; earplug; blockage; obstruction; bottleneck; traffic jam; block; shrimp; shorty; fuse; tampon; pledget; tap; wad; tapón para el oído: earplug; tapón de rosca: screw-on-top
taponar: to plug; to block; to stop; to tampon
taponarse: to get blocked; to get blocked up
tapujo: concealment; subterfuge; covering one's face
taquicardia: tachycardia
taquigrafía: shorthand; stenography
taquigrafiar: to take down in shorthand; to stenograph
taquígrafo: shorthand typist; stenographer
taquilla: ticket office; box office; takings; take; gate; locker; tavern
taquillero: ticket clerk; ticket seller; tavern keeper
taquillón: wooden cabinet with cupboard and drawers
taquimecanografía: shorthand typing; stenography
taquimecanógrafo: shorthand typist; stenographer and typewriter
tara: defect; fault; tare; tally
tarado: damaged; stupid; idiot
tarambana: tearaway; having little sense; scatterbrained
tarántula: tarantula
tararear: to la-la; to hum
tarascada: sharp reply; bite; wound with the teeth
tardanza: delay; slowness; tardiness
tardar: to take a long time; to be slow, long or late
tarde: afternoon; evening; late; too late; to grow late; de tarde en tarde: once in a while; tarde o temprano: sooner or later; más tarde: later; afterwards
tardío: late; tardy; slow; late crops
tardo: tardy; slow; sluggish; late; dull; dense; slow
tardón: slow; slowcoach; slowpoke; sluggish
tarea: task; job; work; toil; homework; assignment
tarifa: price; fare; rate; price list; tariff
tarima: wooden platform; dais
tarjeta: card; tablet; tile and imprint on a map; tarjeta postal: postcard
tarjetera: card holder; card wallet
tarjetero: card holder; card wallet
tarot: tarot
tarraconense: inhabitant of Tarragona
tarrina: tub
tarro: jar; can; tin; head; luck
tarta: tart; cake
tartaja: stammering; stammerer
tartajear: to stammer; to stutter
tartaleta: tartlet
tartamudear: to stammer; to stutter
tartamudeo: stammering; stuttering
tartamudez: stammer; stutter
tartamudo: person with a stammer; stammerer; stutterer; stammering; stuttering
tartana: covered trap; two-wheeled round-top carriage; crate; jalopy; tartan
tartera: lunch box; lunch pail; saucepan; pie tin; baking pan for pastry; dinner pall
tarugo: lump of wood; piece of stale bread; oaf; idiot
tarumba: crazy; nuts
tasa: rate; measure; due limitation; fee; valuation; appraisement; the price of a commodity as established by the Government
tasación: valuation; appraisement
tasar: to value; to price; to fix a price for; to put a limit on; to limit; to moderate; to appraise; to estimate; to stint
tasca: bar; tavern; wine shop; gambling den
tata: nanny; term for someone in authority; granddad; nursemaid
tatarabuela: great-great-grandmother
tatarabuelo: great-great-grandfather; tatarabuelos: great-great-grandparents
tataranieta: great-great-granddaughter
tataranieto: great-great-grandson; tataranietos: great-great-grandchildren
tate: good heavens; look out; easy there; beware; behold
tatuaje: tattoo; tattooing
tatuar: to tattoo
tatuarse: to have oneself tattooed
taurino: bullfighting; taurine
tauro: Taurus; Taurean
tauromaquia: bullfighting; tauromachy
tautología: tautology
taxativo: strict; definite; precise
taxi: taxi; cab; taxicab
taxidermia: taxidermy
taxidermista: taxidermist
taxímetro: meter; taximeter; taxi; cab
taxista: taxi driver; cab driver
taxonomía: taxonomy
taza: cup; mug; cupful; bowl; pan; basin; cup guard of a sword; taza de té: teacup
tazón: bowl; large cup
te: you; thee; for you; to thee; thyself; yourself
té: tea; char; tea party; taza de té: teacup; salón de té: teahouse; rosa de té: tea rose
tea: torch; firebrand; candlewood
teatral: stage; theatre; theatrical
teatralizar: to dramatize
teatro: theatre; theatre; stage; show
tebeo: comic
teca: teak; teakwood; theca
techado: roof; roofed; covered
techo: ceiling; roof; covering; upper limit
techumbre: roof; roofing
tecla: key; delicate point
teclado: keyboard
teclear: to key; to type; to click; to be doing badly; to finger; to drum with the fingers; to thrum
teclista: keyboard operator; keyboarder; keyboard player
técnica: technique; technic; method; technology
tecnicismo: technical term; technicism
técnico: technical; technician; engineer; technic
tecnócrata: technocrat
tecnología: technology
tecnológico: technological
tedio: boredom; tedium; tediousness; loathing
tedioso: boring; tedious; disgusting
Teherán: Teheran; Tehran
teja: roof tile; pantile; gutter tile; shovel hat; linden tree
tejadillo: sloping roof; small roof; roof of a carriage
tejado: roof; tiled roof
tejano: Texan; tejanos: jeans
Tejas: Texas
tejedor: weaver; weaving; water skipper; water strider
tejedora: knitting machine
tejemaneje: scheme; shady deal; address; skilful management; intriguing
tejer: to weave; to crochet; to knit; to spin; to braid; to plaid; to interweave; to wreathe; to devise; to put together; to fabricate
tejido: fabric; material; tissue; web; knitting; woven; knit; braided; weave; texture
tejo: piece of roof tile; hopscotch; disk; quoit; pillow block; socket-plate; yew; yew tree
tejón: badger; gold ingot
tela: material; cloth; fabric; stuff; film; canvas; painting; dough; skin; pellicle; membrane; subject; something to talk about
telabrejos: things; gear; odds and ends
telanda: brass; money
telamón: telamon
telar: loom; gridiron; sewing press; telares: textile mill
telaraña: spider's web; cobweb; flimsy thing
tele: the telly; the tube; television set
teleadicto: telly-addict
telealarma: alarm system
telebanco: cash-dispenser
telecabina: cable car
telecámara: television camera
telecomedia: television comedy show
telecomunicaciones: telecommunications
telecontrol: remote control
telediario: news; news bulletin
teledifusión: telecast
teledirigido: remote-controlled
teledirigir: to operate by remote control
telefax: fax; telefax
teleférico: cable car
telefilm: telefilm
telefonazo: call
telefonear: to telephone; to phone
telefonema: telephone message
telefonía: telephony
telefónico: telephonic; phone
telefonillo: Entryphone
telefonista: telephonist; telephone operator
teléfono: telephone; phone; telephone number
telegenia: telegenic quality
telegrafía: telegraphy
telegrafiar: to telegraph; to wire
telegráfico: telegraphic
telegrafista: telegraphist; telegrapher
telégrafo: telegraph; telégrafos: telegraph office
telegrama: telegram
teleimpresora: teleprinter
telele: fit; stroke
Telémaco: Telemachus
telemando: remote control
telemática: data transmission; telematics
telemático: telematic
telémetro: rangefinder; range; finder; telemeter
telendo: sprightly; lively; jaunty
telengues: things; gears; odds and ends
telenovela: soap opera; television serial
telenque: weak; feeble
teleobjetivo: telephoto lens; zoom; lens
teleología: teleology
teleósteo: teleost
telépata: telepathist
telepate: bedbug
telepatía: telepathy
telepático: telepathic
telequinesia: telekinesis
telera: plow pin; sheepfold; tiebeam; rack block
telero: stake of a cart
telescópico: telescopic
telescopio: telescope
teleserie: soap-opera; television serial
telesilla: chair lift; ski lift
telespectador: television viewer
telesquí: ski lift
teletexto: Teletext
teletipista: teletypist; teleprinter operator
teletipo: teleprinter; teletype
teletrabajador: teleworker
teletrabajo: teleworking
televentas: telesales
televidente: television viewer
televisar: to televise
televisión: television; television set
televisivo: television; telegenic
televisor: television set
televisual: television
télex: telex
telina: clam
telón: curtain; drop curtain; telón de fondo: backdrop; telón de acero: iron curtain
telonero: support; support singer or band; first turn; curtain-raiser
telúrico: of the earth; telluric; earthy
telurio: tellurium
tema: subject; theme; motif; topic; text; stem; persistence; obstinacy; unreasonable animosity or grudge
temar: to have a mania; to be obsessed
temario: syllabus; programme; program; list of topics; agenda; curriculum
temascal: bathroom; hot place; oven
temática: themes; subject matter
temático: thematic; thematical; stem; injudicious; tasteless
tembladera: shakes; a bowl of very thin metal or glass; jewel mounted on a spiral wire; torpedo; quaking grass
tembladeral: quagmire
tembladero: shaking; trembling
temblador: shaking; trembling
temblar: to tremble; to shiver; to quiver; to shake; to quaver
tembleque: shakes; shaking; trembling; trembler
temblequear: to shake all the time
temblón: trembling; shaking
temblor: shudder; shiver; tremble; tremor; shaking; quaver; earth tremor
tembloroso: shaking; trembling; quivering; tremulous
temer: to be afraid of; to fear; to dread; to apprehend; to be afraid
temerón: blustering; blusterer
temerse: to fear
temerario: reckless; rash; hasty; foolhardy
temeridad: recklessness; temerity; rashness; imprudence; foolhardiness; act of recklessness; rash or hasty actions
temeroso: fearful; fearsome; dread; timorous; timid; cowardly; afraid; fearing
temible: fearsome; redoubtable
temor: fear; dread; alarum; awe; misgiving
temoso: persistent; obstinate
témpano: ice floe; kettledrum; drumhead; drumskin; head of a cask or barrel; tympan; flat piece of something hard; flitch of bacon
témpera: tempera
temperación: tempering
temperamental: temperamental; spirited
temperamento: nature; character; spirit; temperament; compromising measure
temperante: tempering; abstemious; teetotaler
temperar: to have a change of scenery; to temper; to moderate; to soften; to go to a warmer climate
temperatura: temperature
temperie: atmospheric conditions
tempestad: storm; tempest; uproar
tempestear: to storm; to be stormy; to rage
tempestivo: opportune; seasonable; timely
tempestuoso: stormy; tempestuous
templa: distemper; temples
templado: lukewarm; tepid; mild; temperate; composed; steady; moderate; tuned; brave; firm; calmy; courageous; abstemious
templador: temperer; tuner; tuning key
templadura: tempering; tuning
templanza: moderation; restraint; mildness; temperance; sobriety; abstinence; abstinency
templar: to warm up; to calm; to temper; to moderate; to mitigate; to soften; to appease; to anneal; to tune; to get warmer; to trim the sails to the wind; to blend or harmonize colours
templarse: to warm up; to become moderate
templario: Templar; Knight Templar
templazo: temple
temple: nature; mood; cool-headedness; temper; tempera; tuning; humour; frame of mind; courage; energy; decision; compromise; Order of the Templars
templete: shrine; bandstand; small temple; niche; tabernacle; pavilion; kiosk
templo: temple; church
tempo: tempo
temporada: period; season
temporal: temporary; short-term; worldly; temporal; secular; worldly; storm; tempest
temporario: temporary
temporero: seasonal; seasonal worker; temporary
tempranero: early
temprano: early; too early
ten: tener
tenacidad: tenacity; toughness; tenaciousness; pertinacity; firmness; persistence
tenacillas: sugar tongs; curling tongs; small tongs; tweezers; snuffers
tenaz: tenacious; determined; stubborn; hard to remove; persistent; difficult to get rid of; adhesive; tough
tenaza, tenazas: pincers; tongs; tenaille; tenace
tendedero, tendedor: drying area; clothesline; clotheshorse; airer
tendencia: tendency; trend; drift
tendencioso: tendentious
tender: to spread; to lay; to hang out; to build; to set; ; to make; to tend; to stretch; to throw; to build; to have a tendency
tenderse: to lie down; to stretch
tenderete: market stall; stand; booth; a card game
tendero: shopkeeper; storekeeper; shop assistant
tendido: spread out; hung out; lying down; made; set; laid; laying; building; cables; section; full; uncovered tiers of seats; bedclothes
tendón: sinew; tendon
tendré, tendría: tener
tenebroso: dark; gloomy; sinister; tenebrous
tenedor: holder; possessor; fork; tenedor de libros: book-keeper; accountant
teneduría: book-keeper's; post of book-keeper
tenencia: possession; holding; lieutenancy; sucursal church; car tax
tener: to have; to have got; to be; to hold; to keep; to own; to possess; to get; to give birth to; tener que: must; to have to; to have got to; ought to
tenerse: to hold fast or steady; to keep from falling; to stand or rest on something
tengo, tenga: tener
tenia: tapeworm; taenia
teniente: lieutenant; deputy; substitute; dull of hearing
tenis: tennis; lawn tennis; plimsoll; sneaker
tenista: tennis player
tenor: tenor; nature; import; a tenor de: judging by; in accordance with
tenorio: lady killer; Don Juan
tensar: to pull taut; to draw; to tense
tensión: tension; strain; voltage; blood pressure; stress
tenso: tight; taut; tensed; tense
tensor: tensor; tension; tightening; tensile; tightener; turnbuckle
tentación: temptation; enticement
tentáculo: tentacle; feeler
tentado: tempted
tentador: tempting; alluring; enticing; inviting; tantalizing; seductive; tantalize; tempter; attractive
tentar: to tempt; to entice; to lure; to seduce; to tantalize; to feel; to touch; to examine by touché; to grope for; to feel one's way; to try; to attempt; to probe
tentativa: attempt; try; trial; endeavour
tentempié: snack; light meal; bite; tumbler
tentetieso: tumbler
tenue: light; weak; faint; dim; thin; tenuous; slender; delicate
teñir: to dye; to tinge; to colour; to stain; to dark; to sadden
teñirse: to dye
teología: theology; divinity
teológico: theological; theologic
teólogo: theologian
teorema: theorem
teoría: theory; theory paper; theoretics
teórica: theory; theoretics
teórico: theoric; theoretical; academical; academic; theoretician; theorist; theory
teorizar: to theorize
tequila: tequila
terapeuta: therapist; therapeutist
terapéutica: therapy; therapeutics
terapéutico: therapeutic
terapia: therapy
terbio: terbium
tercer: tercero
tercera: third class; third gear; go between; tierce; third
tercermundista: third-world
tercero: third; third party; mediator; intermediator; go-between; procurer; third storey
terceto: trio; tercet; triplet
terciar: to intervene; to mediate; to place across or crosswise; to divide into three; to plough the third time; to carry arms; to take part
terciarse: to come up; to happen
terciario: tertiary; third
tercio: third; regiment; each of the three parts in which a bullfight is divided
terciopelo: velvet
terco: stubborn; obstinate; hard; intractable
tergal: Tergal
tergiversar: to distort; to twist; to pervert; to misrepresent
termal: thermal
térmico: thermal; thermic; thermical
terminación: ending; completion; finish; termination; conclusion; end; ending
terminal: terminally ill; terminal; terminus; end of the line
terminante: categorical; clear-cut; final; conclusive; positive; peremptory
terminar: to finish; to end; to end up; to terminate; to close; to complete; to accomplish; to wind up; to adjourn; to be through with; to culminate; to do; to eat up; to expire; to finish off; to finish up; to follow through
terminarse: to end; to finish; to run out; to terminate; to close
término: term; word; end; conclusion; completion; boundary; district; point; aim; goal; manner; state; condition; términos: conditions; terms
terminología: terminology
termita: termite; white ant
termo: vacuum flask; Thermos
termodinámica: thermodynamics
termómetro: thermometer
termostato: thermostat
ternera: calf; veal; beef
ternero: male calf
terneza: tenderness; endearment
terno: three-piece suit; man's suit; ternary; triad; tern; vestments for the high mass; profane oath; curse
ternura: tenderness; softness; fondness; affectionateness
terquedad: stubbornness; obstinacy
terracota: terracotta
terrado: flat roof; terrace
terral: land breeze
Terranova: Newfoundland
terraplén: embankment; bank; fill; terrace; terreplein
terrario: terrarium
terrateniente: landowner; landholder
terraza: flat roof; terrace; balcony; border of a garden; sidewalk café; glazed jar with two handles
terrazo: terrazzo; ground; earth
terremoto: earthquake
terrenal: worldly; earthly; mundane; terrene; terrestrial
terreno: worldly; earthly; terrestrial; mundane; ground; land; soil; piece of ground; plot; terrain; lot; field; sphere
terrestre: terrestrial; land; overland; terraneous
terrible: terrible; awful; dreadful; horrible; ill-tempered; rotten; shattering; shocking; appalling; fearful; fearsome; fierce; formidable; frightful; grisly; harrowing; horrifying; outrageous; almighty
terrícola: earthling; terrestrial; inhabitant of the Earth
terrier: terrier
territorial: territorial
territorio: territory
terrón: lump; clod
terror: terror; horror
terrorífico: terrifying; horrific; frightful
terrorismo: terrorism
terrorista: terrorist; terrorist
terroso: earthy; muddy; earthlike
terruño: native land; native soil; plot of land
terso: smooth; flowing; limpid; clear; shining; terse
tersura: smoothness; limpidness; terseness
tertulia: meeting; circle; chat show; billiard or card room
tesina: dissertation
tesis: theory; idea; thesis
tesitura: tessiture; situation; circumstances; attitude
tesón: tenacity; persistence; constancy; firmness
tesorería: post of treasurer; treasury
tesorero: treasurer
tesoro: treasure; gem; darling; treasury; exchequer; thesaurus
test: test
testaferro: front man; figurehead; dummy; man of straw
testamento: will; Testament
testar: to make one's will; to cancel; to obliterate
testarazo: bang on the head; blow with the head; header
testarudez: stubbornness; obstinacy
testarudo: stubborn; obstinate; pigheaded
testículo: testicle
testificar: to testify; to attest; to give evidence; to bear witness to
testigo: witness; evidence; baton
testimonial: attesting; testificatory
testimoniar: to testify; to attest; to give evidence; to bear witness to
testimonio: testimony; attestation; witness; evidence; proof; affidavit
teta: boon; teat; breast; udder; feat; nipple; hummock; knoll
tétano, tétanos: tetanus
tetera: teapot; kettle; teat
tetero: baby's bottle
tetilla: nipple; teat; breast
tetina: teat; nipple
tetraedro: tetrahedron
tétrico: bleak; gloomy; dark; sullen; dismal
textil: textile
texto: text; textbook; great primer
textual: textual; precise; literal
textura: texture; structure; weaving
tez: skin; complexion
ti: you; yourself; thee; thyself
tía: aunt; auntie; woman; girl; coarse woman; prostitute
tiberio: row
Tíbet: Tibet
tibetano: Tibetan
tibia: shinbone; tibia; flute
tibieza: lukewarmness; tepidness; tepidity; coolness; indifference; lack of enthusiasm
tibio: warm; lukewarm; tepid; cool; indifferent; unenthusiastic
tiburón: shark
tic: tic; twitch; mannerism; habit
tico: Costa Rican
tictac: tick-tock
tiemblo: aspen; aspen tree; temblar
tiempo: time; weather; half; tense; beat; tempo; cuanto tiempo?: how long?; mucho tiempo: long; a long time; dar tiempo al tiempo: to bide one's time; hacer tiempo: to wait; a su tiempo: in due time
tienda: shop; store; tent; wigwam; awning; tilt
tiendo, tienda: tender
tiene: tener
tientas: buscar a tientas: to grope; to feel one's way
tiento: tact; touch; feeling; blindman's stick; swig; mouthful; steady hand; care; caution; blow; preliminary flourish; maulstick; tentacle; tentar
tierno: tender; affectionate; fresh; blear
tierra: earth; land; ground; country; homeland; soil; region; district; landed property; tillable land; piece of land; mould; dust
tieso: upright; stiff; rigid; strong; robust; tight; taut; valiant; stuck-up; uncompromising; firm; obstinate; stunned; proud; hard; firmly; strongly
tiesto: flowerpot; plantpot
tifón: typhoon; waterspout
tifus: typhus
tigre: tiger; jaguar; genius
tigresa: tigress
tijera, tijeras: scissors; shears; sawbuck; sawhorse; backbiter; gossip
tijereta: earwig; scissors kick; overhead kick; small scissors; tendril
tijeretazo: snip; clip; cut with scissors
tila: lime tree; lime tea; lime blossom tea; linden tree
tildar: to brand; to accuse; to cancel; to cross out; to put a tilde or dash over; tildar de: to accuse of without being
tilde: written accent; tilde; dash; fault; blemish; defect; jot; tittle
tilín: ting-a-ling; hacer tilín: to please; to feel attracted
tilo: lime tree; lime tea; lime blossom tea; linden tree
timador: swindler
timar: to swindle; to cheat
timba: gambling session; gambling den
timbal: kettledrum; small drum; tambourine; timbale
timbear: to gamble
timbero: gambler
timbrar: to stamp
timbre: bell; timbre; fiscal stamp; stamp; seal; crest; deed of glory
timidez: shyness; timidness; timorousness
tímido: shy; timid; timorous; lukewarm; faint-hearted
timo: rip-off; swindle; cheat; thymus
timón: rudder; helm; beam; pole; tongue
timonel: helmsman; steersman
timorato: shy; timid; prudish; God-fearing; pusilanimous
tímpano: eardrum; tympanum; tambourine; glass harmonica
tina: earthenware jar; bowl; bathtub; vat; tub
tinaja: earthenware jar
tinerfeño: inhabitant of Tenerife
tinglado: shed; platform; mess; scam; intrigue; machination
tinieblas: darkness; ignorance
tino: aim; skill for finding things in the dark; sound judgement; wisdom; tact
tinta: ink; colour or pigment; dyeing; tint; hue; tint
tinte: dye; dyeing; dry cleaner's; veneer; colouring; false appearance
tintero: inkwell; inkstand; ink fountain
tintinear: to tinkle; to jingle; to clink
tinto: dark-red; red wine; black coffee; dyed; coloured; stained
tintorería: dry-cleaner's; dyeing; dyer's trade
tintorro: cheap red wine
tintura: dye; tincture; dyeing; paint; smattering
tiña: ringworm; tinea; scald-head; meanness; stinginess; poverty
tiño, tiña, tiñera: teñir
tío: uncle; guy; fellow; pal; berk; blighter; bloke; buster; chap; chappy; cove; cuss; dude; egg; geezer; wanker; tíos: aunt and uncle
tiovivo: merry-go-round; roundabout; carrousel
tipa: woman; girl
tiparraco: jerk
tipejo: jerk; ridiculous fellow
típico: typical; characteristic
tipificar: to class; to categorize
tiple: soprano; soprano singer; treble; treble guitar
tipo: type; sort; kind; build; figure; fellow; guy; character; typeface; font; rate; phylum
tipografía: typography; printing shop
típula: daddy-longlegs; crane fly
tique: receipt; ticket
tíquet: receipt; ticket
tiquismiquis: ridiculous or affected scruples or words; fussy person
tira: narrow strip; strap; throng; shred; comic strip; la tira: a lot; the cops; cop; plant
tirabuzón: ringlet; corkscrew; hanging curl
tirachinas: catapult; slingshot
tirada: print run; throw; cast; shooting; distance; stretch; series; tirade; printing; edition; impression
tiradero: rubbish dump; shooting post
tirado: wasted; cheap; very easy; long and low; running handwriting; wiredrawing; printing; presswork
tirador: thrower; drawer; marksman; archer; fencer; bell pull; pull chain; knob; handle; doorknob; catapult; slingshot; pressman; tiradores: braces; suspenders; straps
tiragomas: catapult; slingshot
tiraje: print run; draw
tiralíneas: drawing pen; ruling pen
Tirana: Tirana
tiranía: tyranny
tiranizar: to tyrannize; to overbear; to domineer; to dragoon
tirano: tyrannical; tyrant
tirante: tight; taut; tense; strained; strap; brace; trace; tie; tie beam; tie rod; truss rod; tirantes: braces; suspenders
tirantez: tightness; tautness; tenseness; tension; strained condition
tirar: to throw; to throw away; to throw out; to cast; to toss; to tug; to haul; to lug; to flip; to fling; to pitch; to drop; to pelt; to plump; to dispose; to give; to waste; to squander; to fail; to fire; to print; to draw; to stretch; to withdraw; to overthrow; to take; to shoot; to go; to pull; to attract; to endure; to twitch; to yank; to hitch; to hoick; to chuck; to chuck away; to clear out; to hack; to knock off; to knock over; to let off; to reel in; to schlep; to excite love or interest; to have sex; to last; tirar abajo: to knock down; de usar y tirar: disposable
tirarse: to throw oneself; to lie down; to spend; to lie down; to have sex with
tirio: Tyrian
tirita: plaster; Band-Aid
tiritar: to shiver; to shake
tiritona: shivers
tiro: shot; throw; range; report; shooting practice or sport; shooting gallery; team; rifle range; draught; draft; physical or moral injury; innuendo; allusive remark; fire; direction of fire; harness trace; length; flight; a tiro: within range; al tiro: right away; shaft; depth of a shaft
tiroideo: thyroid
tiroides: thyroid gland
tirón: pull; tug; haul; tug; jerk; tyro; novice; de un tirón: with a pull
tirotear: to shoot several times; to snipe at; to blaze away at
tiroteo: shooting; shoot-out; firing
tirria: aversion; dislike
tisana: infusion; medicinal tea
tísico: consumptive; tubercular; phthisical
tisis: consumption; tuberculosis; phthisis
tisú: lame; gold or silver tissue
titánico: titanic
titanio: titanium
títere: puppet; marionette; whipper-snapper; no dejar títere con cabeza: to destroy entirely
titilar: to twinkle; to tremble slightly
titiritero: puppeteer; acrobat
titubear: to hesitate; to waver; to stammer; to stagger; to totter; to get tongue-tied
titubeo: hesitation; wavering; stammering; staggering; tottering
titulación: qualifications
titulado: with a university degree; diplomaed; qualified; graduate; titled; so-called; titrated
titular: titular; holder; headline; to title; to entitle; to call; to name
titularse: to be called; to call oneself
titulares: to be entitled; to be called; to gain a university degree
título: title; heading; headline; caption; diploma; qualification; professional degree; desert; certificate; bond; titre
tiza: chalk; whiting; calcined stag horn
tiznar: to blacken; to soil with soot; to smudge; to smut; to stain; to soil; to sully
tiznarse: to get black with soot; to get drunk
tizne: soot; smut; half-buried stick
tizón: smouldering piece of wood; firebrand; wheat-smut; stain; header
toalla: towel
toallero: towel rail; towel rack
tobillera: ankle support; flapper
tobillo: ankle
tobogán: slide; ramp; toboggan; sledge; sled
toca: headdress; cornet; wimple; coif; bonnet; toque
tocadiscos: record player; phonograph
tocado: crazy; nuts; slightly injured; bruised; touched; headdress; hairstyle; hairdo; coiffure
tocador: dressing table; dressing room; player
tocar: to touch; to feel; to lay hands upon; to find; to suffer; to play; to sound; to blow; to beat; to ring; to move; to inspire
tocarse: to touch; to be in contact; to do or dress one's hair; to cover one's head
tocata: toccata; record player; phonograph; drubbing
tocateja: a tocateja: cash on the nail
tocayo: namesake
tocho: tome; boring book; rustic; crude; stupid
tocino: fatty pork; bacon; salt pork; tocino de cielo: dessert made with eggs and sugar
tocólogo: obstetrician; tocologist
tocón: stump
todavía: still; even; yet
todo: all; every; each; the whole of; everything; everyone; everybody; all of them; entirely
todopoderoso: omnipotent; all-powerful; almighty
todoterreno: SUV; jeep; four-wheel drive
tofe: toffee
toga: gown; robe; toga
Togo: Togo
togolés: Togolese
Tokio: Tokyo
toldo: awning; sunshade; tarpaulin; canopy; tilt; hut; pride; pump
toledano: inhabitant of Toledo; Toledan
tolerable: tolerable; bearable; sufferable
tolerancia: tolerance; toleration
tolerante: tolerant
tolerar: to tolerate; to bear; to suffer; to put up with; to abear
toma: take; taking; receiving; assuming; capture; dose; power point; outlet; intake; inlet; tap; irrigation ditch; shooting; filming; shot
tomado: husky; drunk
tomadura: taking; tomadura de pelo: fun made of one; hoax; pulling one's leg
tomar: to catch; to take; to have; to seize; to catch; to acquire; to go or turn in a specified direction; to drink; to occupy; to steal; to choose; to buy; to borrow; to assume; to gather
tomarse: to have; to take
tomate: tomato; tomato sauce; tener tomate: to be a tricky issue
tomatera: tomato plant
tomavistas: cine camera; movie camera
tómbola: tombola; charity raffle
tomillo: thyme
tomo: volume; tome; de tomo y lomo: great; important
ton: sin ton ni son: for no reason at all; without motive or cause
tonada: song; tune; air
tonadilla: light-hearted Spanish folk song
tonal: tonal
tonalidad: tonality
tonel: cask; barrel; tun
tonelada: metric ton; tonne
tonelaje: tonnage
toner, tóner: toner
tongo: fix; trick of a player who engages to lose for a bribe
tónica: tonic water; tonic; stressed syllable
tónico: tonic; bracer; pick-me-up; invigorating; bracing; corroborative
tonificar: to invigorate; to refresh; to tone up
tonillo: accent; sarcastic tone; singsong; monotonous tone
tono: tone; pitch; key; mode; shade; class; step; diapason normal; vigour; energy; tune; sing; harmony
tontada: foolishness; stupidity; silly; silliness; nonsense; little thing; flattering remark
tontaina: foolish; silly; fool
tontear: to fool about; to flirt; to talk nonsense
tontería: foolishness; stupidity; silly silliness; nonsense; trifle; little thing; flattering remark
tonto: silly; foolish; dull; stupid; nonsensical; dolt; fool; a tontas y a locas: recklessly; haphazard
top: top
topacio: topaz
topar: to strike; to knock against; to run into; to butt
toparse: to run across; to meet
tope: butt; end; buffer; bumper; stop; ceiling; cracking; rub; trouble; difficulty; masthead; topmasthead; doorstop; limit; sleeping policeman; row; quarrel; a tope: full; end to end; jam-packed; packed; estar hasta los topes: to be overloaded; tope de la puerta: doorstep
topetazo: bump; butt
tópico: trite; cliché; platitude; subject; for external use; topical; local
topo: mole; awkward person; dolt; polka dot
topografía: topography; surveying
topógrafo: topographer; surveyor
topónimo: place name
toque: touch; touchstone; chime; blast; beat; blow; tap; warning; admonition; advice; call; sounding; ringing; joint; trial; proof
toquetear: to finger; to touch; to touch up
toquilla: knotted shawl; triangular kerchief; small toque
torácico: thoracic
tórax: thorax
torbellino: whirlwind; dust cloud; whirl; lively and hustling person
torcedura: twisting; sprain; small vine
torcer: to twist; to bend; to wrench; to sprain; to spring; to contort; to gnarl; to inflect; to quirk; to crook; to slew; to lead astray; to corrupt; to distort; to pervert; to turn; to swerve; to warp; to wrest; to wring; to writhe; to bias; to buckle; to make change his mind
torcerse: to twist; to bend; to be led astray; to go wrong
torcido: twisted; twined; bent; crooked; dishonest; warped; unfortunate; unlucky; twisted silk
tordo: dapple-grey; thrush; starling
torear: to fight bulls in the ring; to fool; to deceive; to make fun
toreo: bullfighting; banter; covert mockery
torera: bolero jacket; saltarse a la torera: to disregard
torero: bullfighter; bullfighting
tormenta: storm; tempest; turmoil
tormento: torture; pain; anguish; torment
tormentoso: stormy; tempestuous
torna: giving back; return; volver las tornas: to turn the tables
tornado: tornado
tornar: to make; to return; to give back; to come back
tornarse: to turn; to become
torneado: tuned; shapely
tornear: to turn on a lathe; to tourney; to muse
torneo: tournament; joust; gid; staggers
tornillo: screw; vice; vise
torniquete: tourniquet; turnstile; bell crank
torno: lathe; potter's wheel; revolving window; revolver server; revolving machine; turn; turn around; drill; windlass; winch; en torno a: around; about
toro: bull; torus; toros: bullfighting; bullfight
toronja: grapefruit
Toronto: Toronto
torpe: clumsy; slow; awkward; heavy; torpid; dull; dull-witted; lewd; lascivious; infamous; crude; ugly
torpedear: to torpedo
torpedero: torpedo boat
torpedo: torpedo; electric ray
torpeza: clumsiness; awkwardness; slowness; heaviness; dullness; stupidity; lack of agility; mistake; blunder; lewdness; lasciviousness; infamy; turpitude
torre: tower; belfry; bell tower; steeple; turret; belvedere; highrise; mast; pylon; house; villa; castle; rook; torre de perforación: derrick; rig; torre del homenaje: donjon
torrefacto: toasted with a little sugar; torrefied
torrencial: torrential
torrente: torrent; flood; rush of people; un torrente de: a stream of; a flood of; masses of; torrente sanguíneo: bloodstream
torreón: large fortified tower
torreta: turret; pylon
torrezno: chunk of fried bacon
tórrido: torrid; scorching hot
torrija: French toast; bread soaked in milk, covered with egg and dipped in sugar or honey
torsión: twist; twisting; torsion
torso: torso; trunk of the body
torta: thump; slap; smash; fried or oven-baked flat cake; cake; sandwich; ni torta: not a thing
tortazo: thump; crash; slap; box
tortícolis: crick in the neck; stiff neck; torticollis
tortilla: omelette; tortilla; corn cake; pancake
tórtola: turtledove
tortolito: lovebird; devoted lover; green; inexperienced
tortuga: turtle; tortoise; terrapin
tortuoso: tortuous; winding; devious; sinuous; winding
tortura: torture
torturar: to torture; to torment
torturarse: to torture oneself; to worry
torvo: fearsome; fierce; stern; severe; grim; frowning
tos: cough; coughing; tos ferina: whooping cough
tosco: crude; coarse; rough; rude; uncouth
toser: to cough
tosferina: whooping cough
tosquedad: roughness; crudeness; coarseness; uncouthness
tostada: piece of toast; toast
tostado: toasted; brownish; tanned; sunburned; roasted; toasting; roasting; tan; brown
tostador, tostadora: toaster; roaster
tostar: to toast; to roast; to brown; to tan; to sunburn; to torrefy
tostarse: to get brown; to get tanned; to fry; to roast
tostón: bore; drag; pain in the neck; roast sucking pig; crouton; scorched piece of toast; toast dipped in olive oil
total: total; whole; sum total; brief; in short; so; absolute; sublime; thorough; unqualified; utter; aggregate; complete; count; footing; overall; en total: altogether
totalidad: whole; totality; aggregate
totalitario: totalitarian
totalitarismo: totalitarianism
totalizar: to amount to; to totalize
tótem: totem; totem pole
totora: bulrush
tour: tour
tournée: tour
toxicidad: toxicity
tóxico: poison; toxic; poisonous
toxicología: toxicology
toxicómano: drug addict
toxina: toxin
tozudez: stubbornness; obstinacy
tozudo: stubborn; obstinate; pigheaded
traba: obstacle; hindrance; restraint; slide; bond; clasp; locking device; hobble; shackle; trammel
trabajado: tired; worn-out; over-worked; full of hardships; elaborate; worked; wrought
trabajador: hard-working; worker; labourer; hand; industrious; laborious; hard-working
trabajar: to work; to labour; to strive; to endeavour; to till; to elaborate; to act; to work on; to practice; to practise; to sell; to knead; to harass; to worry; to trouble; to wear out
trabajo: work; job; employment; assignment; essay; labour; toll; hardship; effort; task; workmanship; exertion; trouble; travail; handiwork; stint; swink; trabajo de chinos: long and hard slog; cuaderno de trabajo: log; logbook; hablar del trabajo: to talk shop; adicto al trabajo: workaholic
trabajoso: hard; arduous; difficult; tiresome; laborious; laboured; full of hardships
trabalenguas: tongue-twister; jawbreaker
trabar: to fasten; to bind; to clasp; to lock; to secure; to shackle; to join; to strike up; to hinder; to thicken; to inspissate; to catch; to seize; to hobble; to trammel; to set a saw; to strike up
trabarse: to get tangled
trabazón: link; union; connection; joining; binding; conexión; relation; thickness; consistence; bond
trabilla: half-belt; belt loop; gaiter or trouser strap
trabucar: to mix up; to upset; to overturn; to confuse; to disturb; to jumble
trabucarse: to get mixed up
trabuco: blunderbuss
traca: series of firecrackers
trácala: trick
tracalada: crowd; heap; load
tracción: traction
tracto: tract; stretch; space; lapse; interval; tractus
tractor: tractive; tractor
tradición: tradition
tradicional: traditional
tradicionalismo: traditionalism
traducción: translation
traducir: to translate; to express; to interpret
traducirse: to be translated as; to result
traductor: translator
traer: to bring; to carry; to draw; to attract; to cause; to occasion; to result in; to make; to keep; to have; to wear; to adduce; traérselas: to be a real handful
traerse: to bring along; to be engaged in
traficante: trafficker; trader; trafficking; trading
traficar: to traffic; to deal; to trade; to travel; to roam
tráfico: traffic; trade
tragaderas: throat; gullet
tragaldabas: greedy guts; glutton
tragaluz: skylight
tragaperras: slot machine
tragar: to swallow; to swallow up; to gobble; to gulp; to gulp down; to gobble up; to eat; to devour; to engulf; to ingurgitate; to inhale; to put away; to use; to stand; to swot; to put up with; to lump; to stomach; to buy
tragarse: to swallow up; to stand each other; to fall for
tragedia: tragedy
trágico: tragic; tragical; tragedian; tragedienne
tragicomedia: tragicomedy
tragicómico: tragicomic
trago: mouthful; drink; gulp; swallow; draught; dram; nip; pick-me-up; quaff; shot; slug; snort; swig; tot; bevvy; draft; misfortune; mishap; difficult situation; tragus
tragón: greedy; glutton; gluttonous
traición: betrayal; treason; treachery
traicionar: to betray; to give away; to do treason to
traicionero: treacherous; treasonous; treasonable; traitorous; traitor; traitress
traidor: treacherous; treasonous; treasonable; traitor; traitress; villain
traigo, traiga: traer
trailer: articulated lorry; trailer
traílla: leash; lead; team; levelling harrow
trainera: fishing boat
traje: suit; dress; costume; traer; traje de baño: swimsuit
trajeado: spruced up
trajín: bustle; coming and going; carrying from place to place
trajinar: to bustle about; to hustle; to carry from place to place
tralla: whip; whipcord; whiplash
trallazo: whiplash; powerful shot; lash; crack
trama: weft; woof; texture; structure; intrigue; plot; scheme; hilo de la trama: abb
tramar: to weave; to insert the weft in; to contrive; to plot; to plan; to hatch; to scheme; to blossom
tramitar: to take the necessary steps to obtain; to process; to transact; to negotiate; to conduct
trámite: formal step; step; procedure; trámites: procedure; paperwork
tramo: section; stretch; flight; span
tramontana: north wind; vanity
tramoya: stage machinery; piece of stage machinery; scheme; trick; fake
tramoyista: scene shifter; stage machinist; trickster; humbug
trampa: snare; trap; pitfall; trapdoor; hinged section of a counter; hatch; trick; fiddle; fraud; cheat; hoax; set-up; debt; hocus-pocus; catch; entrapment; girn; coger en una trampa: to juggle; to cog
trampear: to swindle money; to trick; to deceive; to shift; to use expedients; to manage; to get along
trampero: trapper
trampilla: trapdoor; door of a coalbin; fly of trousers
trampolín: diving board; ski jump; spring board
tramposo: cheating; lying; tricky; cheat; trickster; liar; con artist; bad pay
tranca: bar; cudgel; thick stick; crossbar; llevar una tranca: to be drunk; a trancas y barrancas: with great difficulties
trancazo: blow; heavy cold; bad dose of flu
trance: difficult situation; critical moment; trance
tranco: long stride
tranquilidad: tranquillity; quiet; peace; peacefulness; calmness; stillness; composure; ease of mind; reassurance
tranquilizador: reassuring; tranquilizing; soothing; reassuring
tranquilizante: tranquilizer; calming; tranquilizing
tranquilizar: to calm; to calm down; to reassure; to quiet down; to compose; to soothe; to ease; to pacify; to settle; to soothe; to steady; to tranquilize
tranquilizarse: to calm down; to feel reassured; to compose oneself; to cool down; to simmer down
tranquillo: knack; coger el tranquillo a algo: to get the knack of something
tranquilo: peaceful; calm; gentle; quiet; untroubled; unconcerned; reassured; clear; casual
transacción: transaction; compromise; accommodation
transar: to compromise; to give in; to deal in; to buy and sell
transatlántico: transatlantic; liner; ocean liner
transbordador: ferry; transfer boat or car; space shuttle; transfer; transshipping
transbordar: to transfer; to change; to transship
transbordo: hacer transbordo: to change trains
transcendencia: importance; significance; penetration; perspicacity; result; consequence; transcendence
transcendental: extremely important; momentous; far-reaching; transcendental
transcendente: extremely important; transcendental; transcendent
transcender: to get out; to be revealed; to spread; to see; to find out; to go beyond; to transcend; to have effects or consequences; to penetrate; to find out; to be fragrant; to leak out
transcribir: to transcribe
transcripción: transcription; transcript
transcurrir: to elapse; to go by; to pass
transcurso: passing; lapse; course
transepto: transept
transeúnte: non-permanent; temporary; passer-by; transient; visitor
transexual: transsexual
transferencia: transference; transfer
transferir: to transfer; to postpone; to grant
transfiero: transferir
transfigurar: to transform; to change completely; to transfigure
transfigurarse: to be changed or transfigured
transformación: transformation; conversion
transformador: transformer; transforming
transformar: to transform; to change; to turn
transformarse: to change; to transform
transformista: quick-change artist; transformistic; transformist
tránsfuga: deserter; defector; turncoat; fugitive
transfusión: transfusion
transgredir: to break; to transgress; to violate
transgresión: breaking; violation; transgression
transgresor: transgressor
transición: transition
transigente: tolerant; broad-minded; compromising; accommodating
transigir: to give in; to compromise; to make concessions; transigir con: to tolerate
transistor: transistor
transitable: passable; practicable
transitar: to travel; to go; to walk; to pass
transitivo: transitive
tránsito: movement; traffic; transit; passage; death; stop
transitorio: temporary; passing
translúcido: translucent
translucir: to reveal; to show
transmisión: transmission; broadcasting; transfer; conveyance
transmisor: transmitter; which carries; transmitting
transmitir: to pass on; to communicate; to broadcast; to transmit; to cede
transnacional: transnational corporation
transparencia: transparency; transparence
transparentar: to reveal
transparentarse: to be transparent; to be see-through; to show through; to be obvious
transparente: transparent; translucent; window shade; see-through; obvious; clear; stained glass window at the back of an altar
transpiración: perspiration; transpiration
transpirar: to perspire; to transpire
transplantar: to transplant; to introduce
transplante: transplant
transponer: to move; to go through; to transpose; to disappear behind; to turn a corner; to set below
transportador: transporting; protractor; carrier; transporter; transporting
transportar: to transport; to carry; to convey; to transfer; to transpose
transporte: transport; transportation; carriage; conveyance; transport; transfer; transposition; transport; ecstasy; rapture
transportista: carrier; haulier; hauler
transvasar: to decant; to transfer; to transvase
transvase: decanting; transfer
transversal: transverse; side street; transversal; collateral
tranvía: tram; tramcar; streetcar
trapecio: trapeze; trapezius; trapezium; trapeze; trapezoid
trapecista: trapeze artist
trapero: rag-and-bone man; ragman; ragpicker; junkman
trapezoide: trapezoid; trapezium
trapicheo: shady deal; fiddle; scheming; contriving
trapillo: de trapillo: not very smartly dressed; in house clothes
trapío: striking appearance; grace; mettle of a bull
trapo: rag; cloth; duster; cape; canvas; sails; a todo trapo: very fast; full sail
tráquea: trachea; windpipe
traquetear: to rattle; to crack; to shake; to jolt; to jerk; to make a loud noise
traqueteo: rattle; clatter; crack; cracking; shaking; jolt; jolting; jerking; jounce
tras: after; behind; besides; in addition to
trasatlántico: transatlantic; liner; ocean liner
trasbordador: ferry; space shuttle
trasbordar: to transfer; to change; to transship
trasbordo: hacer transbordo: to change trains
trascendencia: importance; significance; penetration; perspicacity; result; consequence; transcendence
trascendental: extremely important; momentous; far-reaching; transcendental
trascendente: extremely important; transcendental; transcendent
trascender: to get out; to be revealed; to spread; to see; to find out; to go beyond; to transcend; to have effects or consequences; to penetrate; to find out; to be fragrant; to leak out
trascribir: to transcribe
trascripción: transcription; transcript
trascurrir: to elapse; to go by; to pass
trascurso: passing; lapse; course
trasera: back; rear
trasero: back; hind; rear; bottom; bum; ass
trasferencia: transference; transfer
trasferir: to transfer; to postpone
trasfigurar: to transform; to change completely; to transfigure
trasfondo: background
trasformación: transformation; conversion
trasformador: transformer; transforming
trasformar: to transform; to change; to turn
trasfusión: transfusion
trasgo: ghost; goblin; hobgoblin; sprite; imp; spright
trasgredir: to break; to transgress; to violate
trasgresión: breaking; violation; transgression
trasgresor: transgressor
trashumancia: seasonal migration
trashumante: migrating; moving from winter to summer paste or vice-versa
trasiego: bustle; activity; upset; disorder; transvasing; decanting
traslación: translation; moving; transfer; metaphor; tralatition
trasladar: to move; to transfer; to change; to remove; to postpone; to adjourn; to copy
trasladarse: to move
traslado: move; transfer; moving; removal; copy; transcript; resemblance; likeness; notification
traslúcido: translucent
traslucir: to reveal; to show
traslucirse: to be visible; to be translucent; to be inferred; to transpire
trasluz: light seen through a translucent body; gleam; glint; al trasluz: against the light
trasmano: second player; a trasmano: in the back of beyond; out of reach; out of the way; remote
trasmisión: transmission; broadcasting; transfer; conveyance
trasmisor: transmitter; which carries; transmitting
trasmitir: to pass on; to communicate; to broadcast; to transmit; to cede
trasnochado: outdated; stale; spoiled; haggard; wan; trite; hackneyed
trasnochar: to stay up late; to go to bed late; to spend the night
traspapelar: to misplace; to mislay
traspapelarse: to go astray; to get mislaid against other papers
trasparencia: transparency; transparence
trasparentar: to reveal
trasparente: transparent; see-through; obvious; clear; window shade; stained-glass window at the back of an altar
traspasar: to go through; to cross over; to go over; to break; to violate; to transfer; to pass; to move; to exceed; to sell; to pierce; to transfix; to transgress; to overstep
traspaso: transfer; passing; moving; crossing; going over; piercing; transfixion; transgression; transfer; sale; money paid for the transfer of a lease; grief; anguish
traspatio: backyard
traspié, traspiés: trip; slip; stumble; mistake; blunder
traspiración: transpiration; perspiration
traspirar: to transpire; to perspire
trasplantar: to transplant; to introduce
trasplante: transplant; transplantation
trasponer: to move; to go through; to transpose; to disappear behind; to turn a corner; to set below
trasportador: protractor; carrier; transporter; transporting
trasportar: to transport; to carry; to convey; to transpose; to transfer
trasporte: transport; transportation; carriage; conveyance; transposition; ecstasy; rapture
trasportista: carrier; haulier; hauler
traspuesto: asleep; trasponer
trasquilar: to shear; to cut the hair clumsily; to clip; to curtail
trastabillar: to stumble; to trip; to reel; to sway; to stagger; to stammer; to stutter
trastada: dirty trick; prank; bad turn
trastazo: bump; whack; blow; knock
traste: fret; piece of junk; irse al traste: to spoil; to ruin; to destroy
trastero: boxroom; lumber room
trastienda: back room; rear; tact; address; cunning
trasto: piece of junk; utensil; little monkey; worthless person; tricky person
trastocar: to mix up; to change around
trastornado: unbalanced; deranged; disturbed; upset; disarranged
trastornar: to disturb; to upset; to turn down; to disarrange; to mess up; to win over; to persuade
trastornarse: to become deranged; to lose one's mind
trastorno: inconvenience; trouble; disorder; upset; derangement; disturbance; riot; disorder; trouble
trastocar: to mix up; to change; to transmute
trasvasar: to decant; to transfer
trasvase: decanting; transfer
trasversal: transverse; side street; collateral
trata: trade; slave trade; trata de blancas: white slavery
tratable: amiable; approachable; accesible; courteous; sociable; reasonable; tractable
tratado: treaty; treatise
tratamiento: treatment; usage; form of address; title; processing
tratante: dealer; trader
tratar: to treat; to use; to handle; to manage; to know; to deal with; to be about; to have acquaintance or friendship with; to cover; tratar de: to try; tratar con: to deal with
tratarse: to be about; to be all about; to be
tratativas: negotiations
trato: contact; intercourse; deal; dealing; agreement; bargain; trade; commerce; form of address; title; treatment; usage; dealing; acquaintanceship; intercourse; truck
trauma: trauma
traumático: traumatic
traumatismo: traumatism
traumatizar: to traumatize
traumatizarse: to be traumatized
traumatología: traumatology
traumatólogo: traumatologist
través: inclination; bias; misfortune; reverse; cross-beam; traverse; a través de: through; across; crosswise; de través: crosswise; across; por el través: abeam; a través: aslant; athwart; campo a través: cross-country
travesaño: crosspiece; rung; crossbar; traverse; transom; bolster
travesía: journey; crossing; street; distance; passage; sea voyage; crosswise or transverse position
travesti: transvestite
travesura: prank; frolic; antic; escapade; mischief; roguishness; archness; sparkling wit
traviesa<: railway sleeper; railroad tie; crosstie; sleeper; distance; side bet; transverse wall; cross gallery
travieso: naughty; mischievous; frolicsome; prankish; roguish; cross; transverse; keen; sagacious
trayecto: way; route; distance; stretch; section; course
trayectoria: trajectory; path; course
traza: plan; design; project; scheme; contrivance; way; means; appearance; look; looks; skill; trace
trazado: plan; design; route; course; drawing; planning; tracing; location; layout
trazar: to draw; to trace; to design; to plan; to devise; to lay out; to sketch; to describe; to draw up; to outline; to locate
trazo: line; stroke; feature; delineation; fold in drapery
trébol: clover; trefoil; tréboles: clubs
trece: thirteen; thirteenth; mantenerse en sus trece: to dig one's heels in; to persist in one's opinion
treceavo: thirteenth
trecho: distance; way; stretch; space
tregua: truce; rest; break; respite; letup; intermission
treinta: thirty; thirtieth
treintañero: in his thirties
treintavo: thirtieth
treintena: thirty; about thirty
tremebundo: frightful; awful; dreadful; fearful
tremenda: tomárselo a la tremenda: to make a drama out of everything
tremendo: tremendous; fearful; awful; imposing; very naughty; terrible
trémulo: quavering; wavering; flickering
tren: train; set; gear; outfit; show; ostentation; speed; fury; tren de aterrizaje: landing gear
trena: slammer; jail
trenca: duffle coat; crosstree in a beehive; main root
trenza: plait; braid; tress; strand; twine
trenzar: to plait; to braid; to tress; to perform entrechats; to prance
trepa: social climber; climbing; tumble; perforation; grain; trick; deceit; fraud; beating; drubbing
trepador: social climber; climbing; rambling
trepar: to climb; to clamber; to creep; to bore; to perforate; to put a waving trimming on
treparse: to climb
trepidante: trembling; vibrating; mad
trepidar: to shake; to vibrate; to tremble; to hesitate
tres: three; third; tres en raya: noughts and crosses
trescientos: three hundred; three-hundredth
tresillo: three-seater settee; three-piece suit; ombre; triplet
treta: ploy; ruse; trick; wile; feint
trezavo: thirteenth
trial: cross-country motorbike trial
triangular: triangular; to triangulate
triángulo: triangle; triangular
tribal: tribal
tribu: tribe
tribulación: tribulation; difficulty; affliction
tribuna: tribune; platform; rostrum; forum; grandstand; gallery; tribuna de prensa: press gallery
tribunal: tribunal; court; examination board; board of examiners
tributar: to pay in tax; to show; to pay taxes; to pay; to render
tributario: tax; taxpaying; tributary
tributo: tax; price; tribute; duty; imposition; pecuniary burden
triceps: triceps
triciclo: tricycle
tricolor: tricolour; tricolor
tricornio: three-cornered hat
tricotar: to knit
tricotosa: knitting machine
tridente: trident; tridentate
tridimensional: three-dimensional
trienal: three-yearly; triennial; three-year
trienio: three-year period; three-yearly increment; triennium
trifulca: row; argument; squabble
trigal: wheat field
trigésimo: thirtieth
trigo: wheat; dough; money
trigonometría: trigonometry
trigueño: corn-coloured; of a light brown complexion
trilla: threshing; red mullet
trillado: well-worn; hackneyed; beaten; trite; commonplace
trilladora: threshing machine; thrasher
trillar: to thresh; to thrash; to beat; to frequent; to crush; to maltreat
trillizo: triplet
trillón: quintillion; trillion
trilogía: trilogy
trimestral: quarterly; three-monthly; trimestral; trimestrial
trimestre: quarter; three months; term
trinar: to trill; to warble; to quaver; to be very angry or impatient
trincar: to catch; to tie; to fasten; to lash; to knock back; to drink; to swindle
trinchar: to carve
trinchera: trench; ditch; entrenchment; trench coat
trineo: sleigh; sledge; sled
Trinidad: Trinidad
Trinidad: Trinity
trino: trill; warble; shake; trine; trinitarian; ternary
trinquete: foremast; foresail; foreyard; ratchet; pawl; hall for playing pelota
trío: trio
tripa: tummy; belly; paunch; intestine; gut; bowel; filling; filler; tripas: guts; insides; hacer de tripas corazón: to pluck up courage
tripada: belly flop; bellyful
tripartito: tripartite
tripero: greedy; glutton; bellyband; gut seller
triple: triple; treble
triplicado: threefold; triplicate
triplicar: to triple; to treble; to triplicate
triplicarse: to triple; to treble
trípode: tripod
tríptico: triptych
triptongo: triphthong
tripudo: potbellied; big-bellied
tripulación: crew
tripulante: crew member
tripular: to man; to be a member of the crew of
triquinosis: trichinosis
triquiñuela: ruse; trick; chicanery; wile; subterfuge
triquitraque: clattering; clickety-clack; cracking; clacking; clatter; firecracker
tris: clink; trice; ace; en un tris: almost; within an ace
trisílabo: trisyllabic; three-syllabic word; trisyllable
trismo: lockjaw
triste: sad; blue; dull; gloomy; glum; dismal; humble; single; deplorable; painful; paltry; sorry; joyless; godforsaken; heavy; lugubrious; melancholy; mirthless; mournful; musty; muzzy; plaintive; rueful; somber; sombre; unblithe; unhappy; wan; wasted; wintry; woeful; baleful; bleak; cheerless; despondent; doleful; dolesome; dolorous; dowie; drab; dreary; droopy; forlorn
tristeza: sadness; gloom; grief; sorrow; trouble; woe
tritón: newt; triton; eft
triturar: to crush; to grind up; to triturate; to tear to pieces
triunfador: triumphant; victorious; winning; winner; victor
triunfal: triumphant; triumphal
triunfalismo: overconfidence; triumphalism
triunfalista: overconfident; triumphalist
triunfar: to be victorious; to triumph; to win; to succeed; to be successful; to make a great show; to trump; to prevail; to achieve
triunfo: victory; triumph; success; trump card
trivial: trivial; unimportant; commonplace; trite
trivialidad: triviality; triteness
triza: bit; shred; fragment; hacer trizas: to smash to pieces
trocar: to barter; to trade; to change; to exchange; to turn; to convert; to take or say a thing for another; trocar
trocarse: to change; to turn
trocear: to cut up; to divide into pieces
trocha: track; cross path; narrow path
troche: a troche y moche: in a disorderly way; recklessly
trofeo: trophy; victory; triumph; spoil
trola: fib; whopper; lie; deception
trolebús: trolleybus
trolero: fibber; liar; lying
tromba: cloudburst; sudden downpour; avalanche; rush; waterspout
trombón: trombone; trombonist
trombosis: thrombosis
trompa: proboscis; trunk; mouth; tube; horn; top; trump; trumpet; horn player; drunk; plastered; waterspout; projecting vault
trompada: punch; blow with a top; blow with the trunk; hard blow or knock
trompazo: bump; bang
trompear: to punch
trompearse: to have a fight
trompeta: trumpet; bugle; trumpeter; bugler
trompetilla: ear trumpet; small trumpet
trompetista: trumpeter; trumpet player
trompicón: stumble
trompo: spinning top; whipping top; top; dolt; top shell
tronado: crazy; nuts; used; worn out; decayed; ruined; impoverish
tronar: to thunder; to rumble; to become ruined
tronchante: hilarious; hysterical
tronchar: to break off; to shatter; to put an end to
troncharse: to break off; to get broken off; to laugh one's head off; to fall about laughing
troncho: stalk; stem
tronco: trunk; log; billet; line of ; descent; stock; origin; mate; buddy; truncated object; frustrum; team of two horses
tronera: pocket; small window; loophole; embrasure; port; porthole; harum-scarum
trono: throne
tropa: troop; herd; crowd; people of no account; soldiers; assembly
tropel: mob; crowd; jumble; heap; throng; rush; hurry; bustle; confusion
tropelía: outrage; injustice; hurry; confusion
tropero: herdsman
tropezar: to trip; to slip; to err; to stumble; to knock; to strike; to quarrel with
tropezarse: to run into; to interfere
tropezón: stumble; trip; slip; fault; hitch; difficulty; mishap; stumbling block; quarrel; dissension; small piece of ham or bread added to soup
tropical: tropical; tropic
trópico: tropic; tropical; figurative
tropiezo: stumble; trip; fault; mishap; hitch; difficulty; problem; slip; mistake; stumbling block; quarrel; dissension; tropezar
troposfera: troposphere
troquel: die
trotamundos: globetrotter
trotar: to trot; to run; to hurry; to hustle
trote: trot; dogtrot; jog; bustle
trovador: troubadour; poet; poetess
trozo: piece; bit; fragment; chunk; lump; passage; selection; patch; remnant; scrap; wad; wedge; wodge; flake; hunk; length; nub; offcut
trucado: touched-up; souped-up
trucar: to soup up; to touch up
trucha: trout
truco: trick; artifice; stratagem
truculento: gruesome; truculent
truena: tronar
trueno: clap of thunder; thunder; thunderclap; loud report; detonation; harum-scarum; wild youth
trueque: barter; exchange
trufa: truffle; lie; story; falsehood
trufado: stuffed with truffles
truhán: rogue; knave; rascal; trickster; knavish; tricky; buffoon; jester
truncar: to cut off; to chop off; to cut short; to put an end to; to truncate; to leave unfinished
truncarse: to be cut short
tu: your; thy
tú: you; thou
tuba: tuba
tubérculo: tuber; tubercle
tuberculosis: tuberculosis
tuberculoso: tuberculosis sufferer; tuberculous; tubercular; consumptive
tubería: pipe; piping; tubing; pipes
tubo: tube; pipe; curler; roller; receiver; chimney; canal
tubular: tubular
tucán: toucan
tuerca: nut; female screw
tuerto: one-eyed; blind in one eye; twisted; bend; wrong; injury; injustice
tuerzo: torcer
tueste: roasting; toast
tuesto, tueste: tostar
tuétano: marrow; pith
tufo: stink; nasty smell; fume; reek; vapour; haughtiness; conceit; tufa
tugurio: hovel; dive
tul: tulle
tulipa: tulip-shaped lampshade; small tulip
tulipán: tulip
tullido: crippled; cripple; disabled; paralytic
tumba: grave; tomb; arched top of a coach; ser una tumba: not to say a word
tumbar: to fell; to bring down; to knock down; to lie down; to stun; to overpower; to fail
tumbarse: to lie down; to ease up; to give up working
tumbo: jerk; jolt; tumble; rise and fall; undulation; thunder; loud noise; ir dando tumbos: to stagger along
tumbona: sun lounger
tumefacto: swollen; tumefied
tumor: tumour; tumor
túmulo: bier; tumulus; raised sepulchre; catafalque
tumulto: trouble; disturbance; tumult; riot
tumultuoso: rowdy; tumultuous
tuna: band of student minstrels; prickly pear; idle and vagrant life
tunante: naughty; little rascal; little monkey; loafer; vagrant; rascal; rogue; scamp; rascally; artful; loafing
tunda: beating; drubbing; thrashing; shearing of cloth
tundir: to beat; to drub; to shear
tundra: tundra
tunecino: Tunisian
túnel: tunnel
Túnez: Tunisia; Tunis
túnica: tunic; robe; gown; long loose garment
tuno: naughty; rascal; rogue; singer or musician who belongs to a tuna
tuntún: al tuntún: carelessly; thoughtlessly
tupé: quiff; toupee; toupet; pompadour; cheek; nerve; brass
tupido: thick; dense; closely-woven; blocked; close; compact; dull; obtuse
turba: peat; turf; mob; crowd
turbación: shock; upset; embarrassment; disturbance; confusion
turbante: turban
turbar: to disturb; to shock; to upset; to embarrass; to confuse; to trouble
turbarse: to be disturbed; to become embarrassed; to get flustered
turbina: turbine
turbio: cloudy; muddy; blurred; dubious; shady; turbid; troubled; turbulent; indistinct; confused; obscure
turbo: turbocharger; turbo
turborreactor: turbojet
turbulencia: turbulence; turbulency; turbidness; upheaval
turbulento: turbulent; troublemaking; stormy; turbid
turco: Turkish; Turk
turgente: swollen; turgid; turgescent; protuberant; prominent
turismo: tourism; car; touring
turista: tourist; economy class
turístico: tourist; touristical; touristic
túrmix: electric blender
turnarse: to take turns
turno: turn; shift
turolense: inhabitant of Teruel
turón: polecat; fitch; fitchew
turquesa: turquoise; bullet mould
Turquía: Turkey
turrón: name given to several types of sweet bars eaten at Christmas; kind of sweetmeat made with almond paste; nougat; public office; sinecure
turulato: dumbfounded; flabbergasted; stupefied
tururú: no way
tus: plural form of tu
tute: card game; exhausting job
tutear: to address as instead of usted; to thou
tutearse: to address each other as instead of usted
tutela: guardianship; wardship; care; guidance; supervision; tutelage; protection; aegis; custody
tutifruti: tutti-frutti
tutiplén: abundantly
tutor: guardian; private tutor; class teacher; prop
tutoría: post of class teacher; time with one's class teacher; tutelage; tutorage; guardianship
tutú: tutu
tuve, tuviera, tuviese: tener
tuyo: of yours; yours; thine; of thine; los tuyos: your family; your people

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