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iba, ibas, íbamos, ibais, iban: past tenses of ir
Iberia: Iberia
ibérico: Iberian
íbero: Iberian
Iberoamérica: Latin America
iberoamericano: Latin American
ibicenco: inhabitant of Ibiza
iceberg: iceberg
icono: icon
iconoclasta: iconoclast; iconoclastic
ictericia: jaundice
id: ir
ida: going; departure; attack; track; trail; viaje de ida y vuelta: round trip
idea: idea; notion; intent; purpose; view; ingenuity
ideal: ideal; perfectly suitable
idealismo: idealism
idealista: idealist; idealistic
idealizar: to idealize
idear: to think up; to devise; to invent; to contrive; to plan
ideario: ideas; beliefs
ídem: idem; ditto
idéntico: identical; identic
identidad: identity; identicalness
identificación: identification
identificar: to identify; to associate
identificarse: to identify; to be identified; to identify oneself with
ideología: ideology
ideológico: ideological
idílico: idyllic
idilio: romance; love affair; idyll
idioma: idiom; language; tongue
idiosincrasia: national character; idiosyncrasy
idiota: idiot; stupid; idiotic
idiotez: idiocy
ido: absent-minded; crazy
idolatrar: to worship; to idolize
ídolo: idol
idoneidad: eligibility; fitness; suitability; competence; adequancy
idóneo: suitable; ideal; fit; able; competent
iglesia: church
iglú: igloo
ignífugo: fireproof; ignifuge
ignorancia: ignorance
ignorante: ignorant; ignoramus
ignorar: not to know; to ignore; to be ignorant of
igual: equal; the same; indifferent; level; even; uniform; commensurate; equable; constant; equality sign
igualar: to make equal; to level; to even; to smooth; to face; to match; to equalize; to equate
igualarse: to become equal
igualdad: equality; sameness; evenness; smoothness; uniformity
iguana: iguana
ijada: flank; side; pain in the side
ijar: flank; side
ikurriña: flag of the Basque Country
ilegal: illegal; unlawful
ilegalidad: illegality; unlawfulness
ilegible: illegible; unreadable
ilegítimo: illegitimate; false; spurious
ilerdense: inhabitant of Lleida
ileso: unhurt; unharmed; sound; unscathed
iletrado: illiterate; uneducated
ilícito: unlawful; illicit
ilimitado: unlimited
ilógico: illogical
iluminación: lighting; illumination; enlightenment
iluminar: to light; to illuminate; to illumine; to light up; to enlighten
iluminarse: to illuminate; to light up; to brighten
ilusión: illusion; hope
ilusionar: to give hopes; to excite
ilusionarse: to build up one's hopes
ilusionismo: conjuring; magic tricks; illusionism; prestidigitation
ilusionista: illusionist; conjurer
iluso: naive; gullible; deluded; deceived; beguiled; dreamer; visionary
ilusorio: unrealistic; illusive; illusory; vain; ineffectual
ilustración: picture; illustration; learning; enlightenment
ilustrado: illustrated; enlightened; learned; informed; cultivated
ilustrador: illustrator
ilustrar: to illustrate; to enlighten; to educate; to civilize; to illuminate; to explain; to instruct
ilustrarse: to become more knowledgeable; to learn; to become illustrated; to distinguish oneself
ilustrativo: illustrative
ilustre: distinguished; illustrious
illustrísimo: most illustrious; form of address when talking to a bishop
imagen: image; picture; sculpture
imaginación: imagination; imagining; fancy; unfounded belief
imaginar: to imagine; to conceive; to invent; to think up
imaginarse: to imagine; to fancy; to conceive
imaginaria: reserve guard; night guard
imaginario: imaginary; fancied; of account
imaginativo: imaginative
imaginería: religious imagery or statuary; fancy embroidery in colours
imán: magnet; loadstone; lodestone; attraction; charm; imam
imbécil: stupid; idiot; imbecile
imbecilidad: imbecility; stupidity
imberbe: smooth-faced; beardless
imborrable: indelible; ineffaceable; unforgettable; lasting
imbuir: to imbue; to infuse
imbuirse: to become imbued
imitación: imitation; impersonation
imitador: imitator; impersonator; imitating
imitar: to imitate; to copy; to mimic; to impersonate; to counterfeit
impaciencia: impatience; anxiousness; eagerness
impacientar: to make one lose patience; to vex; to irritate
impacientarse: to got impatient; to lose patience
impaciente: impatient; anxious; eager
impacto: impact
impago: non-payment; default
impar: odd; uneven; unmatched
imparcial: impartial; unbiased; fair
imparcialidad: impartiality
impartir: to give; to impart
impasibilidad: impassivity
impasible: impassive; unmoved; impassible
impasse: deadlock; impasse
impávido: fearless; dauntless; undaunted; expressionless; impassive; insolent
impecable: perfect; impeccable; spotless; faultless
impedido: disabled; physically handicapped; crippled; paralytic
impedimento: obstacle; impediment; hindrance
impedir: to prevent; to impede; to hinder; to obstruct
impenetrable: impenetrable; inscrutable
impensable: unthinkable
impepinable: certain; unavoidable
imperar: to prevail; to rule; to command; to hold sway; to reign
imperativo: imperative; authoritative; commanding; imperative
imperceptible: imperceptible
imperdible: unlosable; safety pin
imperdonable: unforgivable; unpardonable
imperecedero: immortal; undying; imperishable
imperfección: flaw; defect; blemish; imperfection
imperfecto: imperfect; flawed; defective; faulty
imperial: imperial; upper-deck
imperialismo: imperialism
imperialista: imperialist
imperio: empire; command; sway; haughtiness; imperiousness
imperioso: imperious; domineering; imperative; vital
impermeable: waterproof; raincoat; mackintosh; impermeable; impervious
impersonal: impersonal
impertérrito: undaunted; unperturbed; dauntless; intrepid; unmoved
impertinencia: impertinence; rude comment; annoyance
impertinente: impertinent; rude; annoying; peevish; impertinentes: lorgnette
imperturbabilidad: impassivity
imperturbable: imperturbable; unflappable; unperturbed
ímpetu: energy; impetus; force; impulse; momentum; violence
impetuoso: impetuous
impiedad: impiety; ungodliness
impío: not religious; non-believer; impious; irreligious; godless; cruel; pitiless
implacable: implacable; relentless; inexorable
implantar: to introduce; to implant
implante: implant
implementar: to implement
implicación: implication; involvement; contradiction
implicar: to involve; to implicate; to entangle; to mean; to imply; to contradict
implícito: implicit; implied
implorar: to implore; to beg for
imponderable: imponderable; priceless; great; extraordinary
imponente: imposing; depositor
imponer: to impose; to impute falsely; to acquaint; to instruct; to command; to inspire; to deposit money
imponerse: to become popular; to assert oneself; to be necessary
imponible: taxable; subject to tax; dutiable
impopular: unpopular
importación: import; importation
importador: importer; importing
importancia: importance; consequence; account
importante: important; considerable; significant; material; momentous
importar: to matter; to concern; to import; to be important; to be worth; to carry; to involve; to imply
importe: cost; amount; value
importunar: to bother; to intrude; to pester
imposibilidad: impossibility
imposibilitado: unable; disabled; crippled; paralytic
imposibilitar: to make impossible; to render unfit; to disable; to cripple
imposible: impossible; impossibility
imposición: imposition; false imputation; tax; deposit of money
impositivo: tax
impostor: impostor; slanderer
impotencia: impotence; inability
impotente: impotent; powerless; unable
impracticable: impracticable; impassable; infeasible
imprecación: curse; imprecation
imprecisión: inaccuracy; lack of precision; vagueness
impreciso: imprecise; vague; indefinite
impregnar: to impregnate; to soak; to interpenetrate
impregnarse: to become impregnated; to become soaked; to be filled
imprenta: printing; press; printed matter
imprescindible: essential; indispensable
impresentable: unpresentable; disgraceful
impresión: impression; shock; printing; impress; imprint; print; presswork
impresionable: emotional; impressionable; easily-shocked
impresionante: shocking; impressive; awesome
impresionar: to impress; to touch; to move deeply; to produce images on a plate; to record sounds; to film; to shoot a film
impresionarse: to be impressed or moved
impresionismo: impressionism
impresionista: impressionist; impressionistic
impreso: printed; impressed; stamped; print; form
impresor: printer
impresora: printer
imprevisible: unpredictable; unforeseeable
imprevisto: unexpected; unforeseen; unexpected thing; accidental
imprimir: to print; to impress; to imprint; to stamp; to impart; to communicate; to make; to affix; to infix; to run off
improbable: improbable; unlikely
ímprobo: strenuous; arduous; laborious; dishonest
improcedente: inappropriate; out of order; inadmissible; unsuitable; inexpedient
improductivo: unproductive; unprofitable; unemployed
impronta: mark; stamp; cast; impression
improperio: insult; affront; taunt
impropio: inappropriate; improper; unsuited; unfitting; unbecoming; out of character
improvisación: improvisation; extemporization; impromptu
improvisado: ad-lib; impromptu; makeshift; rough-and-ready; scratch; extempore
improvisar: to improvise; to extemporize; to rig up; to rustle up; to vamp; to ad-lib
improviso: unforeseen; unexpected; de improviso: suddenly
imprudencia: imprudence; indiscretion; imprudencia temeraria: criminal negligence
imprudente: careless; reckless; unwise; imprudent; indiscreet
impúdico: immodest; indecent; shameless
impuesto: imposed; informed; cognizant; tax; duty; impost
impugnar: to impugn; to challenge; to contest; to refute
impulsar: to propel; to drive forward; to push; to boost; to stimulate; to drive; to impel; to actuate; to power; to prompt; to force
impulsivo: impulsive; impetuous
impulso: boost; momentum; impulse; impetus; urge
impugne: unpunished
impunidad: impunity
impureza: impurity; unchasteness
impuro: impure; defiled; adulterated; unchaste; lewd
imputación: accusation
imputar: to impute; to ascribe; to attribute; to lay at the door of; to accredit
inabordable: unapproachable
inacabable: interminable; never-ending; endless; everlasting
inaccesible: inaccessible; unapproachable
inaceptable: unacceptable
inactividad: inactivity
inactivo: inactive; dormant; idle
inadaptado: maladjusted; social misfit
inadecuado: inappropriate; unsuitable; unsuited
inadmisible: unacceptable; inadmissible
inadvertido: unnoticed; unseen; unobserved
inagotable: inexhaustible; exhaustless; tireless
inaguantable: unbearable; intolerable
inalámbrico: wireless; cordless
inalcanzable: unreachable; unattainable
inalienable: inalienable
inalterable: unchanging; impassive; unalterable; unchanging
inamovible: immovable; irrevocable
inanición: starvation; inanition
inanimado: inanimate; lifeless
inapelable: unappealable; inevitable; resounding
inapetencia: loss of appetite; inappetence
inapetente: inappetent; having no appetite
inaplazable: undeferable
inapreciable: imperceptible; invaluable; inappreciable
inapropiado: unsuitable
inasequible: prohibitive; unattainable; inaccessible
inaudible: inaudible
inaudito: unheard-of; extraordinary; outrageous; monstruous
inauguración: opening; inauguration; unveiling
inaugural: inaugural; opening; maiden
inaugurar: to inaugurate; to open; to unveil
inca: Inca; a gold Peruvian coin
incaico: Inca
incalculable: incalculable
incalificable: unspeakable; very bad
incandescente: incandescent
incansable: tireless; indefatigable; untiring
incapacidad: inability; disability; handicap; incompetence; stupidity
incapacitado: incapacitated; incapable; unfit
incapacitar: to incapacitate; to disqualify; to disable; to declare incapable
incapaz: incapable; unable; unfit
incautarse: to seize
incauto: unsuspecting; naive; gullible; unwary; innocent
incendiar: to set on fire; to burn down
incendiarse: to catch fire; to be burnt
incendiario: incendiary; arsonist
incendio: fire; conflagration; passion
incensario: censer; incensory; thurible
incentivar: to encourage with money; to offer incentives; to boost
incentivo: incentive; inducement
incertidumbre: uncertainty; doubt
incesante: incessant; continuous; ; unceasing; continual
incesto: incest
incestuoso: incestuous
incidencia: incident; incidence; influence; effect
incidente: incident; incidental
incidir: to have an effect on; to fall upon
incienso: incense
incierto: uncertain; doubtful; false; untrue
incineración: incineration; cremation
incinerar: to incinerate; to burn; to cremate
incipiente: incipient
incisión: incision; cut
incisivo: incisive; cutting; sarcastic; incisor
inciso: cut; incised; parenthetic sentence
incitación: abetment
incitar: to incite; to abet
inclemencia: inclemency; unmercifulness; harshness
inclemente: inclement
inclinación: bow; inclination; slope; bent; tendency; nod; obeisance
inclinar: to tilt; to incline; to slant; to bow; to dispose; to move
inclinarse: to incline; ; to tilt; to lean; to be inclined
incluido: included
incluir: to include; to enclose
inclusive: inclusive; inclusively
incluso: even; including; included; enclosed
incógnita: unknown quantity
incógnito: unknown; incognito; anonymity
incoherencia: incoherence; disconnectedness
incoherente: incoherent; disconnected
incoloro: colourless; colorless
incólume: unshaken; unharmed; sound; safe; whole
incombustible: fireproof; incombustible
incomestible: inedible; uneatable
incomible: inedible; uneatable
incomodar: to inconvenience; to incommode; to bother; to annoy; to anger
incomodarse: to be embarrassed; to be angry; to be annoyed
incomodidad: uncomfortableness; discomfort; inconvenience; annoyance
incómodo: uncomfortable; awkward; embarrassing; inconvenient; unhandy; cumbersome; ill at ease
incomparable: incomparable; matchless
incompatibilidad: incompatibility; inconsistency; uncongeniality
incompatible: incompatible; inconsistent; uncongenial; abhorrent
incompetencia: incompetence; incompetency
incompetente: incompetent
incompleto: incomplete; unfinished
incomprensible: incomprehensible; inconceivable
incomprensión: incomprehension; lack of understanding
incomunicado: cut off; isolated; in solitary confinement
incomunicar: to isolate; to put in solitary confinement
inconcebible: inconceivable
inconcluso: unfinished
incondicional: unconditional; staunch; faithful; stalwart
inconexo: incoherent; unconnected; disconnected; abrupt
inconfesable: unavowable; dishonourable
inconformista: nonconformist
inconfundible: unmistakable
incongruencia: incongruity; incongruousness
incongruente: inconsistent; incongruous; incongruent
inconmensurable: immeasurable; immense; incommensurable; incommensurate
inconsciencia: unconsciousness; irresponsibility; thoughtlessness
inconsciente: unconscious; irresponsible; unaware; unwitting; thoughtless; unthinking
inconsecuente: non consequent; inconsistent
inconsiderado: inconsiderate; thoughtless; rash
inconsistencia: inconsistency; flimsiness; unsubstantiality
inconsistente: weak; inconsistent; flimsy; unsubstantial
inconsolable: inconsolable
inconstancia: inconstancy; lack of perseverance
inconstante: inconstant; lacking perseverance
inconstitucional: unconstitutional
incontable: countless; uncountable; innumerable
incontenible: uncontrollable
incontinencia: incontinence
incontinente: incontinent
incontrolable: uncontrollable
incontrolado: out of control; troublemaker
inconveniencia: inconvenience; unsuitableness; tactless remark; impoliteness
inconveniente: inconvenient; disadvantage; objection; problem; drawback; impolite
incordiar: to bother; to annoy; to be a nuisance
incordio: nuisance; bubo
incorporado: built-in
incorporar: to add; to incorporate; to sit up
incorporarse: to sit up; to incorporate; to join
incorpóreo: incorporeal
incorrección: mistake; incorrectness; discourtesy
incorrecto: wrong; incorrect; rude
incorregible: incorrigible
incorruptible: incorruptible
incorrupto: uncorrupted; incorrupt
incredulidad: incredulity; unbelief
incrédulo: incredulous; unbelieving; unbeliever; disbeliever; sceptic; skeptic
increíble: incredible; unbelievable
incrementar: to increase
incrementarse: to increase
incremento: increment; increase; growth
increpar: to reprimand; to tell off; to insult; to upbraid
incriminar: to incriminate; to charge
incruento: bloodless
incrustación: inlay; inlay; incrustation; encrusting
incrustado: set in; encrusted
incrustar: to incrust; to inlay
incrustarse: to become embedded
incubación: incubation
incubadora: incubator
incubar: to incubate; to hatch
incubarse: to incubate
incuestionable: unquestionable
inculcar: to instil; to instill; to inculcate
inculpar: to charge; to inculpate; to blame
inculto: uneducated; incult; uncultivated; untilled; illiterate
incultura: ignorance; lack of culture
incumbencia: duty; responsibility; incumbency; concern
incumbir: to be incumbent
incumplimiento: unfulfilment; nonexecution; breach
incumplir: to break; to fail to fulfil; to fail to observe
incurable: incurable; hopeless
incurrir: to incur; to become liable to; to commit
incursión: incursion; raid; foray
indagar: to investigate; to search; to inquire
indebido: wrong; undue; improper; illegal; illicit
indecente: indecent; improper; filthy; low; dirty
indecisión: indecision; irresolution
indeciso: indecisive; irresolute; undecided; hesitant
indecoroso: indecorous; improper; indecent
indefectible: inevitable; indefectible; uncertain
indefenso: defenceless; helpless
indefinido: indefinite; unlimited; indefinable; vague
indeleble: indelible; ineffaceable
indemne: unharmed; unhurt; undamaged
indemnización: compensation; indemnity; indemnification
indemnizar: to compensate; to indemnify
independencia: independence
independiente: independent
independizar: to grant independence to
independizarse: to become or gain independence
indescifrable: indecipherable
indescriptible: indescribable
indeseable: undesirable
indestructible: indestructible
indeterminación: indecision; indecisiveness; indetermination; irresolution
indeterminado: indeterminate; imprecise; vague; indefinite; irresolute; hesitating
indexar: to index
India: India
indiana: indiana; printed calico
indiano: Spaniard who returns to Spain having made a fortune in Latin America
indicación: advice; instruction; signal; indication; sign; hint; suggestion; direction; piece of information
indicado: appropriate; recommended; appointed; indicated; proper; suitable
indicador: indicating; indicatory; indicator; pointer; index; gauge; annunciator disc
indicar: to shoe; to tell; to indicate; to point out; to betoken; to hint; to suggest
indicativo: indicative
índice: index; catalogue; catalog; forefinger; index finger; rate; sign; indication
indicio: trace; sign; indication; clue; evidence
indiferencia: indifference
indiferente: indifferent; immaterial
indígena: indigenous; native; aboriginal
indigencia: poverty; indigence; destitution; need
indigente: poverty-stricken; indigent; destitute; needy
indigestarse: to cause indigestion; to be disagreeable
indigestion: indigestion
indigesto: indigestible; indigested; undigested; disagreeable
indignación: indignation; anger
indignar: to anger; to irritate; to make indignant; to cause indignation
indignarse: to become indignant
indigno: unworthy; despicable; contemptible; low
índigo: indigo
indio: Indian; indium; blue; azure
indirecta: hint; insinuation; innuendo
indirecto: indirect
indisciplina: indiscipline; lack of discipline
indiscreción: indiscretion; lack of discretion
indiscreto: indiscreet; tactless
indiscriminado: indiscriminate
indiscutible: indisputable; unquestionable; undisputed; indisputable
indisoluble: indissoluble
indispensable: essential; necessary; indispensable
indisponer: to indispose
indisponerse: to be indisposed; to fall out; to fall ill; to be out of health; indisponerse con: to quarrel with
indisposición: indisposition; illness; lack of fitness; unpreparation; passing ailment
indispuesto: unwell; indisposed; slightly ill; on bad terms
indisputable: indisputable; unquestionable
indistinguible: indistinguishable
indistinto: immaterial; indistinct
individual: single; individual
individualidad: individuality
individualismo: individualism
individualizar: to individualize
individuo: individual; indivisible; member; fellow
indivisible: indivisible
indocumentado: without proof of identification; nobody
indoeuropeo: Indo-European
índole: sort; kind; nature; character; disposition; class
indolente: lazy; indolent
indoloro: indolent
indomable: untamable; uncontrollable; indomitable
indómito: untamed; indomitable; unruly
Indonesia: Indonesia
indonesio: Indonesian
inducción: induction; inducing; instigation
inducido: induced; armature
inducir: to lead; to deduce; to infer; to induct; to persuade; to instigate
inductor: accessory
indudable: unquestionable; undeniable; indubitable; doubtless; certain
indujo, indujera: inducir
indulgencia: indulgence; leniency; forbearance
indulgente: indulgent; lenient; forbearing
indultar: to pardon; to exempt
indulto: pardon; commutation
indumentaria: clothing; clothes; dress; garb
industria: industry; ingenuity; skill; ability
industrial: industrial; industrialist; manufacture
industrialización: industrialization
industrializar: to industrialize
industrioso: industrious; ingenious
induzco: inducir
inédito: unpublished; unknown
inefable: indescribable; inefable; inalterable
ineficacia: ineffectiveness; inefficiency; inefficacy
ineficaz: ineffective; inefficient; ineffectual
ineludible: unavoidable; ineludible
inepto: inept; useless; incompetent; incapable
inequívoco: unmistakable; unequivocal
inercia: inertia; force of habit
inerte: inert; motionless; lifeless
inescrutable: inscrutable; uncertain
inesperado: unexpected; unforeseen
inestable: unstable; changeable; instable
inestimable: invaluable; inestimable; priceless
inevitable: inevitable; unavoidable
inexacto: inaccurate; untrue; inexact
inexcusable: inexcusable; unforgivable; unavoidable
inexistente: non-existing; inexistent
inexorable: inexorable; relentless; adamant; unrelenting
inexperiencia: inexperience
inexperto: inexperienced; inexpert
inexplicable: inexplicable; unaccountable
inexpresivo: inexpressive
inexpugnable: inexpugnable; impregnable; stubborn; firm
infalible: infallible; unerring
infame: despicable; awful; dreadful; infamous; very bad; wicked person
infamia: infamy; infamous
infancia: childhood; infancy; babyhood
infanta: princess; infanta; female child
infante: prince; child; infant; infantry soldier
infantería: infantry
infantil: childlike; childish; infantile; infant; innocent; children's
infarto: heart attack; infarct; infarctation
infatigable: tireless; untiring; indefatigable
infausto: unlucky; unhappy; fatal; accursed
infección: infection
infeccioso: infectious
infectar: to infect
infectarse: to become infected
infelicidad: unhappiness; infelicity
infeliz: unhappy; unfortunate; wretched; wretch; simple; naive; good-natured
inferior: lower; under; inferior
inferioridad: inferiority
inferir: to infer; to conclude; to cause; to inflict; to offer; to do an injury
infernal: awful; infernal; hellish; confounded; detestable
infestado: infested; overrun; flooded
infestar: to infest; to overrun
infidelidad: infidelity; unfaithfulness
infiel: unfaithful; disloyal; inaccurate; inexact; pagan; infidel; unbelieving
infiernillo: small alcohol stove
infierno: hell; inferno; en el quinto infierno: in the back of beyond
infiltrar: to infiltrate; to infuse; to instil; to insinuate
infiltrarse: to seep
ínfimo: very small; very little; very low; very poor; lowest; least; vilest; most abject; most inferior
infinidad: infinity; infinitude; infinite number; countless
infinitivo: infinitive
infinito: infinite; infinity
inflación: inflation; conceit; vanity
inflamable: flammable; inflammable
inflamar: to inflame; to set fire to; to stir; to arouse
inflamarse: to become inflamed; to catch fire; to get excited
inflar: to inflate; to blow up; to exaggerate
inflarse: to stuff oneself
inflexible: inflexible
infligir: to inflict
influencia: influence
influenciar: to influence
influir: to influence; to affect; to bias; to rub off; to sway
influjo: influence; rising tide
influyente: influential
información: information; news; directory; inquiry; investigation
informador: informer; journalist
informal: informal; unreliable; casual; not serious
informar: to inform; to tell; to report; to plead before a court; to enquire; to find out; to acquaint; to advise; to apprise; to brief; to gen up
informarse: to get information; to find out
informática: computing; information science
informativo: informative; news program
informatizar: to computerize
informatizarse: to become computerized
informe: shapeless; formless; report; statement; announcement; white paper; piece of information; account; plea; reference; character
infortunado: unfortunate; unlucky
infortunio: misfortune; misery; mishap; mischance; ill luck
infraalimentación: undernourishment
infralimentado: underfed; undernourished
infracción: violation; infringement; infraction; breach; offence
infractor: breaker; transgressor; offender
infradesarrollado: under-developed
infradesarrollo: under-development
infradotado: short of resources; insufficiently supplied; understaffed
infraescrito: undersigned; undermentioned
infraestimación: underestimate
infraestimar: to underestimate
infraestructura: infrastructure
in fraganti: red-handed
infrahumano: subhuman
infraliteratura: pulp fiction
inframundo: underworld
infrangible: unbreakable
infranqueable: impassable; insurmountable
infrarrojo: infrared
infrautilización: under-use
infrautilizar: to under-use
infravaloración: undervaluing; underestimate
infravalorar: to undervalue; to underestimate
infravaluar: to underestimate; to play down
infraviviendas: sub-standard housing
infrecuencia: infrequency
infrecuente: infrequent
infringir: to infringe; to break; to transgress; to contravene
infructuoso: unsuccessful; fruitless; unfruitful; unprofitable
ínfula: infula; conceit; airs
infumable: unsmokable; unbearable; intolerable
infundado: unfounded; groundless; baseless
infundia: fat
infundio: false report; malicious story; lie; canard
infundir: to give; to instil; to instill; to infuse; to imbue with
infusión: infusion; herbal tea
ingeniar: to come up with; to devise; to think up; to contrive
ingeniarse: to manage; to find a way
ingeniería: engineering
ingeniero: engineer
ingenio: ingenuity; cleverness; wit; inventive faculty; mind; talent; device; mill; plantfoundry; ability
ingenioso: ingenious; intelligent; witty
ingente: huge; massive; prodigious; vary large
ingenuidad: naïvety; ingeniousness; candour
ingenuo: naive; ingenious; candid; guileless
ingerir: to ingest
ingestión: ingestion; ingesting of food; consumption
Inglaterra: England
ingle: groin
inglés: English; Englishman; llave inglesa: monkey wrench
ingratitud: ingratitude; ungratefulness
ingrato: ungrateful; thankless; harsh; unpleasant
ingrediente: ingredient
ingresar: to enter; to become a member of; to join; to come in; to deposit; to pay in; to admit; to hospitalize; to gross
ingreso: entrance; admission; deposit; coming in; entry; induction; ingoing; ingress; ingression; revenue; receipt; committal; ingresos: income
inhabilitar: to disqualify; to render incapable or unfit; to incapacitate; to disable
inhabitable: uninhabitable
inhalación: inhalation
inhalar: to inhale
inherente: inherent; intrinsic
inhibición: inhibition; act of keeping out of
inhibir: to inhibit
inhibirse: to be inhibit; to keep out of
inhóspito: inhospitable
inhumano: inhuman; barbarous; cruel
inhumar: to bury; to inhume; to inter
inicial: initial; initial letter
iniciar: to begin; to introduce
iniciarse: to start; to begin; to commence; to be initiated
iniciativa: initiative
inicio: beginning; start
inigualable: unparalleled
ininteligible: unintelligible
ininterrumpido: uninterrupted
injertar: to graft; to engraft
injerto: graft; grafted; scion; stock
injuria: insult; abuse; offence; affront; wrong; injustice; damage
injurioso: abusive
injusticia: injustice
injusto: unfair; unjust
inmaculado: immaculate
inmadurez: immaturity
inmaduro: unripe; immature
inmaterial: intangible; abstract; immaterial; incorporeal
inmediación: immediacy; contiguity; inmediaciones: surrounding area; vicinity; environs; neighbourhood; outskirts
inmediato: immediate; contiguous; adjoining; close; next
inmejorable: that cannot be better; unsurpassable; most excellent
inmemorial: immemorial
inmenso: immense; enormous; unbounded; infinite
inmerecido: undeserved; unmerited
inmersión: immersion
inmerso: immersed; absorbed
inmigración: immigration
inmigrante: immigrant; immigrating
inmigrar: to immigrate
inminente: imminent; impending; near
inmiscuir: to mix
inmiscuirse: to interfere; to meddle; to intermeddle
inmobiliaria: property company; estate agency; real estate company
inmolar: to immolate; to sacrifice
inmolarse: to sacrifice oneself
inmoral: immoral
inmoralidad: immorality
inmortal: immortal
inmortalidad: immortality
inmóvil: immobile; still; motionless; stationary; fixed; constant; unchanging
inmovilizar: to immobilize; to tie up
inmueble: building; immovable
inmundicia: rubbish; trash; filth; lewdness; impurity
inmundo: filthy; dirty; unclean; impure
inmune: immune; exempt
inmunidad: immunity; exemption
inmunizar: to immunize
inmutable: immutable; unchanging
inmutar: to change; to alter
inmutarse: to react; to change countenance; to become disturbed
innato: innate; inborn
innecesario: unnecessary
innegable: undeniable
innovación: innovation
innovador: innovator; innovative
innovar: to innovate
innumerable: innumerable; countless; numberless
inocencia: innocence; innocency
inocentada: practical joke played on December 28
inocente: innocent; naive; gullible
inocular: to inoculate; to instil; to instill; to inculcate
inocuo: innocuous; harmless
inodoro: odourless; inodorous; toilet; washroom
inofensivo: inoffensive; harmless
inolvidable: unforgettable
inoperante: ineffective; inoperative
inopia: poverty; indigence; penury; estar en la inopia: to be to be dreaming; to be far away
inoportuno: inopportune; untimely; inconvenient; inappropriate; unseasonable
inorgánico: inorganic
inoxidable: rustproof; stainless; inoxidable
inquebrantable: unshakeable; unswerving; unwavering; unyielding; firm; irrevocable
inquietar: to worry; to trouble; to make uneasy; to disquiet; to disturb; to vex; to harass
inquietarse: to worry; to get worried; to be anxious
inquieto: worried; anxious; restless; uneasy; enterprising; jumpy; restive; shifty; tittuppy; unsettled; worried; agitated; antsy; apprehensive; fretful; ill-at-ease; inquiring
inquietud: worry; anxiety; concern; inquietude; restlessness; disturbance; riot; unrest; worry; agitation; alarm; alarum; care; disquiet; jitters
inquilino: tenant
inquina: aversion; dislike; ill will; grudge
inquirir: to inquire into; to investigate; to search
inquisición: inquiry; investigation; inquisition; Inquisición: Inquisition; Holy Office
inquisidor: inquisitive; inquirer; inquisitor
insaciable: insatiable
insalubre: insalubrious; unhealthy
insalvable: insurmountable
insano: unhealthy; insane; mad; crazy
insatisfactorio: unsatisfactory
insatisfecho: unsatisfied; not full; dissatisfied
inscribir: to engrave; to register; to enrol; to enter; to register
inscribirse: to enrol; to enter; to register
inscripción: registration; enrolment; entry; inscription
inscrito: inscribir
insecticida: insecticide; insecticidal
insectívoro: insectivorous
insecto: insect
inseguridad: insecurity; uncertainty; lack of safety; unsteadiness
inseguro: insecure; uncertain; unsafe; not firm
inseminación: insemination; impregnation
insensatez: foolishness; stupidity; folly
insensato: foolish; senseless; stupid; fool; absurd
insensibilidad: insensitivity; numbness; hard-heartedness; callousness
insensible: insensible; insensitive; numb; imperceptible; indifferent; unfeeling; callous
inseparable: inseparable; undetachable
insepulto: unburied; uninterred
insertar: to insert; to introduce
inservible: useless; unserviceable
insidioso: malicious; insidious
insigne: distinguished; illustrious; famous; eminent; egregious
insignia: badge; insignia; emblem; flag; banner; pennant; standard of a Roman legion
insignificancia: insignificance; insignificancy
insignificante: insignificant
insinceridad: insincerity
insinuación: insinuation; hint; innuendo; intimation
insinuar: to hint; to insinuate; to suggest
insinuarse: to make advances
insípido: tasteless; insipid; dull; tedious; flat; vapid
insistencia: insistence
insistente: insistent
insistir: to insist on
insobornable: incorruptible
insociable: unsociable; antisocial
insolación: sunstroke; insolation
insolencia: insolence
insolente: insolent; haughty; defiant
insolidario: lacking in solidarity; unsupportive
insólito: very unusual; unaccustomed; unheard-of
insoluble: insoluble; unsolvable
insolvencia: insolvency
insolvente: insolvent
insomne: insomnious; sleepless; insomniac
insomnio: insomnia; sleeplessness
insondable: unfathomable; fathomless; inscrutable; abysmal; abyssal
insonorizado: soundproof
insonorizar: to soundproof
insoportable: unbearable; intolerable; insupportable
insoslayable: unavoidable
insospechado: unexpected
insostenible: untenable; impossible; indefensible
inspección: inspection; search; examination; overseeing; survey
inspeccionar: to inspect; to search; to oversee; to survey
inspector: inspector; overseer; surveyor; supervisor
inspiración: inspiration; inhalation; breath
inspirar: to inspire; to inhale; to breathe in; to awaken; to excite
inspirarse: to be inspired; to take as a model
instalación: installation; settling; instalment; plant; instalaciones: facilities
instalar: to instal; to install; to fit; to set up; to place; to settle
instalarse: to settle down; to move into
instancia: application; request; earnestness; urgency; petition; memorial
instantánea: snapshot; snap
instantáneo: momentary; instantaneous; immediate; instant
instante: moment; instant; pressing
instar: to urge; to press; to ask; to request; to beg; to be urgent
instaurar: to establish; to set up; to found; to restore; to renew
instigador: instigator; instigating; abetter; abettor
instigar: to instigate; to incite; to urge; to abet
instintivo: instinctive
instinto: instinct; impulse; urge
institución: institution; introduction; establishment; foundation
institucionalizar: to institutionalize
instituir: to establish; to found; to introduce; to set up; to found; to appoint
instituto: institute; state secondary school; high school
institutriz: governess
instrucción: education; teaching; knowledge; learning; instruction; preliminary investigation; proceedings; drill; command; instrucciones: instructions
instructivo: instructive; educational
instructor: training; instructor; teacher; coach
instruido: educated; learned; informed; accomplished
instruir: to instruct; to teach; to educate; to drill; to inform; to advise
instruirse: to learn; to educate oneself
instrumental: instruments; instrumental
instrumentar: to orchestrate; to instrument; to instrumentate
instrumentista: instrumentalist; surgeon's assistant; instrument maker
instrumento: instrument; tool; implement; appliance; contrivance; apparatus; medium; means
insubordinación: insubordination
insubordinado: insubordinate
insubordinar: to incite to rebellion
insubordinarse: to rebel; to become insubordinate
insubstancial: insustancial
insuficiencia: lack; shortness; failure; insufficiency; inadequacy
insuficiente: insufficient; fail; inadequate
insufrible: intolerable; insufferable; unbearable
ínsula: isle; island
insular: insular; island; islander
insulina: insulin
insulso: bland; insipid; dull; tedious; vapid; flat
insultante: insulting; abusive
insultar: to insult; to call names; to abuse
insulto: insult; affront
insumergible: unsinkable; insubmergible
insumiso: rebellious; disobedient; rebel; person who refuses to do military or community service
insuperable: unsurpassable; insurmountable; insuperable; unbeatable; invincible
insurgente: insurgent
insurrección: insurrection; revolt; rebellion
insurrecto: rebel; insurrectionist; insurgent; rebellious
insustancial, insubstancial: insubstantial; insipid; inane; vapid; pointless; trivial
insustituible: irreplaceable
intachable: irreproachable; blameless; faultless
intacto: untouched; intact; unimpaired; whole; pure; undamaged
intangible: intangible; not to be touched
integración: integration
integral: total; complete; total; wholemeal; brown; integral
integrante: integral; constituent; member; integrant
integrar: to integrate; to make up; to compose; to form
integrarse: to integrate
integridad: integrity; wholeness; honesty; uprightness
integrismo: fundamentalism
integrista: fundamentalist
íntegro: whole; entire; complete; unabridged; honourable; upright; honest
intelecto: intellect
intelectual: intellectual
inteligencia: intelligence; mind; understanding; sagacity; ability; comprehension; interpretation; sense; meaning
inteligente: intelligent
inteligible: intelligible
intemperie: inclemency; a la intemperie: in the open air
intempestivo: harsh; ungodly; unearthly; inopportune; inconvenient; untimely; ill-timed; unseasonable
intención: intention; purpose; mind; meaning; pointed way of saying something
intencionado: deliberate; intentional; inclined; purposed
intendencia: intendance; supply corps; quartermaster corps
intendente: intendant; administrator; mayor
intensidad: intensity; force; vehemence
intensificar: to intensify; to increase; to step up; to aqccentuate
intensificarse: to be intensified; to increase; to worsen; to get worse
intensivo: intensive
intenso: intense; acute; sharp; intensive; vehement; lively; poignant; violent; deep; fierce; glowing; heavy; humming
intentar: to try; to attempt; to endeavour; to intend; to mean; to purpose
intento: attempt; try; trial; effort; intent; purpose
intentona: rash attempt
interactivo: interactive
intercalar: to insert; to intercalate; to interpolate; leap
intercambiable: interchangeable
intercambiar: to exchange; to interchange
intercambiarse: to exchange
intercambio: exchange; interchange; reciprocation
interceder: to intercede
interceptar: to intercept; to block
interconectar: to network
intercontinental: intercontinental
interdisciplinar: interdisciplinary
interés: interest; attention; liking; concern; self-interest
interesado: interested; concerned; self-interested; mercenary; selfish
interesante: interesting
interesar: to interest; to concern; to affect; to be interesting
interesarse: to be interested
interface: interface
interfase: interface
interferencia: interference; crossed line
interferir: to interfere
interfiero: interferir
interfono: intercom
interin: interim; meanwhile
interino: provisional; temporary; acting; stopgap; médico interino: locum tenens
interior: interior; internal; inner; inside; inward; home; domestic; inland
interioridades: private affairs; private matters
interiorismo: interior design
interiorista: interior designer
interjección: interjection
interlocutor: interlocutor
interludio: interlude
intermediario: intermediary; mediator; middleman
intermedio: intermediate; intervening; interval; interim; interlude
interminable: interminable; endless
intermitente: intermittent; off and on; indicator
internacional: international
internado: boarding school
internar: to put; to send; to admit; to hospitalize; to intern; to commit
internarse: to go into the interior of
interno: internal; interior; inside; boarding student; boarder; inmate; prisoner; houseman
interpelar: to question; to address oneself to another asking for explications
interpolar: to insert; to interpolate
interponer: to interpose; to place between; to set as a mediator; to present; to lodge
interponerse: to place oneself between; to intervene; to mediate; to interpose
interpretación: interpretation; performance; acting; exposition; reading; rendering; rendition
interpretar: to interpret; to perform; to play; to accept
intérprete: performer; interpreter
interrogación: interrogation; question; question mark
interrogante: questioning; question mark; unknown quantity
interrogar: to question; to interrogate
interrogativo: interrogative
interrogatorio: questioning; interrogation; cross-examination
interrumpir: to stop; to halt; to interrupt; to obstruct; to hinder; to block; to terminate
interrupción: interruption; termination
interruptor: switch; circuitbreaker; interruptor
intersecarse: to intersect
intersección: intersection; crossroad
interurbano: national; intercity
intervalo: interval; interlude; break; gap
intervención: intervention; contribution; operation; interference; mediation; control
intervenir: to take part; to intervene; to intercede; to plead; to mediate; to audit; to operate; to tap; to seize; to investigate
interventor: scrutineer; auditor; ticket inspector; supervisor
interviú: interview
intestino: internal; intestine; domestic; civil
intimar: to become closer; to intimate; to order
intimidación: intimidation
intimidad: private life; privacy; intimacy; closeness; inwardness
intimidar: to intimidate; to daunt
íntimo: intimate; private; close; internal; innermost; personal
intolerable: intolerable; unbearable
intolerancia: intolerance
intolerante: intolerant
intoxicación: poisoning; intoxication
intoxicar: to poison
intoxicarse: to be poisoned; to suffer intoxication
intranquilidad: uneasiness; worry; unrest; restlessness
intranquilizar: to worry; to make anxious; to disquiet
intranquilizarse: to worry; to become uneasy
intranquilo: restless; worried; uneasy
intranscendente: intrascendente
intransferible: non-transferable; untransferable
intransigencia: intransigence; uncompromisingness
intransigente: intransigent; uncompromising
intransitable: impassable
intransitivo: intransitive
intrascendente: unimportant
intrasferible: intransferible
intratable: impossible to deal with; stubborn; intractable; cantankerous; cross-grained; unsociable
intrauterino: intrauterine
intravenoso: intravenous
intrépido: intrepid; daring
intriga: intrigue; plot; imbroglio; curiosity
intrigado: intrigued
intrigante: scheming; intriguing; intriguer
intrigar: to intrigue; to plot; to scheme
intrincado: complicated; intricate; roundabout
intríngulis: difficulty; hidden reason or motive; enigma; mystery
intrínseco: intrinsic; intrinsical
introducción: introduction; preliminary step; preparation; exordium
introducir: to insert; to place; to introduce; to bring in; to create; to cause; to enter; to input
introducirse: to enter; to get in; to gain access; to worm oneself into
intromisión: interference; intrusion; meddling
introspección: introspection
introvertido: introverted; introvert
intrusión: intrusion
intruso: intruder; usurper; intruding; usurping
intuición: intuition
intuir: to sense; to intuit
intuitivo: intuitive
inundación: flood; flooding; inundation; deluge
inundar: to flood; to overflow; to deluge; to inundate; to swamp
inundarse: to be flooded
inusitado: unusual; singular
inusual: unusual
inútil: useless; pointless; incapacitated; good for nothing
inutilizar: to disable; to put out of action; to spoil
invadir: to invade; to overrun; to encroach upon
invalidar: to invalidate; to void; to nullify
invalidez: disability; invalidity
inválido: disabled; invalid; void; null
invariable: invariable; constant
invasión: invasion
invasor: invader; invading
invencible: invincible; unconquerable
invención: invention; fabrication
inventar: to invent; to make up
inventarse: to invent; to make up
inventario: inventory; hacer inventario: to do the stocktaking
inventiva: inventiveness; creativity
invento: invention
inventor: inventor; inventing; inventive
invernadero: greenhouse; hothouse; winter quarters
invernal: winter; wintry; hibernal; hiemal
invernar: to hibernate; to winter; to spend the winter
inverosímil: unlikely; implausible; improbable
inversión: investment; inversion
inversionista: investor
inverso: inverse; opposite; inverted
inversor: investor; reverser; inversing; reversing
invertebrado: invertebrate; disjointed
invertido: reversed; inverted; opposite; invert; homosexual
invertir: to reverse; to turn upside down; to invest; to spend; to invert; to put in
investidura: investiture
investigación: investigation; inquiry; research
investigador: researcher; investigator
investigar: to research; to investigate; to do research
investir: to invest
inveterado: deep-rooted; inveterate; confirmed
inviable: impractical; unviable; non-viable
invicto: unbeaten; unconquered; unvanquished
invidente: blind person; sightless person
invierno: winter
invierto: invertir
invisibilidad: invisibility
invisible: invisible
invitación: invitation
invitado: guest; invited
invitar: to invite; to pay; to ash
invocar: to invoke
involucrar: to involve
involucrarse: to get involved
involuntario: involuntary; unintentional
invulnerable: invulnerable
inyección: injection
inyectar: to inject
inyectarse: to inject oneself; to take drugs intravenously
iodo: iodine
ion: ion
IPC: índice de precios al consumo: RPI
ir: to go; to work; to look like; to be about; to be convenient; to fit; to suit; to become; to lead; to extend; to bet; to lay; to wager; to happen; to be at stake; to concern; to affect; to elapse; to leave; to frequent; to attend; ir para largo: to take time
irse: to go; to leave; to slip; to be dying
ira: anger; rage; fury; wrath
iracundo: angry; irate; irascible; wrathful
Irak: Iraq
Irán: Iran
iraní: Iranian
iraquí: Iraqi
irascible: irascible; irritable
iridio: iridium
iridiscente: iridescent
iris: iris; rainbow; noble opal
irisado: irised; rainbow-hued
Irlanda: Ireland
irlandés: Irish; Irishman
ironía: irony
irónico: ironic; ironical
ironizar: to ridicule; to be ironical about
IRPF: impuesto sobre la renta de las personas físicas: Spanish personal income tax
irracional: irrational; absurd
irradiación: irradiation; radiation
irradiar: to radiate; to irradiate
irrazonable: unreasonable
irreal: unreal
irrealizable: unfeasible; unrealizable; impracticable
irrebatible: irrefutable
irreconciliable: irreconcilable
irreconocible: unrecognizable
irrecuperable: irretrievable; irrecoverable
irremplazable: unreplaceable; irreplaceable
irreflexión: rashness; thoughtlessness
irreflexivo: rash; impulsive; impetuous; unreflecting; inconsiderate
irrefrenable: irrepressible; uncontrollable
irrefutable: irrefutable; unanswerable; undeniable
irregular: irregular; uneven
irregularidad: irregularity
irrelevante: irrelevant; unimportant
irremediable: irremediable; hopeless
irreparable: irreparable; irretrievable
irrepetible: unique; once-only
irreprimible: irrepressible
irreprochable: irreproachable
irresistible: irresistible
irresoluble: unsolvable
irresoluto: irresolute; indecisive; wavering
irrespetuoso: disrespectful
irrespirable: unbreathable; suffocating
irresponsabilidad: irresponsibility
irresponsable: irresponsible
irreverente: irreverent
irreversible: irreversible
irrevocable: irrevocable
irrigar: to irrigate
irrisorio: laughable; derisory; insignificant; ridiculous; ridiculously low
irritabilidad: irritability
irritable: irritable
irritación: irritation; aggravation; chafe; inflammation
irritante: irritating; irritant; rebarbative; ticklish; aggravating; annoying; galling; invidious; jarring
irritar: to irritate; to anger; to annoy; to rile; to vex; to aggravate; to chafe; to bust one’s chops; to fret; to goad; to irk; to jar; to nettle; to piss off; to provoke; to put out
irritarse: to get angry; to get annoyed; to become irritated
irrompible: unbreakable
irrumpir: to burst; to make an irruption
irrupción: bursting in
isla: island
islam: Islam
islámico: Islamic
islamismo: Islam
islandés: Icelander; Icelandic
Islandia: Iceland
isleño: island; islander; insular
isleta: small island; islet
islote: islet; small and rocky island
isobara: isobar
isósceles: isosceles
isotermo: isothermic
isótopo: isotope
Israel: Israel
israelí: Israeli
israelita: Israelite
istmo: isthmus
Italia: Italy
italiano: Italian
itálica: italic; italics
iteración: iteration
iterar: to iterate
iterativo: iterative
itinerante: itinerant; roving
itinerario: route; itinerary
itrio: yttrium
ITV: inspección técnica de vehículos: MOT
IVA: impuesto sobre el valor añadido: VAT
izar: to raise; to hoist; to haul up
izquierda: left; left hand
izquierdista: left-wing; left-winger; leftist
izquierdo: left; left-handed; crooked

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