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ubicación: location; position; situation
ubicar: to locate; to lie; to place; to put; to position
ubicarse: to be located; to be situated
ubicuidad: ubiquity
ubicuo: ubiquitous
ubre: udder; dug; teat
Ucrania: Ukraine
ucraniano: Ukrainian
uf: phew; ugh; yuk
ufanarse: to boast; to pride oneself
ufano: proud; pleased; boastful; conceited; arrogant; vainglorious; glad; pleased
ufología: study of UFOs
Uganda: Uganda
ugandés: Ugandan
ujier: usher
úlcera: ulcer; sore; rot
ulcerar: to ulcerate
ulcerarse: to ulcerate
ulterior: subsequent; ulterior; later
ulteriormente: subsequently
ultimador: killer
últimamente: lately; recently; finally
ultimar: to conclude; to complete; to finish; to finalize; to end; to kill
ultimátum: ultimatum
último: last; latest; most recent; furthest; most remote; bottom; top; back; last one; latter; ultimate; final; best; utmost
ultra: right-wing extremist; ultra; besides
ultraderecha: extreme right wing
ultraizquierda: extreme left wing
ultrajar: to insult; to offend deeply; to injure; to outrage
ultraje: insult; grave offence; injure; outrage
ultraligero: very light; microlight
ultramar: overseas
ultramarino: overseas; ultramarine; ultramarinos: groceries; grocer's
ultramoderno: ultramodern
ultramontano: reactionary; ultramontane
ultranza: a ultranza: to the death; out-and-out; at all costs
ultrasónico: ultrasonic
ultrasonido: ultrasound
ultratumba: from beyond the grave
ultravioleta: ultraviolet
ulular: to howl; to hoot; to wail; to ululate
umbilical: umbilical
umbral: threshold; beginning; bounds; realms; lintel
un, una: a; an; one
unánime: unanimous
unanimidad: unanimity
unción: unction; anointing
undécimo: eleventh
ungir: to anoint
ungüento: ointment; unguent; salve
únicamente: solely; only
unicelular: unicellular; single-cell
unicidad: unique nature; uniqueness; unicity
único: only; sole; unique; unequalled; single; the only one
unicornio: unicorn; rhinoceros
unidad: unit; unity; oneness; wholeness; union; concord
unidimensional: one-dimensional
unido: united; close; joined; linked; being in union or concord
unifamiliar: detached; single-family
unificación: unification
unificar: to unite; to join; to unify; to standardize; to make uniform
uniformado: uniformed; in uniform
uniformar: to standardize; to make uniform; to put into uniform
uniforme: uniform; even; smooth; steady; regimentals
uniformidad: uniformity; evenness; smoothness; evenness
uniformizar: to make uniform; to standardize
unilateral: unilateral; one-sided
unión: union; unity; join; joint; contiguity; coupling; connecting; connection; amalgamation
unir: to join; to unite; to link; to bind; to marry; to combine; to mix; to blend in
unirse: to join together; to unite; to adhere
unisex, unisexo: unisex
unísono: unison; unisonant; unisonous; al unísono: on the same tone; in unison
unitario: single; unit; unitarian; united; joint; unitary
universal: universal; world
universalizar: to make universal; to universalize
universalizarse: to become universal
universidad: university; varsity; universality; academe
universitario: universitarian; university; university student; graduate; academic; profesor de universidad: academic
universo: universe; world; universal
unívoco: univocal; unambiguous
uno: one
unos: some; a few
untar: to smear; to spread; to dub; to rub; to smear; to grease; to oil; to anoint; to grease the palm of; to bribe
untuoso: greasy; oily; unctuous
uña: fingernail; nail; toenail; claw; talon; sting; hoof; thorn; stub; curved point; nail hole; fluke; bill
uñero: whitlow; ingrowing toenail
uperización: UHT treatment
uperizar: to treat using UHT process
uralita: material made of asbestos and cement used for roofing; asbestos sheeting
uranio: uranium; uranic
Urano: Uranus
urbanidad: politeness; courtesy; urbanity; civility; manners
urbanismo: town planning
urbanista: town planner
urbanización: urbanization; housing state; development; city planning
urbanizar: do develop; to urbanize; to render urbane; to develop
urbano: urban; city; police officer; courteous; polite
urbe: large city; metropolis
urdimbre: warp; hilo de la urdimbre: abb
urdir: to plot; to forge; to warp; to devise; to contrive
urea: urea
uréter: ureter
uretra: urethra
urgencia: urgency; urgent need; emergency; urgencias: casualty department
urgente: urgent; express; pressing
urgir: to be urgent; to be pressing; to press
urinario: urinary; urinal; comfort station; public toilet
urna: urn; casket; glass case; ballot box
urogallo: grouse; capercailye
urología: urology
urólogo: urologist
urraca: magpie
ursulina: Ursuline
urticaria: nettle rash; hives; urticaria
Uruguay: Uruguay
uruguayo: Uruguayan
usado: used; employed; old; worn-out; worn; secondhand; inured; accustomed; skilled
usanza: way; custom; usage; fashion; a la vieja usanza: in the old style
usar: to use; to wear
usarse: to be used; to be worn
uslero: rolling pin
uso: use; custom; fashion; way; usage; wear and tear; wear; wearing
usted: you
usual: usual; normal; customary; affable; sociable; accustomed
usuario: user; usuary
usufructo: usufruct; use; right of use; fruits; profits
usufructuar: to have the right to use; to enjoy the usufruct of; to yield profit
usufructuario: person with the right of use; usufructuary
usura: usury
usurero: usurer
usurpar: to usurp; to encroach upon
utensilio: tool; implement; utensil
uterino: uterine
útero: womb; uterus
útil: useful; profitable; fit; tool; implement; utensil; working; lawful; legal; effective; available
utilería: props
utilidad: usefulness; utility; use; profit; fruit
utilitario: utility; practical; utility car; utilitarian
utilización: use
utilizar: to use; to utilize
utillaje: equipment; tools
utopía: Utopia
utópico: Utopian
utopista: Utopian
uva: grape; berry of the barberry bush; uvular tumor; wart on the eyelid; estar de mala uva: to be in a bad mood; tener mala uva: to be a nasty piece of work
úvula: uvula
uy: ahh; ouch; ow; gosh

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