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pabellón: pavilion; canopy; stack of rifles; bell of a wind instrument; flag; colours; national colours
pábilo, pabilo: wick or snuff
pábulo: fuel; food; aliment; support; pabulum
pacana: pecan tree; pecan nut
pacato: prudish; excessively timid and moderate
pacense: inhabitant of Badajoz
paceño: inhabitant of La Paz
pacer: to graze; to pasture
pachá: pasha
pachanga: party
pachanguero: catchy
pacharán: alcoholic drink made from sloes
pachón: pointer dog; basset hound; slow; sluggish; furry; woolly; shaggy
pachorra: slowness; phlegm; sluggishness; indolence
pachucho: overripe; wilted; withered; under the weather; off-colour; weak; drooping
pachulí: patchouli; pachouli
paciencia: patience; small almond cake
paciente: patient
pacificación: pacification; peace; quiet
pacificador: peacemaker; pacifier; pacifying
pacificar: to pacify; to calm down
pacificarse: to calm down
pacífico: pacific; peaceable; peaceful; placid
pacifismo: pacifism
pacifista: pacifist
pacotilla: venture; goods carried by seamen of a ship free of freight; de pacotilla: jumped-up; cheap; of inferior quality
pactar: to covenant; to agree upon; to stipulate; to come to an agreement; to temporize
pacto: pact; agreement; covenant; compact
paddle: paddle ball
padecer: to suffer from; to be a victim of; to suffer
padezco, padezca: padecer
padecimiento: suffering; ailment
pádel: paddle ball
padrastro: stepfather; cruel father; hangnail
padrazo: loving or indulgent father
padre: father; stallion; sire; abba; padres: parents
padrenuestro: Lord's prayer
padrinazgo: patronage; support; protection; act, title or charge of a godfather
padrino: godfather; sponsor; second at a duel; patron; protector; padrino de boda: best man
padrón: census; register; electoral roll; voter list; pattern; model; memorial column or post
paella: paella; rice dish with vegetables, meat and seafood
paellera: paella dish
paga: pay; wages; salary; pocket money; allowance; payment; satisfaction; amends; requital; return
pagadero: payable; time and place of payment
pagado: paid; pleased; proud
pagador: payer; paymaster; paying
pagaduría: payments office; disbursement office
paganismo: paganism; heathenism
pagano: pagan; heathen; person who ends up paying the bill
pagar: to pay; to pay for; to expiate; to atone; to make amends for; to repay; to return; to requite; to settle; to acquit; to cough up; to defray; to fee; to fork out; to honour; to stand; pagarlo caro: to pay dearly for; pagar con la misma moneda: to requite; tit for tat
pagarse: to pay; to be proud or conceited
pagaré: promissory note
página: page; chapter
paginación: pagination
paginar: to paginate; to page
pago: payment; reward; repayment; return; paid; rural district
pagoda: pagoda
pagué: pagar
pai: pie; pai de queso: cheesecake
paipai, paipay: circular fan with handle made of palm
pairo: lying to
país: country; nation; land; region; territory; landscape; sheet of a fan
paisaje: landscape; scenery
paisajista: landscape painter
paisanaje: civil population; civilians; peasantry; countryfolk; fellow countrymanship
paisano: from the same country or place; compatriot; fellow countryman; peasant; civilian; de paisano: in civilian on plain clothes
paja: straw; trash; rubbish; hacerse una paja: to wank; to jerk off
pajar: haystack; straw loft; barn
pájara: female bird; hen; crafty female; kite; blackout
pajarera: aviary; large bird cage
pajarería: bird shop; large number of birds
pajarero: bird seller; breeder of birds
pajarita: paper bird; bow tie
pájaro: bird; passerine bird; sly and crafty fellow; pájaro bobo: penguin; pájaro carpintero: woodpecker
pajarraco: big and ugly bird; sly fellow; swine; nasty character
paje: page; familiar of a bishop; cabin boy
pajizo: straw-coloured; made of straw; thatched with straw
pajolero: annoying
pajuerano: country dweller; bumpkin
Pakistán: Pakistan
pakistaní: Pakistani
pala: spade; shovel; dustpan; peel; baker's peel; slice; bat; paddle; racket; blade; upper; vamp of a shoe; bowl of a spoon; leaf of a hinge; joint of a prickly pear; shovelful
palabra: word; act of speaking; speech; promise
palabreja: strange word
palabrería: hot air; meaningless or empty talk
palabrota: swearword; coarse and obscene word or expression
palacete: small palace; mansion
palaciego: palace; court; courtier
palacio: palace; mansion house; palacio de congresos: conference center; palacio de deportes: sports center
palacio de justicia: lawcourts
palada: shovelful; stroke
paladar: palate; roof of one's mouth; taste
paladear: to savour; to taste with pleasure; to relish
paladín: paladin; champion; defender
palafito: palafitte; house built on stilts over a lake
palafrenero: groom; stableman; hostler
palanca: lever; handle; bar; rudder bar; diving board; influence; leverage; palanca de cambio: gearstick; gearshift
palangana: washbasin; washbowl; bowl
palanganear: to show off
palangre: long line for fishing; boulter
palanqueta: crowbar; jimmy; bar shot
palatal: palatal
palatino: palace; court; palatine
palco: box
palenque: fence; enclosure; palisade; wood fence
palentino: inhabitant of Palencia
paleografía: palaeography; paleography
paleolítico: Palaeolithic; Paleolithic
paleontología: palaentology; paleontology
paleontólogo: palaentologist; paleontologist
paleozoico: Palaeozoic; Paleozoic
Palestina: Palestine
palestino: Palestinian
palestra: palaestra; palestra
paleta: trowel; palette; bat; paddle; blade; sail; incisor; lollipop; ice lolly
paletada: shovelful; trowelful
paletilla: shoulder blade; shoulder; sternum cartilage
paleto: uncouth; ignorant; yokel; country bumpkin; fallow deer
paliar: to alleviate; to ease; to lessen; to extenuate
paliativo: palliative; mitigating factor
palidecer: to turn pale; to blanch; to pale; to wan
palidez: pallor; paleness; wanness
pálido: pale; pallid; wan; ghastly
palier: bearing
palillero: toothpick container; toothpick holder
palillo: toothpick; chopstick; drumstick; skinny person; clothes peg; clothes pin; bobbin for making lace; chit-chat; palillos: castanets
palio: canopy; portable canopy; pallium
palique: chat; small talk; chit-chat
palisandro: rosewood; palisander
palito: small stick; ice lolly
palitroque: rough small stick
paliza: beating; thrashing; spanking; nuisance
palizada: fence; palisade; enclosure; stockade
palma: palm; palm tree; sole of hoof; palmas: clapping; applause
palmada: pat; slap; handclap
palmar: palm grove; measuring a span; to die
palmarés: track record; list of winners
palmario: obvious; clear; evident
palmatoria: candleholder; short candlestick with a handle
palmeado: webbed; palmate
palmear: to clap; to slap
palmense: inhabitant of Las Palmas
palmera: palm tree; date palm; palmier; sweet pastry
palmeral: palm grove; date pal groves or plantation
palmero: inhabitant of La Palma; person providing accompaniment with rhythmic clapping; palm keeper; palmer
palmesano: inhabitant of Palma de Mallorca
palmetazo: stroke of the cane; slap with a ferule
palmípedo: web-footed; palmiped
palmito: palmetto; palm heart; woman's face
palmo: span; palm; palmo a palmo: inch by inch
palmotear: to clap hands; to applaud
palo: stick; staff; pole; mast; blow with a stick; stalk of fruit; suit at cards; long stroke in handwriting; execution on the gallows or on the garrote; wood; wooden
paloduz: liquorice; licorice
paloma: pigeon; dove
palomar: dovecote; pigeon-house; hard-twisted
palometa: bream; wing nut
palomilla: wing nut; wall bracket; small butterfly; journal bearing
palomino: young pigeon; bird droppings
palomita: anisette with water; dive; little pigeon; darling; palomitas: popcorn
palomo: cock pigeon; wood pigeon
palote: stick; drumstick; stroke; rolling pin
palpable: palpable; obvious; evident
palpación: palpation; medical examination
palpar: to feel; to touch; to sense; to grope through; to see as self-evident; to palpate
palpitación: palpitation; pulsation; throbbing; beating
palpitante: palpitating; burning; beating
palpitar: to palpitate; to pulsate; to throb; to thrill; to reveal itself
pálpito: hunch; feeling
palta: avocado
paludismo: malaria; paludism
palurdo: uncouth; ignorant; rustic; rude; yokel
palustre: marshy; paludal; trowel
pamela: wide-brimmed hat
pamema: nonsense; trifle; bunkum
pampa: pampa
pámpano: vine shoot; gilthead
pamplina: nonsense; trifle; silly thing; flattery; chickweed; a kind of yellow poppy
pamplonés: inhabitant of Pamplona
pamplonica: pamplonés
pan: bread; loaf; leaf; foil; pan ázimo: unleavened bread; pan candeal: white-wheat bread; pan integral: whole-wheat bread; pan rallado: bread crumbs; ganarse el pan: to earn one's living; contigo pan y cebolla: love in a cottage; pan de oro: gold leaf
pana: corduroy; velveteen; flooring board; breakdown
panacea: panacea
panadería: baker's; bakery
panadero: baker
panadizo: felon; whitlow
panal: honeycomb
Panamá: Panama
panamá: Panama hat; canvas
panameño: Panamanian
panamericano: Pan-American
panavisión: film technique using sixty-five millimetre film
pancarta: banner; placard; parchment containing several documents
panceta: belly pork; bacon
pancho: calm; spawn of the sea bream; hot dog
pancito: bread roll
páncreas: pancreas
pancreático: pancreatic
panda: panda
pandereta: tambourine; silly remark
pandero: large tambourine; timbrel; backside; silly talker
pandilla: group; crowd; gang; set; company; faction
panecillo: bread roll
panegírico: panegyrical; panegyric
panel: panel; notice board; bulletin board; dashboard; removable floor board
panera: breadbasket; breadbin; granary
pánfilo: slow; sluggish; sluggard; dimwit; moron
panfletario: propagandistic
panfleto: pamphlet
pánico: panic; panicky
paniego: wheat-producing
panificadora: bakery
panizo: millet; panic grass; Indian corn
panocha: ear of corn; panicle; bunch
panocho: inhabitant of Murcia
panoja: ear of corn; panicle
panoli: simple; dimwit
panoplia: panoply; suit of armour; a warrior's arms; wall trophy; study of ancient weapons
panorama: panorama; view; outlook
panorámica: panorama; view
panorámico: panoramic
panqueque: pancake
pantagruélico: enormous; Pantagruelian
pantaletas: panties; knickers; underpants
pantalla: screen; lampshade; fireguard; front; baffle; anything that obstructs the view; abat-jour
pantalón, pantalones: trousers; breeches; pantlets
pantano: swamp; marsh; reservoir; small lake or natural pond; obstacle; hindrance
pantanoso: swampy; marshy; difficult
panteísmo: pantheism
panteón: pantheon; cemetery; family tomb
pantera: panther; yellow agate
panti: tights; pantyhose
pantomima: mime; pretence; pantomime; dumb show
pantorrilla: calf
pantufla: slipper
panty: panti
panza: belly; potbelly; paunch; rumen
panzada: belly flop; bellyfull
panzudo: potbellied; paunchy; big-bellied; abdominous
pañal: nappy; diaper; swaddling cloth; tail of shirt
paño: woollen cloth; woolen cloth; cloth; duster; tapestry; blur in a mirror; stretch of a wall; canvas
pañol: store; storeroom
pañoleta: shawl; headscarf; thin tie worn by bullfighters
pañuelo: handkerchief; scarf; headscarf; shawl
papa: potato; papa; fib; canard; Pope
papá: daddy; dad; papa
papada: double chin; dewlap
papado: papacy
papagayo: parrot; chatterbox; peacock fish
papal: papal
papanatas: dupe; simpleton; ninny
paparrucha: fib; hoax; humbug; nonsense; silliness
paparruchada: paparrucha
papaya: pawpaw; papaya
papayo: pawpaw tree
papear: to eat
papel: paper; part; role; function; duty; character; figure; papel biblia: Indian paper; papel cebolla: tracing paper; papel de aluminio: tinfoil; papel de estraza: brown coarse paper; papel de lija: sandpaper
papeleo: paperwork; red tape; looking through papers
papelera: litter bin; trash can; wastebasket; paper mill
papelería: stationer's; stationery; paper shop
papelero: paper; showing off; paper manufacturer or dealer; shower off
papeleta: slip of paper; card; file card; ticket; ballot paper; difficult job
papelón: showing off; despicable writing or paper; thin cardboard; raw sugar; shower off
papeo: food; grub
paperas: mumps; goiter
papi: daddy
papila: papilla; papila gustativa: taste bud
papilla: baby food; pap
papión: baboon
papiro: papyrus
papiroflexia: origami
papirotazo: flick; fillip
papista: papist; papistic
papo: dewlap; crop; craw; maw; goiter; thistledown; puff; cheek
paquebot, paquebote: packet boat
paquete: package; packet; pack; parcel; passenger
paquidermo: elephant; pachyderm
Paquistán: Pakistan
paquistaní: Pakistani
par: like; equal; even; pair; brace; couple; set of two; peer; principal rafter
para: for; to; in order to; toward; by; on
parabién: congratulation; felicitation
parábola: parable; parabola
parabólica: satellite dish
parabólico: parabolic
parabrisas: windscreen; windshield
paracaídas: parachute
paracaidismo: parachuting
paracaidista: parachutist; paratrooper; gatecrasher
parachoques: bumper; fender
parada: stop; halt; standstill; stay; pause; post; stud farm; irrigation dam; stake; bid; catch; parry; parade
paracetamol: acetaminophen
paradero: whereabouts; bus stop; stopping place; end
paradigma: paradigm
paradigmático: paradigmatic
paradisíaco: heavenly; paradisiacal
parado: stopped; arrested; motionless; slow; awkward; timid; unoccupied; unemployed; shut down; stunned
paradoja: paradox
paradójico: paradoxical
parador: inn; hostelry; tavern; roadhouse
parafernalia: pomp and show
parafina: paraffin
parafrasear: to paraphrase
paráfrasis: paraphrase
paragolpes: bumper; fender
parágrafo: paragraph
paraguas: umbrella; brolly
Paraguay: Paraguay
paraguayo: Paraguayan
paragüero: umbrella stand; umbrella maker or seller
paraíso: paradise
paraje: spot; place
paralela: parallel
paralelismo: parallelism
paralelo: parallel; en paralelo: across; alongside
paralelogramo: parallelogram
parálisis: paralysis; parálisis cerebral: cerebral palsy
paralítico: paralytic
paralizar: to paralyse; to paralyze; to stop; to immobilize; to make stagnant
paralizarse: to become paralyzed; to come to a standstill
parámetro: parameter
paramilitar: paramilitary
páramo: moor; moorland; paramo; wild terrain; drizzle
parangón: comparison; parallel
paraninfo: auditorium; hall; paranymph; harbinger of felicity
paranoia: paranoia
paranoico: paranoic; paranoiac; paranoid
paranormal: paranormal
parapente: parapente; paraskiing
parapetarse: to shelter behind a parapet; to protect oneself
parapeto: parapet; breastwork
paraplejia: paraplegia
parapléjico: paraplegic
parapsicología: parapsychology
parar: to stop; to arrest; to detain; to check; to prepare; to get ready; to stake; to point; to put in a state; to parry; to catch; to stand; to set upright
pararse: to stop; to stand up; to cease; to stay; to lodge; to desist
pararrayos: lightning conductor; lightning rod
parasitario: parasitic
parásito: parasite; hanger-on; parasitic
parasol: parasol; sunshade; visor; lens hood; umbel
parca: Parca; fate; Death
parcela: plot of land; lot; parcel area; particle
parcelar: to parcel; to divide into plots
parche: patch; plaster; drumhead; drum; daub; botch
parchís: ludo; parchesi
parcial: partial; biased; mid-term exam; partisan; follower
parcialidad: bias; partiality
parco: moderate; sparing; meagre; frugal; sparing; scanty; moderate
pardillo: rustic; naive; simple; country bumpkin; simpleton; linnet
pardo: brown; drab; reddish grey; grey-brown; dark; cloudy; flat voice
pareado: semi-detached; couplet
parecer: opinion; mind; advice; looks; personal aspect; appearance; to appear; to show; to turn up; to seem; to look; to look like; to strike
parecerse: to resemble; to be alike
parecido: resembling; similar; like; alike; resemblance; likeness; similarity; akin; sameness; affinity; express; bien parecido: handsome; comely; good-looking; personable; mal parecido: ill-favoured
pared: wall; partition; face; side
paredón: large wall; standing wall
pareja: pair; couple; partner; yoke; team; two-man patrol; match
parejo: equal; same; like; level; even; smooth
parentela: kindred; kinsfolk; relations; family
parentesco: relationship; kinship
paréntesis: bracket; parenthesis; break
pareo: wrapover skirt; pairing; coupling
paresa: peeress; peer's wife
parezco, parezca: parecer
paria: pariah; outcast
parida: nonsense; woman lately delivered of a baby
paridad: parity; equality; comparison
parienta: wife; female relative
pariente: relative; relation; kinsman; akin; kindred
parietal: parietal
paripé: hacer el paripé: to put on a show
parir: to give birth to; to bring forth; to be delivered of a baby
París: Paris
parisién, parisiense, parisino: Parisian
paritario: equal
parka: parka
parking: car park; parking lot; parking space
parlamentar: to hold talks; to talk; to converse; to parley
parlamentario: parliamentary; member of Parliament
parlamento: parliament; legislative body; speech; address; parley
parlanchín: talkative; chattering; babbling; chatterer
parlante: speaker; loudspeaker; talking
parlotear: to chatter; to prattle; to prate
parné: cash; money
paro: unemployment; stop; stopping; layoff; shutdown; titmouse; paro cardiaco: heart failure
parodia: parody
parodiar: to parody
paroxismo: paroxysm; extremity
parpadear: to blink; to wink; to flicker; to twinkle
parpadeo: blinking; flickering; twinkling
párpado: eyelid
parque: park; garden; playpen; depot
parqué, parquet: parquet
parqueadero: car park; parking lot
parquear: to park
parquedad: sparingness; moderation; paucity
parqueo: car park; parking lot
parra: grapevine; earthen jar
parrafada: speech; confidential chat
párrafo: paragraph; chat
parral: trellis; bower of grapevines; large earthen jar
parranda: spree; revel; group of merry serenades
parricida: parricide; parricidal
parricidio: parricide
parrilla: grill; broiler; gridiron; grate; restaurant; earthen jug; roof rack
parrillada: mixed grill; barbecue; restaurant
párroco: parish priest; parson
parroquia: parish church; parish; congregation of a parish; custom; customers
parroquiano: parishioner; regular; customer; client; patron
parsimonia: calm; parsimony; economy; moderation
parsimonioso: calm; unhurried; parsimonious; economical
parte: part; hand; construction; interpretation; party; side; role; place; region; por todas partes: everywhere; abroad
parteluz: mullion
partera: midwife
parterre: flower bed
partición: division; sharing out; partition; distribution
participación: participation; involvement; holding; part share of lottery ticket; notification; announcement
participante: participant; sharer; notifier; participating; notifying
participar: to take part
partícipe: participant; sharing; sharer
participio: participle
partícula: particle
particular: specific; private; peculiar; personal; private; extraordinary; odd; individual; matter; item; point
particularidad: particularity; friendship; favour; particular
particularizar: to characterize; to particularize
particularizarse: to be characterized; to be noted
partida: departure; leave; starting; death; entry; record; certificate; entry; item; game; match; set; squad; gang; band; excursion; party; turn; deed
partidario: partisan; supporting; advocating; being for; follower; adherent; supporter; advocate; retainer; well-wisher; backer; believer; campaigner; devotee
partidismo: partisanship; party spirit; political bias
partidista: partisan; biased
partido: party; profit; advantage; favour; support; popularity; team; game; match; deal; agreement; decision; resolve; measure
partir: to divide; to split; to cleave; to cut; to distribute; to share; to break; to crack
partirse: to divide; to part; to break; to split; to crack up
partisano: partisan
partitivo: partitive
partitura: score
parto: parturition; labour; childbirth; delivery; accouchement; production; product; offspring
parturienta: woman in labour; parturient; woman in confinement
parvo: small; little; short; paltry
parvulario: nursery school
párvulo: nursery school pupil; little child; small; simple; innocent; humble
pasa: raisin; kink; channel; pasa de Corinto: currant
pasable: passable; tolerable; sufferable
pasacalle: lively march; live band music
pasada: wipe; coat; revision; passage; passing; long stitch; pick; great thing
pasadera: stepping stone; footbridge
pasadizo: passageway; alley; passage; corridor; aisle; hall
pasado: past; gone by; elapsed time; last; after; old-fashioned; faded; off; bad; cooked; overripe; spoiled; tainted; pasado mañana: the day after tomorrow
pasador: hair slide; hairpin; bodkin; tiepin; shoelace; shoestring; bolt; one who passes something across; strainer; colander
pasaje: ticket; passengers; alleyway; lane; arcade of shops; passage; strait; transition
pasajero: passenger; passing; transient; transitory; frequented
pasamano, pasamanos: handrail; banister; gangway; passement
pasamontañas: balaclava
pasante: articled clerk; assistant; passant
pasaporte: passport; free license
pasapurés: mixer; blender
pasar: to pass; to transfer; to carry across; to smuggle; to hand; to hand over; to go over; to cross; to pass by; to walk past; to surpass; to transgress; to penetrate; to pierce; to swallow; to go through; to experience; to suffer; to omit; to overlook; to spend; to dry fruit; to flow; to run; to die; to happen; to turn; to put up with; to tolerate
pasarse: to go over; to cease; to finish; to be forgotten; to lose its force; to become spoiled or overripe; to burn out; to be loose
pasarela: footbridge; gangway; catwalk; bridge
pasatiempo: pastime; hobby
Pascua: Passover; Easter; Pascuas: Christmas
pase: pass; showing; screening; parade; permit; feint
paseante: stroller; promenader
pasear: to go for a walk; to walk; to pace; to stroll; to saunter; to drive or ride for pleasure; to promenade; to show off; to parade
pasearse: to walk; to be idle
paseíllo: procession at the beginning of bullfight
paseo: walk; stroll; drive; ride; row; avenue; boulevard; public walk; parade; mall; promenade; dar un paseo: to go for a walk; mandar a paseo: to send somebody packing
pasillo: corridor; aisle; narrow passage; gangway; hallway; passageway
pasión: passion
pasionaria: passionflower
pasividad: passiveness; passivity
pasivo: passive; inactive; unresponsive; past; perfect; liabilities
pasma: cops
pasmado: astonished; astounded; stunned; dumbfounded
pasmar: to astound; to amaze; to stun; to chill; to benumb; to paralyze
pasmarse: to be astounded; to be amazed; to be stunned
pasmarote: dope; twit
pasmo: astonishment; wonder; chill; tetanus
pasmoso: astonishing; marvellous
paso: step; footprint; footstep; passing; crossing; way through; thoroughfare; walk; pace; pass; strait; unit; float used in Holy Week processions; pasos: travelling; steps; paso a nivel: level crossing; grade crossing; paso de cebra: zebra crossing; crosswalk
pasodoble: paso doble
pasota: apathetic; dropout
pasparse: to get chapped
pasquín: pasquinade or political writing posted in a public place
pasta: paste; pulp; mixture; pasta; pastry; biscuit; cookie; dough; cash; pasta de dientes, pasta dentífrica: toothpaste
pastar: to graze; to pasture
pastel: cake; pie; pastel; woad; crooked deal
pastelería: cake shop; patisserie; pastries; pastry shop
pastelero: pastry cook; patissier; trimmer; temporizer
pasteurización: pasteurization
pasteurizado: pasteurized
pasteurizar: to pasteurize
pastiche: pastiche; mishmash
pastilla: pill; tablet; bar; sweet; candy; piece; lozenge; drop
pastizal: pasture land; pasture ground for horses
pasto: grazing; pasture; fodder; food; nourishment; pabulum; ser pasto de las llamas: to go up in flames
pastón: un pastón: a whole heap of money; a fortune
pastor: shepherd; herdsman; minister
pastoral: pastoral; pastorale
pastoreo: pasture; shepherding; pasturing
pastoril: pastoral
pastoso: pasty; sticky; doughy; furry; smooth; mellow; dry; pastose
pata: leg; foot; paw; hoof; a cuatro patas: on all fours; meter la pata: to make a blunder; to put one's foot in it; pata de gallo: crow's feet; estirar la pata: to die
patada: kick; stamp; footstep
patalear: to kick about; to stamp one's feet; to kick and scream
pataleo: kicking; stamping; protest; patter; tramp
pataleta: tantrum; fit or convulsion
patán: bumpkin; boor; rustic; churl; oaf
patata: potato; rubbish; trash; patatas fritas: chips; crisps; patatas bravas: potatoes in spicy sauce
patatín-patatán: subterfuges
patatús: fit; fainting fit
paté: paté
patear: to kick; to stamp on; to stamp one's feet; to walk around
patearse: to walk around; to squander
patena: paten; limpio como una patena: spotlessly clean
patentado: patent; patented
patentar: to patent
patente: obvious; clear; evident; licence; certificate; patent; commission; patente de corso: free rein
pateo: foot-stamping
paternal: fatherly; paternal
paternalismo: paternalism
paternalista: paternalistic
paternidad: fatherhood; paternity; authorship; title given to a father
paterno: paternal
patético: pathetic; moving
patetismo: pathos; poignancy; patheticalness
patibulario: sinister; frightening; hideous; hair-raising; gallows
patíbulo: scaffold; gallows
patidifuso: stunned; astonished; astound; amazed
patilla: sideboard; sideburn; arm; chape of buckle; pocket flap; tenon
patín: ice skate; roller skate; scooter; pedal boat; pedalo; skid; contact shoe; a kind of petrel
pátina: patina
patinador: skater
patinaje: skating; skidding
patinar: to skate; to roller-skate; to skid; to slip; to put one's foot in it; to make a blunder; to patinate
patinazo: skid; slip; blunder; mistake
patinete: scooter
patio: patio; court; yard; courtyard; campus; playground; parade ground; pit; stalls
patitieso: frozen stiff; aghast; amazed; stunned; astounded; astonished; stiff-legged; stiff; haughty
patizambo: knock-kneed; bandy-legged
pato: duck; drake; clumsy person; pato real- mallard; pagar el pato: to carry the can
patochada: mistake; gaffe; blunder; stupidity; nonsense
patógeno: pathogenic; pathogenous
patología: pathology
patológico: pathological
patólogo: pathologist
patoso: clumsy; dull and cheaply witted
patraña: lie; story; falsehood; humbug
patria: native country; homeland; fatherland; home
patriarca: patriarch
patriarcado: patriarchy; patriarchate
patriarcal: patriarchal
patricio: patrician
patrimonial: assets
patrimonio: patrimony; inheritance; wealth; national wealth; exclusive birthright
patrio: native
patriota: patriot; patriotic
patriotería: chauvinism; jingoism
patriotero: chauvinistic; jingoistic; chauvinist; jingoist
patriótico: patriotic
patriotismo: patriotism
patrocinado: under the aegis of
patrocinador: sponsor; patron; protector; sponsoring; patronizing; protecting
patrocinar: to sponsor; to patronize; to protect; to favour
patrocinio: sponsorship; patronage; protection; favor; auspices
patrón: boss; master; landlord; host; employer; patron saint; skipper; pattern; standard
patronal: management; employers' organization; patronal
patronato: board; trust; patronage; foundation
patrono: boss; employer; patron saint
patrulla: patrol; gang; band
patrullar: to patrol
patrullera: patrol boat
patrullero: patrol; patrol boat; patrol plane; squad car; policeman
patuco: bootee
paulatino: gradual; slow
paupérrimo: very poor
pausa: pause; break; rest; hiatus; interlude; interval; adjournment
pausado: deliberate; slow; calm; unhurried
pausar: to make a pause; to slow down; to interrupt
pauta: standard; model; rule; line; guideline; instrument for ruling paper
pautado: ruled paper; staff; stave
pautar: to rule; to give rules or directions for; to mark
pava: female turkey; silly; kettle; broad-brimmed straw hat; fringe; chamber-pot; coarse banter; cigarette end; girl; dull person; pelar la pava: to talk; to court
pavada: flock of turkeys; inanity; triviality; silly thing
pavana: pavan
pavear: to kill treacherously; to play a joke on; to play the fool; to mess about; to whisper sweet nothings; to play truant
pavería: silliness; stupidity
pavero: turkey raiser or dealer; Andalusian broad-brimmed hat; practical joker
pavés: pavis; large shield
pavesa: spark; flying cinder or ember
pavía: pavy; árbol frutal originario de Persia; fritter
pavimentación: road surfacing; paving; flooring
pavimentar: to pave; to surface; to floor
pavimento: road surface; paving; flooring; pavement
pavipollo: young turkey; twit; idiot
pavisoso: silly; dull; graceless
pavitonto: silly
pavo: turkey; airhead; silly; gullible man; large kite; telling-off; pavo real: peacock
pavón: peacock; peacock butterfly; bluing; bronzing
pavonar: to blue iron or steel
pavonearse: to boast; to brag; to strut; to show off
pavoneo: swagger; swaggering; strutting; swanking; showing-off
pavor: terror; dread; fright
pavorde: provost
pavorido: terrified
pavoroso: dreadful; frightful; terrific; terrifying; petrifying
pavoso: unlucky; that brings bad luck
pavura: dread; fright; terror
paya: improvised ballad; non-gipsy woman
payacate: handkerchief; scarf; kerchief
payador: wandering poet and singer; gaucho minstrel
payar: to improvise songs to a guitar accompaniment; to talk big; to shoot a line
payasada: buffoonery; clownish act; clowning
payasear: to clown around
payaso: clown; circus clown; comical; merry-andrew
payés: Catalan or Balearic peasant; peasant farmer
payo: non-gipsy; rustic; churl; albino; loud; flashy; tasteless
payuelas: chickenpox
paz: peace; peacefulness; tranquility; pax; kiss of piece; sign of peace; dejar en paz: to leave alone
pazguato: simple; simpleton; dolt; prudish
pazo: stately home in Galicia; country house
pazpuerca: slattern; slut
peaje: toll; tollgate
peajista: collector of tolls
peal: foot of stocking; knitted legging; lasso
pealar: to lasso
peana: pedestal; base; foot; altar step
peatón: pedestrian; walker; rural postman
peatonal: pedestrian
peatonalización: pedestrianization
peatonalizar: to pedrestrianize
pebete: aromatic burning stick; stinker; stink; roll
pebetero: perfume censer or burner
peca: freckle
pecado: sin; defect; fault; excess; imperfection
pecador: sinner; sinful
pecaminosidad: sinfulness
pecaminoso: sinful; wicked
pecar: to sin; to err; to go astray; to be too
pecarí, pécari: peccary
pecatta minuta: peccadillo; slight fault
pececillo: small fish; pececillos: fry
peceño: pitchy
pecera: fish tank; fish bowl; aquarium
pecezuelo: small foot; small fish
peciento: pitchy; pitch coloured
pecina: slime; viscous mus; fishpond; swimming pool
pecio: flotsam; jetsam; wreckage
peciolo: petiole
pecha: push; shove
pechada: a lot of
pechador: demanding
pechar: to pay; to push; to shove
pechazo: push; shove; touch for a loan
pechblenda: pitchblende
peche: skinny; weak; child
pechera: front of a shirt; bosom of dress; jabot; shirt frill; breast strap; chest protector
pechero: commoner; plebeian; bib; front
pechicato: mean; miserly
pechina: scallop; scallop shell; pendentive
pechirrojo: linnet
pechisacado: vain; arrogant
pecho: chest; breast; bosom; heart; courage; spirit; fortitude; short steep incline; tax or tribute
pechoño: sanctimonious
pechuga: breast; bosom; cleavage; slope; hill; nerve; gall; cheek; abuse of trust; trouble; annoyance
pechugón: forward; outspoken; bold; single-minded; dishy; sponger; parasite
pechugona: busty; chesty; large-chested woman
pechuguera: hoarseness; chest cold
pécora: bitch; harpy; loose woman; whore; head of sheep
pecorear: to steal cattle; to maraud; to loot
pecoso: freckled; freckly; freckle-faced
pecotra: bump; swelling; knot
pectina: pectin
pectoral: pectoral; cough
pecuaca: hoof; smell of feet
pecuario: pertaining to cattle
pecueca: hoof; smell of feet
peculado: peculation
peculiar: peculiar; distinctive; characteristic; special
peculiaridad: peculiarity; characteristic; special feature
peculio: peculium; one's money; modest savings
pecunia: money; cash; brass
pecunario: pecuniary; financial; money
pedagogía: pedagogy; teaching
pedagógico: pedagogic; pedagogical; teaching
pedagogo: pedagogue; educationalist; teacher; educator
pedal: pedal; treadle
pedalear: to pedal
pedaleo: pedalling
pédalo: pedal boat
pedáneo: petty; inferior
pedanía: district
pedante: pedant; pedantic; pompous; conceited
pedantería: pedantry; pompousness; conceit
pedantesco: pedantic
pedantón: great pedant
pedazo: piece; fragment; bit; morsel; scrap
pederasta: pederast
pederastia: pederasty
pedernal: flint; flintiness; extreme hardness
pedernalino: flinty; very hard
pederse: to fart
pedestal: pedestal; base; foot; stand
pedestre: pedestrian; ordinary; foot; walking
pedestrismo: race walking
pediatra: paediatrician; pediatrician
pediatría: paediatrics; pediatrics
pediátrico: paediatric; pediatric
pedicelo: pedicel
pedicoj: hop; jump on one's foot
pedicular: pedicular
pedículo: pedicle
pedicura: chiropody
pedicurista, pedicuro: chiropodist; podiatrist
pedida: proposal of marriage
pedidera: petición
pedido: order; request; petition; ordered; requested
pedigrí: pedigree
pedigüeño: persistent in asking or begging; beggar; importunate asker; demanding
pedilón: insistent; importunate; demanding; pest; nuisance
pediluvio: pediluvium; foot bath
pedimento: petition; claim; bill; licence; permit
pedir: to ask; to ask for; to beg; to request; to ask in marriage; to order; to wish; to desire; to call for; to need; to demand; to beg; to collect
pedo: fart; sloshed; high
pedofilia: paedophilia
pedófilo: paedophile
pedología: pedology; study of soils
pedorrera: flatulence; frequently breaking wind
pedorrero: giving to farting; windy
pedorreta: disapproving sound; raspberry
pedrada: throw of a stone; hit or blow with a stone; wounding remark
pedrea: small prizes in lottery; throwing of stones; fight with stones; fall of hail
pedregal: stony ground; lava field
pedregón: rock; boulder
pedregoso: stony; rocky; full of stones
pedregullo: crushed stone; grit
pedrejón: boulder; rock; big stone
pedreñal: blunderbuss fitted with a flintlock
pedrera: stone pit; quarry
pedrería: jewelry; precious stones
pedrero: stonecutter; quarryman; rocky place; slinger
pedrisco: hail; hailstorm; shower of stones; heap of stones
pedrizo: stony; full of stones
pedrusco: stone; boulder; rough or uncut stone; rocky place
pedúnculo: peduncle; stem; stalk
peer, peerse: to break wind
pega: objection; drawback; snag; difficulty; glue; sticking together; pitch varnish; birdlime; infectious period; de pega: fake; sham; worthless
pegachento: sticky; that sticks to one's teeth
pegada: fib; lie; piece of luck; charm; appeal; exchange of punches
pegadillo: lace
pegadizo: catchy; contagious; infectious; sticky; adhesive; sponging; false
pegado: glued; stuck; patch; sticking plaster
pegadura: gluing; sticking; practical joke
pegajosidad: stickiness; glutinosity
pegajoso: sticky; clammy; glutinous; viscous; catching; contagious; infectious; sloppy; cloying; mushy
pegamento: glue; adhesive
pegamiento: gluing; sticking; joining
pegante: sticking; adhesive; glutinous
pegar: to stick; to glue; to gum; to paste; to cement; to join; to attach; to fasten; to affix; to plaster; to bring close; to infect with; to give; to deal; to deliver; to beat; to hit; to slap; to smack; to sock; to spank; to trounce; to whack; to whop; to batter; to cuff; to jibe; to buffet; to give; to take; to put up; to sew on; to lick; to go well; to slug; to mount; to mug; to nose; pegar un tiro: to shoot; to plug
pegarse: to stick; to become stuck; to adhere; to cohere; to latch onto; to cling; to cleave; to keep close; to burn; to join unasked; to be infectious; to come to blows
Pegaso: Pegasus
pegatina: sticker; badge
pegativo: sticky
pego: cheating by sticking two card together; dar el pego: to cheat; to deceive
pegón: tough; hard; given to violence; strong
pegoste: sticking plaster; gatecrasher; scrounger
pegote: blob; pitch plaster; sticking plaster; coarse patch; sticky mess; fib; sponger; parasite
pegotear: to sponge; to live as a parasite; to cadge
pegotería: sponging
pegujal: small funds; wealth; money; state; small farm or herd of cattle
pegujalero: small farmer or cattle owner
pegujón, pegullón: lump or ball of wool or hair
peguntar: to mark with pitch
peina: back comb; ornamental comb
peinada: combing the hair
peinado: hairstyle; hairdressing; hairdo; coiffure; combing; foppish; affected; overdone; check; investigation; sweep; raid
peinador: combing; comber; hairdresser; wrapper; peignoir; combing machine
peinadora: hairdresser
peinadura: combing; combings
peinar: to comb; to brush; to do; to arrange; to style; to curry; to search thoroughly; to flatter; to head
peinarse: to comb; to do or dress one's hair
peinazo: crosspiece of a door or window
peine: comb; card; reed of the loom; cartridge clip; sly fellow; magazine
peinecillo: small back comb
peinería: comb factory or shop
peineta: comb for wearing in the hair; back comb; ornamental comb
peinilla: large machete
peje: fish; cunning fellow; crafty fellow; stupid
pejepalo: stockfish
pejesapo: angler
pejiguera: nuisance; pain; bother
pejiguero: annoying; complainer; moaner
Pekín: Beijing
pela: peseta; money; peeling
pelada: pelt; sheepskin stripped of wool; haircut; blunder
peladar: arid plain
peladera: alopecia; loss of hair; gossip; backbiting
peladero: peeler
peladez: poverty; vulgarity; rude word; obscenity
peladilla: sugared almond; coated almond; small pebble
pelado: haircut; bald; bare; hairless; featherless; treeless; leafless; peeled; naked; penniless; bare; broke; coarse; crude; impudent; skinhead
pelador: peeler
peladura: peeling; plucking; stripping; peelings
pelafustán: good-for-nothing; layabout
pelagallos: pelagatos
pelagatos: nobody; penniless fellow; ragamuffin; wretch
pelágico: pelagic; oceanic
pelagra: pellagra
pelaje: fur; hair; pelage; coat; clothes; apparel; look; sort; kind; description
pelambre: mop of hair; fur; fleece; bare patch; gossip; slander
pelambrera: mop of hair; place in which hair is removed from hides; alopecia
pelamesa: hair-pulling scuffle
pelanas: bare patch
pelandusca: prostitute; harlot; strumpet; tart; slut
pelantrín: small farmer
pelapapas: potato peeler
pelar: to peel; to shell; to pluck; to remove; to cut; to bark; to hull; to fleece; to clean out; to beat; to die; to gossipe
pelarse: to have one's hair cut; to peel; pelársela: to toss off
pelásgico: Pelasgian; Pelasgic
pelazga: row; quarrel; scuffle
pelazón: gossip; backbiting; chronic poverty
peldaño: step; stair; rung
pelea: fight; wrangle; combat; struggle; argument; row; tussle
peleador: brawling; combative; quarrelsome
pelear: to fight; to battle; to struggle; to argue; to quarrel; to work hard
pelearse: to fight; to argue; to quarrel; to fall out
pelele: dummy; stuffed figure; baby's knitted sleeping suit; rompers; nincompoop
peleón: argumentative; cheap wine
peletería: fur shop; furrier's; furriery; fur trade; furs
peletero: furrier; fur
peli: movie; film
peliagudo: tricky; difficult; arduous; sly; clever
pelícano: pelican
pelicano: grey-haired
película: movie; film; moving picture
peliculón: great movie
peligrar: to peril; to be in danger
peligro: danger; peril; risk; hazard; menace; distress
peligroso: dangerous; perilous; risky
pelillo: tiny hair or fibre; trifle; trifling; pelillos a la mar: let bygones be bygones
pelirrojo: red-haired
pellejo: skin; hide; pelt; rawhide; water-skin; wineskin; drunkard
pelliza: pelisse; fur-trimmed coat
pellizcar: to pinch; to pick at; to nip; to take a pinch of
pellizco: pinch; nip; small quantity
pelma, pelmazo: annoying and boring; pain in the neck; bore; lump; sluggard; compressed mass
pelo: hair; fibre; filament; hair's breadth; smallest thing or quantity; coat; fur; pile; nap; down; flaw; difficulty
pelón: hairless; bald; poor; penniless; dried peach
pelota: ball; hand ball; ball game; flatterer; crawler; boat made of leather; accumulation of debts; en pelota: naked; hacer la pelota: to butter somebody up
pelotari: pelota player
pelotazo: blow or hit with a ball; drink
pelotear: to have a kick about; to knock up; to check an account; to argue; to dispute; to wrangle
peloteo: kick about; knock-up; flattery
pelotera: row; argument; dispute; quarrel; wrangle
pelotero: footballer; baseball player
pelotillero: crawler; flattering; crawling
pelotón: pack; peloton; squad; platoon
pelotudo: jerk
peltre: pewter
peluca: wig; wigging; reprimand
peluche: plush
peludo: hairy; furry; shaggy
peluquería: hairdresser's; hairdressing; barber's shop
peluquero: hairdresser; barber; wigmaker
peluquín: toupee; hairpiece; periwig
pelusa: down; fluff; jealousy
pelusilla: down
pelvis: pelvis
pena: grief; pain; affliction; sorrow; travail; pity; shame; aching; hardship; trouble; toil; difficulty; penalty; punishment; infliction; grieve; ruth; penna; pains; valer la pena: to be worthwhile; to pay off; pena capital: capital punishment; dar pena: to grieve; sentir pena: to ache; ¡qué pena!: what a shame
penacho: crest; tuft of feathers; plume; panache; arrogance; airs
penado: painful; arduous; full of sorrows; convict; prisoner serving a sentence
penal: penal; jail; prison; penalty
penalidad: trouble; hardship; penalty
penalista: criminal lawyer; penologist
penalización: penalization; penalty; punishment
penalizar: to penalize
penalti, penalty: penalty; casarse de penalty: to have a shotgun wedding
penar: to punish; to penalize; to suffer; to grieve; to sorrow; to be tormented
penca: pulpy leaf; pulpy part; cowhide
penco: hack; nag; jade
pendejo: jerk
pendencia: argument; fight; dispute; quarrel
pendenciero: quarrelsome
pender: to hang; to be suspended; to dangle; to depend; to rest; to be pendent
pendiente: pending; outstanding; pending; hanging; dangling; depending; sloping; earring; pendant; pitch; slope; declivity; acclivity; grade; gradient; dip
pendón: banner; standard; pennon; ensign; tall; ungainly; despicable man or woman; tart; whore
péndulo: pendulum; pendulous; pendent; hanging
pene: penis
penetración: penetration; insight
penetrante: penetrant; penetrating; piercing; biting; pervasive; incisive; deep; keen; acute; shrill
penetrar: to penetrate; to be acute or piercing; to pierce; to decipher
penicilina: penicillin
península: peninsula
peninsular: peninsular; inhabitant of a peninsula
penique: penny
penitencia: penance; penitence; repentance
penitenciaría: prison; penitentiary
penitenciario: prison; penitentiary; Cardinal chief of the penitentiary
penitente: penitent; repentant; confessant
penoso: difficult; distressing; dreadful; painful; laborious; arduous; fatiguing; embarrassing; unpleasant
pensador: thinker; thinking
pensamiento: thought; mind; thinking; suspicion; pansy; heartsease
pensar: to think about; to think over; to think out; to think; to come up with; to imagine; to intend
pensarse: to think over
pensativo: pensive; thoughtful
pensión: pension; maintenance; annuity; allowance; board; boarding house; guesthouse
pensionado: pensioner; pensioned; boarding school
pensionista: pensioner; lodger; boarder
pentágono: pentagon
pentagrama: stave; staff
pentathlon: pentathlon
Pentecostés: Pentecost; Whitsun
penúltimo: penultimate; penult
penumbra: half-light; penumbra
penuria: penury; extreme poverty; dearth
peña: rock; boulder; crag; supporter's club; circle; club; gang
peñasco: rock; crag
peñazo: bore; pain; boring
peñón: rock
peón: pawn; unskilled worker; labourer; laborer; farm hand; farm worker; man in draughts; beehive
peonada: day's work; gang of workmen
peonaje: gang of workmen
peonía: peony
peonza: top; whip top; whipping top
peor: worse; worst
pepenar: to scavenge
pepinazo: blast; fierce shot
pepinillo: gherkin; small cucumber
pepino: cucumber; me importa un pepino: I don't care a damn
pepita: pip; seed; nugget
pepito: meat sandwich
pepitoria: giblet or bowl of fricasse with egg sauce; medley; hodgepodge
pepona: large doll
peque: kid; child
pequeñez: smallness; littleness; childhood; pettiness; meanness; trifle; triviality
pequeño: little; small; short; young; petty; low; humble; child
pequinés: inhabitant of Beijing; Pekinese
pera: pear; sinecure; switch placed on a lamp head; goatee; pedir peras al olmo: to ask for impossible things
peral: pear tree
peraltado: cambered
peralte: camber; superelevation; rise; stilting
perca: perch
percal: percale
percance: mishap; unfortunate accident
percatarse: to realize; to notice; to become aware of; to consider; to heed
percebe: barnacle; goose barnacle; idiot
percepción: perception; percept; collection; receiving
perceptible: perceptible; obvious; perceivable; collectable
perceptivo: perceptive
percha: coat hanger; hook; perch; roost; pole; bar; figure; napping of cloth
perchero: hat stand; coat hooks; hat rack
percibir: to perceive; to understand; to earn; to collect
percusión: percussion; striking
percusionista: percussionist
percusor: hammer
percutor: hammer
perdedor: loser; losing
perder: to lose; to mislay; to forfeit; to waste; to miss; to ruin; to spoil; to fade; to be the downfall of; to go downhill
perderse: to get lost; to become ruined or destroyed; to be spoiled or damaged; to fall into disuse; to be wasted
perdición: ruin; loss; downfall; perdition; eternal damnation
pérdida: loss; waste; leak; leakage; shortage
perdido: lost; stray; mislaid; useless; vain; vicious; degenerate
perdigón: young partridge; pellet; shot
perdigonada: shot; shot wound
perdiguero: gundog; setter; partridge dealer; game dealer; partridge hunting
perdiz: partridge; perdiz blanca: ptamirgan
perdón: forgiveness; pardon; remission of a debt; sorry!
perdonable: pardonable; excusable
perdonar: to pardon; to forgive; to remit; to exempt; to spare; to excuse; to absolve
perdonavidas: boaster; braggart; bully; hector
perdulario: immoral person; careless; sloppy person
perdurable: lasting; everlasting; long-lasting; abiding
perdurar: to last; to last long; to endure
perecedero: perishable; passing; not lasting; mortal
perecer: to die; to perish; to come to an end; to be in great want
peregrinación: pilgrimage; peregrination
peregrinaje: pilgrimage; peregrination
peregrinar: to pilgrim; to peregrinate; to travel; to roam
peregrino: pilgrim; palmer; of passage; rare; strange; odd; singular; perfect; wonderful; wandering; travelling
perejil: parsley; frippery
perenne: perennial; perpetual
perentorio: urgent; pressing; decisive; peremptory; immovable
pereza: laziness; idleness; sloth; slowness
perezco, perezca: perecer
perezoso: lazy; idle; slothful; indolent; slow; heavy; sloth
perfección: perfection
perfeccionamiento: perfection; improvement; finish
perfeccionar: to improve; to perfect
perfeccionismo: perfectionism
perfeccionista: perfectionist
perfecto: perfect; complete; absolute; fine!; accomplished
perfidia: perfidy; treachery; perversity
pérfido: treacherous; perverse; perfidious
perfil: profile; outline; cross-section
perfilar: to draw an outline of; to put the finishing touches to; to profile; to outline; to perfect
perfilarse: to be outlined; to look like
perforación: drilling; perforation; boring; hole
perforadora: drill; punch
perforar: to perforate; to bore
perfumador: atomizer; perfumer; perfuming pan; perfuming
perfumar: to perfume
perfumarse: to put on perfume
perfume: perfume; odour; fragance; scent
perfumería: perfumery; perfumer's shop
pergamino: parchment; vellum; nobiliary antecedents of a family or person
pergeñar: to scribble; to draft; to prepare to do; to make
pérgola: pergola; roof garden
pericardio: pericardium
pericarpio: pericarp
pericia: skill; expertise; expertness
pericial: expert; expert's
perico: budgerigar; parakeet; large fan; large asparagus; chamber pot; coke; cocaine
periferia: periphery; outskirts
periférico: peripheral; peripheric; peripherical
perifollo: chervil; perifollos: frills; finery; frippery
periforme: pear-shaped
perífrasis: periphrasis
perifrásico: wordy; periphrastic
perilla: goatee; imperial; pommel of saddlebow; lobe of the ear; pear-shaped ornament; de perilla: to the point
perimétrico: perimetric
perímetro: perimeter
periodicidad: periodicity
periódico: periodic; recurring; periodical; journal; paper; newspaper
periodismo: journalism
periodista: journalist; reporter
periodístico: journalistic
período: period
peripecia: peripeteia; vicissitude; incident
periplo: long voyage; periplus
peripuesto: smartly dressed; spruce; dressed up
periquete: jiffy; instant
periquito: budgerigar; parakeet
periscopio: periscope
perista: fence; receiver
perita: pear
peritaje: expert's report; technical training
perito: expert; qualified; skilful; skilled; perito mercantil: accountant
peritoneo: peritoneum
peritonitis: peritonitis
perjudicar: to damage; to hurt; to injure; to prejudice; to affect adversely
perjudicial: detrimental; damaging; harmful; injurious; prejudicial
perjuicio: damage; harm; injury; prejudice; detriment
perjurar: to commit perjury; to perjure oneself; to swear; to be profane
perjurio: perjury
perjuro: perjurer; perjured
perla: pearl; gem; treasure; de perlas: excellent
perlado: pearly; pearl-shaped; beaded
perlé: type of cotton thread
permanecer: to remain; to stay; to last; to endure; to abide
permanencia: stay; sojourn; permanence; permanency; duration; fixedness; stability; abidance
permanente: permanent; perm; abiding
permeabilidad: permeability
permeable: permeable
permisible: permissible
permisividad: permissiveness
permisivo: permissive
permiso: permission; permit; license; licence; leave
permitido: permitted; allowed
permitir: to permit; to allow; to let; to consent; to make possible
permitirse: to take the liberty to; to afford
permuta: exchange; barter; permutation
permutable: exchangeable
permutación: permutation; interchange; exchange; barter
permutar: to exchange; to permute; to interchange; to barter
pernera: trouser leg; leg
pernicioso: pernicious; harmful; injurious
pernil: haunch; ham; leg
perno: bolt; hook
pernoctar: to spend the night
pero: but; yet; and yet; objection; fault; variety of apple and apple tree; ac
perogrullada: truism; platitude
perol: cooking pot; kettle in form of hemisphere
perola: small cooking pot
peroné: fibula
perorar: to perorate; to declaim; to make a boring speech
perorata: boring and tiresome speech
peróxido: peroxide
perpendicular: perpendicular
perpendicularidad: perpendicularity
perpetrar: to commit; to perpetrate
perpetuación: perpetuation
perpetuar: to perpetuate
perpetuidad: perpetuity
perpetuo: perpetual; everlasting
perplejidad: perplexity; hesitation; irresolution
perplejo: perplexed; confused
perra: fixed idea; tantrum; bitch; drunk; drunkenness; money
perrada: pack of dogs; nasty trick
perrera: doghouse; kennel; drudgery; child's rage
perrería: pack of dogs; dirty trick; mean action; insult; abuse
perrero: keeper of the dogs; dog fancier; dog catcher
perrito: puppy; little dog; clothes peg; perrito caliente: hot dog
perro: dog; rat; awful; wicked; stubborn; selfish; mean
perruno: dog; canine
persa: Persian
persecución: pursuit; hunt; chase; persecution
perseguible: actionable
perseguidor: pursuer; persecutor
perseguir: to pursue; to chase; to hunt; to hunt down; to follow; to follow through; to seek after; to aim for; to strive for; to woo; to persecute; to course; to dog; to dragoon; to harass; to haunt; to hound; to pick on; to spright; to beset
perseverancia: perseverance
perseverante: persevering
perseverar: to persevere
Persia: Persia
persiana: blind; shade; persiana de lamas: Venetian blind
persignarse: to cross oneself
persigo: perseguir
persistencia: persistence; persistency
persistente: persistent; persisting
persistir: to persist; to endure; to last long
persona: person
personaje: personality; character; personage
personal: personal; private; individual; staff; personnel; people
personalidad: personality; legal capacity
personalismo: favouritism; favoritism
personalista: partial; biased
personalizar: to personalize; to become personal; to make personal
personarse: to come in person; to go; to call
personificación: personification
personificar: to personify; to embody
perspectiva: perspective; point of view; view; outlook; prospect
perspicacia: insight; shrewdness; sharpness; perspicacity; keen sight; acumen; acuteness; discrimination; foresight; perception
perspicaz: perceptive; keen-sighted; perspicacious; insightful; acute; shrewd; subtle; acute; clear-headed; clear-sighted; farsighted; discerning; discriminating; lynx-eyed; perspicacious; quick-witted; sharp-eyed
persuadir: to persuade
persuadirse: to become convinced or persuaded
persuasión: persuasion; conviction
persuasivo: persuasive; convincing
pertenecer: to belong; to pertain; to concern; to be incumbent on
perteneciente: belonging; pertaining
pertenencia: membership; belonging; ownership; property; appurtenance; accessory; claim
pertenezco, pertenezca: pertenecer
pértiga: long pole or rod; staff; verge; pole
pertinacia: stubbornness; persistence; pertinacity
pertinaz: stubborn; persistent; pertinacious
pertinencia: relevance; pertinence; fitness
pertinente: appropriate; pertinent; apt; fitting; relevant
pertrechar: to supply; to provide; to equip
pertrecharse: to equip oneself; to provide
pertrechos: supplies; equipment; stores; tools; implements
perturbado: perturbed; disturbed; worried; insane; lunatic
perturbador: unsettling
perturbar: to upset; to disrupt; to unsettle; to disconcert; to confuse; to agitate; to faze; to perturb
perturbarse: to go crazy; to be disturbed
Perú: Peru
peruano: Peruvian
perversidad: wickedness; perversity
perversión: perversion; wickedness
perverso: wicked; evil; perverse; depraved
pervertido: pervert; perverted
pervertir: to pervert; to garble; corrupt; to lead astray; to deprave
pervertirse: to become corrupted
pervierto, pervierta: pervertir
pervivir: to survive
pesa: weight; clock weight; dumbbell
pesadez: heaviness; burdensomeness; tiresomeness; irksomeness; drowsiness; sultriness; slowness; clumsiness; gravity; fullness; bore; pain
pesadilla: nightmare
pesado: heavy; ponderous; weighty; burdensome; trying; cumbersome; hefty; hard to endure; wearisome; annoying; fart; irksome; tiresome; tiring; boring; clumsy; slow; sluggish; deep sleep; drowsy; sultry; close; stuffy; airless; fat; corpulent; bulky; hulking; bore; pain; leaden; lumbering; lumpish; massy; onerous; prolix; soupy; sticky; stodgy; turgid; unwieldy
pesadumbre: grief; sorrow; regret; heaviness
pesaje: weighing; weigh-in
pésame: condolence; condolences
pesar: sorrow; regret; grief; repentance; to weigh; to scale; to cause sorrow or regret; a pesar de: in spite of; despite
pesca: fishing; angling; catch; salted codfish
pescada: hake
pescadería: fishmonger's shop; fish market
pescadero: fishmonger
pescadilla: a kind of hake
pescado: fish; salted codfish
pescador: fisherman; fisher; angler; fishing
pescante: driver's seat; coach box; front seat; arm; bracket; davit
pescar: to fish; to catch; to draw out of water; to take; to get; to angle
pescozón: slap on the neck
pescuezo: neck; haughtiness
pese: pese a: in spite of; despite
pesebre: manger; crib; rack
peseta: peseta
pesetero: money-loving
pesimismo: pessimism
pesimista: pessimist; pessimistic
pésimo: dreadful; awful; very bad; wretched; abysmal
peso: weight; heaviness; gravity; weighing; balance; scales; due weight; judgement; good sense; load; burden; shot; peso
pespunte: backstitch
pespuntear: to backstitch
pesquero: fishing; fishing boat
pesquisa: inquiry; investigation; search
pestaña: eyelash; edging; fringe; rim; flap; tab; flange; cilia
pestañear: to blink; to wink
peste: plague; pest; pestilence; epidemic; stink; stench; evil; excess; superabundance; nuisance; decir pestes: to talk ill
pesticida: pesticide
pestilencia: pestilence; stink; stench
pestilente: foul-smelling; pestilent; stinking
pestillo: bolt; latch
pestiño: type of fritter topped with honey
petaca: tobacco pouch; hip flask; suitcase; compact; leather covered chest
pétalo: petal
petanca: pétanque; bowls game played with metal balls
petardo: firecracker; petard; ugly person; cheat; swindle; deception
petate: kitbag; sleeping mat; bedding and clothes of a soldier or prisoner; luggage
petenera: type of flamenco song
petición: petition; demand; prayer; request; asking; claim; bill
peticionar: to petition
petimetre: dandy; fox; coxcomb; dude
petirrojo: robin; redbreast
petisú: éclair
peto: bib; dungarees; breastplate; plastron; mattress covering to protect horses
petrel: petrel
pétreo: stony; of stone; rocky
petrificado: petrified
petrificar: to petrify; to turn to stone
petróleo: petroleum; mineral oil; kerosene
petrolero: oil; oil tanker
petrolífero: oil; petroliferous; oil-bearing
petroquímica: petrochemistry
petroquímico: petrochemical
petulancia: conceitedness; insolence; pertness; flippancy; presumptuousness
petulante: conceited; insolent; pert; flippant; presumptuous
petunia: petunia
peyorativo: pejorative
pez: fish; pitch; tar; pez de colores: goldfish; pez gordo: big shot
pezón: nipple; stem; stalk; umbo
pezuña: hoof; cloven-hoof
piadoso: pious; godly; merciful; compassionate
pianista: pianist; piano manufacturer
piano: piano; piano piano: take it easy; piano de cola: grand piano
pianola: pianola
piante: peeping; chirping; moaner
piar: to peep; to chirp; to cheep; to tweet; to cry for
piara: herd of swine, mares or mules
piastra: piaster
pibe: kid
pica: pike; lance; goad; stonecutter's hammer; pica; picas: spades
picacho: peak
picada: sting; bite; peck; path; trail; dive
picadero: riding school; manege; abattoir
picadillo: dish of fried minced meat, bacon and eggs; salad with peppers, onions and tomato; chopped food
picado: minced; ground; chopped; cut; vinegary; decayed; pockmarked; moth-eaten; offended; piqued; hurt; cut; choppy; dive; diving; staccato
picador: picador; mounted bullfighter who goads the bull; horsebreaker; face worker; chopping block
picadora: mincer
picadura: sting; bite; prick; cavity; pinking; cut tobacco; small hole; beginning of decay
picaflor: humming bird
picajoso: touchy; peevish
picamaderos: woodpecker
picana: electric prod; cattle prod
picante: hot; pungent; piquant; spicy; highly seasoned; saucy; racy; biting; cutting; piquancy; pungency; mordacity
picapedrero: stonemason; stonecutter
picapleitos: pettifogger; hack lawyer; litigious fellow
picaporte: door handle; door knocker; thumb latch; spring latch; latchkey
picar: to mince; to grind; to chop; to sting; to bite; to peck at; to punch; to goad; to decay; to rot; to break; to itch; to be hot; to fall for it; to prick; to pierce; to puncture; to staccato; to dive; to take the bait
picarse: to become pitted with holes; to decay; to become vinegary; to become moth-eaten; to get annoyed; to take offence; to become choppy; to get rough; to shoot up
picardía: knavery; cunning; slyness; roguishness; archness; prank; rude comment
picaresca: rogues or picaros; guile; picaresque novel
picaresco: roguish; picaresque
pícaro: cunning; cheeky; rogue; knave; picaro; roguish; knavish; mischievous; sly
picatoste: crouton; buttered toast
picazón: itch; itching; feeling of remorse; annoyance; displeasure
picea: spruce
pichel: pewter tankard; mug
pichi: pinafore dress
pichicata: dope
pichicatero: junkie
pichincha: bargain
pichón: young pigeon; chick; darling; dearest
pickles: pickles; pickled vegetables
picnic: picnic
pico: beak; bill; mouth; eloquence; fluency; spout; corner; peak; pick; pickaxe; small surplus; some money; fortune; shot; cierra el pico: shut up!
picor: itch; itching; burning of the palate
picoso: hot; peppery; pock-marked
picota: bigarreau cherry; pillory
picotazo: peck; to peck at; sting
picotear: to peck; to peck at; to eat between meals; to snack; to toss the head; to chatter
pictografía: pictography; picture writing
pictórico: pictorial
pido, pida: pedir
pídola: leapfrog
pidón: pedigüeño
pie: foot; bottom; lowest part; stem; base; stand; footing; ground; trunk; stalk; motive; occasion; root; cue; a pie: afoot; en pie, de pie: standing; upright; upstanding; estar de pie: to stand; ponerse de pie: to stand up; no dar pie con bola: to do nothing right; no tener ni pies ni cabeza: not to make sense; buscar tres pies al gato: to look for troubles; poner pies en polvorosa: to flee; a pies juntillas: firmly; al pie de la letra: literally; to the letter; verbatim; andarse con pies de plomo: to be very careful; pie de autor: byline; pie de foto: caption; dedo del pie: toe; estar en pie de guerra: to be on the warpath
piedad: mercy; piety; compassion; godliness; por piedad: for pity's sake
piedra: stone; flint; hail; hailstone; calculus; point; piedra angular: cornerstone; piedra de toque: touchstone; piedra pómez: pumice stone
piel: skin; hide; pelt; leather; fur; peel; piel de gallina: goose flesh; dejarse la piel: to give everything; piel roja: redskin; American Indian
piélago: sea; high sea; countless number
pienso: fodder; feed; pensar
pierdo, pierda: perder
pierna: leg; branch; long stroke; shank; fork; dormir a pierna suelta: to be fast asleep
pieza: piece; fragment; part; single article of a collection; coin; cannon; gun; play; game; quarry; bolt; roll; room; pieza de repuesto: spare part
pífano: fife; fifer
pifia: gaffe; blunder; mistake; miscue
pifiar: to miscue
pigmentación: pigmentation
pigmento: pigment
pigmeo: pygmy
pijada: trifling matter; stupid remark
pijama: pyjamas; pajamas
pijería: rich young people; trifling matter; stupid remark
pijo: posh; swanky; rich boy or girl
pijotada: pijada
pijotería: rich young people; trifling matter; stupid remark; extravagance; nuisance
pijotero: pernickety; fault-finding; pain in the neck
pila: pile; heap; masses; sink; battery; font; holy-water font; nombre de pila: Christian name
pilar: pillar; column; stone post; pier; basin; bowl; mainstay; milestone
pilastra: pilaster; square column
píldora: tablet; pill; pellet; bad news
pileta: sink; basin; holy-water bowl; swimming pool; trough
pillada: dirty trick; knavery
pillaje: looting; pillage; plunder; sack; theft; stealing
pillar: to catch; to take; to surprise; to pillage; to plunder; to steal; to knock down; to run over
pillarse: to catch
pillastre: rascal; rogue
pillería: dirty trick; roguishness; slyness; craftiness; gang of rogues
pillín: rascal; little rogue
pillo: roguish; rascally; shrewd; sly; cunning; rogue; rascal; shrewd fellow
pilón: pillar; trough; sink; basin; bowl; mortar; loaf of sugar; drop of a steelyard; pylon; heaps
pilonga: peeled and dried
píloro: pylorus
pilotaje: flying; piloting; driving; riding; pilotage; piling; pilework
pilotar: to pilot; to drive
piloto: pilot; driver; light; rear light; taillight; guide; mate
piltrafa: scrap of meat; skinny flesh; worthless object; wreck; piltrafas: scraps; refuse
pimentero: pepper plant; pepper box
pimentón: paprika; red pepper; cayenne pepper; pepper
pimienta: pepper
pimiento: pepper; capsicum; chili; y un pimiento!: no way!; me importa un pimiento: I don't care a damn
pimpante: calm; unconcerned
pimpinela: pimpernel; burnet
pimplar: to drink
pimpollo: bud; rosebud; young tree; good-looking young person
pimpón: Ping-Pong; table tennis
pin: pin; badge
pinacoteca: art gallery; picture gallery
pináculo: pinnacle; acme
pinar: pine forest; pinery
pincel: brush; paintbrush; pencil for painting
pincelada: brushstroke; stroke; touch
pincelar: to paint; to outline; to portray; to picture
pinchadiscos: disc jockey
pinchar: to prick; pierce; to puncture; to spur; to incite; to pique; to provoke; to inject; to tap; to have a puncture
pincharse: to prick oneself; to puncture; to inject oneself
pinchazo: prick; pinprick; jab; stabbing pain; puncture; flat tyre
pinche: kitchen boy; scullion; scoundrel; lousy; damned
pinchito: appetizer; titbit
pincho: point; thorn; prickle; spine; appetizer; titbit; pincho de tortilla: slice of omelette; pincho moruno: type of pork kebab
pineda: pine forest
pingajo: rag; tatter
pingo: rag; tatter; nag
pingonear: to hang about the streets
pingoneo: de pingoneo: hanging about the streets
ping-pong: ping-pong; table tennis
pingüe: considerable; plentiful; substantial; fertile; greasy; oily
pingüino: penguin
pinitos: first steps
pino: pine; pine tree; handstand; en el quinto pino: in the back of the beyond
pinocha: pine needle
pinrel: foot
pinsapo: Spanish fir
pinta: look; appearance; dot; stop; pint; piece of graffiti; scoundrel; crook
pintada: piece of graffiti; slogan; guinea fowl
pintado: painted; made-up; mottled; spotted; mottled; identical
pintalabios: lipstick
pintamonas: dauber
pintar: to paint; to draw; to picture; to depict; to fancy; to imagine; to describe; to write; to exaggerate; to be trumps; to seem to be going; to have influence
pintarse: to paint oneself; to put on one's make-up
pintarrajear: to paint very badly; to daub
pintarrajearse: to put on too much make-up
pintarrajo: daub
pintas: ugly customer; scruffily dressed person
pintear: to drizzle
pintiparado: exactly alike; closely resembling; fit; fitting
pintiparar: to compare spotted; marked; motley; clever
pintor: painter; pintor de brocha gorda: house painter; bad painter; dauber
pintoresco: picturesque; singular; unusual
pintura: painting; paint; coloured pencil; description; picture; colour; portrayal
pinturero: flashily dressed; vain; conceited affected
pinza: clothes peg; clothes pin; hairclip; dart; claw; pincer; pinzas: tweezers; tongs; pincers; nippers
pinzón: finch; chaffinch; pinzón amarillo: aberdevine
piña: cone; pineapple; close-knot group; cluster; knot; bang
piñal: pinneaple plantation
piñar: lie
piñata: hanging pot filled with sweetmeats which is broken with a stick by a blindfolded child; pot
piño: ivory; tooth; crowd
piñón: pine nut; pinion; nut of a gunlock
piñonate: candied pine-nut kernel
piñoneo: click
piñoso: unlucky
pío: pious; merciful; compassionate; pied; piebald; peeping; chirp; ni pío: not a word
piocha: jewel worn on the head; pickaxe
piojo: louse
piojoso: lousy; dirty; grubby; mean; stingy
piola: rope; tether; cord; string
piolet: ice-axe
piolín: string
pionero: pioneer
piorrea: pyorrhea; pyorrhoea
pipa: pipe; pip; seed; cask; barrel; pasarlo pipa: to have a great time
pipear: to look at
pipero: street vendor; pipe-rack; pipe-smoker
pipeta: pipette
pipí: pee; urination; pitpit; honey creeper
pipián: thick chili sauce
pipiar: to cheep; to chirp
pipiciego: short-sighted
pipil: Mexican
pipiolo: novice; green horn
pipón: potbellied
pippermint: peppermint liqueur
pique: pique; resentment; rivalry; determination to do something; crotch; irse a pique: to flounder; to sink; to ruin
piquero: pikeman; booby
piqueta: bricklayer's hammer; ice-axe; pick; pickaxe
piquete: picket; group of pickets; squad; prick; puncture; small hole; picket; short stake
pira: pyre; funeral pile
pirado: nuts; crackers; crazy; high
piragua: canoe; pirogue
piragüismo: canoeing
piragüista: canoeist
piramidal: pyramidal
pirámide: pyramid
piraña: piranha
pirarse: to beat it; to clear out
pirata: pirate; hacker; piratical
piratear: to pirate
piratería: piracy; robbery; hacking
pirenaico: Pyrenean
Pirineos: Pyrenees
piripi: tipsy
pirita: pyrites
piro: darse el piro: to beat it
piromanía: pyromania
pirómano: pyromaniac
piropear: to pay compliments to
piropo: compliment; flirtatious remark; pyrope; carbuncle
pirotecnia: pyrotechnics
pirotécnico: pyrotechnical; pyrotechnist; fireworks; fireworks expert
pirrar: to like a lot
pirrarse: to long; to be very fond of; to be crazy about
pirueta: pirouette; caper
pirula: dirty trick
piruleta: lollipop
pirulí: lollipop
pis: pee
pisada: footstep; footprint; tread
pisapapeles: paperweight
pisar: to tread on; to step on; to tread; to press; to ram; to tramp; to trample under foot; to press down; to overlap; to put one's foot down on; to walk all over
piscicultura: pisciculture; fish culture
piscifactoría: fish farm; fish hatchery
piscina: swimming pool; fishpond
piscis: Pisces
pisco: strong alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes
piscolabis: snack; bite; luncheon
piso: floor; apartment; flat; pavement; storey; level; stage formation; sole
pisotear: to trample on; to tread under foot; to humble; to despise; to abuse
pisotón: heavy tread on someone's foot
pista: trail; trace; track; racetrack; speedway; lane; lead; look; scent; spoor; slot; clue; hint; circuit; course; court; ring; rink; runway; pista de aterrizaje: tarmac; airstrip; seguir la pista: to dog; to track; to track down; pista falsa: red herring
pistacho: pistachio
pistilo: pistil
pisto: ratatouille; hodgepodge; airs; money; cash
pistola: pistol; spray gun; pistole
pistolera: holster
pistolero: gunman
pistoletazo: pistol shot
pistón: piston; percussion cap; key
pita: agave; hen; booing; pita; glass marble; unleavened round bread
pitada: whistle; toot; honk; booing; whistling; puff
pitanza: portion; food; dole; ration; daily food; price; stipend
pitar: to whistle; to sound a horn; to boo; to work; to referee
pitido: whistle; whistling
pitillera: cigarette case; cigarette maker
pitillo: cigarette
pito: whistle; catcall; jackstone; horn; cigarette; woodpecker; prick; me importa un pito: I don't care a damn
pitón: python; budding horn; tip of bull's horn; small pointed protuberance
pitonisa: fortune teller; witch; pythoness
pitorrearse: to make fun of
pitorreo: making fun; teasing; joking
pitorro: spout
pitote: hubbub; commotion
pitufo: cartoon character with blue skin and a white cap; little child
pituitaria: pituitary
pituso: cute; tiny; graceful; little child
pívot: pivot
pivotar: to pivot
pivote: pivot
pixel: pixel
píxide: pyx
piyama: pyjamas; pajamas
pizarra: slate; shale; blackboard; whiteboard
pizarral: slate quarry
pizarrín: slate pencil
pizarrón: blackboard
pizca: tiny amount; bit; jot; whit
pizpireta: outgoing; brisk; lively; smart
pizza: pizza
pizzería: pizzeria
placa: plaque; plate; sheet; badge; hotplate; solar panel; radiator
placaje: tackle
placar: to tackle; closet
pláceme: congratulation
placenta: placenta; afterbirth
placentero: pleasant; joyful; agreeable
placer: pleasure; enjoyment; delight; content; will; consent; large flat bank in sea bed; placer; pearl-fishing; to please; to gratify; to content
placidez: placidness; placidity
plácido: placid; quiet; peaceful; clam; agreeable
plafón: panel; ceiling rose; ceiling light; soffit
plaga: plague; affliction; calamity; scourge; pest; curse; plenty; superabundance; ulcer; sore
plagado: full
plagar: to plague; to fill; to infest
plagarse: to fill up; to become filled or infected
plagiar: to plagiarize; to kidnap; to abduct
plagiario: plagiaristic; plagiarist; plagiary; kidnapper
plagio: plagiarism; plagiary; kidnapping; abduction
plaguicida: pesticide
plan: plan; project; design; scheme; frame of mind; level; height; floor; casual relationship
plana: page; copy of penmanship; plain; flat country; trowel
plancha: iron; ironing; griddle; plate; sheet; blunder; gangplank
planchado: ironing; pressing; ironed
planchar: to iron; to press
planchazo: blunder; belly flop
planchista: panel beater
planchistería: body shop; panel beater's
plancton: plankton
planeador: glider
planeadora: speedboat
planear: to plan; to design; to outline; to volplane; to glide
planeta: planet
planetario: planetary; planetarium; orrery
planicie: plain; flatland
planificación: planning
planificar: to plan
planilla: payroll; list; roll; schedule; form
plano: plane; flat; even; smooth; wing; plan; level; shot
planta: plant; sole; floor; plan; design; level
plantación: plantation; planting
plantado: planted; dejar plantado: to jilt
plantar: to plant; to place; to set up; to deliver; to put; to throw; to establish; to give; to dump
plantarse: to plant oneself; to get; to arrive; to baulk; to stick
plante: protest; revolt
planteamiento: exposition; planning; carrying out; statement; posing; raising; premise; approach
plantear: to plan; to outline; to establish; to carry out; to state; to pose; to create; to raise; to propose; to devise
plantearse: to consider
plantel: nursery; nursery garden; cast; staff
plantificar: to place; to give; to establish; to carry out
plantificarse: to get to
plantígrado: plantigrade
plantilla: insole; sole; plate; template; stencil; plan; design; staff
plantón: young tree; cutting; slip; watchman; long wait standing; dar un plantón: to stand somebody up
plañir: to lament; to grieve; to bewail
plasma: plasma
plasmar: to make; to mould; to shape; to express
plasmarse: to be reflected
plasta: annoying; nuisance; pest; paste; soft mass
plasticina: plasticine
plástico: plastic
plastificar: to laminate
plastilina: plasticine
plata: silver; plate; money; en plata: plainly; plata de ley: sterling silver
plataforma: platform; index plate; plataforma continental: continental shelf; plataforma petrolífera: oil rig
platanal: banana plantation
platanar: banana plantation
platanero: banana tree
plátano: banana; banana tree; plane tree; plantain; plátano falso: sycamore
platea: stalls; orchestra; parquet; pit
plateado: silver; silvery; silvered; silver-plated
platería: silversmith's shop or trade; silver; silverware
platero: silversmith; jeweller
plática: chat; talk; address; sermon
platicar: to chat; to talk; to converse
platija: plaice
platillo: small plate; saucer; pan; cymbal; dish; platillo volante: flying saucer
platina: tape deck; stage; plate; platen; slide
platino: platinum
plato: plate; dish; plateful; course; pan; turntable; disk; ser plato de segunda mesa: to be second fiddle
plató: set; studio floor
platónico: Platonic
platudo: loaded; rolling in ti
plausible: reasonable; acceptable; laudable; commendable; valid; plausible
playa: beach; strand; sandy shore
playera: pump; plimsoll; sneaker; tennis shoe
playero: beach
plaza: square; market; seat; place; post; situation; employment; locality; plaza vacante: vacancy; plaza de toros bullring
plazo: period of time; term; time; date; instalment
plazoleta: small square
plazuela: small square
pleamar: high tide; high water
plebe: plebs; masses; common people; populace
plebeyo: plebeian; plebian; common
plebiscito: referendum; plebiscite
plectro: plectrum; inspiration
plegable: folding; collapsible; pliable; foldaway
plegar: to fold; to double; to plait; to pleat; to gather; to pucker
plegaria: prayer; supplication
plegarse: to fold up; to give in; to yield
pleitear: to go to law; to litigate
pleitesía: homage
pleito: lawsuit; litigation; dispute; debate; contest; strife
plenario: plenary; complete; full
plenilunio: full moon
plenipotenciario: plenipotentiary
plenitud: plenitude; fullness
pleno: full; complete; perfect; full assembly; plenary session
pletina: platina cassette deck; narrow iron plate
pletórico: plethoric; full of
pleura: pleura
pleuresía: pleurisy
pleuritis: pleurisy; pleuritis
plexiglás: plexiglass
plexo: plexus
pléyade: pleiad
plica: sealed envelope
pliego: sheet of paper; folded paper; sealed letter or document; plegar
pliegue: fold; pleat; plait; crease
plinto: plinth; vaulting horse; box
plisado: pleated; pleating
plomada: plumb line; weights; plummet; sinkers
plomazo: pest; pain in the neck
plomería: plumbing; plumber's roof; lead roofing; leadwork; plumber’s
plomero: plumber; lead worker
plomizo: leaden; plumbeous; lead-coloured
plomo: lead; plumb line; plummet; sinker; bullet; bore; dull person; plomos: fuses; caer a plomo: to fall plumb; to drop like a stone
pluma: feather; plume; quill; pen; writer; featherweight
plumaje: plumage; plume; crest
plumazo: stroke of pen; brief writing; de un plumazo: at a stroke
plumero: feather duster; crest; plume; feather; box for pens and pencils; vérsele a alguien el plumero: to see through somebody
plumier: pencil case
plumífero: quilted-jacket; quilted-anorak
plumilla: nib; small feather; small writing pen; point for fountain pen; shuttlecock; plumule
plumón: down; feather bed
plural: plural
pluralidad: plurality; diversity
pluralismo: pluralism
pluralizar: to generalize; to pluralize
pluricelular: multicellular
pluriempleo: practice of having more than one job
pluripartidismo: multiparty system
plus: bonus; extra; extra pay
pluscuamperfecto: pluperfect
plusmarca: record
plusmarquista: record holder
plusvalía: increase in value; appreciation; capital gains tax
Plutón: Pluto
plutonio: plutonium
pluvial: rain
pluviómetro: rain gauge; pluviometer
población: population; peopling; planting; settling; colonizing; village; town; city
poblado: populated; bushy; thick; settlement; village; town
poblador: inhabitant; populator; colonizer; settler; peopling; populating
poblar: to populate; to settle; to inhabit; to colonize; to plant; to cover; to grow on
poblarse: to be populated; to be settled; to fill up; to become filled or covered
pobre: poor; pauper; beggar; lacking; unfortunate
pobreza: poverty; destitution; want; poorness; scanty possessions; meanness of spirit
pochismo: language mistake caused by English influence
pocho: overripe; under the weather; off-colour; pale; depressed; down; Americanized
pocholo: cute; pretty
pocilga: pigsty; pigpen; dirty place
pocillo: small cup
pócima: potion; concoction; medicinal drink
poción: potion; drink; beverage
poco: little; not much; shortly; a short time; few
poda: pruning; pruning season
podar: to prune; to lop; to trim
podenco: hound
poder: power; force; strength; might; ability; hands; possession; holding of office; proxy; authority; to be able to; can; may; to have power or influence
poderse: to be possible; to be allowed
poderío: power; might; sway; jurisdiction; wealth; riches
poderoso: powerful; mighty; effective; forcible; strong; rich; wealthy
podio: podium
pódium: podium
podología: chiropody; podiatry
podólogo: chiropodist; podiatrist
podré, podrá, podría: poder
podredumbre: putrefaction; rottenness; corruption; rot; decay; pus
podrido: rotten; corrupt; bad; carious; mouldering; addled; pudrir
podrir: pudrir
poema: poem
poesía: poem; poetry
poeta: poet
poético: poetic
poetisa: poetess
pógrom: pogrom
pointer: pointer
póker: poker
polaco: Polish; Pole
polaina: legging
polar: polar; pole
polaridad: polarity
polarización: polarization; concentration
polarizar: to polarize; to become the focus of
polaroid: Polaroid
polca: polka
polea: pulley; tackle; tackle block
polémica: controversy; polemic; art of fortification and investment
polémico: controversial; polemical; polemic
polemizar: to argue; to debate
polen: pollen
poleo: penny royal; stiff; cold wind
poli: cop
policía: police; policeman; officer; detective; politeness; cleanliness; good order
policíaco: crime; detective
policial: police; crime; detective
policlínica: polyclinic; hospital
polichinela: punchinello
policromo: many-coloured; polychrome
polideportivo: sports centre
poliedro: polyhedron
poliéster: polyester
polifacético: versatile
polifonía: polyphony
polifónico: polyphonic
polígala: milkwort
poligamia: polygamy
polígamo: polygamous; polygamist
políglota: polyglot
polígono: polygon; area; polygonal; industrial park
polígrafo: expert in ciphers; polygraph
polilla: moth; waster; destroyer
polinesio: Polynesian
polinización: pollination
polinizar: to pollinate
polinomio: polynomial
polio: polio; poly
poliomielitis: polio
pólipo: polyp; polypus
polisílabo: polysyllabic; polysyllable
polisón: bustle of woman's dress
politécnico: polytechnic; technic
politeísmo: polytheism
política: politics; policy; tact; discretion; politeness
politicastro: hack politician; politicaster
político: political; tactful; discreet; expedient; polite; courteous; -in-law; politician
politiquear: to dabble in politics; to play politics
politiqueo: politicking; dabbling in politics
politizar: to politicize
politizarse: to become politically aware or significant
polivalente: all-purpose; polyvalent; multivalent
póliza: insurance certificate; policy; stamp; paybill
polizón: stowaway; loafer
polizonte: cop; policeman
polla: pullet; young hen; coot; water hen; prick
pollada: brood; clutch; hatch; covey
pollera: chicken coop; henhouse; skirt; hooped petticoat
pollería: poultry store; young people
pollero: poulterer; chicken roost
pollino: donkey; young ass; jackass; dolt
pollo: chick; chicken; young guy; gob; montar un pollo: to make a scene
polluelo: chick; little chicken
polo: pole; focal point; polo shirt; polo; ice lolly; Popsicle
polonesa: polonaise
Polonia: Poland
polonio: polonium
poltrona: easy chair
polución: pollution
poluto: polluted; unclean; filthy
polvareda: cloud of dust; dust; turmoil; outcry; commotion
polvera: compact; face-powder case
polvo: dust; powder; pinch; screw
pólvora: gunpowder; powder; fireworks; bad temper; liveliness; vivacity
polvoriento: dusty
polvorín: powder magazine; powder flask; spitfire
polvorón: sweet almond pastry eaten at Christmas
pomada: ointment; cream; pomade; pomatum; shoe polish
pomar: orchard; apple orchard
pomelo: grapefruit; pomelo
pómez: piedra pómez: pumice stone
pomo: knob; handle; pommel; phial; vial; pome; pomander
pompa: pomp; bubble; pump; pageant; pompas fúnebres: funeral; undertaker's; mortician's
pompis: bum; butt
pompón: pompom
pomposidad: pomposity; pompousness
pomposo: pompous; splendid; sumptuous; inflated
pómulo: cheekbone; cheek
pon: poner
ponche: punch; ponche de huevo: eggnog
poncho: poncho; soft; lazy; mild
ponderación: acclaim; praise; consideration; balance; equilibrium; judiciousness; exaggeration
ponderado: acclaimed; praised; well-thought-of; prudent
ponderar: to acclaim; to consider; to think over; to weigh; to ponder over; to balance; to poise; to exaggerate; to appraise
pondré, pondría: poner
ponedero: egg-laying; hen's nest; nest egg
ponencia: paper; reporting committee
ponente: reader of a paper
poner: to put; to place; to lay; to set; to lay eggs; to wager; to bet; to appoint; to post; to set to work as; to apply; to adapt; to give; to expose; to contribute; to impose; to put on; to cause; to make; to render; to turn; to install; to put through; to send; to write down; to open; to set up; to use; to spend; to suppose; to affix; poner en libertad: to set free; poner en práctica: to carry out; poner la mesa: to set the table; poner al corriente: to inform; poner como un trapo: to cover with insults; poner de relieve: to emphasize; poner en duda: to doubt; poner por las nubes: to praise; poner mala cara: to frown; poner reparos: to make objections
ponerse: to place oneself; to put on; to become; to get; to turn; to set; to start; to answer; to compete
poney: pony
pongo, ponga: poner
poni: pony
poniente: west; west wind; westerly
pontevedrés: inhabitant of Pontevedra
pontificado: pontificate
pontifical: papal; pontifical
pontificar: to pontificate
pontífice: pontiff; pontifex; pope
pontificio: pontifical; papal
pontón: pontoon bridge; pontoon; hulk
ponzoña: poison; venom
ponzoñoso: poisonous; venomous
pop: pop
popa: stern; aft; a popa: aft; abaft; astern; poop; de proa a popa: from stem to stern
pope: priest; pope
popelín, popelina: poplin
popote: drinking straw
populachero: common; vulgar; populist
populacho: common herd; masses; populace; mob; rabble
popular: popular; colloquial; folk; working-class; people's
popularidad: popularity
popularizar: to popularize
popularizarse: to become popular
populismo: populism
populista: populist
populoso: populous
popurrí: potpourri
póquer: poker
por: by; for; as; along; around; across; through; from out of; at; in; on; to; about; however; no matter how; por aquí: around here; por casualidad: by chance; por compasión: out of pity; por Dios: for heaven's sake; por escrito: in writing; por la noche: at night; por favor: please; por lo tanto: therefore; por qué: why
porcelana: china; porcelain
porcentaje: percentage
porche: porch; portico; covered walk; arcade
porcino: porcine; pig; little pig
porción: portion; slice; share; part; allotment; quantity
pordiosero: beggar; begging; mendicant
porfía: stubbornness; obstinacy; insistence; importunity; dispute; argument
porfiado: stubborn; obstinate; insistent; persistent; importunate
porfiar: to argue stubbornly; to keep on; to persevere; to insist; to persist
pormenor: detail; particular
pormenorizar: to describe in detail; to go into detail; to itemize
porno: porno; porn
pornografía: pornography
pornográfico:: pornographic
poro: pore
porosidad: porosity
poroso: porous
poroto: bean
porque: because
porqué: reason; motive; quantity; amount
porquería: filth; dirt; rubbish; garbage; poor food; trifle; worthless thing; dirty trick
porqueriza: pigsty; pigpen
porquerizo: pig keeper; swineherd
porquero: pig keeper; swineherd
porra: stick; baton; truncheon; nightstick; bludgeon; club; maul; bore; nuisance; large fried twist of batter eaten hot; mandar a la porra: to send to the devil
porrada: blow; stupidity; nonsense; lot; heap; great quantity or number
porrazo: blow; bump; knock
porrillo: abundantly; in abundance
porro: joint; stupid fellow; dolt
porrón: kind of wine bottle with a long side spout; slow; heavy; sluggish; a lot
portaaviones: aircraft carrier
portada: cover; title page; front page; sleeve; façade; frontispiece
portador: carrying; carrier; bearer
portaequipaje: boot; trunk; luggage rack
portaestandarte: standard-bearer
portafolios: briefcase
portahelicópteros: helicopter carrier
portal: entrance; arcade; doorway; portal; vestibule; porch; portico; town's gate; portal de Belén: Nativity scene
portalámparas: socket; lamp holder
portalón: gateway; portal; gangway
portaminas: propelling pencil; mechanical pencil
portamonedas: purse; change purse; pocketbook
portante: pace; amble; tomar el portante: to leave
portaobjetos: slide
portar: to carry; to retrieve
portarse: to behave
portátil: portable; laptop
portavoz: megaphone; mouthpiece; spokesman
portazo: slam; bang of a door
porte: transport; carriage; bearing; appearance; behaviour; dress; size; capacity; nobility; illustrious descent
porteador: porter; bearer
portento: marvel; prodigy; wonder; portent
portentoso: wonderful; prodigious; portentous
porteño: inhabitant of Buenos Aires
portería: porter's lodge; porter's house; employment of a porter o doorkeeper; goal
portero: porter; caretaker; janitor; doorman; goalkeeper; portero automático: Entryphone
portezuela: little door; carriage door
pórtico: portico; porch; colonnade; arcade
portilla: porthole; gate; passage
portillo: wicket; breach; gap; nick; opening; pass between hills
portón: large door; inner front door
portorriqueño: inhabitant of Puerto Rico
portuario: port; dock
Portugal: Portugal
portugués: Portuguese
porvenir: future; time to come; promise
pos: en pos de: in pursuit of
posada: inn; lodging house; boarding house; dwelling; home; camp; shelter
posadera: landlady; hostess; woman innkeeper; posaderas: bottom; buttocks
posadero: innkeeper; landlord; host
posar: to place; to put; to lodge; to board; to put up; to lay; to rest; to pose
posarse: to alight; to perch; to sit; to lay down; to settle
posavasos: coaster; mat
poscombustión: dispositivo de poscombustión: afterburner
posdata: postscript
pose: pose
poseedor: holder; owner; possessor
poseer: to own; to possess; to have; to hold
poseído: possessed
posesión: possession
posesivo: possessive
poseso: possessed
posgrado: postgraduate course
posgraduado: postgraduate
posguerra: postwar period
posibilidad: possibility; chance; choice; ability; posibilidades: means; property
posibilitar: to make possible; to facilitate
posible: possible; posibles: means; resources
posición: position; rank; status; putting; placement
positivo: positive
poso: sediment; grounds; dregs; aftertaste; rest; repose
posoperatorio: post-operative
posparto: period following childbirth
posponer: to postpone; to put off; to subordinate
posta: change of horses; staging post; post; posthouse; stage; relay; slice; chop; slice; lead ball; stake; memorial tablet; a posta: on purpose
postal: postal; postcard
postdata: postscript
poste: post; pole; pillar; goalpost; upright
póster: poster
postergar: to postpone; to delay; to leave behind in a promotion
posteridad: posterity
posterior: posterior; hinder; back; rear; later
posteriori: a posteriori: with hindsight; after the event
posterioridad: posteriority
postgrado: posgrado
postgraduado: postgraduate
postigo: shutter; wicket; back door; postern; abat-jour
postilla: scab
postín: airs; importance
postizo: artificial; false; not natural; detachable; false hair; hairpiece; castanet
postoperatorio: postoperative
postor: bidder
postración: depression; prostration
postrado: prostrate
postrar: to prostrate; to lay out; to humble; to overthrow; to exhaust
postrarse: to prostrate oneself; to kneel down
postre: dessert; afters; sweet; a la postre: in the end; cuchara de postre: dessertspoon
postrero: last; hindermost; last one
postrimerías: end; last period; last years
postulado: postulate
postulante: postulant; collector; candidate; applicant; postulating
postular: to collect; to postulate; to apply; to beg; to demand; to propose; to put forward
postularse: to put oneself outward; to stand
póstumo: posthumous
postura: position; posture; stance; bid; stake; wager; egg
posventa: servicio de posventa: after-sales service
potable: fit to drink; drinkable; reasonable; potable
potaje: pottage; soup; stewed vegetables; mixed drink; medley; hodge-podge
potasa: potash; potassium
potasio: potassium
pote: pot; jar; cooking pot; traditional stew of Galicia and Asturias
potencia: power; potency; potentiality
potencial: potential; conditional
potenciar: to promote; to encourage
potentado: rich and powerful person; potentate
potente: powerful; potent; mighty; strong; vigorous
potestad: authority; power; faculty; dominion; jurisdiction; potentate
potingue: disgusting mess; make-up; medicine; concoction
potito: jar of baby food
poto: type of creeper; ivy; bottom
potra: filly; luck; rupture; scrotal hernia
potro: colt; foal; horse; rack; stocks
poyo: stone bench built against the wall
poza: pond; pool; puddle
pozo: well; pit; shaft; hole; pool; kitty fish tank; pozo negro: cesspit
práctica: practice; skill; training; prácticas: practical; work placement
practicable: feasible; passable; practicable
practicante: practising; surgeon; medical assistant; prescription clerk
practicar: to practise; to exercise; to do habitually; to make; to cut; to perform; to carry out
práctico: practical; skilful; practised; pilot
pradera: prairie; meadowland
prado: meadow; field; grassland; lawn
Praga: Prague
pragmático: pragmatic; pragmatist
pragmatismo: pragmatism
preámbulo: introduction; preamble
prebenda: prebend; benefice; benefit; perk; sinecure
precalentamiento: warm-up
precalentar: to preheat; to warm up
precario: unstable; precarious
precaución: precaution; caution
precaver: to prevent; to provide against
precaverse: to take precautions; to be on one's guard
precavido: prudent; cautious; guarded; wary
precedencia: precedence
precedente: previous; preceding; foregoing; precedent
preceder: to go before; to precede; to take precedence over
preceptista: teacher; one who sets precepts
preceptiva: rules; canons
preceptivo: obligatory; compulsory; preceptive
precepto: precept; command; rule
preceptor: tutor; preceptor
preciado: valuable; precious; prized; proud; boastful
preciar: to appreciate; to value
preciarse: to have self-respect; to pride oneself
precintar: to seal; to close down
precinto: seal; strap; band; sealing with a strap or band
precio: price; value; worth; esteem
preciosidad: preciosity; value; worth; lovely or beautiful girl
precioso: precious; lovely; beautiful
precipicio: precipice; violent fall; ruin
precipitación: haste; rainfall; precipitation; precipitance; abruptness
precipitado: hasty; precipitate; hurried; rash; inconsiderate; abrupt
precipitar: to throw down; to hurl down; to speed up; to hasten; to precipitate
precipitarse: to plunge down; to speed up; to rush; to act rashly; to rush; to precipitate
precisamente: exactly; precisely
precisar: to fix; to set; to specify exactly; to need; to require; to compel; to oblige
precisión: precision; accuracy; preciseness; necessity; obligation
preciso: precise; exact; necessary; indispensable; accurate
precocidad: precociousness; precocity
precocinado: pre-cooked
precolombino: pre-Columbian
preconcebido: preconceived; drawn up in advance
preconcebir: to draw up in advance; to preconceive
preconizar: to recommend; to advocate; to preconize
precoz: precocious; early
precursor: precursor; forerunner; precursory
predecesor: predecessor
predecir: to predict; to foretell; to forestall
predestinación: predestination
predestinado: predestined; predestinated; destined
predestinar: to predestine; to predestinate
predeterminado: predetermined
predeterminar: to predetermine
prédica: sermon; harangue
predicado: predicate
predicador: preacher; preaching
predicamento: prestige; predicament; esteem; reputation
predicar: to preach; to lecture; to sermonize; to predicate
predicción: prediction; forecast; forecasting
predigo, prediga: predecir
predije: predecir
predilección: preference; predilection; special love
predilecto: favourite; preferred
predisponer: to predispose; to prejudice; to prearrange
predisposición: aptitude; predisposition
predispuesto: predisposed; prone; prejudiced; biased
predominante: predominant; prevailing
predominar: to predominate; to prevail; to tower over; to be higher than
predominio: preponderance; predominance
preelectoral: pre-election
preeminente: preeminent
preescolar: nursery; nursery school; preschool
preestablecido: pre-established
prefabricado: prefabricated
prefabricar: to prefabricate
prefacio: preface; foreword; introduction
prefecto: prefect
preferencia: preference; right of way; bias
preferente: preferential; preferred; first class
preferentemente: preferably; especially
preferible: preferable; better
preferido: favourite
preferir: to prefer
prefiero, prefiera: preferir
prefijar: to prefix; to prearrange; to predetermine
prefijo: prefix; prefixed; dialling code
pregón: speech; proclamation; announcement; cry; opening address
pregonar: to proclaim; to spread about; to announce publicly; to cry; to reveal; to proscribe
pregonero: proclaiming; announcing; town crier; common crier
pregunta: question; query; inquiry
preguntar: to ask; to inquire; to question
preguntarse: to wonder
preguntón: nosy; inquisitive
prehistoria: prehistory; prehistorics
prehistórico: prehistoric; ancient
prejuicio: prejudice; bias; prejudgment
prejuzgar: to prejudge
prelado: prelate
prelavado: prewash
preliminar: preliminary
preludiar: to prelude; to foreshadow
preludio: prelude; introduction
premamá: maternity
prematrimonial: premarital
prematuro: premature
premeditación: premeditation
premeditado: premeditated
premeditar: to think out in advance; to premeditate
premenstrual: premenstrual
premiado: winning; prize-winning
premiar: to reward; to give a prize to
premier: British prime minister
premio: prize; reward; award; recompense; accolade; competition
premisa: premise; basis
premolar: premolar
premonición: premonition
premonitorio: premonitory
premura: urgency; pressure; hurry; haste; lack; shortage
prenatal: antenatal; prenatal
prenda: garment; article of clothing; forfeit; pledge; pawn; token; proof; security; quality; darling; piece of jewelry
prendar: to enchant; to captivate; to charm; to please; to enamour; to capture the heart of; to pledge; to pawn
prendarse: to be captivated; to fall in love with
prendedor: brooch; breastpin; fillet; bandeau; apprehender
prender: to arrest; to apprehend; to capture; to fasten; to light; to turn out; to switch on; to grip; to seize; to catch; to attach; to hook; to pin; to take root; to catch fire
prenderse: to catch fire
prendido: caught
prensa: press; printing press; printing; newspapers
prensar: to press
preñada: pregnant woman
preñado: pregnant; full; pregnancy
preñar: to fertilize; to make pregnant; to fill
preñez: pregnancy; fullness
preocupación: concern; worry; care; preoccupation
preocupado: worried; concerned; anxious; preoccupied; prejudiced
preocupante: worrying
preocupar: to worry; to concern; to bother; to preoccupy; to prejudice
preocuparse: to be worried; to worry
preparación: preparation; processing; training; coaching; preparing; cram; readiness; en preparación: afoot; sin preparación: extempore
preparado: ready; prepared; ready-cooked; preparation
preparador: trainer; coach; preparator; preparing
preparar: to prepare; to get ready; to set; to lay; to pack; to train
prepararse: to prepare oneself; to get ready
preparativo: preparatory; preliminary; preparativos: preparations
preponderancia: preponderance
preponderante: preponderant; most common
preponderar: to prevail; to preponderate
preposición: preposition
prepotencia: prepotence; prepotency; dominance; power; arrogance
prepotente: domineering; overbearing; powerful; prepotent
prepucio: foreskin; prepuce
prerrogativa: prerogative; privilege
presa: prey; dam; reservoir; weir; channel; ditch; hold; catch; clutch; grip; seizing; capture; prize; booty; fang; claw; ser presa del pánico: to be panic-stricken
presagiar: to foretell; to foreshadow; to presage; to betoken; to forebode; to warn of
presagio: premonition; omen; sign; token; adumbration; doom; foreboding; forerunner; foretoken; portent; prognostic
presbiteriano: Presbyterian
presbiterio: presbytery; chancel
presbítero: priest; presbyter
prescindir de: to do without; to dispense with
prescribir: to prescribe; to decree; to ordain; to expire
prescripción: prescription; order; rule
preselección: preselection
presencia: presence; appearance; ostentation; presencia de ánimo: presence of mind
presencial: presence; testigo presencial: eyewitness
presenciar: to be present at; to attend; to witness; to see
presentable: presentable
presentación: presentation; introduction; lunch; external appearance
presentador: presenter; newsreader; host; hostess
presentar: to present; to tender; to submit; to lodge; to propose; to nominate; to make; to pay; to introduce; to have; to show; to launch
presentarse: to turn up; to introduce oneself; to run for; to appear; to look; to arise
presente: present; current; gift
presentimiento: feeling; presentiment; foreboding
presentir: to have a feeling; to have a presentiment of; to forebode; to foresee; presentir lo peor: to fear the worst
preservar: to preserve; to protect; to guard; to keep safe
preservativo: condom; preservative; preserving; preventive; protective
presidencia: presidency; president's office; chair; chairmanship; speakership; presidential term
presidencial: presidential
presidente: president; chairman; speaker
presidiario: convict; prisoner
presidio: penitentiary; prison; hard labour; fortress; citadel; garrison
presidir: to be president of; to preside over; to chair; to dominate; to rule
presilla: loop; buttonhole; stitching
presión: pressure; presión arterial: blood pressure
presionar: to press; to urge; to put pressure on; to pressurize
preso: imprisoned; arrested; prisoner; convict
prestación: service; provision; benefit; prestation; lending; prestaciones: performance features
prestado: lent; borrowed; on loan
prestamista: moneylender; pawnbroker
préstamo: loan; lending; borrowing; loanword; préstamo hipotecario: mortgage
prestancia: distinction; elegance; excellence
prestar: to lend; to loan; to bestow; to give; to offer; to communicate; to do; to render; to pay; to provide; to keep; to show; to take; to make
prestarse: to offer to; to consent to; to lend oneself; to submit; to give ground for; to be open to
prestatario: borrower; borrowing
presteza: promptness; celerity; quickness; haste; alacrity; promptitude
prestidigitación: conjuring; prestidigitation
prestidigitador: prestidigitator; conjurer; magician
prestigiar: to give prestige to
prestigio: prestige; spell; fascination
prestigioso: prestigious; influential
presto: ready; quick; prepared; promptly; quickly; soon
presumible: probable; presumable; likely
presumido: vain; conceited
presumir: to presume; to conjecture; to suspect; to be vain or conceited; to boast; to brag; to show off
presunción: assumption; vanity; boasting; conceit; presumption
presunto: alleged; suspected; supposed; presumed
presuntuoso: conceited; self-satisfied; presumptuous; pretentious
presuponer: to presuppose; to budget; to form an estimate of
presuposición: presupposition
presupuestar: to estimate the cost of; to cost; to budget for
presupuestario: budgetary; budget
presupuesto: budget; estimate; assumption; reason; pretext; presupposed; presupposition; presuponer
presuroso: hasty; prompt; hurried; swift
prêt-a-porter: off-the-peg clothing
pretencioso: pretentious; showy
pretender: to pretend to; to seek; to claim; to solicit; to court; to seek in marriage; to try to; to intend; to mean; to purport; to aim; to allege; to lay claim to
pretendido: supposed
pretendiente: pretender; claimant; office seeker; suitor; wooer; candidate; applicant; aspiring
pretensión: aim; intention; aspiration; claim; pretension; pretense; demand
pretérito: olden; past; bygone; preterit
pretextar: to use as an excuse; to pretext
pretexto: pretext; cover; excuse
pretil: parapet; railing
pretor: pretor; praetor
prevalecer: to prevail; to take root; to thrive
prevaler: to prevail
prevalerse de: to avail oneself of; to take advantage of
prevaricación: act of injustice or breach of faith committed by a public officer; deliberate neglect of legal duty or obligation
prevención: prevention; precaution; foresight; preventive; measure; predisposition; preparation; stock; supply; prejudice; dislike; warning; police station; guardroom
prevenido: ser prevenido: to be cautious; estar prevenido: to be prepared
prevenir: to prepare; to make ready; to anticipate; to foresee; to forestall; to prevent; to avoid; to warn; to caution; to prepossess; to prejudice; más vale prevenir que curar: prevention is better than cure
prevenirse: to take precautions; to prepare; to get ready; to provide oneself
preventivo: preventive; preventative; warning; precautionary
prever: to foresee; to anticipate; to envisage; to plan; to forecast
previniera: prevenir
previo: previous; prior
previó: prever
previsible: foreseeable
previsión: forecast; foresight; prevision; plan; providence
previsor: far-sighted; prudent; foresighted; provident
previsto: planned; foreseen; forecast; prever
prieto: tight; compact; close-fisted; dark; blackish
pima: female cousin; premium; bonus; bounty; sucker; prime; treble
primacía: primacy; supremacy; precedence; priority
primado: primatial; primacy; primate
primadona: prima donna
primar: to give precedence to; to reward
primaria: primary education; elementary education; primary election
primario: primary; basic; chief; first; elementary
primate: primate; personage; worthy
primavera: spring; springtime; cowslip; primrose
primaveral: spring; spring-like; vernal
primer: primero
primera: first; first class; first gear; directly; without warning; prime
primeriza: first-time mother
primerizo: novice; inexperienced; first-time
primero: first; in the first place; rather; sooner; foremost; chief; leading; early; former; prime; raw
primicia: scoop; premiere; first showing; first fruit
primitivo: original; primitive; basic
primo: cousin; gullible person; dupe; sucker; first; prime; excellent; raw
primogénito: first-born
primor: care; skill; excellence of execution; beauty; exquisiteness; lovely thing; delight
primordial: fundamental; primordial
primoroso: exquisite; beautiful
prímula: primula
princesa: princess
principado: principality; principate; primacy; princedom
principal: main; principal; chief; foremost; essential; illustrious; princeps; boss; head; capital; first floor; second floor
príncipe: prince; sovereign; ruler; princeps
principesco: princely
principiante: beginning; novice; tyro; beginner
principio: beginning; commencement; start; source; origin; principle; rule of action; entrée
pringado: dirty; filthy; victim; unlucky person; wretch
pringar: to dirty; to involve; to dip bread in gravy or grease; to stain with grease; to stab; to wound; pringarla: to die; to carry the can
pringarse: to get dirty; to get involved
pringoso: greasy; sticky
pringue: grime; grease; melted fat
prior: prior; preceding
priora: prioress
priorato: priory; priorship; priorate
prioridad: priority
prioritario: most important
prisa: hurry; haste; dispatch; celerity; urgency; rush
prisión: prison; jail; imprisonment; bond; tie; seizure; capture; arrest
prisionero: prisoner; captive
prisma: prism
prismático: prismatic; prismáticos: binoculars; field glasses
prístino: pristine; first; original
privacidad: privacy
privación: deprivation; privation; want; lack; deprival; hardship; forbidding; abridgement
privado: private; privy; forbidden; stunned; unconscious; favourite
privar: to deprive; to prohibit; to forbid; to impede; to stun; to render unconscious; to be in favour; to booze; to drink; to abridge
privarse: to deprive oneself; to become unconscious
privativo: exclusive; privative; peculiar; particular
privatización: privatization
privatizar: to privatize
privilegiado: privileged; outstanding; uncommon; extraordinary
privilegio: privilege; grant; exemption; franchise; patent
por: profit; benefit; advantage
proa: prow; bow; fore; head; nose; de proa a popa: from stem to stern; mascarón de proa: figurehead; castillo de proa: forecastle; viento de proa: headwind; bandera de proa: jack
probabilidad: probability; likelihood; chance; prospect
probable: probable; likely; provable
probado: proved; tired; tested; approved; demonstrated
probador: changing room; fitting room; trier; tester; fitter
probar: to try; to try on; to test; to prove; to taste
probarse: to try; to try on
probeta: test tube; measuring cylinder
problema: problem; trouble; question; conundrum; aggravation; curveball; difficulty; hang-up; hassle; tickler; ahí está el problem: there’s the rub; problemas: aggravation; aggro; sin problemas: trouble-free; smooth
problemática: problems
problemático: problematic; problematical
procacidad: impudence; brazenness; obscenity
procaz: impudent; brazen; obscene
procedencia: origin; source; propriety; accordance with the law
procedente: coming; originating; proceeding; proper; suitable; appropriate; correct
proceder: conduct; behaviour; proceeding; to proceed; to behave; to act; to come; to originate; to be proper or suitable; to start legal proceedings
procedimiento: procedure; method; process; way
procesado: accused; processed; accused; defendant; indicted
procesador: processor
procesamiento: processing; prosecution; indictment; indicting
procesar: to prosecute; to process; to indict; to accuse
procesión: procession; parade
proceso: process; proceedings; processing; lapse of time
proclamación: proclamation; acclamation
proclamar: to proclaim; to acclaim
proclamarse: to be declared
proclive: inclined; disposed; prone
procreación: procreation; breeding
procrear: to procreate; to breed
procurador: attorney; agent; procurator; solicitor; legal administrator in court
procurar: to try; to try to; to endeavour; to see that; to get; to obtain; to manage another's affairs; to act as an agent or attorney; to provide with
prodigalidad: generosity; prodigality; lavishness
prodigar: to lavish; to squander; to give or bestow with profusion
prodigarse: to overexpose oneself; to show oneself in public too often
prodigio: miracle; prodigy; marvel
prodigioso: prodigious; fine; exquisite
pródigo: prodigal; bountiful; lavish; generous; extravagant; spendthrift
producción: production; output; produce; yield
producir: to produce; to give; to yield; to cause; to originate
producirse: to take place; to happen; to occur; to express oneself
productividad: productivity; productiveness
productivo: productive; profitable
producto: product; proceed; yield; profit
productor: producer; productive
productora: production company
produje, produjera: producir
produzco, produzca: producir
proeza: exploit; prowess; feat; stunt; accomplishment
profanación: desecration; profanation
profanador: profaner; profanatory
profanar: to desecrate; to violate; to defile; to profane
profano: secular; lay; profane; irreverent; worldly; immodest
profe: teacher
profecía: prophecy
proferir: to shout; to utter; to give; to speak
profesar: to profess; to have; to entertain; to take vows
profesión: profession; calling; taking of vows
profesional: professional
profesionalidad, profesionalismo: professionalism
profesionalizar: to put on a professional basis
profesor: professor; teacher; lecturer
profesorado: professorate; teachers; teaching staff
profeta: prophet
profético: prophetic; prophetical
profetisa: prophetess
profetizar: to prophesy
profiláctico: prophylactic; condom
prófugo: fugitive; one who absents himself to evade military service; draft dodger
profundidad: depth; profundity; profoundness; deep
profundizar: to deepen; to go deep into; to make deeper; to fathom; to penetrate
profundo: profound; deep; low; profundity; sea; hell; abysmal; abyssal
profusión: profusion; wealth; abundance
profuso: profuse; abundant
progenie: lineage; progeny; descent; parentage
progenitor: father or mother; progenitor; ancestor; progenitores: parents
programa: programme; program; card; syllabus; bill; playbill; schedule; agenda; curriculum; show; telecast; ticket; programa electoral: election manifesto
programación: programming; programmes; programs
programador: programmer; timer
programar: to plan; to programme; to program; to schedule; to set
progre: liberal; progressive
progresar: to progress; to advance; to develop; to forge ahead
progresión: progression; advance
progresista: progressive; liberal
progresivo: progressive
progreso: progress
prohibición: prohibition; banning; forbidding; interdiction; ban
prohibido: prohibited; forbidden
prohibir: to forbid; to prohibit
prohibitivo: prohibitive; forbidding
prohijar: to adopt
prójimo: fellow being; fellow creature; fellow; neighbour
prole: offspring; progeny; issue
prolegómenos: preamble; introduction; prolegomena
proletariado: proletariat; proletariate
proletario: proletarian
proliferación: proliferation
proliferar: to proliferate
prolífico: prolific
prolijidad: long-windedness; wordiness; verbosity; prolixity; minuteness; presentation; neatness
prolijo: long-winded; wordy; verbose; neat; tidy; well-presented; neat; prolix; tedious; minute
prologar: to prologize; to write a prologue to
prólogo: prologue; preface; introduction
prolongación: extension; prolongation; lengthening
prolongado: lengthy; prolonged; prolongated; protracted; extended; long; lingering; oblong
prolongar: to prolong; to extend; to lengthen; to continue; to protract; to produce
prolongarse: to last; to go on; to extend; to continue
promedio: average; middle
promesa: promise; pious offering
prometedor: promising; promiser
prometer: to promise; to betroth; to be promising; to bid fair
prometerse: to be engaged; to become betrothed; to promise oneself
prometido: promised; engaged; fiancé; fiancée; betrothed
prominencia: rise; prominence; elevation; protuberance
prominente: prominent; projecting
promiscuidad: promiscuity
promiscuo: promiscuous; ambiguous
promoción: promotion; advertising; furtherance; advancement; year group; class
promocionar: to promote
promocionarse: to be promoted
promontorio: promontory; headland; height
promotor: promotive; promoter; instigator; furtherer; starter
promover: to promote; to cause; to further; to start; to prefer; to exalt; to raise
promulgar: to promulgate; to enact; to proclaim; to publish
pronombre: pronoun
pronominal: pronominal
pronosticar: to forecast; to predict; to foretell
pronóstico: forecast; prediction; prognosis
prontitud: promptness; promptitude; readiness; dispatch; speed; celerity
pronto: soon; early; urge; prompt; impulse; bad temper; de pronto: suddenly
prontuario: criminal record; memorandum book; handbook
pronunciación: pronunciation
pronunciado: pronounced
pronunciamiento: military uprising; pronunciamiento; item
pronunciar: to pronounce; to utter; to deliver; to make; to pass; to give; to accentuate
pronunciarse: to declare oneself; to pronounce; to rebel
propagación: spread; propagation
propaganda: publicity; advertising; propaganda
propagar: to spread; to propagate
propagarse: to spread; to propagate; to be diffused
propano: propane
propasarse: to go too far; to take advantage; to take undue liberties
propensión: tendency; propensity; predisposition
propenso: prone; inclined; predisposed
propiciar: to cause; to propitiate; to sponsor
propicio: propitious
propiedad: property; ownership; correctness; naturalness; likeness
propietario: owning; proprietary; proprietor; landlord
propina: tip; fee; gratuity; de propina: extra
propinar: to deal; to give; to prescribe
propio: one's own; proper; peculiar; typical; suitable; natural; genuine; same; himself; herself; itself; very like
proponer: to propose; to propound; to move; to nominate; to sponsor; to advance; to put forward; to put to; to proffer
proponerse: to purpose; to plan; to intend; to mean
proporción: proportion; opportunity; occasion; proporciones: size; significance; proportions; dimensions
proporcionado: provided; supplied; well-proportionate; fit; suitable
proporcional: proportional
proporcionar: to provide; to supply; to give; to cause; to proportion; to commensurate; to adapt; to adjust; to afford; to furnish; to lay on; to match
proposición: proposition; proposal; clause; motion; resolution
propósito: purpose; intention; aim; subject; matter in hand; design; meaning; objective; a propósito: on purpose; apropos; feasible; deliberately; sin propósito: purposeless; aimless
propuesta: proposal; proposition; offer; tender; nomination
propuesto: proposed; suggested; proponer:
propugnar: to advocate
propulsar: to propel
propulsión: propulsion
propuse: proponer
prorrata: share; prorate
prórroga: extension; prolongation; extra time; overtime; deferral
prorrogar: to extend; to prolong; to postpone; to put off
prorrumpir: to break forth; to burst out
prosa: prose; verbiage
prosaico: prosaic; mundane
proscenio: proscenium
proscribir: to proscribe; to ban; to exile; to send into exile
proscrito: banned; exiled; exile; criminal; outlaw; proscribir
proseguir: to continue; to carry on
prosigo: proseguir
prospección: prospecting
prospecto: prospectus; leaflet; flyer; patient information leaflet
prosperar: to prosper; to thrive; to be successful
prosperidad: prosperity; affluence; weal; florish
próspero: prosperous
próstata: prostate
prostíbulo: brothel
prostitución: prostitution
prostituir: to prostitute
prostituirse: to prostitute oneself
prostituta: prostitute; harlot
protagonismo: importance; significance
protagonista: main character; protagonist; hero; heroine
protagonizar: to star in; to play the lead in; to dominate
protección: protection; aegis; pratonage; refuge; safety
proteccionismo: protectionism
proteccionista: protectionist
protector: protective; protecting; protector; patron; gumshield
protectorado: protectorate
proteger: to protect; to act as patron to
protegerse: to protect oneself
protegido: protected; protégé
proteína: protein; proteid
protejo: proteger
prótesis: prosthesis; prothesis; artificial limb
protesta: protest; protestation; remonstrance
protestante: Protestant; protesting
protestantismo: Protestantism
protestar: to protest; to affirm solemnly
protestón: complaining; moaning; complainer; moaner
protocolo: protocol; diplomatic or Court ceremonial rules
protón: proton
prototipo: prototype; archetype
protozoo: protozoan
protuberancia: protuberance; protrusion
provecho: advantage; benefit; good; profit; gain; utility; progress; advancement
provechoso: useful; beneficial; profitable; good; advantageous
proveedor: supplier; furnisher; purveyor
proveer: to provide; to supply; to furnish; to purvey; to decide; to accommodate
proveerse: to provide oneself
proveniente: coming; originating; arising
provenir: to come; to originate; to arise; to accrue
Provenza: Provence
provenzal: Provençal
proverbial: proverbial
proverbio: proverb; adage; saying
providencia: providence; forethought; provision; step; measure
providencial: providential
providente, próvido: provident
provincia: province
provincial: provincial
provincialismo: provincialism; dialect word
provincianismo: provincialism
provinciano: provincial; country; Basque
proviniente de: coming from; arising out of
provisión: provision; supply; stock; step; measure
provisional: provisional; temporary; interim
provisionalidad: provisional nature; temporary character
provisionar: to cover; to make bad-debt provision for
provisorio: provisional; temporary
provista: provisions; supply
provisto: provided; equipped; stocked; supplied
provocación: provocation; induction
provocador: provoking; provoker; troublemaker; provocative
provocar: to provoke; to incite; to dare; to challenge; to cause; to bring about; to stir up; to induce; to tease; to rouse; to tempt; to invite; to like
provocativo: provocative; inciting; daring; immodest; inviting
proxeneta: go-between; procurer; procuress; pimp
proxenetismo: procuring
próximamente: soon; before long; shortly
proximidad: nearness; proximity; vicinity; closeness
próximo: next; soon; near; neighbouring; proximate; close
proyección: showing; projecting; slide; transparency; hold; sway; influence
proyeccionista: projectionist
proyectar: to project; to throw; to cast; to emit; to give out; to show; to plan; to intend; to design
proyectarse: to be cast; to fall
proyectil: projectile; missile
proyecto: plan; project; designs; proyecto de ley: bill
proyector: projector; searchlight; spotlight
prudencia: prudence; good sense; caution; care; moderation; restraint
prudencial: reasonable; prudential
prudente: sensible; prudent; careful; cautious
prueba: proof; demonstration; evidence; sign; mark; token; test; trial; probation; tasting; sampling; sample; fitting; ordeal; trial; temptation; match; competition; event
pruebo, pruebe: probar
prurito: itching; pruritus; eagerness; desire; obsession
prusiano: Prussian
psicoanálisis: psychoanalysis
psicoanalista: psychoanalyst
psicoanalítico: psychoanalytical
psicoanalizar: psychoanalyze
psicodélico: psychedelic
psicología: psychology
psicológico: psychological
psicólogo: psychologist
psicópata: psychopath
psicopatía: psychopathy
psicosis: psychosis
psicosomático: psychosomatic
psicoterapeuta: psychotherapist
psicoterapia: psychotherapy
psique: psyche
psiquiatra: psychiatrist; psychiater
psiquiatría: psychiatry
psiquiátrico: psychiatric; psychiatric hospital
psíquico: mental; psychic; psychical
púa: thorn; barb; spine; prong; thine; quill; tooth; graft; scion; plectrum; crafty person
pub: pub
pubertad: puberty
pubis: pubis; pubes
publicación: publication; publishing
publicar: to publish; to issue; to cause to appear; to make known; to broadcast
publicidad: publicity; advertising; advertisement; plug
publicista: advertising executive; publicist
publicitario: advertising; publicity
público: public; generally known; audience
pucherazo: election rigging
puchero: cooking pot; food; sustenance; pout
pucho: butt; cigarette
pude, pudiera: poder
púdico: modest; chaste
pudiente: rich; wealthy; well off
pudín: pudding
pudor: shame; embarrassment; modesty; chastity; pudency
pudoroso: modest; bashful; chaste
pudrir: to putrefy; to rot; to corrupt
pudrirse: to rot; to go rotten; to putrefy; to languish; to fret; to worry
pueblerino: country; countrified; belonging to a village
pueblo: village; town; settlement; common people; nation; people
puedo, pueda: poder
puente: bridge; tailpiece; long weekend; gun-carrying deck
puenting: bungee jumping
puerco: pig; hog; sow; swine; dirty; awful; filthy; slovenly; sluttish; piggish; hoggish; base; mean; puerco espín: porcupine
puercoespín: porcupine
puericultor: childcare specialist
puericultura: childcare; puericulture
pueril: childish; puerile
puerro: leek
puerta: door; doorway; gate; entrance; access
puerto: port; harbour; harbor; haven; refuge; mountain pass
puertorriqueño: Puerto Rican
pues: since; as; therefore; because; for; then; well; yes; so; certainly; indeed
puesta: set; setting; stake; laying; puesta de sol: sunset; puesta de largo: coming out; puesta a punto: tuning; puesta en escena: staging; puesta en marcha: starting-up
puesto: placed; put; set; laid; dressed; attired; smart; able; place; post; puesto que: as; since
puf: pouffe; ugh!; phew
púgil: boxer; pugilist; prize fighter
pugilístico: boxing
pugna: struggle; fight; strife; conflict; opposition; clashing
pugnar: to fight; to struggle; to strive
puja: bidding; bid; offer; push; effort
pujante: vigorous; thriving; puissant; powerful; strong
pujanza: vigour; vigor; puissance; might; strength
pujar: to bid; to struggle; to push; to raise; to falter; to grove for words; to pout; to snivel
pulcro: neat and tidy; careful; cleanly; honest
pulga: flea; tener malas pulgas: to be very bad-tempered
pulgada: inch
pulgar: thumb
Pulgarcito: Tom Thumb
pulgón: plant louse; aphid
pulgoso: flea-ridden
pulido: polished; beautiful; pretty; clean; neat; polish
pulimentar: to polish; to burnish
pulimento: polish; gloss
pulir: to polish; to burnish; to furbish; to adorn; to beautify; to improve; to polish up; to steal; to blow; to spend
pulirse: to beautify oneself; to blow; to spend
pulla: jibe; dig; quip; innuendo; repartee
pullover: pullover
pulmón: lung
pulmonar: pulmonary; lung
pulmonía: pneumonia
pulóver: pullover
pulpa: pulp
pulpería: grocery; general store
pulpero: grocer
púlpito: pulpit
pulpo: octopus; cuttlefish
pulque: Mexican fermented drink
pulsación: pulse; pulsation; beat; touch; striking; fingering; keystroke
pulsador: button; push button; feeler
pulsar: to press; to push; to sound; to examine; to strike; to finger; to play; to pulsate; to beat; to throb; to sound out
pulsera: bracelet; wristlet; watch strap; wrist bandage; side lock of hair
pulso: pulse; steady hand; struggle; care; tact; a pulso: freehand; with the strength of the hand
pulular: to swarm; to teem; to pullulate
pulverizador: spray; atomizer; sprayer; pulverizing
pulverizar: to pulverize; to smash to bits; to crush to pieces; to crush; to spray; to atomize
pum: bang
puma: puma; cougar
pumba: crash
puna: arid table-land in the Andes; mountain sickness
pundonor: dignity; honour; self-respect
punga: pickpocket
punguista: pickpocket
púnico: Punic
punitivo: punitive
punk: punk
punta: point; tip; end; nib; head; nail; point; headland; apex; top; butt; stump; stub; horn; tine; trace; streak; tinge; somewhat; sacar punta: to sharpen
puntada: stitch; hint; stabbing pain
puntaje: score
puntal: prop; stanchion; anchorman; snack; stay; support; depth of hold
puntapié: kick
puntear: to pluck; to dot; to stipple; to sew; to stitch; to tack
puntera: toecap; cap; new toe on stockings
puntería: aim; aiming; pointing; marksmanship
puntero: leading; pointer; chisel; leader
puntiagudo: pointed; sharp; sharp-pointed
puntilla: lace edging; bullfighter's dagger; nail; de puntillas: on one's tiptoe
puntilloso: touchy; punctilious
punto: point; dot; period; stop; mark; nib; front sight; stitch; loop; knitwork; break; punch hole; place; spot; cabstand; minute part; moment; instant; degree; extent; aim; purpose; ace; punto final: full stop; punto y coma: semicolon; dos puntos: colon; al punto: immediately; punto por punto: in detail; a punto: opportunely; ready; en punto: exactly; sharp; estar a punto: to be about; punto cardinal: airt; cardinal point
puntuación: punctuation; score
puntual: punctual; detailed; specific; certain; sure; suitable
puntualidad: punctuality; punctual habits
puntualizar: to specify; to detail; to clarify; to finish; to perfect
puntuar: to punctuate; to mark; to point; to score
punzada: stabbing pain; prick; puncture; sting; stitch; pang
punzante: sharp; prickling; piercing; shooting; cutting; biting; caustic
punzar: to prick; to pierce; to puncture; to sting; to give a shooting pain; to bother; to annoy
punzón: punch; puncheon; awl; bradawl; pick; bodkin; counterdie; graver; burin; stamp
puñado: handful; fistful; a lot
puñal: dagger; poniard
puñalada: stab; blow; puñalada trapera: stab in the back
puñeta: pain; nuisance; vete a hacer puñetas: get lost
puñetazo: punch; cuff; blow with the fist
puñetero: damned; wretched; difficult; picky; fussy; nasty
puño: fist; cuff; wristband; hilt; handle; hand; handwriting; grasp; head of a cane
pupa: cold sore; eruption in the lips; child's word to express pain; pupa
pupila: pupil; ward; woman boarder
pupilo: pupil; ward; boarder
pupitre: writing desk; school desk
purasangre: thoroughbred
puré: purée; puré de patatas: mashed potatoes
pureza: purity; virginity
purga: purgative; purge; physic; drains
purgante: purgative; purging; expiating
purgar: to purge; to censor; to physic; to purify; to cleanse; to expiate; to pay for; to bleed
purgarse: to take a purgative
purgatorio: purgatory
purificación: purification; purifying
purificar: to purify; to cleanse
purificarse: to purify; to cleanse oneself
purista: purist
puritanismo: puritanism
puritano: puritan; puritanical; puritanic
puro: pure; solid; identical; cigar
púrpura: purple; murex; purpura
purpurina: purpurin; glitter; bronze powder
purria: low life
purulento: purulent
pus: pus
puse: poner
pusilánime: fearful; timorous; pusillanimous
pústula: pustule
puta: whore; harlot; strumpet
putativo: putative
putrefacción: putrefaction; rotting
putrefacto: putrid; rotten
putridez: putridity
pútrido: putrid; rotten
puya: goad iron or head; tip of picador's lance
puyazo: jab; jibe
puzzle: jigsaw

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