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zacate: hay; fodder; grass; scourer
zafado: cheeky; forward; impudent
zafaduría: nerve; cheek
zafarrancho: clearing of the decks; mess; row; shindy; breaking; destruction; zafarrancho de combate: call to action stations
zafarse: to escape; to come untied or undone; to dislocate
zafio: rough; uncouth; course; clumsy; rustic; ignorant
zafiro: sapphire
zafra: oil container; drip pan; sugar harvest; sugar-making season; rubbish
zaga: defence; rear; back part; load in the rear of a carriage
zagal: lad; youth; girl; shepherd; assistant of the driver of a stagecoach; underskirt
zaguán: hall; hallway; entry; entrance-hall; vestibule
zaguero: back; rear; hind; lagging behind; backstop
zaherir: to hurt; to humiliate; to taunt; to blame; to upbraid
zahones: chaps
zahorí: clairvoyant; water diviner; perspicacious person
zahúrda: pigsty; pigpen
zaíno: insincere; false; treacherous; bay; black; dark-chestnut; vicious
Zaire: Zaire
zaireño: Zairean
zalamería: flattery; blandishment; cajolery
zalamero: flatterer; smooth talker; caresser; cajoler; honeyed; caressing; flattering
zalema: flattery; bow; curtsy; salaam
zamacuco: sly and crafty devil; dolt; blockhead; drunk; drunken fit
zamarra: sheepskin jacket
zamba: popular dance from Argentina and Uruguay
Zambia: Zambia
zambiano: Zambian
zambo: knock-kneed person; born of an Indian and a Negro
zambomba: drum-type instrument; wow
zambombazo: thump; explosion; bang
zambra: type of gypsy dance; noise; racket; merrymaking
zambullida: dive; plunge; ducking
zambullir: to dip; to submerge; to dive; to plunge; to duck
zambullirse: to dive; to immerse oneself; to go underwater; to be engrossed; to immerse oneself; to dive; to hide
zamorano: inhabitant of Zamora
zampabollos: glutton; greedy guts
zampar: to gobble up; to stuff oneself
zamparse: to wolf down; to gobble up
zampatortas: glutton; greedy guts; boor; rustic
zampoña: panpipes; rustic flute; reed pipe
zanahoria: carrot
zanca: leg; shank; string; stringboard
zancada: long stride
zancadilla: trip; obstacle; snare; poner la zancadilla: to strip up
zancadillear: to trip up
zanco: stilt
zancudo: long-legged; mosquito; wading; wader; wading bird
zanganear: to laze around; to drone; to idle; to loaf
zángano: drone; lazy; lazybones; oaf; idler; loafer
zanguango: idler; lazy person; slothful
zanja: ditch; trench
zanjar: to put an end to; to settle; to resolve; to obviate; to surmount; to dig ditches or trenches
zanquilargo: long-legged; long-shanked
zapa: trench; trenching; sap; spade; shagreen; sharkskin
zapador: zapper; sapper
zapallo: courgette
zapata: shoe; brake shoe; buskin; half-boot; bolster; false keel
zapatazo: stamp; kick; thump; thud; whack; large shoe; flap
zapateado: type of flamenco music and dance
zapatear: to stamp one's feet; to strike with the shoe; to tap with the feet; to ill-treat; to flap
zapatería: shoemaking; shoemaker's; shoe shop
zapatero: shoemaker; cobbler; shoe cupboard; water skipper; water strider; hard; poorly cooked; stale
zapatiesta: fuss; rumpus
zapatilla: shoe; pump; slipper; sports shoe; trainer; washer; leather button
zapato: shoe; low shoe
zapote: sapodilla; sapote; naseberry
zapping: channel-hopping
zar: tzar; czar
zarabanda: saraband; bustle; commotion; noise
Zaragoza: Saragossa
zaragozano: inhabitant of Zaragoza
zarandaja: trifle; unimportant thing
zarandear: to shake; to stir; to move to and fro; to jostle; to knock about; to shove around; to sift; to winnow; to strain; to harass; to overwork
zarapito: curlew
zarcillo: earring; eardrop; tendril; weeding hoe
zarigüeya: opossum
zarina: tsarina; czarina
zarismo: tzarism
zarpa: claw; paw; hand; weighing anchor; footing
zarpar: to weight anchor; to set sail
zarpazo: clawing; blow with a paw
zarrapastroso: scruffy; ragged; scruff; tattered; shabby; slovenly; dirty; tramp; ragamuffin; slut
zarza: bramble; blackberry bush
zarzal: bramble patch; blackberry patch; brambles
zarzamora: blackberry; blackberry bush; brambleberry
zarzaparrilla: sarsaparilla
zarzuela: zarzuela; type of light opera; fish and seafood dish
zas: bang; wham
zascandil: good-for-nothing; busybody
zascandilear: to fuss about; to meddle
zen: Zen
zenit: zenith
zepelín: zeppelin
zigzag: zigzag
zigzaguear: to zigzag
Zimbabue: Zimbabwe
zimbabuense: Zimbabwean
zinc: zinc
zíper: zip
zipizape: row; shindy; scuffle
zócalo: skirting board; plinth; baseboard; main square; socle; dado
zoco: souk; Arabian market; clog; wooden shoe; socle
zodiaco, zodíaco: zodiac
zombi, zombie: zombie
zona: zone; area; belt; region; zoster; shingles
zoncear: to fool about
zonzo: dim-witted; stupid; dimwit; insipid; silly; simpleton
zoo: zoo
zoología: zoology
zoológico: zoo; zoological; zoologic
zoólogo: zoologist
zoom: zoom lens
zopenco: nitwit; dopey; daft; dumb; idiot; dope; doltish; block-headed; dolt; blockhead
zopilote: vulture; turkey buzzard
zoquete: ankle sock; blockhead; dense; thick; block; chunk; short, fat and ugly fellow
zorcico: Basque dance and music
zorra: vixen; prostitute; tart; drunk; drunkenness; truck; dray
zorrillo: skunk
zorrino: skunk
zorro: fox; cunning; astute; crafty; duster
zorzal: thrush; fieldfare; sly feloow; simpleton
zote: dim-witted; idiot; dimwit; dull; ignorant; dolt; blockhead
zozobra: anxiety; worry; uneasiness
zozobrar: to be shipwrecked; to fall through; to founder; to capsize; to go under; to fail
zueco: clog; sabot; wooden shoe
zulo: hideout
zulú: Zulu
zumba: joke; banter; chaff; mockery; beating; bell worn by a leading mule or ox; bull-roarer
zumbado: crazy; nuts
zumbar: to buzz; to whirr; to hum; to drone; to whizz; to ring; to deal; to deliver; to thump; to belt
zumbarse: to make fun
zumbido: buzz; hum; drone; whizz; buzzing; whirr; whirring; ringing; ping; blow; box; smack
zumbón: joking; teasing; bantering; rallying; mocking; joker; jester; wag
zumo: juice; profit; advantage
zurcido: darn; mend; darned; darning; fine-drawing
zurcir: to darn; to mend; to fine-draw; to join; to unite; to make a tissue of lies
zurda: left hand; left leg
zurdazo: left-handed punch; shot with the left foot
zurdo: left; left-handed
zurra: beating; drubbing; hiding; currying; dressing
zurrar: to beat; to drub; to spank; to thrash; to wallop; to curry; to dress
zurriagazo: lash with whip
zurriago: whip; lash
zurrón: pouch; game bag; leather bag; husk
zutano: so-and-so; what's-his-name

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