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sábado: Saturday; Sabbath
sábalo: shad
sabana: savannah; savanna
sábana: sheet; altarcloth
sabandija: worm; bug; insect; creepy-crawler creature; wretch; louse
sabanear: to catch; to flatter; to pursue; to chase; to travel across a plain
sabanero: savanna; savanna dweller; bully; thug
sabanilla: small sheet or piece of linen; outer altar cloth; bedspread
sabañón: chilblain; louse; rat; vermin; vile person; nasty insect or reptile; creepy-crawler
sabañón: chilblain
sabara: light mist; haze
sabatario: sabbatarian
sabateño: boundary stone
sabático: sabbatical; Saturday
sabatina: Saturday office
sabatino: pertaining to Saturday
sabedor: knowing; informed
sabeísmo: Sabaism
sabelotodo: know-it-all; smart-aleck; smartass; smarty
saber: knowledge; acquirements; learning; information; wit; wist; to know; to learn; to hear; to find out; to ken; to be able; to know how; to know about; to be learned; to be informed; to taste of; a saber: namely; viz; saber popular: lore
sabichoso: know-all
sabidillo: pedant; know-it-all
sabido: well-known; known; learned; lively; mischievous; saucy; como es bien sabido: as everybody knows
sabiduría: knowledge; learning; wisdom; sapience; sageness
sabiendas: a sabiendas: knowingly; consciously; on purpose
sabihondo, sabiondo: know-all; know-it-all; wiseacre; pedantic
sabina: savin
sabino: roan; Sabine
sabio: wise; learned; trained; knowing; sapient; sage; skilled; skilful; sensible; scholar; scientist
sablazo: blow with a sabre; scrounging; sponging
sable: sabre; saber; cutlass; sable
sablear: to scrounge money from
sablista: sponger; one who asks for petty loans of money; cadger
sablón: coarse sand
saboga: shad
sabogal: net for catching shad
sabor: taste; flavour; flavor; relish; savour; sapor
saborcillo: slight taste
saborear: to savour; to savor; to enjoy; to relish; to allure; to entice
saborete: slight taste
saborizante: flavouring
sabotaje: sabotage
saboteador: saboteur
sabotear: to sabotage
Saboya: Savoy
saboyano: Savoyard; of Savoy
sabre: saber
sabrosera: tasty thing; titbit
sabroso: tasty; delicious; savoury; palatable; tidy; considerable; interesting; pleasant; delightful; talkative
sabrosón: tasty; catchy; cool; terrific; gorgeous; fantastic; talkative
sabucal: grove of elders
sabuco: elder
sabueso: bloodhound; hound; sleuth; tracer
sabugal: grove of elders
sabuloso: sabulous
saburra: saburra; coat in the tongue; fur
saburroso: saburral; coated tongue; furred
saca: sack; mailbag; mailsack; extraction; exportation; taking out; withdrawal
sacabalas: bullet screw
sacabocados: hollow punch; ticket punch
sacabotas: bootjack
sacabuche: sackbut
sacabullas: bouncer
sacaclavos: nail-puller; pincers
sacacorchos: corkscrew
sacacuartos: swindler; scrounger
sacada: extraction
sacadineros: swindler; scrounger; catchpenny
sacador: server
sacadura: extraction
sacafaltas: faultfinder
sacamanchas: cleaning material; stain remover
sacamiento: taking out; drawing out
sacamuelas: dentist; tooth puller; charlatan; quack
sacanete: lansquenet
sacaniguas: squib; Chinese cracker
sacaperras: swindler; scrounger; slot; gambling
sacapuntas: pencil sharpener
sacar: to take out; to draw; to draw out; to pull out; to extract; to except; to exclude; to withdraw; to retire; to stick out; to get; to obtain; to derive; to elicit; to produce; to bring out; to show; to exhibit; to do; to finish; to gather; to understand; to come to; to get; to buy; to let out; to let down; to throw in; to serve; to publish; to bring out; to invent; to produce; sacar adelante: to bring up; to make a go of; sacar de quicio: to exasperate
sacarse: to get; to be obtained; to take off
sacarímetro: saccharimeter
sacarina: saccharin; saccharine
sacarino: saccharine
sacarosa: saccharose; sucrose
sacasillas: stage hand
sacatín: still
sacatrapos: wormer; wad hook
sacerdocio: priesthood
sacerdotal: priestly; sacerdotal
sacerdote: priest
sacerdotisa: priestess
sácere: maple
saciado: sated; steeped in; saturated in; full of
saciar: to quench; to satisfy; to slake; to satiate; to sate; to appease
saciarse: to become satiated or sate
saciedad: satiety; satiation
saco: sack; bag; jacket; cardigan; sac; pillage; plunder; saco de dormir: sleeping bag; entrar a saco: to plunder; to loot
sacón: sneaky; flattering; soapy; nosey; prying
saconear: to flatter; to soap up
saconería: flattery; soft soap; prying
sacra: sacring tablet
sacral: religious; sacral; totemic
sacralización: consecration; canonization
sacralizar: to consecrate; to canonize; to give official approval to; to hold sacred
sacramentado: transubstantiated; having received the last sacraments
sacramental: sacramental; ritual; time-honoured
sacramentar: to transubstantiate; to administer the last sacraments to
sacramento: sacrament
sacratísimo: most sacred or holy
sacre: saker
sacrificador: sacrificer; sacrificing
sacrificado: self-sacrificing
sacrificar: to sacrifice; to put down; to slaughter
sacrificarse: to make sacrifices; to sacrifice oneself; to devote oneself to God
sacrificio: sacrifice
sacrilegio: sacrilege
sacrílego: sacrilegious
sacristán: sacristan; sexton; parish clerk; verger
sacristana: sexton's wife; nun in charge of the sacristy
sacristía: sacristy; vestry; flies; crotch
sacro: holy; sacred; sacral; sacrum
sacrosanto: sacrosant; sacred; most holy
sacuara: bamboo plant
sacudida: shake; toss; jolt; jerk; tremor; shock; sacudida eléctrica: electric shock
sacudido: ill-disposed; unpleasant; intractable; determined
sacudidor: duster
sacudimiento: shake; shaking; jerk; shaking off
sacudir: to shake; to jerk; to jolt; to beat; to drub; to shock; to smack; to wallop; to dust
sacudirse: to shake off
sacudón: violent shake; severe jolt; shake-up; upheaval
sacha: false; sham; bungling; unskilled
sachadura: weeding
sachar: to weed
sacho: weeder; weeding hoe
sáculo: saccule
sádico: sadistic; sadist
sadismo: sadism
sadista: sadist
sado: sadomasoquista
sadoca: sadomasoquista
sadomasoquismo: sadomasochism
sadomasoquista: sadomasochist; sadomasochistic
saduceo: Sadducean; Sadducee
saeta: arrow; dart; hand; needle; pointer; flamenco-style song sung on religious occasions
saetada, saetazo: arrow shot; arrow wound
saetera: loophole
saetero: arrow; pertaining to arrows; archer; bowman; loophole
saetilla: small arrow; hand; pointer; magnetic needle
saetín: millrace; flume; brad
safagina, safajina: uproar; commotion
safari: safari
safena: saphenous
sáfico: Sapphic
safo: hankie; handkerchief
saga: saga; clan; dynasty; family; sorceress
sagacidad: astuteness; shrewdness; sagacity
sagaz: astute; shrewd; sagacious; keen-scented
sagita: part of radius between the middle of an arc and its chord
sagitado: sagittate; sagittated
sagitaria: arrowhead
sagitario: Sagittarius; archer
sagrado: sacred; holy; hallowed; asylum; sanctuary; place of refuge
sagrario: tabernacle; sacrarium; shrine
sagú: sago
Sahara: Sahara
saharaui: Saharan
sahariana: safari jacket
sahariano: Saharan
sahornarse: to get sore or chafed
sahorno: chafe; chafing
sahumador: perfuming pan; clotheshorse
sahumadura: perfuming with incense; aromatic smoke
sahumar: to perfume; to fumigate
sahumerio: perfuming; fumigation; odorous smoke; aromatic burnt as perfumes
saibó, saibor: sideboard
saín: grease; fat; greasiness
sainete: short comedy play; seasoning; sauce; flavour; relish; spice; zest; tidbit; delicacy
sainetero, sainetista: writer of one-act comedies
saíno: wild boar of South America
sajadura: cut; incision
sajar: to make an incision; to lance; to cut open
sajín, sajino: underarm odour; smelly armpits
sajón: Saxon
Sajonia: Saxony; Saxe
sajornar: to pester; to harass
sake: sake; saki
sal: salt; wit; wittiness; charm; grace; salir; sales: smelling salts; bath salts
sala: room; lounge; living room; parlour; ward; hall; auditorium; court; bench; sala de espera: waiting room; sala de estar: lounge; living room
salabardo: scoop net; dip net
salacidad: salacity; lechery; prurience
salacot: topee; topi; pith hat; pith helmet; sun helmet
sala-cuna: day-nursery
saladar: salt marsh; saline ground
saladería: meat-salting plant
saladero: salthouse; salting place
saladito: nibble; snack
salado: salted; salt; salty; briny; savoury; witty; droll; cute; charming; graceful; winsome; unfortunate; unlucky; expensive; pricey
salamanca: cave; grotto; dark place; witchcraft; sorcery
salamandra: salamander; a kind of heating stove
salamandria: tarente
salamanqués: inhabitant of Salamanca
salamanquesa: tarente; lizard; gecko
salame: idiot; thickhead
salami: salami
salangana: salangane; pájaro que abunda en Filipinas y otros países del Extremo Oriente
salar: to salt; to add salt to; to corn; to spoil
salarial: wage; salary
salario: salary; wages; wage
salazón: salting; salted meat or fish; salt-meat business
salchicha: sausage
salchichón: salami-type sausage
saldar: to close; to settle; to sell off; to pay; to put on sale; to liquidate; to sell at reduce prices
saldarse: to produce
saldo: balance; settlement; payment; result; outcome; liquidation; remnant; sale; remainder of goods sold at reduced prices
saldrá, saldré, saldría: salir
saledizo: projecting; ledge; overhang
salero: salt cellar; wit; charm; sparkle
saleroso: sparkling; charming; lively; graceful; winsome
salga, salgo: salir
salicaria: loosestrife
salida: leaving; departure; start; exit; way out; trip; outing; rise; rising; appearance; market; output; opening; prospect; opportunity; solution; excuse; pretext; funny remark; discharge; springing; sprouting; publication; expenditure; end; salient; jut; projection; headway; lead
salido: projecting; sticking out; bulging; on heat; horny
saliente: outgoing; prominent; projecting; projection; jut; prominence; east; sunrise
salina: salt pan; saltworks; salt mine
salinidad: salinity
salino: saline
salir: to go out; to come out; to issue; to sally; to depart; to leave; to set out; to start; to get out; to project; to protrude; to turn out; to rise; to appear; to come through; to come in; to enter; to appear; to spring; to offer; to end; to come off; to shoot; to grow; to come out; to be; to be the first to play; to be drawn; to be elected; to cost; to debouch; to lead; to look alike; to take after; to resemble; salir adelante: to get by; to be successful
salirse: to leave; to leak; to escape; to overflow; to come off; to deviate from; salirse con la suya: to have one's way
salitre: saltpetre; saltpetre; nitre; niter
saliva: saliva; spittle
salival: salivary
salivar: to salivate
salivazo: spit
salmantino: inhabitant of Salamanca
salmo: psalm
salmodia: psalmody; singsong
salmón: salmon; salmon-pink
salmonella: salmonella
salmonelosis: salmonella poisoning
salmonete: red mullet
salmuera: brine; pickle
salobre: brackish; briny; saltish
Salomón: Solomon
salón: living room; sitting room; reception room; function room; assembly room; hall; saloon; show; exhibition
salpicadero: mudguard
salpicadero: instrument panel; dashboard
salpicadura: splashing; spattering; splash; spatter
salpicar: to splash; to spatter; to sprinkle; to intersperse; to read or touch on without order
salpicarse: to splash oneself; to spatter oneself
salpicón: seafood cocktail with onions and tomatoes; salmagundi
salpimentar: to season; with pepper and salt; to spice; to intersperse
salsa: sauce; gravy; dressing; salsa; salsa rosa: cocktail sauce
salsera: sauceboat
saltador: jumper; skipping rope
saltamontes: grasshopper
saltar: to jump; to spring; to leap; to bounce; to spit; to hop; to skip; to spurt; to jet; to shoot up; to fly; to snap; to burst; to break off; to pop off; to explode; to blow up; to jump across; to come out with
saltarse: to ignore; to miss out; to skip; to come out; to come off
saltarín: jumping; dancing; jumper; dancer; frisky; lively; restless; fidgety; feather-brained youth
salteado: random
salteador: highwayman; footpad
saltear: to sauté; to hold up; to rob on the highway; to assault; to attack; to skip; to do desultorily
salterio: psaltery; Psalter; Rosary
saltimbanqui: circus acrobat; juggler; tumbler; mountebank
salto: spring; jump; leap; bound; hop; skip; dive; omission; palpitation; leapfrog
saltón: bulging; prominent; protruding; jumping; small grasshopper
salubre: healthy; salubrious
salud: health; welfare; salvation; cheers; greetings!; hello!; bless you
saludable: healthy; helpful; beneficial; wholesome; salutary
saludar: to say hello to; to greet; to hallo; to salue; to salute; to hail; to acknowledge; to dip; to fire a salute to; to dip the flag to
saludarse: to say hello to each other; to greet each other
saludo: greeting; salutation; salute; salutatory; bow; hail; nod; wave; acknowledgment; obeisance; saludos: compliments; regards
salva: volley; salvo; salutation; welcome; tasting the viands before serving
salvación: salvation; saving; escape; deliverance
salvado: bran
salvador: saving; rescuing; delivering; saviour; rescuer; deliverer; Saviour
salvadoreño: Salvadoran; Salvadorian
salvaguarda: safeguard; protection; security; safe-conduct
salvaguardar: to safeguard
salvaguardia: safeguard; protection; security; safe-conduct
salvajada: atrocity; savagery; brutal action; stupid action
salvaje: savage; wild; uncultivated; cruel; animal; thug; brutish; rude; stupid
salvamanteles: table mat
salvamento: rescue; saving; rescuing; salvage; lifesaving; place of safety
salvar: to save; to rescue; to deliver; to overcome; to salve; to salvage; to go over; to negotiate; to bridge; to clear; to surmount; to cover; to make an exception of
salvarse: to survive; to be saved
salvavidas: life preserver; life belt; guard
salvedad: exception; reservation; qualification
salvia: sage; salvia
salvo: save; saving; excepting; barring; saved; safe; excepted; omitted; a salvo: safe; out of danger
salvoconducto: safe-conduct
samaritano: Samaritan
samario: samarium
samba: samba
sambenito: sanbenito; note of infamy; disgrace
sampán: sampan
samurarái, samuray: samurai
san: saint
sanable: curable; healable
sanar: to cure; to heal; to get better; to recover sickness
sanatorio: sanatorium; sanitarium
sanción: sanction; authorization; ratification of an act of Parliament by the king or the President
sancionar: to penalize; to sanction; to ratify
sancocho: stew made with meat, plantain and yucca
sandalia: sandal
sándalo: sandalwood
sandez: stupidity; silliness; inanity; foolish or stupid act or remark; piece of nonsense
sandía: watermelon
sandío: foolish; stupid; fool
sandwich: sandwich
sandwichera: sandwich toaster
sandwichería: sandwich bar
saneado: healthy; fit; free from charges or deductions
saneamiento: cleaning-up; sanitation; drainage; reparation
sanear: to clean up; to put on a sound footing; to drain; to repair; to improve
sanfermines: festival during which bulls are run through the streets of Pamplona
sangrado: indentation
sangrante: bleeding
sangrar: to bleed; to tap; to indent; to bleed dry; to drain; to open an outlet in
sangre: blood; gore; sangre fría: cold blood; sangfroid; serenity
sangría: bleeding; bloodletting; drain; tap; tapping; indentation; inner pit of the arm opposite to the elbow; sangria
sangriento: bleeding; bloody; bloodthirsty; cruel; savage; gory; sanguinary; blood-red
sanguijuela: leech; bloodsucker
sanguinario: bloodthirsty; cruel; sanguinary
sanguíneo: blood; sanguineous; sanguine
sanguinolento: bleeding; bloody; bloodstained; bloodshot; sanguinolent
sanidad: health; soundness; healthfulness; public health system
sanitario: health; sanitary; paramedic; sanitarios: bathroom fittings
sano: healthy; undamaged; intact; wholesome; hale; fit; healthful; salutary; sound; able-bodied; whole; wise; discreet; sano y salvo: safe and sound; cortar por lo sano: to take drastic measures
sánscrito: Sanskrit
sanseacabó: finished!
santa: female saint; saintly woman; virtuous woman
santacruceño: inhabitant of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
santanderino: inhabitant of Santander
santero: sanctimonious; healer; caretaker of a sanctuary; collector of alms who carries a saint's image
santiagueño: inhabitant of Santiago
santiaguero: inhabitant of Santiago de Cuba
santiagués: inhabitant of Santiago de Compostela
santiagueño: inhabitant of Santiago de Chile
santiamén: en un santiamén: in an instant; in a jiffy; in the twinkling of an eye
santidad: saintliness; sanctity; holiness; godliness
santificación: sanctification
santificar: to sanctify; to keep; to observe; to hallow
santiguar: to make the sign of the cross over; to bless; to cross; to treat sickness superstitiously by signs of the cross
santiguarse: to cross oneself; to make the sign of the cross
santísimo: most holy
santo: holy; sacred; blessed; saint; canonized by the church; saintly; godly; virtuous; fête; fête day; image of a saint; picture; saint's day; irse el santo al cielo: to forget what one was up
santón: leading figure; heavyweight; big man; boss; hypocrite
santónico: wormwood
santoral: calendar of saints' days; the lives of the saints
santuario: sanctuary; sanctum sanctorum
santurrón: sanctimonious
saña: cruelty; rage; fury
sapiencia: wisdom; sapience
sapo: toad
saponaria: soapwort
saque: kickoff; throw-in; service; serve; tener buen saque: to be a big eater
saque: sacar
saqueador: sacker; pillager; plunderer; looter
saquear: to plunder; to sack; to loot; to pillage
saqueo: sacking; sack; pillage; plunder; looting
sarampión: measles
sarao: soirée; evening party; fuss; to-do
sarcasmo: sarcasm
sarcástico: sarcastic; acrimonious; snide
sarcófago: sarcophagus
sardana: Catalan folk dance and music
sardina: sardine
sardinero: sardine; sardine dealer
sardo: Sardinian
sardónico: sardonic
sarga: serge; painted wall fabric; a variety of willow
sargazo: Sargasso; gulfweed
sargenta: battle-axe; bossy woman
sargento: sergeant; bossy person
sari: sari
sarmentoso: gnarled; creeping; sarmentous; vinelike; thin and knotty
sarmiento: shoot; vine shoot
sarna: mange; itch; scabies; sarna con gusto no pica: doing something you enjoy is never a chore
sarnoso: mangy; itchy; scabious
sarong: sarong
sarpullido: rash; fine eruption; flea bites
sarraceno: Saracen
sarro: deposit; limescale; tartar; crust; incrustation; fur; mildew
sarta: string; series
sartén: frying pan; panful; tener la sartén por el mango; to have the upper hand
sartenada: panful; contents of a frying pan
sastra: tailoress; wardrobe mistress
sastre: tailor; tailored
sastrería: tailoring; tailor's trade; tailor's shop
Satán, Satanás: Satan; Satanas; the Devil
satánico: satanic; satanical
satanismo: Satanism
satélite: satellite; follower
satén: satin; sateen
satin: satin; satinwood
satinado: satin-finish
satinar: to give a satin finish to; to satin; to calender; to glaze; to burnish
sátira: satire
satírico: satirical; satiric; satyric; satirist
satirizar: to satirize; to lampoon
sátiro: satyr
satisfacción: satisfaction; confidence; conceit
satisfacer: to satisfy; to meet; to comply with; to answer; to fulfil; to pay off; to settle; to compensate; to accommodate
satisfacerse: to be satisfied; to satisfy oneself
satisfactorio: satisfactory
satisfecho: satisfied; content; vain; conceited; satisfacer
saturación: saturation
saturado: saturated; jam-packed
saturar: to saturate; to satiate
saturarse: to become overloaded; to get jam-packed
Saturno: Saturn
sauce: willow; sauce llorón: weeping willow
saúco: elder
saudí: Saudi
saudita: Saudi
sauna: sauna
savia: sap
saxífraga: saxifrage; sassafras
saxo: sax; saxophonist; saxophone
saxofón: saxophone; saxophonist
saxofonista: saxophonist
saxófono: saxofón
sayo: smock; kind of cassock or loose coat; any garment
sazón: ripeness; maturity; seasoning; season; time; opportunity; taste; favour; a la sazón: then; at that time
sazonar: to season; to flavour; to give zest to; to ripen; to mature
sazonarse: to ripen; to mature
se: himself; herself; his; her; yourselves; themselves; each other
sé: saber; ser
sea: ser
sebáceo: sebaceous
sebo: tallow; suet; fat; grease
secadero: drying shed; drying place
secado: drying
secador: dryer; drier; hairdryer; hand-dryer; drying room
secadora: tumble dryer
secamente: bluntly; curtly
secano: unwatered land; dry land; dry and bank
secante: drying; blotting; secant; drying oil; blotting paper
secar: to dry; to wipe; to desiccate; to parch; to blot; to dry up; to wither; to bore; to annoy
secarse: to dry; to dry oneself; to get dry; to wither; to run dry; to become lean; to be thirsty
sección: department; division; platoon; section; cross-section; cut; column
seccionar: to section; to cut off; to cut
secesión: secession
secesionismo: secessionism
secesionista: secessionist
seco: dry; dried up; juiceless; arid; withered dead; lean; thin; meagre; unadorned; bare; undiluted; strict; curt; short; brusque; hard; unfeeling; sharp
secreción: secretion
secretar: to secrete
secretaria: woman secretary
secretaría: secretary's office; secretaryship; secretariat; ministry; government department
secretariado: secretarial skills; secretariat
secretario: secretary; minister
secreter: writing desk
secreto: secret; confidential; secrecy; soundboard
secta: sect
sectario: sectarian; sectary
sector: sector; group; area
secuaz: minion; henchman; follower
secuela: consequence; sequel; result; aftermath
secuencia: sequence
secuestrador: kidnapper; hijacker
secuestrar: to kidnap; to abduct; to hijack; to seize; to confiscate; to sequester; to sequestrate
secuestro: kidnapping; abduction; hijacking; hijack; seizure; confiscation; sequestration
secular: secular; lay; age-old
secularización: secularization
secularizar: to secularise; to impropriate
secundar: to support; to back up; to second; to aid
secundaria: secondary education; high school
secundario: secondary
secuoya: sequoia
sed: thirst; need for water; dryness; ser; tener sed: to be thirsty
seda: silk; wild boar's bristle
sedal: fishing line; seton; rowel
sedante: sedative; soothing
sedar: to sedate; to soothe; to quit; to allay
sede: headquarters; seat; see; quarters; Santa Sede: the Holy See
sedentario: sedentary
sedente: seated
sedición: sedition
sediento: thirsty; hungry; parched
sedimentación: sedimentation
sedimentar: to deposit
sedimentarse: to settle; to form a sediment
sedimentario: sedimentary
sedimento: sediment; deposit; residue; settlings; lees; dregs
sedoso: silky
seducción: seductiveness; attraction; charm; seduction; seducement
seducir: to attract; to charm; to captivate; to seduce; to tempt; to allure
seductor: charming; seductive; tempting; seducer
sefardí: Sephardic; Sephardi; Sephardim
segador: reaper; harvester; mower; harvestman; daddy-longlegs
segadora: harvester; lawnmower
segar: to reap; to harvest; to mow; to cut; cut off; to cut down; to put an end to
seglar: lay person; lay; secular
segmentar: to segment
segmento: segment; piece
segoviano: inhabitant of Segovia
segregación: segregation; secretion
segregar: to segregate; to secrete
seguida: following; succession; continuation; en seguida: immediately; straight away; at once
seguidilla: traditional Spanish dance; mournful flamenco song
seguido: consecutive; one after the other; continuous; straight after; straight on; direct
seguidor: follower; supporter
seguimiento: following; follow-up; tracking; monitoring; pursue; chase
seguir: to follow; to chase; to pursue; to hunt; to prosecute; to continue; to carry on; to resume; to go on; to be; to do
seguirse: to follow; to ensue; to result
según: according to; depending on; as; just as; según que: depending on wether
segunda: second gear; second class; second division
segundero: second hand
segundo: second; second floor; assistant; mate
seguramente: probably; securely; safely; surely
seguridad: safety; security; certainty; confidence; police service; surety; bond; custody; safe keeping; assurance; Seguridad Social: Social Security
seguro: safe; secure; reliable; sure; definite; certain; convinced; insurance; guarantee; safety device; safety pin; firm; fast; steady; safe conduct; safety lock; click; pawl; stop; for sure; definitely
seis: six; sixth
seiscientos: six hundred
seísmo: earthquake; tremor; seism
selección: selection; recruitment; national team
seleccionador: selector; manager; recruiter; selecting; national team manager
seleccionar: to pick; to select; to choose
selectividad: university entrance examination; selectivity
selectivo: selective
selecto: fine; excellent; exclusive; select; choice; distinguished
selector: selector
selenio: selenium
self-service: self-service restaurant
sellar: to stamp; to seal; to close; to settle; to hallmark
sello: stamp; rubber stamp; seal; hallmark; signet ring; seal ring; cachet
selva: jungle; forest; woods
selvático: jungle; silvan; sylvan; rustic; wild
semáforo: traffic lights; semaphore
semana: week; septenary; week's wages; Semana Santa: Holy Week; Easter
semanal: weekly
semanario: weekly; magazine
semántica: semantics; semasiology
semántico: semantic
semblante: countenance; face; look; mien; expression; aspect
semblanza: portrait; profile; description; biographical sketch
sembrado: sown; field; grain field; cornfield; seed; sembrado de: plagued with; spangled with
sembrador: sower; seeder; seeding machine; sowing machine; seeding; sowing
sembradora: seed drill; planter
sembrar: to sow; to seed; to plant; to scatter; to disseminate; to besprinkle; to bestrew; to strew; to inseminate; to sprinkle; to strew; to instil; to instill; sembrar con sembradora: to drill
semejante: similar; alike; like; akin; resembling; such; of that kind; resemblance; imitation; fellow being
semejanza: resemblance; similarity; similitude
semejar: to resemble; to look like; to be alike
semejarse: to resemble each other; to be like each other
semen: semen; sperm; spunk
semental: stud; stallion; breeding; seeding or sowing
sementera: sowing season; sown field; seeding; sowing; hotbed
semestral: biannual; half-yearly; six-month; six-monthly
semestre: semester; half-year; semestral
semicircular: semicircular
semicírculo: semicircle; half-circle
semicircunferencia: semicircumference
semiconductor: semiconductor
semicorchea: semiquaver; sixteenth note
semifinal: semifinal
semifinalista: semifinalist
semilla: seed; seedling; kernel; pip
semillero: seedbed; nursery; hotbed; cause; seminary
seminario: seminary; seminar
seminarista: seminarian; seminarist; theological student
semiótica: semiotics
semiótico: semiotic
semita: Semitic; Semite
semítico: Semitic
semitono: semitone
sémola: semolina; groats
Sena: Seine
senado: senate; audience
senador: senator
sencillez: simplicity; easiness; plainness; unpretentiousness; naturalness; innocence; informality; naïveté
sencillo: simple; easy; elementary; homely; naïve; unassuming; single; change; one-way ticket; light; of light body; easy; plain; unadorned; natural; unaffected; unpretentious; unsophisticated; artless; straightforward
senda: path; footpath; footwalk; footway; byway; way; lane
senderismo: hiking; walkabout; fell-walking
senderista: hiker
sendero: path; pathway; footpath; byway; way; lane; trail
sendos: one each; one to each or for each
senectud: old age; senility
Senegal: Senegal
senegalés: Senegalese
senescal: seneschal
senil: senile
senilidad: senility
sénior: senior
seno: breast; heart; bosom; lap; the midst; concave; cavity; hollow; womb; sinus; sine; gulf; bay; belly; bight; trough
sensación: feel; feeling; sensation
sensacional: sensational; dramatic; dramatical; lurid; splashy
sensacionalismo: sensationalism
sensacionalista: sensationalist; sensational; yellow; prensa sensacionalista: tabloids
sensatez: good sense; sense; wisdom; sanity; sensibleness; discreetness
sensato: sensible; judicious; wise; reasonable; sane; sober; sound; clear-headed; down-to-earth; level-headed; non-nonsense; rational
sensibilidad: sensitivity; sensitiveness; sense of feeling
sensibilizar: to make aware or conscious; to sensitize
sensibilizarse: to become aware
sensible: sensitive; sentient; sensible; noticeable; appreciable; perceptible; deplorable; regrettable
sensiblería: over-sentimentality; mawkishness
sensiblero: oversentimental; mawkish
sensitivo: sensory; sense; sensitive; sentient
sensorial: sensory
sensual: sensuous; sensual
sensualidad: sensuality; sensuousness
sentada: sit-in; sitting
sentado: seated; sitting; sensible; sedated; judicious; sessile; dar por sentado: to take for granted
sentar: to seat; to sit; to establish; to set; to suit; to become; to fit
sentarse: to sit down
sentencia: maxim; sentence; pithy saying; judgement; decision; award; opinion
sentenciar: to sentence; to pass judgement on; to determine; to decide
sentencioso: sententious
sentido: sense; consciousness; meaning; acceptation; import; effect; point; direction; sensible; felt; experienced; heartfelt; feeling; sensitive; touchy; offended
sentimental: sentimental; sentimentalist
sentimentalismo: sentimentality
sentimiento: sentiment; feeling; sense; grief; sorrow; regret
sentir: sentiment; feeling; view; opinion; to feel; to hear; to notice; to have; to experience; to suffer; to regret; to be or feel sorry; to think; to judge; lo siento: I'm sorry
sentirse: to feel; to view; to opinion
seña: mark; detail; sign; indication; token; gesture; signal; deposit; password; señas: address
señal: sign; mark; token; symptom; landmark; reminder; track; signal; gesture; tone; deposit; earnest; money; image; representation; prodigy; scar; cicatrice; pledge
señalado: marked; highlighted; scarred; marked; fixed; set; important; distinguished; prominent; signal
señalador: bookmark
señalar: to signal; to mark; to emphasize; to underline; to leave a mark on; to scar; to fix; to set; to determine; to assign; to show; to indicate; to point to; to scar
señalarse: to distinguish oneself; to excel
señalización: road signs; signposting
señalizar: to signpost; to indicate
señera: flag of Catalonia
señero: outstanding; alone; solitary; unique; unequalled
señor: gentleman; mister; sir; master; lord; Lord; great; fine; strong; noble; distinguished; not vulgar; gentlemanlike; ladylike
señora: lady; mistress; woman; madam; wife
señorear: to rule; to dominate; to look down on; to control
señoría: dominion; lordship; control; your lordship; your honor; your ladyship; honourable member; Congressman; signory
señorial: stately; noble; lordly; seigniorial; manorial; feudal
señorío: rule; dominion; lordship; control; domain; manor; dignity; distinction; nobility; gentry; gentlefolk; gravity or stateliness of deportment
señorita: young lady; miss; female teacher; title given by servants to a lady or to the lady of the house
señorito: master; young gentleman; title given by servants to a gentleman or to the master of the house; idle young gentleman
señorón: swell; bigwig
señuelo: lure; bait; decoy; enticement
seo: cathedral church
sepa: saber
sépalo: sepal
separación: separation; dismissal; discharge; secession; gap; space
separado: separate; separated; apart
separar: to separate; to dismiss; to discharge; to move away; to put aside
separarse: to split up; to separate
separata: offprint; reprint
separatismo: separatism; secessionism
separatista: separatist
sepelio: burial; interment
sepia: cuttlefish; sepia
septenio: seven-year period; septenary; septenium
septentrional: northern; septentrional
septeto: septet; septuor
septicemia: septicaemia; septicemia; blood poisoning
septiembre: September
séptima: seventh
séptimo: seventh
septuagésimo: seventieth; septuagesimal
sepulcral: sepulchral
sepulcro: tomb; sepulchre; sepulchre; grave; tomb
sepultar: to engulf; to bury; to entomb
sepultura: burial; grave; sepultura
sepulturero: gravedigger; sexton
sequedad: dryness; aridity; curtness; gruffness; surliness
sequía: drought; dry season
séquito: retinue; train; suite; cortege; entourage; group; popularity
ser: being; person; life; existence; to be; to cost; to happen; to lie in; to be made; to belong; to come; to become
serafín: seraph
Serbia: Serbia
serbio: Serbian; Serb
serbocroata: Serbo-Croatian; Serbo-Croat
serenar: to calm; to serene; to pacify; to clear up; to cool water in the night air
serenarse: to calm down; to become calm; to regain one's self-possession
serenata: serenade; serenata
serenidad: calm; serenity; calmness; coolness; self-possession
sereno: calm; serene; cool; self-possessed; fine; clear; cloudless; sober; night watchman; serein; night dew; al sereno: out in the open
serial: serial
serializar: to serialize
serie: series; heat; range; issue; set; de serie: stock; en serie: standardized; mass production
seriedad: seriousness; gravity; earnestness; reliability; reputability; sternness
serigrafía: serigraphy; silk-screen printing
serio: serious; grave; dignified; stern; worried; reliable; solvent; trustworthy; sober; grave; en serio: seriously; in earnest; not kidding
sermón: sermon; lecture; talking-to
sermonear: to lecture; to preach at; to sermonize
serón: esparto basket used for carrying goods on horseback
seropositivo: HIV positive
serpentear: to slither; to twist and turn; to wind; to meander; to serpentine; to wriggle
serpenteo: slithering; twisting and turning; winding; meandering; wriggling
serpentina: streamer; serpentine
serpiente: snake; serpent; serpiente de cascabel: rattlesnake
serrado: serrated; serrate
serraduras: sawdust
serranía: mountain range; mountainous country or region
serrano: mountain; highlander; attractive; mountain dweller; mountaineer
serrar: to saw
serrería: sawmill
serrín: sawdust
serrucho: handsaw
servible: serviceable; usable; in good condition for use
servicial: obliging; helpful; attentive; kind; serviceable; accommodating
servicio: service; serving; duty; favour; accommodation; favor; department; unit; serve; use; benefit; course; chamber pot; domestic staff; servants; set; lavatory; toilet
servidor: servant; server; servitor; un servidor: I
servidumbre: domestic staff; servants; ; servitude; bondage; subjection; inevitable obligation; drawback; burden; compulsion; easement
servil: servile; grovelling; grovelling
servilismo: servility
servilleta: napkin; serviette
servilletero: napkin ring
servir: to serve; to wait; to do for; to answer; to be employed; to help; to accommodate; to deliver; to be useful; to be to be good; to follow suit; to tend; to do a favour to; to attend; to court; to wait upon
servirse: to pour oneself; to help oneself to
servoasistido: servo-assisted
servodirección: power steering
servofreno: servo brake
servomecanismo: servomechanism
servomotor: servomotor
sésamo: sesame
sesear: to pronounce c as s in Spanish
sesenta: sixty; sixtieth
sesentavo: sixtieth
sesentón: sixtyish; person in their sixties; sexagenarian
seseo: pronunciation of c as s in Spanish
sesera: brains; skull; brain pan; the entire brain
sesgado: placed diagonally; slanting; cut on the bias; biased
sesgar: to place diagonally; to slant; to cut on the bias
sesgo: bias; direction; slant; slanting; oblique; biased; cut on the bias; stern-faced; obliquity; mean course; turn of an affair
sesión: session; meeting; showing; sitting; séance; conference; show
seso: brain; sense; intelligence; prudence; judgement
sestear: to take a nap; to have a siesta; to rest in the shade
sesudo: wise; sensible; bright; clever; sage; prudent; judicious
set: set
seta: mushroom; bristle of hog
setecientos: seven hundred; seven hundredth
setenta: seventy; seventieth
setentavo: seventieth
setentón: seventyish; person in their seventies; septuagenarian
setiembre: September
sétimo: séptimo
seto: fence; hedge; enclosure
setter: setter
seudónimo: pseudonym; pen name; pseudonymous
severidad: strictness; severity; harshness; rigour; sternness; austerity
severo: strict; harsh; severe; rigorous; rigid; stern; grim; austere
Sevilla: Seville
sevillanas: traditional music and dance typical of Seville
sevillano: inhabitant of Seville
sexagenario: sexagenarian
sexagesimal: sexagesimal
sexagésimo: sixtieth; sexagesimal
sexenio: six-year period
sexi: sexy
sexismo: sexism
sexista: sexist
sexo: sex; sexual organs
sexta: sixth; sext; sexte
sextante: sextant; sextans
sexteto: sextet
sexto: sixth
sexual: sex; sexual
sexualidad: sexuality
sexy: sexy
sha: Shah
shock: shock
short: shorts
show: show; fuss; scene
showman: showman
sí: yes; himself; herself; oneself; themselves; dar de sí: to stretch
si: if; whether; how; to what extent; when; if only; B; ti; si bien: even though
siamés: Siamese
sibarita: sybaritic; sybarite
Siberia: Siberia
siberiano: Siberian
sicario: hired killer; paid assassin; sicarian
Sicilia: Sicily
siciliano: Sicilian
sicomoro: sycamore
sida: Aids
sidecar: sidecar
siderurgia: iron and steel industry; siderurgy
siderúrgico: iron and steel; siderurgical
Sidney: Sydney
sidra: cider
siega: reaping; harvesting; mowing; harvest; harvest time
siembra: sowing; seeding; sowing time; sown ground
siembro: sembrar
siempre: always; ever; as long as; siempre que: whenever; para siempre: forever; evermore
siempreviva: immortelle; everlasting flower
sien: temple
siento: sentir
sierpe: serpent; snake; ugly-looking person; fierce or angry person; anything that winds or wriggles
sierra: mountain range; jagged mountain-chain; saw; sawfish
sierraleonés: Sierra Leonean
siervo: serf; slave; humble servant; servant
siesta: nap; siesta; hottest part of the day
siete: seven; seventh; V-shaped tear in garment; dog; clamp; siete y media: a card game
sietemesino: two months premature; puny coxcomb
sífilis: syphilis
sifilítico: syphilitic
sifón: U-bend; trap in a pipe; soda siphon; soda water
sigilo: secrecy; stealth; concealment; sealing; stamping
sigiloso: stealthy
sigla: abbreviation; sigla
siglo: century; age; epoch; period; ages; world
signatario: signatory
signatura: catalogue number; catalog number; pressmark; sign; mark; signature
significación: meaning; significance; importance; import
significado: meaning; signification; sense; well-known; prominent
significante: signifier; signifying; significant
significar: to mean; to express; to signify; to matter
significarse: to distinguish oneself; to stand out
significativo: meaningful; expressive; significant; significative; noteworthy
signo: sign; indication; mark; symbol; character; scroll or flourish
sigo: seguir
sigue: seguir
siguiente: following; next; next person; next one
sílaba: syllable
silábico: syllabic
silbar: to whistle; to boo; to whistle at; to hoot; to hiss; to whiz; to catcall
silbato: whistle
silbido: whistle; whistling; hissing; hoot; hooting; whiz
silenciador: silencer; muffler
silenciar: to keep quiet about; to hush up; to silence; to omit
silencio: silence; stillness; quiet; taciturnity; rest
silencioso: quiet; silent; noiseless; still; taciturn
sílfide: sylph
silicato: silicate
sílice: silica
silicio: silicon
silicona: silicone
silla: chair; stroller; pushchair; saddle; see; silla de ruedas: wheelchair
sillar: block if building stone; ashlar; place for the saddle on the back of a horse
sillería: set of chairs; stalls; stonework; ashlar; ashlar masonry; chair making
sillín: seat; light riding saddle
sillón: armchair; easy chair
silo: silo; cavern; dark place
silogismo: syllogism
silueta: silhouette; outline
silvestre: wild; uncultivated; rustic
silvicultor: forestry expert; forester; silviculturist
silvicultura: forestry; silviculture
sima: pothole; chasm; cave; abyss
simbiosis: symbiosis; synthesis
simbiótico: symbiotic
simbólico: symbolic; symbolical
simbolismo: symbolism
simbolizar: to symbolize; to be a symbol of; to typify; to stand for
símbolo: symbol
simetría: symmetry
simétrico: symmetrical; symmetric
simiente: seed; semen; sperm
simiesco: apelike; simian; apish
símil: parallel; simile; comparison; similar
similar: similar; like
similitud: similitude; similarity
simio: ape; simian
simpatía: affection; fondness; liking; favour; sympathy; support; charm; pleasant manner; winsomeness; affinity; friendliness; geniality
simpático: likeable; nice; pleasant; winsome; agreeable; congenial; amusing; entertaining; sympathetic
simpatizante: sympathizer; follower; supporter; favouring; supporting
simpatizar: to get on; to sympathize; to be congenial; to feel a mutual liking
simple: simple; easy; single; ingenious; foolish; innocent; guileless; simpleton; half-wit
simpleza: stupidity; piece of nonsense; silly thing; trifle; silliness; foolishness
simplicidad: simplicity
simplificación: simplification
simplificar: to simplify
simplista: simplistic
simplón: innocent; guileless; simple; half-witted; half-wit; simpleton
simposio: symposium
simulación: pretence; pretense; simulation; feigning
simulacro: exercise; drill; show; pretence; pretense; simulacrum; sham battle
simular: to pretend; to feign; to represent; to simulate; to imitate; to sham; to act; to counterfeit; to cover up
simultáneamente: at the same time
simultanear: to combine; to accomplish or carry out simultaneously
simultáneo: simultaneous
sin: without; besides; without counting; excluding; sin embargo: however; nevertheless
sinagoga: synagogue
sinceramente: sincerely; honestly; frankly
sincerarse: to open up; to excuse; to justify; to exculpate
sinceridad: sincerity
sincero: sincere; above-board
síncope: syncope
sincrónico: synchronic; synchronous
sincronizar: to synchronize
sindical: trade union; labor union; sindical; syndicalistic
sindicalismo: unionism; trade unionism; syndicalism
sindicalista: trade union; labor union; unionist
sindicar: to unionise; to syndicate; to accuse; to denounce
sindicarse: to join a trade union; to form a trade union
sindicato: trade union; labor union; syndicate
síndrome: syndrome
sinfín: great number; endless number; no end; endless amount
sinfonía: symphony
sinfónico: symphonic
Singapur: Singapore
singapurense: Singaporean
singladura: voyage; a day's run
single: single
singular: peculiar; strange; outstanding; singular
singularidad: peculiarity; strangeness; uniqueness; singularity; oddity
singularizar: to distinguish; to set apart; to singularize; to single out; to use in the singular
singularizarse: to stand out; to be distinguished; to distinguish oneself
siniestrado: damaged; burnt-out; gutted
siniestro: evil; sinister; left-hand; left; catastrophe; disaster; casualty; wreck; accident; fire; damage or loss
sinnúmero: great number; no end
sino: destiny; fate; but; except; solely; only
sínodo: synod
sinonimia: synonymy; synonymity
sinónimo: synonymous; synonym
sinopsis: synopsis; summary
sinrazón: unjust act; unreasonable act; injustice; wrong; unreason
sinsabor: heartache; displeasure; worry; trouble; sorrow
sinsentido: absurdity
sinsustancia: shallow idiot; frivolous person
sintáctico: syntactic; syntactical
sintaxis: syntax
síntesis: synthesis; summary
sintético: synthetic; synthetical; brief
sintetizador: synthesizer
sintetizar: to synthesize; to summarize
sintió: sentir
sintoísmo: Shintoism
síntoma: symptom; sign
sintomático: symptomatic
sintonía: theme tune; tuning; syntony; tune; understanding
sintonización: tuning; syntonization
sintonizador: tuner
sintonizar: to tune; to tune in to; to tune in; to syntonize
sinuoso: winding; devious; sinuous
sinusitis: sinusitis
sinvergonzón: rascal
sinvergüenza: rotten; crooked; cheeky; nervy; crook; cheeky devil; nervy person; brazen; barefaced; shameless person; rascal; scoundrel
sinvivir: unbearable situation
sionismo: Zionism
sionista: Zionist
siquiera: at least; even; although; though; even if; as much as
sirena: siren; mermaid; foghorn
sirga: rope; towrope; towline; line for hauling nets
Siria: Syria
sirimiri: persistent drizzle
sirio: Syrian
siroco: sirocco
sirviente: servant; domestic; manservant; serving; servient
sirvo, sirva, sirviera, sirviere: servir
sisa: pilfering; filching; armhole; dart; armscye; size
sisar: to cheat; to pilfer; to filch; to cut darts or armscyes in a garment; to size
sisear: to hiss
siseo: hiss; hissing
sísmico: seismic
sismógrafo: seismograph
sismología: seismology
sistema: system; method; way
sistemático: systematic; methodical
sistematizar: to systematize
sístole: systole
sitiar: to besiege; to lay siege to; to put pressure on; to surround; to hem in
sitio: room; space; seat; place; spot; location; site; stand; station; accommodation; villa; siege
sito: situated; located; lying
situación: location; situation; placing; state; condition; position;
situado: located; situated
situar: to place; to put; to find; to locate; to situate
situarse: to place oneself; to position oneself; to achieve a good position
skai, skay: imitation leather
slálom: slalom
slip: underpants; shorts
smog: smog
smoking: dinner jacket; tuxedo
so: under; emphatic word used with depreciatory adjectives; whoa
soba: thrashing; drubbing; pawing; kneading
sobaco: armpit; axilla; axil
sobado: worn; dog-eared; type of bun or cake
sobar: to handle; to touch; to thrash; to beat; to drub; to put back; to massage; to knead; to rub; to soften; to paw; to vex; to annoy; to flatter; to sleep
soberanía: sovereignty; rule; sway; haughtiness
soberano: sovereign; superb; very good; great; tremendous
soberbia: pride; arrogance; haughtiness; magnificence
soberbio: arrogant; high and mighty; proud; haughty; dashing; magnificent; superb; fiery
sobornable: bribable
sobornar: to bribe; to suborn
soborno: bribery; bribe; subornation
sobra: surplus; sobras: leftovers; leavings; de sobra: more than enough; extra; spare; plenty; too well
sobrado: plenty off; more than enough; excessive; rich; having in abundance; attic; garret
sobrante: remaining; leftover; surplus
sobrar: to remain; to be left over; to be in excess; to be superfluous; to be in the way
sobrasada: spreadable spicy pork sausage typical of the Balearic Islands
sobre: envelope; packet; sachet; bed; sack; on; upon; over; above; about; concerning; after; upon; later; to; toward; in addition to; near; sobre todo: above all
sobrealimentación: overfeeding
sobrealimentar: to overfeed; to supercharge
sobrecarga: overload; extra load; overburden; additional trouble; surcharge
sobrecargar: to overload; to overburden; to overcharge; to surcharge; to fell
sobrecargo: purser; head of the cabin crew; supercargo
sobrecogedor: frightening; terrifying; shocking; awesome
sobrecoger: to terrify; to shock; to fill with awe; to surprise; to take unaware
sobrecogerse: to be terrified; to be shocked
sobrecubierta: jacket of a book; double cover or wrapping
sobredosis: overdose
sobreentenderse: to be understood
sobreestimar: to overestimate
sobrehumano: superhuman
sobreimpresión: superimposition
sobrellevar: to bear; to endure; to suffer with patience; to overlook; to be lenient about; to ease another's burden
sobremanera: greatly; exceedingly; beyond measure
sobremesa: table cover; sitting at the table after eating
sobrenatural: supernatural
sobrenombre: nickname; surname
sobrentender: to understand something not expressed
sobrentenderse: to be understood; to go without saying
sobrepasar: to exceed; to be over; to go beyond
sobrepeso: excess weight; extra weight
sobreponer: to superimpose; to put over or upon; to superpose
sobreponerse: to overcome; to master
sobrepuesto: superimposed; superposed; appliqué; sobreponer
sobresaliente: outstanding; mark above 85%; projecting; surpassing; outstanding; remarkable; understudy; substitute
sobresalir: to jut out; to project; to stand out; to excel; to distinguish oneself
sobresaltar: to startle; to alarm; to assail suddenly; to be striking
sobresaltarse: to be startled; to start
sobresalto: start; jump; startle; shock; sudden alarm
sobrestimar: to overestimate
sobresueldo: extra money; extra wages
sobretodo: overcoat; coat
sobrevalorar: to overvalue
sobrevenir: to follow; to supervene; to come; to happen; to come unexpectedly
sobreviviente: survivor; surviving
sobrevivir: to survive; to outlive
sobrevolar: to fly over
sobriedad: soberness; sobriety; frugality; moderation
sobrina: niece
sobrino: nephew
sobrio: restrained; moderate; sober; temperate; frugal; abstemious
socarrón: mocking; sarcastic; mocker; sly; cunning
socarronería: mockery; sarcasm; slyness; cunning; artfulness
socavar: to dig under; to undermine; to weaken
socavón: large hole; cave; cavern; adit
sociable: sociable; companionable
social: social
socialdemocracia: social democracy
socialdemócrata: social democrat
socialdemocrático: social democratic
socialismo: socialism
socialista: socialist; socialistic
socialización: nationalization
socializar: to nationalize; to socialize
sociedad: society; association; union; club; company; corporation; partnership
socio: member; fellow; guy; season ticket holder; partner; buddy; pal
socioeconómico: socio-economic
sociología: sociology
sociológico: sociological
sociólogo: sociologist
sociopolítico: socio-political
socorrer: to help; to aid; to assist; to succour
socorrido: convenient; handy; useful; trite; hackneyed; ready to help
socorrismo: life-saving
socorrista: lifeguard; life-saver; mountain rescuer
socorro: help; assistance; aid; succour; relief
soda: soda
sódico: sodium; sodic
sodio: sodium
soez: obscene; rude; coarse; base; vile
sofá: sofa; couch
Sofía: Sofia
sofisticación: sophistication; adulteration
sofisticado: sophisticated
sofisticar: to refine; to make sophisticated; to sophisticate; to adulterate
soflama: impassioned speech; harangue; faint glow or flame; blush; flimflam; deceitful talk
sofocado: out of breath; blushing; upset; annoyed
sofocante: stifling
sofocar: to smother; to put down; to choke; to suffocate; to stifle; to quench; to harass; to importune; to crush; to make blush
sofocarse: to get out of breath; to blush; to get upset
sofoco: embarrassment; blush; annoyance; vexation; mortification; suffocation
sofocón: great vexation or mortification
sofoquina: stifling heat
sofreír: to fry lightly
sofrito: mixture of onion, chopped tomato and other ingredients fried in oil; anything slightly fried; sofreír
software: software
soga: rope; esparto rope; halter; face
soja: soya; soy
sojuzgar: to subdue; to subjugate; to conquer; to subject
soka-tira: tug-of-war
sol: sun; sunshine; treasure; little angel; the cheapest seats in a bullring; sol; G; soh
solamente: only; solely
solana sunny place; sun gallery
solano: easterly wind; hot wind
solapa: lapel; flap; pretence; dissembling
solapado: secret; sly; cunning; hypocritical; underhand; sneaky
solapar: to overlap; to conceal; to hide; to cloak; to put lapels on
solar: solar; sun; ancestral; plot of land; ancestral home; noble house or lineage
solariego: ancestral; pertaining to a noble house or lineage
solario: solarium
solarium: solarium
solaz: form of entertainment; form of relaxation; solace; comfort; relief; recreation
solazar: to amuse; to entertain; to solace; to comfort
solazarse: to amuse oneself; to solace oneself
soldadesco: soldierly; soldierlike
soldado: soldier
soldador: welder; soldering solderer; iron; blowtorch
soldadora: welding
soldadura: welding; soldering; weld; solder; soldered joint; welded joint
soldar: to weld; to solder; to unite; to mend
soldarse: to weld together; to knit
soleá: type of flamenco dance and song
soleado: sunny
soledad: solitude; loneliness; sorrow; bereavement; Andalusian tune, song and dance
solemne: solemn; downright; absolute; great
solemnidad: solemnity; formality; seriousness; gravity; festivity
solemnizar: to solemnize
soler: to be accustomed to; to be wont to; to use to
solera: traditional character; vintage; sundress; girder; stone base; nether millstone; bottom of a furnace; mother of wine
solfear: to sol-fa; to solmizate; to beat; to drub
solfeo: sol-fa; sol-faing; solmization; beating; drubbing
solicitado: sought after; much in demand; popular
solicitante: applicant; petitioner
solicitar: to request; to ask for; to solicit; to beg; to seek after; to court; to woo; to invite; to attract
solícito: attentive; solicitous; diligent; careful
solicitud: solicitude; diligence; care; petition; demand; request; application form; application; attentiveness; care
solidaridad: solidarity; common cause
solidario: solidary; supportive; of solidarity; jointly liable
solidarizarse: to become solidary; to make common cause
solidez: solidity; firmness; strength; soundness; fastness
solidificarse: to solidify
solidificarse: to solidify
sólido: solid; substantial; strong; secure; sound; well-founded; fast
soliloquio: soliloquy
solista: soloist
solitaria: tapeworm
solitario: alone; solitary; lone; deserted; lonely; secluded; loner; hermit; patience; solitaire
soliviantar: to stir up; to incite to revolt; to irritate; to annoy
soliviantarse: to rise up; to revolt; to get worked up; to get irritated; to get annoyed
sollozar: to sob
sollozo: sob
solo: alone; on one's own; only; sole; black coffee; solo
sólo: only
solomillo: sirloin; loin
solsticio: solstice
soltar: to loosen; to set free; to release; to untie; to unfasten; to let go of; to drop; to discharge; to give off; to give; to cast; to shed; to pay; to fire; to utter; to let out; to burst into
soltarse: to come undone; to come off; to work loose; soltarse a: to start
soltería: celibacy; singleness; bachelorhood
soltero: single; unmarried; bachelor; spinster
solterón: confirmed bachelor; old bachelor
solterona: spinster; old maid
soltura: case; fluency; ease; facility; agility; release; setting at liberty
solubilidad: solubility
soluble: soluble; solvable
solución: solution; answer
solucionar: to solve; to bring to a favourable issue
solucionarse: to be solved
solvencia: solvency; ability; reliability
solventar: to resolve; to pay; to settle; to clear
solventarse: to be solved
solvente: solvent; able; capable; reliable
somalí: Somali; Somalian
Somalia: Somalia
somanta: thrashing; beating; drubbing
sombra: shade; shadow; phantom; ghost; umbra; shading; part of a bullring that is in the shade; tener mala sombra: to be disagreeable; to have bad luck; sombras: darkness
sombrajo: shady canopy
sombrear: to shade; to shadow
sombrerera: hatbox; bandbox; hatter's wife
sombrerería: hat shop; hattery; hat factory
sombrerero: milliner; hatter
sombrero: hat; canopy; cap; drumhead
sombrilla: sunshade; parasol; beach umbrella
sombrío: gloomy; sad; dark; sombre; dismal; overcast; shaded
somero: brief; sketchy; shallow; in the surface; slight; superficial
someter: to put down; to subdue; to submit; to subject; to subjugate; to acquiesce; to bend
someterse: to submit; to surrender; to yield; to go
somier: bed base; bedspring; spring mattress
somnífero: sleep-inducing; sleeping pill; somniferous; somnific
somnolencia: drowsiness; somnolence
somnoliento: drowsy; sleepy
somos: ser
son: sound; news; report; rumour; pretext; motive; manner; guise; ser; en son de paz: in peace
sonado: famous; well-known; noted; much-talked about; crazy; nuts
sonajero: baby's rattle
sonambulismo: sleepwalking; somnambulism
sonámbulo: sleepwalking; sleepwalker; somnambulist
sonar: to sound; to play; to ring; to blow; to strike; to be pronounced; to be mentioned; to sound familiar; to fail
sonarse: to blow one's nose
sonata: sonata
sonda: sounding line; probe; catheter; sound; lead; drill
sondar: to probe; to sound; to fathom
sondear: to sound; to probe; to fathom; to drill into; to sound out
sondeo: sounding; fathoming; probing; poll
soneto: sonnet
sonido: sound
sonoridad: tone; sonority
sonoro: deep; sonorous; harmonious; clear; loud; voiced
sonreír: to smile
sonreírse: to smile
sonríe: sonreír
sonriente: smiling
sonrío: sonreír
sonrisa: smile
sonrojar: to make blush; to rose-colour; to flush
sonrojarse: to blush; to become rose-coloured
sonrosado: rosy; pink
sonsacar: to draw out a secret; to stealthily take out of its place; to coax
sonsonete: continuous noise; monotonous tone; rhythmical tapping; drone; singsong; ironic or scornful tone
soñador: dreamy; dreamer; dreaming
soñar: to dream; soñar despierto: to daydream
soñolencia: drowsiness; sleepiness; somnolence
soñoliento: drowsy; sleepy; somnolent; heavy; lazy; soporiferous
sopa: soup; sop
sopapa: plunger
sopapo: slap in the face; blow under the chin
sopera: soup tureen; tureen
sopero: soup
sopesar: to weigh; to weigh up; to heft
sopetón: slap; box; toast soaked in olive oil; de sopetón: suddenly; unexpectedly
soplamocos: box or slap on the nose
soplar: to blow; to pass on the answer; to blow on; to blow up; to fan; to inflate; to steal; to pinch; to huff in draughts; to prompt; to whisper; to report; to tattle; to tell the police
soplarse: to put away; to be puffed up; to stuff oneself
soplete: blowtorch; blowlamp; torch; blowpipe
soplido: puff; blow; blowing
soplo: blow; blowing; puff; breath; gust; gust; flash; tip-off; murmur; instant; moment; secret warning; report; piece of talebearing
soplón: telltale; informer; tale bearer
soponcio: faint; fainting fit; swoon
sopor: sleepiness; drowsiness; sopor; lethargy; somnolence
soporífero: soporific; very boring; soporiferous
soportal: porch; portico; arcade; soportales: arcade
soportar: to support; to endure; to bear; to abear; to abide; to stand; to suffer; to tolerate; to abrooke
soporte: support; bearing; rest; base; bracket; medium
soprano: soprano
soquete: ankle sock
sor: sister
sorber: to sip; to slurp; to soak up; to absorb; to imbibe; to suck; to swallow; to sniff
sorbete: sorbet; water ice
sorbo: sip; gulp; swallow; absorption; imbibing;
sordera: deafness
sordidez: squalor; dirtiness; squalidity; sordidness
sórdido: squalid; sordid; dirty
sordina: mute; sordine; damper
sordo: deaf; indifferent; low; dull; muffled; voiceless; deaf person; silent; still; surd
sordomudo: deaf-mute; deaf and dumb
soriano: inhabitant of Soria
soriasis: psoriasis
sorna: sarcasm; sluggishness
soroche: altitude sickness; blush flush
sorprendente: surprising
sorprender: to surprise; to catch unaware; to discover; to find out
sorprenderse: to be surprised
sorpresa: surprise
sortear: to raffle off; to draw lots for; to evade; to get around; to find a way around; to fight the bull
sorteo: draw; drawing; raffle; evading or getting around; fighting the bull
sortija: ring; small ring; finger ring; curl
sortilegio: spell; charm; sortilege
sosa: soda; glasswort; soda ash
sosaina: dull; dull person; colourless person
sosegado: calm; quiet; tranquil; peaceful; pacified
sosegar: to calm; to quiet; to appease; to soothe; to pacify; to rest; to repose
sosegarse: to calm down; to become calm
sosería: dullness; insipidity; vapidness
sosiego: peace; calm; quiet; tranquility
soslayar: to dodge; to get around; to elude; to evade; to pass over; to place obliquely
soslayo: oblique; de soslayo: sideways; askance; obliquely
soso: tasteless; insipid; bland; dull; boring; uninteresting; boring person; bore
sospecha: suspicion
sospechar: to suspect; to be suspicious about
sospechoso: suspicious; suspect
sostén: support; sustenance; bra; brassiere
sostener: to hold; to support; to sustain; to prop; to aid; to give strength to; to encourage; to endure; to tolerate; to maintain; to affirm; to contend; to defend; to keep up; to have
sostenerse: to support oneself
sostenido: supported; sustained; sharp
sota: jack; knave; old bag
sotana: cassock; soutane; drubbing; bating
sótano: basement; cellar
sotavento: lee; leeward
soterrado: secret; hidden
soterrar: to put underground; to bury; to hide to rest; to lay to rest
soto: copse; thicket; grove
soufflé: soufflé
soviet: soviet
soviético: Soviet
soy: ser
sparring: sparring partner
sport: casual
spot: commercial advertisement
spray: spray; aerosol
sprint: sprint
sprinter: sprinter
squash: squash
stand: stand
standard: standard
standing: de alto standing: luxury
starter: choke
statu quo: status quo
status: status
stock: stock
stop: stop sign
stress: stress
striptease: striptease
su: his; her; their; your; its
suajili: swahili
suave: smooth; soft; gentle; delicate; mellow; mild; subdued; suave; tractable
suavidad: smoothness; softness; mildness; gentleness; delicateness; sweetness; suavity
suavizante: fabric conditioner; fabric softener; conditioner
suavizar: to make smooth; to soften; to smooth; to mollify; to mitigate; to ease; to temper; to make less strong; to tone down; to calm down; to strop a razor
suavizarse: to ease; to calm down; to mellow; to become more easy-going
suba: price rise
subacuático: underwater; subaqua; subaqueous
subalimentación: undernourishment
subalimentado: undernourished
subalterno: subordinate; subaltern
subarrendador: sublessor; subletter; subleaser
subarrendamiento: subletting
subarrendar: to sublet; to sublease
subarrendatario: subtenant; sublessee
subarriendo: sublease; subtenancy
subasta: auction; auction sale
subastar: to auction; to auction off; to sell at auction
subatómico: subatomic
subcampeón: runner-up
subconsciente: subconscious
subcontinente: subcontinent
subdesarrollado: underdeveloped
subdesarrollo: underdevelopment
subdirector: assistant director; assistant manager; vice-chairman; vice-president; deputy editor; assistant principal; deputy headmaster
súbdito: subject
subdividir: to subdivide
subdividirse: to subdivide
subespecie: subspecies
subestimar: to underestimate; to underrate; to undervalue
subestimarse: to underestimate oneself
subfusil: automatic rifle
subgenero: minor genre; subgenus
subgrupo: subgroup
subibaja: seesaw
subida: rise; increase; climb; ascent; slope; accession; elevation; hoisting; acclivity
subido: deep; strong; daring; raised; mounted; high; bright
subíndice: subscript
subir: to go up; to rise; to get in; to climb; to take up; to raise; to ascend; to mount; to soar; to accede
subirse: to climb; to get in; to pull up
súbito: sudden; hasty; precipitate; impulsive; abrupt
subjetividad: subjectivity
subjetivo: subjective
subjuntivo: subjunctive
sublevación: uprising; insurrection; revolt
sublevar: to incite to revolt; to stir up; to infuriate
sublevarse: to rise up; to revolt
sublime: sublime; exquisite
subliminar: subliminal
submarinismo: scuba diving; skin diving
submarinista: diving; scuba diver; skin-diver
submarino: underwater; submarine
subnormal: with learning difficulties; subnormal
suboficial: non-commissioned officer; petty officer
subordinación: subordination
subordinado: subordinate; subservient
subordinar: to subordinate
subordinarse: to subordinate oneself
subproducto: by-product
subrayar: to underline; to emphasize
subrepticio: surreptitious; underhand
subrogar: to subrogate; to surrogate; to substitute
subrutina: subroutine
subsanable: surmountable; rectifiable; repairable
subsanar: to solve; to overcome; to repair; to mend; to obviate; to excuse; to explain away
subsecretario: undersecretary
subsidiar: to subsidize
subsidio: subsidy; benefit; allowance
subsiguiente: subsequent
subsistencia: survival; subsistence
subsistir: to survive; to remain; to live; to subsist; to last
subsuelo: subsoil
subte: underground; subway
subteniente: second lieutenant
subterfugio: pretext; subterfuge
subterráneo: underground; subterranean; subway
subtitular: to subtitle
subtítulo: subtitle; subheading
subtropical: subtropical
suburbano: suburban; suburban train; suburbanite
suburbial: suburban
suburbio: working class area; suburb
subvención: subsidy; subvention
subvencionar: to subsidize
subversión: subversion
subversivo: subversive
subvertir: to subvert; to undermine
subyacente: underlying; subjacent
subyacer: to underlie
subyugación: subjugation
subyugar: to subjugate; to subdue; to captivate
succión: suction
succionar: to suck; to suck up; to suck in
sucedáneo: substitute; succedaneous; succedaneum
suceder: to happen; to follow; to succeed
sucederse: to follow one another
sucedido: episode; event; happening
sucesión: succession; series; heirs; issue; offspring
sucesivo: successive; consecutive; en lo sucesivo: in the future
suceso: event; happening; issue; outcome; course; sucesos: section of newspaper devoted to crimes and accidents
sucesor: successor; heir
suciedad: dirt; filth; dirtiness; filthiness; obscenity
sucinto: concise; succinct; brief; scanty
sucio: dirty; filthy; foul; unclean; soiled; stained; untidy; slovenly; shady; underhand; unfairly; tainted with guilt or sin; obscene; blurred; foul
sucre: sucre
suculento: succulent; tasty; juicy; nourishing
sucumbir: to succumb; to give in; to perish; to die; to lose a suit
sucursal: branch
sudaca: pejorative term for South American
sudadera: sweatshirt; sweat
Sudáfrica: South Africa
sudafricano: South African
Sudamérica: South America
sudamericano: South American
Sudán: Sudan
sudanés: Sudanese
sudar: to sweat; to perspire; to work hard; to toil; to exude; to make sweaty
sudario: shroud; winding sheet
sudeste: southeast; southeastern; southeasterly
sudista: Southerner; Confederate
sudoeste: southwest; southwestern; southwesterly
sudor: sweat; perspiration; exudation; toil; cold sweat
sudoroso: sweaty; sweating; perspiring freely
Suecia: Sweden
sueco: Swedish; Swede; hacerse el sueco: to act dumb; to pretend not to hear
suegra: mother-in-law
suegro: father-in-law
suela: sole; leather
sueldo: salary; wages; pay; sol
suelo: ground; earth; floor; pavement; soil; land; world; bottom; underside; dregs; lees; sediment
suelto: loose; separate; odd; detached; abroad; small change; article; light; swift; easy; agile; nimble; flowing; fluent; single copy; blank verse; soltar
suena, sueno, suene: sonar
sueño: sleepiness; drowsiness; sleep; dream; soñar
suero: whey; serum
suerte: luck; fortune; chance; hazard; destiny; fate; lot; situation; state; sort; kind; class; manner; way; each of the manoeuvres carried out by a bullfighter during a tercio
suertudo: lucky
suéter: sweater
suficiencia: smugness; arrogance; proficiency; aptitude; ability; efficiency; adequacy;
suficiente: enough; smug; arrogant; pass; sufficient; sufficing; able; capable; adequate; competency; no ser suficiente: to come up short
sufijo: suffix; suffixed
sufragar: to pay; to defray; to iad; to assist; to vote
sufragio suffrage; help; assistance; vote; prayer for the dead
sufragismo: suffragette movement
sufragista: suffragist; suffragette
sufrido: long-suffering; hardwearing; longlasting; enduring; patient; complacent
sufrimiento: suffering; bearing; endurance; tolerance; infliction; misery; sorrow; affliction; anguish; experience
sufrir: suffer; to suffer; to endure; to bear up; to abide; to permit; to tolerate; to put up with; to undergo; to take; to experience; to incur; to ache; to receive; to sustain
sugerencia: suggestion; hint
sugerente: suggestive
sugerir: to suggest; to hint
sugestión: suggestion
sugestionar: to influence; to hypnotize
sugestionarse: to convince oneself
sugestivo: attractive
sugiero: sugerir
suicida: suicidal; suicide
suicidarse: to commit suicide; to destroy oneself
suicidio: suicide; self-murder
suite: suite
Suiza: Switzerland
suizo: Swiss; bun
sujeción: subjection; fastening; bond; accordance; submission; obedience
sujetador: bra; brassiere; holder; fastener; clamp; clip
sujetalibros: bookend
sujetapapeles: paperclip
sujetar: to hold; to check; to restrain; to fasten; to catch; to grasp; to attach; to tie; to fix; to control; to keep in check; to subject; to subdue
sujetarse: to be kept in place; to submit; to be subjected; to conform to
sujeto: secure; fastened; held; grasped; attached; matter; subject; person; individual
sulfatar: to spray with copper; to sulphate; to sulfate
sulfato: sulphate; sulfate
sulfurar: to infuriate; to anger; to incense; to sulphurate
sulfurarse: to lose one's temper; to get angry; to get furious
sulfúrico: sulphuric; sulfuric
sulfuro: sulphide; sulfide
sulfuroso: sulphurous; sulfurous
sultán: sultan
sultana: sultana; sultaness
sultanato: sultanate
suma: addition; sum; total; collection; substance; footing; amount; count; de suma importancia: momentous; paramount
sumamente: extremely; exceedingly; highly
sumando: addend; number to be added
sumar: to add; to join; to come to; to total; to amount to; to tot; to foot
sumarse: to join; to be added to
sumario: brief; summary; abstract; contents; indictment
sumarísimo: swift; expeditious
sumergible: waterproof; submarine; submersible
sumergir: to immerse; to submerge; to sink
sumergirse: to submerge; to plunge; to dive; to become absorbed
sumidero: drain; sewer; sink; sump
suministrar: to supply; to provide; to furnish
suministro: supply; provision; providing; supplying
sumir: to sink; to submerge; to plunge; to engulf
sumirse: to sink; to plunge; to be engulfed; to be sunken; to become absorbed; to lose oneself
sumisión: submission; submissiveness; meekness
sumiso: submissive; docile; humble; obedient
súmmum: the limit; the highest degree
sumo: supreme; extreme; very great or mush; greatest; highest; utmost; sumo wrestling; a lo sumo: at most
sunní: Sunni
sunnita: Sunni
suntuario: luxurious; sumptuary
suntuoso: sumptuous; gorgeous; magnificnet
supe: saber
supeditar: to subordinate; to reduce to subjection
súper: super; fantastic; four-star; supermarket
superable: surmountable; superable
superación: overcoming
superar: to exceed; to surpass; to excel; to overcome; to surmount
superarse: to improve oneself
superautopista: superhighway
superávit: surplus
superchería: mumbo jumbo; trick; fraud; deceit; humbug
superconductor: superconductor
superdotado: highly talented; exceptionally gifted
superestructura: superstructure
superficial: superficial; shallow
superficialidad: superficiality
superficie: surface; superficies; area
superfluo: superfluous; expenditure; unwanted
superíndice: superscript
superior: upper; top; better; best; superior; finer; higher; magnificent; excellent; advanced; senior; advanced; paramount; lollapalooza; paso superior: flyover; overpass
superiora: mother superior
superioridad: superiority; superiorness
superlativo: superlative; surpassing; highest
supermercado: supermarket
superpetrolero: supertanker
superpoblación: overpopulation; overcrowding
superpoblado: overpopulated; overcrowded
superponer: to put on top; to superimpose; to overlap; to superpose
superponerse: to be superimposed; to overlap
superposición: superimposition; overlap; superposition
superpotencia: superpower
superproducción: overproduction; lavish production
superrealismo: surrealism
supersónico: supersonic
superstición: superstition; aberglaube
supersticioso: superstitious
supervalorar: to overrate; to overestimate
superventas: best-selling; best seller
supervisar: to supervise; to oversee
supervisión: supervision
supervisor: supervisor
supervivencia: survival; survivorship
superviviente: survivor; surviving
supino: crass; stupid; supine
suplantación<: impersonation; fraudulent alteration; supplanting
suplantador: impersonator
suplantar: to impersonate; to supplant; to replace; to alter fraudulently
suplementario: supplementary; extra; supplemental
suplemento: supplement; extra charge; surcharge
suplencia: supply work
suplente: substitute; reserve; understudy; locum; supply teacher; substitute teacher; acting; stand-in; surrogate; deputy; makeweight
supletorio: additional; extra; extension; suppletory; supplemental
súplica: request; plea; petition; supplication; entreaty
suplicante: beseeching; imploring; supplicant; suppliant
suplicar: to beg; to beseech; to supplicate; to entreat; to pray
suplicio: torture; torment; corporal punishment; execution; place of execution; anguish; suffering; ordeal
suplir: to replace; to substitute; to make up for; to supply
suponer: supposition; to suppose; to presume; to assume; to imply; to presuppose; to entail; to mean; to involve; to have weight or authority
supongo, suponga: suponer
suposición: supposition; assumption; imposition; falsehood; consequence; distinction
supositorio: suppository
supranacional: supranational
supremacía: supremacy
supremo: supreme
supresión: suppression; abolition; abolishment; elimination; omission; abatement
suprimir: to suppress; to abolish; to do away with; to eliminate; to leave out; to omit; to cut; to abate
supuesto: alleged; supposed; assumed; pretended; supposition; assumption; hypothesis; suponer; por supuesto: of course; dar por supuesto: to take for granted
supuración: suppuration
supurar: to suppurate; to weep
supuse, supusiera: suponer
sur: south; southern; southerly
Suráfrica: South Africa
surafricano: South African
Suramérica: South America
suramericano: South American
surcar: to cross; to cut through; to plough; to plow; to crease; to furrow; to groove
surco: furrow; rut; wrinkle; line; groove; rut
surcoreano: South Korean
sureño: southern; Southerner
sureste: southeast; southeastern; southeasterly
surf: surfing
surfing: surfing
surfista: surfer
surgir: to arise; to crop up; to spring forth; to gush out; to spirt; to spurt; to issue; to appear; to anchor
Surinam: Surinam
surinamés: Surinamese
suroeste: southwest; southwestern; southwesterly
surrealismo: surrealism
surrealista: surrealist; surrealistic
surtido: assorted; stocked; selection; range; supply
surtidor: jet; petrol pump; gas pump; jet; spout; springing up fountain; supplying
surtir: to supply; to provide; to furnish; to stock; to spout; to spirt; to spurt; to spring
sus: plural se su
susceptibilidad: susceptibility; touchiness; feelings
susceptible: touchy; sensitive; capable; susceptible
suscitar: to cause; to give rise to; to arouse; to raise; to stir up; to provoke; to originate
suscribir: to take out a subscription for; to subscribe to; to endorse; to sign
suscribirse: to subscribe
suscripción: subscription; abonnement
suscriptor: subscriber
suscrito: suscribir
susodicho: aforesaid; aforementioned; above-mentioned
suspender: to suspend; to hang; to adjourn; to astonish; to ravish; to fail; to abort; to axe; to call off; to cancel; to discontinue; to flunk
suspense: suspense
suspensión: suspension; hanging; halting; stopping; cancellation; adjournment; astonishment; ravishment
suspenso: suspended; hanging; astonished; dumbfounded; abeyance; fail; suspense
suspensor: jockstrap; suspensors: braces; suspenders
suspensorio: jockstrap; suspensory
suspicacia: suspicion; distrust; suspiciousness
suspicaz: suspicious; distrustful
suspirar: to sigh; suspirar por: to sigh for; to love madly
suspiro: sigh; flash; short rest; kind of cake; glass whistle
sustancia: substance; essence; matter; nutritious part of food; extract; juice; value; importance; sense
sustancial: substantial; fundamental; essential; nourishing
sustanciar: to summarize; to abstract; to abridge; to conduct the proceedings of a case
sustancioso: substantial; considerable; wholesome; nourishing; juicy; pithy; important
sustantivar: to use as a noun; to substantivize
sustantivo: noun; fundamental; substantive
sustentación: support; maintenance; sustentation; lift
sustentar: to hold up; to support; to maintain; to uphold; to sustain; to feed; to hold up; to defend
sustentarse: to support oneself; to live off
sustento: sustenance; maintenance; support
sustitución: replacement; substitution
sustituir: to replace; to substitute; to be a substitute for
sustitutivo: substitute; substitutive
sustituto: substitute; replacement
susto: fright; scare; fear; shock; apprehension; dar un susto: to frighten; to scare; to startle
sustracción: subtraction; deduction; theft; thieving; purloining; stealing
sustraer: to subtract; to deduct; to purloin; to steal; to take away; to steal; to remove; to abstract
sustraerse: to elude; to evade
sustrato: substratum
susurrante: whispering; murmuring; rustling; purling; rustling
susurrar: to whisper; to murmur; to rustle; to purl
susurro: whisper; murmur; purling; rustle; murmuring; whispering; rustling
sutil: incisive; subtle; delicate; fine; thin; slender
sutileza: subtlety; subtility; thinness; slenderness; dexterity; quiddity; acuteness; fineness; finesse; niceness
sutura: suture; seam
suturar: to stitch
suyo: of his; his; of hers; her; of it; of yours; of them; his; her; their; its; yours

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