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ha: haber
haba: broad bean; nodule; welt; papule
Habana: Havana
habanera: dance and music from Cuba
habanero: inhabitant of Havana
habano: Havana cigar
haber: credit; salary; pay; property; fortune; to have; to own; to possess; to catch; to get; haberes: remuneration
habichuela: bean; kidney bean
hábil: skilful; clever; suitable; fit; able; adroit; capable; deft; handy; ingenious; masterful; masterly; nifty; shrewd; skilled; slick; adept; día hábil: working day
habilidad: skill; cleverness; ability; talent
habilidoso: capable; skilful
habilitar: to fit out; to equip; to authorize; to finance
habitación: room; bedroom; chamber; apartment; habitat; habitation; inhabiting; dwelling; adobe
habitáculo: dwelling; inside; interior
habitante: inhabitant; resident; residing; dweller; citizen
habitar: to live; to live in; to inhabit; to abide
hábitat: habitat; environment
hábito: habit; custom; dress of a religious order
habitual: habitual; regular; usual
habituar: to accustom; to habituate; to inure
habituarse: to get; to used; to get accustomed
habla: language; dialect; speech; tongue; speaking; talk
hablado: spoken
hablador: talkative; chattering; babbling; chatterer; gossip; babbler
habladurías: rumours; gossip; idle rumour; impertinent talk
hablante: speaking; speaker
hablar: to talk; to speak; to converse; to chat; to utter; to accost
hablarse: to speak to each other
habrá, habrás, habré: haber
hacendado: landowner; landed
hacendoso: assiduous; industrious
hacer: to make; to do; to bring; to deliver; to prepare; to pack; to work; to project; to shed; to raise; to habituate; to inure; to provide; to supply; to build; to produce; to paint; to take; to play; to act; to suit; to be relevant; to try; to grow; to develop; to accomplish
hacerse: to form; to grow; to cook; to become
hacha: ax; axe; hatchet; torch
hachazo: axe blow; stroke with an axe
hache: name of the letter H
hachís: hashish
hacia: towards; around; about; near
hacienda: country state; ranch; farm; plantation; wealth; country propriety; Hacienda: the Treasury
hacinamiento: overcrowding; heaping; piling; packing; heap; pile; accumulation
hacinar: to pile up; to heap; to stack; to accumulate
hada: fairy
haga, hago: hacer
Haití: Haiti
haitiano: Haitian
hala: come on; no; wow
halagador: flattering; pleasing; gratifying; alluring; promising; bright; rosy
halagar: to flatter; to adulate; to please; to gratify
halago: flattery; pleasure; gratification; caresses; blandishments
halagüeño: promising; encouraging
halcón: falcon; hawk
hálito: breath; vapour; effluvium; gentle breath
halitosis: bad breath
hall: foyer
hallar: to find; to find out; to come across; to discover; to detect; to catch; to ascertain; to think; to see; to observe; to be; to feel in some state
hallarse: to be; to find oneself; to be situated
hallazgo: discovery; find; reward
halo:> halo; aura
halógeno: halogenous; halogen
halterofilia: weightlifting
hamaca: hammock; deckchair; sunlounger
hambre: hunger; starvation; famine
hambriento: starving; hungry
hambruna: famine; hunger
hamburguesa: hamburger; burger
hamburguesería: burger bar
hampa: underworld
hampón: thuggish; thug; rowdy; bully; gangster; vagrant
hámster: hamster
hándicap: handicap
hangar: hangar
haragán: lazy; idle; slothful; idler; loafer; loiterer
haraganear: to laze about; to idle; to loaf
harapiento: ragged; tattered
harapo: rag; tatter
hardware: hardware
haré, harás: hacer
harén: harem
harina: flour
harinoso: floury; mealy; farinaceous
harmonía: harmony
hartar: to stuff; to full; to sate; to satiate; to fill; to gorge; to tire; to sicken
hartarse: to gorge oneself; to stuff oneself; to get fed up with
hartazgo: surfeit; satiety; fill; glut; bellyful
harto: full; satiated; glutted; tired; sick of; fed up with; enough; very
hartón: surfeit; satiety; bellyful
hartura: fill; satiety; repletion; abundance
has: haber
hasta: as far as; up to; until; till; even; hasta que: until; till
hastiar: to bore; to sicken; to disgust; to cloy; to sate; to surfeit; to weary
hastiarse: to tire of
hastío: boredom; disgust; surfeit; weariness; ennui
hatajo: bunch; lot; set; small herd
hatillo: bundle of clothes
Hawai: Hawaii
hawaiano: Hawaiian
hay: hacer; there is; there are
haya: beech; hacer
haz: bundle; sheaf; faggot; gavel; beam; pencil; fascicle; face; visage; hacer
hazaña: feat; exploit; deed; achievement; accomplishment
hazmerreír: laughing stock; joke of the party
he: haber
hebilla: buckle; clasp; slide
hebra: thread; string; strand; filament; fibre; staple; seam; grain
hebreo: Hebrew
hecatombe: catastrophe; hecatomb
hechicería: witchcraft; sorcery; witchery; wizardry; enchantment; charm; spell; fascination
hechicero: wizard; sorcerer; enchanter; charming; fascinating
hechizar: to cast a spell on; to bewitch; to captivate; to enchant; to charm
hechizo: spell; magic; charm; fascination; false; artificial
hecho: mature; done; action; deed; event; fact; act; feat; ready-made; full-grown; participio pasado de hacer de hecho: in fact; actually; hecho y derecho: full-fledged; muy hecho: well-done; poco hecho: raro; underdone
hechura: cut; shape; form; build; creation; creature; physique
hectárea: hectare
heder: to stink; to reek; to pall
hediondo: stinking; repulsive; fetid; annoying; filthy; dirty; obscene
hedonismo: hedonism
hedor: stink; stench; foul smell
hegemonía: dominance; hegemony
helada: frost; freeze
heladera: refrigerator; fridge; freezer
heladería: ice-cream stall; ice-cream-parlour
heladero: ice-cream seller
helado: ice-cream; sherbet; frozen; frozen over; freezing; frostbitten; frigid; cold; chilly; stunned
helar: to freeze; to congeal; to chill; to ice; to frostbite; to astound; to amaze; to discourage
helarse: to freeze; to be frostbitten
helecho: fern; bracken
hélice: propeller; spiral; helix
helicóptero: helicopter
helio: helium
helipuerto: heliport
helvético: Helvetian; Swiss
hematíe: red blood corpuscle; red cell
hematologia: hematology
hematoma: bruise; haematoma
hembra: female; woman; girl; socket; eye; nut
hemeroteca: newspaper library
hemiciclo: semicircle; hemicycle; floor
hemiplejia: hemiplegia
hemisferio: hemisphere
hemofilia: haemophilia
hemofílico: hemophiliac
hemoglobina: hemoglobin
hemopatía: blood disease
hemorragia: haemorrhage; hemorrhage
hemorroides: haemorrhoids; piles
henchir: to fill; to fill up; to stuff
henchirse: to be filled; to stuff oneself
hender, hendir: to carve open; to cleave; to crack open; to cut through; to slice through
hendidura: cleft; crevice; crack; fissure; slit; slot
henna: henna
heno: hay
hepático: hepatic; hepatica; liverwort
hepatitis: hepatitis
heptágono: heptagon; heptagonal
heráldica: heraldry
heraldo: herald; harbinger
herbáceo: herbaceous
herbario: herbal; botanist; herbalist; herbarium; rumen
herbicida: weedkiller; herbicide
herbívoro: herbivore; herbivorous
herbolario: herbalist; scatterbrain
herboristería: herbalist's
hercio, hertzio: hertz
hercúleo: herculean
heredad: estate; country property
heredado: inherited
heredar: to inherit; to institute heir
heredera: heiress
heredero: heir; inheritor; inheriting
hereditario: hereditary
hereje: heretic; shameless person
herejía: heresy; insult; nonsense
herencia: inheritance; heritage; heredity
herético: heretical
herida: wound; injury; scar
herido: wounded; injured; hurt; casualty
herir: to injure; to wound; to hurt; to dazzle; to offend; to finger
herirse: to injure oneself
hermafrodita: hermaphrodite
hermana: sister
hermanado: united; twinned; matched; mated; like; uniform
hermanar: to unite; to reconcile; to twin; to join; to match; to mate; to harmonize; to make brothers or sisters
hermanarse: to combine; to match; to harmonize; to become brothers or sisters
hermanastra: stepsister; half-sister
hermanastro: stepbrother; half-brother
hermandad: fraternity; brotherhood; sisterhood; correspondence; harmony; confraternity; guild
hermano: brother; sister; sibling
hermético: airtight; hermetic; impenetrable; secretive
hermoso: beautiful; lovely; fair; handsome; healthy
hermosura: beauty; fairness; loveliness; handsomeness; belle; beauty
hernia: hernia; rupture; hernia discal: slipped disc
herniado: ruptured; herniated
herniarse: to rupture oneself
héroe: hero
heroicidad: heroicity; heroism; heroic deed
heroico: heroic
heroína: heroine; heroin
heroinómano: heroin addict
heroísmo: heroism
herpe, herpes: herpes
herradura: horseshoe
herraje: ironwork; horseshoes and nails
herramienta: tool; implement; horns; teeth; grinders
herrar: to shoe; to brand; to cover with iron
herrería: forge; ironworks; smithy; blacksmith's shop
herrerillo: blue titmouse
herrero: blacksmith; iron forger; iron worker
herrumbre: rust; iron rust
herrumbroso: rusty; rusted
hervidero: crowd; throng; swarm; hotbed; spring; noise and agitation of a boiling liquid
hervir: to boil; to bubble; to effervesce; to seethe; to be agitated
hervor: boiling; vehemence; ardour
heterodoxia: heterodoxy; nonconformism
heterodoxo: heterodox; nonconformist
heterogeneidad: heterogeneity
heterogéneo: heterogeneous
heterosexual: heterosexual
hexagonal: hexagonal
hexágono: hexagon; hexagonal
hez: sediment; dregs; scum
hiato: hiatus
hibernación: hibernation
hibernar: to hibernate
híbrido: hybrid
hice, hiciera, hiciese: hacer
hidalga: noblewoman
hidalgo: nobleman; noble; generous; hidalgo
hidalguía: quality of being an hidalgo; nobility; nobleness; generosity
hidra: hydra; poisonous sea snake
hidratación: hydration; moisturizing
hidratante: moisturizing
hidratar: to hydrate; to moisturize
hidrato: hydrate; hidrato de carbono: carbohydrate
hidráulica: hydraulics
hidráulico: hydraulic
hidroala: hydrofoil
hidroavión: seaplane; hydroplane
hidrocarburo: hydrocarbon
hidrocefalia: hydrocephaly
hidroeléctrico: hydroelectric
hidrófilo: absorbent
hidrofobia: rabies; hydrophobia
hidrófobo: hydrophobe
hidrógeno: hydrogen
hidrólisis: hydrolisis
hidrología: hydrology
hidrológico: hydrological
hidromiel: mead; hydromel
hidropesía: dropsy
hidrópico: dropsical
hidroplano: seaplane
hidrosfera: hydrosphere
hidroterapia: hydrotherapy
hidróxido: hydroxide
hiedra: ivy
hiel: bile; gall; bitterness; asperity; rancour
hielera: ice bucket; refrigerator; fridge
hielo: ice; freezing; frost; reserve; coldness
hiena: hyena; brute
hierba: grass; herb; weed; herbage
hierbabuena: mint
hierbajo: weed
hiero, hiera: herir
hierro: iron; brand; steel; weapon
hiervo, hierva: hervir
hígado: liver; courage
higiene: hygiene; cleanliness; sanitation
higiénico: hygienic
higienista: hygienist
higienizar: to sanitate
higo: fig; de higos a brevas: once in a while; higo chumbo: prickly pear
higuera: fig tree
hija: daughter
hijastra: stepdaughter
hijastro: stepson
hijo: son; child; native; young; offspring; fruit; result; junior
hilachos: rags
hilado: spun; spinning; yarn; thread
hilandera: woman spinner
hilandero: spinner
hilar: to spin
hilarante: hilarious; laughable; laughing
hilaridad: hilarity
hilas: lint
hilera: row; file; line; ridgepole; spinnerets
hilillo: small thread; trickle
hilo: thread; yarn; linen; fibre; grain; direction; current; thin wire; wire thread; trickle; hilo musical: Muzak
hilván: basting; tacking
hilvanar: to baste; to tack; to put together; to draw up
himen: hymen
himno: hymn; himno nacional: national anthem
hincapié: hacer hincapié en: to insist upon
hincar: to stick; to introduce; to drive; to plant; hincar la rodilla: to go down on one's knee
hincarse: hincarse de rodillas: to kneel down
hincha: supporter; hatred; enmity; dislike
hinchada: fans; supporters
hinchado: swollen; bloated; full; pompous; tumid; vain; puffed up
hinchar: to inflate; to blow up; to bloat; to swell; to exaggerate
hincharse: to swell up; to stuff oneself; to overeat
hinchazón: swelling; tumefaction; vanity; pride; haughtiness
hindi: Hindi
hindú: Hindu
hinduismo: Hinduism
hinojo: fennel; de hinojos: on one's knees
hipar: to hiccup; to pant; to snuffle
hiper: hypermarket
hipérbaton: hyperbaton
hipérbola: hyperbola
hipérbole: hyperbole
hiperbólico: hyperbolic
hypermarket: superstore
hipermétrope: long-sighted; far-sighted
hipermetropía: long-sightedness; hypermetropia
hipersensible: hypersensitive
hipertensión: hypertension; high blood pressure
hípica: show jumping; horse racing
hípico: equine; pertaining to horses; show jumping; horse racing
hipnosis: hypnosis
hipnótico: hypnotic
hipnotismo: hypnotism
hipnotizado: hypnotized
hipnotizador: hypnotist; hypnotic
hipnotizar: to hypnotize
hipo: hiccup; longing; dislike; hatred
hipocampo: sea horse; hippocampus
hipocondría: hypochondria
hipocondríaco: hypochondriac
hipocrás: hippocras; spiced wine
hipocresía: hypocrisy
hipócrita: hypocritical; hypocrite
hipodérmico: hypodermic
hipódromo: racecourse; racetrack; hippodrome
hipopótamo: hippopotamus
hipotálamo: hypothalamus
hipoteca: mortgage; pledge; hypothec
hipotecar: to mortgage; to pledge; to hypothecate
hipotensión: hypotension; low blood pressure
hipotenusa: hypotenuse
hipotermia: hypothermia
hipótesis: hypothesis; theory
hipotético: hypothetical
hippy: hippie
hiriente: wounding; cutting; smarting; offensive
hirsuto: hirsute; hairy; bristly
hisopo: aspersorium; aspergillum; sprinkler; hyssop
hispalense: Sevillian
hispánico: Hispanic
hispanidad: Spanishness
hispanismo: Hispanic studies; Spanish term
hispanizar: to hispanize
hispano: Hispanic; Spanish
hispanoamericano: Spanish American
hispanoárabe: Hispano-Arabic
hispanófilo: Hispanophile
hispanohablante: Spanish-speaking; Spanish speaker
hispanoparlante: Spanish-speaking; Spanish speaker
histamina: histamine
histerectomía: hysterectomy
histeria: hysteria
histérico: hysteric; hysterical
histología: histology
historia: history; story; tale; fable; gossip
historiador: historian
historial: curriculum; résumé; dossier; record; medical record
histórico: historic; historical
historieta: cartoon; short story or tale
histrión: actor; clown; histrion
histriónico: histrionic
histrionismo: histrionism; histrionics; dramatics
hitleriano: Nazi
hito: boundary stone; milestone; landmark; fixed; firm; target; aim
hizo: hacer
hobby: hobby
hocico: muzzle; snout; nose; pouting
hockey: hockey
hogar: home; hearth; fireplace; furnace
hogareño: home; home-loving
hogaza: circular loaf of bread
hoguera: bonfire; fire; blaze
hoja: leaf; sheet; page; blade; ; foil; pane; sword; layer; flake; flitch; side
hojalata: tin; tinplate
hojaldre: puff pastry
hojarasca: dead leaves; excessive foliage; superfluous thing
hojear: to leaf through; to browse; to shed leaves
hola: hello; hoy; ahoy
Holanda: Holland
holandés: Dutch
holgado: loose; spacious; comfortably off; large; amply; roomy; idle
holgar: to rest; to be idle; to be superfluous; to be needless
holgazán: lazy; idler; loafer; slothful
holgazanear: to laze around; to idle; to lounge
holgura: looseness; room; ease; comfort
hollar: to set foot on; to tread; to humiliate; to scorn hollín: soot
holocausto: holocaust; sacrifice; burnt offering
holografía: holography
holograma: hologram
hombrada: manly action
hombre: man; ; husband; ombre
hombrera: pauldron; epaulet; shoulder strap; shoulder pad
hombría: manliness
hombro: shoulder
homenaje: homage; tribute; attention
homenajear: to pay tribute to; to pay homage to; to show respect or admiration through a public ceremony
homeópata: homeopath
homeopatía: homeopathy
homeopático: homeopathic
homicida: murder; murderer; homicide
homicidio: homicide; manslaughter
homilía: homily
homófono: homophone; homophonous
homogeneidad: homogeneity
homogeneizar: to homogenize; to make consistent
homogéneo: homogeneous
homógrafo: homograph
homologación: parity; recognition; validation; homologation
homologado: recognized
homologar: to standardize; to recognize; to validate; to homologate
homólogo: equivalent; counterpart; opposite number; homologous
homónimo: homonym; homonymous; namesake
homosexual: homosexual
homosexualidad: homosexuality
honda: sling; catapult; slingshot
hondo: deep; profound; low; depth; bottom
hondonada: hollow; dell; ravine; bottom land
hondura: depth; profundity
Honduras: Honduras
hondureño: Honduran
honestidad: honesty; modesty; decency; purity; chastity
honesto: honest; uptight; modest; decent; pure; chaste; reasonable; just
hongo: fungus; mushroom; bowler; derby hat; hongos: athlete's foot
honor: honour; honor; honesty; dignity; rank; office; accolade
honorabilidad: honourability
honorable: honourable; honorable
honorario: honorary; honorarios: fees
honorífico: honorary; honorific
honra: good name; honour; dignity; respect
honradez: honesty; probity; integrity; uprightness
honrado: honest; upright; fair; honoured; honored; above-board
honramiento: honouring
honrar: to honour; to honor;
honrarse: to be proud of
honrilla: pride; keen sense of honour
honroso: honourable; creditable; decent; decorous
hontanal, hontanar: place with water springs
hopa: long cassock
hopalanda: houppelande
hoplita: hoplite
hopo: bushy tail; tuft
hora: hour; time; time of day; season
horaciano: Horatian
horadado: perforated; bored; pierced
horadar: to perforate; to bore; to drill; to pierce
horario: horary; time; timetable; schedule
horca: gallows; gibbet; hayfork; pitchfork; string of onions or garlic
horcado: forked; forklike
horcadura: crotch; fork
horcajadas: a horcajadas: astride; astraddle
horcajadura: crotch
horcajo: yoke; fork
horcate: hames
horco: string of onions or garlic
horcón: large pitchfork
horchata: orgeat; cold white drink made from tiger nuts
horchatería: orgeat shop
horda: horde; gang
horizontal: horizontal
horizontalidad: horizontality
horizonte: horizon
horma: mould; mold; form; shoe tree; encontrar la horma de su zapato: to find one's match
hormaza: dry wall
hormiga: ant
hormigón: concrete; hormigón armado: reinforced concrete
hormigonera: concrete mixer
hormiguear: to creep; to swarm; to move in a swarm
hormigueo: crawling or creeping sensation; swarming; nervousness
hormiguero: anthill; place swarming with people; oso hormiguero: aadvark
hormiguillo: disease of a horse’s hoofs; itching
hormiguita: saber; very thrifty person; small ant
hormilla: buttonmould
hormona: hormone
hornablenda: hornblende
hormonal: hormonal
hornachuela: cave or hut
hornacina: niche
hornada: batch; crop; melt
hornaguera: coal; hard coal; pit coal
hornaguero: loose; too large; spacious; coal-bearing
hornazo: Easter cake with hard-boiled eggs
hornear: to bake
hornera: baker’s wife
hornero: baker’s
hornija: brushwood for an oven
hornilla: kitchen grate; pigeonhole
hornillo: small furnace; portable cooker
horno: oven; furnace; kiln; no está el horno para bollos: this is not the right moment
horópter: horopter
horóscopo: horoscope
horqueta: crotch
horquilla: hairpin; fork; cradle; pitchfork; jaw
horrendo: horrific; terrible; dreadful; frightful
hórreo: granary; mow
horrible: horrific; horrible; dreadful; fearful; hideous; heinous; tremendous
hórrido: horrid; horrible
horrífico: horrific; horrifying
horripilación: horror; fright; horripilation
horripilante: hair-raising; horrifying
horripilar: to horripilate; to horrify
horrisonante, horrísono: horrisonant
horro: enfranchised; free; untramelled
horror: horror; horrid thing
horroroso: horrifying; hideous; frightful; ugly; appalling; very great
horrura: filth; dirt; dross
hortaliza: vegetable
hortelano: vegetable grower; gardener
hortense: garden; hortensial
hortensia: hydrangea
hortera: common; tacky; having a very bad taste; tasteless
hortícola: horticultural
horticultor: horticulturist
horticultura: horticulture
hortofrutícola: fruit and vegetable
hosana: hosanna
hosco: sullen; surly; gloomy; dark
hospedaje: accommodation; lodging; board
hospedar: to lodge; to lodge and board; to put up; to accommodate
hospedarse: to lodge in; to stop; to put up
hospedería: inn; hostelry; hospice
hospedero: host; innkeeper
hospiciano: inmate of a poor-house
hospicio: orphanage; hospice; poor-house
hospital: hospital
hospitalario: hospitable; welcoming; hospital; charitable
hospitalicio: pertaining to hospitality
hospitalidad: hospitality
hospitalizar: to hospitalize
hosquedad: sullenness; surliness
hostal: hostelry; inn; tavern; hotel
hostelería: hotel management
hostelero: host; innkeeper
hostería: inn; hostelry; tavern
hostia: Host; wafer; punch; bump; bash
hostiario: wafer box; wafer mould
hostigamiento: harassing; worrying; plaguing; lashing; whipping; flogging
hostigar: to harass; to worry; to plague; to lash; to whip; to flog
hostil: hostile
hostilidad: hostility
hostilizar: to harry
hotel: hotel; villa; detached house
hotelería: keeping of hotels
hotelero: hotel manager; hotelkeeper; hotel
hotentote: Hottentot
hoy: today; now; hoy en día: nowadays; at the present time
hoya: hole; hollow; pit; grave; valley; dale
hoyada: dip; hollow; depression
hoyo: hole; pit; hollow; dent; pockmark; grave
hoyuela: depression at the front of the neck
hoyuelo: dimple; small hole or pit
hoz: sickle; gorge; ravine
hozadero: hogs’ rooting place
hozadura: hole made by a rooting hog
hozar: to root
huachafo: pretentious
hube, hubiera, hubiese: haber
hucha: money box; money bank; savings; nest egg
huchear: to hoot
hueco: hollow; empty; vain; conceited; proud; deep; affected; pompous; puffed; inflated; soft; spongy; cavity; void; interval; socket; opening
huecograbado: photogravure for a rotary press
huélfago: heaves
huelga: strike; leisure; recreation; huelga decir: needless to say; huelga de celo: work-to-rule
huelgo: breath; respiration; room; space; play; allowance
huelguista: striker
huella: footprint; tread; treading; print; impression; trace; track; rut; huella dactilar: fingerprint
huelo, huela: oler
huemul: the Andes deer
huequecito: small hollow, space or interval
huérfano: orphan; orphaned
huero: addle; empty
huerta: fruit and vegetable garden; orchard; irrigated region
huertano: inhabitant of an irrigated region
huerto: fruit and vegetable garden; orchard; kitchen garden
huesa: grave; tomb
huesarrón: large bone
huesillo: dried peach
hueso: bone; stone; pit; hard or unwelcome job; very strict person
huesoso: bony; osseous
huésped: guest; lodger; boarder; host
hueste, huestes: army; host; followers
huesudo: bony; big-boned
hueva: roe
huevera: eggcup; egg box; egg dealer
huevería: egg shop
huevero: egg dealer
huevo: egg; ball; testicle; courage; guts
huevón: idle; jerk
huida: escape; flight; shying of a horse
huidizo: shy; distrustful; fugitive; evasive
huido: fugitive
huir: to flee; to fly; to escape; to run away; to avoid; to shun; to abscond
hule: oilskin; oilcloth; rubber; goring
hulla: coal; mineral coal
hullero: pertaining to coal
humanidad: mankind; humanity; humaneness; human weakness; corpulence; fleshiness
humanismo: humanism
humanista: humanist
humanístico: humanist
humanitario: humanitarian; humane; charitable; benevolent
humanizar: to make humane; to humanize; to soften
humanizarse: to become more human
humano: human; humane; compassionate; human being
humareda: cloud of smoke; a great deal of smoke
humeante: smoky; steamy
humear: to smoke; to steam; to emit fumes or vapour; to get proud; to take on airs; to fumigate
humedad: humidity; moisture; dampness
humedecer: to wet; to dampen; to humidify; to moisten; to wet
humedecerse: to become damp
húmedo: damp; wet; humid; moist
húmero: humerus
humidificador: humidifier
humildad: humility; humbleness; lowliness
humilde: humble; poor; lowly; meek; submissive; abject
humillación: humiliation; humbling; abasement
humillante: humiliating
humillar: to humiliate; to humble; to abase; to crush; to lower to bow one's head; to abase
humillarse: to lower oneself; to humble oneself
humo: smoke; vapour; vapor; steam; fume; humos: conceit; pride; vanity; bajar a uno los humos: to humble someone's pride
humor: mood; temper; humour
humorismo: humour; humor; comedy
humorista: humorous; comedian; humorist
humorístico: humorous; jocular; funny
humus: humus
hundido: sunken; depressed
hundimiento: sinking; collapse; cave-in; foundering; collapse; downfall; ruin
hundir: to sink; to submerge; to plunge; to founder; to cave in; to stave in; to drive in; to confound; to confute; to crush; to destroy; to ruin; to plant; to devastate
hundirse: to sink; to collapse; to lose heart; to be ruined
húngaro: Hungarian
Hungría: Hungary
huracán: hurricane
huracanado: hurricane-like
huraño: unsociable; sullen
hurgar: to rummage; to poke; to stir
hurgarse: hurgarse la nariz: to pick one's nose
hurón: ferret; sullen; unsociable
hurra: hurray; hurrah
hurtadillas: a hurtadillas: slyly; on the sly
hurtar: to steal; to thieve; to pilfer; to cheat; to plagiarize; to move away
hurto: pilfering; stealing; theft; pilferage; abstraction
húsar: hussar
husmear: to sniff; to snoop; to pry out; to nose out; to scent; to wind
huso: spindle; narrow lozenge; drum of a windlass; huso horario: time zone
huy: ouch; wow; phew
huyo, huya, huyera: huir

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