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va: ir
cow; beef; leather; cowskin; joint stock of two gamblers; vaca lechera: dairy cow
vacacionar: to holiday; to vacation
vacaciones: holiday; holidays; vacation
vacante: vacant; unoccupied; vacancy; vacation
vaciado: casting; cast; hollow; excavation; honing
vaciar: to empty; to hollow out; to excavate; to cast; to mould; to flow; to fall; to decrease
vaciarse: to empty
vacilación: hesitation; indecision; swaying; flickering
vacilante: vacillating; wavering; hesitant; indecisive; flickering; irregular; swaying; unsteady
vacilar: to vacillate; to waver; to hesitate; to be indecisive; to falter; to flicker; to be irregular; to wobble; to sway; to stagger; to flicker; to reel; to totter; to fluctuate; to show off; to swank; to take the mickey; to have a good each time
vacilón: show-off; tease; joker; party; cool; great; teasing
vacío: empty; vacuum; void; vacuous; vain; inane; useless; idle; concave; hollow; space; gap; blank; flank; side; meaningless; emptiness; hacer el vacío: to isolate; to ignore
vacuna: vaccine; cowpox
vacunación: vaccination
vacunar: to vaccinate
vacunarse: to be vaccinated
vacuno: bovine; head of cattle; of cowskin
vadear: to ford; to wade; to overcome; to surmount; to sound; to penetrate; to understand
vado: ford; lowered or dropped kerb; expedient; resource
vagabundear: to wander; to stroll; to roam; to do nothing; to loaf about; to loiter about
vagabundo: vagrant; stray; tramp; bum; vagabond; wanderer
vagancia: laziness; idleness; vagrancy; loafing
vagar: to wander; to roam; to be idle; to be at leisure; to lie around; leisure; time; idleness
vagina: vagina
vago: lazy; idle; loafing; wandering; roaming; vague; indistinct; loose; hazy; imprecise; blank; unimproved; idler; loafer; vagrant; layabout; skiver; bum
vagón: carriage; coach; car; wagon; van
vagoneta: small wagon; truck wagon
vaguada: stream bed; thalweg
vaguear: to loaf about; to laze around; to wander; to roam
vaguedad: vagueness; vague remark
vahído: blackout; fainting fit; vertigo; dizziness; swoon
vaho: steam; breath; fume; vapour; exhalation
vaina: sheath; pod; shell; case; scabbard; pain in the neck; tabling of a sail
vainilla: vanilla
vaivén: swaying; rocking; swinging; ups-and-downs; seesaw; swing; fluctuation; inconstancy; ratline
vajilla: crockery; dishes; dinner service; plate
valdepeñas: Valdepeñas wine
valdré: valer
vale: coupon; voucher; free ticket; receipt; all right; friend; mate; buddy
valedero: valid; efficacious
valencia: valency; valence
valenciano: Valencian
valentía: bravery; valour; feat; heroic exploit; dash; boldness; brag; braggadocio
valer: to cost; to be worth; to earn; to deserve; to be equivalent or equal to; to help; to be of use; to fit; to be valid; to count; to hold; to protect; to defend; to help; to produce; to give; to yield; to bring; to cause to get; to have power or influence; to avail; worth; merit; value
valerse: to manage; to help or defend oneself; to take care of oneself; valerse de: to make use of; valerse por uno mismo: to manage on one's own
valeriana: valerian; setwall
valeroso: brave; courageous; valiant; valorous; active; powerful
valgo, valga: valer
valía: worth; value
validar: to validate
validez: validity
válido: valid; strong; robust; powerful; able-bodied
valiente: brave; courageous; valiant; strong; vigorous; fine; great; excellent; excessive; brave person; bully
valija: case; suitcase; mailbag; valise; mail; post
valioso: valuable; worthy; important; powerful
valla: fence; hurdle; paling; stockade; barrier; obstacle; valla publicitaria: billboard; hoarding
vallado: fence; stockade; inclosure
vallar: to put a fence around or in; to palisade
valle: valley; vale; dale; river basin
vallisoletano: inhabitant of Valladolid
valor: value; worth; import; amount; importance; validity; force; bravery; valour; courage; nerve; cheek; star; audacity; impudence; valores: values; securities; bonds; stocks
valoración: valuation; evaluation; assessment
valorar: to value; to appraise; to evaluate; to appreciate; to assess; to increase the value of
vals, valse: waltz
valuar: to value; to appraise; to rate
válvula: valve
vamos: come on; let's go; well; ir
vampiresa: vamp; femme fatale
vampiro: vampire; ghoul; usurer; vampire bat
van: ir
vanadio: vanadium
vanagloriarse: to boast; to brag; to show off; to be vainglorious
vandálico: destructive
vandalismo: vandalism
vándalo: vandal
vanguardia: van; vanguard; avant-garde
vanguardista: avant-garde; member of the avant-garde
vanidad: vanity; futility; empty word; inanity
vanidoso: vain; conceited; vain person
vano: vain; futile; shallow; hollow; empty; superficial; unrealistic; conceited; opening
vapor: steam; vapour; mist; exhalation; steamship; steamer
vaporizador: spray; vaporizer; atomizer
vaporizar: to vaporize
vaporizarse: to vaporize
vaporoso: steamy; hazy; misty; diaphanous; sheer; light; vaporous; vapoury; airy; ethereal
vapulear: to beat; to thrash; to treat badly; to lay into; to slate; to pan; to flog; to whip; to vapulate
vaquería: dairy farm; cowshed; cow-house; dairy
vaquero: cowboy; cowherd; denim; vaqueros: jeans
vaquilla: heifer
vara: stick; switch; rod; wand; verge; staff; cane; shaft; thrill; pike; stem; stalk; flowered scape; measure of length
varadero: repair dock; place where boats are taking ashore for safety
varado: aground; stuck
varar: to run aground; to beach; to come to a standstill
varear: to knock down; to knock off with a pole; to beat with a stick; to prick with a pike
variable: changeable; variable; moody
variación: variation; change
variado: varied; assorted; diverse; variegated
variante: variant; varying; variation; change; version; by-pass
variar: to alter; to change; to vary; to diversify; to variegate; to differ; to deviate
varice: varicose vein; varix
varicela: chickenpox; varicella
varicoso: varicose
variedad: variety; range; diversity; variation; change; changeableness; variedades: variety show
varieties: variety show
varilla: rod; stick; spoke; rib; arm; bone; stay; dipstick; wire spoke
vario: varied; different; various; diverse; inconstant; variegated; varios: various; several
variopinto: diverse; mixed
varita: wand; short stick; switch; twig
variz: varicose vein
varón: male; man; boy; man of respectability
varonil: masculine; male; manly; manful; courageous
Varsovia: Warsaw
vasallaje: vassalage; liege money; servitude; subjection; dependence
vasallo: vassal; subject; dependent; feudatory
vasco: Basque
vascuence: Basque
vascular: vascular
vasectomía: vasectomy
vaselina: Vaseline; petroleum jelly
vasija: earthenware vessel; container
vaso: glass; tumbler; vessel; receptacle; reservoir; glassful; tumblerful; hoof; vase
vástago: offspring; shoot; sprout; scion; rod; stem; tiller
vasto: vast; huge; immense; of great extent
váter: lavatory; toilet; bathroom
Vaticano: Vatican
vaticinar: to prophesy; to predict; to forecast; to vaticinate
vaticinio: prediction; forecast; vaticination; prophecy
vatio: watt
vaya: banter; raillery; ir
vaya!: well!
ve: ir; ver
vecinal: local; vicinal
vecindad: neighbourhood; vicinity; residents; vicinage
vecindario: neighbourhood; community; inhabitants; residents; neighbours
vecino: neighbour; resident; citizen; inhabitant; resident; neighbouring; near by; next; resembling; tenant
vector: vector; vectorial
veda: ban; close season; prohibition; interdiction
vedado: prohibited; forbidden; interdicted; enclosure; game preserve; warren; reserve; area of private land
vedar: to prohibit; to bar; to forbid; to impede
vedette: star
vega: fertile plant; fertile lowland; tobacco plantation
vegetación: vegetation; vegetaciones: adenoids
vegetal: vegetable; vegetal; plant; salad
vegetar: to vegetate
vegetariano: vegetarian; vegan
vegetativo: vegetative
vehemencia: vehemence
vehemente: vehement; passionate
vehículo: vehicle; carrier
veinte: twenty; twentieth
veinteavo: twentieth
veintena: twenty; about twenty; score
veintitantos: twenty-odd
vejación: humiliation; molestation; ill-treatment; oppression
vejamen: humiliation; molestation; ill-treatment; oppression; humorous reprehension
vejar: to humiliate; to molest; to ill-treat; to oppress
vejatorio: humiliating; molesting; oppressive
vejestorio: old fogey; old crock; very old person
vejez: old age; oldness; peevishness of old age; platitude; old history
vejiga: bladder; pustule of smallpox
vela: candle; sail; sailing; vigil; watch; nightwork; night watch; watching the sick or the dead; vigil before de Holy Sacrament; en vela: awake
velada: evening; social gathering; soirée; vigil; watch
velado: veiled; hidden; blurred
velador: pedestal table; bedside table; small table with one foot; watcher; guard; guardian; wooden candlestick
velamen: sails; canvas
velar: velar; to watch; to keep watch over; to stay awake; to look after; to protect; to see to; to mask; to veil; to hide; to expose; to fog; to blur; to stick out of the water; to glaze
velarse: to get fogged
velatorio: wake; vigil
veleidad: fickleness; inconstancy; whim; caprice; passing fancy
velero: sailing boat; sailing ship; swift-sailing; sailing; tallow chandler; sailmaker; sailer
veleta: weather vane; weathercock; streamer of a lance; fickle person
vello: down; soft hair; fuzz; pubescence
velloso: hairy; downy; villous; fuzzy
velludo: hairy; downy; shaggy; velvet; plush
velo: veil; shroud; cloud; taking the veil; velo del paladar: soft palate
velocidad: speed; velocity; gear
velocímetro: speedometer
velocípedo: velocipede
velocista: sprinter
velódromo: cycle track; velodrome
velomotor: moped; light motorcycle
velón: metal olive-oil lamp
velorio: wake; vigil; watch
veloz: fast; quick; swift; fleet; rapid
ven: venir
vena: vein; poetical inspiration; strain; streak; seam; lode
venada: sudden impulse
venado: deer; stag; deer meat; venison; crazy; nuts
vencedor: winner; winning; victorious; triumphant; victor; winner; vanquisher; conqueror; vanquishing; conquering
vencejo: swift; black martin; withe or band for tying sheaves
vencer: to win; to be victorious; to beat; to defeat; to vanquish; to conquer; to overcome; to overpower; to surmount; to subdue; to surpass; to outdo; to excel; to prevail upon; to persuade; to turn; to inline; to resist; to fall due; to mature; to expire; to run out; to fall due; to mature; to prevail
vencerse: to give way; to collapse; to control oneself
vencido: defeated; beaten; expired; due; payable; mature
vencimiento: expiry; falling due; expiration; maturity; vanquishment; defeat
venda: bandage; regal fillet; venda elástica: ace bandage
vendaje: bandaging; bandage; dressing
vendar: to bandage; to bind; to blindfold; to blind; to obfuscate
vendaval: gale; strong wind
vendedor: seller; vendor; salesman; shop assistant; sales assistant
vender: to sell; to sell out; to betray
venderse: to be sold; to be on sale; to sell oneself; to be bribed; to betray one's feelings
vendido: sold
vendimia: grape harvest; vintage; rich profit
vendimiar: to pick grapes; to harvest grapes; to gather; to reap; to kill; to murder
vendré, vendría: venir
Venecia: Venice
veneciano: Venetian
veneno: poison; venom; spite
venenoso: poisonous; venomous; spiteful; baneful
venerable: venerable
venerar: to worship; to adore; to venerate; to revere
venéreo: venereal
venezolano: Venezuelan
venga: come on; venir
venganza: revenge; vengeance
vengar: to avenge
vengarse: to get revenge; to avenge oneself
vengativo: vindictive; vengeful; revengeful
vengo, venga: venir
venial: venial
venida: arrival; coming; return; flood; freshet; attack; impetuosity; rashness
venidero: future; coming
venir: to come; to occur; to be felt; to arrive; to be; to appear; to agree
venirse: to come; to return; to ferment
venta: sale; selling; roadside inn
ventaja: advantage; start; odds; gain; lead; mastery; perk; plus; profit; extra pay; asset; benefit; better; blessing; boon; edge; virtue; llevar ventaja: to have the edge on somebody; to have the jump on somebody; empezar con ventaja: to have a head start ; dar ventaja a alguien: to give somebody a start
ventajoso: advantageous; favourable; profitable; expedient
ventana: window; casement; sash; fenestra; nostril
ventanal: large window; church window
ventanilla: small window; window
ventarrón: gale; strong wind
ventero: innkeeper; scenting
ventilación: ventilation; airing; discussion; elucidation; pozo de ventilación: air-shaft
ventilador: electric fan; vent; ventilator
ventilar: to ventilate; to air; to clear up; to discuss; to elucidate; to sort out; to reveal; to make known; to fan
ventilarse: to air; to be aired; to be cleared up; to polish off; to bump off
ventisca: blizzard; snowstorm; snowdrift
ventisquero: height in a mountain most exposed to snowstorms; blizzard; snowdrift; glacier
ventolera: gust; sudden impulse; whim; pinwheel; vanity; haughtiness
ventosa: sucker; suction cup; sucker
ventosidad: wind; gas; flatulence; windiness
ventoso: windy; wind-swept; flatulent
ventrículo: ventricle
ventrílocuo: ventriloquist
ventura: happiness; luck; fortune; chance; hazard; risk; por ventura: perhaps
venturoso: happy; lucky; fortunate
Venus: Venus
ver: appearance; looks; aspect; opinion; way of thinking; sight; sense of sight; to see; to watch; to look at; to find; to visit; to try to
verse: to see each other; to be; to find oneself; to look; to be seen
vera: side; edge; bank; border
veracidad: truthfulness; veracity
veranda: veranda; verandah
veraneante: holidaymaker; summer vacationist; summer resident
veranear: to spend one's summer holidays; to summer
veraneo: summer holidays; summer vacation
veraniego: summery; summer; sickly in summer; light; unimportant
veranillo: veranillo de San Martín: Indian summer
verano: summer
veras: truth; reality; earnestness; de veras: really; real; genuine; indeed; in earnest
veraz: truthful; veracious
verbal: verbal; oral
verbena: verbena; vervain; street party held on the eve of a saint's day
verbo: verb; word
verborrea: verbal diarrhoea; excessive verbosity
verdad: truth; decir cuatro verdades: to give a piece of one's mind; de verdad: seriously
verdadero: true; real; genuine; actual; veracious; truthful; sterling; veritable; very
verde: green; unripe; immature; young; risky; off-colour; green barley or grass; verdure; foliage; bawdy; poner verde: to rake over the coals
verdemar: sea-green
verderón: greenfinch
verdor: greenness; green colour; verdure; verdancy; freshness; vigour
verdoso: greenish
verdugo: executioner; hangman; tyrant; cruel punisher or tormenter; shoot; sucker; slender rapier; scourge; lash; switch; wale; weal; welt; balaclava
verdulería: greengrocer's shop
verdulero: greengrocer; coarse woman; fishwife
verdura: vegetable; greenness; verdure; verdancy; foliage; greens; vegetables
vereda: path; footpath; pavement; sidewalk
veredicto: verdict
verga: yard; dick; penis; steel bow of a crossbow
vergel: area rich in vegetation, specially fruit trees; flower and fruit garden
vergonzoso: shameful; disgraceful; scandalous; shy; timid; bashful person; private parts
vergüenza: shame; embarrassment; disgrace; bashfulness; shyness; confusion; modesty; honour; self-respect; dignity; abashment; vergüenzas: private parts
vericueto: twist of a path; rough and pathless place
verídico: true; truthful; veridical
verificar: to verify; to check; to test; to accomplish; to carry out
verificarse: to take place; to come true; to be accomplished
verja: railings; iron gate; iron railing
vermú: vermouth
vermut: vermouth
vernáculo: vernacular
verosímil: plausible; credible; likely; probable; verisimilar
verraco: boar
verruga: wart; verruca; nuisance
versado: versed; knowledgeable; conversant
versar: to turn; to go around; versar acerca de: to deal with; to treat of or on
versátil: versatile; fickle
versículo: verse in the Bible; versicle
versificar: to write verse; to put into verse; to versify
versión: version; translation
verso: verse; line; poem; versicle; versed
vértebra: vertebra
vertebrado: vertebrate; vertebrated
vertebral: spinal; vertebral
vertedero: dump; tip; sink; dumping place; spillway
verter: to pour; to spill; to shed; to cast; to empty; to dump; to translate; to express; to emit; to utter; to run; to flow
vertical: vertical
vértice: vertex; apex
vertido: dumping; waste
vertiente: slope; aspect; side; spring; pouring; flowing
vertiginoso: vertiginous; dizzy; giddy; rapid
vértigo: vertigo; dizziness; giddiness; abnormally hurried activity; hustle and bustle; fit of insanity
vesícula: vesicle; small blister; vesícula biliar: gall bladder
vespertino: evening; vespertine; evening paper
vestíbulo: hall; lobby; foyer; vestibule
vestido: dress; garb; costume; suit; clothes; clothing; vesture; covering
vestidor: changing room
vestidura: clothes; clothing; vesture; vestments
vestigio: vestige; trace; sign
vestimenta: clothes; clothing
vestir: to dress; to wear; to clothe; to garb; to attire; to make clothes for; to cover; to deck; to adorn; to cloak; to disguise; to look smart; to accouter; to accoutre
vestirse: to get dressed; to dress; to be covered
vestuario: clothes; wardrobe; dress; apparel; clothing; uniform; changing room; dressing room
veta: seam; vein; lode; streak; stripe
vetar: to veto; to put one's veto on
veteranía: seniority
veterano: veteran
veterinaria: veterinary medicine
veterinario: veterinary; veterinary surgeon; veterinarian
veto: veto
vetusto: very ancient or old
vez: time; turn; stead; place; una vez: once; dos veces: twice; en vez de: instead of
vi: ver
vía: route; way; path; road; street; track; line; channel; duct; process; via; by way of; way; manner; tract; vía de agua: leak; Vía Láctea: Milky Way; vía respiratoria: airway
viabilidad: viability; feasibility; practicability
viable: viable; feasible; practicable
viaducto: viaduct
viajante: commercial traveller; commercial representative; travelling
viajar: to travel; to journey; to voyage
viaje: trip; journey; travel; obliquity; load; viaje de ida y vuelta: round trip
viajero: traveller; passenger; travelling
vianda: food; viands
viandante: passer-by; traveller; itinerant; tramp
viario: road
víbora: viper; adder; víbora cobriza: copperhead
vibración: vibration; quivering
vibrador: dildo
vibrante: vibrant; thrilled
vibrar: to vibrate; to roll; to quiver; to tremble; to shake
vibratorio: vibratory
vicaría: post of vicar; vicarage; vicarship
vicario: vicar
vicepresidente: vice president; deputy prime minister; deputy chairman
viceversa: vice versa; illogical thing
vichar: to peep; to take a peep
viciado: foul; polluted
viciar: to get into a bad habit; to vitiate; to corrupt; to deprave; to adulterate; to nullify; to pervert; to misconstrue
viciarse: to get into bad habits; to become vitiated
vicio: vice; defect; bad habit; overindulgence; pampering; excessive luxuriance; warping; quejarse de vicio: to complain out of reason
vicioso: depraved; profligate; vicious; spoiled; abundant; luxuriant; vicious person; abandoned
vicisitud: vicissitude; instability; changeability; vicisitudes: ups and downs
víctima: victim
victoria: victory; victoria
victoriano: Victorian
victorioso: victorious
vicuña: vicuña; vicuna
vid: vine; grapevine
vida: life; living; livelihood; activity; animation; liveliness; mi vida: my love
vidente: clairvoyant; seer; prophet; sighted person; seeing; sighted
vídeo: video; video recorder
videocámara: camcorder; video camera
videocasete: video casette
videoclip: vídeo
videoclub: video shop
videograbadora: video recorder
videojuego: video game
videoteca: video library
vidorra: easy life
vidriera: stained-glass window; shop window; glass partition; shopwindow
vidriero: glass merchant; glass manufacturer; glazier
vidrio: glass
vidrioso: glazed; glassy; touchy; brittle; slippery
vieira: scallop
viejo: old; aged; ancient; antique; old-fashioned; old person; old man; dad; mum; mom
Viena: Vienna
viene: venir
vienés: Viennese
viento: wind; wind instruments; wind section; guy rope; smell; sense of smell; windage
vientre: abdomen; belly; paunch; venter; stomach; bowels; womb
viera: ver
viernes: Friday; viernes santo: Good Friday
vierto, vierta: verter
Vietnam: Vietnam
vietnamita: Vietnamese
viga: beam; girder; joist; baulk; rafter
vigencia: relevance; validity; state of being in force or use
vigente: relevant; valid; in force; in effect; in use; active; going
vigésimo: twentieth
vigía: lookout; watch; watchtower; rock; shoal
vigilancia: surveillance; observance; vigilance; watch; watchfulness; watching; alertness; look-out; stake-out
vigilante: vigilant; watchful; careful; guard; watchman; attendant; keeper
vigilar: to watch; to invigilate; to proctor; to keep watch
vigilia: wakefulness; vigil; night study; eve; abstinence of meat
vigor: vigour; vigor; force; effect; strength; sturdiness; vim; activity; drive; flourish; forcefulness; freshness; moxie; pith; snap; spring; stamina; zip; en vigor: valid; operative
vigorizar: to fortify
vigoroso: vigorous; strong; lusty; healthy; florid; active; forceful; full-blooded; muscular; punchy; sprack; sprag; strenuous; sturdy; youthful; zippy
vigués: inhabitant of Vigo
vikingo: Viking
vil: vile; despicable; base; mean; low; abject; worthless; treacherous person
vileza: vileness; baseness; infamy; despicable act; abjectness
vilipendiar: to vilify; to revile; to vilipend; to denigrate
villa: villa; town; market town; council town
villancico: Christmas carol
villano: villain; villein; rustic; peasant; knave; scoundrel; rustic; impolite; base; despicable; of humble birth
vilo: en vilo: suspended; in the air; tener en vilo: to keep in suspense
vinagre: vinegar; grouch
vinagrera: vinegar bottle; sorrel; heartburn; vinagreras: cruet
vinagreta: vinaigrette sauce
vinajera: cruet
vincha: hairband
vinculación: link; connection; tying; attaching; entailment
vincular: to link; to connect; to bind; to tie; to attach; to ground; to found; to entail
vínculo: link; connection; vinculum; tie; bond; entail
vine: venir
vinícola: wine; winegrowing
vinicultor: wine producer; viticulturist
vinicultura: wine production; viniculture; wine-making
viniera, viniese: venir
vinilo: vinyl
vino: wine; venir
viña: vineyard
viñador: vineyardist; winegrower
viñatero: vineyardist
viñedo: vineyard
viñeta: vignette; frame; cartoon
vio: ver
viola: viola; viola player; violet
violáceo: purplish; violaceous
violación: violation; rape
violador: rapist
violar: to break; to violate; to rape; to spoil; to tarnish; patch or bed of violets
violencia: violence; compulsion; constraint; rape
violentar: to force; to embarrass; to do violence to; to break; to break into; to strain; to distort
violentarse: to get embarrassed; to force oneself
violento: violent; forced; unnatural; strained; constrained; embarrassed; ill at ease; awkward
violeta: violet
violetera: violet seller
violín: violin; fiddle; violinist; bridge; cue rest
violinista: violinist
violón: double bass; bass viol; doble bass player
violoncelista: cellist; violoncellist
violonchelo: cello; cellist; violoncello
viperino: viperous; venomous; vicious; viperino; viperish
viraje: turn; change; turning; toning
viral: viral
virar: to turn; to veer; to shift; to tack; to tone
virgen: virgin
virginal: virginal; virgin
virginidad: virginity
virgo: Virgo; Virgoan; virginity
virguería: frill; gem
vírico: viral
viril: virile; manly; clear glass; small monstrance within a larger one
virilidad: virility; manliness; manhood
virreina: vicereine; vice-queen
virreinato: viceroyalty; viceroyship
virrey: viceroy
virtual: virtual; tacit; implicit
virtud: virtue; ability; property; virtuousness; en virtud de: as a consequence of; by virtue of
virtuosismo: virtuosity
virtuoso: virtuous; virtuoso
viruela: smallpox; variola; pock; pock mark; viruelas locas: chicken pox
virulé: a la virulé: black
virulencia: virulence
virulento: virulent
virus: virus; poison; contagion
viruta: wood shaving
vis: vis a vis: face to face
visa: visa
visado: visa; visé
visar: to endorse; to visa; to visé; to dight
víscera: internal organ; viscera; vísceras: entrails; viscera
visceral: internal; visceral; profound; intense
viscosa: viscose
viscoso: viscous; sticky
visera: peak; visor; eyeshade
visibilidad: visibility
visible: visible; obvious; evident; conspicuous
visigodo: Visigothic; Visigoth
visillo: net curtain; lace curtain; window shade
visión: vision; sight; view; viewpoint; sense; scarecrow person
visionario: visionary
visir: vizier; vizir
visita: visit; call; social call; visitor; guest; visitors; visitation; inspection
visitador: sales representative inspector; visitator; frequent caller; calling frequently
visitante: visitor; caller; visitant; calling; visiting
visitar: to visit; to search; to inspect
vislumbrar: to make out; to discern; to begin to see; to glimpse; to surmise; to conjecture
viso: slip; petticoat; underskirt; coloured lining; appearance; height; outlook; changeable luster or colour; visos: sheen; tener visos de ser verdad: to appear to be true
visón: mink
visor: viewfinder; viewer; finder; bomb sight
víspera: before; eve; vísperas: vespers; evensong
vista: sight; vision; view; eye; gaze; glance; brief look; sense; hearing; bajar la vista: to look down; hasta la vista: so long
vistazo: quick look; glance
visto: obvious; seen; looked; ver; vestir; por lo visto: apparently; visto bueno: correct; approved
vistoso: gay; bright; showy; colourful; colorful
visual: visual; line of sight
visualizar: to visualize
vital: life; vital; lively
vitalicio: life; for life; life insurance; life annuity
vitalidad: vitality
vitamina: vitamin; vitamine
vitaminado: with added vitamins
vitamínico: vitamin
viticultor: vine grower; viticulturist
viticultura: vine growing; viticulture
vitola: cigar band; size of cigars; ball or bullet calibre; mien; appearance
vitorear: to cheer on; to acclaim
vítores: cheers
vitoriano: inhabitant of Vitoria
vitral: stained-glass window
vítreo: vitreous; glass-like
vitrina: glass cabinet; shop window; show case
vituallas: provisions; victuals; supplies
vituperación: affront; vituperation
vituperar: to condemn; to criticize; to vituperate
viuda: widow; dowager; mourning bride; mourning widow
viudedad: widowhood
viudez: widowhood
viudo: widowed; widower
viva: hurray; cheer; viva; vivat
vivac: bivouac
vivacidad: vivacity; liveliness; animal spirits; brightness; vividness
vivalavirgen: laid-back person
vivales: opportunist; chancer
vivamente: vividly; strongly; deeply
vivaque: bivouac
vivar: to cheer; warren; fishpond; hatchery
vivaracho: lively; vivacious; dapper
vivaz: vivacious; lively; sharp; active; vigorous; keen; quick-witted; long-lived; jaunty
vivencia: experience
víveres: provisions; supplies; food; victuals
vivero: tree nursery; seedbed; fish farm; hatchery; vivarium; breeding ground
viveza: energy; passion; enthusiasm; sharpness; vibrancy; liveliness; sprightliness; briskness; quickness; warmth; vehemence; keenness; quick-wittedness; brightness; gaiety; vividness; sparkle
vívido: vivid
vividor: person who enjoys life to the full; living; long-lived; thrifty
vivienda: housing; accommodation; accommodations; dwelling; housing
viviente: living; alive; liver; living person
vivificante: reviving; vivifying; life-giving
vivificar: to revive; to vivify; to comfort; to refresh
vivíparo: viviparous; animal whose offspring develops within the uterus
vivir: life; living; livelihood; to live; to go through; to experience; to abide
vivisección: vivisection
vivo: alive; living; live; vivid; brisk; quick; smart; keen; acute; sharp; intense; vigorous; lively; bright; deep; hasty; quick-tempered; expressive; vehement; persuasive; running; unslaked; raw; edge; edging; border
vizcaíno: inhabitant of Vizcaya; Biscayan
vizconde: viscount
vizcondesa: viscountess
vocablo: word; term
vocabulario: vocabulary
vocación: vocation
vocacional: vocational; technical
vocal: vocal; member; vowel
vocalista: vocalist; singer
vocalizar: to enunciate; to vocalize
vocativo: vocative
voceador: newsboy; town crier; vociferator; vociferating
vocear: to vociferate; to shout out; to broadcast; to cry; to publish; to shout; to cheer; to acclaim
vocerío: shouting; outcry; uproar
vocero: spokesperson; spokesman
vociferar: to shout; to vociferate
vodevil: vaudeville
vodka: vodka
voladizo: projecting; jutting out; projecting member; corbel
volador: flying; fleeting; running fast; skyrocket; flying gurnard
voladura: demolition; blowing up; blasting; flying through the air
volandas: en volandas: in the air; as if flying; rapidly; quickly
volante: flying; volant; wheel; frill; flounce; referral; shuttlecock; leaflet; flier; balance wheel; coining press
volar: to fly; to fleet; to pass swiftly; to run fast; to make great haste; to go; to disappear; to spread; to blow up; to flush out; to sack; to irritate; to exasperate; to raise
volarse: to blow away
volátil: volatile; flying
volatinero: acrobat; ropewalker
volcán: volcano
volcánico: volcanic
volcar: to knock over; to tip over; to turn over; to empty; to dump; to overturn; to upset; to capsize; to tilt; to make dizzy; to make one change his mind; to irritate
volea: volley; whippletree
voleibol: volleyball
voleo: volley; slap or blow that makes one reel; a voleo: haphazardly
volframio: wolfram
volován: vol-au-vent
volquete: dumper truck; tilt cart; tip cart
voltaje: voltage
voltear: to toss; to turn over; to ring; to turn; to revolve; to knock over; to build an arch or vault
voltearse: to turn round; to defect
voltereta: somersault; tumble; handspring; turning in the air; tumbling
voltímetro: voltmeter
voltio: volt; walk; stroll
voluble: fickle; unpredictable; voluble; versatile; inconstant
volumen: volume; bulk; mass
voluminoso: voluminous; large; bulky
voluntad: will; wish; pleasure; willpower; de propia voulntad:of on own’s accord
voluntario: voluntary; volunteer; wilful; self-willed
voluntarioso: determined; obstinate; headstrong; wilful; self-willed
voluptuoso: voluptuous; voluptuary
volver: to come back; to return; to restore; to go back; to turn over; to turn; to direct; to aim; to vomit; to translate; to make; to drive; to convert; to make a person change his mind; to push or pull a door to; to reflect
volverse: to turn round; o come back; to return; to become
vomitar: to vomit; to barf; to eject; to belch forth; to break out into; to be sick; to disgorge; to give up
vomitivo: emetic; revolting; disgusting; vomitive
vómito: vomit; vomiting
voracidad: voracity; voraciousness
vorágine: vortex; whirlpool; hurly-burly; constant activity
voraz: voracious; greedy; ravenous; destructive; fierce
vos: you
vosear: to address as vos
voseo: use of vos
vosotros: you; ye
votación: votation; voting; vote; ballot
votante: voter
votar: to vote for; to vote on; to vote; to vow; to swear; to curse
voto: vote; vow; wish; supplication
voy: ir
voz: voice; shout; rumour; rumor; word; term; vote; rumour; public opinion
vudú: voodoo
vuelco: overturn; turnover; upset; volcar
vuelo: flight; projection; jut; spread; wideness; flaring; importance; volar
vuelta: return; coming back; turn; stroll; tour; trip; excursion; bend; curve; wind; reverse; other side; round; half season; change; turn-up; cuff; lap; restitution; repetition; iteration; vault; ceiling; facing; cuff trimming; burden; beating; drubbing; media vuelta: about-face
vuelto: change; volver
vuelvo, vuelva: volver
vuestro: your; yours; los vuestros: your family; your people
vulgar: common; vulgar; crude
vulgaridad: vulgarity; commonplace; platitude
vulgarismo: vulgarism; popular expression
vulgo: vulgar; common people; plebs
vulnerable: vulnerable
vulnerar: to infringe; to contravene; to damage; to wound; to harm; to injure
vulva: vulva

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