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oasis: oasis
obcecar: to blind mentally; to disturb the mind of; to obfuscate
obcecarse: to become stubborn
obedecer: to obey; to respond; to yield; to be the result of; to be due; to arise
obediencia: obedience
obediente: obedient
obelisco: obelisk; dagger
obertura: overture
obesidad: obesity; obeseness; fatness
obeso: obese; fat; fleshy
óbice: obstacle; impediment; hindrance
obispado: bishopric; episcopate; diocese
obispo: bishop
óbito: death; decease
obituario: obituaries section; obituary
objeción: objection
objetar: to object
objetividad: objectivity
objetivo: objective; aim; target; lens
objeto: object; purpose; objective; aim; target; goal; end; thing; artefact; artifact; affair; sin objeto: aimless
objetor: objector
oblea: wafer
oblicuo: oblique; slanting; sidelong
obligación: obligation; duty; commitment; bond; security
obligado: obliged
obligar: to oblige; to force; to bind; to compel; to force
obligarse: to put oneself under an obligation; to make a commitment
obligatorio: obligatory; compulsory
oblongo: oblong; oval
obnubilar: to cloud
oboe: oboe; oboist
obra: work; task; act; deed; work of art; play; piece; book; opus; building site; alteration
obrar: to act; to work; to fashion; to make; to build; to construct; to take effect; to be; to act; to behave; to proceed
obrera: worker
obrero: working; labour; worker; labourer; laborer; churchwarden
obscenidad: obscenity
obsceno: obscene; indecent; lewd
obscurecer: oscurecer
obscuridad: oscuridad
obscuro: oscuro
obsequiar: to lavish attentions on; to present somebody with something; to court; to woo
obsequio: gift; present; attention; shown; courtesy; treat
obsequioso: obliging; obsequious; attentive
observación: observation; note; comment; remark; observance
observador: observant; observer; observing
observancia: observance; respect; abidance
observar: to observe; to watch; to notice; to point out; to respect; to follow
observarse: to be noticed
observatorio: observatory; weather station
obsesión: obsession
obsesionado: obsessed
obsesionar: to obsession
obsesionar: to obsess
obsesionarse: to become obsessed; to be obsessed
obsesivo: obsessive
obseso: obsessed; obsessive person
obsoleto: obsolete
obstaculizar: to hinder; to hamper; to block; to obstruct; to prevent
obstáculo: obstacle
obstante: no obstante: nevertheless; however; in spite of; despite
obstar: to stand in the way; to be an obstacle
obstetricia: obstetrics; obstetricy
obstinación: stubbornness; obstinacy; obduracy
obstinado: persistent; obstinate; stubborn
obstinarse: to refuse to give way
obstrucción: obstruction; blockage
obstruir: to obstruct; to block; to impede; to hinder; to clog; to stop up
obstruirse: to get blocked
obtener: to get; to win; to make; to gain; to attain; to obtain; to procure
obtenerse: to be obtained
obturador: shutter; obturator; throttle; stopper; plug; obturating; stopping
obturar: to block; to obturate; to close; to plug; to throttle
obtuso: blunt; obtuse; stupid; dull; low in perception
obús: shell; howitzer
obviar: to avoid; to get round
obvio: obvious; evident
oca: goose; royal goose; oca; board game similar to snakes and ladders
ocarina: ocarina
ocasión: opportunity; chance; moment; time; occasion; bargain; case
ocasional: accidental; occasional; chance
ocasionar: to cause; to occasion
ocaso: sunset; decline; setting; decadence; west
occidental: western; westerner
occidentalizar: to westernize
occidente: west; occident
occipital: occipital
Oceanía: Oceanía
oceánico: ocean; oceanic
océano: ocean; sea; host
oceanografía: oceanography
ocelote: ocelot
ochavo: small copper coin
ochenta: eighty; eightieth
ochentavo: eightieth
ocho: eight; eighth
ochocientos: eight hundred
ocio: leisure; idleness; spare time; pastime; diversion
ociosidad: idleness
ocioso: idle; useless; needless; unnecessary; pointless
ocre: ocher; ochre
octágono: octagon; octagonal
octano: octane
octava: octave
octavilla: pamphlet; leaflet; octavo; eight part of a sheet of paper; octosyllabic octave
octavo: eighth
octeto: octet; byte
octogenario: octogenarian
octogésimo: eightieth
octogonal: octagonal
octógono: octagon
octubre: October
ocular: eye; ocular; eyepiece; testigo ocular: eyewitness
oculista: oculist; ophthalmologist; eye-specialist
ocultar: to hide; to conceal; to cover; to secret; to occult; to cover up
ocultarse: to hide
ocultismo: occultism
oculto: hidden; concealed; secret; occult; abstruse
ocupa: squatter
ocupación: occupation; job
ocupado: busy; engaged; occupied; taken
ocupante: occupant; occupier
ocupar: to occupy; to take up; to live in; to sit at; to sit in; to hold; to provide work for
ocuparse: to deal with; to look after
ocurrencia: bright idea; witty remark; quip; occurrence; event; occasion
ocurrente: witty; bright; occurring
ocurrir: to happen; to occur; to befall
ocurrirse: to occur; to strike; to come into one's mind
oda: ode
odiar: to hate; to loathe
odio: hatred; hate; loathing; odium
odioso: hateful; horrible; odious
odisea: odyssey
odontología: dentistry; odontology
odontólogo: dentist; dental surgeon; odontologist
odre: wineskin; winebag; drunkard
oeste: west; western; westerly
ofender: to insult; to offend; to hurt; to attack; to injure
ofenderse: to be offended; to take offence
ofendido: affronted; aggrieved; huffy; miffed
ofensa: offence; slight; insult; affront; injury
ofensiva: offensive
ofensivo: offensive; abusive
oferta: offer; supply; bargain; bid; tender
ofertar: to offer; offering; gift
office: scullery; breakfast room
oficial: official; officer; clerk; journeyman; trainee; craftsman
oficiala: tradeswoman; craftswoman; officer
oficialismo: government party; authorities
oficiar: to officiate at; to celebrate; to act
oficina: office; bureau; workshop; pharmacist's laboratory
oficinista: office worker; clerk
oficio: trade; job; profession; occupation; office letter; service
oficioso: unofficial; officious; meddlesome; diligent; obliging
ofimática: office automation
ofrecer: to offer; to give; to provide; to throw; to present; to hold; to celebrate
ofrecerse: to offer; to volunteer; to be displayed
ofrecimiento: offer; offering; promise
ofrenda: offering; gift
ofrendar: to offer up
ofrezco, ofrezca: ofrecer
oftalmología: ophthalmology
oftalmólogo: ophthalmologist
ofuscar: to dazzle; to blind; to obfuscate
ofuscarse: to be blinded; to become confused
ogro: ogre
oh: oh
oídas: de oídas: by hearsay
oído: ear; hearing
oigo, oiga: oír
oír: to hear; to listen to
ojal: buttonhole; eyelet; eyelet hole
ojalá: would to God; God grant; I hope
ojeada: quick look; glance
ojear: to beat for game; to chase away; to eye; to have a quick look at; to glance at
ojera: eye cup; eye glass; ojeras: rings under the eyes
ojeriza: dislike; animosity; grudge; spite; ill will
ojeroso: haggard; having rings under the eyes
ojiva: ogive; pointed arch; warhead
ojo: eye; hole; perforation; bow; speck of grease in soup; well of stairs; span; bay of bridge; keyhole
ojota: sandal
okupa: squatter
ola: wave; billow; surge; swell
olé: bravo
oleada: wave; large wave; surge; swell
oleaje: swell; surge
óleo: oil; olive oil; chrism; holy oil
oleoducto: pipeline
oler: to smell; to scent; to sniff; to snuff; to pry into
olerse: to suspect; to guess
olfatear: to sniff; to smell; to scent; to snoop; to pry into; to try to discover
olfato: sense of smell; nose; sagacious sense
oligarquía: oligarchy
oligoelemento: trace element
oligofrenia: mental handicap
oligofrénico: mentally handicapped
olimpiada: Olympiad; Olympic games
olímpico: Olympic; haughty
olisquear: to smell; to scent; to sniff
oliva: olive; barn owl
oliváceo: olive-coloured; olivaceous
olivar: olive grove; olive plantation; oliveyard
olivarero: olive; olive grower
olivo: olive tree
olla: pot; boiler; kettle; dish of boiled meat and vegetables; eddy; whirlpool; olla exprés: pressure cooker
olmo: elm tree
olor: smell; odour; fragance; promise; hope
oloroso: fragrant; odorous
olote: corncob without corn kernels
olvidadizo: forgetful; ungrateful
olvidar: to forget; to be forgotten; to leave behind
olvidarse: to forget
olvido: oblivion; forgetfulness; omission; oversight; neglect
ombligo: navel; belly button; centre; middle
omega: omega
ominoso: ominous; of evil omen; awful; odious; execrable
omisión: omission
omiso: neglectful; remiss; careless
omitir: to omit; to drop; to leave out
ómnibus: bus; omnibus; long-distance bus; coach
omnipotente: omnipotent; almighty
omnipresente: omnipresent
omnisciente: omniscient
omnívoro: omnivore; omnivorous
omoplato, omóplato: shoulder blade
onagro: onager
once: eleven; eleventh
onceavo: eleventh
oncología: oncology
onvológico: oncological
onda: wave; ripple; scallop; kink; longitud de onda: wavelength; ondas de radio: airwaves; onda expansiva: blast
ondear: to wave; to flutter; to blow about; to rise in waves; to ripple; to undulate
ondulación: undulation; wave
ondulado: wavy; undulating; corrugated; rippled; billowy
ondular: to wave; to flutter; to undulate; to ripple; to billow; to roll
oneroso: onerous; burdensome
onírico: oneiric; relating to dreams
ónix: onyx
onomástica: saint's day
onomástico: onomastic
onomatopeya: onomatopoeia
onomatopéyico: onomatopoeic
onubense: inhabitant of Huelva
onza: ounce; piece; square; cheetah
onzavo: eleventh
OPA: takeover bid
opaco: opaque; dull
ópalo: opal
opción: option; choice; right
opcional: optional
ópera: opera
operación: operation; transaction; deal
operador: operator; projectionist; cameraman
operar: to operate on; to bring about; to operate
operario: worker; workman; operator; operative
opereta: operetta; light opera
opinable: debatable
opinar: to give an opinion; to think; to judge; to opine
opinión: opinion; view
opio: opium
opíparo: sumptuous; plentiful
oponente: opponent
oponer: to oppose; to offer; to put up
oponerse: to be opposed; to be the opposite; to go against
oporto: port wine
oportunidad: opportunity; timing; oportunidades: bargains section
oportunista: opportunist
oportuno: timely; opportune; suitable; appropriate; witty
oposición: opposition; competitive examination
opresión: oppression; constriction; pressing
opresivo: oppressive
opresor: oppressive; oppressor
oprimido: oppressed
oprimir: to press; to push; to pinch; to oppress; to weigh down
oprobio: opprobrium; ignominy; disgrace
optar: to opt; to decide; to choose
optativo: optional; optative
óptica: optics; optician's; point of view; perspective
óptico: optic; optical; optician
optimismo: optimism
optimista: optimist; sanguine
óptimo: optimum; optimal; best
opuesto: opposed; opposite; contrary; adverse; abhorrent
opulencia: opulence
opulento: opulent; affluent; lush; plentiful
opuse, opusiera: oponer
oquedad: hollow; cavity; hole; hollowness
ora: now; then; whether
oración: prayer; orison; oration; discourse; sentence; clause; dusk; sunset
oráculo: oracle
orador: orator; speaker
oral: oral
orangután: orang-utang
orar: to pray
orate: lunatic; madman
oratoria: oratory; speaking
orbe: orb; sphere; the earth; the world
órbita: orbit; sphere; field; eye-socket
orca: orca; killer whale
órdago: fantastic; dreadful; swell; grand; excellent
orden: order; class; degree; array; respect; relation; nature
ordenación: ordering; placing in order; order; arrangement; command; ordination
ordenador: computer; ordering; arranging; ordaining; orderer; arranger; ordainer; auditor; ordenador portátil: laptop
ordenamiento: regulations; ordering; arrangement; edict; ordinance
ordenanza: order; method; command; ordinance; regulation; orderly; errand boy; messenger
ordenar: to order; to arrange; to put in order; to direct to an end; to command; to decree; to prescribe; to ordain
ordenarse: to take orders; to be ordained
ordeñadora: milking machine
ordeñar: to milk
ordinal: ordinal
ordinariez: vulgarity; grossness; coarseness; ordinariness; inferior quality; rude remark
ordinario: usual; coarse; vulgar; inferior; gross; cheap; common person; ordinary; carrier; messenger
orear: to air; to ventilate
orearse: to air; to become aired; to take an airing; to get some fresh air
orégano: wild marjoram; oregano
oreja: ear; flap; wing; lug; claw of hammer; oreja marina: abalone
orejeras: ear muffs; earflaps
orejón: strip of dried peach; pull on the ear
orejudo: big-eared
orensano: inhabitant of Orense
orfanato: orphanage
orfandad: orphanage; orphanhood; abandonment; neglect
orfebre: goldsmith; silversmith
orfebrería: gold work; silver work
orfanato: orphanage
orfeón: choir; choral society
organdí: organdy
orgánico: organic
organigrama: organization chart; structure
organillero: organ-grinder
organillo: barrel organ; hand organ
organismo: organism; organization; society; body; institution
organización: organization
organizar: to organize; to arrange; to cause; to set up; to start
organizarse: to organize oneself; to get organized; to occur; to take place
órgano: organ; instrument; medium; publication; mouthpiece
orgasmo: orgasm
orgía: orgy; revel
orgullo: pride; arrogance; haughtiness
orgulloso: proud; arrogant; haughty; conceited
orientación: orienting; orientation; learnings; tendency; aspect; guidance; bearings
oriental: eastern; oriental
orientar: to orient; to orientate; to position; to direct; to give directions to; to guide; to advise; to trim a sail
orientarse: to find one's bearings; to orient oneself
oriente: east; orient
orífice: goldsmith
orificio: hole; orifice
origen: origin; cause; native country
original: original; queer; quaint; odd; eccentric
originalidad: originality
originar: to originate; to create; to start; to cause; to bring about
originarse: to originate; to derive; to arise; to spring
originario: original; come; derived; native; originating; of origin
orilla: border; margin; edge; brink; hem; bank; margin; shore
orín: rust; urine
orina: urine
orinal: chamber pot; urinal
orinar: to urinate
orinarse: to wet oneself
oriundo: coming from; native of
orla: edging; border; ornamental border; orle; class graduation photograph
ornamentación: decoration; ornamentation
ornamental: ornamental
ornamento: ornament; adorn; decorate; gift; moral quality; ornament
ornitología: ornithology
ornitológico: ornithological
ornitólogo: ornithologist
ornitorrinco: duckbill; platypus
oro: gold; card suit equivalent to diamonds
orondo: fat; rotund; smug; self-satisfied; proud; big-bellied; hollow; puffed up
oropel: tinsel; brass foil
oropéndola: golden oriole; loriot
orquesta: orchestra; band
orquestal: orchestral
orquestar: to orchestrate
orquestina: small dance band
orquídea: orchid
orsay: offside
ortiga: nettle; ortiga de mar: jellyfish
ortodoxo: orthodox; conventional
ortogonal: orthogonal
ortografía: spelling; orthography
ortopeda: orthopaedist; orthopedist
ortopedia: orthopaedics; orthopedics
ortopédico: orthopaedic; orthopedic
ortopedista: orthopaedist; orthopedist
oruga: caterpillar; rocket; rocket sauce
orujo: brandy distilled from grape pressings
orza: luff; luffing; centreboard; crock; earthen jag
orzuelo: sty; stye
os: you; to you; for you; each other; yourselves
osa: she-bear; Osa Mayor: Ursa Major; Great Bear; Big Dipper; Osa Menor: Ursa Minor; Little Bear; Little Dipper
osadía: boldness; daring; audacity; cheek; impudence
osado: bold; daring; audacious; hardy; cheeky; impudent
osamenta: skeleton; bones
osar: charnel-house; ossuary; to dare; to venture
oscense: inhabitant of Huesca
oscilación: oscillation; fluctuation
oscilar: to oscillate; to swing; to fluctuate; to vary
oscura: a oscuras: in darkness; in the dark
oscurecer: to obscure; to darken; to make darker; to obscure; to cast a shadow over; to overshadow
oscurecerse: to cloud over; to become cloudy; to get darker
oscuridad: darkness; gloom; obscurity
oscuro: dark; overcast; dull; obscure; suspicious; shady; uncertain
ósculo: kiss; osculum
óseo: osseous; bone
osera: den of bears
osezno: bear cub
osificarse: to become ossified; to ossify
osito: teddy
osmio: osmium
ósmosis: osmosis
oso: bear; oso hormiguero: anteater; aadvark
ostensible: ostensible; visible; manifest
ostentación: ostentation; show; parade; display; exhibition
ostentar: to parade; to display; to show; to make ostentation of; to exhibit; to manifest
ostentoso: ostentatious; sumptuous
ostión: large oyster; scallop
ostra: oyster; ostras: wow; gosh; holy cow
ostracismo: ostracism
otear: to survey; to scan; to watch closely; to observe; to spy; to search; to examine
otero: hillock; knoll; buttle; height
otitis: inflammation of the inner ear; otitis
otoñal: autumnal; autumn; fall
otoño: autumn; fall
otorgar: to grant; to give; to award; to consent; to confer; to execute; to accord
otorrino, otorrinolaringólogo: ear, nose and throat specialist
otro: another; other
ovación: ovation
ovacionar: to give an ovation to
ovalado: oval
óvalo: oval
ovario: ovary; ovarium
oveja: sheep; ewe
ovetense: inhabitant of Oviedo
ovillo: ball
ovino: sheep
ovíparo: oviparous
ovni: UFO
ovoide: ovoid
ovulación: ovulation
ovular: to ovulate
óvulo: ovule; ovum
oxidado: rusty
oxidar: to rust; to oxidize
oxidarse: to become rusty; to rust
óxido: oxide; rust
oxigenado: oxygenated; bleached
oxigenar: to oxygenate; to oxygenize
oxigenarse: to get some fresh air
oxígeno: oxygen
oye: oír
oyente: listener; hearer; auditor; oyentes: audience
ozono: ozone
ozonosfera: ozone layer

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