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dabuten: great
dádíva: gift; present
dadivoso: generous; open-handed; bounteous; liberal
dado: given; dado; die; block
daga: dagger; line of bricks in a kiln
daguerrotipo: daguerreotype
dalia: dahlia
dálmata: Dalmatian
daltónico: colour-blind
daltonismo: colour blindness; Daltonism
dama: lady; dame; lady in waiting; mistress; concubine; king in draughts; queen in chess; actress; dam
damasco: damask; apricot
damnificado: injured; affected; victim
dandi: dandy
danés: Danish
dantesco: horrific; shocking; Dantesque
danza: dance; dancing
danzar: to dance; to fidget
dañar: to harm; to hurt; to damage; to injure; to spoil; to taint
dañarse: to become damaged; to spoil; to get hurt
dañino: harmful; damaging; destructive; evil; wicked
daño: harm; damage; detriment; injure; hurt
dar: to give; to hand; to deliver; to grant; to confer; to produce; to bear; to yield; to deal; to cause; to excite; to strike; to show; to attach; to have; to hold; to switch on; to be enough
dardo: dart; small spear; wounding remark; bleak
dársena: dock; basin; inner harbour
datar: to date; to put a date on; to credit on an account
dátil: date; finger
datilera: date palm
dativo: dative
dato: datum; fact; document; testimony
de: of; from; about; for; on; by; at; out of; with; if; should
dé: dar
deambular: to stroll; to wander; to walk
deambulatorio: ambulatory
debajo: below; underneath; debajo de: under
debate: debate; discussion; altercation
debatir: to debate; to discuss
debe: debit side
deber: duty; obligation; homework; to owe; to have to
debidamente: properly
debido: proper; due; just; right; owed
débil: weak; feeble; faint; slight; sickly; puny; sackless; shaky; spineless; thin; watery; addled; cold; dim; dull; frail; half-hearted; infirm; languid; limp
debilidad: weakness; feebleness; debility
debilitar: to weaken; to debilitate; to enfeeble
debilitarse: to weaken; to lose strength
debilucho: spineless; weedy; weakling
debut: debut
debutar: to make one's debut
década: decade
decadencia: decadence; decline; decay
decadente: decadent; declining
decaer: to decline; to go into a decline; to decay; to fall; to lessen
decaído: in low spirits; declining; run-down
decaimiento: gloominess; decline; weakness
decálogo: decalogue
decano: dean; doyen
decantar: to decant; to overpraise
decantarse: to opt
decapante: paint stripper
decapar: to strip
decapitar: to behead; to decapitate
decatlón: decathlon
deceleración: deceleration
decena: ten
decencia: decency; propriety; decorum; modesty; cleanliness; tidiness; honesty
decenio: decade; ten-year period
decente: decent; respectable; good; proper; decorous; modest; clean; tidy; correct
decepción: disappointment; disillusionment; deceit
decepcionante: disappointing
decepcionar: to disappoint; to disillusion
dechado: model; example; pattern; sampler
decibelio: decibel
decidido: determined; decisive; firm
decidir: to decide; to settle; to determine; to resolve
decidirse: to make up one's mind
décima: tenth; a ten-line stanza
decimal: decimal; pertaining to tithes
décimo: tenth; tenth part of a lottery ticket
decimoctavo: eighteenth
decimocuarto: fourteenth
decimonónico: nineteenth-century; outdated
decimonono: nineteenth
decimonoveno: nineteenth
decimoquinto: fifteenth
decimoséptimo: seventeenth
decimosexto: sixteenth
decimotercero: thirteenth
decir: say; saying; language; to say; to talk; to tell; to speak; to denote; to show; to suit or not suit; to become or not become; to call
decirse: to say to oneself
decisión: decision; determination; decisiveness; issue; judgement; verdict; order; command; resoluteness
decisivo: decisive; final; conclusive
declamar: to declaim; to recite
declaración: declaration; comment; statement; deposition; expounding; explanation; proposal; declaration of love; disclosure; evidence; profession; pronouncement; utterance; avowal; prestar declaración: to take the stand; to testify; declaración jurada: affidavit
declarar: to declare; to find; to testify; to state; to expound; to explain
declararse: to declare oneself; to let one's feelings be known; to plead; to break out
declinación: declension; decline; fall; descent; declination
declinar: to decline; to lean; to deviate; to sink; to decay; to fall off; to decrease; to refuse; to renounce
declive: slope; decline; declivity; descent
decodificador: decoder
decodificar: to decode
decolorar: to decolourize; to fade
decomiso: seizure; confiscation
decoración: decoration; adorning; adornment; scenery; setting
decorado: decorated; set
decorador: interior designer; set designer; decorator
decorar: to decorate; to adorn; to embellish
decorativo: decorative; ornamental
decoro: propriety; decorum; respect; decency; dignity; circumspection; gravity; modesty; honour; reverence
decoroso: decent; seemly; proper
decrecer: to decrease; to diminish
decreciente: decreasing; diminishing
decrépito: decrepit; decadent; declining
decretar: to decree; to ordain; to resolve; to determine
decreto: decree; order of a judge; act; diktat; edict; enactment; ordinance
dedal: thimble; leather fingerstail
dedicación: dedication; devotion; consecration
dedicado: dedicated
dedicar: to devote; to dedicate; to autograph
dedicarse: to devote oneself
dedicatoria: dedication; autograph
dedillo: little finger; al dedillo: inside out
dedo: finger; toe; finger's breath; very small distance; hacer dedo: to hitchhike; estar a dos dedos de: to come within an ace of;
deducción: deduction; inference; conclusion; rebate; discount; abatement
deducir: to deduce; to deduct; to infer; to rebate; to discount; to allege; to abate
deducirse: to be deduced
defecación: defecation
defecar: to defecate
defecto: defect; fault; failing; blemish; imperfection; default; lack; por defecto: by default
defectuoso: faulty; defective
defender: to defend
defenderse: to defend oneself; to get by
defensa: defence; defense; protection; guard; back; bumper; fender
defensiva: a la defensiva: on the defensive
defensivo: defensive
defensor: defending; defender; supporter; advocate; counsel for the defence; proponent; champion; fielder; defensor del pueblo: ombudsman
deferencia: deference
deferente: deferential; deferring; deferent
deficiencia: defect; handicap; fault
deficiente: deficient; faulty; fail
déficit: deficit; shortage
deficitario: loss-making; negative
definición: definition; resolution
definir: to define; to finish; to complete
definirse: to take a clear stance
definitiva: en definitiva: in short; anyway
definitivo: definitive; absolute
deflación: deflation
deforestación: deforestation
deforestar: to deforest
deformación: deformation; strain
deformar: to deform; to distort; to misshape; to pull out of shape
deformarse: to become deformed
deforme: deformed; misshapen; ugly; abnormal
deformidad: deformity; ugliness; gross error
defraudar: to disappoint; to frustrate; to defraud; to cheat; to rob
defunción: death; decease; demise
degeneración: degeneration
degenerado: degenerate
degenerar: to degenerate
deglutir: to swallow
degollar: to decollate; to behead; to cut the throat; to destroy; to ruin
degradación: degradation; abasement
degradar: to demote; to degrade
degradarse: to degrade oneself
degustación: tasting; sampling; degustation
degustar: to taste; to sample
dehesa: meadow; pasture ground
deidad: deity
dejación: abandonment
dejadez: carelessness; negligence; laziness; slovenliness; neglect
dejado: untidy; lazy; untidy person; slovenly; lowspirited
dejar: to leave; to abandon; to relinquish; to let go; to quit; to depart from; to permit; to consent; to allow; to let; to abandon; to forsake; to commit; to entrust; to give up; to deposit; to lend; to loan; to bequeath
dejarse: to let oneself; to neglect oneself; to forget
deje: slight accent
dejo: slight accent; aftertaste; lassitude
de jure: de jure
del: contraction of de el
delación: accusation; denunciation; information
delantal: apron; pinafore
delante: before; in front; ahead; delante de: in front of; ahead of
delantera: front; front part; front row; lead; advance; advantage; forward line
delantero: front; fore; foremost; first; forward
delatar: to betray; to accuse; to denounce; do disclose; to give away
delatarse: to give oneself away; to betray oneself
delator: informer; accuser; denouncer; accusing; denouncing; betraying; disclosing
delco: distributor
dele: dele
delectación: delectation; pleasure
delegación: delegation; office of a delegate; branch
delegado: delegated; representative; salesperson; commissioner; deputy
delegar: to delegate
deleitable: delightful; pleasing
deleitar: to delight; to please
deleitarse: to take delight; to delight
deleite: delight; pleasure; gratification
deleitoso: delightful; pleasing
deletéreo: deleterious; poisonous
deletrear: to spell; to spell out
deletreo: spelling out of words
deleznable: contemptible; frail; perishable; weak; crumbly; slippery
délfico: Delphian; Delphic
delfín: dolphin; dauphin
delfina: dauphiness
delga: commutator bar
delgadez: thinnes; leannes; slenderness; tenuity; acuteness
delgado: thin; fine; lean; slender; slim; lank; tenuous; delicate; acute; subtle; dead rise; flank
delgaducho: thinnish; rather emaciated
deliberación: deliberation; discussion; debate; advisement; counsel
deliberado: deliberate
deliberante: deliberating; deliberative
deliberar: to deliberate; to think it over; to determine; to resolve
deliberativo: deliberative
delicadez: delicateness; touchiness; indolence
delicadeza: delicacy; refinement; courtesy; fineness; softness; tenderness; scrupulousness; honesty
delicado: fragile; delicate; sensitive; fussy; finicky; polite; courteous; delicious; tasty; poor; subtle; ingenious; touchy; fastidious
delicaducho: sickly
delicia: delight
delicioso: delicious; delightful
delictivo: criminal; unlawful
delicuescente: deliquescent
delimitación: delimitation
delimitar: to define; to delimit; to demarcate
delincuencia: crime; criminality; delinquency
delincuente: criminal; delinquent; offender; offending
delineación: delineation; draft
delineante: draughtsman; draftsman; delineating
delinear: to draw the outlines of; to delineate
delinearse: to take shape
delinquir: to commit a crime
deliquio: fainting; ecstasy; rapture
delirante: delirious; raving
delirar: to be delirious; to rave; to wander; to talk nonsense; to rant
delirio: delirium; raving; nonsense; delirios de grandeza: delusions of grandeur
delirium tremens: delirium tremens
delito: crime; offence; outrage; transgression
delta: delta
deltoides: deltoid
deludir: to delude
delusorio: delusive; delusory
demacración: emaciation
demacrado: emaciated; gaunt
demacrar: to emaciate
demagogia: demagogy; demagogism
demagógico: demagogic
demagogo: demagogue
demanda: request; petition; application; call; demand; search; question; inquiry; enterprise; endeavour; suit; lawsuit; claim; plaint; complaint; action; sale
demandadero: messenger
demandado: defendant
demandante: plaintiff; claimant
demandar: to sue; to demand; to ask for; to beg; to request; to ask; to inquire; to wish for
demarcación: demarcation; area; district
demarcar: to mark the boundaries of; to demarcate
demás: other; the rest; besides
demasía: excess; superabundance; boldness; audacity; insolence; disrespect; outrage; iniquity; misdeed
demasiado: too much; too many; too; excessively
demencia: madness; insanity
demencial: insane; ridiculous; absurd
demente: insane; demented; mad; lunatic; maniac
demérito: want of worth or merit; demerit
demisión: submission; humility
demiurgo: demiurge
democracia: democracy
demócrata: democrat; democratic
democrático: democratic
democratizar: to democratize
Demócrito: Democritus
demografía: demography
demográfico: demographic
demoler: to demolish; to pull down; to destroy
demolición: demolition; destruction
demonio: demon; devil; evil spirit; for goodness' sake
demora: delay
demorar: to delay; to retard; to tarry; to linger; to bear
demorarse: to be delayed; to linger
demostración: show; demonstration; proof; evidence
demostrar: to demonstrate; to show; to prove
demostrativo: demonstrative
demudar: to change; to alter; to vary
demudarse: to become disturbed
denario: denarius; denary
dendrita: dendrite
denegar: to refuse; to deny
dengue: dengue; influenza; mincing; affectation
denigrante: degrading; insulting; demeaning
denigrar: to denigrate; to debase; to vilify; to insult; to abuse
denodado: staunch; courageous; bold; brave; intrepid; resolute
denominador: denominative; denominator; denominating
denominar: to name; to designate; to call; to give a name
denostar: to insult; to revile; to rail
denotar: to indicate; to denote
densidad: density; thickness; obscurity; confusion
denso: dense; thick; heavy; close; compact; thick; dark; confused
dentado: serrated; dentate; toothed; cogged; teeth; perforation
dentadura: teeth; set of teeth; denture
dental: dental; ploughshare bed
dentellada: bite; biting; mark made by the teeth
dentera: tooth edge; envy; desire
dentición: teething; teeth; dentition
dentífrico: tooth; dentifrice
dentista: dentist
dentón: toothy; dentex
dentro: inside; indoors; in; within
dentudo: big-toothed
denuesto: insult; abuse
denuncia: formal complaint; statement; denouncement; denunciation; registration; accusation
denunciar: to report; to denounce; to accuse; to betray; to accuse
deparar: to bring; to afford; to furnish; to offer; to present
departamento: department; compartment; apartment; flat; district; section; board; division; agency
departir: to talk; to chat; to converse
depauperar: to impoverish; to weaken; to exhaust
dependencia: dependence; dependency; section; branch office; section; affair; errand; staff; personnel; employees
depender: to depend
dependienta: saleswoman; shop assistance
dependiente: dependent; salesman; shop assistance; subordinate; clerk; salesman
depilar: to remove hair from; to pluck; to depilate
depilatorio: hair-removing; depilatory
deplorable: deplorable; very bad; sad; lamentable
deplorar: to deplore; to regret; to lament
deponer: to lay aside; to lay down; to depose; to depone
deportación: deportation; exile; transportation
deportado: deported; deportee
deportar: to deport; to exile; to transport
deporte: sport; amusement; recreation
deportista: sportsman; sporty
deportividad: sportsmanship
deportivo: sports; sporting; sportive; sportsmanlike
deposición: removal from office; defecation; exposition; declaration
depositar: to deposit; to put; to place; to put; to check; to settle; to deposit
depositarse: to settle
depositario: depository; repository; treasurer
depósito: deposit; store; arsenal; tank; trust; precipitation; sediment; tank; well
depravación: depravation; depravity
depravado: depraved; bad; abandoned
depravar: to deprave; to corrupt
depravarse: to become depraved
depre: depressed; low; downer
depreciación: deprecation; depreciation
depreciar: to depreciate; to reduce the value of
depreciarse: depreciate; to lose value
depredación: looting; depredation; malversation
depredador: predatory; pillaging; predator
depredar: to prey on; to loot; to depredate; to plunder; to pillage
depresión: depression; recession; pression; hollow; dip; dejection; low spirits
depresivo: depressing; depressive
depresor: depressant; depressing; depressor
deprimente: depressing; depressive; humiliating
deprimido: depressed; run-down; abattu
deprimir: to depress; to impoverish
deprimirse: to become depressed
deprisa: quickly
depurador: purifying; depuration; purification; purge
depuradora: water-treatment plant; purifier
depurar: to purify; to refine; to purge; to depurate
derecha: right; right hand; right leg; right side
derechazo: right
derechista: right-wing; right-winger; member of the right
derecho: right; straight; standing; upright; just; reasonable; law
deriva: drift; drifting; leeway; a la deriva: adrift
derivación: derivation; descent; inference; branch; diversion; shunt
derivada: derivative
derivado: derived; derivative
derivar: to stem; to drift; to derive; to steer; to lead; to conduct; to shunt
dermatitis: dermatitis
dermatología: dermatology
dermis: dermis; derma
derogar: to repeal; to abolish; to revoke; to destroy; to reform
derramamiento: spillage; spilling; overflowing; outpouring; shedding; scattering
derramar: to spill; to pour out; to shed; to scatter; to spread
derramarse: to spill; to overflow; to run over; to disperse
derrame: spillage; leakage; bleeding; splay; declivity; slope; draft; effusion; discharge
derrapar: to skid
derrape: skid
derrengar: to hurt seriously the spine or the hip; to wear out; to tilt; to inclinate
derretido: melted
derretir: to melt; to thaw; to fuse; to consume; to expend; to waste
derretirse: to melt; to thaw; to be burn; to be consumed
derribar: to pull down; to knock down; to overthrow; to demolish
derribo: demolition; pulling down
derrocar: to overthrow; to bring down; to demolish
derrochador: wasteful; waster; spendthrift; spending; prodigal
derrochar: to squander; to waste; to brim with
derroche: waste; extravagance; profusion
derrota: defeat; rout; failure; path; road; course
derrotado: defeated; worn out; whacked
derrotar: to defeat; to beat; to rout; to waste; to dilapidate; to drift from the course
derrotero: course; direction; route; way; ship's course
derrotismo: defeatism
derrotista: defeatist
derruido: ruined
derruir: to demolish; to pull down
derrumbamiento: collapse; fall; caving in
derrumbar: to demolish; to knock to the ground; to precipitate
derrumbarse: to collapse; to break down; to cave in
derrumbe: precipice; landslide; cave in
desabastecido: without supplies
desabastecimiento: shortage
desaborido: tasteless; insipid; dull and boring
desabotonar: to unbutton
desabotonarse: to undo one's buttons
desabrido: tasteless; unpleasant; surly; gruff; rude; disagreeable; dirty
desabrigado: not warmly dressed; uncovered; unsheltered; unprotected; exposed
desabrigar: to remove the clothing of; to uncover; to deprive of shelter
desabrigarse: to take off clothing; to uncover oneself
desabrochar: to unbutton; to undo; to unclasp; to unfasten
desabrocharse: to undo one's buttons
desacato: disrespect; contempt; irreverence; disobedience
desacelerar: to slow down
desacertado: mistaken; unwise; wrong
desacierto: mistake; error; blunder; unfortunate remark
desaconsejado: unadvisable; ill-advised; imprudent
desaconsejar: to advise against; to dissuade
desacorde: conflicting; discordant; disagreeing; incongruous
desacostumbrado: unaccustomed; disaccustomed; unusual
desacreditar: to discredit; to bring discredit on
desactivar: to defuse; to deactivate
desacuerdo: disagreement; disaccord; error; mistake
desafecto: opposed; distant; dislike; disaffection; lack of affection
desafiar: to challenge; to defy; to dare; to rival; to compete with; to face up to
desafinar: to be out of turn; to speak out of turn
desafío: challenge; defiance; daring; rivalry; competition; duel; combat
desaforado: boundless; reckless; lawless; outrageous; huge; enormous; wild; uncontrolled
desafortunado: unlucky; inopportune; unfortunate
desafuero: outrage; excess; violence
desagradable: unpleasant; disagreeable
desagradar: to be unpleasant to; to displease; to offend
desagradecido: ungrateful
desagrado: displeasure
desagraviar: to make amends for; to atone for; to compensate for
desaguadero: drain; water outlet
desaguar: to drain; to empty; to waste; to squander; to flow
desagüe: drainage; drainpipe; drain
desaguisado: unjust; unreasonable; wrong; offence; outrage
desahogado: roomy; comfortable; forward; impudent; cheeky; fresh
desahogar: to vent; to clear; to relieve from care or worry; to alleviate
desahogarse: to find relief; to vent one's anger; to relieve one's feelings
desahogo: relief; respite; comfort; ease; ample room; forwardness; impudence; cheek; relieving one's feelings
desahuciar: to declare to be terminally ill; to condemn; to evict; to dispossess
desairado: snubbed; slighted; uncomfortable; awkward; graceless; unattractive
desairar: to snub; to slight; to disregard; to snub; to reject; to ignore
desaire: snub; slight; disregard; gracelessness
desajustar: to loosen; to throw out; to upset; to disarrange; to disadjust
desalar: to desalt
desalentador: discouraging
desalentar: to discourage; to dishearten; to put out of breath
desalentarse: to get discouraged
desaliento: discouragement; faintness; weakness
desaliñado: scruffy; dishevelled; untidy; unkempt; slovenly; slipshod; careless; neglectful
desaliño: scruffiness; untidiness; slovenliness; carelessness
desalmado: heartless; pitiless; brute; wicked; cruel; inhuman
desalojar: to clear; to evacuate; to evict; to vacate; to leave; to dislodge; to displace; to empty
desalojo: evacuation; eviction
desamortización: disentailment; freeing from mortmain
desamortizar: to disentail; to free from mortmain
desamparado: abandoned; defenceless; unprotected; deserted; helpless; needy; destitute
desamparo: defencelessness; lack of protection; abandonment; desertion; need; destitution
desandar: to go back over; to retrace
desangelado: uninspiring; devoid of charm
desangrar: to bleed; to ruin; to impoverish; to drain
desangrarse: to lose a lot of blood; to bleed copiously
desanimado: dejected; down; dull; discouraged; downhearted; dispirited
desanimar: to discourage; to depress; to dishearten
desanimarse: to become discouraged; to lose heart
desánimo: low spirits; dejection; discouragement
desapacible: unpleasant; awful; disagreeable; harsh
desaparecer: to disappear; to vanish
desaparecido: missing; late
desaparición: disappearance
desaparejar: to unsaddle
desapasionado: dispassionate; uninvolved; unbiased
desapego: lack of affection; aloofness; indifference
desapercibido: unnoticed; unprovided; unprepared; unguarded; unaware
desaprensivo: unscrupulous; scoundrel
desaprobar: to disapprove; to censure; to blame
desaprovechar: to waste; to make no use of; to use to no advantage
desarmar: to disarm; to dismantle; to take to pieces; to win over; to dissemble; lay up
desarme: disarmament; disarming; dismounting; disassembling
desarraigado: uprooted; rootless
desarreglar: to make a mess of; to upset; to disarrange; to derange
desarrollado: developed
desarrollar: to develop; to explain; to work out; to solve; to be involved in; to unroll; to unwind; to unfurl; to expound
desarrollarse: to develop; to grow; to unroll; to unwind; to unfurl; to unfold
desarrollo: unrolling; unwinding; unfurling; development; growth; increase; solution
desarropar: to uncover
desarroparse: to undress; to take off one's clothes; to throw off the bedclothes
desarticular: to break up; to dislocate; to put out; to dismantle; to take to pieces; to disconnect; to disjoint
desarticularse: to become dislocated
desaseado: scruffy; untidy; dirty; slovenly
desasosiego: anxiety; unease; disquiet; uneasiness
desastrado: scruffy; untidy; shabby; ragged; wretched; unfortunate
desastre: disaster; catastrophe
desastroso: disastrous; unfortunate; very bad
desatar: to untie; to undo; to solve; to unbind; to unfasten; to unravel
desatarse: to come untied; to break out
desatascador: plunger
desatascar: to unblock; to clear; to unclog
desatender: to neglect; to pay no attention to; to ignore; to disregard
desatento: inattentive; discourteous; impolite; unmannerly
desatino: blunder; absurdity; nonsense; folly; error
desatornillador: screwdriver
desatornillar: to unscrew
desatrancar: to unbolt; to unbar; to unblock; to clear
desautorizar: to forbid; to ban; to discredit; to disauthorize; to disavow
desavenencia: disagreement; row; discord; quarrel
desayunar: to have breakfast
desayuno: breakfast
desazón: uneasiness; discomfort; indisposition; displeasure; vexation; worry; insipidity
desbancar: to oust; to displace; to clean out; to clear of benches
desbandada: disbandment
desbandarse: to scatter; to disperse; to disband
desbarajuste: mess; disorder; confusion
desbaratar: to spoil; to ruin; to destroy; to waste; to squander; to frustrate; to foil; to thwart; to disperse; to rout; to break up
desbarrar: to glide; to slide; to talk nonsense; to rant on
desbloquear: to unblock; to restore; to unfreeze; to raise the blockade on
desbocarse: to stretch; to bolt; to get carried away; to run away
desbordamiento: overflowing; breaking all bounds
desbordante: uncontrolled; overflowing
desbordar: to overflow; to go beyond; to exceed
desbordarse: to overflow; to burst; to brim; to break all bounds
desbrozar: to clear of weeds or rubbish
descabellado: ridiculous; ludicrous; preposterous; wild; absurd; dishevelled
descafeinado: decaffeinated; watered-down
descalabrar: to hit on the head; to hurt; to injure; to damage; to occasion loses on
descalabrarse: to hurt oneself
descalabro: disaster; misfortune; damage; loss; defeat
descalcificación: decalcification
descalcificar: decalcify
descalificar: to discredit; to disqualify
descalzador: bootjack
descalzar: to take off somebody's shoes; to remove wedges or chocks from; to dig under; to undermine
descalzarse: to take off one's shoes; to lose a shoe
descalzo: barefoot; barefooted; unshod; discalced
descamar: to scale; to desquamate
descamarse: to flake off
descambiar: to exchange; to return
descaminado: lost; on the wrong road; mistaken; wrong; misguided; ill-advised
descamisado: shirtless; ragged; wretched; destitute; ragamuffin
descampado: waste ground; vacant lot; open ground; clear ground
descansar: to rest; to have a rest; to lie fallow; to lie; to be supported; to lean
descansillo: landing
descanso: rest; repose; refreshment; sleep; alleviation; aid; help; peace; quiet; landing; seat; support; relief; interval; half time; intermission
descapotable: convertible
descarado: shameless; brazen; barefaced; impudent; saucy
descarga: unloading; volley; discharge
descargar: to unload; to unburden; to disburden; to ease; to relieve; to free; to fire; to dump; to empty; to burst; to flow into; to discharge; to run down; to deal; to vent; to take out
descargarse: to unburden oneself; to get rid of; to clear oneself; to go flat
descargo: acquittance
descaro: nerve; cheek; impudence; effrontery; sauciness
descarriado: astray
descarriarse: to go astray; to go wrong
descarrilamiento: derailment
descarrilar: to derail; to be derailed; to go off the rails
descartar: to rule out; to reject; to leave aside; to leave out
descartarse: to discard
descascarillarse: to chip; to flake off
descastado: distant; loner; ungrateful
descendencia: descendants; descent; issue; lineage
descendente: descending; descendent; down
descender: to go down; to descend; to fall; to drop; to get off; to be descended; to bring down; to drop; to derive
descendiente: descendant; offspring; descendent
descenso: descent; downturn; drop; decline; fall; relegation; downhill; white water canoeing
descentrado: off-centre; crooked; disorientated; decentred
descentralizar: to decentralize
descentrar: to move off-centre; to throw; to decentre; to uncentre
descerrajar: to break open; to force
descifrar: to decipher; to decode; to solve; to make out
desclavar: to remove the nails from; to un-nail; to take a precious stone out of setting
descocado: daring; bold; forward; brazen
descodificador: decoder
descodificar: to decode
descolgar: to take down; to unhook; to let down; to lower; to pick up; to unhang
descolgarse: to let oneself down; to lower oneself; to turn up; to show up; to say something unexpected; to fall behind
descollar: to stand out; to be prominent or conspicuous; to tower
descolocar: to disturb; to make a mess of
descolonización: decolonization
descolorar: to fade; to decolourize
descolorido: faded; discoloured; pale
descompasado: disproportionate; out of time; unsteady; excessive; immoderate
descompensar: to unbalance
descompensarse: to become unbalanced
descomponer: to break up; to rot; to decompose; to put out of order; to disarrange; to disturb; to unsettle; to upset; to alienate; to set at odds
descomponerse: to rot; to decompose; to lose one's temper; to get annoyed; to be indisposed
descomposición: break-up; separation; rotting; decomposition; diarrhoea; resolution
descompresión: decompression
descompuesto: rotten; decomposed; contorted; twisted; broken; wild; insolent; impolite
descomunal: enormous; huge
desconcertado: abashed
desconcertante: disconcerting; baffling
desconcertar: to disconcert; to disarrange; to disturb; to put out of order; to dislocate; to abash
desconcertarse: to be disconcerted
desconchar: to cause to flake; to chip
desconcharse: to flake; to peel; to lose part of its varnish
desconchón: bare patch; chip
desconcierto: bewilderment; confusion; chaos; disorder; disarrangement; disagreement
desconectar: to switch off; to disconnect; to cut off
desconectarse: to switch off; to become disconnected; to lose touch
desconfiado: distrustful; suspicious
desconfianza: distrust; wariness; mistrust; diffidence
desconfiar: to be suspicious; to be distrustful; to have no confidence
descongelar: to defrost; to defreeze
descongestionar: to clear; to relieve congestion in
descongestionarse: to clear; to become decongested
desconocer: not to know; to ignore; to be unacquainted with; to fail to recognize; to disown; to disavow; to deny; to disregard; to ignore
desconocido: unknown; unrecognizable; stranger; unfamiliar; ungrateful
desconocimiento: lack of knowledge; ignorance; disregard; ungratefulness; ingratitude
desconsideración: inconsiderateness; disregard; inattention
desconsiderado: inconsiderate; rude; discourteous; rash; imprudent; thoughtless
desconsolado: bereaved; disconsolate; inconsolable; grief-stricken
desconsuelo: distress; grief; disconsolation
descontado: por descontado for granted
descontaminar: to decontaminate
descontar: to deduct; to discount; to abate; to leave out; to exclude
descontento: unhappy; discontented; displeased; unhappiness; discontent; displeasure
descontrol: lack of control; chaos
descontrolado: uncontrollable
desconvocar: to cancel; to call off
descorazonado: discouraged; disheartened
descorazonador: disheartening; discouraging
descorazonar: to dishearten; to discourage
descorchar: to uncork; to bark
descornarse: to slave away; to work one's guts out; to rack one's brains; to do oneself a nasty injury
descorrer: to pull back; to draw back; to run back over; to drip; to trickle
descortés: impolite; discourteous; uncivil
descortesía: impoliteness; discourtesy
descoser: to unpick; to unstitch; to unseam; to rip
descoserse: to come unstitched; to rip; to babble
descosido: unstitched; ripped; disorderly; disconnected; open seam; rip; como un descosido: like a madman
descoyuntar: to dislocate; to disjoint; to annoy; to bore
descoyuntarse: to become dislocated
descrédito: discredit; disrepute
descreído: unbelieving; unbeliever; disbeliever
descremado: skimmed; low-fat
describir: to describe; to trace
descripción: description; inventory; schedule
descriptivo: descriptive
descrito: described
descuajaringar: to break up; to pull apart
descuajaringarse: to break; to fall apart; to fall about laughing; to become exhausted
descuajeringar: descuajaringar
descuartizar: to carve up; to cut up; to quarter; to divide into pieces
descubierto: discovered; open; uncovered; clear; overdraft; deficit; patent; manifest; bareheaded
descubridor: discoverer; scout; discovering
descubrimiento: discovery; uncovering; revealing; disclosure
descubrir: to discover; to find; to find out; to expose; to give away; to reveal; to disclose; to exhibit; to make known; to betray
descubrirse: to reveal oneself; to give oneself away; to come to light; to uncover
descuento: discount; reduction; deduction; rebate
descuidado: untidy; slovenly; careless; negligent; neglected; unaware
descuidar: to neglect; to relieve from care; to divert the attention
descuidarse: to let oneself go
descuido: oversight; mistake; untidiness; neglect; negligence; slight
desde: from; since
desdecirse: to retract; to unsay
desdén: disdain; contempt; scorn
desdeñar: to scorn; to disdain
desdeñoso: scornful; scathing; contemptuous
desdibujarse: to become blurred
desdicha: misfortune; unhappiness; misery
desdichado: unlucky; unfortunate; miserable; unhappy; wretched; poor devil
desdoblar: to unfold; to spread open
desdoblarse: to split; to divide
deseable: good; nice; desirable
desear: to desire; to wish; to want
desecar: to dry up; to drain; to desiccate
desecarse: to dry up
desechable: disposable
desechar: to give up; to drop; to turn down; to reject; to throw out; to throw a way; to cast aside; to banish; to refuse; to underrate
desecho: waste; refuse; rubbish; reject; reminder; scrap; contempt
desembarazarse: to free oneself
desembarcar: to land; to put ashore; to unload; to offload; to disembark; to go ashore; to debark
desembarco: disembarkation; landing
desembocadura: mouth; outlet; exit
desembocar: to flow; to disembogue; to end; to result; to lead to
desembolsar: to pay; to disburse
desembolso: payment; outlay; disbursement; expenditure
desembragar: to release the clutch; to unclutch; to ungear; to disconnect
desembuchar: to disgorge; to speak out; to tell all one knows
desempacar: to unpack; to unwrap
desempaquetar: to unwrap; to unpack
desemparejado: odd
desempatar: to break the deadlock; to decide
desempate: breaking the tie between; deciding match
desempeñar: to hold; to occupy; to carry out; to fulfill; to play; to enact; to perform; to redeem; to recover; to acquit; to discharge
desempeñarse: to clear one's debts; to perform
desempeño: discharge; carrying out; fulfilment; performance
desempleado: unemployed; out of work
desempleo: unemployment
desencadenar: to unchain; to unfetter; to free; to unleash; to spark off;
desencadenarse: to break out; to break loose
desencajado: disconnected; out of joint; contorted; twisted
desencajar: to free; to disjoint; to dislocate; to unhinge
desencajarse: to be disjointed; to get dislocated; to come off its hinges
desencaminado: in the wrong track
desencantar: to disillusion; to disenchant; to break the spell on
desencanto: disillusionment; disenchantment
desenchufar: to unplug; to disconnect
desencuadernarse: to become unbound
desenfadado: carefree; uninhibited; casual; easy; unconstrained; airy; pert
desenfado: ease; freedom; naturalness
desenfocar: to put out of focus; not to focus properly
desenfrenado: uncontrolled; wild; unbridled; unrestrained; licentious; wantonly
desenfreno: lack of self-control; lack of restraint; licentiousness; wantonness; abandonment
desenfundar: to draw; to pull out; to take out of a sheath or case
desenganchar: to uncouple; to unhitch; to free; to unhook; to unfasten; to disengage; to unharness
desengancharse: to become uncoupled; to come loose; to come off drugs
desengañado: disillusioned
desengañar: to disabuse; to undeceive; to disillusion
desengañarse: to face facts; to become disillusioned
desengaño: disappointment; disillusion; undeceiving; disabusal; bitter lesson
desengrasar: to remove the grease from
desenlace: outcome; result; ending; issue; end; denouement; unravelling
desenlazar: to untie; to undo; to solve; to unravel
desenlazarse: to come undone; to end
desenmarañar: to untangle; to unravel; to disembroil; to solve
desenmascarar: to expose; to uncover; to unmask
desenmascararse: to take off one's mask
desenredar: to untangle; to clear up; to unravel
desenredarse: to disentangle oneself or itself
desenrollar: to unroll; to let down; to unwind; to uncoil
desenroscar: to unscrew; to uncoil; to untwist
desenroscarse: to become unscrewed; to work loose; to uncoil
desentenderse: to affect ignorance
desentendido: disinterested
desenterrar: to disinter; to dig up; to unearth; to exhume; to recall
desentonar: to be out of tune; to be out of harmony; to discord; to clash; to humble the pride of
desentrañar: to get to the bottom of; to eviscerate; to disembowel; to find out; to solve; to decipher
desentrenado: out of training; out of practice
desentumecer: to loosen up; to free a limb from numbness
desenvainar: to draw; to unsheathe; to put out; to bare
desenvoltura: ease; grace; assurance; confidence; boldness; abandon
desenvolver: to unwrap; to unfold; to develop; to evolve; to unravel; to decipher; to clear up
desenvolverse: to come unwrapped; to manage; to act or behave with ease or assurance
desenvuelto: unwrapped; easy-going; easy; free; brazen
deseo: wish; desire
deseoso: eager; desirous; aching; anxious; desirous
desequilibrado: unbalanced; unstable; mentally ill person
desequilibrar: to unbalanced; to unhinge
desequilibrarse: to lose one's balance; to become unhinged
desequilibrio: lack of balance; imbalance
desertar: to desert; to leave
desértico: desert; desert-like; deserted
desertización: desertification
desertor: deserter
desesperación: despair; desperation
desesperado: desperate; hopeless; despairing; furious; mad
desesperante: trying; exasperating; maddening
desesperanzar: to deprive of hope; to discourage
desesperanzarse: to despair; to give up hope
desesperar: to despair; to cause despair
desesperarse: to despair; to be driven to despair
desespero: despair; lack of hope
desestabilizar: to destabilize
desestimar: to refuse; to turn down; to be scornful of; to disesteem; to misestimate; to undervalue
desfachatez: nerve; cheek; impudence; brazenness; effrontery
desfalcar: to embezzle; to detract a part of
desfalco: embezzlement; defalcation; detracting; diminution
desfallecer: to lose strength; to faint; to pass out; to give up; to weaken; to debilite; to faint; to lose courage or vigour
desfallecido: exhausted; weakened; faint
desfallecimiento: weakness; faintness; languor
desfasado: outdated
desfase: difference; disparity
desfavorable: unfavourable
desfavorecer: to work to the disadvantage of
desfigurado: disfigured; blurred; distorted
desfigurar: to deform; to disfigure; to disguise; to cover up; to distort; to change; to alter; to obscure
desfiladero: narrow mountain pass; defile; gorge
desfilar: to parade; to march in formation; to file out
desfile: parade; march past; defiling
desfogar: to give vent to; to slack lime
desfogarse: to let off steam; to give vent to one's feelings
desfogue: opening a vent; venting
desfondar: to knock the bottom of; to hole; to wear out; to bilge; to dig to a great depth
desfondarse: to fall through; to be holed; to run out of steam; to bilge
desforestación: deforestation
desforestar: to deforest
desgajar: to break off; to tear out; to rip out; to tear away; to break; to rent; to separate
desgajarse: to be broken off; to wrench oneself away; to break off
desgana: lack of appetite; apathy; lack of interest; unwillingness; reluctance; indifference
desganado: lacking appetite; apathetic; listless
desgañitarse: to yell; to shout oneself hoarse
desgarbado: ungainly; ungraceful; gawky
desgarrado: tattered; ragged; piercing; torn; ripped; brazen; shameless; licentious
desgarrador: heart-rending; rending
desgarrar: to tear; to rip; to break; to rend; to cough up
desgarrarse: to tear; to rip; to break; to tear oneself away
desgarro: rip; tear; rent; effrontery; impudence; swagger
desgarrón: rip; tear; shred; tatter
desgastar: to erode; to wear out; to abrade; to consume
desgastarse: to wear out; to wear oneself out
desglosar: to break down; to separate; to detach a part of a book
desglose: breakdown; separation; detachment
desgobierno: anarchy; misgovernment; mismanagement; disorder
desgracia: tragedy; misfortune; bad luck; mischance; disfavour; gracelessness; accident; casualty; disgrace; distress; affliction; mishap; por desgracia: unfortunately
desgraciadamente: alas; unfortunately
desgraciado: unfortunate; unhappy; unlucky; graceless; disagreeable; wretch; unfortunate; swine
desgraciar: to break; to damage; to ruin; to displease; to spoil; to mar; to cripple; to seriously injure
desgraciarse: to be ruined; to spoil; to fail; to fall out
desgranar: to remove the grain from; to thresh; to shell; to spell out; to list
desgravable: tax-deductible
desgravación: deduction; relief; lowering of duties or taxes
desgravar: to lower the duties or taxes on
desgreñado: dishevelled; tousled
desgreñar: to dishevel; to ruffle
desgreñarse: to untidy one's hair
desguace: scrapping; breaking up; scrap yard; breaker's yard; breaking up of a ship
desguarnecer: to leave defenceless; to dismantle; to leave without garrison; to unharness; to strip
desguazar: to break up; to scrap; to roughdress
deshabillé: negligée
deshabitado: unoccupied; uninhabited; deserted; untenanted
deshabitar: to move out of; to vacate; to leave
deshabituar: to break the habit; to disaccustom; to free from a habit
deshabituarse: to break one's habit; to leave off a habit
deshacer: to undo; to unmake; to untie; to open; to loosen; to consume; to destroy; to divide; to cut to pieces; to take apart; to upset; to rout; to melt; to liquefy; to dissolve; to cancel
deshacerse: to come undone; to dissolve; to melt; to break up; to go to pieces
desharrapado: ragged; scruffy; in tatters
deshecho: undone; unmade; dissolved; melted; broken; devastated; exhausted; worn out; destroyed; in pieces; crushed
deshelar: to melt; to defrost; to de-ice; to thaw
deshelarse: to thaw; to melt
desheredado: disinherited; deprived; underprivileged; poor; destitute
desheredar: to disinherit
deshidratación: dehydration
deshidratar: dehydrate; to deprive of water
deshidratarse: to become dehydrated
deshielo: thaw; thawing
deshilachado: frayed
deshilachar: to fray; to ravel out
deshilacharse: to fray; to become frayed
deshilar: to fray; to ravel out; to shred
deshilvanado: untacked; disjointed; disconnected; lose; desultory
deshilvanar: to take the tacking out of; to unbaste
deshinchado: flat; deflated
deshinchar: to deflate; to let down; to reduce the swelling of; to appease
deshincharse: to go down; to lose heart; to come down to earth; to unpuff
deshipotecar: to pay off the mortgage on
deshojar: to pull the petals off; to pull the leaves off; to tear the pages out of
deshojarse: to shed its leaves; to defoliate
deshollinador: chimney sweeper; long handle broom or brush
deshollinar: to sweep a chimney
deshonesto: dishonest; indecent; immodest; lewd
deshonor: dishonour; disgrace
deshonra: dishonour; disgrace; shame; seduction or violation
deshonrar: to dishonour; to disgrace; to insult; to defame; to violate or seduce
deshora: unseasonable or inconvenient time
deshuesadero: scrap yard
deshuesar: to bone; to pit; to remove the stone from; to break up; to scrap
deshumanizar: to dehumanize
desidia: lack of care; neglect; carelessness; negligence; indolence
desierto: desert; waste; wilderness; deserted; uninhabited; void; lonely
designación: appointment; name; designation
designar: to design; to purpose; to designate; to appoint; to denote; to represent; to call; to fix
designio: intention; design; purpose
desigual: unequal; unlike; variable; uneven; irregular; rough; broken; changeable; unsuitable; arduous; difficult
desigualar: to make unequal; to make uneven
desigualdad: inequality; difference; unevenness; roughness; changeableness; inequality
desilusión: disillusion; disillusionment; disenchantment; disappointment
desilusionar: to disappoint; to disillusion; to disenchant
desilusionarse: to become disillusioned; to become disappointed
desimantar: to demagnetize
desinencia: ending; desinence; termination; inflection
desinfección: disinfection
desinfectante: disinfectant
desinfectar: to disinfect
desinflamar: to reduce the inflammation of
desinflar: to let the air out of; to deflate; to dishearten
desinflarse: to go down; to deflate; to lose heart
desinformado: uninformed; misinformed
desinformar: to misinform; to give misleading information to
desinhibirse: to lose one's inhibitions
desintegración: disintegration; break-up
desintegrar: to break up; to disintegrate; to split
desintegrarse: to disintegrate; to break up; to split
desinterés: lack of interest; disinterest; unselfishness; selflessness
desinteresado: unselfish; disinterested; uninterested
desintoxicar: to detoxify; to cure of intoxication
desintoxicarse: to come off drugs; o dry out
desistir: to desist; to waive
deslavazado: disjointed
desleal: disloyal
deslealtad: disloyalty
desleír: to dissolve; to dilute
deslenguado: insolent; foul-mouthed; impudent; insolent
desliar: to untie; to undo; to unwrap; to separate lees from wine
desliarse: to come undone; to come untied
desligar: to untie; to unfasten; to unbind; to unravel; to separate; to absolve; to free; to play or sing staccato
desligarse: to come untied; to come unfastened; to untie oneself; to sever one's connections; to free oneself
deslindar: to mark the boundaries of; to distinguish; to demarcate; to delimitate; to explain; to define
desliz: slip; blunder; false step; frailty; indiscretion; sliding; slipping
deslizar: to slide; to slip; to glide; to skip
deslizarse: to slide; to glide; to slither; to slip; to make a slip
deslomar: to break the back of; to injure or strain the loins of; to beat; to thrash
deslomarse: to wear oneself out
deslucido: faded; dull; unexciting; tarnished; spoilt; lacklustre; poor; flat; being a failure
deslucir: to take the shine off; to tarnish; to fade; to mar; to detract from; to spoil
deslucirse: to lose its shine; to become dull; to fade
deslumbramiento: dazzling; dazzle
deslumbrante: dazzling; glaring
deslumbrar: to dazzle; to daze
deslustrar: to dull; to tarnish; to unglaze; to frost; to impair the beauty or the fame
desmadrado: unruly; wild
desmadrar: to separate young animals from their mothers
desmadrarse: to get out of control; to go wild
desmadre: chaos; rave-up; wild party
desmán: excess; outrage; mishap; desman; muskrat
desmandar: to repeal an order; to revoke a legacy
desmandarse: to get out of control; to misbehave; to go wild; to lose moderation; to break away from
desmano: a desmano: out of the way
desmantelar: to dismantle; to empty; to strip; to unmast; to unrig
desmañado: clumsy; awkward; unhandy
desmaquillador: make-up remover
desmaquillante: make-up remover
desmaquillarse: to remove one's make-up
desmarcar: to remove marks from
desmarcarse: to get into an unmarked position; to disassociate oneself
desmayado: unconscious; faint; languid; discouraged; pale; wan
desmayar: to lose heart; to dismay; to discourage; to lose courage
desmayarse: to faint; to swoon; to pass out
desmayo: languor; weakness; discouragement; fainting fit; swoon; weeping willow
desmedido: excessive; disproportionate; out of measure
desmedirse: to forget oneself; to act insolently; to go too far
desmejorado: worse; less attractive
desmejorar: to spoil; to get worse; to worsen; to impair the beauty, perfection or health of
desmejorarse: to get worse; to worsen; to decline
desmelenar: to dishevel; to disarrange the hair of
desmelenarse: to let one's hair down
desmembrar: to dismember; to divide; to segregate; to break up; to split
desmembrarse: to break up
desmemoriado: forgetful; having a poor memory
desmentir: to deny; to give the lie to; to contradict; to belie
desmenuzar: to break into small pieces; to crumble; to fritter; to flake; to analyze thoroughly; to scrutinize
desmerecer: to be or become unworthy of; to lose worth; to compare unfavourably
desmesurado: enormous; excessive; disproportionate; impudent; discourteous; forward
desmigajar: to crumble; to crumb; to break into small pieces
desmigar: to crumb; to crumble
desmilitarización: demilitarization
desmilitarizar: to demilitarize
desmirriado: lean; emaciated; run-down
desmitificar: to demythologize
desmontable: detachable
desmontar: to dismantle; to take to pieces; to disassemble; to strip; to take down; to put the safety catch on; to uncock; to dismount; to unhorse; to unseat; to help down; to clear a wood; to level ground; to alight
desmontarse: to dismount; to get out; to get off
desmoralizar: to dishearten; to demoralize
desmoralizarse: to become demoralized; to lose the morale
desmoronar: to destroy gradually; to erode; to wear away; to crumble; to disintegrate
desmoronarse: to crumble; to fall apart; to fall to pieces
desmovilización: demobilization
desmovilizar: to demobilize
desnacionalizar: to privatize; to denationalize
desnatado: skimmed; low-fat
desnatar: to skim; to cream
desnaturalizado: adulterated; denatured; denaturalized; unnatural; stateless
desnaturalizar: to denature; to denaturalize
desnivel: irregularity; unevenness; gap; difference; drop
desnivelar: to make uneven; to unlevel; to throw out of balance
desnivelarse: to become uneven
desnucar: to break the neck of; to break someone's neck
desnucarse: to break ones' neck
desnudar: to undress; to strip; to unclothe; to draw the sword
desnudarse: to get undressed; to undress; to unclothe; to take ones' clothes off; to become denude
desnudez: nakedness; nudity; bareness
desnudismo: nudism; naturism
desnudista: nudist
desnudo: naked; nude; ill-clothed; bare; uncovered; stripped; plain; barren; destitute
desnutrición: malnutrition; denutrition
desnutrido: malnourished
desobedecer: to disobey
desobediencia: disobedience
desobediente: disobedient
desocupado: free; unoccupied; unemployed; at leisure; idle; vacant
desocupar: to vacate; to leave; to empty; to evacuate
desodorante: deodorant
desoír: to ignore; to take no notice of; not to hear; not to heed; te be deaf to
desolación: desolation; destruction; solitariness; distress; grief
desolador: devastating; desolating; grieving; grievous; extremely painful
desolar: to devastate; to lay waste; to cause anguish to
desolarse: to be devastated; to be desolate; to be disconsolate
desolladero: place where cattle are skinned; slaughterhouse
desollar: to skin; to flay; to excoriate; to cause great harm, pain or injure to; to pull to pieces
desorbitado: disproportionate; exorbitant; con los ojos desorbitados: pop-eyed
desorbitar: to get out of proportion
desorbitarse: to shoot up
desorden: disorder; confusion; disarray; chaos; mess; disturbance; riot; licence; excess
desordenado: untidy; messy; jumbled; chaotic; disarranged; careless; slovenly; inordinate; immoderate; licentious
desordenar: to mess up; to make untidy; to put out of order; to disorder; to disarrange; to upset
desordenarse: to become untidy; to get out of order; to become disarranged
desorganización: disorganization; lack of organization
desorganizado: disorganized
desorganizar: to disorganize; to disrupt
desorientación: disorientation; loss of one's bearings; confusion; bafflement
desorientado: disorientated; lost; confused
desorientar: to disorientate; to disorient; to mislead; to confuse; to bewilder
desorientarse: to lose one's bearings; to become disoriented; to get confused
desovar: to spawn; to lay eggs
desoxidar: to deoxidize; to remove the rust from
desoxigenar;: to deoxidize; to deoxygenate
desoxigenarse: to deoxidize; to become deoxidized
despabilado: wide-awake; wakeful; smart; quick-witted; alert; perky
despabilar: to trim or snuff a candle; to finish quickly; to steal; to smarten; to enliven; to sharpen the wits of; to kill
despabilarse: to wake up; to shake sleepiness; to become alert
despachar: to complete; to finish; to resolve; to deal with; to discuss; to serve; to attend to; to settle; to send; to dispatch; to fire; to bump off; to meet; to hurry up
despacharse: to speak one's mind; to talk without restraint; to polish off; to hasten; to be quick
despacho: sale; shipment; office; bureau; library; studio; shop; dispatch; dismissal; promptness; communication; commission; title; warrant
despachurrar: to crush; to squash; to make a mess of a speech
despachurrarse: to get crushed; to get squashed
despacio: slowly; quietly; in a low voice; take it easy
despampanante: amazing; astounding; stunning; splendid; ripping
despanzurrar: to crush; to squash; to burst the belly of
despanzurrarse: to get crushed; to get squashed
desparejado: odd
desparejar: to separate; to split up; to break the pair of
desparejarse: to separate; to become separated
desparejo: odd; uneven
desparpajo: self-confidence; easiness in speech and deportment; unembarrassment
desparramar: to scatter; to spread; to spill; to squander; to dissipate
desparramarse: to scatter; to spread; to spill; to amuse oneself; to have a wild time
despatarrar: to make a person open his legs; to dumbfound; to astound
despatarrarse: to sprawl; to fall flat with legs spread out
despavorido: terrified
despecho: resentment; spite born form disappointment; despair
despechugar: to carve off the breast of a fowl; to bare one's breast; to show one's cleavage
despectivo: contemptuous; pejorative; derogatory
despedazar: to tear apart; to cut into pieces; to break one's heart; to tear to shreds
despedazarse: to break up
despedida: goodbye; farewell; closing formula; leave-taking; despedida de soltera: hen party; despedida de soltero: stag party
despedir: to say goodbye; to see off; to fire; to sack; to throw; to emit; to send forth; to eject; to discharge; to dart; to expel; to dismiss; to discharge; to give notice to
despedirse: to say goodbye; to part
despegado: unstuck; unaffectionate; distant; cool; indifferent; surly; detached; unglued
despegar: to unstick; to detach; to unglue; to separate; to take off
separarse: to come unstuck; to detach itself; to move away from; to pull away; to lose affection for; not to suit
despegue: takeoff
despeinado: dishevelled; unkempt
despeinar: to dishevel; to disarrange; to ruffle the hair of
despejado: spacious; clear; cloudless; wide awake; bright; assured; self-confident
despejar: to clear; to free form encumbrance; to find the value of an unknown quantity; to work the value of
despejarse: to clear; to become clear; to clear one's mind; to acquire assurance; to get rid of fever
despeje: clearance
despellejar: to skin; to flay; to speak ill of; to tear to pieces
despelucharse: to moult; to molt
despenalización: legalization; decriminalization
despenalizar: to decriminalize; to legalize
despensa: pantry; larder; storeroom; provisions
despeñadero: cliff; precipice; craggy slope; danger to which on exposes oneself
despeñar: to throw off a cliff; to fling down a precipice; to precipitate
despeñarse: to go over a cliff
desperdiciado: wasted
desperdiciar: to waste; to squander; to misspend; to fail to take advantage of; to lose an opportunity
desperdicio: waste; squander; misspending; desperdicios: leftovers; remains
desperdigar: to scatter; to disperse
desperdigarse: to scatter; to disperse
desperezarse: to stretch; to stretch one's limbs
desperfecto: damage; flaw; defect; slight damage; deterioration
despersonalizar: to depersonalize
despertador: alarm clock; awaking; awakener
despertar: awakening; to wake up; to awaken; to arouse; to rouse; to stir up; to excite; to buck one's ideas
despertarse: to wake up; to awaken; to revive; to abrade; to abraid; to abray
despiadado: ruthless; pitiless; unmerciful
despido: dismissal; discharge; layoff; farewell; leave taking
despiece: quartering
despierto: awake; lively; smart; quick-witted; sharp; bright; vigilant; alert; soñar despierto: to daydream; to moon about
despilfarrador: spendthrift; squanderer; prodigal
despilfarrar: to squander; to waste; to spend lavishly
despilfarro: waste; extravagance; lavishness
despimpollar: to clear a wine of useless shots
despintar: to strip the paint off; to disguise
despintarse: to fade; to lose its paint; to lose colour
despinzar: to burl
despiojar: to delouse
despique: satisfaction; requital
despistado: absent-minded; confused
despistar: to shake off; to confuse; to throw off the scent
despistarse: to get confused; to get distracted; to loose the scent; to get lost
despiste: absent-mindedness; slip
desplacer: pain; displeasure; to pain; to displease
desplanchar: to rumple
desplantador: garden trowel
desplantar: to uproot
desplante: irregular posture; arrogant or insolent act or words
desplayar: to recede from the beach
desplazado: out of place; displaced person
desplazamiento: movement; journey; trip; displacement
desplazar: to move; to displace; to take the place of
desplazarse: to move; to travel; to swing; to scroll
desplegar: to unfold; to spread; to lay out; to open out; to unfurl; to use; to deploy; to explain; to display
desplegarse: to unfold; to open; to spread; out; to expand; to deploy
despliegue: deployment; display; show; unfolding; displaying
desplomar: to throw out of plumb
desplomarse: to collapse; to plunge; to tumble down; to crash down
desplome: tumbling down; collapse; fall
desplomo: deviation from the vertical
desplumar: to pluck; to clean out; to fleece
desplume: plucking
despoblación: depopulation; stripping of trees; emptying of fishes
despoblado: deserted; uninhabited; uninhabited area
despoblar: to depopulate; to clear; to strip; to empty
despoblarse: to become depopulated; to become desert, bald, treeless or empty of fishes
despojar: to strip; to divest; to despoil; to deprive; to dispossess; to abridge
despojarse de: to remove; to take off; to give up
despojo: plundering; plunder; loot; despoilment; despoliation; stripping; divesting; dispossession; spoils; booty; despojos: leftovers; offal; remains; rubble; leavings; scraps; mortal remains
despolarizar: to depolarize
despolitizar: to depoliticize
despolvorear: to dust; to dust off
desportillar: to chip or break the edge of
desportillarse: to get chipped
desposado: newly married; handcuffed
deposar: to wed; to marry
desposarse: to wed; to get married; to be betrothed
desposeer: to dispossess; to deprive; to divest; to oust; to remove
desposeerse: to give up; to renounce
desposeído: deprived
desposeimiento: disposession
desposorios: marriage; nuptials; engagement; betrothal
déspota: despot; tyrant
despótico: despotic
despotismo: despotism
despotricar: to rant and rave; to talk without restraint
despreciable: despicable; contemptible; worthless; negligible
despreciar: to look down on; to underestimate; to despise; to contemn; to scorn; to slight; to lay aside; to reject; to undervalue
despreciarse: to despise oneself
despreciativo: scornful; derogatory; contemptuous
desprecio: contempt; scorn; disregard; slight; snub
desprender: to remove; to detach; to give off; to loose; to separate; to emit; to send; to give out
desprenderse: to come off; to come loose; to detach itself; to issue; to come forth; to dispossess oneself; to follow; to be inferred
desprendido: loose; generous; disinterested
desprendimiento: detaching; coming loose; emission; disinterestedness; indifference; descent from the Cross; landslide; generosity
despreocupación: lack of concern; unconcern; carelessness; sloppiness; unconcernedness
despreocupado: unconcerned; indifferent; careless; unprejudiced; unconventional; broadminded; airy; breezy; carefree; free-and-easy; insouciant; liberal; nonchalant; slapdash; slovenly; vacant
despreocuparse: to abandon a prejudice
desprestigiar: to discredit; to impair the prestige of
desprestigiarse: to become discredited; to fall into discredit; to lose prestige
desprestigio: loss of prestige; discredit
desprevenido: unprepared; unprovided
desprolijo: untidy
desproporción: disproportion; disparity
desproporcionado: out of proportion; disproportionate
desproporcionar: to disproportion
despropósito: stupidity; absurdity; nonsense
desproteger: to leave unprotected
desprotegido: unprotected; defenceless; defenseless
desproveer: to deprive
desprovisto: devoid; lacking; unprovided; deprived
después: later; after; afterwards; next; then; whereupon
despuntar: to blunt; to break the point of; to sprout; to stand out; to excel
despuntarse: to break its point
desquiciado: crazy
desquiciamiento: unhinging; upsetting; unsetting; downfall
desquiciar: to unhinge; to disjoint; to upset; to unsettle; to drive mad
desquiciarse: to go wrong; to become unhinged; to come off its hinges
desquicio: mess; shambles
desquitar: to compensate for
desquitarse: to get one's own back; to retrieve a loss; to win back one's money; to take revenge; to get even
desquite: revenge; retrieving; compensation; requital; retaliation
desratizar: to derat
desriñonar: to wear out
desriñonarse: to wear oneself out
destacado: outstanding; prominent; distinguished
destacamento: detachment
destacar: to emphasize; to dispatch; to detail; to accentuate
destacarse: to stand out; to be conspicuous; to detach itself
destajo: piecework; taskwork; a destajo: eagerly
destapar: to take the lid off; to open; to uncover; to uncork; to unplug; to reveal
destaparse: to get uncovered
destape: nudity
destaponar: to unblock; to remove the stopper from
destartalado: tumbledown; dilapidated; ramshackle; poorly furnished
destellar: to twinkle; to shine; to sparkle; to flash; to scintillate
destello: gleam; twinkle; flash; glimmer; spark; scintillation; beam; sparkling; twinkling
destemplado: irritable; unpleasant; intemperate; disagreeable; out of tune
destemplanza: intemperance; unsteadiness; malaise
destemplar: to make ill; to make unwell; to disrupt; to put out of tune; to disturb the harmony of
destemplarse: to become unwell; te feel a malaise; to lose one's temper; to lose moderation
destensar: to slacken
destensarse: to go slack; to slacken
desteñir: to fade; to undye; to discolour
desteñirse: to fade; to lose the dye
desternillarse: to break one's gristles; desternillarse de risa: to split one's sides with laughter
desterrado: exiled; exile; outcast
desterrar: to exile; to banish; to dismiss; to reject
desterrase: to go into exile
destetar: to wean
destete: weaning; ablactation
destiempo: at the wrong moment; inopportunely; untimely; out of season; late
destierro: exile; banishment; place of exile
destilación: distillation; catarrhal discharge
destilado: distilled
destilador: distilling; distiller; still
destilar: to distil; to ooze; to reveal; to filter through; to trickle down
destilería: distillery; distilling plant
destinado: destined; earmarked
destinar: to destine; to designate; to appoint; to allot; to destine; to post; to address; to allocate; to commit; to earmark; to mean; to doom
destinatario: addressee; consignee; receiver; recipient
destino: destination; fate; destiny; fortune; doom; employment; post; job
destitución: destitution; depriving; dismissal; removal from office
destituir: to dismiss or remove from office; to destitute; to deprive
destornillador: screwdriver
destornillar: to unscrew
destornillarse: to go crazy
destreza: skill; dexterity; address; mastery
destripador: ripper
destripar: to gut; to disembowel; to take the inside out of; to crush; to take to pieces; to pull apart
destronar: to dethrone; to overthrow from power; to push aside; to eclipse
destrozado: demolished; destroyed; worn-out; devastated
destrozar: to wreck; to ruin; to slaughter; to devastate; to break in pieces; to shatter; to rend; to destroy; to spoil; to ill-treat; to annihilate
destrozarse: to be ruined
destrozo: destruction; damage; breakage; havoc
destrozón: destructive; one who wears out shoes and clothes too quickly
destrucción: destruction
destructivo: destructive
destructor: destructive; destroyer
destruir: to destroy; to ruin; to wreck; to waste; to dissipate
destruirse: to destroy each other
desunión: disunion; disunity
desunir: to separate; to cause a rift between; to disunite
desunirse: to come apart; to disunite
desusado: unusual; out of use; obsolete
desuso: disuse; obsoleteness; desuetude
desvaído: faded; dull; pale; lank; ungainly
desvalido: destitute; helpless; unprotected
desvalijar: to take out or steal the contents of; to rob; to plunder; to fleece
desvalorización: devaluation
desvalorizar: to devalue
desvalorizarse: to go down in value
desván: loft; attic; garret
desvanecer: to melt; to cause to vanish; to dispel; to dissipate; to efface; to swell with pride
desvanecerse: to vanish; to disappear; o melt; to evaporate; to faint; to swoon; to fade
desvanecimiento: fainting fit; swoon; giddiness; melting; vanishing; dispelling; pride; presumption
desvariar: to be delirious; to rave; to rant; to talk nonsense
desvarío: delirium; raving; wild act or speech; nonsense; monstrosity; inconstancy; caprice; whim
desvelar: to keep awake; to make sleepless; to reveal
desvelarse: to be unable to sleep
desvelo: insomnia; sleeplessness; wakefulness; care; solicitude; concern
desvencijado: dilapidated; rickety; loose-jointed
desvencijar: to disjoint; to make rickety
desvencijarse: to fall to pieces
desventaja: disadvantage; drawback
desventura: misfortune; unhappiness; misery
desventurado: unfortunate; wretched; timid; spiritless; miserly; poor; miser; accursed
desvergonzado: brazen; shameless; impudent; rude; cheeky
desvergüenza: check; nerve; impudent remark; impudence; shamelessness; effrontery; insolence
devestir: to undress
desvestirse: to take off one's clothes; to undress
desviación: deviation; detour; deflection; diversion; swerving; swerve
desviar: to deviate; to deflect; to turn aside; to swerve; to dissuade; to ward off
desviarse: to deviate; to be defected; to turn aside; to swerve
desvío: diversion; deviation; deflection; coldness; indifference; dislike; turn-off; siding; sidetrack
desvirtuar: to deprive of import, meaning or efficacity
desvivirse por: to do one's outmost for
detall: retail
detallado: detailed; thorough
detallar: to detail; to particularize; to work in detail; to retail
detalle: detail; particular
detallista: fond of details; thoughtful; retailer
detección: detection
detectar: to detect
detective: detective
detectivesco: detective
detector: detector
detención: stoppage; detainment; detention; stopping; halt; stop; delay; arrest; capture; care; thoroughness
detener: to detain; to stop; to check; to hold; to keep; to refrain; to arrest; to capture; to take into custody
detenerse: to stop; to halt; to delay; to linger; to tarry; to pause
detenido: stopped; in custody; under arrest; prisoner; careful; minute; thorough
detenimiento: care; thoroughness
detergente: detergent; detersive
deteriorado: damaged
deteriorar: to impair; to damage; to spoil; to deteriorate
deteriorarse: to become damaged or spoiled
deterioro: wear; deterioration; injury; damage
determinación: decision; determination; determining; resolve; resoluteness; firmness; daring
determinado: certain; specific; determinate; fixed; appointed; given; specified; determined; definite
determinante: determining; deciding; determinant; determiner
determinar: to determine; to fix; to appoint; to resolve
determinarse: to determine; to make up one's mind
determinativo: determinative
determinismo: determinism
detestable: detestable; abhorrent; abominable
detestar: to detest; to abhor; to abominate
detonación: detonation; explosion; report
detonador: detonator
detonante: detonador
detonar: to detonate
detractor: detractor
detrás: behind; back; in the rear; beyond; after; detrás de: abaft
detrimento: detriment; damage; harm
detrito: detritus
deuda: debt; sin; fault; offence
deudo: relative; relationship
deudor: debtor; indebted
devaluación: devaluation
devaluar: to devaluate
devanar: to wind; to reel; to spool
devanarse: devanarse los sesos to rack one's brain
devaneo: raving; delirium; nonsense; dissipation; flirtation
devastador: devastating; devastator
devastar: to devastate; to lay waste; to ruin
devengado: earned; accrued
devengar: to earn wages; to draw interest
devenir: to happen; to become
devoción: devotion; devoutness; strong attachment
devocionario: prayer book
devolución: return; refund; restitution
devolver: to give back; to pay back; to put back; to send back; to return; to restore; to vomit
devorador: devouring
devorar: to devour
devoto: devout; pious; devotional; devoted; devotee; fan
devuelta: change
día: day; daytime; daylight; birthday; saint's day; cada dos días: every other day
diabetes: diabetes
diabético: diabetic
diabla: she-devil
diablesa: she-devil
diablillo: little devil; devilkin; imp; mischievous; waggish person; rogue
diablo: demon; devil; bad-tempered; reckless; little devil; crafty devil; damned
diablura: devilry; mischievous or daring act; prank
diabólico: fiendishly cunning; diabolic; diabolical; devilish; fiendishly difficult
diábolo: diabolo
diaconisa: deaconess
diácono: deacon
diacrónico: diachronic
diadema: diadem; Alice band; tiara; coronet; glory; halo
diáfano: diaphanous; transparent; clear; impeccable
diafragma: diaphragm
diagnosis: diagnosis
diagnosticar: to diagnose
diagnóstico: diagnosis; diagnostic
diagonal: diagonal
diagrama: diagram
dial: dial
dialéctica: dialectic; dialectics
dialecto: dialect
diálisis: dialysis
dialogar: to dialogue; to dialogize
diálogo: dialogue; dialog; discussion; talks
diamante: diamond
diamantino: adamantine
diámetro: diameter
diana: reveille; target; dartboard; bull's-eye
diantre, diantres: hell; devil
diapasón: range; diapason; fingerboard; tuning fork
diapositiva: slide; transparency
diario: daily; daily newspaper; diary; journal
diarrea: diarrhoea; diarrhea
diáspora: Diaspora
diástole: diastole
diatriba: diatribe; attack
dibujante: drawer; cartoonist; sketcher; designer; illustrator; draughtsman; draftsman
dibujar: to draw; to make a drawing of; to sketch; to design; to depict; to describe vividly
dibujarse: to be outlined; to appear; to be revealed
dibujo: drawing; pattern; design; description
dicción: diction; speech; word
diccionario: dictionary
dice, dices, dicen: decir
dicha: happiness; fortune; good luck
dicharachero: funny
dicho: said; mentioned; saying; proverb; remark; statement
dichoso: happy; fortunate; lucky; blessed
diciembre: December
dicotomía: dichotomy
dictado: dictation; title; epithet
dictador: dictator
dictadura: dictatorship
dictáfono: dictaphone
dictamen: verdict; judgement; opinion; advice; expert's report
dictaminar: to give an opinion; to report
dictar: to dictate; to inspire; to suggest
dictatorial: dictatorial
didáctica: pedagogy; didactics
didáctico: educational; teaching; didactic; didactical
diecinueve: nineteen; nineteenth
diecinueveavo: nineteenth
dieciochavo: eighteenth
deciochesco: eighteenth century
dieciocho: eighteen; eighteenth
dieciochoavo: eighteenth
dieciséis: sixteen; sixteenth
dieciséisavo: sixteenth
diecisiete: seventeen; seventeenth
discisieteavo: seventeenth
diente: tooth; fang; cog; diente de ajo: clove; diente de león: dandelion; poner los dientes largos: to be green with envy
diéresis: diaeresis
diestra: right hand; right side
diestro: right; right-handed; skilful; skillful; skilled; dexterous; able; adroit; deft; dexterous; expert; handy; clever; masterful; natty; nifty; proficient; bullfighter; matador; a diestro y siniestro: to and fro; left and right; everywhere
dieta: diet; assembly; dietas: expenses
dietario: account book; record book
dietética: dietetics
dietético: dietetic; dietetical
diez: ten; tenth
diezmar: to decimate; to tithe
diezmilésimo: ten-thousandth
diezmo: tithe
difamación: defamation
difamar: to defame
diferencia: difference
diferencial: differential
diferenciar: to differentiate
diferenciarse: to differ; to be different; to make oneself noticeable
diferente: different; differently
diferir: to defer; to delay; to adjourn; to postpone; to put off; to differ
difícil: difficult; hard; improbable
dificultad: difficulty; objection; snag; trial; ado; hardness; hitch; involvement
dificultar: to make difficult; to hinder
dificultoso: difficult; raiser of difficulties
difteria: diphtheria
difuminar: to stump; to soften
difuminarse: to disappear; to evanesce
difundir: to diffuse; to spread; to divulge; to broadcast
difundirse: to diffuse itself; to spread
difunto: deceased; defunct; late
difusión: diffusion; diffuseness; spreading; broadcasting
difuso: diffuse; broad; widespread
digerir: to digest
digestión: digestion
digestivo: digestive
digital: digital; digitalis; foxglove
dígito: number; cipher; digit
diglosia: diglossia
dignarse: to deign; to condescend
dignatario: dignitary; high official
dignidad: dignity; dignitary
dignificar: to dignify
digno: worthy; honourable; deserving; suitable; appropriate; dignified
diga, digo: present tenses of decir
digresión: digression
dije: trinket; locket; small piece of jewelry
dije, dijera, dijo: past tenses of decir
dilación: delay; procrastination
dilapidar: to waste; to squander; to dilapidate
dilatación: dilatation; dilation; expansion; delay; prolongation; diffuseness; prolixity
dilatado: vast; extensive; large; numerous
dilatar: to dilate; to expand; to widen; to spread; to delay; to retard
dilatarse: to dilate; to expand; to spread; to expatiate
dilema: dilemma
diletante: dilettante
diligencia: diligence; activity; industry; dispatch; speed; errand; step; action; judicial proceeding; diligence; stagecoach; promptitude; alacrity; caballo de diligencia: stager
diligenciar: to take the necessary steps to accomplish or obtain something
diligente: diligent; prompt; active
dilucidar: to clear up; to elucidate
diluido: diluted
diluir: to dilute
diluirse: to become diluted
diluviar: to pour; to rain hard
diluvio: deluge; hard raining; downpour
dimanar: to issue; to arise from
dimensión: dimension
dimensional: dimensional
dimes y diretes: squabbling
diminutivo: diminishing; diminutive
diminuto: diminutive; minute; tiny
dimisión: resignation
dimisionario: resigning
dimitir: to resign; to give up
dina: dyne
Dinamarca: Denmark
dinámica: dynamics
dinámico: dynamic
dinamismo: dynamism
dinamita: dynamite
dinamitar: to dynamite
dinamitero: dynamiter
dinamo: dynamo
dinamómetro: dynamometer
dinastía: dynasty
dineral: large sum of money
dinero: money; currency; wealth; ancient silver coin; denier
dinosaurio: dinosaur
dintel: lintel; doorhead
diñar: to give; to die
diócesis: diocese
dioptría: diopter
dios: god
diosa: goddess
dióxido: dioxide
diploma: diploma
diplomacia: diplomacy
diplomado: qualified; trained; graduate
diplomático: diplomatic; diplomat; diplomatist
diptongo: diphthong
diputación: deputation; object of a deputation
diputado: deputy; delegate; representative
dique: dam; mole; dike; barrier; check; dry dock
diría, diré: decir
dirección: direction; way; address; lead; conduct; management; leadership; directorate; generalship; headquarters; quarter; running; steering; helm; tack
direccional: indicator
directa: top gear
directiva: board of directors; committee; leadership; directive; guideline
directivo: directive; managing
directo: direct; straight
director: director; manager; editor; principal; headmaster; conductor; directing; leading; managing
directorio: directory
directriz: directrix
dirigente: leader; director; leading; governing
dirigible: dirigible; airship
dirigir: to direct; to manage; to govern; to lead; to head; to steer; to conduct; to point; to address; to shine; to spearhead; to stage-manage; to target; to turn on; to wend; to aim; to bend; to helm; to intend; to level; to marshal; to mastermind
dirigirse a: to be directed to; to go to; to go towards; to head; to address; to apply; to accost; to tend; to bear; to funnel
dirimir: to annul; to dissolve; to settle
discapacidad: disability; handicap
discapacitado: handicapped
discernimiento: discernment; judgment; discrimination
discernir: to discern; to distinguish; to appoint
disciplina: discipline; subject; teaching; instruction; art; science; event
disciplinado: disciplined
disciplinar: to discipline
disciplinario: disciplinary discípulo: pupil; student; follower; disciple
disc-jockey: disc jockey
disco: disk; record; discus; light; dial
discóbolo: discobolous; discus thrower
discografía: collection of records; discography
díscolo: rebellious; rebel; ungovernable; refractory; wayward
disconforme: in disagreement; disagreeing
disconformidad: disagreement; disconformity
discontinuidad: lack of continuity; discontinuity; irregularity
discontinuo: discontinuous; intermittent
discordancia: disagreement; difference; discordance
discordante: discordant; absonant
discordar: to discord; to disagree
discordia: discord; disagreement; disunion
discoteca: disco; record collection
discreción: discretion; wit; gracefulness
discrecional: discretionary; optional
discrepancia: disagreement; dissent; difference of opinion; discrepancy
discrepar: to disagree; to differ; to dissent
discreto: discreet; average; run-of-the-mill; modest; sober; discrete
discriminación: discrimination
discriminar: to discriminate
disculpa: excuse; apology; exculpation
disculpar: to exculpate; to excuse
disculparse: to excuse oneself; to apologize
discurrir: to go about; to roam; to flow; to pass; to reflect; to reason; to discourse; to invent; to think out; to devise; to infer
discursivo: reflective; thoughtful; meditative
discurso: speech; discourse; oration; course; spiel; utterance; use of reason; address; exordium
discusión: discussion; argument; debate
discutible: debatable; disputable; uncertain
discutir: to discuss; to argue about; to dispute; to argue
disecar: to dissect; to stuff dead animals
disección: dissection; anatomy; stuffing; taxidermy; detailed analysis
diseccionar: to make a dissection
diseminar: to disseminate; to scatter
diseminarse: to disseminate; to scatter
disensión: disagreement; dissention; division; strife
disentería: dysentery
disentir: to dissent; to disagree
diseñador: designer; delineator; sketcher
diseñar: to design; to draw; to sketch; to outline
diseño: design; drawing; sketch; outline
disertación: dissertation; disquisition; talk; paper
disertar: to dissert; to dissertate
disforme: misshapen; hideous; huge; monstruous
disfraz: disguise; fancy dress; costume; dissimulation; dissembling
disfrazado: disguised; dressed-up
disfrazar: to disguise; to dissemble
disfrazarse: to disguise oneself; to masquerade
disfrutar: to enjoy; to possess
disgregación: disintegration; scattering
disgregar: to scatter; to disintegrate; to disperse
disgustado: upset; annoyed; unhappy; displeased; sorry; tasteless; aggrieved; discontent; discontented
disgustar: to displease; to annoy; to anger; to pain; to give sorrow
disgustarse: to be displeased or hurt; to fall out; to have a difference with somebody
disgusto: unpleasantness; displeasure; annoyance; vexation; sorrow; quarrel
disidencia: dissidence; dissent; nonconformity
disidente: dissident; dissenter
disidir: to dissent; to separate
disimulación: pretence; pretense; dissimulation
disimulado: subtle; reserved; sly; dissembler
disimular: to dissimulate; to dissemble; to disguise; to conceal; to overlook; to excuse; to pardon
disimulo: dissimulation; sly proceeding; tolerance; indulgence
disipación: dissipation
disipado: dissipated
disipar: to dissipate
disiparse: to dissipate; to evanesce; to disappear
diskette: floppy disk; diskette
dislate: piece of nonsense; absurdity
dislexia: dyslexia
disléxico: dyslexic
dislocación: dislocation
dislocar: to dislocate
dislocarse: to come out of joint
disloque: chaos; the giddy limit
disminución: decrease; diminution; abatement
disminuido: disabled; physically handicapped
disminuir: to diminish; to lessen; to decrease; to taper; to abate
disociación: dissociation
disociar: to dissociate
disociarse: to dissociate
disolubilidad: dissolubility; solubility
disoluble: dissoluble; soluble
disolución: dissolution; dissolving; solution; annulment
disoluto: dissolute; debauched; debauchee
disolvente: solvent; dissolving; dissolvent; dissolver
disolver: to dissolve
disolverse: to dissolve
disonancia: discord; dissonance; harsh sound
disonante: discordant; harsh; dissonant
disonar: to sound harshly; to disagree; to be incongruous
dispar: unlike; different; disparate
disparadero: trigger
disparado: very fast
disparador: trigger; shooter; shutter release; escapement; release; anchor trigger
disparar: to shoot; to discharge; to fire; to let off; to hurl; to throw
dispararse: to dash off; to bolt; to go off; to lose self-control
disparatado: ridiculous; absurd; nonsensical; foolish
disparate: absurdity; nonsense; crazy idea; foolish or preposterous act, blunder or mistake
disparejo: uneven; unlike; different; disparate
disparo: shot; discharge; release; trip; start
dispendio: huge waste of money; excessive expenditure
dispensa: dispensation; exemption
dispensar: to dispense; to give; to grant; to exempt; to excuse; to pardon
dispensarse: to excuse oneself
dispensario: outpatients' clinic; clinic for the poor
dispersar: to disperse; to scatter; to put to flight
dispersarse: to disperse; to be dispersed
disperso: dispersed; scattered
displicencia: disdain; coldness; coolness; indifference
displicente: cool; disdainful; indifferent; peevish
disponer: to dispose; to arrange; to prepare; to get ready; to order; to decree
disponerse: to get ready
disponibilidad: availability
disponible: available; disposable
disposición: arrangement; disposal; regulation; order; command; provision; mood; frame of mind; aptitude; gift
dispositivo: device; operation; contrivance; preceptive
dispuesto: disposed; prepared; ready; comely; able; clever
disputa: dispute; argument; disagreement; disputation
disputar: to dispute; to contest; to argue; to altercate
disquete: floppy disk; diskette
disquetera: disk drive
disquisición: digression; disquisition
distancia: distance; difference; gulf; disparity
distanciamiento: distancing
distanciar: to distance; to separate; to estrange
distanciarse: to become separated or estranged
distante: distant; far; remote
distar de: to be distant from; to be different from
distender: to distend
distinción: distinction; honour; honor; elegance
distinguido: distinguished; refined; prominent; accomplished
distinguir: to distinguish; to discriminate; to show regard for
distinguirse: to distinguish oneself; to make oneself different
distintivo: distinctive; distinguishing; badge; sign
distinto: different; separate; distinct
distorsión: distortion; pull; sprain
distorsionar: to distort
distracción: distraction; diversion; amusement; entertainment; absent-mindedness; oversight; abstraction
distraer: to entertain; to divert; to amuse; to distract; to lead astray; to abstract
distraerse: to amuse oneself; to be absent-mindedness
distraído: absent-minded; inattentive; entertaining; abstracted
distribution: layout; transmission; apportionment
distribuidor: distributing; distributor
distribuir: to distribute; to sort
distributivo: distributive
distrito: district
distrofia: dystrophy
disturbio: riot; outbreak; disturbance
disuadir: to dissuade
disuasión: dissuasion
disyuntiva: choice; dilemma; disjunctive
disyuntivo: disjunctive
diuresis: diuresis
diurético: diuretic
diurno: diurnal; day
diva: prima donna; diva; goddess
divagar: to divagate; to ramble; to digress
diván: divan; couch
divergencia: fork; difference; disagreement; divergence; divergency
diverger: divergir
divergir: to diverge; to differ; to disagree
diversidad;: diversity; variety; abundance
diversificar: to diversify
diversión: fun; amusement; pastime; diversion
diverso: diverse; varied; different; several; various; diversos: several; many
divertido: funny; amusing; entertaining
divertir: to divert; to amuse; to entertain; to turn away
divertirse: to amuse oneself; to have a good time
dividendo: dividend
dividir: to divide
dividirse: to divide
divieso: boil; furuncle
divinidad: divinity; godhead; beauty
divinizar: to divinize; to deify
divino: divine; lovely; gorgeous
divisa: badge; emblem; insignia; mark; motto; principle; currency; device
divisar: to descry; to espy; to perceive
división: division; disagreement
divisor: dividing; divisor
divo: star; great singer; poet; divine; god
divorciado: divorced; divorcee
divorciar: to divorce
divorciarse: to divorce; to become divorced from
divorcio: divorce; split; disunion; breach
divulgación: divulgation; popularization
divulgar: to divulge; to publish abroad; to popularize
divulgarse: to be spread about
DNI: identity card
do: C; do; ut
doberman: Doberman
dobladillo: hem
doblado: dubbed; exhausted; bent; deceitful
doblaje: dubbing
doblar: to double; to fold; to bend; to turn; to dub; to toll; to knell
doblarse: to double; to bend; to yield; to give in
doble: double; twofold; duplicate; copy; stunt; toll
doblegar: to bend; to curve; to force to yield
doblegarse: to yield; to give in; to submit; to acquiesce; to kotow; to kowtow
doblete: double win; doublet; a stroke in billiards
doblez: fold; crease; ply; cuff; duplicity; deceitfulness
doblón: doubloon
doce: twelve; twelfth
doceavo: twelfth
docena: dozen
docencia: teaching
docente: teaching; educational; teacher; lecturer
dócil: docile; manageable; obedient; tame; soft
docto: learned; knowledgeable
doctor: doctor; doctoress
doctorado: doctorate; doctorship
doctoral: doctoral; pedantic
doctorar: to doctor
doctorarse: to take the degree of doctor
doctrina: doctrine; learning; knowledge; catechism; Sunday School
doctrinario: doctrinaire
documentación: documentation; file; records; papers
documentado: documented; informed
documental: documentary; documental
documentar: to document
documentarse: to get the necessary information
documento: document; contemporary record
dogal: halter; hangman's noose
dogma: dogma
dogmático: dogmatic; dogmatical
dogmatismo: dogmatism
dogmatizar: to dogmatize
dogo: bulldog; doge; Great Dane
dólar: dollar
dolencia: complaint; ailment; disease; illness; aching; infirmity; affliction
doler: to ache; tu hurt; to pain; to rankle; to smite
dolerse de: to repent
dolido: hurt; pained; grieved
dolmen: dolmen
dolo: malicious intent; guile; deceit; fraud
dolor: pain; ache; aching; soreness; wrench; agony; anguish; bale; woe; sorrow; grief; repentance; distress; dole; dolour; smart
dolorido: sore; aching; tender; painful; saddened; sorrowful; grieving; pained; doleful; dolesome; heartsick
doloroso: painful; dolorous; distressing; pitiful; regrettable
doma: rodeo; taming; breaking in
domador: tamer; horsebreaker
domar: to tame; to break; to curb; to subdue; to conquer
domeñar: to master; to conquer; to subdue
domesticar: to tame; to domesticate
doméstico: domestic; servant
domiciliación: payment by direct debit; payment by bank transfer
domiciliar: to domicile; to domiciliate
domiciliarse: to domiciliate; to take up residence
domicilio: home; residence; address; domicile; abode
dominación: domination
dominante: predominant; domineering; dominant; commanding
dominar: to dominate; to domineer; to rule over; to control; to restrain; to master
dominarse: to control oneself
domingo: Sunday
dominguero: day-tripper
dominical: dominical; Sunday; Sunday newspaper; feudal
dominicano: Dominican
dominico: Dominican friar; Dominican
dominio: dominium; authority; power; lands; mastery; domination; control; rule; domain; sphere; scope
dominó: dominoes; domino
Don: Mr.
don: talent; knack; gift; present
donación: donation; gift; bestowal
donante: donor
donar: to donate; to bestow
donativo: donation; donative; gift; contribution
doncella: maiden; maid; virgin; maidservant; abigail
donde: where; wherein; whither; in which
dónde: where
dondequiera: wherever; anywhere
donostiarra: from San Sebastián
dónut: doughnut; donut
doña: Mrs.
dopar: to dope; to drug
doparse: to take drugs
doping: drug-taking
doquier: por doquier: everywhere
dorada: gilt head bream
dorado: gold; golden; gilt; gilding
dorar: to gild; to brown
dorarse: to take a golden tinge; to turn brown
dormido: asleep
dormilón: sleepy; sleepyhead; armchair for napping; earring
dormir: to sleep; to rest; to pass the night; to put to sleep
dormirse: to go to sleep; to fall asleep; to be careless; to get benumbed
dormitar: to doze; to nap
dormitorio: bedroom; dormitory
dorsal: dorsal; number
dorso: back; dorsum
dos: two; second; deuce
doscientos: two hundred
dosel: canopy; dais
dosificar: to dose; to proportion
dosis: dose; dosage; quantity; admixture; draught; fix
dossier: dossier
dotación: amount awarded; endowment; dowering; complement; crew; staff; personnel
dotado: endowed; gifted; equipped
dotar: to endow; to dower; to portion; to gift; to man; to staff; to accomplish
dote: dowry; dower; marriage portion; dotes: gifts; talents; aptitude
dovela: keystone; voussoir
doy: presente de indicativo de dar
dozavo: twelfth
dracma: drachm; drachma; dram
draconiano: draconian
DRAE: Diccionario de la Real Academia Española
draga: dredger; dredge
dragado: dredging
dragaminas: minesweeper
dragar: to dredge; to sweep
drago: dragon tree
dragomán: dragoman
dragón: dragon; dragoon; snapdragon
dragona: shoulder knot; epaulette; guard; hooded cloak
dragoncillo: tarragon
dragonear: to court; to woo; to boast; to brag
drama: drama; disaster
dramática: drama; dramatic art
dramaticidad: dramatic quality
dramático: dramatic; dramatis; actor
dramatismo: dramatic nature; dramatic effect; drama
dramatizar: to dramatize
dramaturgia: drama; theatre art; play-writing
dramaturgo: playwright; dramatist
dramón: melodrama
drástico: drastic
drenaje: drainage; catheter
drenar: to drain
driblar: to dribble
dril: drill
driza: halyard
droga: drug; chemical substance; fib; lie; debt
drogadicción: drug addiction
drogadicto: drug addict
drogar: to drug; to dope
drogarse: to take drugs
droguería: drugstore; store where cleaning materials are sold
dromedario: dromedary
druida: druid
dualismo: dualism
Dublín: Dublin
dublinés: Dubliner
ducado: dukedom; duchy; ducat
ducha: shower; douche
duchar: to douche
ducharse: to take a shower
ducho: knowledgeable; skilful; expert; experienced
dúctil: easily influenced; ductile
duda: doubt; query
dudar: to doubt; to question; to waver; to hesitate
dudoso: doubtful; dubious; unsure; uncertain
duela: stave; fluke
duelo: duel; grief; sorrow; pity; compassion; mourning; bereavement; mourners
duende: elf; pixie; goblin; hobgoblin; charm; magic
dueño: owner; proprietor; master; landlord; landowner
dulce: sweet; fresh; gentle; cake; candy; sweetmeat
dulzaina: kind of flageolet
dulzura: sweetness; mildness; gentleness; kindliness; pleasantness
duna: dune
dúo: duet; duo
duodécimo: twelfth
duodeno: duodenum
dúplex: duplex; apartment on two floors
duplicado: duplicate
duplicar: to double; to duplicate
duplicidad: duplicity
duque: duke
duquesa: duchess
durable: abiding
duración: duration; endurance; lasting
duradero: lasting; hard-wearing; durable; enduring
durante: during; for
durar: to last; to endure; to continue; to wear well
durazno: peach
dureza: hardness; harshness; severity; obstinacy; callosity; abrasiveness
durmiente: sleeping; dormant; sleeper
duro: hard; tough; harsh; severe; rigorous; unbearable; obdurate; unfeeling; obstinate; strong; hardy; stingy; stiff

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