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rabadilla: base of the spine; rump
rábano: radish; me importa un rábano: I don't care a damn; y un rábano: no way!; rábano picante: horseradish
rabí: rabbi; rabbin
rabia: rage; fury; choler; dislike; rabies; hydrophobia
rabiar: to writhe in pain; to be furious; to fume; to long; to rage; to seethe; to storm; to chafe; to be dying to do something; to itch to do something; to have rabies; hacer rabiar: to bother; to needle
rabieta: tantrum; fit of temper; huff; paddy; pet
rabillo: corner; stalk; stem; peduncle; little tail
rabino: rabbi; rabbin
rabioso: furious; terrible; rabid; furious; violent; enraged; mad; raging; loud; gaudy
rabo: tail; stem; stalk; corner; con el rabo entre las piernas: humiliated
rabona: hacer rabona: to play truant; to play hooky
racanear: to be mean or stingy; to loaf around; to laze about
rácano: mean; stingy; miser; skinflint; idle; lazy; layabout; loafer
RACE: Real Automóvil Club de España: Spanish automobile association
racha: gust; spell; run; streak; string; patch
racheado: gusty
racial: racial; race
racimo: bunch; cluster; raceme
raciocinio: power of reason; ratiocination; reasoning
ración: portion; ration; helping; share; allowance for food; large portion of a dish served as a snack
racional: rational; reasonable; rational being
racionalidad: rationality; reasonableness
racionalismo: rationalism
racionalista: rationalist; rationalistic
racionalización: rationalization
racionalizar: to rationalize; to streamline
racionamiento: rationing
racionar: to ration; to ration out
racismo: racism
racista: racist
rada: cove; sheltered anchorage; bay; roads; roadstead
radar: radar
radiación: radiation; broadcasting
radiactividad: radioactivity
radiactivo: radioactive
radiado: radial; irradiated; radiated; broadcast; radiate
radiador: radiator
radial: radial
radián: radian
radiante: radiant; beaming
radiar: to radiate; to irradiate; to radio; to broadcast; to beam; to shine
radical: radical; complete; root
radicalismo: radicalism
radicalizar: to make more radical
radicalizarse: to become more radical; to worsen
radicar: to lie; to be situated in; to take root
radicarse: to settle; to establish oneself
radio: radius; scope; spoke; radium; radio; broadcasting; wireless set
radioactive: radioactive
radioaficionado: radio ham
radiocasete: radio cassette
radiocontrol: remote control
radiodespertador: clock radio
radiodifusión: broadcasting; broadcast
radioescucha: radio listener
radiofonía: radio; radiophony
radiofónico: radio; radiophonic
radiografía: radiography; X-ray
radiografiar: to X-ray
radiología: radiology
radiólogo: radiologist
radionovela: radio soap opera
radiorreceptor: radio receiver; wireless set
radiorreloj: clock radio
radiotaxi: taxi with radio link
radiotelefonía: radiotelephony; radio
radioteléfono: radiotelephone
radiotelegrafía: radiotelegraphy
radiotelegrafista: wireless operator; radio operator
radioterapia: radiotherapy
radioyente: listener
RAE: Real Academia Española
raer: to scrape; to scrape off; to abrade; to wear out; to extirpate
ráfaga: gust; burst; hail; flash; small cloud
rafia: raffia
raglán: raglan
raído: threadbare; frayed; worn; barefaced; shameless
raigambre: tradition; root system; intertwined roots; rootedness
rail: rail
raíz: root; stem
raja: slice; crack; slit; split
rajá: rajah
rajado: split; wimp; chicken; cowardly
rajar: to crack; to slice; to slash; to split; to rend; to chat; to brag
rajarse: to crack; to chicken out; to run away; to split; to crack
rajatabla: a rajatabla: to the letter; strictly
ralea: kind; sort; nature; race; breed
ralentí: neutral; in slow motion
rallado: grated; grating
rallador: grater
ralladura: grating; mark left by a grater
rallar: to grate
rally: rally
ralo: thin; sparse
rama: branch; bough; chase; andarse por las ramas: to beat about the bush
Ramadán: Ramadan
ramaje: branches; branchage
ramal: branch; strand; flight; halter; minor road
ramalazo: giveaway sign; fit; stab of pain; lash with a rope
rambla: boulevard; avenue; seafront; esplanade; watercourse; sandy or dry ravine; tenter
ramera: whore; hooker; prostitute; harlot; strumpet
ramificación: ramification; branch; branching off; repercussion; consequence
ramificarse: to branch out; to subdivide into; to ramify
ramillete: bunch; bouquet; nosegay; posy; centerpiece; epergne; ornamental dish of sweets; collection of choice things
ramo: bunch; cluster; bouquet; branch; bough; industry; touch; slight attack
rampa: ramp; steep incline; cramp
ramplón: ordinary; vulgar; uncouth; run-of-the-mill; heavy; coarse; calk
rana: frog; ranula; salir rana: to be a disappointment
ranchera: popular Mexican song; estate car; station wagon
ranchero: rancher; ranchman; kitchen attendant
rancho: ranch; mess; cooked meal for soldiers or prisoners; shack; hut; rustic cottage; settlement made of huts; coterie
rancio: rancid; ancient; mellow; stale; rank; old; antiquated; old-fashioned
ranglán: raglan
rango: rank; standing; class; order; sort
ránking: ranking
ranura: slot; groove; rabbet
rapacidad: rapacity
rapapolvo: ticking-off; telling-off; scolding; dressing down
rapar: to shave; to shave off; to crop
raparse: to shave one's head
rapaz: lad; boy; rapacious; of prey; greedy; rapaces: birds of prey
rapaza: girl
rape: angler fish; monkfish; cortar al rape: to crop somebody's hair
rapé: snuff; rappee
rápel: abseiling
rapidez: speed; rapidity; quickness; swiftness
rápido: quick; fast; quickly; rapid; rápidos: rapids
rapiña: robbery with violence; looting; rapine; ave de rapiña: bird of prey
raposa: fox; vixen
rappel: abseiling
rapsodia: rhapsody
raptar: to abduct; to kidnap; to ravish
rapto: abduction; kidnapping; ravishment; rapture; ecstasy; fit
raptor: kidnapper; abductor; ravisher
raqueta: racquet; racket; bat; paddle; snowshoe; rake
raquítico: rachitic; thin; emaciated; stunted; small; feeble; poor; short; meagre; stinted; miserable
raquitismo: rachitism; rickets
rareza: rarity; rareness; odd way; oddity; strangeness; curiosity; freak; peculiarity; eccentricity
raro: strange; odd; weird; unusual; rare; infrequent; scarce
ras: level; evenness; flushness
rasante: gradient; slope; grazing
rasca: cold
rascacielos: skyscraper
rascador: scraper; scratcher; ornamental hairpin
rascar: to scratch; to scrape; to scrub; to be rough
rascarse: to scratch oneself
rasera: fish slice; skimmer
rasero: strickle; medir por el mismo rasero: to make no differences
rasgado: ripped; torn; almond-shaped
rasgadura; tear; rip; tearing; rent
rasgar: to tear; to tear open; to rip; to rend
rasgarse: to tear; to rip; to become torn
rasgo: trait; feature; characteristic; gesture; flourish; stroke; deed; feat; act; action; rasgos: features; handwriting; a grandes rasgos: in general terms
rasgón: tear; rip; rent
rasguear: to strum; to flourish
rasguñar: to scratch; to sketch; to outline
rasguñarse: to scratch oneself
rasguño: scratch; graze; sketch; outline
raso: flat; level; low; clear; cloudless; satin; soldado raso: private; al raso: in the open air
raspa: backbone; bone; corncob; unpleasant person; unpleasant; nasty; awn; beard
raspado: scrape; scraping
raspadura: scraping; scratch; erasure; abrasion
raspar: to scrape; to graze; to abrade; to shave; to sand down; to erase; to be harsh to the palate
rasparse: to scrape
raspón: scratch
rasponazo: scratch
rasposo: rough; shabby; scruffy
rasqueta: scraper; currycomb
rastras: a rastras: dragging; unwillingly
rastreador: tracker
rastrear: to track; to trace; to trail; to scent out; to drag; to comb; to follow; to search for; to rake; to skim the ground; to fly very low
rastrero: despicable; cringing; grovelling; abject; low; base; creeping; dragging; trailing; flying low
rastrillar: to rake up; to rake; to hackle; to hatchel
rastrillo: rake; flea market; jumble sale; portcullis; iron gate; hackle; hatchel; ward
rastro: trail; trace; track; scent; vestige; sign; flea market; rake
rastrojo: stubble; haulm
rasuradora: electric razor
rasurar: to shave
rasurarse: to shave
rata: rat; swine; miser; skinflint; mean; stingy; sneak thief
ratero: petty thief; pickpocket; pilferer; sneak thief
raticida: rat poison
ratificar: to ratify
ratificarse: to stand by; to be confirmed; to be ratified
ratio: ratio
rato: while; short time; time; pasar el rato: to kill time; pasar un mal rato: to have a hard time of it; ratos libres: spare time
ratón: mouse
ratonera: mousetrap; trap; mousehole; nest of mice; hovel
raudal: torrent; abundance; flood; stream; string
raudo: swift; rapid; impetuous
ravioli: ravioli
raya: line; stripe; parting; part; crease; limit; boundary; frontier; scratch; stroke; ray; skate; dash; pay; wages
rayado: striped; lined; ruled; scratched; rifled; ruling; stripes
rayar: to scratch; to stripe; to cross out; to cancel; to underline; to excel; to rule lines on; to break; rayar el alba, rayar el sol: to dawn
rayarse: to get scratched
rayo: ray; beam; bolt of lightning; bolt; thunderbolt; spoke; sudden misfortune; lively person; que le parta un rayo: to hell with him; sin rayos: abactinal
rayón: rayon; artificial silk
rayuela: hopscotch; pitch-and-toss
raza: race; breed; kindred; lineage; strain; pedigree; thoroughbred; cheek; nerve; light-woven stripe
razón: reason; words; speech; right; justice; correctness; reasonableness; regard; respect; information; account; explanation; rate; ratio; tener razón: to be right; no tener razón: to be wrong; a razón de: at a rate of
razonable: reasonable; sensible; moderate; fair
razonamiento: reasoning; argumentation
razonar: to reason; to reason out; to ratiocinate
re: re; D
reabrir: to reopen
reacción: reaction; regeneration
reaccionar: to react
reaccionario: reactionary
reacio: stubborn; reluctant; unwilling; disobedient
reacondicionar: to refit
reactivación: revival
reactivar: to reactivate
reactivarse: to pick up
reactivo: reactive; reagent
reactor: reactor; jet; jet engine
readmisión: readmission; re-employment; reinstatement
readmitir: to accept back; to take back; to re-employ; to reinstate; to readmit
reafirmar: to confirm; to reaffirm
reafirmarse: to assert oneself
reagrupar: to regroup
reagruparse: to regroup
reajustar: to readjust
reajustarse: to readjust
reajuste: readjustment; increase; streamlining; reduction
real: real; actual; royal; regal; kingly; queenly; true; true-life; grand; magnificent; fine; handsome; army's camp; peach; substantial; factual; la familia real: the royalty
realce: glamour; highlight; importance; embossment; relief; raised work; enhancement; emphasis; lustre; splendour
realeza: royalty
realidad: reality; fact; truth; actuality; sincerity; en realidad: actually; really; in fact; in effect
realismo: realism
realista: realistic; realist; royalistic; royalist
realización: carrying-out; implementation; fulfilment; achievement; accomplishment; production; direction; realization; fruition; execution; doing
realizado: fulfilled
realizador: director; producer; accomplisher
realizar: to make; to perform; to carry out; to implement; to go on; to achieve; to perform; to fulfil; to realize; to produce; to bring about; to carry out
realizarse: to find fulfilment; to come true; to be fulfilled; to be carried out
realmente: in fact; actually; really; very; indeed
realojar: to rehouse
realquilado: sub-tenant
realquilar: to sublet
realzar: to enhance; to heighten; to highlight; to bring out; to brighten up; to raise; to elevate; to emboss; to boss; to bring out; to foil
realzarse: to be enhanced
reanimar: to revive; to reanimate; to cheer up; to resuscitate; to perk up; to rally; to refresh; to revive; to bring around; to bring to
reanimarse: to come round; to reanimate; to revive
reanudar: to resume; to renew
reanudarse: to resume; to begin again
reaparecer: to reappear; to make a comeback; to turn up; to recur
reapertura: reopening
reaparición: reappearance; recurrence; comeback
rearmar: to rearm
rearmarse: to rearm
rearme: rearmament; rearming
reata: rope; lasso; drove of animals going in a single line
reavivar: to revive; to renew; to reawake; to rekindle
reavivarse: to revive
rebaja: reduction; discount; rebate; abatement; dockage; rebajas: sales
rebajado: reduced; cut-price; humiliated; depressed; down
rebajar: to reduce; to humiliate; to disparage; to demean; to disparage; to exempt; to tone down; to lower; to cut the price of; to discount; to dilute; to add water to; to abase; to abate; to decry; to gear down; to lessen; to lower; to scale back; to bate; to belittle; to cheapen
rebajarse: to humble oneself; to grovel; to stoop
rebanada: slice
rebanar: to slice
rebanarse: to slice off; to cut off
rebañar: to scrape clean; to wipe clean; to gather up without leaving any remnants
rebaño: flock; herd; fold; drove
rebasar: to exceed; to surpass; to go beyond; to overflow; to outflank; to overtake; to sail past
rebatir: to refute; to rebut; to repel; to drive back; to resist
rebato: alarm; alarm bell; tocsin
rebeca: cardigan
rebeco: chamois
rebelarse: to rebel; to revolt; to mutiny
rebelde: rebel; rebellious; insurgent; insubordinate; mutinous; stubborn; in contempt of court; unmanageable; intractable; defaulter; refractory; wayward; bolshy; bolshie
rebeldía: rebelliousness; act of rebellion; stubbornness; rebellious act; defaulting; contumacy
rebelión: rebellion; revolt; rising; insurrection
rebenque: whip; short rope
reblandecer: to soften
reblandecerse: to soften; to become soft
rebobinar: to rewind
reborde: edging; edge; rim; flange; ledge
rebosante: brimming; overflowing; brimful
rebosar: to overflow with; to overflow; to brim with; to be in abundance; to spill over; to teem; to exude; to run over; to boil over
rebotar: to bounce; to bounce back; to rebound; to bump; to clinch; to drive back; to ricochet; to vex; to exasperate; to upset; to recoil
rebotarse: to get angry
rebote: bounce; bouncing; rebound
rebozado: coated in batter or breadcrumbs
rebozar: to coat in batter or breadcrumbs; to cover one's face with one's cloak
rebrotar: to sprout
rebullir: to stir; to begin to move; to give signs of life
rebullirse: to stir; to move
rebuscado: recherché; pretentious; rarefied; affected; unnatural; farfetched; complicated; complex
rebuscar: to search for; to search thoroughly; to research; to gather fruit left by gatherers
rebuznar: to bray
rebuzno: braying; bray
recabar: to ask for; to manage to get; to gather; to obtain; to claim
recadero: messenger; commissionaire
recado: message; errand; present; gift; daily provision or marketing; outfit; equipment; saddle and trappings
recaer: to have a relapse; to fall again; to fall back; to fall upon; to fall to; ; to devolve upon; recaer sobre: to fall on
recaída: relapse
recalar: to soak; to saturate
recalcar: to stress; to empathize; to underline; to press; to pack; to cram; to stuff; to heel; to list
recalcitrante: recalcitrant; stubborn
recalentar: to warm up; to overheat; to reheat; to excite sexually
recalentarse: to overheat; to become overheat; to be spoiled by the excessive heat
recámara: chamber; bedroom; breech; blasthole; caution; reserve; cunning
recamarera: maid
recambiar: to change; to replace; to rechange; to redraw
recambio: spare part; refill; rechange; redrawing
recapacitar: to reflect; to think; to go over; to meditate upon
recapitulación: recap; recapitulation; summing-up
recapitular: to sum up; to recapitulate; to summarize
recargado: overelaborate; overdone
recargar: to refill; to recharge; to reload; to overload; to overelaborate; to overfill; to increase a tax or duty; to adorn to excess
recargarse: to have an increase of fever
recargo: extra charge; surcharge; reload; surtax; increase of fever
recatado: modest; demure; chaste; cautious; circumspect
recatar: to hide; to conceal
recatarse: to hide one's actions
recato: modesty; decency; demureness; reserve; caution
recauchutado: remoulded; remolded
recauchutar: to retread; to remould; to remold; to recap
recaudación: collection; takings; gate; receipt
recaudador: tax collector; taxgatherer; collector
recaudar: to collect; to put in a safe place
recaudo: collection; precaution; care; a buen recaudo: in a safe place
recelar: to suspect; to fear; to distrust; to be suspicious
recelo: mistrust; suspicion; fear; distrust
receloso: mistrustful; suspicious; fearful
recensión: review
recepción: reception; receiving; receipt; admission
recepcionista: receptionist
receptáculo: receptacle
receptividad: receptiveness; receptivity
receptivo: receptive
receptor: recipient; receiver; receiving
recesión: recession
recesivo: recessive
receso: recess; break; deviation; separation; adjournment
receta: recipe; receipt; prescription
recetar: to prescribe; to order; to ask for
rechazar: to reject; to turn down; to push away; to repel; to refuse; to drive back; to rebuff; to contradict; to impugn
rechazo: rejection; disapproval; denial; rebound; recoil; repercussion; revulsion
rechifla: jeer; derision; hissing
rechiflar: to jeer; to hiss
rechiflarse: to flout; to jeer; to mock; to ridicule
rechinar: to creak; to grind; to screech; to clank; to grate; to squeak; to gnash
rechistar: to answer back
rechoncho: chubby; dumpy; thickset
rechupete: de rechupete: brilliant; great; scrumptious; delicious; splendid; fine
recibidor: entrance hall; receiver; recipient
recibimiento: reception; welcome; greeting; drawing-room; entrance room; hall
recibir: to receive; to have; to welcome; to meet; to admit; to let in; to face
recibirse: to graduate
recibo: receipt; bill; reception; voucher; acquittance; acuse de recibo: acknowledgement of receipt
reciclado: recycled; recycling
reciclaje: recycling; retraining
reciclar: to recycle; to bring up to a date
recién: recently; newly; late; new; just; recién casado: newly-wed; recién nacido: newborn
reciente: recent; fresh; late; new; modern
recientemente: recently
recinto: enclosure; place; area; grounds; precinct; recinto ferial: fairground
recio: robust; vigorous; thick; heavy; stout; bulky; gravelly; solid; tough; strong; hard; difficult; rigorous; swift; impetuous
recipiente: container; receptacle; vessel; receiver of an air pump
reciprocidad: reciprocity
recíproco: reciprocal; mutual
recital: recital; concert; reading
recitar: to recite
reclamación: claim; demand; complaint; reclamation; protest
reclamar: to demand; to claim; to ask for; to protest; to complain; to appeal; to decoy; to call one another
reclame: commercial; advertisement; tie block
reclamo: inducement; allurement; attraction; decoy; lure; birdcall; call; complaint; advertising; publicity; catchword
reclinar: to lean; to recline
reclinarse: to lean back; to recline; to lean
reclinatorio: prie-dieu; kneeling desk
recluir: to shut; to lock away; to imprison; to confine; to intern; to seclude
recluirse: to shut oneself away; to seclude oneself
reclusión: imprisonment; seclusion; confinement; internment; isolation; place of seclusion
recluso: prisoner; recluse; confined; imprisoned; interned
recluta: conscript; recruit; draftee
reclutamiento: conscription; recruitment
reclutar: to recruit; to conscript; to draft; to gather together; to round up
recobrar: to get back; to recover; to regain; to retrieve; to make up for
recobrarse: to recover
recocer: to overcook
recochinearse: to make fun
recodo: bend; twist; turn
recogedor: dustpan; gatherer; shelterer
recogepelotas: ball boy
recoger: to pick up; to collect; to gather; to clear; to tidy; to fetch; to harvest; to take in; to receive; to give shelter to; to intern; to retake; to take back; to take away; to put away
recogerse: to retire; to put up; to tie back; to go to bed; to compose oneself
recogida: harvest; collection; withdrawal from circulation
recogido: tied back; cosy; cozy; quiet; recluse; short-trunked; inmate
recogimiento: abstraction of worldly thoughts; recollection
recolección: harvest; harvesting; collection; summary; gathering; spiritual meditation
recolectar: to harvest; to pick; to collect; to gather
recomendable: recommendable; commendable
recomendación: recommendation; contact
recomendado: recommended; registered
recomendar: to recommend; to advise
recomenzar: to start again
recomiendo: recomendar
recompensa: reward; recompense; compensation
recompensar: to reward; to compensate; to recompense
recomponer: to recompose; to compose again; to mend; to repair; to fix
recompuesto: repaired; fixed; recomponer
reconcentrado: strong
reconcentrar: to make more concentrated; to concentrate; to keep secret and intense
reconciliable: reconcilable
reconciliación: reconciliation
reconciliar: to reconcile, to accommodate
reconciliarse: to become reconciled
reconcomerse: to be eaten up; to be consumed
recóndito: hidden; recondite; out of way; abstruse
reconfortante: comforting
reconfortar: to comfort; to cheer up
reconocer: to recognize; to examine; to inspect; to reconnoitre; to reconnoiter; to admit; to accept; to acknowledge; to know; to allow; to avow; to cognize; to confess; to own; to place; to realize; to spot
reconocerse: to admit to being; to avow or own oneself
reconocido: recognized; acknowledged; grateful; recognizant
reconocimiento: acknowledgment; admission; recognition; examination; medical examination; checkup; inspection; scouting; survey; reconnaissance; gratitude; credit
reconquista: recapture; reconquest
reconquistar: to reconquer; to recapture; to win back
reconsiderar: to reconsider
reconstituir: to reconstitute; to restore
reconstituyente: tonic; reconstituent
reconstrucción: reconstruction; rebuilding
reconstruir: to reconstruct; to rebuild
recontar: to recount; to tell; to narrate; to relate
reconvenir: to reprimand; to reproach; to reprehend; to make a reconvention against
reconversión: reorganization; restructuring
reconvertir: to reorganize; to restructure
recopilación: compilation; collection; summary; abridgment; compendium
recopilar: to compile
recórcholis: gosh; bother
récord: record
recordar: to remember; to recollect; to remind
recordatorio: reminder; memento
recorrer: to travel; to traverse; to walk; to go over or through; to travel in; to make the round of; to overhaul; to repair; to scan; to run one's eyes; to cover; to overrun
recorrido: distance; journey; route; course; run; circuit; beat; rounds; travel; stroke; overhaul; reparation; scolding; dressing-down
recortable: cardboard cutout
recortado: jagged; notched; cutout
recortar: to cut out; to trim; to cut; to clip; o pare off; to outline
recortarse: to be outlined
recorte: cut; cutting; clipping; offcut
recostar: to rest; to lean; to recline
recostarse: to lie back; to sit back; to lean back; to recline
recoveco: sharp bend; turning; winding; nook; artifice; trick
recrear: to recreate; to amuse; to delight; to give pleasure; to re-create
recrearse: to enjoy oneself; to take delight; to recreate
recreativo: recreational; recreation; recreative
recreo: break; recess; entertainment; recreation; place os amusement
recriminación: recrimination; mutual criticism
recriminar: to reproach; to recriminate
recrudecer: to make worse; to worsen; to recrudesce
recrudecerse: to worsen; to get worse
recrudecimiento: worsening; recrudescence
recta: straight line; straight
rectangular: rectangular; oblong
rectángulo: rectangle; rectangular; right-angled; oblong
rectificación: correction; rectification
rectificar: to rectify; to modify; to change; to reform; to correct
rectilíneo: rectilinear; rectilineal
rectitud: rectitude; righteousness; uprightness; straightness; correctness
recto: straight; righteous; just; fair; severe; literal; rectum
rector: director; head; rector; president; parish priest; guiding; governing; directing
rectorado: rectorate; rectorship; president's office; rector's office
rectoría: rectory; rectorate; rectorship; rector's office
recua: train; drove of animals; multitude of things
recuadro: square; box
recubierto: covered; recubrir
recubrir: to give a coating to; to cover again; to cover; to coat; to line; to face; to overlay
recuento: count; telling; enumeration; recount
recuerdo: memory; remembrance; recollection; keepsake; souvenir; recordar; recuerdos: compliments; regards
recuperable: recoverable
recuperación: recovery; regain; retrieval; resist; retake
recuperar: to recover; to regain; to recuperate; to make up; to pass; to salvage
recuperarse: to recover
recurrente: recurring; recurrent; appellant
recurrir: to appeal against; to appeal; to resort; to revert; to return
recurso: resort; recourse; reversion; return; appeal; method
red: net; netting; network; snare; trap; system; grating; railing; chain
redacción: writing; essay; composition; redaction; wording; drawing up; editorial office; editorial stuff
redactar: to write; to redact; to word; to edit; to compile
redactor: editor; subeditor; copy editor; writer; journalist
redada: raid; catch; haul; netful; casting a net
redecilla: hairnet; small net; netting; reticulum
redención: redemption; deliverance from pain or poverty
redentor: redeemer; redeeming
redicho: affected
redil: fold; sheepfold; pen
redimir: to redeem; to deliver from pain or poverty
redimirse: to redeem oneself
redistribución: redistribution
redistribuir: to redistribute
rédito: interest; income; revenue
redivivo: resuscitated; revived
redoblar: to redouble; to double; to reduplicate; to clinch; to roll a drum; to give a drumroll
redoble: drumroll; roll
redoma: flask; phial; balloon
redomado: complete; artful; crafty; sly
redonda: semibreve; whole note; neighbourhood; a la redonda: around; round
redondear: to make round; to round up; to round down; to round off; to round out; to finish off
redondel: circle; ring; round; arena; bull ring
redondo: round; good; square; plain; direct; roman; circle; orb; round object; rolled cut of beef; en redondo: categorically
reducción: reduction
reducido: reduced; restricted; diminished; small; compact
reducidor: fence
reducir: to reduce; to persuade; to convince; to convert; to subdue; to change down; to abate
reducirse: to be reduced; to be limited
reducto: stronghold; redoubt
reductor: reducing; reducer
redundancia: redundancy; redundance
redundante: redundant; superfluous
redundar: to overflow; to run over; to result in
reedición: reissue
reedificación: rebuilding
reedificar: to rebuild
reeditar: to reissue
reeducación: re-education
reeducar: re-educate
reelección: re-election
reelegir: to re-elect
reembolsable: refundable
reembolsar: to refund; to reimburse
reembolso: refund; reimbursement; refunding
reemplazar: to replace; to supersede
reemplazo: replacement; substitution; anual enrollment
reemprender: to start again
reencarnación: reincarnation
reencarnar: to reincarnate
reencarnarse: to be reincarnated
reencontrarse: to meet up again
reencuentro: collision; reunion; engagement; reencontrar
reenganchar: to re-enlist
reengancharse: to re-enlist
reestrenar: to restage; to re-release
reestreno: revival; re-release
reestructuración: restructuring; reorganization
reestructurar: to restructure; to reorganize
reevaluar: to reassess
refajo: underskirt; short flannel skirt
refectorio: refectory
referencia: reference; information; account; narration
referendo, referéndum: referendum
referente: concerning; referring; relating
referir: to tell; to relate; to narrate; to refer
referirse a: to refer to
refilón: obliquely; sideways; in passing
refinado: refined; polished; sharp; subtle; artful; refining
refinamiento: refinement; polish; refined cruelty
refinar: to refine; to polish; to perfect
refinarse: to become more refined
refinería: refinery
reflector: reflective; reflecting; searchlight
reflejar: to reflect; to show; to reveal
reflejarse: to be reflected
reflejo: beam; reflection; reflex; reflected; reflejos: highlights
reflexión: reflection
reflexionar: to consider; to reflect; to think
reflexivo: reflective; reflecting; thoughtful; cautious; reflexive
refluir: to ebb; to flow back
reflujo: ebb tide; ebb; reflux
reforestación: reforestation
reforestar: to reforest
reforma: reform; alteration; improvement; reformation
reformador: reformer; reforming
reformar: to reform; to shape anew; to mend; to improve
reformarse: to reform
reformatear: to reformat
reformatorio: reformatory
reforzado: reinforced
reforzar: to reinforce; to strengthen; to intensify
refracción: refraction
refractar: to refract
refractario: fireproof; heat-resistant; ovenproof; opposed; refractory; rebellious
refrán: saying; proverb; adage
refranero: collection of proverbs
refregar: to scrub; to rub hardly; to rub in; to harp on
refrenar: to restrain; to rein in; to rein; to curb; to check
refrendar: to countersign; to visé
refrescante: refreshing; cooling
refrescar: to refresh; to cool; to refrigerate; to freshen; to brush up on; to be refreshing; to get cooler; to get a drink
refresco: soft drink; refreshment; cool drink
refriega: skirmish; fight; brawl; fray; combat; affray; encounter; melee; scuffle
refrigeración: refrigeration; cooling system; air conditioning
refrigerador: refrigerator; refrigerating
refrigerante: refrigerating; cooling bath
refrigerar: to refrigerate; to cool; to refresh; to air-conditioning
refrigerio: snack; refreshments; relief; comfort
refrito: fried again; too fried; rehash; sauce made from fried garlic, onion, tomato and other ingredients
refuerzo: reinforcement; strengthening; support; reforzar:
refugiado: refugee
refugiar: to shelter; to give refuge; to abri
refugiarse: to take refuge; to take shelter
refugio: refuge; shelter; asylum
refulgente: brilliant; shining; refulgent
refulgir: to shine brightly
refundir: to recast; to remelt; to adapt; to rehash; to lose
refundirse: to get lost
refunfuñar: to grumble; to growl
refunfuñón: grumpy
refutable: refutable
refutación: refutation; refutal
refutar: to refute
regadera: watering can; watering pot; shower
regadío: irrigation farming; irrigated
regalado: given as a present; dirt cheap; comfortable; luxurious; sweet; delicate; dainty
regalar: to give; to present; to compliment with; to sell very cheaply; to flatter; to caress; to regale; to delight
regalía: royal privilege; exemption; regalías: royalties; perquisites
regaliz: liquorice; licorice
regalo: present; gift; bargain; pleasure; gratification; comfort; luxury
regañadientes: a regañadientes: reluctantly; grumblingly
regañar: to scold; to chide; to tell off; to argue; to quarrel; to wrangle; to snarl; to grumble
regañina: telling-off
regar: to water; to sprinkle; to irrigate; to strew something on
regata: boat race; regatta; furrow or small trench for irrigation
regate: dodge; quick side-movement
regatear: to haggle over; to bargain; to dribble past; to spare; to grudge; to resell at retail; to race
regato: stream; rill; rivulet
regazo: lap
regencia: regency; direction; management
regeneración: regeneration; feedback
regenerador: regenerative
regenerar: to regenerate
regenerarse: tom regenerate; to rehabilitate oneself; to renew itself
regentar: to manage; to run; to direct; to hold
regente: regent; manager; mayor; foreman; ruling; governing
reggae: reggae
regidor: stage manager; assistant director; assistant producer; councillor; councilor; alderman; councilman; ruling; governing
régimen: regime; system; government; diet; pattern; rate
regimiento: regiment; horde; rule; government
regio: royal; regal; kingly; magnificent; fantastic; fine; great
región: region
regional: regional
regionalismo: regionalism
regir: to govern; to rule; to govern; to manage; to take; to apply; to conduct; to guide; to be in force; to prevail; to function well
regirse: to be governed; to be ruled; to be managed
registrado: registered; marca registrada: trade mark
registrador: measuring; monitoring; registrar; recorder
registrar: to search; to examine; to inspect; to register; to record; to include; to mark with a bookmark
registrarse: to register; to check in; to happen; to take place
registro: search; inspection; register; registry; driving licence; registering; recording; regulator
regla: ruler; rule; regulation; limit; prudence; moderation; menstruation; period
reglaje: adjustment
reglamentación: regulation; establishment of regulations
reglamentar: to regulate; to establish regulations
reglamentario: pertaining to or prescribed by laws
reglamento: regulations; standing rules; bylaw
reglar: to regulate; to rule
regocijar: to delight; to rejoice; to gladden; to exhilarate
regocijarse: to take delight
regocijo: joy; delight; rejoicing; gladness; merriment; mirth
regodearse: to take great pleasure; to delight; to take malicious pleasure; to gloat
regodeo: delight; malicious pleasure; diversion
regordete: plump; chubby; pudgy
regresar: to return; to come back; to give back
regresarse: to return; to come back; to go back
regresión: regression; drop; retrogression
regresivo: backward; regressive
regreso: return; coming back
regué: regar
reguera: irrigation ditch
reguero: stream; trail; trickle; irrigation ditch
regulable: adjustable; regulation; adjustment; control
regulación: regulation; control; adjustment
regular: regular; orderly; average; steady; even; fairish; middling; to regulate; to adjust; to control
regularidad: regularity
regularizar: to regularize
regurgitación: regurgitation
regurgitar: to regurgitate
regusto: aftertaste
rehabilitación: rehabilitation; restoration; reinstatement
rehabilitar: to rehabilitate; to restore; to reinstate
rehabilitarse: to be rehabilitated
rehacer: to redo; to do over again; to remake; to rebuild; to repair; to renovate; to alter; to rebuild
rehacerse: to recover; to rally; to recover oneself
rehecho: stocky; thickset; sturdy; rehacer
rehén: hostage
rehogar: to fry lightly; to cook with a low fire
rehuir: to avoid; to evade; to flee; to shun; to shirk; to refuse; to decline
rehusar: to refuse; to turn down; to decline
reimplantar: to reintroduce; to reimplant
reimpresión: reprinting; reprint
reimprimir: to reprint
reina: queen; queen bee; darling; reina de los prados: meadowsweet; reina mora: hopscotch
reinado: reign
reinante: reigning; prevailing; prevalent
reinar: to reign; to prevail
reincidencia: recidivism; repetition
reincidente: reoffending; recidivist; reoffender
reincidir: to reoffend; to relapse; to go back
reincorporación: reincorporation; return
reincorporar: to reincorporate
reincorporarse: to return; to go back; to rejoin
reiniciar: to reset
reino: kingdom; world; realm
Reino Unido: United Kingdom
reinserción: reintegration
reinsertado: former terrorist reintegrated into society
reinsertar: to reintegrate
reinsertarse: to reintegrate
reintegrar: to pay back; to refund; to reinstate; to restore; to repay
reintegrarse: to return
reintegro: repayment; refund; payment; prize equivalent to the prize of the ticket
reír: to laugh; to laugh at; to giggle; to titter
reírse: to laugh
reiteración: repetition; reiteration
reiterar: to reiterate; to repeat
reiterativo: repetitive; reiterative
reivindicación: demand; claim; reivindication; vindication
reivindicar: to claim; to reivindicate
reja: grate; grating; grille; lattice; iron bars; ploughshare; plowshare
rejilla: small lattice or grille; latticed wicket; fire grate; grid; vent; luggage rack; baggage rack; foot stove; cane; split rattan
rejón: lance; pointed iron bar; short spear that breaks off in bull neck
rejoneador: mounted bullfighter
rejonear: to fight bulls while on horseback
rejoneo: fighting bulls while on horseback
rejuvenecer: to rejuvenate; to be rejuvenated
rejuvenecerse: to be rejuvenated
relación: connection; relation; relationship; acquaintance; attachment; account; recital; narrative; list; statement; speech; reference; respect; bearing; rapport; intercourse; dealings; interaction; correspondence; liaison; record; regard; relevance; report; truck; con relación a: regarding; vis-à-vis
relacionar: to link; to relate; to state; to enumerate; to list
relacionarse: to relate; to be acquainted or connected
relajación: relaxation; laxity; recreation; rest; dissoluteness
relajado: relaxed; loose; dissolute; rude; dirty; filthy; dirty-minded
relajante: relaxing; soothing
relajar: to relax; to loosen; to slacken
relajarse: to relax; to loosen up; to become relaxed
relajo: relaxation; rest; relaxed attitude; mess
relamer: to lick
relamerse: to lick one's lips; to gloat; to relish
relamido: affected; prim; spruce
relámpago: flash of lightning; brief
relampaguear: to flash; to sparkle; to lighten
relampagueo: lightning; flashing; sparkling
relatar: to tell; to recount
relatividad: relativity
relativizar: to put into perspective
relativo: relative
relato: account; story; report; narrative; relation
relax: relaxation; escort services
releer: to reread; to read again; to revise
relegar: to relegate
relente: damp; night dew; cheek; assurance
relevancia: importance
relevante: important; noteworthy; prominent; outstanding; excellent; eminent
relevar: to take the place of; to relieve; to exempt; to let off; to emboss; to work in relief; to remove; to relay; to lift up; to exalt
relevista: relay runner
relevo: changing; relief; relay; removing
relicario: reliquary; shrine; locket
relieve: relief; raised work; embossment; prominence
religión: religion; religious or monastic order
religiosidad: religiousness; punctiliousness; religiosity
religioso: religious; punctilious; monk; nun
relinchar: to neigh; to whinny
relincho: neigh; neighing; whinny
reliquia: relic; fossil; jalopy; old banger; habitual ailment remaining after an illness
rellano: landing; terrace; level stretch
rellenar: to refill; to fill up; to stuff; to fill; to fill in; to fill out; to replenish; to cram; to pad
relleno: stuffed; filled; padded; well-rounded; stuffing; filling; padding; waffle; gasket
reloj: clock; watch; timepiece; reloj de arena: sandglass; reloj de pulsera: wristwatch; reloj despertador: alarm clock
relojería: clockmaking; watchmaking; clock and watch shop
relojero: clockmaker; watchmaker; person who sells and mends clocks and watches
reluciente: shining; glittering; relucent; bright; spotlessly clean
relucir: to shine; to glitter; to glisten; to brilliant; to excel; to look spotlessly clean; to stand out
reluctante: reluctant
relumbrar: to shine; to gleam; to glare
remachar: to hammer in; to rivet; to clinch; to underline; to drive home
remache: rivet; clinching; riveting
remanente: remainder; remnant
remangar: to roll up; to hitch up
remangarse: to roll up one's sleeves; to roll up one's trousers or skirt
remanso: backwater; still water; sluggishness; tardiness
remar: to row; to paddle; to toil; to struggle
remarcable: remarkable
remarcar: to emphasize; to mark again
rematadamente: entirely; absolutely; completely
rematado: absolute; complete; hopeless
rematador: striker
rematar: to kill; to finish off; to end; to finish; to complete; to knock down; to sell off; to terminate; to be at the top of; to shoot
remate: end; conclusion; top; upper end; edging; finial; knocking down; public sale; shot; loco de remate: raving mad
remedar: to copy; to mimic; to imitate; to mock
remediar: to find a remedy for; to remedy; to help; to relieve; to prevent; to avoid
remedio: remedy; solution; cure; amendment; help; relief; support
rememorar: to remember; to recall; to recollect
remendado: patched; mended; darned; spotted; streaked
remendar: to mend; to repair; to patch; to darn; mending; repairing; cobbler mender of shoes; tailor who does mending
remera: T-shirt; polo shirt
remero: rower; paddler
remesa: remittance; sending; delivery; consignment; shipment
remeter: to put back; to push further in; to tuck in
remiendo: mend; patch; mending piece; repair; reparation; amendment; correction; spot; streak; job; job work; remendar:
remilgado: affected; delicate or graceful; choosy; picky
remilgo: affectation; choosiness
reminiscencia: reminiscence; memory
remirado: cautious; prudent; careful; circumspect; affected; choosy; picky
remirar: to look at again; to examine again
remisión: reference; cross-reference; remission; sending; dispatching; remittance; postponement
remiso: reluctant; remiss; slack; slow
remite: name and address of sender
remitente: sender; dispatcher; remitting; remittent; sending; dispatching
remitir: to remit; to send; to dispatch; to postpone; to remit; to refer; to slacken; to subside; to absolve
remitirse: to refer; to refer oneself
remo: oar; paddle; rowing; wing; toil; hard labour
remodelación: redesign; reorganization; restructuring; reshuffle
remodelar: to redesign; to reorganize; to make changes in; to reshuffle
remojar: to soak; to steep; to drench; to celebrate with a drink
remojo: soaking; steep; soak
remojón: dip; soaking; drenching
remolacha: beet; beetroot; sugar beet
remolcador: towing; tug; tugboat; towboat; toe truck
remolcar: to tow; to take in tow
remolino: whirlpool; whirlwind; swirl; cowlick; unruly tuft of hair; mass; commotion; disturbance
remolón: lazy; indolent; shirky
remolonear: to laze about; to hang back; to demur; to shun work on effort
remolque: trailer; tow; towing; towage; towrope
remontar: to go up; to climb; to take off; to sail up; to get over; to surmount; to move up; to come back; to frighten away; to remount; to repair; to raise; to elevate
remontarse: to climb; to go back; to date from
remonte: rising; remounting; soaring; ski lift
rémora: remora; impediment; hindrance
remorder: to bite repeatedly; to disturb; to sting; to cause remorse
remordimiento: remorse; compunction; qualm
remote: remote; slight; vague; unlikely
remover: to stir; to turn over; to remove; to disturb; to upset; to discharge
removerse: to move; to stir
remozamiento: face-lift
remozar: to rejuvenate; to give a face-lift
remuneración: remuneration; payment; consideration
remunerado: paid
remunerar: to remunerate; to reward; to pay
renacentista: Renaissance
renacer: to be reborn; to grow again; to return; to revive; to spring up anew
renacimiento: rebirth; renewal; renascence; budding; Renacimiento: Renaissance
renacuajo: tadpole; polliwog; shrimp
renal: renal; kidney
rencilla: quarrel; squabble; grudge
renco: lame; hipshot
rencor: resentment; bitterness; ill will; rancour; grudge; animosity
rencoroso: resentful; bitter; rancorous; spiteful
rendición: surrender; rendition; yield; rendering; paying
rendido: exhausted; fatigued; worn-out; submissive; devoted; attentive
rendija: crack; gap; chink; rift; slit
rendimiento: yield; return; productivity; output; performance; humility; fatigue; exhaustion
rendir: to tire out; to exhaust; to yield; to bring; to produce; to defeat; to subdue; to conquer; to surrender; to deliver; to give; to present; to play; to be productive; to lower the arm of the flag as a sign of reverence or submission
rendirse: to surrender; to give in; to give up
renegado: renegade; apostate
renegar: to renounce; to disown; to grumble; to deny vigorously; to detest; to abhor; to apostatize
renegón: grumpy; grumbler
renegrido: blackish; blackened; black-and-blue
renglón: line; item; article
reniego: complaint; blasphemy; swearword; curse; renegar
reno: reindeer
renombrado: well-known; renowned; famous
renombrar: to rename
renombre: fame; renown; surname
renovable: renewable
renovación: renewal; renovation; restructuring
renovador: reformist
renovar: to renovate; to clear out; to shake out; to renew; to restore; to rethink; to revolutionize; to reform; to change; to update; to transform
renovarse: to change; to renew; to be renewed
renquear: to limp; to hobble; to struggle along
renta: income; rent; return; interest; profit; revenue; annuity; public debt
rentabilidad: profitability
rentabilizar: to make profitable
rentable: profitable; worthwhile
rentar: to produce; to yield; to rent; to be profitable
rentista: person of independent means; financier; one who lives on the interest of bones or shares
renuente: reluctant
renuevo: shoot; sprout; renovar
renuncia: renunciation; resignation; renouncement; giving up; abnegation; abdication; reluctance; waiver
renunciar: to give up; to resign; to renounce; to forsake; to waive; to decline; to refuse; to renege; to revoke; to abjure; to abnegate; to abdicate; renunciar a: to give up; to drop; to refuse
renuncio: renege; revoke; contradiction; lie; untruth
reñido: on bad terms; at odds; hard-fought; opposed; inconsistent; acrimonious; close; ding-dong; estar reñido con: to be incompatible with; to be at odds with
reñir: to tell off; to scold; to fight; to argue; to dispute; to fall out
reo: offender; culprit; guilty; accused; defendant
reojo: mirar algo de reojo: to look at something out of the corner of one's eyes; to look askance at
reorganización: reorganization
reorganizar: to reorganize
reóstato: rheostat
repanocha: ser la repanocha: to be the limit
repantingarse: to sprawl out
reparación: repair; repairing; reparation; atonement; redress
reparador: refreshing; compensatory; restorative; repairing; repairer; mender
reparar: to repair; to fix; to make amends for; to restore; to reinvigorate; to observe; to notice; to remark; to consider; to heed; to regard; to stop at; to parry; to defend oneself from; to stop; to make a halt
reparo: objection; embarrassment; repair; reparation; restoration; remedy; defence; protection
repartición: sharing out; share-out; distribution; division; department
repartidor: distributor; dealer; deliveryman; milkman; paperboy
repartimiento: distribution
repartir: to share out; to divide; to distribute; to hand out; to partition; to deliver; to deal; to give out; to allocate; to assign; to administer; to spread; to deal; to allot; to assess
repartirse: to share out; to divide up; to spread out;
reparto: share-out; division; distribution; delivery; allocation; cast
repasador: tea towel
repasar: to repass; to retrace; to review; to scan; to go over; to revise; to check; to clean up; to look over; to inspect; to go to and fro; to darn; to mend; to finish; to perfect
repaso: revision; review; check; clean; darning; mending; overhaul; telling-off
repatear: get on one's wick
repatingarse: to sprawl out
repatriación: repatriation
repatriado: repatriated; repatriate
repatriar: to repatriate
repecho: steep slope; short steep incline
repelente: repulsive; repellent; revolting; poison; know-all
repeler: to repel; to repulse; to disgust; to drive back; to refute; to contradict
repelerse: to repel each other
repelús, repeluzno: shiver; fear; revulsion
repensar: to reconsider; to think over
repente: fit; turn; sudden impulse; de repente: suddenly; offhand
repentino: sudden; unexpected; abrupt
repera: es la repera: it's the tops; it's the limit
repercusión: repercussion; echoes; impact; importance
repercutir: to rebound; to echo; to reverberate; repercutir en: to have repercussions in
repertorio: repertoire; repertory; selection; index; record; collection
repesca: repêchage; retake; resit
repescar: to pass; to allow to qualify; to revive
repetición: repetition; reiteration; recurrence; replay; repeat
repetido: duplicated; repeated
repetidor: repeater; relay station; repeater; student repeating a year
repetir: to repeat; to reiterate; to renew; to do again; to have seconds of; to repeat a year
repetirse: to recur; to repeat oneself; to happen again
repetitivo: repetitive
repicar: to ring; to sound; to reprick; to chop; to hash; to mince
repintar: to repaint
repintarse: to put on too much make-up
repipi: affected; know-all
repique: peal; ringing ; tiff; slight quarrel; repique; lively playing
repiquetear: to ring or play lively; to tap; to exchange biting words
repiqueteo: pealing; beating; ringing; drumming; exchange of lively words
repisa: shelf; ledge; mantelpiece; windowsill; corbel
repito: repetir
replantar: to replant; to transplant
replanteamiento: reconsideration
replantear: to reconsider; to restate; to redesign; to bring up again
replantearse: to reconsider; to re-examine
replegar: to retract; to fall back; to fall over and over
replegarse: to withdraw; to retreat
repleto: full up; replete
réplica: reply; answer; rejoinder; retort; replica; aftershock; comeback
replicar: to answer; to answer back; to retort; to reply; to rejoinder
repliegue: withdrawal; retreat; fold; convolution; falling back
repoblación: repopulation; restocking
repoblar: to repopulate; to restock; to replant; to reforest
repollo: cabbage; head; round head
reponer: to replace; to re-run; to return; to replenish; to restore; to reinstate; to reply; to answer; to repeat; to revive
reponerse: to recover
reportaje: report; article; reporting
reportar: to bring; to report; to earn; to check; to repress; to restrain; to transfer
reportarse: to control oneself
reporte: report; news; tale; piece of gossip; transfer
reportero: reporter
reposabrazos: armrest
reposacabezas: headrest
reposado: relaxed; calm; quiet; peaceful
reposapiés: footrest
reposar: to have a rest; to stand; to rest; to sleep; to lie; to be buried; to stand; to lay
reposarse: to settle
reposera: easy chair; deck chair
reposición: rerun; revival; repeat; replacement; repaying; recovering; restoration; reinstatement
reposo: rest; peace; sleep; calm
repostar: to fill up; to refuel; to stock up on; to replenish supplies
repostería: confectionery; pastry; confectioner's; bakery; pantry; larder
repostero: confectioner; pastry cook; square covering ornamented with a coat of arms
reprender: to tell off; to reprimand; to reprehend; to rebuke; to chide; to scold
reprensible: reprehensible; blamable
reprensión: telling-off; reprimand; reprehension; chiding; scolding
represa: dam; weir; millpond; sluice; pool; damming; recapture
represalia: reprisal; retaliation
representación: representation; performance; play; show; acting; portrayal; agency; dealership; delegation; address; petition; rank; distinction; personation; depiction; enactment; mime
representante: representative; agent; manger; player; representing
representar: to represent; to stand for; to look; to mean; to perform; to play; to stage; to act; to depict; to enact; to figure; to mime; to mean; to pose; to signify
representativo: representative
represión: repression; suppression; check; curbing
represivo: repressive
represor: repressive
reprimenda: telling-off; reprimand; dressing down
reprimido: repressed
reprimir: to put down; to repress; to suppress; to check; to curb
reprimirse: to control oneself
reprise: acceleration
reprivatizar: to reprivatize
reprobable: reprehensible
reprobar: to reproach; to reprobate; to reprove; to fail; to flunk
reprochable: reprehensible
reprochar: to reproach
reproche: reproach; upbraiding
reproducción: reproduction
reproducir: to reproduce; to repeat
reproducirse: to reproduce; to be reproduced; to happen again
reproductor: reproducing; copying; reproductive; breeding; reproducer; breeder
reptar: to crawl; to creep
reptil: reptile; reptilian
república: republic; state; commonwealth
republicanismo: republicanism
republicano: republican
repudiar: to repudiate
repudio: repudiation
repudrir: to rot completely
repudrirse: to rot completely; to burn with
repuesto: replaced; restored; reinstated; recovered; store; stock; supply; pantry; spare part
repugnancia: disgust; repugnance; repugnancy
repugnante: repugnant; disgusting; loathsome; abhorrent
repugnar: to be repugnant to; to be loath to; to abhor
repujar: to emboss; to do repoussé work on
repulsa: repulse; rebuke; refusal; condemnation
repulsión: repulsion; repugnance
repulsivo: repulsive; repellent
repuntar: to recover; to turn
repunte: recovery; turning of the tide
reputación: reputation; repute
reputado: famous; renowned
reputar: to consider; to repute; to judge; to think; to prize; to value
requemar: to scorch; to overcook; to overbake; to burn; to burn again; to sunburn; to parch; to dry; to bite; to sting; to hurt; to infuriate
requemarse: to burn; to become scorched
requerimiento: request; requisition; summons; court order; need; requirement
requerir: to require; to request; to induce; to need; to call for; to summon
requesón: cottage cheese; pot cheese; curd
requiebro: compliment; flattering remark
réquiem: requiem
requisa: requisition; inspection
requisar: to requisition
requisito: requirement; requisite
requisitoria: court order for the finding and arrest of a criminal
res: head of cattle; beast; a game quadruped
resabido: well known; affecting learning; know-all
resabio: unpleasant aftertaste; vice; bad habit
resaca: hangover; undertow; undercurrent; redraft
resalado: witty; charming; nimblewitted
resaltar: to rebound; to jut out; to project; to set off; to bring out; to stress; to emphasize
resalte: projection; ledge; prominence; ridge
resalto: projection; ledge; rebound
resarcir: to compensate; to indemnify; to make good to
resarcirse: to recover; to recoup; to make good for
resbaladizo: slippery; skiddy; delicate
resbalar: to slip; to slide; to glide; to trickle; to be slippery; me resbala: I don't care
resbalarse: to slip
resbalón: slip; slipping; misstep; blunder; slip-up
rescatar: to rescue; to revive; to ransom; to redeem; to recover; to make up for lost time
rescate: rescue; ransom; redemption; ransom money
rescindir: to cancel; to terminate; to rescind
rescisión: cancellation; termination; rescission
rescoldo: ember; hot ashes; scruple; doubt
resecar: to dry out; to dry up; to resect
resecarse: to become too dry
reseco: parched; very dry; dry; dried up; thin; lean; sparse
resentido: resentful; painful; offended; displeased
resentimiento: resentment; umbrage
resentirse: to weaken; to feel the effects; to take offence; to begin to give way; to be offended or hurt
reseña: review; summary; account; description; signalment
reseñar: to review; to report on; to make a brief description or narration
reserva: reservation; booking; reserve; stock; reticence; circumspection; secrecy; restriction; resist; substitute; vintage wine
reservado: reserved; booked; confidential; reticent; discreet; circumspect; abeigh; private; private room
reservar: to reserve; to book; to save; to keep back; to keep aside; to keep secret; to conceal
reservarse: to save oneself; to save one's strength; to withhold; to reserve; to bide one's time; to be cautious or distrustful
reservista: reservist
resfriado: cold; catarrh
resfriar: to cool; to chill; to moderate
resfriarse: to catch a cold; to cool
resfrío: cold
resguardar: to shelter; to protect; to preserve; to give shelter
resguardarse: to take shelter; to protect oneself
resguardo: shelter; protection; preservation; guard; security; voucher; ticket; receipt; stub; sea room
residencia: residence; stay; house; dwelling home; boarding house
residencial: residential; residentiary
residente: resident; residing; minister resident
residir: to live; to reside; to lie
residual: residual
residuo: residue; remnant; remainder; rest; residuum; difference
resignación: resignation; handing over
resignar: to resign; to hand over
resignarse: to resign oneself; to be resigned
resina: resin; rosin
resinoso: resinous
resistencia: resistance; endurance; strength; reluctance; resistor; element
resistente: strong; firm; resistant; tough; robust; hardy
resistir: to resist; to withstand; to bear; to endure; to stand; to take; to bear; to hold out; to hold
resistirse: to refuse; to struggle; to make resistance
resma: ream
resol: sun's glare
resollar: to pant; to gasp; to breathe noisily
resolución: solution; resolution; decision; nullification; decree; resolve; resoluteness
resolutivo: resolutive; analytical
resoluto: resolute; determined; brief; compendious
resolver: to solve; to resolve; to decide; to sum up; to undo; to annul
resolverse: to be sorted out; to make up one's mind; to decide
resonancia: resonance; echo; impact; caja de resonancia: abat-voix
resonar: to resound; to resonate; to echo
resoplar: to pant; to gasp; to breathe hard; to puff; to snort
resoplido: panting; gasping; puffing; snort
resorte: spring; resilience; elasticity; lever; means; rubber band
respaldar: back; to back; to support; to protect; to endorse
respaldarse: to lean back; to get backing or support
respaldo: back; support; backing; endorsement; espalier
respectar: to concern; to regard; to relate to
respectivo: respective
respecto: respect; al respecto: in the matter; con respecto a: with regard to
respetable: respectable; considerable; el respetable: the audience
respetar: to respect; to obey
respeto: respect; reverence; dutifulness; awe; fear; attention; care; regard; observance
respetuoso: respectful; deferential; dutiful; humble; obedient; awesome; impressive
respingado: turned-up
respingar: to jerk; to start; to grumble; to curl up
respingo: start; gesture of willingness
respingón: turned-up; hangnail
respiración: respiration; breathing; ventilation; respiración boca a boca: kiss of life; mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
respiradero: vent; air hole; air passage; loophole; louver; breather; respite
respirador: ventilator
respirar: to breathe; to respire; to take breath; to get rest or respite; to speak; to open one's lips; to inhale; to exude
respiratorio: respiratory; vía respiratoria: airway
respiro: respiration; breathing; breath; respite; breather; extension of time
resplandecer: to shine; to glean; to glitter; to glow; to beam; to stand out
resplandeciente: shining; gleaming; glittering; sparkling; radiant; bright; luminous; ablaze
resplandor: brightness; brilliance; glow; gleam; glitter; light; luster; splendour
responder: to answer; to reply; to respond to; to echo; to requite; to return; to yield; to be productive; to have the desired effect; to correspond; to be saucy; to face; to take responsibility; responder de: to account for
respondón: answering back; saucy
responsabilidad: responsibility; liability; accountability
responsabilizar: to hold responsible
responsabilizarse: to take responsibility
responsable: responsible; conscientious; liable; answerable; accountable; in charge; culprit; perpetrator
responso: prayer for the dead
respuesta: reply; answer; response; reaction
resquebrajadura: crack; crevice; chink; flaw; split
resquebrajar: to crack; to split
resquebrajarse: to crack
resquemor: resentment; smarting; annoyance
resquicio: chink; crack; slight chance; narrow opening
resta: subtraction; difference
restablecer: to re-establish; to restore
restablecerse: to recover
restablecimiento: re-establishment; restoration; recovery
restallar: to crack; to snap; to crackle
restante: remaining; remainder rest
restañar: to stanch; to heal; to retin
restar: to subtract; to take away; to return; to remain; to be left; to deduct; to retract
restauración: restoration; re-establishment; catering
restaurador: restorer; restaurant owner
restaurante: restaurant; restoring; restorer
restaurar: to restore; to re-establish
restinga: shoal; bar
restituir: to return; to restore; to give back; to bring back
resto: rest; remainder; residue; return; limit for stakes; echar el resto: to give one's best
restregar: to scrub; to rub
restregarse: to rub
restricción: restriction; limitation; restraint
restrictivo: restrictive
restriego: restregar
restringir: to restrict; to cut back; to limit; to constrict; to contract
resucitar: to resurrect; to resuscitate; to revive; to bring back; to rise from the dead
resuello: panting; hard breathing
resuelto: resolute; determined; bold; daring; prompt; quick; solved
resuelvo: resolver
resultado: result; outcome; effect; consequence; score
resultante: resulting; resultant
resultar: to result; to be; to prove to be; to turn out to be; to come out; to accrue; to be advantageous; to please
resultas: a resultas de: as a result of
resumen: summary; abstract; résumé; summing up; abridgement; abbreviature
resumido: abridged
resumir: to summarize; to abstract; to abridge; to sum up
resumirse: to be reduced to
resurgimiento: re-emergence; resurgence; revival; renewal
resurgir: to recover; to resurge; to revive; to spring up again
resurrección: resurrection; resuscitation; revival
retablo: altarpiece; retable
retaco: squat; short person; chubby fellow; kind of short musket
retaguardia: rearguard; rear
retahíla: series; string
retal: remnant; piece; clipping; scrap
retama: broom
retar: to challenge; to dare; to tell off
retardado: delayed; retarded; retardate
retardar: to postpone; to put off; to slow down; to hold up; to slacken; to delay
retardo: retard; retardation; delay
retazo: remnant; piece; scrap; fragment; portion; snippet
retén: squad of reserves; checkpoint; store; stock; reserve
retención: deduction; delay; hold-up; retention
retener: to keep; to detain; to restrain; to hold back; to stop; to hold; to catch; to detain in prison; to remember; to retain
retentiva: memory; retentiveness
reticencia: reluctance; a manner of saying a thing which is incomplete or suggests that more could be said about it
reticente: reluctant
retina: retina
retintín: jingling; ringing; sarcasm
retirada: retreat; withdrawal; retirement; disposal; tatoo; safety; dry bed
retirado: remote; retired; secluded; pensioned; pensioner; retiree
retirar: to remove; to move away; to withdraw; to retire; to take back; to call in; to put out of the way; to push back or aside; to force to retire
retirarse: to move away; to retire; to withdraw; to go away; to retreat
retiro: retirement; withdrawal; retreat; seclusion; abstraction
reto: challenge; dare; defiance; telling-off
retocar: to touch up; to finish; to retouch; to alter
retomar: to resume; to start again
retoño: sprout; shoot; tiller; kid; child
retoque: final touch; alteration; retouch
retorcer: to twist; to wring out; to wrench; to screw; to retort; to convolve; to distort; to misconstrue
retorcerse: to writhe; to squirm; to wriggle
retorcido: twisted; convoluted
retórica: rhetoric; hot air; empty words
retórico: rhetorical; long-winded; rethorician
retornable: returnable
retornar: to return; to revert; to give back; to go back
retorno: return; coming back; repayment; barter; exchange
retortero: turn around
retortijón: stomach cramp; twist; twisting
retozar: to frolic; to gambol; to frisk; to disport; to play; to be aroused
retracción: retraction
retractación: retraction; retractation; withdrawal
retractar: to retract; to recant; to take back
retractarse: to retract
retráctil: retractile; retractable
retraer: to retract; to draw in; to put off; to bring back; to dissuade
retraerse: to retract; to draw in; to withdraw
retraído: shy; reserved; withdrawn; retiring; incommunicative
retraimiento: retirement; shyness; keeping aloof; retreat; refuge
retransmisión: transmission; broadcast
retransmisor: transmitter; relay
retransmitir: to broadcast
retrasado: behind time; slow; behind; retarded
retrasar: to delay; to defer; to postpone; to retard; to put off; to slow down; to hold up; to be slow; to fall behind; to decline
retrasarse: to be late; to fall behind; to go slow
retraso: delay; retard; lag; underdevelopment; backwardness
retratar: to paint a portrait of; to portray; to describe
retratarse: to portray oneself; to have one's picture painted; to have one's photograph taken
retratista: portrait painter; photographer
retrato: portrait; likeness; picture; photograph; image; resemblance; portrayal; depiction
retreta: retreat; tatoo; open-air brass band concert
retrete: toilet; lavatory; water-closet; boudoir
retribución: payment; fee; reward; recompense; consideration
retribuir: to pay; to reward; to recompense; to fee; to remunerate
retroacción: retroaction
retroactivo: retrospective; retroactive
retroceder: to go back; to slip; to fall back; to retreat; to flinch; to regress; to retrograde
retroceso: setback; worsening; aggravation; relapse; recoil; receding; regression; retrocession; draw
retrógrado: reactionary; retrograde
retropropulsión: jet propulsion
retrospectiva: retrospective
retrospectivo: retrospective
retrovisor: rear-view mirror; wing mirror
retumbante: resounding; thundering; rumbling; reverberating; pompous; bombastic; high-flown
retumbar: to resound; to thunder; to rumble; to reverberate
reuma: rheumatism
reumático: rheumatic
reumatismo: rheumatism
reunificación: reunification
reunificar: to reunify
reunión: meeting; reunion; gathering; party; collection; joining
reunir: to gather; to call together; to assemble; to reunite; to rally; to unite; to join; to collect; to raise; to comply with; to satisfy
reunirse: to meet; to gather; to assemble; to rally; to join; to reunite
reválida: final examinations
revalidar: to retain; to revalidate; to confirm; to renew
revalorización: increase in value; appreciation; revaluation
revalorizar: to increase the value of; to revalue
revalorizarse: to appreciate; to go up in value
revaluación: revaluation
revancha: revenge; return match
revanchismo: revanchism
revelación: revelation
revelado: developing; development; revealed
revelador: revealing; revealer; developer
revelar: to reveal; to develop
revelarse: to reveal oneself
revendedor: ticket tout; scalper; reseller; retailer
revender: to resell; to retail; to tout; to scalp
reventa: touting; scalping; resale; retail; ticket tout; scalper
reventado: burst; exhausted; worn-out
reventar: to burst; to crash; to explode; to blow up; to be full; to die; to kick the bucket; to be dying to; to break up; to wreck; to ruin; to wear out; to kill; to annoy; to displease
reventarse: to burst; to smash; to work till exhaustion
reventón: burst pipe; blowout; tiring to death
reverberación: reflection; reverberation
reverberar: to be reflected; to reverberate
reverdecer: to become green again; to revive; to reawaken; to renew; to give new freshness and vigour
reverencia: reverence; bow; curtsy; reverence; revering
reverencial: reverential
reverenciar: to reverence; to revere; to venerate
reverendísimo: Most Reverend
reverendo: reverend
reverente: reverent
reversa: reverse
reversible: reversible
reverso: reverse; back; wrong side
revertir: to revert
revés: back; wrong side; reverse; slap; backhand; setback; misfortune; al revés: the other way round; on the contrary; inside out; upside down; del revés: the wrong way round; inside out; upside down
revestimiento: coating; panelling; tiling; flooring; covering; coat; lining; facing; revetment
revestir: to cover; to coat; to line; to face; to revet; to put on; to clothe; to adorn; to disguise; to give an air o expression to
revestirse: to put vestments on; revestirse de paciencia: to prepare to be patient; revestirse de valor: to summon one's courage
revisar: to check; to revise; to audit; to review; to examine
revisión: check; service; revision; renew; revisal; verification; audit; checkup
revisor: inspector; conductor; ticket collector; auditor; revising; revisory
revista: magazine; review; examination; inspection; muster; parade; revue
revistero: newspaper rack; journalist who writes reviews about shows or bullfighting
revitalizar: to revitalize
revival: revival
revivir: to revive; to come to life again; to come back; to relive; to be renewed
revocación: revocation; repeal; reverse
revocar: to revoke; to repeal; to overturn; to reverse; to plaster; to render; to dissuade; to drive back; to abolish
revolcar: to knock down; to roll over; to floor
revolcarse: to wallow; to roll over and over; to roll around
revolcón: knocking down; rolling over; defeat; fall; tumble; slump
revolotear: to fly about; to flutter; to flit
revoltijo: mess; clutter; medley; jumble; chaos; entanglement; confusion
revoltillo: dish of scrambled eggs with other ingredients
revoltoso: naughty; troublemaking; riotous; rebellious; little devil; rioter; rebel; troublemaker
revolución: revolution
revolucionar: to revolutionize; to stir up
revolucionario: revolutionary; revolutionist
revólver: revolver; pistol
revolver: to stir; to shake; to turn upside down; to upset; to disarrange; to rummage; to turn over; to set a person against another; to swing around; to revolve; to mull over; to think over; to fool around; to dig around
revolverse: to fidget; to turn around; to become stormy; to stir; to move; to swing around; to revolve
revoque: plastering; rendering; plaster
revuelo: stir; to-do; flutter; commotion; sensation; second flight; flying around
revuelta revolt; riot; bend; turn; disturbance; turning; winding; turn; change
revuelto: in a mess; upset; disordered; confused; disturbed; agitated; intricate; changeable; unsettled; scrambled
revulsivo purgative; revulsive; salutary lesson
rey: king; los Reyes Magos: the Magi
reyerta: wrangle; quarrel; row; fight; brawl; fracas; affray
reyezuelo: tinpot leader; goldcrest; kinglet
rezagado: behind; straggler; lagger; straggling; lagging; left behind
rezagar to outstrip; to leave behind; to delay; to defer; to put off
rezagarse: to fall behind
rezar: to pray; to read; to say; to state; to be applicable; to apply
rezo praying; prayer; devotions
rezongar: to grumble; to complain; to mutter
rezongón: grumbling; grouchy
rezumar to exude; to sweat; to seep; to ooze out
ría: ria; estuary; firth; reír
riachuelo: stream; streamlet; rivulet; small river
Riad: Riyadh
riada: flood; freshet
ribazo: embankment; earthwork; steep bank; slope
ribera: bank; shore; strand; flood plain
ribereño: riparian; person living on the banks of a river or on a seashore
ribete: binding; border; trimming; addition; embellishment; streak; touch
ricacho: moneybags; vulgar rich person
ricachón: moneybags; rich person
ricamente: richly; pleasantly; comfortably
ricino: castor-oil plant
rico rich; sumptuous; lush; nice; delicious; tasty; lovely; cute; dear; darling; enjoyable; wealthy; affluent; flush; gorgeous
rictus: convulsive grin
ricura: deliciousness; baby; darling
ridiculez: ridiculousness; oddity; eccentricity; pittance; trifle
ridiculizar: to ridicule; to laugh at
ridículo: ridiculous; absurd; ludicrous; risible; odd; eccentric; trifling; insignificant; ridicule; reticule
ríe: reír
riego: irrigation; watering; regar
rielar: to shimmer; to glister; to glimmer
rienda: rein; restraint; moderation
riesgo: risk; hazard; danger; peril
riesgoso: risky
rifa: raffle; quarrel; row
rifar: to raffle; to raffle off; to quarrel; to dispute; to split
rifarse: to fight over
rifle: rifle
rige: regir
rigidez: rigidity; intolerance
rígido: rigid; inflexible; intolerant; strict; rigorous
rigor: severity; rigour; rigor; rigidity; frown; acerbity; severity; en rigor: strictly speaking
rigurosidad: severity; harshness; rigorousness
riguroso: severe; harsh; rigorous; meticulous; absolute
rijo: regir
rima: rhyme; rime; rimas: poems
rimar: to rhyme
rimbombante: ostentatious; grandiloquent; bombastic; resonant; thundering; showy
rímel: mascara
rimero: pile; heap
Rin: Rhine
rincón: corner; nook; small space; patch; small piece of land; home; retreat
rinconada: corner
rinconera: corner shelf; corner unit; corner table; corner cabinet
rindo, rinda, rindiera: rendir
ring: ring
ringlera: swath
rinoceronte: rhinoceros
riña: quarrel; argument; row; wrangle; dispute; telling-off; affray; hassle; rough-and-ramble; scrap; spat; squabble; tiff; fighting; fracas
riño: reñir
riñón: kidney; costar un riñón: to cost a mint of money; riñones: small of the back; kidneys; guts
riñonada: layer of fat around the kidneys; loins; dish of kidneys; small fortune
riñonera: lumbar support; moneybelt
río: river; stream; flood; reír
rió: reír
rioja: rioja
riojano: inhabitant of La Rioja
rioplatense: inhabitant of the River Plate region
ripio: corny verse; padding; refuse; debris; rubble; no perder ni ripio: not to miss a word; not to miss the least occasion
riqueza: wealth; richness; riches; worth; affluence; weal; lusciousness
risa: laugh; laughter
risco: crag; cliff; honey fritter
risotada: guffaw; bellow of laughter
ristra: string; row; file
ristre: rest for the lance; ready
risueño: smiling; riant; cheerful; gay; pleasant; hopeful; promising
rítmico: rhythmic; rhythmical
ritmo: rhythm; cadence; rate; pace
rito: rite; ritual
ritual: ritual
rival: rival
rivalidad: rivalry
rivalizar: to vie; to compete
rivera: stream; brook; creek
rizado: curly; choppy; ripply; curling; frizzling; crimping; curls; frizzle
rizar: to curl; to crisp; to frizz; to frizzle; to crimp; to flute; to corrugate; to ripple
rizarse: to curl; to become curly; to ripple
rizo: curl; frizzle; ringlet; ripple; loop; reef; rizar el rizo: to loop the loop
róbalo: sea bass; snook
robar: to steal; to take up; to rob; to pilfer; to plunder; to thieve; to abduct; to sweep away; to draw; to pick up; to abstract
roble: oak; strong; strong person or thing; ac
robledal: oak wood
robledo: oak wood
robo: theft; stealing; pilferage; larceny; robbery; plunder; abduction; draw; drawing; abstraction
robot: robot; robot de cocina: food processor
robustecer: to strengthen; to make strong
robustecerse: to gain strength; to become stronger
robusto: robust; sturdy; strong; solid; hale; vigorous; able-bodied
roca: rock
rocambolesco: far-fetched
roce: rubbing; grazing; friction; light touch; mark; brush; contact
rociada: spray; shower; volley; sprinkling; aspersion; reprimand
rociar: to dew; to bedew; to sprinkle; to spray; to asperse
rocín: nag; hack; jade; sorry horse; stupid and coarse fellow
rocío: dew; spray; sprinkle; spindrift; light shower
rococó: rococo
rocola: jukebox
rocoso: rocky
rodaballo: turbot; brill
rodado: vehicular; dapple; dappled; rounded; fluent; canto rodado: boulder
rodaja: slice; steak; disk; circular plate; rowel
rodaje: filming; shooting; running in; breaking in; experience; wheels
rodapié: skirting board; baseboard; drapery around the bottom of a bed or table
rodar: to roll; to roll down; to fall rolling; to tumble; to turn; to wheel; to revolve; to rotate; to wander; to go about or around; to roam; to abound; to happen one after another; to film; to shoot; tu run in; to break in
rodear: to surround; to encircle; to invest; to avoid; to round up; to make a detour; to beat about the bush; to move; to stir; to turn about
rodearse: to surround oneself
rodeo: detour; roundabout way; roundabout; evasion; rodeo; roundup
rodete: bun; padded ring; horizontal water wheel
rodilla: knee; cleaning cloth
rodillazo: blow or push with the knee
rodillera: knee guard; knee cap; genouillere; baggy knee; knee injury; patch on the knee of trousers
rodillo: roller; rolling pin; brayer; platen of typewriter
rodio: rhodium
rododendro: rhododendron
rodrigón: stake; prop; old retainer who escorted ladies
rodríguez: grass widower
roedor: rodent; gnawing; biting; stinging; consuming
roer: to nibble; to gnaw; to eat into; to gnaw at; to niggle at; to wear away; to fret; to corrode; to pick a bone
rogar: to request; to ask; to beg; to entreat; to pray
rogativas: supplications; public prayers to God
rojez: redness; reddishness; ruddiness
rojizo: reddish; reddy; ruddy
rojo: red; communist; ruddy
rol: role; roll; list; muster roll
rollizo: plump; chubby; stocky; round; cylindrical
rollo: roll; coil; coif; reel; film; scroll; round log; roller; rolling pin; cylindrical boulder; bolt; drag; bummer; boring; rollos: aggro
Roma: Rome
romance: Romance; ballad; poem in octosyllabic metre with alternate lines in assonance; romance
romancero: collection of ballads; collection of Spanish mediaeval ballads
románico: Romanesque; Romanic; Romance
romano: Roman; romaine
romanticismo: romanticism
romántico: romantic
rombo: diamond; rhombus; losenge
romboide: rhomboid
romería: pilgrimage; saint's festival at a shrine
romero: pilgrim; palmer; rosemary
romo: blunt; snub-nosed; dull; stupid
rompecabezas: puzzle; brainteaser; jigsaw; riddle; slung shot
rompehielos: icebreaker; iceboat
rompehuelgas: strikebreaker
rompenueces: nutcracker
rompeolas: breakwater
romper: to break; to crack; to fracture; to shatter; to smash; to tear; to rend; to wear out; to break up; to cleave; to rout; to defeat; to burst; to open; to begin; to start; to be a pain
romperse: to break; to fracture; to shatter; to smash; to tear
rompientes: shoal; reef; rock; breaking
ron: rum
roncar: to snore; to roar; to bluster; to brag; to play the bully
roncha: weal; wale; welt; swelling; black and blue mark; round slice
ronco: husky; harsh; hoarse; raucous
ronda: round; hand; cycling race held in stages; night patrol; beat; party of night serenaders; way around a town or its walls; ring-a-ring o'roses; ring-around a rosy
rondalla: group of young street minstrels; fable; story; tale
rondar: to patrol; to go the rounds watching; to walk by night; to court; to woo; to hover about; to prowl; to be coming on; to make rounds
rondón: meterse de rondón: to enter suddenly without calling at the door or being invited
ronquera: hoarseness
ronquido: snore; harsh; raucous sound
ronronear: to purr
ronroneo: purr
ronzal: halter
ronzar: to crunch; to move with a level
roña: grime; filth; scab; mange; rust; stinginess; meanness; skinflint; stingy; tight-fisted; moral infection
roñica: stingy; tight-fisted; skinflint
roñoso: grimy; filthy; scabby; mangy; rusty; stingy; mean; tight-fisted; skinflint
ropa: dry goods; stuff; fabric; clothes; clothing; garments; dress; robe; ropa interior: underwear
ropaje: robes; clothes; garb; gown; drapery; wording; language
ropavejero: dealer in second-hand clothes; old-clothes dealer
ropero: wardrobe; clothes closet; charitable institution for the distribution of clothes
roque: rook; castle; sound asleep
roquedal: rocky place
roquero: rocker; rock musician
rorro: baby; baby in arms
rosa: rose; rosette; rose diamond; rosace; rose window; pink; rosa de los vientos: compass card
rosáceo: pinkish; rose-coloured; rosaceous
rosado: pink; rose-coloured; rosy; pinky; rosé
rosal: rose bush;
rosaleda: rose garden
rosario: rosary; string; series; succession; backbone; chain pump
rosbif: roast beef
rosca: screw and nut; screw thread; turn; coil; espiral; roll twisted into a ring; padded ring; roll of fat; doughnut-shaped cake or bread roll; to go too far
roscar: to thread
rosco: doughnut-shaped cake or bread roll; zero
roscón: ring-shaped cake or pastry; roscón de Reyes: cake eaten at Epiphany
roseta: flush; red spot on the cheek; small rose; rose; rosehead; rosetas: popcorn
rosetón: rose window; wheel window; ceiling rose; rose; rosette
rosquilla: small ring-shaped cake
rosticería: delicatessen
rostizado: roast
rostro: face; countenance; cheek; nerve; rostrum
rotación: rotation
rotar: to rotate; to revolve; to take turns
rotativa: rotary press
rotativo: rotary; newspaper
rotatorio: rotary; rotating
rotisería: delicatessen
roto: broken; cracked; shattered; torn; ruined; exhausted; worn-out; debaucher; licentious; common man; guy; hole
rotonda: roundabout; traffic circle; rotunda; rear section of a stagecoach; roundhouse
rótula: kneecap; rotula
rotulación: lettering; labelling
rotulador: felt-tip; marker pen
rotular: to do the lettering on; to label; to letter
rótulo: sign; label; title; poster; placard
rotundidad: firmness; clarity; roundness; rotundity
rotundo: categorical; emphatic; flat; direct; resounding; well-rounded; round; circular
rotura: breakage; breaking; fracture; break; crack; tear; abruption; rent; hole
roturación: ploughing; plowing
roturar: to plough; to plow
roulotte: caravan; trailer
roya: rust; mildew
royalties<: royalties
royó: roer
rozadura: scratch; abrasion; chafing; rubbing; sign of wear; chafe; gall
rozamiento: rubbing; friction; chafing
rozar: to touch; to brush; to border on; to graze; to browse; to nibble; to grub; to stub; to weed; to clear
rozarse: to touch; to graze; to come into contact
Ruanda: Rwanda
ruandés: Rwandan
rubeola: rubella; German measles
rubí: ruby; jewel
rubia: one peseta coin; madder; a fresh-water fish; blonde
rubiales: blond; blonde
rubicundo: ruddy; rubicund; reddish
rubio: blond; fair; golden; blonde; lager; Virginia;
rubidio: rubidium
rublo: ruble; rouble
rubor: embarrassment; blush; red colour
ruborizado: ablush
ruborizar: to embarrass; to cause to blush
ruborizarse: to blush; to turn red
rúbrica: flourish; final flourish; heading; title; rubric
rubricar: to confirm; to certify; to attest; to complete; to endorse; to vouch for; to sign with a flourish
rucio: grey; ass; donkey
ruda: rue
rudeza: roughness; coarseness; rudeness; dullness; stupidity
rudimentario: rudimentary; elementary
rudimentos: rudiments; basic knowledge
rudo: rough; sharp; brusque; coarse; hard; crude; rugged; dull; stupid
rueca: spinning wheel; distaff; twist; turn
rueda: wheel; caster; roller; slice; circle; ring; turn; excessive order; sunfish; rack; rueda de prensa: press conference; rueda de molino: millstone
ruedo: bullring; arena; hem; edge; fringe; ring; circle; turn; rotation; circuit; circumference; mat; rug
ruego: request; entreaty; prayer; petition; rogar
rufián: villain; scoundrel; rogue; pimp; pander
rugby: rugby
rugido: roar; bellow; roaring; raging
rugir: to roar; to bellow; to rage
rugosidad: ruggedness; wrinkle
rugoso: rough; wrinkled; crinkled; rugged
ruibarbo: rhubarb
ruido: noise; sound; row; commotion; ado; fuss; mucho ruido y pocas nueces: a lot of fuss about nothing
ruidoso: noisy; loud; clamorous; sensational
ruin: low; contemptible; mean; despicable; vile; base; poor; paltry; sorry; little; stunted; stingy; low-minded; rascally; treacherous; vicious; rascal; scoundrel
ruina: ruin; destruction; wreck; downfall; ruinas: ruins
ruindad: baseness; meanness; vileness; stinginess; vile deed; dirty trick
ruinoso: ruinous; ramshackle; dilapidated; tumbledown
ruiseñor: nightingale
rulero: curler; roller
ruleta: roulette
ruletero: taxi driver
rulo: roller; curler; curl; conical stone
rulot: roulotte
ruma: heap; pile
Rumanía: Romania
rumano: Romanian
rumba: rumba
rumbo: direction; course; rhumb; bearing; trend; way; path; pomp; ostentation; tack; route; liberality; generosity; sin rumbo fijo: aimlessly
rumboso: generous; liberal; ostentatious; magnificent
rumiante: ruminant
rumiar: to chew; to chew over; to ruminate; to reflect; to think over; to meditate; to grumble
rumor: murmur; rumour; buzz; report
rumorearse que: to be rumoured that
runa: rune; runic character
runrún: hum; humming; rumour; report
rupestre: cave; rupestrian
rupia: rupee; rupia
ruptura: break; breaking-off; breach; rupture; fracture
rural: rural; country; estate car; station wagon
Rusia: Russia
ruso: Russian; Ulster
rústica: paperback
rústico: country; rustic; rural; rough; coarse; clumsy; unmannerly; vulgar; peasant
ruta: route; way; course; main road; interstate
rutenio: ruthenium
rutilante: shining; sparkling; scintillating
rutina: routine; rutin
rutinario: routine; routinish; routinist; unadventurous

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