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la: la; the; her
laberinto: labyrinth; maze
labia: smooth talk; way with words; fluency; tener mucha labia: to have the gift of the gab
labial: labial
labio: lip; edge; labium; labio leporino: harelip
labor: work; task; toil; tillage; ploughing; works; workings; needlework; sewing; knitting; crochet
laborable: working; workable; arable; tillable; día laborable: working day
laboral: labour; working
laborar: to work
laboratorio: laboratory
laborioso: laborious; industrious; arduous; painful
laborismo: Labour Movement; British labour party
laborista: Labour; Labour Party supporter
labrador: ploughman; farmer; farmer tiller; peasant; worker
labrantío: arable; tillable; arable land
labranza: farming; cultivation; farm; farm land
labrar: to cultivate; to plough; to till; to cultivate; to work; to bring about; to cause; to carve out; to build; to erect
labrarse: to carve out for oneself
labriego: farmworker; rustic; peasant
laca: lacquer; lake; shellac; hairspray; laca de uñas: nail polish
lacar: to lacquer
lacayo: footman; lackey; lacquey; groom
lacerar: to lacerate; to wound; to hurt; to damage
lacio: straight; lank; wilted; limp; weak; withered; flaccid; flabby; languid
lacón: shoulder of pork
lacónico: laconic
lacra: scourge; curse; fault; defect; scab
lacrar: to seal with wax; to infect with a disease
lacre: sealing wax
lacrimal: lachrymal
lacrimógeno: weepy; tear-jerking; lachrymogenic
lacrimoso: tearful; weepy; tear-jerking; lachrymose
lactancia: lactation; sucking
lactante: breast-fed baby; sucking child; unweaned
lácteo: milk; dairy; milky; lacteous; lacteal
láctico: lactic
lactosa: lactose
ladeado: tilted; lopsided; askew
ladear: to tilt; to tip; to lean; to incline; to turn sideways; to go round the hillside
ladearse: to incline
ladera: slope; mountainside; hillside
ladilla: crab louse
ladino: crafty; cunning; sly; sagacious; speaking foreign languages
lado: side; place; hand; way; room; space; favour; al lado de: beside; alongside; next to; de al lado: next; adjoining; next-door; a un lado: aside; al otro lado: beyond; across; de lado: edgewise; edgeways; sideways; hacia un lado: sideways; a cada lado: on both sides; on either hand; dejar de lado: to put aside; to set aside; to ignore
ladrar: to bark
ladrido: bark; barking; back-bitting; slander
ladrillo: brick; tile
ladrón: thief; robber; burglar; thieving; cracksman; crook; riever; adapter; adaptor; ladrón de tumbas: ghoul; ladrón de ganado: rustler; ladrón de cajas fuertes: safe-cracker; safe-blower
ladronzuelo: petty thief; pilferer; pickpocket; young thief
lagar: wine press; olive press; apple press
lagarta: female lizard; cunning and sly woman
lagartija: small lizard; wall lizard
lagarto: lizard; cunning and sly fellow
lago: lake
lágrima: tear; teardrop; drop
lagrimal: corner of the eye; medial angle of the eye
lagrimoso: filled with tears; watery
laguna: lagoon; small lake; lakelet; gap; blank; lacuna; loophole
laico: lay; secular; secularistic; laic
lama: lama; slime; silt; ooze; gold or silver tissue
lamber: to lick
lamé: lamé
lamentable: terribly sad; lamentable; deplorable; pitiful; appalling; dreadful
lamentación: complaint; lamentation; lament; wail
lamentar: to regret; to lament; to deplore; to be sorry about
lamentarse: to lament; to wail; to complain
lamento: moan; lament; lamentation; wail
lamer: to lick; to lap
lamerse: to lick oneself
lametón: lick; greedy licking
lamido: lick; skinny
lámina: sheet; plate; slice; engraving; print; picture
laminar: to roll; to laminate
lámpara: lamp; bulb; light; valve; tube; grease stain
lamparilla: small lamp; night lamp; aspen
lamparón: grease stain; scrofula; a disease of horses
lampiño: beardless; hairless; smooth-cheeked
lampista: plumber
lamprea: lamprey
lana: wool; fleece; dosh; dough; money; de lana: woollen
lanar: wool-bearing; ganado lanar: sheep
lance: incident; event; dispute; critical situation; episode; throw; cast; catch; move; turn; skilled play of the cape
lanceolado: lanceolate
lancero: lancer; spearman; rack for lances
lanceta: sting; lancet
lancha: launch; boat; flagstone
lanero: wool; dealer in wool
langosta: lobster; locust
langostino: king prawn; salt-water prawn
languidecer: to languish; to pine away; to weaken; to fail; to dry up; to flag
languidez: listlessness; disinterest; languor; languidness
lánguido: listless; disinterested; languid; faint; weak
lanilla: flannel; nap of cloth; a light woollen fabric
lanolina: lanolin
lanoso: woolly; wooly; furry
lanudo: woolly; wooly; fleecy
lanza: spear; lance; pole of a carriage; nozzle of a hose
lanzacohetes: rocket launcher
lanzadera: shuttle
lanzado: forward; fearless; strong-willed; self-assured; confident; very fast
lanzagranadas: grenade launcher
lanzallamas: flame thrower
lanzamiento: throwing; launching; launch; throw; kick; pitch; release; delivery; eviction
lanzamisiles: rocket launcher; missile launcher
lanzar: to throw; to hurl; to fling; to kick; to drop; to fire; to launch; to let out; to heave; to release; to utter; to issue; to give; to cast; to evict; to send forth; to send up; to shoot; to sling; to thunder; to toss; to aim; to bandy; to chuck; to dart; to deliver; to fulmine; to hoick; to hurtle; to mount; to pitch
lanzarse: to throw oneself; to dart; to launch; to jump; to leap; to rush
lapa: limpet; burdock
lapicera: biro; pen; pen holder
lapicero: pencil; propelling pencil; pen holder
lápida: tombstone; gravestone; headstone; tablet; memorial stone
lapidar: to lapidate; to stone to death
lapidario: solemn; weighty; lapidary; dealer in gems
lápiz: pencil; crayon; lápiz de labios: lipstick
lapón: Lapp; Laplander; Lappish
Laponia: Lapland
lapso: space; interval; period; slip; fall
lapsus: lapse; slip; mistake
lar: lar; fireplace; lares: home
largas: dar largas a: to delay; to postpone
largar: to pay out; to let out; to give; to deal; to palm off; to chatter; to utter; to deliver; to unfurl
largarse: to clear off; to beat it; to leave; to absquatulate
largavistas: binoculars
largo: long; large; tall; length; extended; generous; copious; abundant; ¡largo!: get out of here; ponerse de largo: to debut; pasar de largo: to pass by
largometraje: feature film
larguero: main beam; crossbar; side; jamb; upright; sidepiece; longeron; spar; bolster
largueza: generosity; liberality; length
larguirucho: lanky; tall
largura: length
laringe: larynx
laringitis: laryngitis
larva: larva
las: the; them
lasaña: lasagne; lasagna
lascivo: lascivious; lewd; lecherous; lustful; wanton; playful
láser: laser
lasitud: weariness; lassitude; languor
lástima: pity; shame; compassion; plaint; lamentation; qué lástima: what a shame
lastimar: to hurt; to injure; to damage; to bruise; to pity
lastimarse: to hurt oneself; to feel sorry for; to complain
lastimero: doleful; plaintive; sad; sorrowful; mournful; hurtful
lastimoso: pitiful; woeful; sad; piteous; disgraceful
lastre: ballast; burden; encumbrance
lata: can; tin; pain; bore; drag
latazo: nuisance
latente: latent
lateral: lateral; side; outer aisle; service road; right back; left back
látex: latex
latido: beat; throb; throbbing; pulsation; yelp
latifundio: large rural state
latifundista: landowner of a great state
latigazo: lash; crack of a whip; sharp pain; swig; slug
látigo: whip; horsewhip; lash; cinch strap
latín: Latin
latinajo: Latin word used to try and sound academic
latina: lateen
latino: Latin
Latinoamérica: Latin America
latinoamericano: Latin American
latir: to beat; to throb; to pulsate; to yelp; to bark
latitud: latitude; breadth; width; extent; latitudes: region; area
latón: brass
latoso: tiresome; annoying; nuisance; pest
latrocinio: theft; larceny
laúd: lute; catboat
láudano: laudanum
laureado: prize-winning; laureate
laurel: laurel; bay leaf
lava: lava; washing
lavabo: washbasin; lavatory; washroom; toilet
lavadero: laundry room; washing place; utility room; sink
lavado: wash; washing; cleaning; washed; lavado de cerebro: brainwashing
lavadora: washing machine
lavamanos: washbasin
lavanda: lavender
lavandera: laundress; sandpiper
lavandería: laundry; launderette
lavaplatos: dishwasher
lavar: to wash; to clean
lavarse: to wash oneself; to clean
lavativa: enema; clyster; injection; bother; nuisance
lavatorio: washing; wash; lavation; lavatory; washbasin; lotion; maundy
lavavajillas: dishwasher; liquid detergent; washing-up liquid
laxante: laxative; laxing; loosening
laxar: to loosen; to give a laxative to
laxo: relaxed; lax; slack
lazada: bow; bowknot
lazareto: lazaretto
lazarillo: blind person's guide
lazo: bow; snare; trap; lasso; tie; bond; link
le: him; her; to it; to you
leal: loyal; faithful; fair
lealtad: loyalty; fidelity; fairness; honesty
lebrato: young hare; leveret
lebrel: hunting dog
lebrillo: metal or earthenware washtub
lección: lesson; chapter; lecture; reading
lechal: sucking lamb; milk; milky
leche: milk; blow; bump; luck; estar de mala leche: to be in an awful mood; tener mala leche: to be vindictive; to be nasty
lechera: milk churn; milk jug; milk seller; milch
lechería: dairy
lechero: milkman; milk; dairy
lecho: bed; couch; layer; stratum; lecho de muerte: deathbed
lechón: sucking pig; dirty; sluggish
lechoso: milky
lechuga: lettuce
lechuza: barn owl; screeching owl
lectivo: school
lector: reader; language assistant; scanner
lectorado: post of language assistant; lectorate
lectura: reading; lecture; interpretation; viva voce; scanning
leer: to read
legación: delegation; legation; embassy
legado: legacy; legate; bequest
legajo: file; dossier; bundle of papers
legal: legal; standard; honest; decent; trustworthy; dependable; lawful
legalidad: legality; lawfulness
legalización: legalization
legalizar: to legalize; to authenticate
légamo: mud; slit; slime
legañas: sleep; rheum
legañoso: full of sleep; blear-eyed
legar: to bequeath; to legate; to delegate
legendario: legendary
legible: legible; readable
legión: legion; large number
legionario: legionary; legionnaire
legislación: legislation; science of laws
legislar: to legislate
legislativo: legislative
legislatura: period of office; term; session
legitimar: to legitimize; to authenticate; to validate; to confirm
legitimidad: legitimacy; genuineness
legítimo: legitimate; real; genuine; pure; lawful
lego: lay; ignorant; layman
legua: league; a la legua: from far off
leguleyo: bad lawyer; pettifogger
legumbre: pulse; pod vegetable; legume
leído: well-read; read; leer
leitmotiv: leitmotiv
lejanía: distance; remoteness; distant place
lejano: distant; far; remote
lejía: bleach; lye; reprimand
lejos: far; far away; long ago; lejos de: far from; muy lejos: far away; far afield
lelo: stupid; thick; dumb; stunned; amazed
lema: motto; lemma; slogan; headword
lemming: lemming
lempira: lempira
lencería: linen; lingerie
lengua: tongue; language; clapper; index
lenguado: sole
lenguaje: language; tongue; parlance; speech; style
lengüeta: reed; tab; tongue; epiglottis; barb
lengüetada, lengüetazo: licking; lapping
lente: lens; glass; lentes: glasses
lenteja: lentil; disk of a pendulum
lentejuela: sequin; spangle
lentilla: contact lens
lentitud: slowness; sluggishness
lento: slow; sluggish; tardy; heavy; lento; slowly
leña: firewood; kindling wood; beating; drubbing
leñador: woodcutter; lumberjack; woodman; firewood dealer
leñazo: knock; bump
leño: log; wood; a medieval vessel; boat; ship; blockhead; dullard
leñoso: ligneous; woody
Leo: Leo
león: lion; puma
leona: lioness
leonado: tawny; lion-coloured; fulvous
leonera: lion's cage; lion's den; mess; pigsty; junk room
leonés: inhabitant of León
leopardo: leopard
leotardos: thick tights; pantyhose
leporine: leporine; harelike
lepra: leprosy
leproso: leper
leproso: leper; leprous
lerdo: slow-witted; dim; dull; heavy
leridano: inhabitant of Lleida
les: them; to them; you; to you
lesbiana: lesbian
lesión: injury; hurt; wound; harm; damage; lesion
lesionado: injured; hurt
lesionar: to hurt; to wound; to injure; to damage; to harm
lesionarse: to injure oneself
lesivo: prejudicial; injurious
letal: lethal
letanía: litany
letárgico: lethargic
letargo: lethargy; drowsiness; hibernation; stagnation; inactivity
letón: Latvian; Lett; Lettish
Letonia: Latvia
letra: letter; line; inscription; words; lyrics; handwriting; bill of exchange
letrado: lawyer; learned; educated
letrero: sign; notice; placard; label
letrina: latrine; privy; filthy place
letrista: lyricist
leucemia: leukemia; leukaemia
leucocito: leucocyte
leucoma: leucoma
leva: weighing anchor; levy; press; lever; cam; vane of a water wheel
levadizo: puente levadizo: drawbridge
levadura: leaven; yeast; baking powder
levantamiento: uprising; insurrection; elevation; rising; erection; sublimity
levantar: to raise; to lift; to heave; to hoist; to set up; to build; to erect; to gather; to strike; to rouse; to start; to stir; to impute falsely; to adjourn; to bolster; to boost; to bring up; to cock; to haul; to draw up; to heighten; to hold up; to mount; to pull up; to put up; to rear; to stick out; to stick up; to take up; to upbear; to upraise; to uprear
levantarse: to get up; to stand; to brew; to rise; to rebel; to start
levante: East; Orient; east wind; levanter
levantino: Levantine
levar: to weigh; to set sail; to weigh anchor
leve: thin; delicate; subtle; slight; minor; bearable; trivial; venial
levita: frock coat; Levite
levitar: to levitate
lexema: lexeme
léxico: lexical; vocabulary; dictionary
ley: law; religion; dispensation; loyalty; fine; act; enactment; fineness; de ley: fine; plata de ley: sterling silver; proyecto de ley: bill
leyenda: legend; inscription
leyó, leyera: leer
lezna: awl
liana: liana
liar: to roll; to confuse; to complicate; to entangle; to tie; to bind; to wrap up
liarse: to get confused; to embroil oneself; to have an affair
libanés: Lebanese
Líbano: Lebanon
libar: to suck the juice; to taste; to drink; to make a libation
libelo: defamatory text; libel
libélula: dragonfly; libellula
liberación: liberation; release; deliverance
liberado: liberated
liberal: liberal; generous
liberalismo: liberalism; liberal party
liberalizar: to deregulate; to liberalize
liberar: to liberate; to free; to release
liberarse: to become free
líbero: sweeper
libérrimo: very free; most free
libertad: freedom; liberty; libertad bajo fianza: release on bail; en libertad: abroad
libertador: liberator; deliverer; liberating; delivering
libertinaje: inmoral behaviour; libertinism; profligacy
libertino: libertine; profligate
Libia: Libya
libidinoso: lustful; libidinous; lewd
líbido: libido
libio: Libyan
libra: pound; Libra
librado: salir bien librado: to come off well
librar: to save; to fight; to be free; to be off; to deliver; to save; to preserve; to place one's hopes; to pass sentence; to issue
librarse: to get rid of; to escape
libre: free; vacant; disengaged; single; unmarried; available; clean; footloose; liberal; off; spare; unconstrained; unhindered; unoccupied; al aire libre: alfresco; open-air; ir pot libre: to freelance; tiempo libre: leisure
librea: livery
librecambio: free trade
librepensador: freethinking; freethinker
librería: bookshop; bookstore; bookcase
librero: bookseller
libreta: notebook; libreta de ahorros: bankbook
libreto: libretto
libro: book; libretto; third stomach; abomasum; libros: accounts
licántropo: lycanthrope
licencia: license; licence; permit; permission; leave; holiday; vacation
licenciado: licentiate; graduate; discharged soldier; lawyer
licenciar: to give leave or permission; to confer the degree of master or bachelor; to discharge soldiers
licenciarse: to graduate; to be discharged
licenciatura: degree; degree course; graduation
licencioso: licentious; dissolute
liceo: cultural organization; lyceum; secondary school; high school
lichi: lychee
licitación: tender; bidding
lícito: legal; legitimate; right; morally acceptable; permitted; lawful
licor: liqueur; liquor
licorera: decanter; cellaret
licuadora: liquidizer
licuar: to liquidize; to liquefy
licuarse: to liquefy
lid: fight; contest; dispute; argument
líder: leader; leading
liderato: leadership; lead; leading; position
liderazgo: liderato
lidia: bullfight; fight; struggle
lidiar: to fight; to contend; to struggle; to wrestle
liebre: hare; coward
liendre: nit
lienzo: piece of material; canvas
lifting: face-lift
liga: garter; elastic band; league; alliance; union; mixture; alloy; mistletoe; birdlime
ligadura: bond; tie; ligature; subjection
ligamento: ligament; tying; binding
ligar: to tie; to bind; to alloy; yo join; to unite; to bind; to obligate; to ligate; to pick somebody up
ligarse: to get off with; to bind oneself
ligazón: connection; link; union
ligera: a la ligera: airily
ligereza: nimbleness; lightness; swiftness; agility; levity; frivolity; indiscretion; thoughtlessness
ligero: light; slight; ; swift; agile; nimble; thin; flippant; jesting; giddy; fickle; wanton; fast; rapidly
light: diet; low-calorie; low tar
ligue: boyfriend; girlfriend
liguero: suspender belt; garter belt
lija: sandpaper; shagreen; dogfish
lijadora: sander
lijar: to sandpaper
lila: lilac; silly; half-witted; fool; simpleton
liliputiense: Lilliputian
Lima: Lima
lima: file; finishing; polishing; sweet lime
limar: to file; to polish up; to iron out; to smooth out; to weaken; to destroy
limbo: limbo; edge; border; limb
limeño: inhabitant of Lima
limero: sweet lime tree
limitación: limitation; boundary; district
limitado: limited; short; scanty; dull-witted
limitar: to limit; to mark the boundaries of; to cut down; to reduce; limitar con: to border on
limitarse: limitarse a: to confine oneself to
límite: limit; boundary; border; bound
limítrofe: bordering; conterminous
limo: mud; slime; silt
limón: lemon; lemon tree
limonada: lemonade
limonero: lemon tree
limosna: alms
limosnero: almsgiving; charitable; almoner
limpiabotas: shoeshine; bootblack
limpiacristales: window cleaner
limpiador: cleaner; cleanser; cleaning; cleansing
limpiametales: metal polish
limpiaparabrisas: windscreen wiper; windshield wiper
limpiar: to clean; to cleanse; to wipe; to shine; to furbish; to prune; to purify; to steal; to pick; to rid; to clear; to absterge
limpiarse: to clean oneself
límpido: limpid; clear; pure
limpieza: cleanliness; neatness; purity; chastity; cleaning; skill; integrity; honesty; fairness
limpio: clean; neat; tidy; clear; pure; chaste; honest; fair; broke
limusina: limousine
linaje: lineage; family; race; class; kind; description
linaza: flaxseed; linseed
lince: lynx; keen or shrewd person
linchar: to lynch
lindar: to be adjacent; to border; lindar con: to abut on; to abut upon; to abut against
linde: boundary; limit; abutment
lindero: boundary; limit; bordering
lindeza: prettiness; neatness; beauty; elegance; lindezas: compliments; pretty things; insults
lindo: lovely; pretty; nice; beautiful; fine; well
línea: line; course; route; row; figure; limit; boundary
lineal: linear; lineal
linfa: lymph; water
linfático: lymphatic
linfocito: lymphocyte
lingote: ingot; pig; bloom
lingüística: linguistics
lingüístico: linguistic
linier: linesman
linimento: liniment
lino: flax; linen
linóleo: linoleum; lino
linterna: flashlight; torch; lantern; lighthouse
lío: bundle; parcel; tangle; muddle; mess; imbroglio; trouble; difficulty; affair; liaison; lie; deception
liofilizado: freeze-dried
lioso: complicated; embroiled; difficult; lying; mischief-making; trouble-maker
lipotimia: fainting fit; blackout
liquen: lichen
liquidación: winding up; liquidation; settlement; payment; sale
liquidez: liquidity; liquidness
líquido: liquid; net; clear; fluid
lira: lyre; lira
lírico: lyric; lyrical
lirio: iris; lily
lirón: dormouse; sleepyhead
lis: flower-de-luce; fleur-de-lis
Lisboa: Lisbon
lisboeta: inhabitant of Lisbon
lisiado: crippled; cripple
lisiar: to cripple; to maim; to injure
lisimaquia: loosestrife
liso: smooth; even; plain; unadorned; nonstriated
lisonja: flattery; compliment; lozenge
lisonjear: to flatter
lisonjero: flattering
lista: list; stripe; strip; list; catalogue; muster; roll
listado: list; striped
listeria: listeria
listillo: smartass; smart aleck
listín: telephone directory; phone book
listo: clever; bright; cunning; shrewd; ready; prepared; quick; prompt; finished; completed
listón: strip; lath; batten; bar; listel; fillet; narrow ribbon
litera: litter; berth; bunk bed
literal: literal
literario: literary
literato: literary; writer
literatura: literature
litigante: litigant
litigar: to litigate; to argue
litigio: lawsuit; dispute; contest; litigation
litio: lithium
litografía: lithography; lithograph
litoral: coast; shore; coastal; littoral
litosfera: lithosphere
litro: litre; liter
Lituania: Lithuania
lituano: Lithuanian
liturgia: liturgy
litúrgico: liturgical
liviano: light; trivial; insignificant; fickle; slight; frivolous; wanton; lewd
lívido: livid; ashen; purple
living: living room
liza: contest; fray; combat
llaga: sore; ulcer; joint; seam
llama: flame; blaze; fire; ingle; llama; en llamas: ablaze; afire; aflame; burning; flaming
llamada: call; calling; summons; knock; ring; sign; signal; reference; pull; mark; chamade
llamado: called; calling; summons; appeal
llamador: caller; messenger; knocker; push button; bell push
llamamiento: appeal; plea; call; calling; summons; convocation
llamar: to call; to phone; to name; to attract; to destine; to knock; to ring the bell
llamarse: to be called or named; ¿cómo te llamas?: what's your name; me llamo John: my name is John
llamarada: flare-up; surge of flame; surge; sudden blaze; burst; sudden flush
llamativo: showy; flashy; gaudy; attracting attention; noticeable; striking
llameante: blazing; flaming
llamear: to blaze; to flame
llana: trowel; plain; flatland; page of a writing
llaneza: informality; simplicity; directness; plainness; familiarity
llano: flat; even; level; smooth; easy; unobstructed; plain; unadorned; open; frank; simple; clear; evident; accented on the penultimate syllable; common; ordinary; unaffected; straightforward
llanta: long flat piece of iron; steel tire; metal rim; tire; tyre
llanto: crying; weeping; tears
llanura: plain; flatland; evenness; flatness
llave: key; cock; faucet; wrench; spanner; lock; gunlock; clock winder; piston; clef; brace; span of the hand; switch; control valve; tap; hold; llave inglesa: monkey wrench; llave de paso: stopcock
llavero: keyring; keeper of the keys
llavín: latchkey
llegada: arrival; coming; finish; oncoming; advent; finishing line
llegar: to arrive; to come; to reach; to get to; to gather; to collect; to bring near
llegarse: to go to
llenar: to fill; to fill in; to fill out; to stuff; to pack; to pervade; to cover; to overwhelm; to load; to please; to content; to satisfy; to convince
llenarse: to become full; to get crowded or packed; to stuff oneself
llenito: plump
lleno: full; filled; replete; crowded; packed; plenty; full house; de lleno: fully; squarely; luna llena: full moon
llevadero: bearable; tolerable
llevar: to carry; to convey; to take; to transport; to bear; to wear; to be in; to have on; to hold; to lead; to guide; to conduct; to induce; to bring; to manage; to run; to be in charge of; to charge; to ask; to yield; to have; to exceed; to keep
llevarse: to take away; to tear off; to carry; to take; llevarse bien: to get along well
llorar: to cry; to weep; to whine; to moan; to shed tears; to mourn; to lament; to bewail
llorera: fit of crying; blubber
lloriquear: to snivel; to whimper
lloro: weeping; crying; tears
llorón: weeping; crying; weeper; whiner; complainer; moaner; crybaby; sauce llorón: weeping willow
lloroso: tearful; weeping; sad
llover: to rain; to shower; llover a cántaros: to rain cats and dogs; to rain pitchforks
llovizna: drizzle; sprinkle
lloviznar: to drizzle; to sprinkle
llueve: llover
lluvia: rain; shower; hail
lluvioso: rainy; wet
lo: the; it; that; so; lo que: what; lo cual: which
loa: praise; prologue
loable: praiseworthy; laudable
loar: to praise; to eulogy
loba: she-wolf; soutane; cassock
lobato: wolf cub
lobezno: wolf cub
lobo: wolf; lobe; louch; lobo de mar: old sea dog
lóbrego: gloomy; dark; murky; sad
lóbulo: lobe; lobule
lobuno: wolfish
local: local; place; room; quarters; premises
localidad: place; village; town; locality; seat; ticket
localismo: regional word expression
localización: location; finding
localizar: to find; to locate; to localize; to confine
localizarse: to be located
loción: lotion
loco: mad; crazy; insane; wild; violent; foolish; imprudent; great; abundant; immoderate; excessive; idle; lunatic person; fool
locomoción: transport; movement; locomotion
locomotor: locomotive; locomotor
locomotora: locomotive; engine
locomotriz: locomotive
locuaz: talkative; loquacious; garrulous
locución: idiom; expression; locution; phrase
locura: madness; lunacy; insanity; folly; foolishness; imprudence; act of madness ; absurdity
locutor: newsreader; newscaster; announcer; presenter
locutorio: visiting room; locutory; parlour; studio; call box; telephone box
lodo: mud; mire
logaritmo: logarithm
logia: lodge; loggia
lógica: logic
lógico: logical; logician; natural; understandable
logística: logistics
logopedia: speech therapy
logotipo: logo
logrado: well done; successful
lograr: to achieve; to manage; to succeed in; to obtain; to acquire; to get; to attain; to accomplish; to secure; to earn; to elicit; to engineer; to procure
logro: achievement; accomplishment; attainment; gain; profit; interest; usury
logroñés: inhabitant of Logroño
loma: ridge; hill; eminence; down; slope; long little hill
lombarda: red cabbage; lombard
lombriz: earthworm; lombriz intestinal: roundworm
lomo: back; the lower part of the back; chine; ridge between furrows; ribs; loins; pork loin; fillet steak; spine
lona: canvas; sailcloth
loncha: slice; rasher; flagstone; slap
lonchería: restaurant; diner
londinense: Londoner
Londres: London
longaniza: long pork sausage
longevidad: longevity
longevo: longevous; long-lived
longitud: length; longitude
longitudinal: longitudinal
lonja: slice; rasher; strip; exchange; market; grocer's shop; raised porch
lontananza: distance; background; en lontananza: far away; in the distance
look: look
loquera: madness
loquero: psychiatric nurse; shrink; nuthouse; loony bin; folly
lord: lord
Lorena: Lorraine
loriga: lorica; horse armour
loro: parrot; chatterbox; radio cassette player; ghettoblaster; tawny; dark brown
los: the; them
losa: flagstone; stone slab; gravestone; weight; burden
losange: lozenge; diamond
loseta: floor tile; wall tile
lote: share; portion; lot; prize; plot
lotería: lottery; lotto; game of chance
loto: lotus
loza: china; fine earthenware or crockery
lozanía: verdure; luxuriance; bloom; freshness; vigour; pride; haughtiness
lozano: verdant; luxuriant; blooming; fresh; vigorous; proud; haughty
lubina: bass
lubricación: lubrication
lubricante: lubricant
lubricar: to lubricate
lubrificante: lubricant
lubrificar: to lubricate
lucense: inhabitant of Lugo
lucerna: large chandelier hanging from the ceiling; skylight; light shaft; lying gurnard
lucero: any bright star; eyes; lucero del alba: morning star
lucha: fight; battle; combat; strife; struggle; contention; dispute; wrestling
luchador: fighter; struggler; wrestler; fighting
luchar: to fight; to strive; to struggle; to contend; to dispute; to wrestle
lucidez: lucidity
lucido: accomplished; good; prominent; brilliant; successful; splendid; magnificent; generous
lúcido: lucid; bright
luciente: shining; bright; lucent; luminous
luciérnaga: glowworm; firefly
Lucifer: Lucifer; Satan; morning star
lucio: pike; luce; lucid; bright
lucir: to shine; to glitter; to glow; to tinkle; to sparkle; to excel; to be eminent; to prove profitable; to show; to display; to plaster walls; to whitewash; to illuminate; to light up; to wear
lucirse: to distinguish oneself; to do very well; to do very bad; to show off
lucrativo: lucrative; profitable
lucro: gain; profit; lucre
lúdico: leisure; recreational
luego: then; afterwards; next; later; presently; immediately; therefore; desde luego: of course; hasta luego: see you later
lueguito: right away; at once
lugar: place; spot; town; city; village; stead; space; room; time; occasion; post; position; employment; office; cause; reason; rise; tener lugar: to happen
lugareño: local; village; villager
lugarteniente: lieutenant; deputy; substitute
lúgubre: dismal; gloomy; lugubrious; sad
lujo: luxury
lujoso: luxurious; costly; magnificent
lujuria: lust; lewdness; excess; profuseness
lujurioso: lewd; lustful; lecherous
lumbago: lumbago
lumbar: lumbar
lumbre: fire; light; sparkle; clearness; lustre; splendour; forepart of horseshoes
lumbrera: luminary; light-giving body; light; skylight; louver; light shaft; ventilating shaft; part; genius
luminaria: altar lamp
luminoso: luminous; light; well lit; bright; brilliant; radiant
luminotecnia: lighting
luna: moon; moonlight; satellite; pane; mirror; lens; glass; sunfish; moonfish; luna de miel: honeymoon; luna nueva: new moon; luna llena: full moon; estar en la luna: to be absent-minded
lunar: mole; spot; blemish; flaw; lunar
lunático: lunatic; moonstruck
lunes: Monday
luneta: lens; glass; lunette; orchestra seat
lunfardo: underworld slang; thief
lupa: magnifying glass
lupanar: bawdyhouse; brothel
lúpulo: hop; hops
lupus: lupus
lusitano, luso: Portuguese
lustrabotas: shoeshine
lustramuebles: furniture polish
lustrar: to polish; to shine; to lustrate; to purify
lustre: shine; lustre; luster; gloss; polish; glaze; glory; prestige; distinction
lustro: five years; lustrum
lustroso: shiny; glossy; shining; healthy-looking
luteranismo: Lutheranism
luterano: Lutheran
luto: mourning; grief; bereavement
luxación: dislocation; luxation
Luxemburgo: Luxembourg
luz: light; span; luces de cruce: dimmer; dipped headlights
Luzbel: Lucifer; Satan
luzca, luzco: lucir

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