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maca: bruise; defect; flaw; blemish; trickery
macabro: macabre
macaco: macaque; kid
macana: stupid thing; nonsense; lie; fib; cudgel; baton; pity; shame
macanear: to fib; to talk nonsense; to fool around
macanudo: fantastic; great; extraordinary
macarra: pimp; thug; flash; tacky
macarrón: sheath; macarrones: macaroni
macarrónico: atrocious; macaronic
Macedonia: Macedonia
macedonia: fruit salad
macerar: to soak; to macerate; to marinade
maceta: flowerpot; plantpot; mallet; mason's hammer; corymb
macetero: flowerpot holder; flowerpot stand
machaca: dogsbody; drudge; tiresome person
machacar: to crush; to pound; to mash; to thrash; to trounce; to study hard; to exhaust; to wear out; to be tiring; to persist; to cram; to swot up; to grind; to keep going on about
machacón: repetitive; tiresomely insistent; boring; importunate
machada: courageous act; stupidity; flock of billy goats
machamartillo: a machamartillo: firmly; solidly
macheta: cleaver
machete: machete; matchet; cutlass
machismo: male chauvinism
machista: male chauvinist; sexist
macho: male; macho; he-man; pin; mate; buddy; strong; robust; stupid; sledge hammer; square anvil; pillar; buttress
machote: tough; macho; brave; maul; hammer
machucar: to smash; to hit; to crush; to bruise
macilento: pale; wan; pallid; emaciate
macillo: small hammer; drumstick; tapper
macizo: solid; robust; good-looking; massif; bed; clump; mass; wall space; macizo de flores: flowerbed
macramé: macramé
macro: macro
macrobiótico: macrobiotic
macrocefalia: macrocephaly
macrocéfalo: macrocephalous
macrocosmos: macrocosm
macroeconomía: macroeconomics
macromolécula: macromolecule
mácula: spot; blemish; stain; macula
macuto: backpack; knapsack; haversack; alms basket
Madagascar: Madagascar
madalena: fairy cake
madam: madam; brothel-keeper
Madeira: Madeira
madeja: hank; skein; head of hair
madera: wood; timber; lumber; piece of wood; makings; essential qualities
maderable: suitable for timber; timber-yielding
maderaje, maderamen: wood; timber; lumber
maderero: timber; lumber; lumber dealer; raftsman; carpenter
madero: log; cop; ship; vessel
madrastra: stepmother; callous mother
madraza: doting mother
madrazo: hard blow
madre: mother; dregs; main sewer
madreperla: mother-of-pearl; pearl oyster
madrépora: madrepore
madreselva: honeysuckle
Madrid: Madrid
madrigal: madrigal
madriguera: den; burrow; hole; hide-out
madrileño: inhabitant of Madrid
madrina: patroness; bridesmaid; godmother; leading mare
madroño: strawberry tree; strawberry tree berry; berry-shaped tassel
madrugada: dawn; daybreak; early morning
madrugador: early rising; early-riser
madrugar: to get up early; to be beforehand
madrugón: early-rising
madurar: to mature; to ripen; to think through; to grow wise
madurez: maturity; ripeness; adulthood; wisdom; prudence
maduro: mature; ripe; wise; prudent; middle-aged
maestranza: arsenal; armoury; order of knights skilled in riding
maestrazgo: dignity of the grand master of a military order
maestre: master; grand master; mate
maestría: mastery; skill; mastership
maestro: masterly; main; principal; great; master; teacher; matador; composer; head; director
mafia: mafia
mafioso: mafioso
maganel: mangonel
magazine: magazine
magdalena: fairy cake
magenta: magenta
magia: magic; charm
mágico: magic; magical; wonderful
magisterio: teaching; guidance; mastership; teachers; affected gravity; magistery
magistrado: judge; justice; magistrate
magistral: magisterial; masterly; dogmatic
magistratura: magistrature; tribunal; magistracy
magma: magma
magnánimo: magnanimous
magnate: magnate; tycoon
magnesia: magnesia
magnesio: magnesium; flashlight
magnético: magnetic
magnetismo: magnetism
magnetita: magnetite
magnetizar: to magnetize; to mesmerize; to captivate; to hypnotize
magnetofónico: magnetic
magnetofón, magnetófono: tape recorder
magnetoscopio: video recorder
magnicidio: assassination
magnificar: to exaggerate; to extoll; to exalt
magnificencia: magnificence; splendour
magnífico: wonderful; magnificent; splendid; fine; excellent
magnitud: magnitude
magno: great
magnolia: magnolia
magnolio: magnolia
mago: magician; wizard; enchantress; los Reyes Magos: the Magi; the Wise Men
magrebí: inhabitant of the Magreb
magro: lean; poor; meagre; meager; loin of pork
maguey: maguey
magulladura: bruise; contusion; bruising
magullar: to bruise; to mangle
magullarse: to be bruised
maharajá: maharaja
mahometano: Muslim
mahonesa: mayonnaise
maicena: cornflour; cornstarch
maillot: leotard; swimsuit; jersey
maitines: matins
maitre: head waiter; maître d'hôtel
maíz: maize; corn; maíz dulce: sweetcorn
maizal: field of maize; field of corn
majada: fold; flock of sheep; dung; manure
majadería: nonsense; foolish remark or act
majadero: idiot; silly; stupid; fool; dolt; bore; pestle; pounder
majar: to crush; to pound; to pestle; to mash; to pester; to annoy
majara: nuts; crazy; loony; nutter
majareta: nutty; nutcase; crazy
majestad: majesty
majestuoso: majestic; grand; stately
majo: nice; pretty; fine; boastful; dressed up
majorette: majorette
majuelo: white hawthorn; vineyard
mal: evil; wrong; harm; mischief; ache; damage; affliction; illness; disease; sickness; injury; misfortune; bale; foul; unwell; badly; wrongly; hardly; scarcely; bale; mal que: although; ever though; mal que bien: somehow or other; no me iría mal: I could do with; quedar mal: to lose face; to flunk; mal de las alturas: airsickness; mal de ojo: hex
malabarismo: juggling
malabarista: juggler
malacostumbrado: spoiled; spoilt
malacostumbrar: to spoil
malagana: faintness; swoon
malagueño: inhabitant of Málaga
malaje: mean; nasty; swine; rotter
maladanza: misfortune; misery
malandrín: wicked; rascally; rascal; scoundrel
malaquita: malachite
malaria: malaria
malas: estar de malas: to be in a bad mood
Malasia: Malaysia
malasio: Malaysian
malcriado: spoiled
malasombra: nasty piece of work
malaventurado: unfortunate; unhappy
malayo: Malayan; Malay
malbaratar: to sell cheap; to undersell; to squander
malcarado: suspicious; grim-faced; annoyed
malcomer: to eat badly or poorly
malcriado: spoiled; spoilt; ill-bred; uncivil; spoiled person
maldad: evil; evil thing; wickedness; badness
maldecir: to curse; to accurse; to speak ill
maldición: curse; malediction; damn it; blast
maldiga, maldije: maldecir
maldito: cursed; accursed; damned; blasted; evil person; nothing; no; maldita sea: damn it!
maleable: malleable; docile; pliable; easy to work with
maleante: crook; criminal; villain; evildoer; rogue; evildoing
malear: to corrupt; to pervert; to spoil; to ruin; to damage
malearse: to go astray; to become spoiled; to spoil
malecón: jetty; breakwater; dike; levee; mole; embankment; esplanade; seafront
maledicencia: evil talk; slander; backbiting
maleducado: rude; bad-mannered
maleducar: to spoil
maleficio: curse; spell; incantation
maléfico: harmful; maleficent; malefic; sorcerer
malentender: to misunderstand
malentendido: misunderstanding
malestar: upset; discomfort; uneasiness; unrest; malaise
maleta: suitcase; case; valise; useless; useless person
maletero: boot; trunk; porter
maletilla: novice bullfighter
maletín: briefcase; bag; small case; grip
malevolencia: malevolence; ill will
malévolo: malevolent; wicked; malignant; evil
maleza: undergrowth; weeds; scrub; brake; thicket
malformación: malformation
malgache: Madagascan
malgastar: to waste; to ruin; to squander; to misspend
malhablado: foul-mouthed
malhadado: ill-fated; ill-starred; unfortunate
malhechor: criminal; evil-doer; malefactor
malherido: badly wounded
malherir: to wound badly
malhumorado: bad-tempered; in a bad mood; peevish
malicia: wickedness; evil; malicious; malice; slyness; cunning; sagacity; suspiciousness; suspicion
maliciarse: to suspect; to fear
malicioso: malicious; evil; suspicious
maligno: malignant; malicious; evil; wicked; el maligno: the Devil
malintencionado: malicious; spiteful; evil-disposed
malinterpretar: to misinterpret
malla: mesh; net; swimsuit; mail; mallas: leotard; tights; net; leggings
Mallorca: Majorca
mallorquín: inhabitant of Majorca; Majorcan
malmeter: to turn against; to cause strife among
malnacido: pig; swine
malo: bad; poor; wicked; ill; sick; off; naughty; mischievous; villain; baddie; foul; obscene; hard
malogrado: doomed; failed; frustrated; late; abortive
malograr: to waste; to miss; to spoil
malograrse: to fail; to die before one's time; to come to nothing
maloliente: foul-smelling; stinking; malodorous
malparado: impaired; hurt; damaged; salir malparado: to come off badly
malpensado: malicious; evil-minded; nasty-minded
malquerencia: ill-will; dislike
malsano: unhealthy; sick; unwholesome
malsonante: rude; offensive; ill-sounding
malta: malt
Malta: Malta
maltés: Maltese
maltosa: maltose
maltraer: to insult; to abuse; to ill-treat
maltratar: to ill-treat; to damage; to abuse; to ill-use; to spoil
maltrato: maltreatment; ill-treatment; abuse
maltrecho: battered; damaged; badly off
malucho: unwell; poorly in health
malva: mallow; mauve; estar criando malvas: to be pushing up daisies
malvado: evil; wicked; villain
malvarrosa: rose mallow; hollyhock
malvasía: malmsey; malvoisie
malvavisco: marshmallow
malvender: to undersell; to sell at a loss
malversación: embezzlement; peculation; malversation
malversar: to embezzle; to misapply funds
malvivit: to live badly
mamá: mum; mom; mummy; mommy
mama: breast; udder; mamma
mamada: suck; milk; blow job
mamar: to suck; to swallow; to devour; to get; to obtain
mamarse: to get drunk; to get plastered
mamarrachada: grotesque or ridiculous act
mamarracho: grotesque or ridiculous thing figure; daub; clown; joker; despicable man
mambo: mambo
mameluco: Mameluke; overall; coverall; dungarees; dolt; simpleton
mami: mommy; mummy
mamífero: mammal; mammalian; mammiferous
mamón: sucking; suckling; swine; scrounger; shoot; genip tree
mamotreto: weighty tome; massive thing
mampara: screen
mamporro: punch; bump; blow
mampostería: rubble masonry; rubblework
mamut: mammoth
maná: manna
manada: herd; pack; flock; drove; crowd; mob; handful
manager: manager
manantial: spring; source; origin
manar: to flow; to run; to issue forth; to abound; to be rich in
manatí: manatee; sea cow
manazas: clumsy
mancebo: young man; youth; bachelor; pharmacist's assistant
mancha: stain; spot; blot; blemish; macula; speckle
manchar: to stain; to soil; to discolour; to spot; to speckle; to patch; to defile; to blot; to sully
mancharse: to become soiled; to disgrace oneself
manchego: inhabitant of La Mancha; cheese from La Mancha
manchón: large stain; patch; where vegetation is thick
mancilla: blemish; spot
mancillar: to tarnish
manco: handless; one-handed; armless; maimed; faulty; defective; incomplete
mancomunar: to combine; to associate; to join
mancomunarse: to associate; to join forces
mancomunidad: association; union; commonwealth; federation
mancuernas: dumbbells; cuff links
mandado: order; command; errand
mandamás: bossy
mandamiento: commandment; command; order; warrant; writ
mandar: to send; to command; to order; to direct; to decree; to will; to leave; to bequeath; to control; to govern
mandarín: mandarin
mandarina: tangerine; mandarin
mandatario: leader; mandatary; mandatory
mandato: order; command; mandate; injunction; maundy; termo of office
mandíbula: jaw; jawbone; mandible; chap
mandil: apron; leather coarse apron
mandioca: cassava; manioc
mando: command; drive; control
mandoble: two-handed blow with a sword; slap
mandolina: mandolin
mandón: bossy; imperious; domineering
mandrágora: mandrake; mandragora
mandril: mandrill; mandrel; mandril; chuck
manduca: grub; nosh
manducar: to eat
manecilla: hand; small hand; book clasp; index; fist; tendril
manejable: easy to use
manejar: to use; to manage; to handle; to wield; to drive; to conduct; to govern
manejarse: to behave; to manage; to get around; to move about
manejo: use; management; scheme; intrigue; handling; wielding
manera: way; manner; mode; fashion; style; means; maneras: manners; behaviour
manga: sleeve; hose; strainer; piping bag; round; beam; air duct; wind sail; waterspout
manganeso: manganese
mangante: pilfering; petty thief; pilferer; scrounger; beggar; loafer; vagabond
mangar: to pinch; to swipe
manglar: mangrove swamp
mangle: mangrove; mangle
mango: handle; haft; helve; mango; peso
mangonear: to boss about; to be bossy; to loiter; to loaf around; to meddle; to be on the make
mangoneo: interference; fiddling; graft; meddling
mangosta: mongoose
mangué: mangar
manguera: hose; watering hose; air duct; wind sail; waterspout
mangui: thief
manguito: muff; sleeve; muff; shaft coupling
maní: peanut
manía: mania; bad habit; obsession; craze; whim; dislike
maníaco: maniac
maniatar: to tie the hands; to handcuff
maniático: fussy; queer; crazy
manicomio: mental hospital; mental institution; insane asylum; madhouse
manicura: manicure
manicuro: manicurist
manido: well-worn; trite; stale; high; gamey
manierismo: Mannerism
manifestación: sign; demonstration; exhibition; display; statement; declaration
manifestante: demonstrator; manifestant; demonstrant
manifestar: to show; to manifest; to reveal; to display; to state; to declare; to expose
manifestarse: to become apparent; to show; to appear; to manifest
manifiesto: obvious; apparent; plain; evident; manifest; manifesto
manija: handle; hobble; hopple; ring; clasp
manila: Manila
manilargo: generous; long-handed; ready-fisted; open-handed; light-fingered
manilla: handle; hand; manacle; handcuff; bracelet
manillar: handle bar of a bicycle; handlebars
maniobra: manoeuvre; maneuver; handling operation; gear; rigging; tackle; ploy
maniobrabilidad: manoeuvrability
maniobrable: manoeuvrable
maniobrar: to manoeuvre; to maneuver; to shift
manipulación: manipulation; handling
manipular: to manipulate; to handle; to manage
maniqueísmo: Manicheism
maniquí: dummy; mannequin; model
manirroto: spendthrift; prodigal
manisero: peanut seller
manitas: good with one's hands; handyman
manito: mate; pal; hand
manivela: handle; crank
manjar: delicacy; food; dish
mano: hand; index; pestle; coat; quire; game; round; first hand; coat; skill; mano de obra: work; labour; labourers; dar la mano: to shake hands; dar la última mano: to finish; dejar de la mano de Dios: to leave; to abandon; echar una mano: to help; to aid; con las manos en la masa: redhanded
manojo: bunch; bundle; handful
manómetro: manometer; pressure gauge
manopla: mitten; gauntlet; postilion's whip
manoseado: grubby; well-worn
manosear; to handle; to feel up; to grope
manotada, manotazo: slap; smack; blow with the hand
manotear: to wave one's hand around; to gesticulate with the hands
mansalva: without danger; a mansalva: lots and lots
mansarda: attic; mansard roof
mansedumbre: tameness; gentleness; meekness; mildness
mansión: mansion; abode; dwelling; stay; sojourn
manso: tame; gentle; meek; mild; soft; quiet; slow
manta: blanket; mantelet; mantlet; beating; drubbing; layabout; lazy
mantear: to toss in a blanket
manteca: fat; lard; butter
mantecado: butter bun; ice-cream; delicacy made with lard and flour
mantecoso: greasy; buttery
mantel: tablecloth; altar cloth
mantelería: table linen
mantener: to keep; to maintain; to support
mantenerse: to keep; to abide
mantengo: primera persona del singular del presente de indicativo de mantener
mantenida: mistress
mantenimiento: maintenance; upkeep; support; sustenance; food; living; keeping; carrying on
mantequería: grocer's shop; grocery store
mantequilla: butter; hard sauce
mantilla: mantilla; shawl; saddlecloth; blanket
mantillo: humus; topsoil; mulch; manure
mantis, mantis religiosa: praying mantis
mantisa: mantissa
manto: cloak; mantle; robe of state; large mantilla
mantón: shawl; mantón de Manila: brightly coloured embroidered silk shawl
manual: manual; handbook
manualidades: crafts
manubrio: handle; crank; handlebars; wheel; manubrium
manufactura: manufacture; manufactured article; factory
manufacturado: manufactured
manufacturar: to manufacture
manuscrito: handwritten; manuscript
manutención: maintenance; sustenance; board; upkeep; conservation
manzana: apple; pommel; round ornamental block; Adam's apple
manzanilla: camomile; small round olive; pad; cushion; manzanilla
manzano: apple tree
maña: skill; trick; dexterity; cunning; knack; address; cleverness; tact; wile; bad habit
mañana: tomorrow; later; morning; forenoon; pasado mañana: the day after tomorrow
mañanero: morning; early-rising
mañanita: bed jacket
maño: inhabitant of Aragón
mañoso: good with one's hands; dexterous; skilful; clever; shrewd; having bad habits
maoísmo: Maoism
maorí: Maori
mapa: map; chart
mapache: raccoon
mapamundi: world map
maqueta: scale model; dummy; demo; maquette
maquiavélico: Machiavellian
maquillador: make-up artist
maquillaje: make-up
maquillar: to make up; to disguise
maquillarse: to make oneself up
máquina: machine; camera; locomotive; engine; machinery
maquinación: plot; scheme; machination
maquinal: mechanical; unconscious; automatic
maquinar: to plot; to machinate; to scheme; to concoct
maquinaria: machinery; mechanism
maquinilla: razor
maquinista: machinist; engine driver; engineer; camera assistant
mar: sea; ocean; a mares: abundantly
marabú: marabou
marabunta: swarm of ants; crowd
maraca: maraca
maracuyá: passion fruit
marajá: maharajah
maraña: thicket; tangle; muddle; mess; complexity; puzzle; tale; lie; mischief; discord
marasmo: paralysis; inactivity; depression; marasmus
maratón: marathon
maratoniano: marathon
maravedí: maravedi
maravilla: wonder; marvel; amazement; marigold; ivy-leaved morning glory
maravillar: to amaze; to astonish
maravillarse: to wonder; to marvel
maravilloso: wonderful; marvellous; wondrous
marbete: label; border
marca: mark; record; brand; make; standard of measure; seamark; landmark; march
marcado: marked; pronounced
marcador: scoreboard; feeder; hallmarker; marking; branding
marcaje: marking; coverage
marcapasos: pacemaker
marcar: to mark; to brand; to stencil; to lay out; to assign; to put a price on; to emphasize; to show; to dial; to score; to cover; to set
marcasita: marcasite
marcha: march; departure; speed; gear; progress; motion; course; going; operation; running; working
marchamo: mark; label; lead seal; custom house mark
marchante: merchant; dealer
marchar: to march; to walk; to go; to proceed; to go ahead; to make progress; to work; to run; to move; to leave
marcharse: to leave; to depart; to go away
marchitar: to wither; to wilt; to fade
marchitarse: to wither; to wilt; to fade; to languish
marchito: withered; faded; shrivelled; wilted
marchoso: fun-loving; lively; party animal
marcial: martial; soldierly; warlike
marciano: Martian
marco: frame; doorcase; windowcase; mark; standard; goal; size stick
marea: tide; gentle sea breeze; dew; drizzle; marea negra: oil slick
mareado: sick; nauseated; seasick; carsick; airsick; dizzy; giddy; confused; annoyed; dopey; faint; light-headed; queasy; queer; woozy; wambly; mazy; pato mareado: turkey; clumsy person
marear: to confuse; to annoy; to bother; to sail a ship
marearse: to get dizzy; to become nauseated or sick
marejada: swell; surge; ground sea; commotion; stirring
maremágnum: crowd; sea of people; confusion; morass; omnium-gatherum
maremoto: seaquake
marengo: dark grey
mareo: sickness; nausea; dizziness; giddiness; queasiness; seasickness; muddle; annoyance
marfil: ivory
marga: loam; marl
margarina: margarine
margarita: daisy; marguerite; daisywheel; margarita; periwinkle; pearl
margen: margin; border; edge; verge; fringe; bank; occasion; reason
marginación: marginalization; isolation
marginado: marginalized; outcast
marginal: marginal; secondary
marginar: to margin; to exclude; to marginalize; to write marginal notes; to leave a margin
maría: cinch; easy; housewife; marihuana; grass
mariachi: mariachi
mariano: Marian
marica: queer; milksop; sissy; magpie
Maricastaña: en tiempos de Maricastaña: in the days of yore; long ago
maricón: queer; pansy; sodomite
maridaje: union; agreement; harmony; conjugal affection and agreement
marido: husband
mariguana, marihuana: marihuana
marimacho: mannish; butch; virago; tomboy; hoyden
marimandón: bossy; bossyboots
marimorena: row; shindy
marina: navy; seamanship; seascape; marine; seashore; seaside; Ministerio de la Marina: Admiralty; ave marina: seabird; alga marina: sea weed; tortuga marina: turtle; tromba marina: waterspout; carta marina: chart; guardia marina: midshipman
marinar: to salt; to marinate; to man a ship
marinería: sailoring; nautical profession; sailors; crew
marinero: marine; sailorlike; seaworthy; mariner; sailor; seaman; middy; middy blouse
marino: marine; sea; nautical; sailor; mariner; seaman
marioneta: puppet; marionette
mariposa: butterfly; floating taper; night taper
mariposear: to change frequently one's occupations; to flutter around; to flirt
mariquita: ladybird; ladybug; sissy; milkshop
marisabidilla: know-all; blue-stocking
mariscada: shellfish dish
mariscal: marshal; farrier
marisco: shellfish
marisma: salt marsh
marital: marital
marítimo: sea; maritime; marine
marjal: marsh; moor; swamp
marketing: marketing
marmita: cooking pot; kettle; boiler
marmitako: dish made with tuna fish and potatoes
mármol: marble; marver; imposing stone
marmolería: marble mason's workshop; marblework
marmolista: marble mason; marble worker; marble dealer
marmóreo: marble; marbly; marmoreal
marmota: marmot; sleepyhead
maroma: rope; tightrope; cable of hemp or esparto
maromo: guy
marqué: marcar
marqués: marquis; marquess
marquesa: marchioness; awning over a field tent
marquesado: marquisate; marquessate
marquesina: canopy; marquee; shelter
marquetería: marquetry; cabinet work
marrajo: shark; treacherous; vicious; artful; wily; tricky
marrana: sow; dirty or slovenly woman; unprincipled woman
marranada: filthy thing; dirty trick; filthiness
marrano: pig; hog; filthy pig; swine; base; vile
marrar: to miss; to fail; to go astray
marras: a long time ago:de marras: mentioned
marrasquino: maraschino
marrón: brown; maroon; trouble
marroquí: Moroccan; morocco
marroquinería: leather industry; leather goods
Marruecos: Morocco
marrullería: cunning; wheedling
marrullero: devious; cunning; wheedling; dirty player
Marsella: Marseilles
marsopa, marsopla: porpoise; sea hog
marsupial: marsupial
marta: marten; marta cebellina: sable
Marte: Mars
martes: Tuesday; martes de carnaval: Shrove Tuesday
martillar: to hammer; to worry; to torment
martillazo: blow with a hammer
martillear: to hammer; to worry; to torment
martillo: hammer; malleus; auction rooms; martillo neumático: pneumatic drill
martín pescador: king fisher
martinete: night heron; hammer; drive hammer
martingala: drag; pain; trick; cunning
mártir: martyr
martirio: martyrdom
martirizar: to martyr; to martyrize; to torment
martirizarse: to torture or torment oneself
marxismo: Marxism
marxista: Marxist
marzo: March
más: more; most; other; plus; especially; any more; más bien: rather; more
mas: but
masa: mass; dough; cake mixture; pastry; aggregate; bulk; lump; whole; cement; mortar; ground
masacre: massacre
masaje: massage
masajista: masseur; masseuse; physio
mascar: to chew; to masticate; to mumble; to mutter
máscara: mask; masker; masquerade; disguise
mascarada: masquerade; mummery
mascarilla: mask; face pack
mascarón: large mask; mask; stone head; mascarón de proa: figurehead
mascota: mascot; pet; pliable hat
masculinidad: masculinity; manliness
masculino: masculine; manly; male
mascullar: to mumble; to mutter
masía: traditional farmhouse in Catalonia
masificación: overcrowding
masilla: putty; mastic
masivo: massive
masón: mason; freemason
masonería: masonry; freemasonry
masoquismo: masochism
masoquista: masochist; masochistic
máster: master's degree
masticar: to chew; to masticate
mástil: mast; flagpole; tent pole; neck; trunk; stem; stalk; shaft
mastín: mastiff
mastodonte: mastodon
mastodóntico: enormous; gigantic
mastuerzo: cress; pepergrass; water cress; dolt; simpleton; oaf
masturbación: masturbation
masturbarse: to masturbate
mata: shrub; bush; sprig; patch; mastic tree; mata de pelo: head of hair
matacán: nux vomica; machicolation
matadero: slaughterhouse; abattoir; tiresome work
matador: exhausting; backbreaking; killing; horrible; killer; matador; bullfighter
matadura: sore; gall; bruise
matalahuga, matalahuva: anise; aniseed
matamoscas: fly spray; fly swatter
matanza: massacre; slaughter; butchery; killing; swine slaughtering and the season for it; por products
matar: to kill; to slay; to murder; to slaughter; to put out; to liquidate; to gall; to slack; to stave off; to slake; to satisfy; to dull; to mat; to obliterate; to cancel; to ruin; to destroy; to harass; to worry; to vex; to do; to do for; to lay; to swat; to butcher; to carry off; to destroy
matarse: to be killed; to kill oneself; to wear oneself out; to clash
matarife: slaughterman; butcher
matarratas: rat poison
matasanos: quack; unskilled doctor
matasellos: stamp; postmark
matasuegras: party blower
mate: matt; dull; lusterless; checkmate; mate; dunk; maté; gourd
matemáticas: mathematics; maths; math
matemático: mathematician; mathematical
materia: matter; material; substance; stuff; subject; topic; cause; occasion
material: material; physical; stationery; crude; coarse; ingredient; equipment
materialismo: materialism
materialista: materialist; materialistic; haulage contractor; trucker; truck; lorry
materializar: to put into practice; to materialize
materializarse: to become materialistic
maternal: maternal; motherly
maternidad: motherhood; maternity; maternity ward; maternity hospital
materno: maternal; mother
matinal: morning; matinal; matutine; matinée
matiné: matinée
matiz: shade; tint; nuance; hue
matización: clarification
matizar: to blend; to clarify; to nuance; to shade; to variegate
matojo: bush; shrub
matón: bully; bodyguard; thug; hector
matorral: bush; scrubland; thicket; heath; brake
matraca: rattle; nuisance; pestering; importunity; wooden rattle
matraz: flask; matrass
matrero: bandit
matriarca: matriarch
matriarcado: matriarchy; matriarchate
matriarcal: matriarchal
matricaria: feverfew
matrícula: register; roll; enrolment; registration number; license number; number plate; license plate; matriculation; matrícula de honor: distinction
matricular: to register; to enroll; to matriculate
matricularse: to enrol; to register
matrimonial: marital; matrimonial
matrimoniar: to marry; to get married
matrimoniarse: to marry; to get married
matrimonio: matrimony; marriage; couple; wedding
matriz: womb; mould; mold; matrix; stub; counterfoil; stencil; first; main; chief; mother
matrona: midwife; matron
matutino: morning; matutinal; matutine
maullar: to miaow; to mew
maullido: miaow; mew; meow
mausoleo: mausoleum
maxilar: maxillary; jaw; jaw bone
máxima: saying; maxim; highest temperature
máxime: especially; principally
máximo: maximum; greatest; top
maya: daisy; Mayan
mayal: flail
mayar: to miaow; to mew
mayestático: majestic
mayido: miaowing; mewing
mayo: May
mayonesa: mayonnaise
mayor: bigger; larger; greater; older; elder; biggest; greatest; largest; oldest; eldest; senior; of age; principal; chief; main; high; major; superior; head; al por mayor: wholesale
mayoral: stockman; foreman; chargehand; coachman; head shepherd
mayorazgo: eldest son; primogeniture; entailed state
mayordomo: butler; majordomo; steward
mayoría: majority; plurality; full age
mayorista: wholesale; wholesaler
mayoritario: majority
mayúscula: capital letter
mayúsculo: large; awful; tremendous; enormous
maza: sledgehammer; mace; drumstick; butt; club; bore
mazacote: concrete; tough; doughy food; bore; barilla
mazamorra: sweetened maize porridge; anything broken into small pieces
mazapán: marzipan; marchpane
mazazo: heavy blow; blow with a mace
mazmorra: underground dungeon
mazo: mallet; maul; wooden hammer; pestle; bunch; pack; deck; wad; bore
mazorca: corncob; thick ear or spike; ear; caco pod; spindle; spindleful
mazurca: mazurca
me: me; to me; for me; myself
meada: pee; piss; urination; spot made by urine
meado: urine-stained; wet with urine
meandro: meander
mear: to urinate; to have a piss; to make water
mearse: to piss oneself
mecachis: damn; hell
mecánica: mechanics; workings; machinery; works; fatigue
mecánico: mechanic; mechanical; drive; chauffeur; repairman
mecanismo: mechanism; action; device; machinery; mechanics; movement; work mecanismo de seguridad: failsafe device
mecanización: mechanization
mecanizado: mechanized
mecanizar: to mechanize
mecano: Meccano
mecanografía: typing; typewriting
mecanografiar: to type; to typewrite
mecanógrafo: typist; typewriter
mecate: string; rope
mecedora: rocking chair
mecenas: patron of art or literature
mecenazgo: patronage
mecer: to rock; to swing
mecerse: to rock; to swing; to sway
mecha: wick; fuse; match; strip of bacon for larding; roll of lint; sliver; rove; lock; tuft; heel; joke; mechas: highlights
mechar: to lard
mechero: mechero: lighter; burner; socket
mechón: lock; tuft
medalla: medal; medallion; medallist
medallero: medal table
medallista: medallist; medal winner
medallón: medallion; locket; slice
médano: dune; sandbank
media: stocking; sock; average; mean; half; La Edad Media: Middle Ages; verdad a medias: half-truth; clase media: middle class
mediación: mediation; intercession
mediado: half empty; half full; a mediados de: about the middle of
mediador: mediatory; mediator; intercessor
medialuna: crescent; croissant
mediana: median; central reservation; median strip; long billiard cue
medianero: dividing; middle; mediating; interceding; mediator; intercessor
medianía: moderate circumstances; mediocrity
mediano: medium; middling; moderate; average; mediocre; bad; worthless
medianoche: midnight; roll; bun; small meat pie
mediante: intervening; interceding; by means of; through; Dios mediante: God willing
mediar: to intervene; to intercede; to mediate; to elapse; to be at the middle; to pass; to go by
mediatizar: to influence; to mediatize
medicación: medication; medical treatment; medicines
medicamento: medicine; medicament
medicar: to give medicine to; to medicate; to cure by medicine
medicarse: to take medicine
medicina: medicine; medicament
medicinal: medicinal
medición: measuring; measurement; mensuration
médico: doctor; medical; physician
medida: measure; measurement; mensuration; proportion; correspondence; step; moderation; extent
medidor: measuring; measurer; meter
medieval: medieval
medievalismo: medievalism
medievo: Middle Ages
medio: half; half a; middle; mean; average; medium; medial; median; mid; partially; halfway; midst; means; agency; environment
medioambiental: environmental
mediocre: mediocre
mediocridad: mediocrity
mediodía: noon; midday; early afternoon; south
medioevo: Middle Ages
mediofondista: middle-distance runner
medir: to measure; to weigh up; to gauge; to scan
medirse: to measure oneself; to act with moderation
meditabundo: thoughtful; pensive; meditative; musing
meditación: meditation
meditar: to meditate; to think
mediterráneo: mediterranean
médium: medium
medrar: to grow; to thrive; to prosper; to flourish
medroso: fearful; timorous; fainthearted; dreadful; frightful
médula: marrow; pith; core; heart; substance
medular: of the marrow; medullar; vital; central
medusa: jellyfish; medusa; acalephan
megabyte: megabyte
megafonía: public address system
megáfono: megaphone
megahertzio: megahertz
megalítico: megalithic
megalito: megalith
megalomanía: megalomania
megalómano: megalomaniac
megatón: megaton
meiga: witch
mejicano: Mexican
Méjico: Mexico
mejilla: cheek
mejillón: mussel
mejor: better; best; rather; a lo mejor: maybe; perhaps
mejora: improvement; betterment; higher bid
mejorana: sweet marjoram
mejorar: to improve; to get better; to ameliorate; to meliorate; to better; to mend; to surpass
mejorarse: to get better; to mend; to recover; to ameliorate; to improve; to clear up; to reform; to progress
mejoría: improvement; amelioration
mejunje: concoction; brew; potion
melancolía: melancholy; gloom
melancólico: mournful; sad
melanina: melanin
melaza: molasses; dregs of honey
melé: scrum; melee
melena: long hair; mane; forelock
melenudo: long-haired
melifluo: sickly-sweet; mellifluent
melillense: inhabitant of Melilla
melindre: honey fritter; a small cake; narrow ribbon; finicking; mincing; affecting delicacy
melindroso: fussy; finicky; mincing; affecting delicacy
mella: notch; nick; break; dent; hollow; gap; damage; hurt; impression
mellado: notched; chipped; nicked; jagged; gap-toothed
mellar: to nick; to chip; to break; to dent the edge of; to injure
mellizo: twin
melisa: balm; garden balm; lemon balm
melocotón: peach
melocotonero: peach tree
melodía: melody; tune; melodiousness
melódico: melodic
melodioso: melodious
melodrama: melodrama
melomanía: love of music; melomania
melómano: melomane; melomaniac; music-lover
melón: melon; muskmelon; head; nut; dimwit; dummy; melones: big breasts
melonar: melon field
melopea: drunkenness; monotonous singing
meloso: sugary; honey-like; honeyed; sweet; mealy; mealy-mouthed; gentle; soapy
membrana: membrane
membrete: letterhead; heading; note; memo
membrillo: quince tree; quince; quince jelly
memez: stupid act or remark; silliness; stupidity
memo: silly; dumb; idiot; wit; simpleton
memorable: memorable
memorando, memorandum: memorandum; notebook
memoria: memory; recollection; remembrance; memoir; record; statement; report; essay; paper
memorial: petition; commemoration; memorial; notebook
memoricé: memorizar
memorión: good memory
memorizar: to memorize
mena: ore; picarel
menaje: household goods or furniture; school equipment and supplies
mención: mention
mencionar: to mention
menda: yours truly; guy; girl
mendicante: mendicant
mendicidad: begging; mendicity; mendicancy
mendigar: to beg; to beg for; to supplicate for
mendigo: beggar
mendrugo: crumb; crust; piece of stale bread; blockhead
menear: to wag; to waggle; to shake; to stir; to move; to manage; to direct
menearse: to hurry up; to get a move; to wag; to waggle; to move; to bestir oneself; to hustle; to be loose
meneo: wag; wiggle; shake; stir; stirring; drubbing; beating
menester: need; want; job; occupation; duty; activity
menesteroso: needy; needy person
menestra: vegetable stew; dried vegetables
mengano: so-and-so
mengua: diminution; decrease; waning; deficiency; lack; want; discredit; disgrace
menguante: decreasing; diminishing; waning; decay; decline; low water; ebbtide
menguar: to diminish; to decrease; to dwindle; to decline; to decay; to lessen; to narrow; to abate
menhir: menhir
meninge: meninx
meningitis: meningitis
menisco: meniscus; cartilage in the knee
menopausia: menopause
menor: smaller; less; lesser; youngest; junior; minor; al por menor: retail
Menorca: Minorca
menorquín: Minorcan
menos: less; least; fewer; still less; minus; to; but; except; especially
menoscabar: to damage; to harm; to diminish; to reduce; to erode; to impair; to undermine; to lessen
menospreciable: despicable; contemptible
menospreciar: to scorn; to despise; to disdain; to contempt; to slight; to underestimate; to underrate; to undervalue
menosprecio: scorn; disdain; contempt; underestimation; undervaluation
mensaje: message
mensajero: messenger; courier; carrier
menstruación: menstruation; menses
menstruar: to menstruate; to have a period
mensual: monthly
mensualidad: monthly salary; monthly payment
menta: mint; peppermint
mental: mental
mentalidad: mentality
mentalizar: to put into a frame of mind; to make aware
mentalizarse: to get into a frame of mind; to prepare oneself mentally
mentar: to mention; to name
mente: mind; intellect; intention
mentecato: idiot; silly; fool; dolt; foolish; half-witted
mentir: to lie; to fib; to deceive; to be false; to feign; to fail to keep
mentira: lie; fib; falsehood; error; mistake; lying; mentira piadosa: white lie
mentirijillas: de mentirijillas: as a joke; in fun; pretend; make-believe
mentiroso: lying; deceptive; liar; deceitful; mendacious
mentís: lie; denial
mentol: menthol
mentolado: mentholated
mentón: chin
mentor: mentor
menú: menu; food; bill of fare; menú del día: set meal
menudear: to do frequently; to repeat frequently; to happen frequently; to come down in abundance; to go into details
menudencia: trifle; insignificant thing; minor matter; smallness; minuteness; minute accuracy; pork products
menudeo: retailing; constant repetition; incessant happening; retail
menudillos: giblets
menudo: small; little; minute; tiny; exact; slight; trifling; trivial; insignificant; blood and entrails of butchered animals; a menudo: often
meñique: little finger; pinky; tiny; very small
meollo: core; heart; marrow; pith; substance; judgement; sense
meón: constantly urinating
mequetrefe: twerp; jerk; whippersnapper; jackanapes
mercachifle: hawker; pedlar; merchant
mercader: trader; merchant; dealer
mercadería: merchandise; goods
mercadillo: flea market; street market
mercado: market
mercadotecnia: marketing
mercancía: merchandise; goods; commerce; trade; mercancías: freight train
mercante: merchant
mercantil: mercantile; commercial
mercantilismo: mercantilism
merced: grace; favour; favor; gift; grant; mercy; will; power; disposal; vuestra merced: you; sir
mercenario: mercenary; hired; stipendiary
mercería: haberdasher's; haberdashery; notions store
mercurio: mercury
Mercurio: Mercury
merecedor: worthy; deserving
merecer: to deserve; to be worthy; to merit; to attain; to obtain; merecer la pena: to be worthwhile
merecerse: to deserve
merecido: well deserved; fully deserved; recibir su merecido: to get one's deserts
merendar: to have tea; to have for tea; to have as an afternoon snack
merendarse: to thrash; to trounce; to manage to get
merendero: open-air café; snack bar
merendola: picnic
merengar: to ruin; to mess up
merengue: meringue; merengue
meretriz: harlot; strumpet
merezco: merecer
meridiano: midday; crystal-clear; obvious; bright; dazzling; meridian
meridional: southern; southerner; meridional
merienda: afternoon snack; tea; picnic
meriendo: merendar
merino: merino; thick and curly hair; formerly, a royal judge; head shepherd
mérito: merit; value; worth; desert; excellence
meritorio: commendable; praiseworthy; meritorious; office trainer; improver
merluza: hake; drunken fit
merluzo: idiot
merma: reduction; decrease; waste; loss; leakage; shrinkage; curtailment
mermar: to diminish; to lessen; to reduce; to decrease; to shrink; to curtail
mermarse: to diminish; to decrease
mermelada: jam; mermelada de naranja: marmalade
mero: mere; pure; simple; grouper
merodear: to prowl; to loiter; to maraud
mes: month; monthly salary
mesa: table; food; fare; cheer; desk; plateau; board; committee; panel; mesa redonda: round table
mesada: allowance; pocket money; work surface
mesana: mizzen sail; mizzenmast
mesera: waitress
mesero: waiter
meseta: tableland; plateau; landing
mesías: Messiah
mesilla: small table; mesilla de noche: bedside table
mesita: small table
mesón: inn; old, country style restaurant and bar; hostelry; tavern; roadhouse
mesonero: innkeeper; host; hostess; waiter; waitress
mester: art; trade; mester de clerecía: verse of clerics in the Middle Ages
mestizo: half-caste; cross-bred; mongrel; half-breed
mesura: moderation; restraint; courtesy; composure; politeness; deference
meta: finishing line; goal; aim; purpose; tee; bourne
metabólico: metabolic
metabolismo: metabolism
metadona: methadone
metafase: metaphase
metafísica: metaphysics
metafísico: metaphysical; metaphysician
metáfora: metaphor
metafórico: metaphoric; metaphorical
metal: metal; brass; latten; timbre; quality; nature
metálico: metallic; metal; en metálico: in cash
metalizado: metallic
metalurgia: metallurgy
metalúrgico: metallurgical; metallurgic
metamorfosis: metamorphosis; transformation
metano: methane
metedura de pata: clanger; bloomer; blunder
meteorito: meteorite
meteoro: meteor
meteorología: meteorology
meteorológico: meteorologic; meteorological
meteorólogo: meteorologist; weatherman
metepatas: blunderer
meter: to put; to place; to insert; to introduce; to put in; to fit in; to squeeze in; to give; to score; to make; to cause; to involve
meterse: to get in; to interfere; to intrude; to get mixed up
meterete, metete, metiche: meddling; meddlesome; busybody
meticuloso: meticulous
metido: involved; material allowed in seams; lecture
metílico: methylic
metilo: methyl
metódico: methodical
metodismo: Methodism
metodista: Methodist
método: method; course; technique
metodología: methodology
metomentodo: busybody; meddlesome; interfering
metraje: length of a movie
metralla: shrapnel
metralleta: submachine gun
métrica: metrics
métrico: metric; metrical
metro: metre; meter; underground; subway; tube; tape measure
metrónomo: metronome
metrópoli, metrópolis: metropolis
metropolitano: metropolitan; underground; subway
mexicanismo: Mexicanism
mexicano: Mexican
México: Mexico
mezcal: mescal
mezcla: mixture; blend; mix; mortar; mixing; blending; admixture; alloy; concoction; jumble, leaven; leavening; mash; mélange
mezclar: to mix; to mingle; to blend; to intermix; to intermingle; to involve
mezclarse: to get mixed up; to get involved; to take part; to meddle
mezclilla: denim
mezcolanza: hotchpotch; mixture; medley; jumble; hodgepodge
mezquindad: meanness; stinginess; smallness; paltriness; wretchedness; trifle; mean thing; niggardly act; need; poverty
mezquino: mean; stingy; low; miserable; pitiful; miser; skinflint; wretched; needy; poor
mezquita: mosque
mezquite: mesquite
mi: my; mi; E
mí: me; myself
mía: mine
miaja: bit; scrap; crumb
miasma: miasma
miau: miaow
mica: mica
michelín: roll of fat; spare tyre
mico: monkey; kid
micro: mike; minibus; bus
microbio: microbe; germ
microbiología: microbiology
microbús: minibus
microchip: microchip
microclima: microclimate
microcosmos: microcosm
microficha: microfiche
microfilm: microfilm
micrófono: microphone
microonda: microwave; microondas: microwave oven
microordenador: microcomputer
microorganismo: microorganism
microprocesador: microprocessor
microscópico: microscopic
microscopio: microscope
mido: medir
miedica: chicken; scaredy-cat
mieditis: fear; dread
miedo: fear; dread; apprehension
miedoso: fearful; timid; timorous; coward; scaredy-cat
miel: honey; molasses
miembro: limb; member; penis
miento, mienta: mentir
mientras: while; whilst; when; meanwhile; whereas
miércoles: Wednesday; miércoles de ceniza: Ash Wednesday
mierda: shit; excrement; filth
mies: ripe grain in the field; harvest time; mieses: cornfields
miga: crumb; bit; marrow; pith; substance; meat; migas: fried crumbs with garlic and pimento
migaja: crumb; bit; fragment; grain; particle; migajas: leftovers; scraps
migración: migration
migraña: migraine; headache; megrim
migrar: to migrate
migratorio: migratory
mijo: millet; panic-grass
mil: thousand; one thousand; thousandth
miladi: milady
milagro: miracle; wonder
milano: kite; goshawk; flying gurnard
mildiu: mildew
milenario: thousnad-year-old; millenary; millenarian
milenio: millennium
milenrama: milfoil; yarrow
milésima: thousandth
milésimo: thousandth
milhojas: millefeuille; yarrow
mili: military service
milibar: millibar
milicia: military profession; army; militia
miligramo: milligram
mililitro: millilitre; milliliter
milímetro: millimeter; millimetre
militante: militant
militar: to military; soldierly; soldier; serve; to be an active member; to militate
militarismo: militarism
milla: mile
millar: thousand
millón: million
millonada: fortune
millonario: millionaire
millonésimo: millionth
milonga: Argentinian dance and music
milord: milord; barouche
milpa: maize field; cornfield; maize; corn
milpiés: millipede; wood louse
mimado: spoiled; pampered
mimar: to spoil; to pet; to fondle; to cuddle; to pamper; to take great care of
mimbre: wicker; osier; withe; willow
mimbrera: osier; willow
mimético: imitative; mimetic
mimetismo: mimicry; mimesis
mímica: mime; pantomime; dumb show; sign language
mimo: mime; caress; petting; pampering; overindulgence
mimosa: mimosa
mimoso: caressing; petting; soft; spoiled; fond of being petted
mina: mine; storehouse; lead
minar: to mine; to burrow; to sap; to consume; to lay mines in; to undermine
minarete: minaret
mineral: mineral; ore; water spring
mineralogía: mineralogy
minería: mining; mines; miners
minero: mining; miner; source; origin
mini: mini; miniskirt
miniatura: miniature
miniaturizar: to miniaturize
minifalda: miniskirt
minifundio: smallholding
minigolf: minigolf
mínima: smallest thing; minim; lowest temperature
minimalismo: minimalism
minimalista: minimalist
minimizar: to minimize; to diminish; to lessen; to undervalue; to play down
mínimo: minimal; minimum; least; smallest; minute; insignificant
minino: pussy cat; kitty
minipimer: hand blender
ministerio: ministry; cabinet; government; administration; office; function; agency; use; service
ministro: minister; agent; server; envoy
minoría: minority
monorista: retailer
minotauro: Minotaur
monotemático: monothematic
minucia: minor matter; tiny thing; trifle; detail
minucioso: meticulous; detailed; minute; scrupulous
minúscula: small letter; lower-case letter
minué: minuet
minuendo: minuend
minúsculo: small; minute; tiny
minusvalía: handicap; disability; depreciation
minusválido: handicapped; disabled
minusvalorar: to underestimate
minuta: bill; roll; list; first draft
minutero: minute hand
minutisa: sweet william
minuto: minute; small
mío: my; my own; of mine; mine
miocardio: myocardium
miope: myopic; near-sighted; short-sighted
miopía: short-sightedness; myopia
mira: aim; purpose; intention; view; sight; leveling rod
mirada: look; glance; gaze; regard; eye
mirado: careful; considerate; thoughtful; nice; circumspect
mirador: viewpoint; belvedere; open gallery; oriel window; bay window; looking; gazing
miramiento: consideration; reflection; attention; care; considerateness
mirar: to look at; to watch; to aim at; to seek; to search; to check; to consider; to give heed to; to think; to inquire; to be careful
miríada: myriad
mirilla: peephole; viewfinder; sight
miriñaque: crinoline; bauble; trinket
mirlo: blackbird; affected gravity
mirón: onlooker; spectator; bystander; onlooking
mirra: myrrh
mirto: myrtle
mis: my
misa: mass
misal: missal; mass book; two-line pica
misántropo: misanthrope; misanthropic
miscelánea: assortment; mixture; miscellany; medley
miserable: miserable; wretched; mean; despicable; contemptible; poor; miserly; stingy; wicked; rascally; miser; wretch; cur; knave
miserere: miserere; ileus
miseria: misery; poverty; destitution; want; pittance; trifle; woe; misfortune; meanness
misericordia: compassion; pity; mercy
misericordioso: merciful
misil: missile
misión: mission; legation
misionero: missionary
misiva: letter; missive
mismísimo: very; very same
mismo: same; very; selfsame; myself; yourself; herself; himself; right
misógino: misogynist; misogynous
miss: beauty queen
mistela: a refreshing beverage; liquor made of must and alcohol
míster: manager; coach; mister
misterio: mystery; sculpture or image representing one of the mysteries of the Rosary
misterioso: mysterious
mística: mysticism; mystical theology
misticismo: mysticism
místico: mystic; mystical
mistificar: to falsify
mistral: mistral
mitad: half; moiety; middle
mítico: mythical
mitificar: to turn into a legend
mitigación: abatement
mitigar: to mitigate; to alleviate; to allay; to assuage
mitin: meeting; rally
mito: myth; legend
mitología: mythology
mitológico: mythological; mythologist
mitomanía: mythomania
mitómano: mythomaniac; collector of famous people's possessions
mitón: fingerless glove; mitt
mitosis: mitosis
mitra: mitre; miter
mixto: mixed; mingled; crossbred; compound; sulphur match; toasted cheese and ham sandwich
mixtura: mixture; compound
mnemotecnia: mnemonics; mnemotechny
mnemotécnico: mnemonic
mobiliario: furniture; furnishings; movable; personal
moca: mocha; coffee-flavoured cake filling
mocasín: moccasin
mocedad: youth; age of youth; wild oats
mocetón: big lad; strapping youth
mochales: crazy
mochila: backpack; knapsack; haversack
mocho: blunt; truncated; topped tree; cropped; shorn; mop
mochuelo: little owl; omission; cargar con el mochuelo: to get a hard task
moción: motion; movement; divine inspiration
mocito: young man; very young; youngster; lad
moco: mucus; viscid matter; snuff; slag; no ser moco de pavo: not to be despicable
mocoso: ill-bred child; brat; inexperienced youth; snivelly; full of mucus
moda: fashion; mode; style
modales: manners; breeding
modalidad: form; mode; kind; manner of being
modelado: modelled; modeled; modelling; modeling; moulding; molding
modelar: to give form to; to form; to shape; to model; to mould; to mold
modelismo: model-making
modelo: model; patter; outfit
módem: modem
moderación: moderation; abatement
moderado: moderate; reasonable
moderador: moderator; moderating
moderar: to moderate; to temper; to restrain; to curb; to lower; to reduce; to chair; to abate
moderarse: to control oneself
modernidad: modernity; modernness
modernismo: modernism
modernista: modernist
modernización: modernization
modernizar: to modernize
modernizarse: to modernize
moderno: modern; trendy
modestia: modesty
modesto: modest
módico: modest; moderate; reasonable
modificar: to modify; to revise; to adjust; to alter; to buffer; to change; to inflect
modificarse: to alter; to change; to modify
modillón: modillion; bracket
modismo: idiom
modista: dressmaker; modiste
modisto: designer; couturier
modo: way; manner; moderation; temperance; mode; mood; modos: manners
modorra: drowsiness; heaviness; gid
modoso: well-mannered; quite; well-behaved
modulación: modulation
modulador: modulator; modulating
modular: to modulate; modular
módulo: module; modulus
mofa: mockery; jeer; scoff; sneer
mofarse: to mock; to jeer; to scoff; to sneer; to rib; to scorn; to taunt; to deride; to fleer; to flout; to gibe
mofeta: skunk; mofette; chokedamp; noxious emanation
mofler: silencer; muffler
moflete: chubby cheek
mofletudo: chubby-cheeked
mogollón: loads; rumpus
mohair: mohair
mohín: face; grimace; pouting
mohíno: sad; melancholy; worried; displeased; glum; miserable; annoyed; hinny; blue magpie
moho: mould; mildew; rust; must; verdigris; rustiness
mohoso: mouldy; moldy; mildewed; musty; rusty
moisés: Moses basket
mojado: wet
mojama: dry salted tunny-fish
mojar: to wet; to dip; to moisten; to drench; to soak; to stab; to fuck
mojarse: to get wet; to get involved
mojicón: slap; punch in the face; small cake; bun
mojigato: prudish; straitlaced; prude; sanctimonious
mojón: boundary marker; boundary stone; landmark; waymark; milestone; pile; heap
moka: moca
molar: molar; to like
molde: mould; mold; matrix; cast; pattern; frame; model; ideal; form
moldeador: soft perm
moldear: to cast; to shape; to mould; to mold; to style
moldura: moulding; molding; cornice; frame
mole: mass; bulk; chilli and tomato sauce; soft
molécula: molecule
molecular: molecular
moler: to grind; to crush; to pound; to mill; to mince; to fatigue; to tire out; to wear out; to spoil; to destroy; to bore; to importunate; moler a palos: to beat up
molestar: to disturb; to bother; to be a nuisance; to annoy; to displease; to offend; to aggravate; to badger; to cumber; to bug; to devil; to fash; to faze; to grate; to harry; to hassle; to hassle; to incommode; to inconvenience; to irk; to pester; to plague; to put upon; to trouble; to bust one’s chops
molestarse: to be offended; to bother; to take the trouble to
molestia: nuisance; vexation; annoyance; disturbance; inconvenience; trouble; discomfort; displeasure
molesto: annoying; vexatious; troublesome; bothersome; annoyed; displeased; uncomfortable; ill at ease; aggravating; vexed; miffed; trying; carking; cumbersome; incommodious; inconvenient; irritating; niggling; obstrusive; onerous; peeved; pesky
molibdeno: molybdenum
molido: ground; minced; shattered; tired out; worn out
molinero: miller
molinete: toy windmill; turnstile; turn; windlass
molinillo: coffee grinder; mill; toy windmill; pinwheel
molino: mill; restless person; molino de viento: windmill
molla: spare tyre; roll of fat
molleja: gizzard; sweetbread
mollera: head; crown of the head; fontanel; brains; sense; duro de mollera: obstinate; dull-witted; stubborn
mollete: muffin; chubby cheek; fleshy part of the arm
molón: great;
molusco: mollusc; mollusk
momentáneo: momentary; temporary; prompt
momento: moment; instant; present time; weight; importance; al momento: at once
momia: mummy
momificar: to mummify
momificarse: to become mummified
momio: lean; meagre; bargain; sinecure
mona: female monkey; ape; imitator; dear; drunk; drunkenness; old maid; Easter cake
monacal: monastic; monachal
monacato: monasticism; monachism
monada: pretty little thing; pretty child; pretty girl; cajolery; apish action; grimace; tomfoolery
monaguillo: altar boy; acolyte
monarca: monarch
monarquía: monarchy; kingdom
monárquico: monarchical; monarchic; monarchist
monasterio: monastery; abbacy; abbey
monástico: monastic; monastical
monda: peel; parings; prunings; peelings; cleaning; pruning; paring; peeling; pruning season; ser la monda: to be very funny
mondadientes: toothpick
mondadura: peel; parings; peelings; cleaning; paring; peeling
mondar: to peel; to pare; to hull; to clean; to prune; to trim; to cut the hair of; to fleece
mondarse de risa: to fall about laughing
mondo y lirondo: only; without additions
mondongo: guts; innards; pork products
moneda: coin; money
monedero: purse; moneyer; moneybag
monegasco: Monegasque
monería: monada; pretty action of a child
monetario: monetary; collection of coins and medals
mongol: Mongol; Mongolian
Mongolia: Mongolia
mongólico: with Down's syndrome
mongolismo: Down's syndrome; mongolism
monicaco: little child
monigote: rag doll; paper doll; matchstick people; lay brother
monitor: instructor; monitor; adviser
monja: nun
monje: monk; anchorite
monjil: prudish; nunnish; nun's dress
mono: monkey; dear; overalls; coveralls; fatigue; rompers; joker; cold turkey; pretty; good-looking; lovely
monocolor: monochrome; single-colour; single-party
monocorde: single-stringed; monotonous
monocromático: monochromatic
monocromo: monochrome
monóculo: monocle
monocultivo: monoculture; single-crop agriculture
monofásico: monophase; single-phase
monogamia: monogamy
monógamo: monogamous; monogamist
monografía: monograph
monográfico: monographic
monolingüe: monolingual
monolítico: monolithic
monolito: monolith
monólogo: monologue
monopatín: skateboard; scooter
monoplano: monoplane
monopolio: monopoly
monopolizar: to monopolize
monorraíl: monorail
monosilábico: monosyllabic
monosílabo: monosyllable; monosyllabic
monoteísmo: monotheism
monoteísta: monotheist
monotonía: monotony
monótono: monotonous
monovolumen: people carrier; multipurpose vehicle
monóxido: monoxide
monseñor: monsignor; monseigneur
monserga: gibberish
monstruo: monster; giant; fantastic
monstruosidad: monstrosity; monstrousness
monstruoso: monstrous; hateful; execrable
monta: mounting; covering of a mare; amount; total sum; value; account; importance; call to horse; de poca monta: unimportant
montacargas: service lift; freight elevator
montado: whipped; mounted; fitted-out
montaje: assembly; editing; assembling; erection; setting up
montante: total amount; upright support; stanchion; mullion; transom; flood tide; broadsword
montaña: mountain; highlands; forested region; montaña rusa: roller coaster
montañero: mountaineer; climber; hiker; hill-walker
montañés: mountain; highland; highlander
montañismo: mountaineering; climbing; hiking; hill-walking
montañoso: mountainous
montar: to assemble; to put together; to pitch; to put up; to fit; to set; to cock; to edit; to stage; to create; to beat; to whip; to ride; to get in; to amount
montaraz: of the woods; wild; untamed; uncouth; rude; forester
monte: mountain; mount; hill; woods; woodland; talon; stock; monte; bank
montepío: friendly society; benefit society; pension fund
montera: bullfighter's hat; cloth cap; skylight; moonsail
montería: hunting; chase; big game
montés: mountain; wild
montevideano: inhabitant of Montevideo
montículo: mound; hillock; knoll; mote; agger
monto: total cost; amount
montón: heap; pile; lot; crowd; great quantity; ser del montón: to be common
montura: mount; saddle; gear; frame; setting; mounting; assembling
monumental: monumental; magnificent; tremendous
monumento: monument; stunner
monzón: monsoon
moña: ribbon; badge on the bull's neck
moño: bun; chignon; knot of ribbons; tuft of feathers; frippery; estar hasta el moño de: to be sick of death of
moquear: to have a runny nose; to snivel
moqueta: fitted carpet; moquette
moquillo: distemper; pip
mora: blackberry; mulberry; brambleberry; Moorish woman; delay
morada: dwelling; abode; house; stay; sojourn
morado: purple; mulberry; bruise
morador: inhabitant; dweller; resident
moradura: bruise
moraga: party at the beach; handful of gleaned grain
moral: moral; morality; morale; mulberry tree
moraleja: moral
moralidad: morality; morals
moralista: moralist; moralistic
moralizador: moralist; moralistic
moralizar: to moralize
morapio: red wine; plonk
morar: to dwell; to live; to inhabit; to reside
moratón: bruise
moratoria: moratorium
mórbido: delicate; soft; morbid
morbo: morbid pleasure; illness
morbosidad: morbidity; morbid nature
morboso: morbid; ghoulish; unwholesome; diseased
morcilla: black pudding; blood sausage; gag
mordacidad: pointedness; sharpness; mordacity; mordancy; pungency; acrimoniousness
mordaz: caustic; biting; sharp; acerbic; pungent; acrid; corrosive; incisive; pointed; scathing; tart; trenchant; wicked; wasp; acid; acrimonious; barbed; blistering; cutting; dry; observación mordaz: barb
mordaza: gag; pipe wrench; clamp; jaw
mordedor: teething ring; biter; backbiter; biting; backbiting
mordedura: bite
morder: to bite; to eat into; to nibble at; to take hold of; to gnaw; to eat; to wear away; to corrode
morderse: morderse la lengua: to bite one's tongue
mordida: bribe
mordiscar: to nibble at; to bite
modisco: bite
mordisquear: to nibble
morena: moray; moraine
moreno: dark; tanned; brown; dark-haired; dark-skinned; swarthy; tawny; brunette
morera: white mulberry tree
moretón: bruise
morfina: morphine
morfología: morphology
moribundo: dying; moribund
morillo: firedog; andiron
morir: to die; to expire; to decease; to end; to come out; to die down; to go out; to come to a close
morirse: to die; to go out
morisco: Moorish; Moresque
morlaco: bull
mormón: Mormon
moro: Moorish; Moor
morocho: dark-haired; dark-skinned; swarthy; brunette; black person; twin
moroso: defaulting; defaulter; bad debtor
morral: haversack; gamebag; nosebag; wallet; boor; rustic
morralla: junk; trash; rabble; riffraff; small change; small fish
morrear: to snog
morriña: homesickness; nostalgia; blues; melancholy; sadness
morro: snout; nose; nose; front; knob; knoll; pebble; muffle
morrocotudo: tremendous; very important or difficult
morrón: knotted; red pepper
morsa: walrus; morse; very fat person
morse: Morse
mortadela: mortadella; Bologna sausage
mortaja: shroud; winding sheet; mortise; cigarette paper
mortal: mortal; fatal; deadly; exhausting; deathly; sure; conclusive
mortalidad: mortality; death rate
mortandad: mortality; loss of life; massacre; butchery
mortecino: dim; dull; faded; pale; subdued
mortero: mortar
mortífero: deadly; fatal; lethal
mortificar: to mortify; to torment; to annoy; to bother
mortificarse: to torture oneself
mortuorio: death; mortuary; funeral
moruno: Moorish
mosaico: Mosaic; patchwork
mosca: fly; goatee beard; cash; dough; annoyed; mosca muerta: slyboots; por si las moscas: just in case
moscardón: blowfly; bluebottle; botfly; hornet; pest; pain in the neck
moscatel: muscatel; muscat
moscón: bluebottle; bore; nuisance; maple
moscovita: Muscovite
Moscú: Moscow
mosqueado: annoyed; suspicious; spotted; dotted
mosquear: to annoy; to make suspicious; to drive flies away; to give a sharp retort; to beat; to flog
mosquearse: to get angry; to get cross; to smell a rat
mosqueo: anger
mosquete: musket
mosquetero: musketeer
mosquetón: musket; short carbine; snap link
mosquita: small fly; mosquita muerta: person feigning meekness
mosquitera, mosquitero: mosquito net
mosquito: mosquito; gnat; tippler
mostacho: moustache; smudge on the face; shroud of the bowsprit
mostaza: mustard
mosto: must; grape juice
mostrador: counter; bar; shower; pointer; showing; pointing
mostrar: to show; to display; to exhibit; to reveal; to point out; to demonstrate; to prove
mostrarse: to show; to appear
mostrenco: stupid; idiot; homeless; masterless
mota: speck; fleck; spot; dot; slight defect; burl in cloth; knoll; hummock
mote: nickname; motte; device; boiled maize; boiled corn
moteado: speckled; dotted
motel: motel
motete: motet
motín: uprising riot; mutiny; riot
motivación: motivation; motive
motivar: to motivate; to motive; to cause; to explain; to justify
motivo: motive; reason; cause; motif; account
moto: motorbike; motorcycle
motocicleta: motorbike; motorcycle
motociclismo: motorcycling
motociclista: motorcyclist
motocross: motocross
motoneta: scooter; moped
motor: motor; engine; dynamic force
motora: motorboat
motorismo: motorcycling; motoring
motorista: motorcyclist; motorist
motorizar: to motorize
motosierra: chain saw
motriz: motor; engine; dynamic force; driving
mountain bike: mountain biking
mousse: mousse
movedizo: movable; unsteady; shaky; fickle; inconstant; arenas movedizas: quicksand
mover: to move; to stir; to shake; to wag; to drive; to actuate; to propel; to provoke; to induce; to impel; to prompt; to persuade; to raise; to start; to excite; to make; to wriggle; to bestir; to budge; to crank; to waggle
moverse: to move; to toss and turn; to get a move on
movida: scene; fuss
movido: lively; active; busy; restless; hectic; blurred; fuzzy
móvil: mobile; movable; cellular; motive; incentive; inducement
movilidad: mobility; movableness
movilización: mobilization
movilizar: to mobilize
movilizarse: to mobilize
movimiento: movement; motion; gesture; activity; stir; agitation; life; traffic; animation; tempo
moviola: replay
moza: girl; lass; maid; waitress; mistress; concubine; wash beetle; last or winning game
mozalbete: boy; lad; young fellow
mozárabe: Mozarabic; Mozarab
mozo: young; youthful; single; unmarried; manservant; hand; waiter; porter; assistant; conscript
mu: no decir ni mu: not to say a word
muaré: moiré
mucama: maid; female servant
muchacha: girl; maid
muchacho: young; boy; lad; manservant
muchedumbre: crowd; multitude
mucho: much; very much; a great deal; a lot; dearly; hard; abundantly; often; long; longtime; many; lots of
mucosa: mucous membrane
mucosidad: mucus; mucosity
muda: change of clothes; change; alteration; moulting; molting; moulting season; sloughing
mudable: changeable; fickle; inconstant
mudanza: change; alteration; mutation; move; removal; moving; figure; motion; inconstancy
mudar: to change; to alter; to convert; to move; to remove; to moult; to molt; to shed
mudarse: to move; to change; to leave; to go away
mudéjar: Mudejar; Muslim who swore allegiance to the Christian monarchs
mudez: dumbness
mudo: dumb; silent; mute
mueble: piece of furniture; cabinet; movable; muebles: furniture
mueca: grin; grimace; face
muela: back tooth; molar; grinder; grindstone; millstone; knoll; flat-topped hill; flat pea
muellaje: wharfage
muelle: spring; wharf; quay; pier; freight platform; loading bay; soft; delicate; easy; luxurious
muérdago: mistletoe
muerdo, muerda: morder
muermo: bore; drowsiness; glanders
muero, muera: morir
muerte: death; end; homicide; murder
muerto: dead; faded; dull; exhausted; tired out; slacked; bursting; perished; echar el muerto a : to pass the buck
muesca: groove; slot; notch; nick; indentation; mortise
muestra: sample; sign; model; pattern; show; token; guide; exhibition
muestrario: collection of samples; sample book
muestreo: sampling
muestro: mostrar
muevo, mueva, mueve: mover
mugido: moo; low; lowing
mugir: to low; to moo; to roar; to bellow
mugre: grime; greasy dirt
mugriento: filthy; grimy; greasy; dirty
mujer: woman; wife
mujeriego: womanizer; lady-killer; fond of woman; womanly
mujerzuela: despicable woman; strumpet
mújol: mullet
mula: mule; she-mule; stupid fellow
muladar: dungheap; dunghill; filth; corruption
mulato: mulatto
muleta: crutch; matador's red flag
muletilla: pet phrase or word; crosshandle cane; braid frog
mullido: soft
mullir: to plump up; to fluff; to soften; to loosen; to beat up; to shake up; to arrange
mulo: mule; hinny
multa: fine; ticket; amercement; mulct
multar: to fine; to amerce; to mulct
multicolor: many-coloured; multicolour
multicopista: duplicator; copying machine
multilingüe: multilingual
multimedia: multimedia
multimillonario: multimillionaire
multinacional: multinational
múltiple: multiple; manifold
multiplicación: multiplication
multiplicar: to multiply
multiplicarse: to multiply
multiplicidad: multiplicity; variety
múltiplo: multiple
multipropiedad: time sharing
multitud: crowd; multitude
multitudinario: mass
mundanal: worldly; mundane
mundano: mundane; worldly
mundial: world; world-wide; World Cup
mundillo: circles; little world; arched clotheshorse; cushion for making lace; warming pan
mundo: world; globe
munición: ammunition; munition; supplies; charge of firearms
municipal: municipal; policeman
municipio: town; municipality; local inhabitants
muñeca: wrist; doll; manikin; angel; pounce bag
muñeco: doll; dummy; puppet
muñeira: Galician folk dance
muñequera: wristband; strap for a wrist watch
muñón: stump; trunnion; gudgeon pig
mural: mural; wall display
muralla: wall; rampart
murciano: inhabitant of Murcia
murciélago: bat
murga: group of street musicians; bore; nuisance
murmullo: murmur; ripple; whisper; rustle; purl; murmuring; babbling; rustling
murmuración: gossip; backbiting
murmurador: gossipy; gossiping; backbiting; gossiper; backbiter; busybody
murmurar: ti whisper; to murmur; to mutter; to grumble; to rustle; to purl; to ripple; to gossip; to backbite
muro: wall; rampart
murria: blues; dejection; depression; sullenness
mus: popular Spanish card game
musa: muse
musaraña: shrew; shrewmouse; insect; small animal; floating speck in the eye; pensar en las musarañas: to be absent-minded
muscular: muscular
musculatura: musculature; muscles
músculo: muscle; brawn
musculoso: muscular; brawny
muselina: muslin
museo: museum
musgo: moss
musgoso; mossy; moss-covered
música: music; band; sheet music; con la música a otra parte: get out
musical: musical
músico: musician; musical
musicología: musicology
musiquilla: tune; jingle
musitar: to mumble; to mutter; to murmur
muslera: thigh support; thigh pad; armour for the thigh; cuisse
muslo: thigh; leg; drumstick
mustela: dog shark; weasel
mustio: withered; wilting; gloomy; downhearted; sad; dejected; melancholic
musulmán: Moslem; Muslim; Mussulman
mutación: mutation; transformation; change of weather
mutante: mutant
mutar: to mutate
mutilación: mutilation
mutilado: crippled; mutilated
mutilar: to mutilate
mutis: exit; hacer mutis: not to say a word
mutismo: mutism; silence
mutua: friendly society; benefit society
mutualidad: mutuality; mutual aid; benefit society
mutuo: mutual; reciprocal; mutuum
muy: very; very much; greatly; most; too

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