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ea: used as an encouragement or to express determination
ebanista: cabinet-maker
ébano: ebony
Ebola: ebola
ebonita: ebonite
ebrio: drunk; inebriated; intoxicated; overcome; blind
ebullición: boiling; ebullition; excitement
eccema: eczema
echado: lying
echar: to throw; to cast; to fling; to pitch; to toss; to heave; to drop; to put in or into; to add; to emit; to give off; to give out; to dismiss; to discharge; to fire; to expel; to throw out; to grow; to begin to have; to put forth; to sprout; to bear; to give; to deliver; to pour; to move; to push
echarse: to lie down; echarse a perder: to spoil
echarpe: stole; scarf; shawl
eclecticismo: eclecticism
ecléctico: eclectic
eclesial: ecclesiastical; church
eclesiástico: ecclesiastic; ecclesiastical; church; clergyman
eclipsar: to eclipse
eclipsarse: to disappear
eclipse: eclipse
eclíptica: ecliptic
eclíptico: ecliptic
eclosión: hatching; sprouting; emergence
eco: echo; distant sound
ecografía: ultrasound scan
ecógrafo: ultrasound scanner
ecología: ecology
ecológico: ecological; environmental
ecologismo: environmentalism; conservationism
ecologista: ecological; environmental; ecologist; environmentalist
ecólogo: ecologist
economato: discount store; company store; commissary; cooperative shop
econometría: econometrics
economía: economy; economy; saving; thrift; sparingness; scantiness; economics
económico: economic; economical; thrifty; saving; cheap; uncostly
economista: economist
economizar: to economize; to save; to spare
ecosistema: ecosystem
ectoplasma: ectoplasm
ecuación: equation
Ecuador: Ecuador
ecuador: equator; halfway point
ecualizador: graphic equalizer
ecuánime: calm; unprejudiced; impartial; just; equanimous
ecuanimidad: composure; imperturbability; impartiality
ecuatorial: equatorial
ecuatoriano: Ecuadorian
ecuestre: equestrian
ecuménico: ecumenic; ecumenical
ecumenismo: ecumenism
eczema: eczema
edad: age; Edad Media: Middle Ages; menor de edad: minor; underage
edelweiss: edelweiss
edema: oedema; edema
edén: Eden; paradise
edición: run; edition; issue; publication
edicto: edict
edificable: available for building
edificación: building; construction
edificante: edifying
edificar: to build; to construct; to edify
edificio: building; edifice; structure
edil: councillor; edile
Edimburgo: Edinburgh
editar: to publish
editor: publishing; publisher; editor
editorial: publishing; leading; publishing house; editorial; leader
edredón: eider down; down quilt
educación: education; manners; breeding; politeness
educado: well-mannered; polite
educador: educative; teacher; educating
educar: to educate; to train; to give good breeding
educativo: educational; educative
edulcorado: rosy
edulcorante: sweetener
edulcorar: to edulcorate; to sweeten
efectismo: striking or dramatic effect
efectista: for effect
efectivamente: really; actually; as a matter of fact; indeed
efectivo: effective; real; actual; effectual; telling; permanent; cash; ready moment; efectivos: forces; dinero en efectivo: cash
efecto: effect; result; purpose; end; consequence; fruitage; aim; acting; product; impression; bill; spin; efectos personales: personal belongings
efectuar: to effect; to do; to carry out
efectuarse: to take place
efeméride: anniversary of an important event; efemérides: diary; list of important anniversaries for a particular day
efervescencia: effervescence; excitement; agitation
efervescente: effervescent
eficacia: effectiveness; efficiency; efficacy; efficacity
eficaz: efficient; efficacious; effective; effectual
eficiencia: efficiency
eficiente: efficient
efigie: effigy; image
efímero: ephemeral; brief; short-lived
efluvio: emanation; effluvium; exhalation
efusión: gush; effusion; pouring out; shedding; warmth
efusividad: effusiveness
efusivo: affectionate; effusive; warm
Egeo: Aegean
egipcio: Egyptian
Egipto: Egypt
egiptología: Egyptology
ego: ego
egocéntrico: egocentric
egocentrismo: egocentricity
egoísmo: selfishness; egoism
egoísta: egoistic; selfish; egoist
ególatra: narcissistic; worshipping; narcissist
egolatría: narcissism; self-worship
egotismo: egotism
egotista: egotistic; egotist
egregio: illustrious; eminent
eh: hey; all right; here
Eire: Eire
eje: shaft; spindle; axe; axis; main thing or idea
ejecución: implementation; execution; accomplishment; performance; seizure; distraint; achievement; fulfilment; rendition
ejecutar: to execute; to carry out; to perform; to distrain; to accomplish
ejecutiva: leadership; management
ejecutivo: executive; pressing; prompt; active
ejecutoria: letters pattent of nobility; glorious deed; sentence against which an appeal is not possible
ejem: ahem
ejemplar: exemplary; copy; specimen; exemplar; pattern; model; precedent; warning
ejemplaridad: exemplary quality or character
ejemplificar: to exemplify; to illustrate
ejemplo: example; instance; for instance
ejercer: to exercise; to discharge; to perform; to practice; to follow; to exert
ejercicio: exercise; practise; practice; drill; holding; tenure; exertion
ejercitar: to practice
ejercitarse: to practise; to drill; to train
ejército: army
ejote: green bean
el: the
él: he; him; it
elaboración: manufacture; development; elaboration; manufacturing
elaborado: manufactured; made; elaborate
elaborar: to elaborate; to manufacture; to work
elasticidad: elasticity; resilience
elástico: elastic; flexible
elección: election; choice
electivo: elective
electo: elect; elected; chosen
elector: voter; elector; electress; electing
electorado: electorate
electoral: electoral; election
electoralismo: electioneering
electoralista: electioneering
electricidad: electricity
electricista: electrician
eléctrico: electric; electrical
electrificar: to electrify
electrizar: to electrify; to electrize
electrocardiógrafo: electrocardiograph
electrocardiograma: electrocardiogram
electrochoque: electroshock therapy
electrocución: electrocution
electrocutar: to electrocute
electrodinámica: electrodynamics
electrodo: electrode
electrodoméstico: electrical appliance
electroencefalograma: brain scan; electroencephalogram
electroimán: electromagnet
electrólisis, electrolisis: electrolysis
electrólito, electrolito: electrolyte
electromagnético: electromagnetic
electromagnetismo: electromagnetism
electrón: electron
electrónica: electronics
electrónico: electronic; electron
electroshock: electroshock
electrostática: electrostatics
electrostático: electrostatic
electrotecnia: electrical engineering
electrotécnica: electrical engineering
elefanta: female elephant
elefante: elephant
elefantiasis: elephantiasis
elegancia: elegance; gracefulness; refinement; neatness; style
elegante: elegant; smart; graceful; refined; dandy
elegía: elegy
elegíaco, elegiaco: elegiac; mournful
elegido: chosen; elected
elegir: to chose; to select; to elect
elemental: elemental; elementary; fundamental; basic
elemento: element; component; habitat
elenco: catalogue; index; company; cast
elepé: LP
elevación: rise; elevation; ascent; height; ecstasy; transport; exaltation
elevado: high; elevated; noble; raised; lifted; exalted; sublime
elevador: elevating; lifting; elevator; hoist
elevalunas: mechanism for opening and closing car windows
elevar: to elevate; to raise; to lift; to hoist; to exalt
elevarse: to rise; to ascend; to soar
elfo: elf
elidir: to elide
eliminación: elimination
eliminador: eliminating; eliminator
eliminar: to eliminate; to abolish
eliminatoria: qualifying round
eliminatorio: qualifying; eliminating
elipse: ellipse
elipsis: ellipsis
elíptico: elliptic; elliptical
élite: élite
elitismo: elitism
elitista: elitist
elixir: elixir
ella: she; her; it
ellas: they; them
ello: it
ellos: they; them
elocución: elocution
elocuencia: eloquence
elocuente: eloquent; telling; articulate; dramatic; dramatical; lyrical; significant
elogiable: praiseworthy
elogiar: to praise; to commend; to eulogy
elogio: praise; eulogy; accolade
elogioso: praiseworthy; approving; complimentary; praising
elongación: elongation
elote: maize; sweetcorn; corn; corncob; ear of green Indian corn
elucidar: to elucidate
elucubración: deep thought; lucubration
elucubrar: to lucubrate
eludir: to elude; to avoid; to evade; to abnegate
elusivo: evasive
emanación: emanation
emanar: to emanate; to issue
emancipación: emancipation; freeing; legal independence; liberation
emancipado: emancipated; freed; legally independent; liberated
emancipar: to emancipate
emanciparse: to free oneself
embadurnar: to daub; to bedaub; to besmear
embajada: embassy; ambassadorship; message; errand; official communication
embajador: ambassador
embajadora: ambassadress
embalador: packer
embalaje: packing; packaging
embalar: to pack; to bale; to sprint
embalarse: to race along
embaldosado: tiling; tiled floor
embaldosar: to pave with tiles
emballenar: to bone; to stiffen with whalebone
embalsadero: marsh; swamp
embalsamador: embalmer; embalming
embalsamamiento: embalming
embalsamar: to embalm; to perfume
embalsar: to gather in a pond or pool; to dam up
embalsarse: to gather into a pond or pool
embalse: damming; dam; reservoir
embanastar: to put into a basket; to huddle; to crowd together; to pack
embanderar: to bedeck with flags and banners
embarazada: pregnant woman; pregnant; with child
embarazado: embarrassed
embarazar: to embarrass; to encumber; to hinder; to make pregnant
embarazo: pregnancy; embarrassment; shyness; constraint; obstruction; obstacle; hindrance
embarazoso: embarrassing; difficult; cumbersome; awkward; puzzling
embarbillar: to join obliquely
embarcación: boat; vessel; craft; ship; embarkation
embarcadero: pier; quay; wharf; jetty
embarcador: shipper
embarcar: to embark; to ship
embarcarse: to embark
embarco: embarkation
embargable: attachable
embargar: to impede; to restrain; to overcome; to paralyze; to attach; to seize; to lay an embargo on
embargo: attachment; seizure; embargo; sin embargo: notwithstanding; nevertheless; however
embarque: boarding; shipment
embarrado: muddy
embarrancar: to run a ship aground; to stick in the mud
embarrancarse: to stick in the mud
embarrar: to bemud; to splash with mud; to bedaub; to besmear
embarrilar: to pack in barrels or kegs
embarullado: messy
embarrullador: muddling; muddler
embarullar: to muddle; to mix up; to make a mess of
embarullarse: to muddle; to act in a confused way
embasamiento: foundation
embastar: to baste
embaste: basting
embastecer: to put on flesh; to become gross or coarse
embate: battering; crashing; pounding; dash; buffet
embaucador: swindling; deceiving; swindler; con man; deceiver; humbug; bamboozler
embaucamiento: deceiving; humbugging
embaucar: to deceive; to humbug; to bamboozle
embaular: to pack in a trunk; to gobble; to eat greedily
embausamiento: absorption; abstraction
embazar: to dye brown; to astonish
embebecer: to enrapture; to absorb; to delight; to become enraptured; to be absorbed
embebecimiento: rapture; absorption
embeber: to absorb; to imbibe; to soak up; to soak; to embed; to insert; to fit in; to take in; to shrink
embeberse: to become absorbed
embebido: absorbed
embeleco: cheating; deception; trick; humbug
embelesado: entranced; spellbound
embelesar: to charm; to entrance; to delight; to captivate
embelesarse: to be charmed; to become entranced
embeleso: enchantment; fascination; delight; charm
embellecedor: decorative trim
embellecer: to embellish; to beautify
embellecimiento: embellishment
emberrenchinarse, emberrincharse: to be enraged; to fly into a rage
embestida: charge; attack; assault; onset
embestir: to assail; to attack; to charge
embetunar: to bituminize; to black
emblandecer: to soften; to mollify
emblandecerse: to soften; to get soft; to relent
emblanquecer: to whiten
emblanquecerse: to turn white
emblema: emblem
emblemático: emblematic; emblematical
embobado: fascinated
embobar: to enchant; to hold in suspense
embobarse: to be enchanted; to be absorbed; to stand gaping
embocadura: mouth; river-mouth; entrance by a narrow passage; embouchure; mouthpiece; flavour; proscenium arch
embocar: to mouth; to put into the mouth; to enter or to put through a narrow place; to gobble up
embolado: minor role; bull with wooden balls on horns; trick; deception
embolar: to tip horns with a wooden ball
embole: pain in the neck; drag
embolia: embolism
émbolo: plunger; piston; embolus
embolsar: to pocket money
emboquillado: filter-tipped
emborrachar: to intoxicate; to make drunk
emborracharse: to become intoxicated; to get drunk; to run together
emborrascar: to anger; to irritate
emborrascarse: to get angry; to get stormy
emborronar: to blot; to scribble
emboscada: ambush; ambuscade
emboscar: to ambuscade; to ambush
emboscarse: to enter or hide in the woods; to get shirk work or danger by taking an easy job
embotado: bloated; blunt; dull
embotar: to blunt; to dull; to put in a jar
embotarse: to become blunt or dull
embotellado: bottled; prepared; blotting
embotellamiento: bottling; traffic jam; stoppage
embotellar: to bottle; to bottle up; to stop; to obstruct
embozar: to muffle; to wrap; to cloak; to disguise; to conceal
embozarse: to muffle oneself up
embozo: part of the sheets that turns down over the blankets; part of an outer garment pulled up to cover the face; strip of wool or silk lining the side of a cloak; disguise
embragar: to sling; to engage the clutch
embrague: clutch; slinging
embravecer: to irritate; to enrage
embravecerse: to get angry; to get rough
embrear: to tar; to pitch
embriagado: intoxicated; inebriated; drunk; under the influence of alcohol
embriagador: intoxicating; inebriating; heady
embriagar: to intoxicate; to inebriate; to make drunk
embriagarse: to get drunk; to become inebriated
embriaguez: intoxication; drunkenness; inebriation
embridar: to bridle
embrión: embryo; beginnings; origin
embrionario: embryonic
embrollado: muddled
embrollar: to entangle; to confuse; to muddle; to embroil; to addle
embrollarse: to get muddled or confused
embrollo: muddle; tangle; mess; lie; deception; imbroglio
embromar: to play jokes on; to banter; to chaff; to fool; to device
embrujado: bewitched; under a spell; haunted
embrujar: to bewitch
embrujo: spell; bewitchment
embrutecer: to besot; to brutify
embuchado: minced pork sausage; stuffing of a ballot-box; fraudulent affair
embuchar: to stuff guts to make sausages; to gobble up one's food
embudo: funnel; trick; deception
embuste: lie; falsehood; invention
embustero: liar; deceiver; lying
embutido: inlaid work; marquetry; any kind of sausage
embutir: to stuff guts to make sausages; to inlay; to set flush; to stuff; to cram; to insert; to put into
embutirse: to gobble up
emergencia: emergency; emergence; appearance; happening; incident; emergence
emerger: to emerge
emérito: emeritus
emigración: emigration; migration
emigrado: emigrant; émigré; emigree
emigrante: emigrant
emigrar: to emigrate
eminencia: eminence; leading figure; hill; prominent position
eminente: eminent; leading
emir: emir; ameer
emirato: emirate
emisario: emissary; envoy; messenger
emisión: emission; broadcasting; broadcast; programme; program; issue; issuance
emisor: transmitting; emitting; broadcasting; issuing; speaker
emisora: radio station; station
emitir: to emit; to issue; to broadcast; to abate
emoción: emotion; excitement; thrill
emocionado: moved
emocionante: moving; exciting; touching; thrilling
emocionar: to move; to touch; to thrill; to arouse emotion in
emocionarse: to be moved
emoliente: emollient; soothing cream
emolumento: emolument
emotividad: emotive nature
emotivo: emotional; moving; emotive
empacar: to pack; to bale
empachado: clogged; surfeited; troubled; ashamed; awkward; timid
empachar: to impede; to embarrass; to surfeit; to give indigestion
empacharse: to be embarrassed; to be ashamed; to have an indigestion
empacho: upset stomach; surfeit; overeating; awkwardness; embarrassment; shame; hindrance; obstacle
empadronamiento: census; registration
empadronarse: to register in a census
empalagar: to cloy; to sicken; to pall; to weary; to bore; to irritate
empalago: cloying; sickening; palling; boring
empalagoso: sickly sweet; over-rich; cloying; sickening; palling
empalar: to impale on a stake
empalizada: fence; palisade; stockade
empalmar: to join; to splice; to connect; to volley; to be related; to follow on
empalmarse: to get randy; to have a hard-on
empalme: connection; junction; intersection
empanada: pie; empanada mental: muddle
empanadilla: pasty; turnover; small pie
empanado: breaded; covered in breadcrumbs
empanar: to bread; to put into a pie
empantanado: flooded; bogged down; untidy
empantanar: to flood; to make swampy; to swamp; to obstruct; to bring to a halt
empantanarse: to become flooded; to become swampy; to come to a halt
empañado: steamed; misty; faltering; sullied; tarnished
empañar: to steam up; to mist; to dim; to blur; to dull; to tarnish; to sully; to swaddle
empañarse: to steam up; to mist over; to become dull or tarnished; to fill up with tears; to falter
empapado: soaked; drenched
empapar: to soak; to drench; to steep; to saturate; to absorb; to imbibe
empaparse: to get soaked or drenched; to acquire a full knowledge; to enter into the spirit of
empapelado: wallpapering; wallpaper
empapelar: to wallpaper; to wrap in paper; to paper; to investigate; to prosecute
empapuzar: to stuff; to feed up
empaque: distinction; hauteur; arrogance; impudence; mien; stiffness; packing
empaquetador: packer
empaquetar: to pack; to crowd; to punish
emparedado: sandwich; immured; recluse
emparedar: to wall in; to immure
emparejar: to pair; to match; to make a thing level with another; to catch up with another; to equal
emparejarse: to pair; to get hold of
emparentado: related
emparentar: to become related by marriage; to be related
emparrado: vine arbour; vine trellis; bower; beanpole; arbour
empastar: to fill; to cover with paste; to bind; to impaste
empaste: filling; binding; covering with paste; impasto
empatar: to draw; to tie; to equalize; to equal
empate: draw; tie
empavesado: flags and bunting; dressing
empavesar: to dress a ship with flags; to veil a monument
empavonarse: to get dressed up
empecinar: to smear with pitch or lime
empecinarse: to insist; to get obstinate
empedernido: hardened; hard-hearted; inveterate
empedrado: cobbled; stone-paved; strewn; cobblestones; cloudy
empedrar: to cobble; to pave with stones
empeine: instep; vamp; tetter
empellón: push; shove
empelotarse: to undress; to fall madly in love
empeñado: in debt; in pawn; in hock; determined; heated; hard; hot
empeñar: to pledge; to plight; to pawn; to engage; to dedicate; to compel; to join; to start
empeñarse: to get into debt; to insist
empeño: pawn; desire; effort; pledging; pledge; obligation; insistence; determination; undertaking; protector
empeoramiento: worsening; deterioration; falling-off; aggravation
empeorar: to make worse; to worsen; to deteriorate
empequeñecer: to make smaller; to belittle; to diminish
empequeñecimiento: reduction; diminution
emperador: emperor; swordfish
emperatriz: empress
emperejilar: to dress up; to adorn
emperejilarse: to get dressed up
emperifollado: dressed up; dolled up
emperifollar: to dress up; to doll up; to adorn
emperifollarse: to get dressed up
empero: nevertheless; yet; however
emperramiento: stubbornness
emperrarse: to get obstinate
empezar: to begin; to start
empiece: beginning; start
empiezo: beginning; start
empinado: steep; high; stiff; haughty; proud
empinar: to lift up; to raise; to lift; empinar el codo: to drink much
empinarse: to stand on tiptoe; to rear up; to zoom; to tower; to rise high
empingorotado: upper-crust; stuck-up
empírico: empiric; empirical; empiricist
empirismo: empiricism
empitonar: to gore; to catch with the horns
empizarrado: slate roof
empizarrar: to roof with slate
emplasto: poultice; plaster; mush; botched job; sickly person
emplazamiento: location; position; emplacement; summons
emplazar: to call together; to summon; to summons; to locate; to site
empleado: employee; clerk; office-holder; employed
emplear: to use; to spend; to devote; to employ; to invest
emplearse: to be used; to take employment
empleo: use; job; employ; employment; occupation; investment
emplomado: leads; leading
emplomadura: filling
emplomar: to lead; to plumb; to fill
emplumar: to grow feathers; to fledge; to run away
empobrecer: to reduce yo poverty; to impoverish
empobrecerse: to become poor; to become impoverished
empobrecimiento: impoverishment
empollado: well-informed; well up; hatched; incubated
empollar: to sit on; to incubate; to brood; to hatch; to grind; to swot up; to bone up on
empollarse: to bone up on; to swot
empollón: swot; geek; grind
empolvado: dusty
empolvar: to cover with dust; to powder
empolvarse: to powder; to get dusty
emponzoñamiento: poisoning
emponzoñar: to poison; to ruin; to destroy
emponzoñarse: to become poisoned
emporcar: to dirty; to mess up; to soil; to get dirty
emporcarse: to become filthy; to get oneself dirty
emporio: trading center; center; emporium; center of arts or culture; department store
emporrado: high on marijuana
empotrar: to fit; to build in; to embed
empotrarse: to crash
emprendedor: enterprising
emprender: to take on; to undertake; to engage in; to begin; to set off on
empreñar: to impregnate; to annoy; to be a nuisance
empreñarse: to become pregnant
empresa: company; firm; concern; task; enterprise; undertaking; management; device
empresariado: employers
empresarial: managerial
empresario: businessman; employer; contractor; theatrical manager; showman
empréstito: government or corporation loan
empujar: to push; to shove; to impel
empuje: push; thrust; energy; enterprise; drive; impelent; procuring; verve; vim; con empuje: aggresive
empujón: push; shove; a empujones: by fits and starts
empuñadura: hilt; handle
empuñar: to wield; to brandish; to hold; to clutch; to grasp; to grip
emú: emu
emulación: emulation
emulador: emulative
emular: to emulate
émulo: emulous; emulator
emulsión: emulsion
emulsionar: to emulsify
en: in; at; on; upon; into; for; by; about
enaguas: petticoat; slip; underskirt
enajenación: transfer; insanity; alienation; abstraction; rapture; enajenación mental: mental derangement; madness
enajenado: alienated; insane
enejenar: to alienate; to transport; to carry away; to transfer; to drive insane
enajenarse: to go mad; to become estranged; to become enraptured; to dispossess oneself of
enaltecer: to do credit to; to praise; to ennoble; to exalt; to extol
enaltecerse: to become exalted
enamoradizo: inclined to love; amorous
enamorado: in love; loving; enamoured; lover; sweetheart
enamoramiento: love; infatuation; enamouring
enamorar: to inspire love in; to win the heart of; to infatuate; to enamour; to charm
enamorarse: to fall in love
enamoriscarse: to be slightly in love
enano: dwarf; dwarfish
enarbolar: to hoist; to raise; to brandish; to adopt
enarbolarse: to rear; to hoop
enarcar: to raise; to arch
enardecedor: rousing; stirring
enardecer: to arouse; to whip up; to inflame; to fire; to heat; to kindle; to excite
enardecerse: to get excited; to become heated; to burn
enarenar: to cover with sand; to gravel; to run aground
encabestrar: to halter; to make wild bulls be lead by tame ones
encabezado: header
encabezamiento: heading; first words; caption; tax roll
encabezar: to head; to lead; to register on a tax roll; to fortify wine with another alcohol
encabritarse: to rear up; to shoot up; to get very angry
encadenado: chained
encadenamiento: chaining; enchainment; connection; linking; concatenation
encadenar: to chain up; to enchain; to tie; to keep chained; to enslave; to link together; to concatenate
encadenarse: to follow one after the other
encajar: to fit; to insert; to slot; to take; to react to; to deal; to subject to; to put up with; to let through; to tally; to fit in; to settle; to land a blow; to be relevant
encajarse: to fit; to put on; to squeeze oneself into; to butt in; to put on; to get stuck
encaje: lace; inlaid work; fitting in; insertion; socket, cavity or frame in which a thing is inserted
encajonar: to box in; to put in a narrow place
encajonarse: to get boxed in; to narrow between seep banks
encalado: whitewashing
encalar: to whitewash; to lime
encalladura: running aground; beaching; grounding; stranding
encallar: to run aground; to beach; to get stuck; to strand; to run ashore; to beach
encallecer: to get corns or callosities
encallecerse: to become hardened
encalmarse: to calm; to become calm or still; to drop
encamar: to send to bed
encamarse: to get oneself to bed
encaminado: aimed
encaminar: to direct; to guide; to set on the way; to put on the right road
encaminarse: to set off; to be on one's way; to be intended to
encanallar: to make vile or base
encanallarse: to become corrupted; to become base or vile
encandilado: gaping; high; erect; cocked
encandilar: to dazzle; to daze; to captivate; to fascinate; to take in; to dupe; to stir the fire
encandilarse: to fall in love; to shine
encanecer: to turn grey; to grow old; to turn hoary
encanecerse: to turn grey
encanijado: weak; puny
encanijar: to make lean and sickly
encanijarse: to become shrunken; to become lean and sickly
encantado: enchanted; haunted; pleased; delighted
encantador: delightful; charming; enchanting; magician; charmer; enchanter
encantamiento: spell; enchantment
encantar: to put a spell on; to bewitch; to charm; to delight
encanto: magic; charm; treasure; delight; love; darling; encantos: charms
encañar: to stake; to train; to pipe; to prop up plants with reeds
encañonar: to aim at; to point at; to convey through pipes; to quill; to ruff; to fledge out
encapotado: cloudy; overcast
encapotar: to put a capote on
encapotarse: to frown; to look grim; to become cloudy; to lower the head too much
encaprichamiento: whim; infatuation
encapricharse: to take into one's head
encapuchado: masked; hooded
encapuchar: to cover with a cowl or hood
encapucharse: to put on oneself a cowl or hood
encaramar: to raise; to hoist; to elevate
encaramarse: to climb; to mount; to reach a high post
encarar: to aim; to point
encararse con: to face; to put oneself face to face with
encarcelación: imprisonment
encarcelamiento: imprisonment
encarcelar: to incarcerate; to imprison
encarecer: to raise the price of; to emphasize; to enhance; to exaggerate; to praise; to recommend strongly
encarecidamente: earnestly; insistently
encarecimiento: increase in cost; praise; insistence; earnestness
encargado: in charge; manager; foreman
encargar: to entrust; to put under the care of; to recommend; to charge; to urge; to order
encargarse: to take charge; to attend; to see to
encargo: charge; commission; job; errand; recommendation; warning; order
encariñado: attached; fond
encariñar: to awake affection or liking
encariñarse: to get fond of
encarnación: incarnation; embodiment; image; flesh colour
encarnado: incarnate; red; flesh colour
encarnar: to be incarnate; to heal over; to incarn; to embody; to personify; to bait; to give flesh colour
encarnarse: to unite; to incorporate with one another
encarnizado: fierce; fearsome; bloody; furious; bitter; hard fought; blood-shot
encarnizar: to make cruel; to infuriate
encarnizarse: to become infuriated; to fight bitterly; encarnizarse con: to persecute; to treat mercilessly
encarpetar: to put in a file or portfolio
encarrilar: to put back on the rails; to put on the right track; to set right
encartar: to indict; to play a suit that opponent can follow
encarte: lead; having to follow suit
encasillado: typecast; set of squares or pigeonholes
encasillar: to classify; to distribute; to typecast; to assign to a voting district
encasquetar: to pull on or down; to hammer into one's head
encasquetarse: to pull on; to get into one's head
encasquillamiento: jamming
encasquillar: to put a cap on; to shoe horses
encasquillarse: to stick; to get stuck
encausar: to arraign; to indict; to prosecute
encauzar: to channel; to direct; to guide
encebollado: beef stew with onions
encefalitis: encephalitis
encéfalo: encephalon; brain
encefalograma: encephalogram
encenagarse: to get into the mud; to get covered with mud; to give oneself up to
encendedor: lighter; lightning; kindling
encender: to light; to set fire to; to ignite; to kindle; to burn; to inflame; to excite
encenderse: to burn; to be kindled; to catch fire; to break out; to blush; to redden
encendido: alight; burning; lit; switched on; on; red; flushed; ardent; inflamed; aglow; fiery; flaming; flush; glowing; ignition
encerado: waxed; polished; oilcloth; oilskin; tarpaulin; blackboard; waxing
encerar: to wax
encerrar: to shut in; to confine; to hem in; to lock up; to enclose; to contain
encerrarse: to shut oneself in; to retire; to go into seclusion; to be closeted
encerrona: trap; plant; voluntary confinement
encestar: to put in a basket; to score
enceste: basket
enchapado: plated; veneered
encharcado: flooded
encharcar: to flood; to inundate; to turn into a pool
encharcarse: to become flooded; to be covered with puddles; to be filled with fluid
enchilada: enchilada
enchilado: seasoned with chilli; bright red; furious
enchilar: to season with chilli
enchinar: to curl
enchufar: to plug in; to connect; to turn on; to pull strings for
enchufarse: to get a sinecure
enchufe: socket; power point; plug; fitting; joint; connections; sinecure; easy job
enchufismo: string-pulling
encía: gum
encíclica: encyclical
enciclopedia: encyclopedia
enciclopédico: encyclopedic
encierro: confinement; enclosing; penning; seclusion; retirement; place of confinement; prison; sit-in; stampede of bulls through the streets
encima: on; upon; over; above; on top; at the top; about; por encima: over
encimera: worktop
encina: holm oak; evergreen oak; ilex
encinta: pregnant
encizañar: to cause trouble
enclaustrar: to cloister
enclaustrarse: to shut oneself away
enclavado: situated; located; enclaved; enclave
enclave: enclave
enclenque: weak; puny; skinny; scraggy; weakling; feeble; sickly
encoger: to shrink; to contract; to draw back; to draw in; to dispirit
encogerse: to shrink; to curl up; to lose courage; to be intimidated; encogerse de hombros: to shrug one's shoulders
encolar: to glue; to dress; to size; to clarify
encolerizar: to madden; to infuriate; to anger; to irritate
encolerizarse: to get angry; to lose one's temper
encomendar: to entrust; to commit; to commend; to recommend
encomendarse: to entrust oneself; to commend oneself
encomiable: laudable; praiseworthy
encomiar: to praise; to eulogize; to extol
encomienda: assignment; task; charge; commission; commandery; knight's cross; grant of land made by a Spanish king; Indian territory committed to the care of Spanish colonist; praise; commendation; care; protection; postal parcel
encomio: praise; encomium
enconado: fierce; heated
enconar: to inflame; to aggravate; to embitter; to anger
enconarse: to become inflamed; to rankle; to fester; to become embittered; to become heated
encono: resentment; ill-will; bitterness; rancour
encontradizo: hacerse el encontradizo: to try to meet someone seemly by chance
encontrado: contrary; conflicting; opposed
encontrar: to find; to meet; to encounter; to collide
encontrarse: to find; to come across; to run into; to encounter; to meet; to intersect; to be; to feel; to agree; to find out
encontronazo: crash; clash; bump; collision
encopetado: upper-crust; upper-class; dressed up; dolled up; presumptuous; noble; aristocratic
encorajinar: to drive crazy
encorajinarse: to go mad; to become enraged; to blow one's top
encorvado: bowed; stooping
encorvar: to bend; to curve
encorvarse: to bend over; to stoop; to buck
encrespado: curly; standing on end; crispy; choppy; furious
encrespar: to make choppy; to stir up; to curl; to crisp; to frizzle; to anger; to madden; to infuriate; to irritate
encresparse: to curl; to crisp; to frizzle; to bristle; to ruffle; to become choppy or rough; to get angry; to run high
encrucijada: crossroad; crossroads; street intersection; ambush; snare
encuadernación: bookbinding; binding; bindery
encuadernar: to bind
encuadrar: to frame; to enclose with a frame; to place; to include
encuadrarse: to be set
encuadre: frame; framing
encubierto: veiled; shady
encubridor: concealer; accessory after the fact
encubrimiento: concealment; aiding and abetting; being an accessory after the fact
encubrir: to conceal; to hide; to cover up; to harbour
encuentro: meeting; encounter; clash; collision; game; match; find
encuesta: poll; inquiry; investigation; survey
encuestador: pollster
encuestar: to survey; to poll
encumbrar: to elevate; to raise up; to exalt; to climb to the top of; to idolize; to set on a pedestal
encurtidos: pickles
encurtir: to pickle
endeble: feeble; weak; frail; flimsy; fragile
endémico: endemic; deep-rooted
endemoniado: possessed; demoniac; devilish; very bad; wretched; awful; wicked; tremendous; foul
endenantes: before
enderezar: to straighten out; to put right; to sort out; to unbend; to fix; to punish; to address
enderezarse: to straighten up; to be directed to an end
endeudamiento: indebtedness; debt
endeudar: to drive into debt
endeudarse: to get into debt
endiablado: devilish; ugly; deformed; very bad; wicked; foul; furious; wild; complicated; difficult
endibia: endive
endilgar: to lumber with; to subject to; to direct; to guide; to put; to lodge; to land a blow; to spring something unpleasant on a person
endiñar: to hit; to lumber with
endiosar: to idolize
endiosarse: to get big-headed; to become haughty or proud
endivia: endive
endocrino: endocrine; endocrinologist
endocrinología: endocrinology
endomingado: dolled-up
endomingarse: to dress up in one's Sunday best; to put on one's best clothes
endosar: to endorse; to lumber with; to transfer to another person
endoso: endorsement
endrina: sloe; sloe plum
endrino: blackthorn; sloe tree
endulzar: to sweeten; to make more bearable; to make better; to soften; to ease
endurecer: to harden; to inure; to strengthen
endurecerse: to harden; to go hard; to become hardened; to become cruel
ene: name of letter N
enea: bulrush; cattail
enebro: juniper
eneldo: dill
enema: enema; clyster
enemigo: enemy; hostil; adverse; opposed; foe
enemistad: enmity; hostility
enemistar: to make enemies of; to cause a rift between
enemistarse: to become enemies; to fall out
energético: energy
energía: energy; power; strength
enérgico: firm; energetic; forceful; vigorous; active; emphatic; lively; pushy; snappy; spirited; sprightly; strenuous; telling; zippy; assertive; bold; brisk; drastic; driving; emphatic; emphatical; hearty; hot; massive
energúmeno: madman; wild or frantic person; energumen
enero: January
enervante: enervating; annoying
enervar: to enervate; to exasperate; to sap; to weaken
enervarse: to become enervated
enésimo: nth; umpteenth; hundredth
enfadado: angry; mad; enfadado con: angry with; mad at
enfadar: to anger; to displease; to annoy; to bore
enfadarse: to get angry; to be displeased
enfado: anger; annoyance; displeasure; irritation; trouble; bother
énfasis: emphasis; stress; affectation in delivery
enfático: emphatic; impressive
enfatizar: to emphasize; to stress; to accent; to accentuate
enfermar: to fall ill; to make ill
enfermedad: disease; illness; sickness; distemper; infirmity; malady; ailment
enfermería: infirmary; sickbay; nursing; sick-quarters
enfermero: nurse
enfermizo: sickly; unhealthy
enfermo: sick; ill; diseased; patient; wretched; ailing; bad
enfervorizar: to inspire fervour
enfilar: to line up; to aim; to sight; to straight down or up; to string; to enfilade
enfisema: emphysema
enflaquecer: to make thin or lean; to weaken
enfocar: to focus; to focus on; to train; to envisage; to direct; to approach; to shine on; enfocar de cerca: to zoom in
enfoque: focussing; focus; angle; viewpoint; approach
enfrascamiento: absorption
enfrascar: to put in bottles
enfrascarse: to become absorbed; to become deeply engaged
enfrentamiento: confrontation; clash
enfrentar: to confront; to cause to face; to bring face to face; to meet; to clash
enfrentarse: to face
enfrente: opposite; in front; across from; facing
enfriamiento: cooling; refrigeration; cold
enfriar: to cool; to make cool
enfriarse: to cool; to become chilled; to get a cold
enfundar: to sheathe; to case; to muffle; to put away
enfurecer: to infuriate; to enrage; to madden
enfurecerse: to become infuriated; to get furious
enfurecido: furious; enraged
enfurruñarse: to get angry; to sulk
engalanar: to adorn; to bedeck; to dress
engalanarse: to dress up
enganchado: caught; stuck; hooked
enganchar: to hook; to hitch; to harness; to couple carriages; to attract; to recruit; to enlist; to hook with the horns
engancharse: to get caught; to enlist
enganche: hooking up; coupling; harnessing; hitching up; enlistment; deposit
enganchón: snag
engañabobos: bamboozler; catch-penny; trickster; con; trick
engañar: to deceive; to beguile; to delude; to dupe; to fool; to hoax; to mislead; to wheedle; to cheat; to swindle
engañarse: to deceive oneself; to be mistaken; to delude oneself
engañifa: con; rip-off; deception; trick; catch-penny
engaño: deception; trick; deceit; falsehood; fraud; swindle; imposition; error; mistake; lure; bait
engañoso: deceitful; deceptive; delusive
engarzar: to thread; to string; to link; to wire; to enchase; to set; to mount; to curl
engastar: to enchase; to set; to mount
engaste: enchasing; setting; mounting; pearl flat on one side
engatusar: to cajole; to coax; to wheedle; to get round
engendrar: to engender; to beget; to generate; to originate; to give rise to
engendro: freak; monstrosity; abortion; poor literary or artistic work
englobar: to lump together; to include
engolfar: to go far out on the sea
engolfarse: to be deeply engaged or absorbed
engolosinar: to allure; to tempt
engolosinarse: to get fond
engomar: to gum; to glue; to stick
engominado: slicked down
engominar: to put hair gel on
engordar: to fatten; to swell; to put on weight
engorde: fattening; fattening up
engorro: nuisance; drag; encumbrance; bother
engorroso: cumbersome; annoying; trying; bothersome; awkward
engrampadora: stapler
engrampar: to staple
engranaje: gearing; gears; machinery; movement; mesh; meshing; teeth of a gear
engranar: to mesh; to gear; to interlock
engrandecer: to enlarge; to aggrandize; to extol; to enhance; to exaggerate; to elevate; to exalt
engrandecerse: to be exalted; to increase; to become larger
engrandecimiento: enlargement; increase in size or stature; praise; enhancement; exaltation
engrapadora: stapler
engrasado: oiled; lubricated; greased; oiling; lubrication; greasing
engrasar: to grease; to oil; to lubricate; to fertilize
engrase: greasing; lubrication; fertilization
engreído: conceited; arrogant; vain
engreimiento: conceit; arrogance; vanity; presumption
engreír: to make vain or conceited
engreírse: to become vain or conceited
engrescar: to incite to quarrel; to incite to merriment
engrescarse: to get into a row; to get merry
engrosar: to thicken; to make fat or corpulent; to enlarge; to swell
engrosarse: to thicken; to grow fat or corpulent
engrudo: paste; glue
engruesar: engrosar
enguantado: wearing gloves; gloved
enguarrar: to make dirty
engullir: to gobble up; to swallow; to gulp
enharinar: to cover or smear with flour
enhebrar: to thread; to string; to connect
enhiesto: erect; upright; raised
enhorabuena: congratulations
enigma: enigma; riddle
enigmático: enigmatic; enigmatical
enjabonar: to soap; to lather; to softsoap; to give a rubbing to; to butter up
enjaezar: to put trappings on a horse
enjalbegar: to whitewash; to paint the face
enjambre: swarm; crowd; multitude
enjaretar: to reel off; to spout; to rush; to slip in; to thread
enjaular: to cage; to imprison; to confine; to lock up
enjoyado: decked out with jewels; bejewelled
enjoyar: to bejewel; to adorn or cover with jewels; to embellish; to set with precious stones
enjuagado: rinse; rinsing; rinsed
enjuagar: to rinse
enjuague: rinse; rinsing; mouthwash; washbowl; scheme; plot
enjugar: to wipe off; to mop up; to wipe away; to clear; to dry; to cancel; to pay
enjugarse: to wipe away
enjuiciamiento: trial; assessment; judgement; prosecution; examining; judging
enjuiciar: to institute proceedings against; to judge; to pass judgement on; to try
enjundia: depth; substance; force; fat in the ovary of fowls; fat
enjuto: lean; thin; skinny; dry
enlace: link; connection; wedding; go-between; union; connection
enladrillado: paved with bricks; brick pavement
enladrillar: to pave with bricks
enlatado: canned; tinned
enlatar: to can; to tin; to roof or cover with battens
enlazar: to tie together; to link; to relate; to connect; to lace; to interlace
enlazarse: to marry; to become laced or linked
enlodar: to splash with mud; to get muddy; to blacken; to malign; to bemud; to bemire; to smirch
enlodarse: to get muddy; to soil oneself
enloquecedor: maddening
enloquecer: to drive crazy; to drive insane; to madden; to distract
enloquecerse: to go crazy, mad or insane; to lose one's mind
enloquecido: crazed; frenzied; berserk
enloquecimiento: insanity; madness; distraction; going mad
enlosado: paving; flagstone paving; floor tiling
enlosar: to pave with tiles or flagstones
enlucido: plaster; plastered
enlucir: to plaster; to polish
enlutado: in mourning
enlutar: to crape; to put in mourning; to cast a pall over; to darken; to sadden
enlutarse: to put on mourning; to dress oneself in mourning
enmaderar: to panel; to board; to plank; to wainscot; to timber
enmadrado: too attached to one's mother
enmadrarse: to get too attached to one's mother
enmantecar: to butter; to grease
enmarañado: confused; mixed-up
enmarañamiento: tangle; muddle; entanglement; embroilment; confusion
enmarañar: to entangle; to tangle; to ravel; to embroil; to confuse; to complicate; to muddle
enmarañarse: to become tangled; to get embroiled
enmarcar: to frame; to set
enmarcarse: to belong; to lie
enmascarado: masked
enmascarar: to mask; to conceal; to disguise
enmascararse: to put on a mask
enmasillar: to putty
enmendar: to put right; to correct; to amend; to repair; to make amends for; to mend; to redress
enmendarse: to turn over a new leaf; to mend one's ways; to reform; to mend
enmienda: correction; emendation; reparation; amendment
enmohecer: to make mouldy; to mildew; to rust; to make rusty
enmohecerse: to rust; to go mouldy
enmohecido: mildewed; mouldy; rusty
enmoquetado: carpeted
enmoquetar: to carpet
enmudecer: to hush; to silence; struck dumb; to fall silent
ennegrecer: to blacken; to make black; to darken
ennegrecerse: to go black
ennoblecer: to ennoble; to be a credit to; to embellish
enojadizo: touchy; irritable; peevish
enojado: angry
enojar: to anger; to annoy; to displease
enojarse: to get angry; to get cross
enojo: anger; annoyance; irritation; displeasure
enojoso: annoying; tedious; trying; vexatious; bothersome; awkward
enorgullecer: to fill with pride; to make proud
enorgullecerse: to be proud; to pride oneself on
enorme: enormous; immense; tremendous; outstanding; exceptional; wicked
enormidad: immensity; hugeness; enormousness; vast amount; enormity; absurdity
enquistamiento: encystation; encystment
enquistarse: to encyst
enrabiar: to anger; to enrage
enrabiarse: to lose one's temper
enraizado: rooted; established
enraizar: to take root; to settle; to take hold; to catch on
enrarecer: to rarefy; to pollute; to foul
enracecerse: to rarefy; to become rarefied; to become scarce; to become strained
enrarecido: rarefied
enrarecimiento: rarefaction; deterioration; tension
enrasar: to make even; to level off
enredadera: creeper; climbing plant; bindweed
enredador: trouble-making; entangling; embroiling; mischievous
enredar: to tangle; to entangle; to mat; to ravel; to net; to embroil; to get involved; to involve; to implicate; to get mixed up; to complicate; to fiddle; to fumble; to meddle
enredarse: to get tangled up; to become involved; to be caught; to foul
enredo: tangle; mess; knot; mix-up; complication; imbroglio; falsehood; gossip; mischief; affair
enrejado: fence; railings; grille; trellis; grating; latticework; bars
enrejar: to close with a grille; to fence with railing or trellis
enrevesado: complex; complicated
enriquecer: to make rich; to enrich; to improve
enriquecerse: to get rich; to become wealthy; to be enriched
enriquecimiento: enrichment
enristrar: to string; to go straight to
enrocar: to castle; to put on the distaff
enrojecer: to redden; to turn red; to make red-hot; to make blush
enrojecerse: to go red; to become red-hot; to blush; to go red; to blush; to redden
enrojecimiento: reddening; blushing
enrolar: to enrol; to enlist
enrolarse: to enrol; to join up; to enlist; to sign up for
enrollado: rolled; coiled; wound; carried away; engrossed
enrollar: to roll; to coil; to wind; to take in
enrollarse: to talk non-stop; to go on and on; to have an affair
enronquecer: to go hoarse; to lose one's voice
enronquecerse: to go hoarse
enroque: castling
enroscar: to wind; to coil; to twist; to screw in; to tighten; to screw on
enroscarse: to wind; to coil; to twist itself
ensaimada: caked made of a coiled length of puff paste
ensalada: salad; hodge-podge; medley
ensaladera: salad bowl
ensaladilla: kind of salad with mayonnaise sauce; hodge-podge; ensaladilla rusa: Russian salad
ensalivar: to moisten with saliva
ensalmo: spell; curing by spells
ensalzar: to praise; to exalt; to elevate; to extoll; to do credit to
ensamblador: assembly; joint
ensamblaje: assembly; joint
ensamblar: to assemble; to join; to fit together; to joint
ensanchamiento: widening; enlarging
ensanchar: to widen; to broaden; to enlarge; to expand; to let out
ensancharse: to get wider; to widen; to expand; to broaden out
ensanche: widening; broadening; expansion; development; new town; suburban development
ensangrentado: bloodstained
ensangrentar: to stain with blood
ensangrentarse: to get covered in blood; to get violent or furious
ensañamiento: cruelty; mercilessness; ferocity
ensañar: to irritate; to engage
ensañarse: to show no mercy; to be cruel to
ensartar: to string together; to spit; to skew; to pierce; to gore; to plunge; to bury; to rattle off; to reel off
ensayar: to rehearse; to test; to try out; to practice; to assay
ensayista: essayist
ensayo: rehearsal; practice; experiment; test; essay; assay
enseguida: straight away; immediately; at once; afterwards; anon; at the drop of a hat; readily
ensenada: cove; inlet; small bay
enseña: ensign; standard
enseñanza: education; teaching; instruction; lesson; example
enseñar: to teach; to instruct; to train; to school; to show; to point out
enseñorearse: to take over; to make oneself the master; to take possession
enseres: belongings; possessions; equipment; chattels; implements; utensils
ensillar: to saddle
ensimismado: engrossed; far away
ensimismamiento: absorption; reverie; abstraction
ensimismarse: to become absorbed; to lose oneself; to be lost in thought
ensoberbecer: to make arrogant or haughty
ensoberbecerse: to become arrogant
ensombrecer: to darken; to overshadow; to cloud
ensombrecerse: to darken; to be saddened
ensoñación: daydream
ensoñar: to daydream; to fantasize
ensopar: to soak
ensordecedor: deafening
ensordecer: to deafen; to muffle; to go deaf
ensordecerse: to become deaf
ensordecimiento: deafness; deafening
ensortijado: curled
ensortijar: to curl; to crisp
ensortijarse: to curl
ensuciar: to make dirty; to dirty; to stain; to soil; to defile; to pollute; to tarnish
ensuciarse: to get dirty; to soil oneself
ensueño: fantasy; daydream; dream
entablado: framework; wooden floor
entablar: to strike up; to start; to bring; to plank; to board; to splint
entablarse: to settle
entablillado: in a splint
entablillar: to splint
entallado: fitted
entallar: to carve; to sculpture; to engrave; to notch; to make a cut in; to make a garment fit to the waist; to fit to the waist; to cut; to tailor
entarimado: wooden floor; floorboards
ente: being; organization; entity; fellow
entelequia: entelechy
entendederas: brains; grey matter; understanding
entendedor: one who understands
entender: understanding; opinion; to understand; to conceive; to comprehend; to intend; to mean; to think; to believe; to infer; to realize; to accept
entenderse: to be understandable; to be understood; to understand each other; to have a secret understanding; to reach an agreement; to get on
entendido: understood; knowledgeable; expert
entendimiento: intelligence; understanding; comprehension; mind; sense; judgement; intellect
entente: accord; agreement
enteradillo: know-all; smartypants
enterado: informed; knowledgeable; expert; know-all
enterar: to inform; to acquaint
enterarse: to learn; to find out; to realize; to be informed; to inquire about
entereza: composure; calmness; strength of character; entirety; integrity; fortitude; firmness; presence of mind
enternecedor: moving; poignant; touching; affecting
enternecer: to soften; to touch; to move to pity
enternecerse: to be touched; to be moved to pity
enternecimiento: tenderness; affection; sympathy; pity; compassion
entero: whole; entire; complete; honest; upright; firm; constant; integer; intact; undamaged; composed; honest; steady; point
enterrador: gravedigger; sexton
enterramiento: burial; interment; sepulchre; tomb; grave
enterrar: to bury; to inter
enterrarse: to bury oneself
entibiar: to cool; to make lukewarm; to temper; to moderate
entibiarse: to become lukewarm; to cool down
entidad: entity; organization; firm; company; importance; significance
entierro: interment; burial; funeral; grave; tomb; buried treasure
entoldado: awning; marquee; awnings
entoldar: to cover with awnings; to adorn with hangings
entoldarse: to get cloudy; to become overcast
entomología: entomology
entomólogo: entomologist
entonación: intonation; modulation; tone; toning
entonado: in tune; tipsy; merry; haughty
entonar: to sing in tune; to intone; to tone
entonarse: to get tipsy
entonces: then; at that time
entontecer: to besot; to make silly; to hebetate
entorchado: braid; bullion lace; string covered with silk or wire
entornar: to half-close; to set ajar; to tilt; to upset
entorno: environment; surroundings
entorpecer: to hinder; to cloud; to dull; to blunt; to benumb; to clog; to delay; to obstruct
entorpecerse: to become dull; to become delayed
entorpecimiento: obstruction; delay; impairment; impaired use; dullness; bluntness; numbness
entrada: entry; entrance; gate; gateway; doorway; access; adit; admission; way in; mouth; throat; hall; accession; ticket; audience; house; takings; receipts; deposit; starter; first course; opening; beginning; start; tackle; input; intake; income; inflow; influx; ingoing; ingress; ingression; inlet; inning; lead-in; starter; appearance; cue; deposit
entramado: frame; timber framework; studwork
entrampar: to trap; to entrap; to ensnare; to trick; to entangle; to burden with debt
entramparse: to run into debt; to stick in the mud
entrante: next; coming; incoming; entrant; entering; inlet; first course; starter; recess
entraña: vital or internal organ; essence; core; entrañas: vitals; entrails; heart; feeling; no tener entrañas: to be heartless
entrañable: deep; close; dear; fond; intimate; most affectionate
entrañar: to involve; to contain; to bury deep
entrar: to enter; to come in; to go in; to walk in; to pop in; to get in; to log in; to fit in; to start; to begin; to join; to engage; to charge; to attack; to tackle; to strike in; to introduce; to invade; to input; to inflow; entrar en: to pull into; to come into; to get into; to pile into
entre: between; amongst; among; entre tanto: meanwhile
entreabierto: half-open; half-closed; ajar
entreabrir: to half-open; to set ajar
entreacto: intermission; interval
entrecano: greying; grayish
entrecejo: space between the eyebrows; fruncir el entrecejo: to frown; to knit one's brow
entrecomillado: in inverted commas
entrecortado: halting; faltering; broken; laboured; intermittent; bated
entrecot: entrecôte; ribsteak
entrecruzar: to intercross
entrecruzarse: to intercross
entredicho: in doubt; in question; interdict; interdiction; prohibition
entrega: delivery; handing over; presentation; awarding; dedication; devotion; part; instalment; fascicle; surrender
entregar: to deliver; to hand over; to give up; to surrender
entregarse: to surrender; to give oneself up; to yield; to submit; to abandon oneself; to devote oneself
entreguerras: interwar; between the wars
entrelazar: to interweave; to entwine; to braid; to interlace; to interlink
entremedias: in between; in the meantime
entremés: hors d'oeuvres; side dish; interlude; comic sketch
entremeter: to insert; to place between; to put in
entremeterse: to butt in; to meddle; to intermeddle; to obtrude
entremetido: meddlesome; officious; meddler; busybody
entremezclar: to intermingle; to intermix; to mix up
entremezclarse: to mix
entrenador: trainer; coach; manager; entrenador de perros: dog-handler
entrenamiento: training; coaching
entrenar: to train; to coach
entrenarse: to train; to be in training
entreoír: to hear vaguely
entrepaño: panel; shelf; pier
entrepierna: crotch; crutch; inner surface of the tights
entreplanta: mezzanine
entresacar: to pick out; to select; to thin out
entresijo: anything secret or hidden; mesentery; entresijos: inner workings; ins and outs
entresuelo: mezzanine; entresol; first floor; second floor
entretanto: meanwhile; meantime
entretejer: to interweave; to intertwine; to insert; to mix
entretela: interlining
entretener: to amuse; to entertain; to hold up; to delay; to maintain; to keep up
entretenerse: to amuse oneself; to get held up; to get delayed; to delay; to dally; to linger
entretenido: entertaining; enjoyable; amusing
entretenimiento: entertainment; amusement; pastime; maintenance; upkeep
entretiempo: spring or autumn
entrever: to glimpse; to catch a glimpse of; to guess; to divine
entreverado: muddled; intermingled; intermixed; interlarded
entreverar: to muddle up; to intermingle; to intermix; to steak; to interlard
entrevero: muddle
entrevista: interview; meeting; conference
entrevistador: interviewer
entrevistar: to interview
entrevistarse: to meet; to have a meeting; to hold an interview
entristecer: to sadden; to make sad; to make gloomy
entristecerse: to grow sad; to become sad
entrometer: to insert; to place between
entrometerse: to interfere; to meddle
entrometido: nosy; interfering; busybody
entromparse: to get drunk; to get plastered
entroncar: to be connected; to be related
entronizar: to enthrone; to exalt
entronque: road junction; relationship between people of the stock
entubar: to intubate
entuerto: wrong; injustice
entumecer: to benumb; to make torpid
entumecerse: to go numb; to go to sleep; to swell
entumecido: numb
entumecimiento: numbness; torpor; swelling
enturbiar: to make cloudy; to cloud; to spoil; to cast a shadow over; to muddy; to obscure; to muddle; to dim; to confuse; to trouble
enturbiarse: yo go cloudy; to turn cloudy; to become complicated; to get obscured
entusiasmar: to awake the enthusiasm of; to enrapture
entusiasmarse: to be filled with enthusiasm; to be enraptured
entusiasmo: enthusiasm
entusiasta: enthusiast; keen
enumeración: enumeration; list
enumerar: to list; to enumerate
enunciado: wording; formulation; enouncement; statement
enunciar: to set out; to state; to enounce; to enunciate
envainar: to sheathe
envalentonar: to embolden; to make daring
envalentonarse: to grow bold or daring
envanecer: to make conceited; to make vain
envanecerse: to become conceited or vain; to be proud of
envasado: bottling; canning; tinning; packing
envasar: to bottle; to can; to tin; to pack; to put into a container
envase: container; packing; bottling; canning
envejecer: to grow old; to age; to make look old; to mature; to olden
envejecimiento: ageing; growing or looking old
envenenador: poisoner
envenenamiento: poisoning
envenenar: to poison; to envenom
envenenarse: to be poisoned
envergadura: breadth; wingspan; span; spread; importance; significance
envés: back; wrong side; underside; reverse
enviado: envoy; messenger
enviar: to send; to dispatch; to ship
enviciar: to corrupt; to lead astray
enviciarse: to become addicted; to get hooked
envidar: to bet or bid against
envidia: envy; enviousness; jealousy
envidiable: enviable
envidiar: to envy; to grudge; to begrudge
envidioso: envious
envilecer: to degrade; to dishonour; to debase; to vilify; to abase
envilecerse: to degrade oneself; to lower oneself
envilecimiento: abasement
envío: dispatch; sending; consignment; shipment; remittance
envite: bet; shove; push; offer; proffer
enviudar: to become a widower or widow
envoltorio: bundle; wrapping; wrapper; parcel
envoltura: wrapping; wrapper; layer; cover; envelope
envolver: to wrap up; to envelop; to shroud; to swaddle; to imply; to carry; to involve; to contain
envolverse: to wrap oneself up; to become involved
envuelto: wrapped; shrouded; caught up in; involved
enyesar: to plaster; to put in a plaster
enzarzar: to cover with brambles; to set people disputing
enzarzarse: to get caught up; to get embroiled; to dispute; to quarrel
enzima: enzyme
eólico: wind; aeolian
eón: aeon
épica: epic poetry
epicentro: epicentre
épico: epic; epical
epidemia: epidemic
epidémico: epidemic; epidemical
epidérmico: epidermal; epidermic
epidermis: epidermis
epidural: epidural
epifanía: Epiphany
epiglotis: epiglottis
epígrafe: heading; epigraph; inscription; title; headline
epilepsia: epilepsy
epiléptico: epileptic epílogo: epilogue; ending; summing up
episcopado: episcopate; episcopacy; bishopric
episcopal: episcopal
episódico: episodic; episodical
episodio: episode
epístola: epistle; letter
epistolario: collected letters; epistolary
epitafio: epitaph
epíteto: epithet
época: period; age; epoch; time; season; tide; era; de época: vintage
epopeya: epic poem; saga; epopee
equidad: equity; fairness; reasonableness
equidistante: equidistant
equidistar: to be equidistant
equilátero: equilateral
equilibrado: well-balanced; sensible; well-matched
equilibrar: to balance; to equilibrate; to equipoise; to equalize
equilibrio: balance; composure; poise
equilibrista: tightrope walker; equilibrist
equino: equine; echinus
equinoccio: equinox
equipado: accoutred
equipaje: luggage; baggage; equipment; crew
equipamiento: equipment; features
equipar: to equip; to fit out; to accouter; to accoutre
equiparse: to equip oneself; to kit oneself out
equiparable: comparable
equiparar: to compare; to liken; to put on the same level
equipo: team; crew; gang; squad; equipment; outfit; accoutrements
equis: name of the letter x
equitación: horse-riding; horseback riding; equitation; riding
equitativo: fair; equitable; reasonable
equivalencia: equivalence
equivalente: equivalent; tantamount; analog; analogue; counterpart; equate
equivaler: to be equivalent; to be equal; to tantamount
equivocación: mistake; error
equivocado: wrong; mistaken; erroneous
equivocar: to get wrong; to mistake
equivocarse: to make a mistake
era: era; age; threshing floor; epoch; past forms of ser
erario- treasury
erección: erection; hard-on; foundation; establishment
eréctil: erectile
erecto: upright; erect
eremita: eremite; hermit; recluse
erguir: to raise; to lift; to erect
erguirse: to straighten up; to stand up straight; to become arrogant
erial: wasteland; untilled; uncultivated
erigir: to erect; to build; to place; to instal; to found; to establish
erigirse: to place oneself
erizar: to make stand on end; to bristle
erizarse;: to stand on end; to bristle
erizo: hedgehog; sea urchin; a prickly plant; bur
ermita: small church in the country; isolated sanctuary or chapel; hermitage
ermitaño: hermit
erógeno: erogenous
erosión: erosion; graze
erosionar: to erode; to tarnish; to detract from
erosionarse: to become eroded; to erode
erosivo: erosive
erótico: erotic
erotismo: eroticism; erotism
errabundo: wandering
erradicación: eradication
erradicar: to eradicate; to eliminate
errado: mistaken; wrong; missed; erroneous
errante: wandering; errant; erring
errar: to get wrong; to miss; to be mistaken; to wander; to roam
errata: misprint; erratum
errático: erratic; variable
erróneo: incorrect; wrong
error: mistake; error; bug; aberrance; aberrancy
eructar: to belch; to eructate
eructo: belch; belching; eructation
erudición: erudition; learning
erudito: erudite; learned; scholar
erupción: rash; eruption
es: third person of singular of the present tense of ser
esa: that
esas: those
esbeltez: slenderness
esbelto: slender and graceful
esbirro: thug; catchpoll; myrmidon; bailiff
esbozar: to sketch; to outline
esbozo: sketch; outline
escabechar: to pickle; to fail; to kill
escabeche: marinade; pickle
escabechina: massacre; bloodbath; ravage
escabel: footstool; stepping stone
escabrosidad: abruptness
escabroso: rough; uneven; harsh; rude; scabrous; risqué; distasteful
escabullirse: to slip; to disappear; to melt away
escacharrar: to break; to smash
escacharrarse: to break down
escafandra: diving suit; diving helmet; spacesuit; space helmet
escay: imitation leather
escala: ladder; stepladder; scale; port of call; army list
escalada: climb; increase; escalade; increasing; climbing
escalador: climber; scaler
escalafón: hierarchy; wage scale; salary scale; table; roll; list
escalar: to climb; to move up; to escalade; to scale
escaldado: scalded; cautious; wary
escaldar: to scald; to make red-hot; to chafe
escaldarse: to scald oneself
escaleno: scalene
escalera: stairs; staircase; ladder; run; sequence; straight
escalerilla: gangway; steps; short ladder
escalfado: poached
escalfar: to poach
escalinata: staircase; steps; perron; front steps
escalofriante: horrifying; chilling; blood-curdling
escalofrío: shiver; shudder; chill; grue; ague; frisson
escalón: step; grade; stair; rung; degree; echelon
escalonado: terraced; staggered; step by step; layered
escalonar: to stagger; to place at intervals; to echelon; to space; to string out
escalope: escalope
escalpelo: lancet; scalpel
escama: scale; flake; distrust; suspicion
escamado: suspicious; distrustful; scalework
escamar: to scale; to remove the scales from; to make suspicious
escamarse: to become suspicious
escamoso: scaly; flaky; dry; squamous
escamotear: to withhold; to make disappear by sleight of hand
escamoteo: withholding; sleight of hand
escampar: to stop raining; to clear up
escanciar: to pour; to serve
escandalera: noise; racket; uproar
escandalizar: to shock; to scandalize; to make a lot of noise
escandalizarse: to be shocked
escándalo: scandal; tumult; noise; disturbance; shouting
escandaloso: noisy; rowdy; scandalous; shameful
Escandinavia: Scandinavia
escandinavo: Scandinavian
escáner: scanner; scan
escaño: seat; bench; settle
escapada: escape; flight; short trip; break; breakaway
escapar: to escape; to run away; to flee; not to notice
escaparse: to escape; to leak out; to miss
escaparate: shop window; show window; glass cabinet; cupboard
escaparatista: window dresser
escapatoria: escape; getaway; solution; way out; evasion
escape: leakage; leak; escape; flight; exhaust valve
escapulario: scapular; scapulary
escaque: square
escaquearse: to duck out
escarabajo: beetle; scarab; escarabajo pelotero: tumblebug; dung beetle
escaramujo: dog rose; wild rose; rosehip; hip; briar; hip; barnacle goose; escaramujo oloroso: sweetbriar; flor del escaramujo: eglantine
escaramuza: skirmish; dispute; quarrel
escarapela: rosette; cockade; quarrel
escarbadientes: toothpick
escarbar: to scratch; to dig; to poke; to delve into; to pick; to investigate
escarbarse: to pick
escarcela: pouch hanging form the waist; game bag; skirt of plate armour
escarceos: attempts; forays; flings; affairs; ramblings
escarcha: frost; hoarfrost; rime
escarchado: frosty; candied; crystallized
escarchar: to frost; to ice; to crystallize
escarda: weeding; hoeing; hoe
escardar: to weed; to separate out
escarlata: scarlet
scarlatina: scarlatina; scarlet fever
escarmentar: to inflict an exemplary punishment on; to learn one's lesson
escarmiento: lesson; warning; punishment
escarnecer: to jeer at; to mock; to scoff at; to jibe; to flout
escarnio: mockery; derision; scoffing; mock
escarola: curly endive; ruff collar
escarpado: steep; sheer; abrupt; cliffy
escarpia: hook; hooked nail
escasamente: scarcely; hardly; barely
escasear: to be scarce; to spare
escasez: shortage; scarcity; dearth; shortness; stinginess; want; poverty
escaso: limited; scant; scanty; scarce; stingy; short
escatimar: to be mean with; to skimp on; to stint; to curtail; to give sparingly
escatología: scatology; eschatology
escatológico: scatological; eschatological
escayola: plaster; scagliola; stucco
escayolar: to put in plaster
escena: scene; stage; scenery
escenario: stage; boards; set; scene; setting; environment
escénico: scenic
escenografía: scenography; stage design; set design; set
escenógrafo: scenographer; stage designer
escepticismo: scepticism; skepticism
escéptico: sceptic; sceptical; skeptic; skeptical
escindir: to divide; to split; to cut
escindirse: to split; to break away
escisión: split; break; division; schism; fission
esclarecedor: illuminating; informative
esclarecer: to clear up; to throw light on; to light up; to brighten; to enlighten; to ennoble; to elucidate
esclarecimiento: clarification; enlightening; clearing up; elucidation
esclava: female salve; bangle
esclavina: cape; pelerine; tippet; pilgrim's cloak
esclavitud: slavery
esclavizar: to enslave; to tie down; to restrict
esclavo: slave
esclerosis: sclerosis
esclusa: lock; canal lock; sluice
escoba: broom; brush; besom
escobilla: small broom; wiper blade; fuller's teaser
escocedura: sore spot; chafe; soreness
escocer: to smart; to cause a burning sensation; to sting; to annoy
escocés: Scottish; Scotch; tartan; plaid; Scot; Scotsman
Escocia: Scotland
escoger: to choose; to select; to pick; to sort
escogido: chosen; selected; choice; select
escolanía: children's choir
escolar: school; scholastic; pupil; student
escolaridad: education; schooling
escolarizar: to provide with schools
escolástica: scholasticism
escolasticismo: scholasticism
escolástico: scholastic
escoliosis: scoliosis
escollera: breakwater
escollo: reef; rock; obstacle; pitfall; danger; difficulty; stumbling rock
escolopendra: centipede; scolopendra; hart's tongue
escolta: escort; bodyguard; guard; convoy; convoying ship
escoltar: to escort; to convoy
escombro: rubble; debris; deads
esconder: to hide; to conceal; to harbour; to contain
esconderse: to hide; to be hidden; to lurk; to skulk; to abscond
escondidas: hide-and-seek; a escondidas: furtively; surreptitiously; without the knowledge of; in secret
escondido: secluded
escondite: hiding place; cache; hide-and-seek
escondrijo: hiding place; cache
escopeta: shotgun; gun; fowling piece
escopetazo: shit; shotgun wound; shock; bombshell
escoplo: chisel
escora: list; heel; shore; level line; load line
escorar: to shore up; to list; to heel
escorbuto: scurvy; scorbutus
escoria: slag; scoria; dross; dregs; scum
Escorpio, Escorpión: Scorpio
escorpión: scorpion
escorzo: foreshortening
escotado: low-cut; low-necked; indented
escotar: to cut the neck of a garment; to cut an indentation in; to club
escote: neckline; neck; low-neck; bosom; tucker; share
escotilla: hatch; hatchway
escotillón: trap door; stage trap; scuttle
escozor: stinging; irritation; burning pain or sensation; hurt feelings; bitterness
escriba: scribe
escribanía: desk set; writing set; inkstand; notary's office; court clerkship
escribano: scribe; notary; count clerk; actuary; scrivener; bunting
escribiente: clerk; copyist; amanuensis
escribir: to write
escribirse: to hold correspondence; to spell
escrito: written; text; document; brief; bill; por escrito: in writing
escritor: writer
escritorio: writing desk; bureau; cabinet; office
escritura: writing; alphabet; script; handwriting; deed; instrument
escriturar: to establish by deed or legal instrument; to engage
escroto: scrotum
escrúpulo: scruple; qualm; fussiness; conscientiousness; scrupulousness
escrupulosidad: scrupulousness
escrupuloso: scrupulous; particular; fussy
escrutar: to search; to examine; to scrutinize; to tell the votes
escrutinio: scrutiny; examination; telling or counting of votes
escuadra: set square; square; angle iron; squad; squadron; fleet
escuadrilla: squadron; flight; escadrille
escuadrón: squadron
escuálido: emaciated; skinny; lean; pale; squalid; filthy
escualo: shark; dogfish
escucha: listening; tapping; listening-in; monitoring; ; night scout
escuchar: to listen; to listen to; to mind; to heed
escuchimizado: scrawny; lean; weak
escudar: to shield; to protect
escudarse: to protect oneself; to take refuge in
escudería: motor-racing team
escudero: shield bearer; squire; nobleman; lady's page
escudilla: bowl
escudo: shield; buckler; protection; targe; target; aegis; escutcheon; badge; crest; scute; escudo; escudo de armas: coat of arms; escutcheon
escudriñar: to scrutinize; to search; to investigate; to pry into
escuela: school; academy
escuelante: pupil; teacher
escueto: concise; succinct; bare; plain; unadorned; strict
escuincle: boy; nipper; kid
esculpir: to sculpture; to carve; to engrave
escultor: sculptor
escultura: sculpture
escultural: sculptural; sculpturesque
escupidera: spittoon; cuspidor; chamber pot; potty
escupir: to spit; to throw off; to discharge; to belch out
escupitajo: spit; gob
escurreplatos: plate rack; dish-draining rack; dish rack
escurridero: draining board
escurridizo: slippery; elusive
escurrido: narrow-hipped
escurridor: colander; plate rack
escurrir: to drain; to wring; to drip; to ooze; to trickle; to drip
escurrirse: to slip; to glide; to slip away; to say too much
esdrújulo: accented on the antepenult
ese: that; zigzag
esencia: essence; perfume
esencial: essential
esfera: sphere; globe; face; dial; field; circle
esférico: spherical; ball
esferográfico: ballpoint pen
esfinge: sphinx; hawk moth
esfínter: sphincter
esforzado: hard-working; brave; courageous
esforzar: to give strength; to give courage; to strain
esforzarse: to exert oneself; to try hard; to strive
esfuerzo: effort; exertion; stress; courage; spirit; valour
esfumar: to stump; to tone down; to soften
esfumarse: to disappear; to evanesce; to fade away; to vanish
esgrima: fencing
esgrimir: to wield; to brandish; to enforce; to urge; to make use of; to fence
esguince: sprain; dodge; frown
eslabón: link; steel
eslálom: slalom
eslalon: slalom
eslavo: Slavic
eslip: briefs
eslogan: slogan
eslora: length; carling
eslovaco: Slovak
Eslovaquia: Slovakia
Eslovenia: Slovenia
esloveno: Slovene
esmaltar: to enamel; to adorn; to embellish
esmalte: enamel; smalt; tincture; esmalte de uñas: nail polish
esmerado: carefully done; painstaking; conscientious
esmeralda: emerald
esmerar: to polish; to brighten
esmerarse: to do one's best; to take pains to
esmerejón: goshawk; ancient small cannon
esmerilar: to polish with emery
esmero: great care; neatness; conscientiousness; accuracy
esmirriado: scrawny
esmoquin: dinner jacket; tuxedo
esnifar: to sniff
esnob:> snob; snobbish
esnobismo: snobbery
esnórquel: snorkel
eso: that; that thing
esófago: oesophagus; esophagus
esos: those
esotérico: esoteric
espabilado: bright; clever; quick-witted; shrewd
espabilar: to wake up
espabilarse: to wake up; to brighten up; to get a move on; to sharpen one's wits
espachurrar: to squash; to flatten
espaciador: space-bar
espacial: spatial; space
espaciar: to space; to lead
espaciarse: to spread; to diffuse; to expatiate; to relax
espacio: space; room; capacity; blank; period; programme; program; delay
espacioso: roomy; spacious; slow; deliberate; large; airy
espada: sword; rapier; matador; spade
espadachín: swordsman; spadassin; bravo
espagueti: piece of spaghetti
espalda: back; backstroke
espaldarazo: slap on the back; accolade; recognition; boost
espaldera: espalier; trellis; espalderas: wall bars
espantada: sudden flight; sudden scare
espantado: aghast
espantajo: scarecrow; sight; fright
espantapájaros: scarecrow
espantar: to frighten; to scare; to chase; to drive away; to appall; to shoo; to affright
espantarse: to take fright; to marvel; to be astonished
espanto: fright; dislike; sight; ghost; terror; astonishment
espantoso: dreadful; terrible; fearful; frightful; awful; astonishing
España: Spain
español: Spanish; Spaniard
españolada: something typically Spanish
españolizar: to make Spanish
esparadrapo: sticking plaster; court plaster; adhesive tape
esparcimiento: relaxation; recreation; amusement; scattering; spreading; dissemination
esparcir: to scatter; to spread; to disseminate; to recreate; to entertain
esparcirse: to scatter; to spread; to amuse oneself
espárrago: asparagus; awning pole; espárrago triguero: wild asparagus
esparto: esparto grass
espasmo: spasm
espasmódico: spasmodic
espatarrarse: to spread one's legs
espátula: spatula; palette knife; spoonbill
especia: spice
especial: special; fussy
especialidad: speciality; specialty
especialista: specialist; stunt man
especialización: specialization
especializar: to specialize
especializarse: to specialize
especie: species; kind; sort; matter; notion; pretext
especiero: spice rack; spice dealer
especificación: specification
especificar: to specify; to itemize
específico: specific; patent medicine
espécimen: specimen
espectacular: spectacular
espectáculo: show; spectacle; pageant; dar un espectáculo: to make a scene
espectador: spectator; onlooker
espectro: ghost; spectre; spectrum; range
especulación: speculation; consideration; reflection; venture
especulador: speculating; speculator
especular: to speculate about; to consider attentively
especulativo: speculative
espejismo: mirage; illusion
espejo: mirror; looking glass; espejo retrovisor: rearview mirror
espeleología: potholing; speleology
espeleólogo: potholer; spelunker
espeluznante: terrifying; hair-rising; dreadful
espera: wait; waiting; expectation; delay; respite; stay
esperanto: Esperanto
esperanza: hope; hopefulness; esperanza de vida: life expectancy
esperanzador: encouraging
esperar: to hope; to hope for; to expect; to look forward to; to await; to wait; to abide; to trust; to stay
esperma: sperm
espermatozoide: sperm; spermatozoon
espermatozoo: sperm; spermatozoon
espermicida: spermicide; spermicidal
esperpéntico: grotesque; dreadful
esperpento: sight; fright; absurdity
espesar: to thicken
espesarse: to thicken
espeso: thick; dense; close; heavy; close-woven; dirty; estar espeso: not to think clearly
espesor: thickness
espesura: thickness; thicket; dense vegetation; dirtiness
espetar: to spit; to skewer; to spring something on someone
espía: spy; warp
espiar: to spy; to warp
espichar: to prick; to die
espicharse: to go flat
espiche: pointed instrument; peg; spigot
espiedo: spit
espiga: ear; spike; shank; tenon; brad; clapper; fuse; herringbone pattern
espigado: tall and slim; spikelike; seeded
espigar: to glean; to tenon; to ear
espigarse: to run to seed; to grow tall and slim
espigón: breakwater; sea wall; jetty; peaky hill; point of sharp tool
espiguilla: herringbone pattern; spikelet; meadow grass
espina: thorn; splinter; fishbone; spine; backbone; scruple; worry; pain; dar mala espina: to look suspicious; sacarse la espina: to get even
espinaca: spinach
espinal: spinal
espinazo: spine; backbone; keystone
espinilla: shin; blackhead
espinillera: shin pad; greave; jambe
espino: hawthorn; thornbush; barbed wire
espinoso: thorny; prickly; spiny; arduous; delicate
espionaje: spying; espionage
espiración: exhalation; expiration; breathing out; spiration
espira: spiral; spire; turn
espiral: spiral; hair-spring
espirar: to expire; to exhale; to infuse a divine spirit in
espirilo: spirillum
espiritado: ghostlike; extremely thin; like a wraith
espiritar: to possess with the devil; to agitate; to irritate
espiritarse: to be agitated or irritated
espiritismo: spiritualism; spiritism
espiritista: spiritualistic; spiritistic; spiritualist; spiritist
espiritoso: spirited; lively; spirituous
espíritu: spirit; soul; ghost; mind; intelligence; turn of mind; spirits; liquor
espiritual: spiritual; ghostly
espiritualidad: spirituality
espiritualismo: spiritualism; idealism
espiritualista: spiritualistic; spiritualist
espiritualizar: to spiritualize
espirituoso: spirited; lively; spirituous
espirómetro: spirometer
espita: tap; faucet; cock
espitar: to tap; to put a cock on; to broach
espito: peel; hanger
esplendente: resplendent; shining
esplender: to shine
esplendidez: magnificence; splendour; generosity; lavishness
espléndido: splendid; magnificent; generous; grand; resplendent
esplendor: magnificence; splendour; fulgency; radiance
esplendoroso: brilliant; magnificent; splendid; resplendent; radiant
esplénico: splenetic
esplenio: splenius
espliego: lavender
esplín: melancholy; spleen; the blues
espolada, espolazo: prick with a spur
espolear: to spur; to incite; to stimulate
espoleta: fuse; wishbone
espolín: spur fixed to the heel of boot
espolio: plundering; pillage; spolium
espolique: groom who walks in front of his master's horse
espolón: spur; beak; ram; cutwater; buttress; breakwater; jetty; chilblain; sharp; astute
espolonada: sudden onset of horsemen
espolvoreador: dredge
espolvorear: to sprinkle with a powdered substance; to dust
espondaico: spondaic
espondeo: spondee
esponja: sponge; sponger; old soak; boozer
esponjado: spongy; fluffy; puffed up; pompous
esponjar: to make spongious or fluffy
esponjarse: to become proud; to glow with health
esponjera: sponge tray; sponge bag; make-up bag
esponjosidad: sponginess; spongiousness; sogginess
esponjoso: soft; fluffy; spongy; porous; soggy
esponsales: betrothal; spousals
esponsalicio: spousal
esponsor: sponsor
esponsorizar: to sponsor
espontánea: generación espontánea: abiogenesis
espontanearse: to speak frankly; to own up
espontaneidad; spontaneity; spontaneousness
espontaneísmo: amateurish enthusiasm; enthusiasm without experience
espontáneo: spontaneous; unaffected; unprepared; member of the crowd who joins in a bullfight
espora: spore; liberar esporas: to abstrict
esporádico: sporadic; desultory
esporangio: sporangium
esporidio: sporidium
esportilla: two-handed esparto basket
esportillo: esparto basket; pannier
esportivo: sporty
esportón: larga basket
esposa: wife; spouse; esposas: handcuffs; manacles
esposado: handcuffed
esposar: to handcuff
esposo: husband; spouse
espray: spray
esprín: interior sprung mattress
esprint: sprint
esprintar: to sprint
espuela: spur; feminine charm; acumen; last drink; espuela de caballero: larkspur
espueleado: tested; tried
espuelear: to spur; to test; to try out
espuelón: sharp; astute
espuerta: basket; pannier; ganar dinero a espuertas: to earn a lot of money
espulgar: to delouse; to get rid of fleas; to examine closely
espulgo: delousing; close examination; scrutiny
espuma: lather; scum; foam; froth; spume
espumadera: skimmer; nozzle; whisk
espumajear: to foam at the mouth
espumajo: froth from the mouth
espumajoso: frothy; foamy
espumante: foamy; frothy; lathery; sparkling wine
espumar: to skim; to scum; to foam; to froth; to sparkle
espumarajo: froth from the mouth; echar espumarajos: to be furious
espumear: to foam
espumilla: voile; meringue
espumoso: bubbly; foamy; frothy; lathery; sparkling wine
espúreo, espurio: illegitimate; bastard; spurious; adulterated
espurrear: to sprinkle with water squirted from the mouth
esputar: to expectorate; to spit; to hawk up
esputo: sputum; spittle; spit
esqueje: cutting; slip
esquela: death announcement; note; brief letter
esquelético: skeletal; skinny; thin; wasted
esqueleto: skeleton; framework
esquema: diagram; plan; outline; summary; schema; scheme
esquemático: diagrammatic; simplified; schematic
esquematizar: to outline; to summarize; to sketch
esquenanto: camel grass
esquí: skiing; ski
esquiador: skier
esquiar: to ski
esquiciar: to sketch
esquicio: sketch; outline
esquife: skiff; small boat
esquila: shearing; bell; marine prawn; squill
esquilador: shearer; clipper; trimmer
esquilar: to shear; to clip; to crop
esquileo: shearing; clipping; shearing pen
esquilimoso: fastidious; finicky; squeamish
esquilmar: to exhaust; to squeeze dry; to impoverish; to harvest; to fleece
esquilmo: yield of lands and cattle; harvest; cro
esquilón: large call bell or cattle bell
esquimal: Eskimo
esquina: corner; outside angle
esquinado: across the corner; cornered; angular; difficult; tetchy
esquinar: to form a corner with; to square; to put in a corner; to swerve; to slice; to set at odds
esquinarse: to quarrel with; to fall out with; to get a chip on one's shoulder
esquinazo: corner; serenade; dar esquinazo: to avoid someone; to give the slip to
esquinera: corner cupboard; whore
esquinero: corner
esquirla: splinter
esquirol: strikebreaker; blackleg; scab
esquirolada: strike-breaking action; work of a scab
esquirolaje, esquirolismo: blacklegging; strike-breaking
esquisto: shale; schist; slate
esquites: popcorn
esquivada: dodge; evasion
esquivar: to dodge; to avoid; to elude; to evade; to shun
esquivez: disdain; coldness; gruffness; shyness
esquivo: unsociable; disdainful; cold; shy; elusive
esquizo: schizo
esquizofrenia: schizophrenia
esquizofrénico: schizophrenic
esquizoide: schizoid
esta: this; this one
estabilidad: stability
estabilización: stabilization
estabilizador: stabilizing; stabilizer; anti-roll bar
estabilizante: stabilizer; stabilizing
estabilizar: to stabilize; to make stable; to peg
estabilizarse: to become stabilized
estable: stable; steady; firm; permanent
establecer: to establish; to set up; to put in place; to state; to lay down; to set; to decree; to order
establecerse: to settle; to set up
establecimiento: establishment; shop; store; settlement; statute; ordinance; establishing; setting-up
establero: stableboy; groom
establezco, establezca: establecer
establo: stable; cattle barn; cowshed; barn
estabular: to stable; to raise in a stable
estaca: stake; post; pale; picket; peg; clamp nail; cutting; stick; cudgel
estacada: stockade; palisade; paling; lists; battlefield; fence; fencing; dike; dejar en la estacada: to leave in the lurch
estacar: to tie to a stake; to stake off; to wound; to prick; to deceive
estacazo: blow with a stick
estacha: harpoon rope; line; hawser
estación: season; time; state; position; station; resort; halt; stop
estacional: seasonal; stationary
estacionalidad: seasonal nature; seasonal vacation
estacionamiento: parking; car park; parking lot; stabilizing; stationing
estacionar: to park; to station; to place
estacionarse: to park; to stabilize; to become to a halt
estacionario: stationary; unchanged; motionless; stable; slack
estacionómetro: parking meter
estacón: prick; jab
estada: stay; sojourn
estadal: linear measure of about 10 feet and 9 inches
estadía: stay; stop; demurrage
estadillo: count; survey; inventory
estadio: stadium; stage; phase; furlong; track; arena; estadio de baseball: ballpark
estadista: statesman; statistician
estadística: statistics
estadístico: statistical; statistician
estadizo: not quite fresh; stale; off
estado: condition; state; status; rank; order; class; government; estado civil: marital status; estado de ánimo: state of mind
Estados Unidos: United States
estadounidense: North American; United States citizen
estafa: cheat; swindle; trick; racket; ramp; fraud; con
estafador: swindler; cheat; trickster; racketeer
estafar: to swindle; to defraud; to cheat
estafermo: quintain; dummy target; twit; idiot
estafeta: courier; post; post-office branch; diplomatic mail
estafetero: postmaster; post-office clerk
estafilococo: staphylococcus
estafisagria: stavesacre; planta herbácea con flores azules en espiga, cuyas semillas reducidas a polvo sirven para matar los insectos parásitos
estagnación: stagnancy; stagnation; blockage; stoppage; suspension
estaje: piecework
estajear: to do as piecework; to discuss rates and conditions for
estajero: pieceworker
estalactita: stalactite
estalagmita: stalagmite
staliniano: Stalinist
estalinismo: Stalinism
estalinista: Stalinist
estallar: to explode; to burst; to go off; to break out
estallido: explosion; bang; blowout; crack; outbreak; snap; report; thunderclap; crash; eruption; flare-up
estambre: stamen; worsted; woolen yarn; varp
Estambul: Istanbul
estamento: class; profession; estate; body; layer; level
estameña: serge
estaminífero: staminate; dícese de las flores que tienen estambres
estampa: illustration; religious print; stamped picture; print; engraving; appearance; scene; footstep
estampación: print; printing; stamp; stamping; engraving; tooling
estampado: printed; print; impression; stamping; cotton print; stamped object
estampador: stamper; printer
estampar: to print; to imprint; to hurl; to plant; to land; to stamp; to impress; to imprint; to mark
estamparse: to be imprinted; to be engraved; to crash
estampero: picture or print marker or seller
estampía: suddenly; without warning
estampida: stampede; rush; bang
estampido: bang; explosion; report; crack; crash
estampilla: rubber stamp; stamp; seal
estampillado: stamp duty
estampillar: to rubber-stamp; to put a stamp on
estampita: small religious print; con trick
estancado: stagnant; paralyzed; stuck; static
estancamiento: stagnation; standstill; deadlock; blockage; stoppage
estancar: to stop the flow of; to hold up; to monopolize the sale of certain goods
estancarse: to stagnate; to get bogged down
estancia: stay; abidance; sojourn; room; abode; living room; day in hospital; ranch
estanciera: station wagon
estanciero: rancher; farmer
estanco: tobacconist's; stanch; watertight
estándar: standard
estandarizar: to standardize
estandarte: standard; banner
estanflación: stagflation
estánnico: stannic
estannifero: stanniferous; que contiene estaño
estanque: pond; pool; small lake; reservoir; basin
estanqueidad: watertightness; air tightness
estanquero: tobacconist; pond-keeper
estanquillo: booth; kiosk; stall
estantal: abutment; buttress
estantalar: to buttress
estante: shelf; shelving; bookcase; being; fixed; permanent
estantería: bookcase; shelves; shelving
estantigua: phantom; vision; scarecrow; apparition
estantío: stagnant; stationary; dull; slow
estañadura: tinning; tinwork
estañar: to tin; to solder with tin
estaño: tin
estaquear: to stretch on stakes
estaquilla: brad; clamp nail; peg; pin; spike
estaquillar: to fasten with pegs; to pin
estar: to be; to keep; to stay; to remain; to lie
estarcir: to stencil
estárter: choke
estatal: state
estática: statics
estático: static
estatua: statue
estatura: height; stature
estatus: status
estatutario: statutory
estatuto: statute; regulations
este: this; this one; east; orient; eastern
estela: wake; tail; trail; stele
estelar: stellar; star; sidereal
estenotipia: stenotypy
estenotipista: stenotypist
estentóreo: booming; stentorian
estepa: steppe; rockrose
estepario: steppe
estera: rush matting; rush mat; beach mat
estercolar: dunghill; to dung; to manure
estercolero: dung heap; dunghill
estéreo: stereo; stere
estereofonía: stereo
estereofónico: stereophonic; stereo
estereotipado: stereotyped
estereotipar: to stereotype
estereotipo: stereotype
estéril: sterile; infertile; barren; in vain; futile; fruitless
esterilidad: sterility; infertility; futility; barrenness
esterilización: sterilization
esterilizar: to sterilize
esterilla: matting; beach mat; gold or silver braid
esterlina: sterling; libra esterlina: sterling pound
esternocleidomastoideo: sternocleidomastoid
esternón: sternum; breastbone
esteroide: steroid
estertor: death; rattle; stertor
esteta; aesthete; esthete; aestheta
estética: aesthetics; esthetics; appearance
esteticismo: aestheticism; estheticism
esteticista: beautician
estético: aesthetic; esthetic; beautiful
estetoscopia: stethoscopy
estetoscopio: stethoscope
estevado: bandy-legged; bowlegged
esthéticienne: beautician
estiaje: low-water
estibador: docker; stevedore
estibar: to load; to stow; to pack; to stuff
estiércol: dung; manure
estigma: stigma
estigmatizado: stigmatized
estigmatizar: to stigmatize
estilar: to draw in due style; to use
estilarse: to be in fashion
estilete: stiletto; stylet
estilista: stylist; designer
estilita: stylite
estilizar: to stylize
estilo: style; stylus; gnomon; manner; use; custom; fashion; stroke; brand; panache; vein; wording; estilo indirecto: reported speech; al estilo de: after; por el estilo: suchlike
estilográfica: fountain pen
estiloso: stylish
estima: esteem; dead reckoning
estimable: praiseworthy; considerable
estimación: evaluation; esteem; estimation; regard
estimado: esteemed; dear; estimated
estimar: to hold in high regard; to estimate; to think; to value; to account
estimarse: to be estimated
estimativo: approximate; rough
estimulante: stimulating; stimulant; invigorating
estimular: to stimulate; to incite; to encourage
estímulo: stimulus; inducement; incentive; encouragement
estío: summer
estipendio: payment; fee; wage; salary
estipulación: stipulation; condition
estipular: to stipulate
estirado: stretched; expanded; snooty; stuck-up; stiff; prim
estirar: to stretch; to extend; to lengthen; to expand; to spin out; tu pull
estirarse: to stretch out; to shoot up
estirón: pull; tug; dar un estirón: to grow tall in a short time
estirpe: stock; lineage; family
estival: summer; estival
esto: this; this point; this matter
estocada: thrust; stab wound; stab; lunge
Estocolmo: Stockholm
estofa: class; quality
estofado: stew; ragout; stewed; quilted; ornamented
estofar: to stew; to ragout
estoicismo: stoicism
estoico: stoic; stoical
estola: stole
estólido: stupid; imbecile
estomacal: stomach; stomachic
estómago: stomach
estomatología: stomatology
Estonia: Estonia
estonio: Estonian
estopa: burlap; oakum; tow
estoque: rapier; narrow sword; sword lily; gladiolus
estor: roller blind; window shade
estorbar: to hinder; to obstruct; to hamper; to impede; to prevent from; to be in the way; to annoy; to inconvenience
estorbo: hindrance; obstacle; obstruction; nuisance
estornino: starling
estornudar: to sneeze
estornudo: sneeze
estos: these; these ones
estrabismo: squint; strabismus
estrado: platform; rostrum; stand; dais; courtrooms
estrafalario: eccentric; outlandish; ridiculous; queer; odd
estrago: havoc; ruin; ravage
estragón: tarragon
estrambótico: outlandish; eccentric; odd; queer; strange
estramonio: stramonium; thorn apple
estrangulación: strangulation; throttling; choke
estrangulador: strangler
estrangular: to strangle; to throttle; to choke
estrangularse: to kill oneself by strangulation
estraperlista: black marketeer
estraperlo: black market
Estrasburgo: Strasbourg
estratagema: stratagem; ruse; device; finesse; frame-up; ploy; scheme; tactic
estratega: strategist
estrategia: strategy; strategics
estratégico: strategic; strategical; strategist
estratificación: stratification
estrato: stratum; layer; stratus
estratosfera: stratosphere
estraza: rag; papel de estraza: brown paper
estrechamiento: narrowing; strengthening; closing; pressing
estrechar: to narrow; to contract; to constrain; to compel; to press; to tighten; to take in; to shake
estrecharse: to narrow; to become narrower; to strengthen; to grow stronger; to shake; to squeeze together
estrechez: narrowness; hardship; tightness; strictness; pressure; closeness; intimacy; jam; predicament; penury; poverty
estrecho: narrow; tight; close; strict; miserly; jam; predicament; strait; straits
estrella: star; destiny; luck; estrella de mar: starfish; estrella fugaz: shooting star; estrella polar: Pole Star
estrellado:> starry; full of stars; star-shaped; fried
estrellar: to smash; to fry eggs; to strew with stars
estrellarse: to crash; to fail; to become strewn with stars
estrellato: stardom
estremecedor: frightful; fearful; thrilling
estremecer: to shake; to make tremble; to shudder; to thrill
estremecerse: to shake; to tremble; to shudder; to thrill
estremecimiento: shaking; trembling; shuddering; shudder; thrill; thrilling
estrenar: to wear for the first time; to handsel; to perform for the first time
estrenarse: to make one's debut
estreno: first use; première; debut; first performance; handsel
estreñido: constipated
estreñimiento: constipation; costiveness
estreñir: to constipate; to bind
estrépito: din; racket; loud noise; display
estrepitoso: deafening; crashing; loud; boisterous; noisy; spectacular
estreptococo: streptococcus
estrés: stress
estresante: stressful
estría: stretch mark; stria; flute; groove
estribación: spur; counterfort
estribar: to rest; to lie
estribillo: chorus; burden; refrain; pet word
estribo: stirrup; footrest; step; spur; buttress; stapes; base; support; abutment; perder los estribos: to lose one's temper
estribor: starboard
estricnina: strychnine
estricto: strict
estridente: strident; loud; garish; shrill
estrofa: stanza; verse; strophe
estrógeno: oestrogen; estrogen
estroncio: strontium
estropajo: scourer; esparto scrub; dishcloth; worthless thing; dishcloth gourd
estropajoso: straw-like; thick; indistinct; untidy; ragged; tough; stringy
estropeado: broken; bust; crippled; tatty; battered
estropear: to damage; to spoil; to ruin; to maim; to cripple
estropearse: to break down; to go bad; to fall through; to be ruined
estropicio: mess; upset; breakage; smash; crash
estructura: structure; frame; framework; make
estructuralismo: structuralism
estructurar: to structure; to build
estruendo: din; racket; clangor; crash; uproar; confusion; ostentation
estrujar: to squeeze; to press; to crush; to jam; to drain; to exhaust
estrujón: squeeze; crush
estuario: estuary
estuche: case; cover; etui; etwee
estuco: stucco
estudiado: studied; affected; mannered
estudiante: student
estudiantil: student
estudiantina: student musical band
estudiar: to study; to look into; to examine; to be a student
estudio: study; paper; studio flat; studio; library
estudioso: studious; hard-working
estufa: stove; heater; cooker; oven
estupefacción: stupefaction; amazement
estupefaciente: narcotic; stupefacient
estupefacto: astonished; speechless; amazed; dumbfounded; aghast; stupefied; thunderstruck
estupendo: wonderful; marvelous; stupendous
estupidez: stupidity; stupid thing
estúpido: stupid; foolish; witless; silly; doltish; dumb; fatuous; headless; idiotic; long-eared; long-neb; mindless; senseless; vacuous; asinine; blockish; bonehead; braindead; brainless; clodpole; clodpoll; cock-eyed; crass
estupor: stupor; amazement; astonishment
estupro: rape; violation; unlawful intercourse with a minor
esturión: sturgeon
esvástica: swastika
etapa: phase; stage; leg
etcétera: et cetera
éter: ether; heavens
etéreo: ethereal; aerial
eterna: vida eterna: afterlife
eternidad: eternity; long time; aeon; lifetime
eternizar: to eternize; to perpetuate; to prolong for a very long time
eternizarse: to take ages; to become interminable
eterno: eternal; endless; everlasting; perpetual; timeless; undying; ageless; hacerse eterno: to drag
ética: ethics
ético: ethical; moral; moralist
etílico: ethylic
etilo: ethyl
etimología: etymology
etimológico: etymological
etíope: Ethiopian
Etiopía: Ethiopia
etiqueta: label; tag; etiquette; ceremony; formality; de etiqueta: formal; full dress
etiquetar: to label
etnia: ethnic group
étnico: ethnic
etnología: ethnology
etnológico: ethnological
etrusco: Etruscan
eucalipto: eucalyptus
eucaristía: Eucharist
eufemismo: euphemism
euforbio: spurge
euforia: euphoria; euphory
eufórico: euphoric
eunuco: eunuch
eurasiático: Eurasian
eureka: eureka
euroasiático: Eurasian
eurodiputado: member of the European Parliament
Europa: Europe
europeo: European
Euskadi: Basque Country
euskera: Basque
eutanasia: euthanasia
evacuación: evacuation; discharge; carrying out
evacuar: to evacuate; to empty; to vacate; to discharge; to fulfil
evadir: to avoid; to elude; to evade; to shirk
evadirse: to escape; to sneak away
evaluación: evaluation; assessment; set of exams
evaluar: to assess; to evaluate
evanescente: fading
evangélico: evangelical
evangelio: gospel
evangelista: evangelist; gospel chanter
evangelizar: to evangelize
evaporación: evaporation
evaporar: to evaporate; to cause to vanish
evaporarse: to evaporate; to vanish; to disappear
evasión: escape; flight; evasion; evasión de impuestos: tax evasion
evasiva: evasive; reply; evasion; subterfuge
evasivo: evasive
evento: unforeseen circumstance; event; contingency
eventual: eventual; contingent; temporary
eventualidad: temporary status; chance; circumstance; case; contingency
evidencia: obviousness; evidence; certainty; fact; proof
evidenciar: to demonstrate; to make clear; to show
evidente: obvious; clear; evident
evitar: to avoid; to prevent; to elude; to shun; to save; to abnegate
evitarse: to avoid each other
evocación: evocation; evoking
evocador: evocative
evocar: to recall; to evoke; to call up; to conjure
evolución: evolution; development
evolucionar: to evolve; to develop; to change
evolucionismo: evolutionism
evolucionista: evolutionist
ex: former; ex
exabrupto: cutting remark; abruptly; suddenly
exacerbación: aggravation; exacerbation
exacerbante: exasperating; infuriating
exacerbar: to irritate; to exasperate; to exacerbate; to make worse
exactitud: accuracy; exactness; precision; punctuality
exacto: exact; precise; accurate; punctual
exageración: exaggeration
exagerado: excessive; exaggerated
exagerar: to exaggerate
exaltación: praise; exaltation; passion; excitement
exaltado: overexcited; worked up; impassioned; heated; hothead; extreme
exaltar: to excite; to work up; to elevate; to raise
exaltarse: to get worked up; to get carried away
examen: examination; exam; test; inspection; study; survey
examinador: examiner; examining
examinar: to examine; to consider; to inspect; to survey; to look into; to search; to scan
examinarse: to sit an examination
exangüe: exhausted; drained; bloodless; pale; lifeless; dead
exánime: dead; exhausted; drained; lifeless; weak; faint
exasperación: exasperation; aggravation
exasperante: exasperating
exasperar: to exasperate; to acerbate; madden; to tantalize
exasperarse: to become exasperated
excarcelación: release from prison
excarcelar: to release from prison
escavación: excavation; digging; dig
excavador: excavating; digging
excavadora: power shovel; digger
excavar: to dig; to excavate; to loosen the soil around a plant
excedencia: leave of absence; temporary retirement
excedente: surplus; on leave; excessive; leftover; temporary retiring
exceder: to exceed; to surpass; to go beyond
excederse: to go too far; to go overboard
excelencia: excellence; excellency
excelente: excellent; very good; very fine
excelentísimo: most excellent
excelso: eminent; sublime
excentricidad: eccentricity
excéntrico: eccentric; crank
excepción: exception
excepcional: exceptional; unusual; rare; uncommon; singular; lollapalooza; outstanding; preternatural
excepto: but; except; apart from; excepting; save; besides; excluding; forbye; barring
exceptuar: to exclude; to except; to exempt
excesivo: excessive
exceso: excess; surplus; intemperance; outrage; surfeit; glut; overkill
excipiente: excipient
excitable: excitable; temperamental
excitación: agitation; excitement
excitante: exciting; stimulating; stimulant
excitar: to work up; to excite; to stimulate; to arouse; to move
excitarse: to get excited; to get worked up
exclamación: exclamation
exclamar: to exclaim; to cry out
exclamativo: exclamatory
excluir: to exclude; to leave out; to rule out; to bar; to debar
excluirse: to be mutually exclusive
exclusión: exclusion
exclusiva: exclusive rights; exclusive story; rejection
exclusive: exclusive; exclusively
exclusividad: exclusiveness
exclusivo: sole; exclusive; select
excombatiente: ex-serviceman; veteran
excomulgado: excommunicated; excommunicate; imp of mischief
excomulgar: to excommunicate; to anathematize
excomunión: excommunication
excrecencia: excrescence; excrescency
excremento: excrement
excretar: to excrete; to void excrements
excretor: excretory
exculpación: exculpation; exoneration; acquittal
exculpar: to exonerate; to exculpate
excursión: trip; excursion; outing; tour; hike; jaunt; junket; sally; spree; airing; day trip
excursionismo: hiking
escursionista: day tripper; hiker; excursionist
excusa: excuse; excusing; apology
excusado: forgiven; exempt; excused; needless; unnecessary; lavatory; toilet; bathroom
excusar: to excuse; to forgive; to save; to spare; to avoid; to prevent; to exempt from
excusarse: to apologize; to excuse oneself
execrable: execrable; deplorable; contemptible
execrar: to execrate; to deplore; to condemn
exención: exemption
exento: exempt; free; deprived; bare; isolated; disengaged
exequias: funeral rites; exequies; obsequies
exfoliación: exfoliation
exfoliar: to exfoliate
exhalación: exhalation; fume; vapour; bolt of lightning
exhalar: to exhale; to breathe out; to give; to utter; to give off
exhaustivo: exhaustive
exhausto: exhausted
exhibición: demonstration; exhibition; show off; screening; showing
exhibicionismo: exhibitionism; showing off; indecent exposure
exhibir: to exhibit; to show; to show off; to display; to produce
exhibirse: to be screened; to be shown; to show off
exhortación: exhortation; plea
exhortar: to urge; to exhort
exhumación: exhumation
exhumar: to exhume; to disinter; to dig up
exigencia: demand; exigency; requirement; fastidiousness
exigente: demanding; exacting; fastidious
exigir: to demand; to insist on; to require; to need; to exact
exiguo: tiny; meagre; meager; exiguous
exiliado: exiled; in exile
exiliar: to exile; to banish
exiliarse: to go into exile
exilio: exile
eximente: exempting; exonerating
eximio: eminent; most excellent
eximir: to exempt; to absolve
eximirse: to excuse oneself
existencia: existence; life; stock
existencial: existential
existencialismo: existentialism
existencialista: existentialist
existente: existing; present; extant; in stock
existir: to exist; to be
exitazo: big success
éxito: success; luck; coup; éclat; hit; issue; end; tener éxito: to come off; to make the grade; to succeed
exitoso: successful
éxodo: exodus
exonerar: to exonerate; to unburden; to dismiss; to depose
exorbitancia: exorbitance
exorbitante: exorbitant
exorcismo: exorcism
exorcista: exorcist
exorcizar: to exorcize
exótico: exotic; foreign; odd; bizarre
exotismo: exoticism
expandir: to expand; to spread
expandirse: to expand; to spread
expansión: expansion; growth; recreation; relaxation
expansionarse: to expand; to unburden oneself; to open one's heart; to relax; to unwind
expansionismo: expansionism
expansionista: expansionist
expansivo: expansive; open; communicative; effusive
expatriación: expatriation
expatriado: expatriate
expatriarse: to expatriate; to emigrate; to go into exile
expectación: excitement; expectancy; suspense
expectante: expectant
expectativa: expectancy; hope; expectativas: prospects; a la expectativa: on the look out
expectoración: expectoration; phlegm
expectorar: to expectorate; to cough up
expedición: expedition; dispatch; speed; ease; readiness; shipment; issuing; issue
expedicionario: expeditionary; expeditionist
expedidor: issuing; sending; sender; dispatcher; shipper
expedientar: to open a file on
expediente: file; dossier; investigation; action; proceeding; device; resource; expedient; excuse; motive; reason
expedir: to issue; to send; to dispatch; to ship
expeditivo: decisive; expeditious; expeditive
expeler: to give off; to emit; to eject; to throw off
expendedor: vending machine; seller; spender; retailer; dispensing; vending
expendeduría: tobacconist's
expender: to sell; to retail; to spend; to pass counterfeit money
expensas: expenses
experiencia: experience; experiment
experimentación: experimentation; testing
experimentado: experienced; tested
experimental: experimental
experimentar: to try; to test; to experience; to feel; to undergo; to experiment
experimento: experiment
experto: expert; skilful; proficient; pundit; wizard; adept; cognoscente; connoisseur; experienced;
expiación: expiation; atonement
expiar: to expiate; to atone for
expiatorio: expiatory
expiración: expiry; expiration; end
expirar: to expire; ti run out; to pass away
explanada: esplanade
explayar: to extend; to widen; to dilate
explayarse: to extend; to spread out; to dwell upon; to amuse oneself; to open one's heart
explicable: understandable; explicable; explainable; accountable
explicación: explanation; reason; accounting for; account
explicar: to explain; to expound; to account for
explicarse: to explain oneself; to make oneself understood
explicativo: explanatory
explícito: explicit
exploración: exploration; examination; reconnaissance; scan; scanning; scouting
explorador: explorer; scout; exploratory; reconnaissance
explorar: to explore; to prospect; to reconnoitre; to examine; to scan; to scout
exploratorio: exploratory
explosión: explosion; blast; outburst; boom; report; spurt; blaze; flare-up; gust; outbreak
explosionar: to explode; to blow up
explosivo: explosive
explotación: farming; cultivation; working; exploitation; development
explotador: exploiter
explotar: to exploit; to work; to run; to milk; to tap; to operate; to develop; to cultivate; to take advantage of; to go off; to explode; to blow up; to detonate
expoliación: plundering; pillage; spoliation
expoliar: to plunder; to pillage
expolio: plundering; pillage
exponente: exponent; power; expounder
exponer: to display; to exhibit; to expose; to expound; to risk; to endanger; to imperil; to jeopardize; to stake
exponerse: to expose oneself
exportación: export; exportation
exportador: exporter; exporting
exportar: to export
exposición: exposition; expounding; explanation; account; statement; address; petition; exposure; display; exhibition; peril; risk; jeopardy; show
expósito: abandoned; foundling
expositor: exhibitor; expositor; display stand; showcase; exhibiting
exprés: express; espresso
expresado: aforesaid
expresamente: specifically; on purpose; expressly; deliberately
expresar: to express; to convey
expresarse: to express oneself; to be stated
expresión: expression; expressiveness
expresionismo: expressionism
expresionista: expressionist
expresividad: expressiveness
expresivo: affectionate; kind; warm-hearted; expressive
expreso: expressed; express; clearly stated; on purpose
exprimidor: squeezer; juice extractor
exprimir: to squeeze; to exploit; to express; to press out; to wring
expropiación: expropriation
expropiar: to expropriate
expuesto: on show; on display; exhibited; stated; exposed; dangerous; risky
expulsar: to throw out; to expel; to send down; to send off; to emit; to give off; to eject; to drive out; to cashier
expulsión: expulsion; sending down; sending off
expulsor: ejecting; ejector
expurgar: to expurgate
exquisitez: exquisiteness; delicacy; excellence
exquisito: refined; exquisite; delicious
extasiado: in ecstasy
extasiarse: to become ecstatic; to go into raptures
éxtasis: ecstasy; rapture
extemporáneo: unseasonable; untimely; unfortunate; inopportune
extender: to extend; to spread out; to spread; to extend; to unfold; to enlarge; to widen; to draw up; to make out
extenderse: to stretch; to extend; to spread; to lie down; to last
extendido: outstretched; spread out; widespread
extensible: extendible; extensible
extensión: extension; area; length; duration; tract; waste; breadth; expanse; expansion; extent; largeness; scope; span; spread; sweep
extensivo: applicable; extensive; ample; loose
extenso: extensive; vast; long; lengthy
extensor: chest expander; extending
extenuación: exhaustion; emaciation; wasting
extenuado: exhausted
extenuar: to exhaust; to emaciate; to weaken; to wear out
extenuarse: to become exhausted; to wear oneself out
exterior: exterior; external; outer; foreign; outside; appearance; abroad; wing; winger
exterioridad: outward appearance; external appearance
exteriorización: manifestation; expression
exteriorizar: yo show; to reveal; to externalize; to make manifest
exteriorizarse: to appear outwardly
exterminación: extermination
exterminador: exterminator; exterminating
exterminar: to exterminate; to wipe out
exterminio: extermination
externo: external; outward; day; foreign
extinción: extinction; extinguishment
extinguir: to exterminate; to wipe out; to put out; to extinguish; to quench
extinguirse: to become extinct; to die out; to go out; to expire; to run out
extinto: extinct; late; deceased
extintor: extinguisher; extinctor
extirpación: extraction; removal; elimination
extirpar: to remove; to stamp out; to eliminate; to extirpate
extorsión: extortion; damage; trouble
extra: outstanding; extra; bonus
extracción: extraction; draw; origin; birth
extractar: to summarize; to abstract; to epitomize
extracto: summary; abstract; extract; statement
extractor: extractor; extracting
extradición: extradition
extraditar: to extradite
extraer: to extract; to draw out; to come out; to reach
extraescolar: extracurricular
extrafino: best quality; superfine
extralimitarse: to go too far; to exceed the limit
extramuros: outside the city
extranjería: foreign status
extranjerismo: loan word; foreignism
extranjero: foreign; outlandish; alien; en el extranjero: abroad
extranjis: on the sly; in secret
extrañar: to surprise; to miss; to banish; to exile
extrañarse: to be surprised; to exile oneself
extrañeza: surprise; wonder; astonishment; strangeness; oddity
extraño: strange; odd; outside; foreign; alien; queer; peculiar; stranger
extraoficial: unofficial; extraofficial
extraordinario: extraordinary; unusual; uncommon; outstanding; exceptional; special; extra; additional
extrapolar: to extrapolate
extrarradio: outskirts
extraterrestre: extraterrestrial; alien; extraterrestrial
extraterritorial: extraterritorial
extravagancia: outrageousness; outrageous act; oddness; wildness; folly; nonsense
extravagante: outrageous; extravagant; outlandish; flamboyant; odd; queer; wild; nonsensical
extravertido: extrovert
extraviado: lost; missing; mislaid; stray; out-of-the-way
extraviado: abord
extraviar: to misplace; to mislay
extraviarse: to get lost; to lose one's way; to go astray; to be mislaid; to miscarry
extravío: loss; misdeed; misdemeanour; error; wrong; aberrance; aberrancy
extremado: great; exceptional; extreme
Extremadura: Extremadura
extremar: to carry ti extremes
extremarse: to take great pains
extremaunción: last rites; extreme unction
extremeño: from Extremadura
extremidad: end; extremity; tip
extremismo: extremism
extremista: extremist
extremo: extreme; utmost; great; excessive; tip; end; extremity; point; wing
extrovertido: extrovert
exuberancia: lushness; exuberance
exuberante: lush; exuberant
exudar: to exude; to ooze out
exultante: exultant
eyaculación: ejaculation
eyacular: to ejaculate
eyección: ejection
eyectar: to eject
eyector: ejector

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