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cabal: upright; exact; full; complete; perfect; faultless; exactly; no estar en sus cabales: not to be in one's right mind
cábala: cabbala; guess; intrigue; divination
cabalgadura: steed; mount; riding horse or animal; beast of burden
cabalgar: to ride; to horse; to mount; to cover a mare
cabalgata: cavalcade; mounted parade
caballa: mackerel
caballeresco: chivalrous; chivalric
caballería: cavalry; horse; riding animal; mule; ass; knights; knighthood
caballeriza: stable; royal mews; stud
caballerizo: stable hand; groom; equerry
caballero: gentleman; knight; riding; mounted; sir
caballeroso: gentlemanly; chivalrous
caballete: easel; trestle; gantry; ridge; bridge; small horse; horse; chimney cap; stand for saddles
caballista: skilled rider; expert on horses; mounted highwayman
caballito: pony; little horse; rocking-horse; hobby-horse; caballitos: merry-go-round
caballo: horse; queen; knight; caballo de tiro: affer; cart-horse; caballo de carga: packhorse; caballo de carreras: racehorse; caballo de diligencia: stager; caballo de guerra: destrier; caballo de labor: dobbin; cola de caballo: ponytail; uña de caballo: coltsfoot; galax; caballo mecedor: hobby-horse; caballo de vapor: horsepower
cabalmente: exactly; completely; fully; just
cabaña: hut; cabin; hovel; livestock; large number of sheep or cattle; balk
cabaré: cabaret
cabaret: cabaret
cabás: satchel; school bag; shopping bag
cabe: near; next to; stroke on a ball
cabecear: to nod in drowsiness; to raise and lower the head; to pitch; to strengthen new wine with old one; to blend wines; to bind the edge; to put the headband; to head the ball; to lurch
cabeceo: shake of the head; nod; toss; pitching and tossing; lurching
cabecera: head; headboard; masthead; flag; source; seat of honour; bedside; main town; head or tail of the back if a book
cabecero: headboard
cabecilla: ringleader; rebel leader; wrong-headed person; little head
cabellera: head of hair; wig; tail
cabello: hair; corn silk
caber: to fit; to go through; to be possible
cabestrillo: sling; little chain worn as a necklace
cabestro: halter; leading ox
cabeza: head; brain; mind; understanding; individual; main town
cabezada: head butt; nod; butt; pitch; pitching; headgear; headstall of a river; headband of a book
cabezal: headboard; small pillow; bolster; head; cartridge; headstock
cabezazo: blow with the head; butt; header
cabezón: with a large head; pigheaded; stubborn; rough
cabezonada: pigheadedness; stubbornness; obstinate act
cabezonería: pigheadedness; stubbornness
cabezota: pigheaded; stubborn; large head
cabezudo: with a large head; pigheaded; stubborn; figure of a big-headed dwarf; carnival figure with a grotesque head
cabezuela: type of coarse flour; middling; head; capitulum; small head
cabida: space; room; capacity; extent; favour; influence; accommodation
cabildo: chapter; town council
cabina: cabina: cabin; cab; cockpit; beach hut; cubicle
cabizbajo: crestfallen; pensive
cable: cable; lead; wire; rope; hawser
cabo: end; extremity; termination; conclusion; bit; stump; strand; haft; rope; cordage; ply; cape; corporal; sergeant; mane, muzzle and feet of horses
cabotaje: coastal shipping; coasting trade; cabotage
cabra: goat
cabrales: type of cheese from Asturias
cabrear: to make furious; to drive mad
cabrearse: to lose one's temper
cabrerizo, cabrero: goatherd
cabrestante: winch; capstan
cabrío: goat
cabriola: skip; caper; gambol; tumble
cabritilla: kid; kidskin
cabrito: kid; young goat; bastard
cabrón: billy goat; bastard; acquiesced cuckold
caca: human excrement; dirt; filth
cacahuete: groundnut; peanut
cacao: cacao; cocoa; lipsalve; chaos; r4c24s; barra de cacao: chap stick
cacarear: to crow; to cackle; to boast; to brag
cacatúa: cockatoo
cacería: hunt; hunting party; hunting scene
cacerola: saucepan; casserole
cacha: handle; side of a razor or wife handle; cheek; buttock; horn; cachas: muscly; muscleman
cachalote: cachalot; sperm whale
cacharro: crock; piece of crockery; rattletrap; rickety machine or car
cachaza: laid-back attitude; slowness; phlegm; coolness; cane spirit
cachear: to frisk; to search
cachemir: cashmere
cacheo: frisking; searching
cachetada: slap
cachete: slap; punch in the face; plump cheek; short dagger
cachiporra: truncheon; nightstick; club; bludgeon
cachivache: piece of junk; vessel; pot; utensil
cacho: piece; bit; fragment; bunch; horn; fresh-water fish; card game; shaker for dice
cachondearse: to make fun; to take the mickey; to poke fun at somebody
cachondeo: joke; good time
cachondo: funny: horny
cachorro: puppy; cub; whelp
cacique: cacique; In Indian chief; local boss; petty tyrant
caciquismo: bossism; oppressive rule by local party bosses
caco: thief; burglar; coward
cacofonía: cacophony
cacto: cactus
cactus: cactus
cacumen: brains; head; acumen
cada: each; every
cadalso: scaffold; platform; stage; stand
cadáver: corpse; cadaver
cadavérico: cadaverous
cadena: chain; network; channel; imprisonment
cadencia: cadence; cadency; rhythm
cadeneta: chain stitch; paper chain
cadera: hip; coxa
cadete: cadet; apprentice
caducar: ti run out; to lapse; to expire; to exceed its shelf life; to dote
caducidad: expiry; shelf life; caducity; lapse
caduco: senile; outdated; caducous
caer: to fall; to fall down; to drop; to tumble down; to realize; to become due; to lie; to be located; to go down; to occur; to decline; to hang
caerse: to fall; to fall out
café: coffee; café; coffee shop; coffeeroom; caff; café con leche: latte
cafeína: caffein; caffeine
cafetal: coffee plantation
cafetera: coffeepot; coffee maker; percolator
cafetería: cafe; coffee house; cafetière; bar; buffet
cafetero: pertaining to coffee; coffee gatherer; keeper of a café; coffee-drinking
cafeto: coffee tree or plant
cafre: thuggish; thug; savage; inhuman; rude; rustic
cagada: droppings; stupid mistake
cagado: chicken
cagalera: the runs; diarrhoea
cagar: to crap; to defecate; to soil; to defile; to make a botch of
cagarse: to be cowed
cagueta: chicken
caída: fall; drop; slope; descent; waterfall; lapse; spiritual ruin; arrangement of folds; depth; hoist
caído: fallen; despondent; downcast; weak; downhearted; drooping
caimán: cayman; alligator
caja: box; chest; casing; cash box; safe; name of some institutions; frame; coffin; body; stock of firearm; well of staircase; drum; socket; mortise; capsule; caja de resonancia: abat-voix
cajero: cashier; box maker
cajetilla: packet of cigarettes
cajista: typesetter; compositor
cajón: drawer; till; locker; large box; crate; kiosk; starting stall; ravine; coffin; casket
cajonera: chest of drawers
cal: lime; whitewash
cala: cove; bay; fishing ground; hold; sample; slice; arum lily; suppository; peseta; hole made in a wall to try its thickness; probe
calabacín: courgette; zucchini; marrow; squash; fool; clot; dolt
calabaza: pumpkin; gourd; squash; dolt; dar calabazas: to refuse
calabobos: drizzle
calabozo: dungeon; cell; pruning sickle
calada: puff; soaking; sinking of a fishing net; swoop of a bird; shed
caladero: fishing ground
calado: soaked; holey; openwork; depth of water; draught; drawn work in linen; fretwork
calafatear: to caulk
calamar: squid; calamary
calambre: cramp: electric shock
calamidad: disaster; misfortune; calamity
calandria: lark; calander; calender; mangle; hoisting treadmill
calaña: character; kind; sort; nature; pattern; model
calar: to soak; to drench; to soak through; to pierce; to penetrate; to see through; to fix; to plug; to incline ready to use; to lower a yard; to sink
calarse: to get soaked; to get drenched; to get in; to enter; to pull on; to swoop
calavera: skull; death's head; madcap; gay blade; profligate; back light
calaverada: prank; escapade; reckless action
calcado: copied; identical; calking; calquing; tracing
calcañar: heel
calcar: to trace; to copy; to calk; to transfer; to imitate
calcáreo: chalky; calcareous
calce: wedge; chock; shim; steel tire of a wheel
calceta: knitting; stocking; hose
calcetín: sock
calcificación: calcification
calcificar: to calcify
calcinar: to burn; to calcine; to calcify
calcio: calcium
calco: copy; tracing; imitation; loan word; calque
calcomanía: transfer; decalcomania
calculador: calculating; calculator
calculadora: calculator; adding machine
calcular: to calculate; to work out; to guess; to conjecture
cálculo: calculation; estimate; computation; conjecture; guess; calculus
caldear: to warm up; to heat
caldearse: to warm up; to become heated; to heat
caldera: boiler; cauldron; kettle; copper; shell of a kettledrum
calderero: boilermaker; coppersmith
caldereta: lamb stew; fish stew; small cauldron; holy-water pot
calderilla: small change; copper coins; holy-water pot
caldero: semispherical kettle or small cauldron
caldillo: stew of minced beef in spicy sauce
caldo: stock; broth; bouillon; clear soup; wine
calé: Spanish gypsy
calefacción: heating; heating system
calefactor: heating engineer; heater; electric fire
caleidoscopio: kaleidoscope
calendario: calendar; schedule
calentador: heater; warming pan; legwarmer
calentamiento: increase in temperature; warm-up; warming; heating
calentar: to heat up; to warm up; to beat; to spank
calentarse: to warm oneself; to get warm; to be in heat
calentura: fever; high temperature; mouth sore
calenturiento: feverish; person who thinks always about sex
calera: limestone quarry; lime kiln
calesa: buggy; kind of calash
caleta: small bay: small cove or creek
calibrar: to calibrate; to gauge
calibre: calibre; caliber; bore; gauge; size; importance
calidad: quality; capacity; position; variety; character; nature; rank; importance
cálido: warm; hot; burning
calidoscopio: kaleidoscope
calientaplatos: hotplate; plate warmer
caliente: hot; warm; heated; in heat; in rut
califa: caliph
califato: caliphate
calificación: assessment; evaluation; grade; mark; qualification; rating; judgement; grading
calificado: reputable; respected; suitable; qualified; competent
calificar: to rate; to determine; to ennoble; to call; to express or denote the qualities of something
calificativo: qualifying; epithet; qualifier
caligrafía: calligraphy; handwriting
calima: haze; mist
calina: haze; mist
cáliz: chalice; calyx; cup of sorrow
caliza: limestone
calizo: calcareous; limy; lime
callada: a meal of tripe; silence; keeping silence
callado: quiet; silent; reserved; reticent
callar: to be silent; to keep silent; to shut up; to be quiet
callarse: to keep to oneself; not to mention
calle: street; lane; fairway
calleja: narrow street; alleyway; alley; lane
callejear: to walk the streets; to hang about the streets; to lounge about the streets
callejero: street; fond of lounging about the streets; stray; street guide
callejón: alley; alleyway
callicida: corn cure; corn remover
callista: chiropodist; podiatrist; corn doctor
callo: callus; callosity; corn; callos: tripe
callosidad: callus; horniness; callosity
calloso: horny; callous
calma: calm; inactivity; letup; allayment; cessation; peace; calmness; composure; slowness; phlegm
calmante: soothing; assuaging; painkiller; calmative; sedative
calmar: to relieve; to calm; to quiet; to pacify; to allay; to soothe
calmarse: to abate; to calm down; to calm oneself
calmo: calm; tranquil; at rest; barren; treeless
calmoso: calm; relaxed; quiet; slow; sluggard
caló: slang of gypsies and low-class people
calor: heat; warmth; hotness; glow; ardour; fire; animation
caloría: calorie
calórico: calorific; caloric
calorífero: heat-producing; heat-emitting; heat-conducting; heater; foot warmer
calorífico: calorific
calumnia: calumny; falsehood; slander; libel
calumniador: calumnious; false; defamatory; liar; slanderer; libeller
calumniar: to falsely accuse; to calumniate; to slander; to defame
caluroso: warm; hot; sensitive to heat; hearty; enthusiastic
calva: bald patch; clearing; bald head; bald woman
calvario: Calvary; calvary; series of debts
calvicie: baldness
calvinismo: Calvinism
calvinista: Calvinist
calvo: bald; hairless; bald-headed; bare; barren
calzada: paved road; road; carriageway; causey; causeway
calzado: shod; calced; calceate; wearing shies; braccate; footwear
calzador: shoehorn
calzar: to put on; to wear; to put shoes on
calzarse: to put on; to wangle
calzo: chock; shim; wedge; scotch; quoin; chuck
calzón: shorts; breeches; trousers
calzonazos: henpecked husband; weak; soft fellow
calzoncillos: drawers; pants
cama: bed; couch; bedstead; lair; part of a melon resting on the ground; brood; litter; sheath; layer or thickness of food; en cama: abed
camada: litter; brood; bed; layer; gang; band
camafeo: cameo
camaleón: chameleon
camaleónico: chameleon-like
cámara: camera; chamber; room; grain loft; granary; stateroom; ward-room; cabin; house; inner tube; stool; cavity
camarada: comrade; schoolmate; colleague; companion; pal; chum
camaradería: comradeship; friendship; camaraderie
camarera: waitress; barmaid; lady-in-waiting; maid; stewardess; abigail
camarero: waiter; barman; steward; papal chamberlain
camarilla: clique; coterie; cabal
camarón: prawn
camarote: cabin; stateroom
camastro: rickety old bed; wretched bed; sleeping boards in a guardhouse
cambalache: barter of cheap things; second hand shop; swap
cambalachear: to barter; to exchange
cámbaro: crab; green crab
cambiable: changeable; exchangeable
cambiadiscos: record changer
cambiador: changing; exchanging; changer
cambiante: variable; changeable; changing; fickle; money-changer
cambiar: to change; to alter; to shift; to convert; to exchange; to swap; to move
cambiazo: big change; swap; switch; dar el cambiazo to make a fraudulent substitution
cambija: raised water reservoir
cambio: change; shift; shifting; exchange; barter; market price; cambium
cambista: money-changer; banker
cambium: cambium
cambray: cambric
cambrón: boxthorn; buckthorn; bramble; Christ's-thorn
cambronal: thicket of boxthorn; buckthorn or brambles
cambronera: boxthorn
cambujo: reddish-black
cambur: kind of banana
camedrio: germander; wall germander
camelar: to court; to flirt with; to cajole; to win over
camelia: camellia
camellero: camel-driver
camello: camel; drug-pusher
camelo: courting; flirtation; deception; con; rip-off; cock-and-bull story
camerino: dressing room
Camerún: Cameroon
camilla: stretcher; litter; couch; small bed; table with a heater underneath
camillero: stretcher bearer; porter
caminante: walker; traveller; wayfarer
caminar: to walk; to travel; to journey; to march; to go; to move along; to cover a distance walking
caminata: long walk; hike; march; excursion
camino: path; track; road; way; course; journey; travel
camión: truck; lorry; bus; camion
camionero: truck driver; lorry driver; bus driver
camioneta: van; station wagon; light motor van
camisa: shirt; chemise; shield; shade; jacket; casing; lining; slough; tegmen; incandescent gas mantle
camisería: shirt factory; shirt shop
camisero: shirt maker
camiseta: vest; undershirt; T-shirt; shirt; jersey
camisola: ruffled shirt; shirt of fine linen
camisón: nightgown; nightdress; nightshirt
camisote: hauberk
camomila: chamomile; camomila
camorra: quarrel; row; fight
camorrista: troublemaking; troublemaker; quarrelsome
campal: batalla campal: pitched battle
campamento: camp; camping; encampment
campana: bell; bell-shaped object; parish
campanada: stroke of a bell; scandal; sensational happening
campanario: bell tower; belfry; campanile
campanearse: to reel
campanilla: small bell; doorbell; uvula; harebell; bellshaped flower; small tassel
campante: unperturbed; pleased; satisfied; content; cheerful
campaña: campaign; level country
campar: to wander; to camp; to excel; to stand out
campeador: champion in a battle
campechano: straightforward; genial; frank; open; hearty; good-humored; generous
campeón: champion; defender
campeonato: championship
campera: jacket
campero: country; unsheltered; good at farming
campesino: rural; country; peasant; countryman
campestre: country; field; rural; campestrian
camping: camp site; camping
campiña: countryside; area of arable land
campista: camper
campo: country; countryside; field; pitch; cultivated land; crops; ground; links; army; side
campus: campus
can: dog; trigger; bracket; corbel; modillion
cana: white hair
Canadá: Canada
canadiense: Canadian
canal: channel; canal; duct; valley; gutter; flute; groove
canalizar: to channel; to canalize; to pipe; to wire; to direct
canalla: rogue; swine; scum; riffraff; rabble; cad; rascal; scoundrel
canallada: dirty trick; caddish trick
canalón: rain water pipe; roof gutter; gargoyle
canapé: canapé; couch; sofa
canario: canary
canasta: basket; large round basket; canasta
canastilla: small basket; baby clothes; sewing basket; layette; trousseau
canasto: big basket
cancela: wrought-iron gate; entrance grating
cancelar: to cancel; to pay off; to annul; to abort
cáncer: cancer
cancerbero: goalkeeper; Cerberus
cancerígeno: carcinogenic
canceroso: cancerous
cancha: court; pitch; field; court; cockpit; race-course
canciller: chancellor; foreign minister
cancillería: chancellery; chancery
canción: song; ballad; excuse; canción de cuna: lullaby
cancionero: songbook; book of poetry; collection of lyrics
candado: padlock
candaliza: brail
candeal: white
candela: candle; taper; candlestick; chestnut flower; fire
candelabro: candelabrum
candelaria: great mullein
candelero: candlestick; metal olive-oil lamp; fishing torch; stanchion
candente: candent; candescent; red-hot; burning
candidato: candidate; applicant
candidatura: list of candidates; candidature; candidacy; ballot paper
candidez: naturalness; simplicity; whiteness; naïvety
cándido: innocent; guileless; naïve; simple; easy to deceive; white; snowy
candil: oil lamp; tine of antler; corner of a cocked hat; chandelier
candileja: inner receptacle of an oil lamp; candilejas: footlights
candor: innocence; guilelessness; candour; ingenuousness; pure whiteness
candoroso: innocent; ingenuous; pure; naïve
canela: cinnamon; anything exquisite
canelo: cinnamon-coloured; cinnamon tree; silly; fool
canelón: piece of cannelloni; icicle; gutter; cinnamon candy; tubular element of a fringe
canesú: yoke of a shirt or blouse; a woman's corsage
cangilón: bucket; earthen or metal vessel for liquids; dredge bucket; scoop; fluting of a roof
cangrejo: crayfish; crab; gaff
canguelo: fear
canguro: kangaroo; baby-sitter
caníbal: cannibal; animal
canibalismo: cannibalism
canica: marble
caniche: poodle
canícula: dog days
canijo: weak; puny; weakling; infirm; sickly
canilla: shin; shinbone; spool; bobbin; quill; spout; tap; spigot; unevenness of the wood in thickness or colour
canino: canine
canje: exchange
canjeable: exchangeable
canjear: to exchange
cannabis: cannabis
cano: white; grey; hoary
canoa: canoe
canódromo: dogtrack
canon: rule; canon; royalty; rent; rate; standard measurements of the human figure
canónico: canonical; canonic
canónigo: canon; prebendary
canonización: canonization
canonizar: to canonize
canoro: canorous; sweet-singing; tuneful
canoso: white-haired; grey-haired; hoary
cansado: tired; weary; spent; worn-out; exhausted; tiring; tiresome; wearisome
cansancio: tiredness; fatigue; weariness
cansar: to tire; to tire out; to fatigue; to weary; to bore; to harass; to exhaust
cansarse: to tire; to fatigue; to grow weary; to become exhausted
cansino: weary; tired; exhausted
cantábrico: Cantabrian
cantamañanas: unreliable person
cantante: singer; singing
cantaor: Flamenco singer
cantar: short poem apt for a folk song; to sing; to chant; to speak; to squeak; to confess; to crow; to chirp; to chirr; to chantey; to call; to attract attention
cántara: pitcher; jug; wine measure equivalent to 32 pints
cantarín: fond of singing; singsong; singer
cántaro: pitcher; jug; water jar; ballot box
cantata: cantata
cantautor: singer-songwriter
cante: song
cantera: quarry; stone pit; talent; capacity
cantero: quarryman; stone cutter; easy-to-break extremity of something hard
cántico: canticle; song
cantidad: quantity; amount; lots; sum; figure; a lot
cantiga: medieval poem
cantimplora: water bottle; canteen; siphon
cantina: canteen; railway buffet; barroom; lunch box
cantinela: refrain; short lyric; song; annoying repetition
cantinera: barmaid; vivandière
cantinero: barman; canteen-keeper
canto: singing; chant; chirp; edge; rim; thickness; back; stone
cantón: canton; district; region; corner; cantonment
cantonés: Cantonese
cantor: singing; singer; cantor
canturrear: to hum; to sing in low voice
cánula: catheter; cannula
canuto: cardboard tube; poster tube; joint
caña: cane; reed; cane; long bone; shank; cannon; tall and narrow wine tumbler; beer; shaft of a pillar; tipstock of firearm
cañada: cattle trail; ravine; glen; dell; hollow
cañamazo: canvas; burlap; hemp tow
cáñamo: hemp; hempen cloth
cañamón: hempseed
cañaveral: reedbed; canebrake; sugar plantation
cañería: pipe; conduit
cañí: stereotyped; gypsy
cañizo: cane matting; hurdle of reeds
caño: tube; pipe; jet; tap; spout; faucet; sewer; narrow channel
cañón: tube; pipe; barrel; cannon; gun; quill; canyon
cañonazo: cannon shot; report of a gun; powerful shot; bombshell
caoba: mahogany
caolín: kaolin; kaoline
caos: chaos
caótico: chaotic
capa: cloak; mantle; cape; cope; canopy; pretence; disguise; coating; couch; stratum; layer; wrapper of a cigar; colour of an animal; hider; concealer; primage; level
capacho: wicker basket
capacidad: ability; ableness; capacity; content; capaciousness
capacitar: to qualify; to enable; to capacitate
capar: to castrate; to geld; to emasculate
caparazón: shell; carapace; caparison; covering; nose bag; carcass
capataz: foreman; overseer; steward
capaz: capable; able; competent; having room or capacity; capacious; roomy; capable; ser capaz: to be able to; not to be above
capazo: wicker basket; large flexible basket; blow given with a cloak
capcioso: cunning; captious; insidious; deceiving
capea: bullfight with young bulls
capear: to play the bull using the cape; to beguile; to ride out; to weather; to lie to
capellán: chaplain; priest; clergyman
capellanía: chaplaincy
caperuza: hood; top; cap; pointed hood; chimney cap
capicúa: reversible number
capilar: of the hair; capillary
capilla: hood; cowl; chapel; oratory; choir; friar; monk; proof sheet
capirotazo: flip; flick; fillip
capirote: hood; chaperon; conical or hood worn in processions; doctoral hooded mozzetta
capital: prime; primary; capital; property; fortune
capitalino: from the capital
capitalismo: capitalism
capitalista: capitalist
capitalizar: to capitalize; to compound the interest; to take advantage of
capitán: captain; chief; leader; great soldier; master
capitanear: to lead; to command; to captain
capitel: capital; spire
Capitolio: capitol
capitoné: removal van
capitoste: chief; boss
capitulación: capitulation; surrender; agreement
capitular: capitular; to agree; to conclude in agreement; to capitulate; to order; to decree
capítulo: chapter; episode; subject; matter; charge; impeachment; meeting of members of a monastic or knightly order
capó: bonnet; hood
capón: capon; castrated; gelded; rap on the head
caporal: foreman; chief; leader; headman in a ranch
capota: roof; hood; top; bonnet with strings; poke bonnet; cowling
capotazo: pass made by the bullfighter with the cape
capote: long cloak; greatcoat; bullfighter's cape
capricho: whim; caprice; freak; fancy; longing; desire
caprichoso: stubborn; capricious; freakish; fanciful
cápsula: capsule; cartridge shell
captar: to win; to secure; to collect; to get; to pick up
captura: capture; seizure; arrest
capturar: to capture; to seizure; to catch
capucha: hood; cowl; circumflex accent
capuchino: Capuchin; capuccino
capuchón: hood; top; cap; capuchin; short domino; valve cap
capullo: cocoon; bud; acorn cup; foreskin
caqui: khaki; kaki; Japanese persimmon
cara: face; visage; countenance; look; mien; aspect; front; façade; outside; surface; nerve; cheek
carabela: caravel
carabina: carbine; chaperone; chaperon
carabinero: police officer; revenue guard; prawn; kind of crayfish
cárabo: tawny owl; carabus
caracol: snail; cochlea; kiss-curl; spiral; fusee
caracola: conch or triton shell
carácter: character; nature; disposition; status; characteristic
característica: characteristic; code; dialling code; actress who enacts elderly characters
característico: characteristic; old man
caracterizar: to characterize; to give distinction; to act a part properly; to dress and make up for a role
caracterizarse: to be characterized
caradura: cheeky; cheek
carajillo: coffee with a dash of brandy
caramba: good grief; gosh
carámbano: icicle
carambola: cannon; carom; chance; multiple car crash; pile-up; double effect of a single act; carambola
caramelo: sweet; candy; caramel
carantoña: caresses; wheedling; cajolery; painted hag
carátula: cover; sleeve; mask; wire mask
caravana: caravan; tailback; trailer
caray: good grief
carbohidrato: carbohydrate
carbón: charcoal; carbon; crayon
carboncillo: charcoal; charcoal pencil; black sand; wheat smut
carbonera: coal store; coal cellar; wood prepared for burning into charcoal
carbonería: coal yard; charcoal shop or store
carbonero: coalman; coal merchant
carbónico: carbonic
carbonilla: coal dust; cinder
carbonizar: to carbonize; to reduce to charcoal; to char
carbonizarse: to be burned to ashes; to become carbonized
carbono: carbon
carbunco: carbuncle; anthrax
carburador: carburettor; carburetor
carburante: fuel; carburant
carburar: to fire; to carburet
carburo: carbide
carca: narrow-minded; reactionary
carcaj: quiver
carcajada: peal of laughter; guffaw; cachinnation
carcajearse: to laugh heartily
carcamal: old-fashioned; fogey; infirm; decrepit
cárcava: gully; ravine; ditch; grave
cárcel: jail; prison; gaol; coulisse; carpenter's clamp
carcelario: relating to jail or prison
carcelero: jailer; gaoler; warder
carcinógeno: carcinogenic
carcinoma: carcinoma
carcoma: woodworm; gnawing care; fritterer; corroder
carcomer: to eat away; to undermine; to gnaw; to consume
carcomerse: to be eaten away
carda: teasel; carding; severe reproof
cardar: to card; to backcomb; to card; to teasel; to raise a nap
cardenal: cardinal; bruise; black-and-blue mark; ecchymosis
cárdeno: purple; violet; livid; piebald; opaline
cardiaco: cardiac; nervous; heart case
cardinal: cardinal
cardiología: cardiology
cardiólogo: cardiologist; heart specialist
cardiopatía: heart disease
cardo: thistle; cardoon; horrible person; very ugly person
carear: to confront; to bring face to face; to compare; to lead cattle toward some place
carecer: to lack; to be without
carencia: shortage; lack; want; deficiency; deprivation; absence
carente de: lacking; wanting
careo: confrontation of criminals and witnesses
carero: expensive; dear; charging high prices
carestía: high price; high cost; shortage; scarcity; want; famine
careta: mask; fencing mask
careto: face; white-faced
carey: hawkbill turtle; tortoiseshell
carga: loading; cargo; freight; load; weight; refill; charge; burden; tax; duty; obligation; expenses
cargadero: loading bay; loading place; freight station
cargado: loaded; stuffy; stifling; full; fraught; sultry; cloudy; strong; saturated
cargador: loader; shipper; freighter; carrier; porter; loader; charger; clip; magazine
cargamento: load; freight; cargo; shipment
cargante: tiresome; boring; annoying
cargar: to load; to burden; to lumber with; to charge; to tax; to annoy; to bore; to tire; to rest; to lean; to incline towards; to impute; to ascribe
cargarse: to burden oneself; to get cloudy; to become charged; to break; to kill
cargo: post; position; charge; loading; burden; weight; debit; employment; duty; office; care; accusation; hacerse cargo: to take over
carguero: freighter; transport plane; beast of burden
cari: grey
cariacontecido: downcast; sad; troubled; crestfallen
cariar: to rot; to cause to decay; to cause caries
cariarse: to decay
cariátide: caryatid
Caribe: Caribbean; brute; savage
caribú: caribou
caricatura: caricature; cartoon
caricaturizar: to caricature
caricia: caress; stroke; petting; endearment
caridad: charity
caries: tooth decay; caries
carillón: carillon
cariño: love; affection; fondness; tenderness; care; solicitude; attachment; devotion; darling; baby; honey; honeybun; pet; precious
cariñoso: loving; affectionate; kind; endearing; doting
carisma: charisma; charism
carismático: charismatic
caritativo: charitable
cariz: aspect; look
carlinga: cockpit; mast step
carmelita: Carmelite
carmelito: brown
carmesí: crimson
carmín: carmine; lipstick
carnada: bait
carnal: carnal; of the flesh; first
carnaval: carnival
carnaza: bait; abundance of flesh
carne: flesh; meat; carne de gallina: goose flesh
carné: card
carnero: ram; sheep; mutton; charnel; sepulchre
carnet: card; notebook
carnicería: butcher's; carnage; slaughter; massacre
carnicero: butcher; carnivorous; blood-thirsty; sanguinary
carnívoro: carnivorous; carnivore
carnoso: fleshy; carnose
caro: expensive; costly; high-priced; dear; beloved
carolingio: Carolingian
carota: insolent; cheeky; cheeky person
carótida: carotid
carpa: carp; marquee; big top; awning; tent
carpeta: folder; letter file; portfolio; writing-table cover; writing case
carpetazo: dar carpetazo: to lay aside; to shelve; to pigeonhole
carpintería: carpentry; carpentering; carpenter's shop
carpintero: carpenter; joiner
carraca: rattle; carrack; clumsy old boat; rattletrap; load of junk; ratchet brace
carraspear: to clear one's throat; to hawk; to suffer from hoarseness
carraspera: hoarseness; frog-in-the-throat
carrera: run; running; race; journey; course; university studies; career; ladder; street; road; highway; route; row; line; range; parting in hair; girder
carrerilla: run-up; short run; run of an octave; de carrerilla: parrot fashion
carreta: cart; long and narrow cart
carretada: cartload; cartful; heap; great quantity
carrete: reel; bobbin; spool; roll; coil
carretera: road; highway
carretero: carter; cartman; teamster; cartwright; wheelwright
carretilla: wheelbarrow; truck; baggage truck; handcart; gocart
carricoche: covered wagon; jalopy; old banger
carril: rail; lane; rut; track; furrow; cartway
carrillo: cheek; jowl; comer a dos carrillos: to eat greedily
carrito: trolley; cart
carro: cart; car; trolley; automobile; tank
carrocería: body; bodywork; coachmaker's shop
carromato: covered wagon; long two-wheeled car with a tilt
carroña: carrion
carroñero: carrion-eating; scavenger
carroza: carriage; float; awning; tilt; hearse; old fogey; old-fashioned
carruaje: carriage; coach; car; vehicle
carta: letter; card; menu; chart; map; charter; deed
cartabón: set square; drawing triangle; carpenter's square; size stick; topographic octagonal prism
cartaginés: Carthaginian
cartapacio: folder; notebook; schoolboy's copy book
cartear: to ply low letters
cartearse: to exchange letters
cartel: poster; placard; bill; sign; mural reading chart; reputation
cártel: cartel
cartelera: billboard; hoarding; listings
cárter: housing; sump; case
cartera: postwoman; mail carrier; wallet; billfold; purse; handbag; school bag; satchel; portfolio; client list
carterista: pickpocket
cartero: mailman; postman; letter carrier
cartesiano: Cartesian
cartílago: cartilage; gristle
cartilla: reader; primer; short treatise; identity book
cartografía: cartography
cartógrafo: cartographer
cartomancia: cartomancy
cartón: cardboard; pasteboard; carton; box; cartoon
cartuchera: cartridge holder; cartridge belt; pencil case
cartucho: cartridge; roll of coins; paper cone or bag
cartuja: Carthusian order or monastery
cartujo: Carthusian monk; taciturn fellow; recluse
cartulina: light or fine cardboard
casa: house; building; establishment; home; household; family; firm; square
casaca: old long coat; diplomat's coat
casación: cassation; quashing; annulment
casadero: of marrying age; marriageable
casado: married; married person
casamentero: matchmaking; matchmaker
casamiento: wedding; marriage
casar: hamlet; to marry; to get married; to match; to go together; to harmonize; to quash; to annul; to suit; to correspond
casarse: to marry; to get married
cascabel: small spherical bell; rattle; jingle; cheerful person; serpiente de cascabel: rattlesnake; sidewinder
cascabeleo: jingle
cascada: waterfall; cascade
cascado: worn-out; harsh; cracked; broken; infirm; decayed; weak
cascajo: rubble; gravel; fragments of stone; a broken piece of crockery
cascanueces: nutcracker
cascar: to crack; to break; to chink; to shell; to chip; to hit; to chat; to gas; to snuff it; to become infirm
cáscara: shell; skin; peel; rind; bark; cáscaras: by Jove, for heaven's sake
cascarón: eggshell
cascarrabias: bad-tempered; bad-tempered person; crab or irritable person
casco: helmet; casque; crown of hat; skull; cranium; coat of onion; empty bottle; hull; hoof; broken piece; fragment; headphone
cascote: piece of rubble; debris
caserío: hamlet; farmhouse; group of houses
casero: home-made; domestic; homespun; home-loving; biased; landlord; renter; tenant; caretaker
caseta: hut; beach hut; stand; stall; kennel
caserón: large house; large ramshackle house
casi: nearly; almost; about
casilla: pigeonhole; box; square; booth; cabin; hut; keeper's lodge; column or square on a sheet of paper; sacar de las casillas: to get on one's nerves
casillero: pigeonholes; scoreboard; cubicle; rack
casino: social club; clubhouse; casino
caso: case; event; happening; instance; circumstances; heed; notice; attention; affair
casona: large town house; manor house
caspa: dandruff; scurf
Caspio: Caspian
cáspita: goodness gracious; by Jove
casquete: skullcap; calotte; cap
casquillo: case; fitting; ferrule; socket; metal tip or cap; cartridge case; iron arrow-head
casquivana: loose woman
casquivano: scatterbrained; featherbrained; frivolous
casette: cassette player; cassette recorder; cassette; tape
casta: breed; race; stock; lineage; kindred; caste; kind; quality
castaña: chestnut; demijohn; knot of the hair; chignon; blow; collision; accident; coger una castaña: to get drunk
castañazo: crash; thump; whack
castañero: chestnut seller
castañetear: to play a tune with the castanets; to chatter; to crackle; to cry
castaño: chestnut tree; chestnut-brown; brown; hazel
castañuela: castanet
castellano: Castilian; Spanish language; castellan; lord of a castle
casticismo: love of purity
castidad: chastity; continence
castigar: to punish; to chastise; to penalize; to mortify; to cut down expenses
castigo: punishment; chastisement; penance; penalty; affliction; mortification; castigation
Castilla: Castile
castillo: castle
castizo: pure; correct; traditional; of good breed; of good origin; prolific
casto: chaste; pure
castor: beaver
castración: castration; gelding; spaying; extraction of honeycombs
castrar: to castrate; to geld; to spay; to prune; to extract combs form hive; to weaken; to emasculate
castrense: military; pertaining to the army
casual: chance; accidental; fortuitous; casual
casualidad: chance; coincidence; accident
casualmente: by chance; by accident
casulla: chasuble
cata: tasting; sample; taste; small portion; prospection
cataclismo: cataclysm
catacumbas: catacombs
catador: taster; sampler
catafalco: catafalque
catafaros: reflector
catalejo: small telescope; spyglass
catalizador: catalytic; catalyst; catalytic converter; driving force
catalogar: to catalogue; to classify; to consider
catálogo: catalogue; catalog
catamarán: catamaran
cataplasma: poultice; bore
catapulta: catapult
catapultar: to catapult
catar: to taste; to sample; to look at; to examine; to experience; to think; to judge; to cut combs out of a hive
catarata: cataract; waterfall
catarro: cold; catarrh; head cold
catastro: land registry; land office; cadastre; cadaster
catástrofe: disaster; catastrophe
catastrófico: catastrophic; disastrous
catastrofista: alarmist
catavinos: wine taster; cup for tasting wine
catchup: ketchup
cate: slap; blow; fail
catear: to fail; to reject; to search; to prospect for minerals
catecismo: catechism
cátedra: chair; professorship; cathedra; department
catedral: cathedral
catedrático: professor; senior teacher; university professor
categoría: category; level; class; condition; kind; quality
categórico: categoric; categorical; absolute
catequesis: catechesis
catequista: catechist
catequizar: to catechize; to bring around; to persuade
caterva: crowd; multitude; lot; great number; mass
catéter: catheter
cateto: yokel; rustic; cathetus; leg
catión: cation
cátodo: cathode
catolicismo: Catholicism
católico: Catholic; no estar muy católico: to feel out of sorts; to feel bad
catorce: fourteen
catorceavo: fourteenth
catre: bed; cot; light bed
cauce: bed; course; channel; ditch
caucho: rubber; indian-rubber
caudal: rate of flow; of great volume; caudal; fortune; wealth; means; plenty; abundance; volume of water
caudaloso: full of water; rich; wealthy
caudillo: chief; leader; military leader
causa: cause; reason; origin; motive; account; lawsuit; trial at law
causante: cause; causing; originator
causar: to cause; to do; to create; to originate; to occasion
cáustico: caustic; baiting; vesicatory
cautela: caution; wariness; craft; cunning
cautelar: precautionary; to prevent
cauteloso: cautious; wary; guarded
cauterizar: to cauterize
cautivar: to capture; to take prisoner; to captivate; to enthrall; to charm; to win the attention
cautiverio: captivity; imprisonment
cautividad: captivity
cautivo: captive
cauto: cautious; wary; prudent
cava: royal wine cellar; type of Spanish sparkling wine; digging
cavar: to dig; to hoe; to go to the bottom
caverna: cave; cavern; morbid cavity
cavernícola: cave dweller; reactionary; backwoodsman
cavernoso: deep; hollow; cavernous
caviar: caviar
cavidad: cavity
cavilación: deep thought; rumination; brooding over; unfounded apprehension; fancy
cavilar: to think deeply; to brood; to ruminate; to muse on
cayado: crook; hooked staff; cozier
cayo: key; cay
caza: hunting; chase; game; pursuit plane; fighter
cazabombardero: fighter-bomber
cazador: hunter; hunting; huntsman; fowler; chasseur
cazadora: huntress; jacket
cazalla: type of alcoholic spirit
cazar: to hunt; to fowl; to catch; to trap; to understand; to grasp
cazasubmarinos: submarine chaser
cazatalentos: headhunter; talent scout
cazatorpedero: torpedo-boat destroyer
cazo: saucepan; ladle; dipper; back of knife
cazuela: saucepan; casserole; earthen cooking pan; gallery
cazurro: dour; unforthcoming; taciturn; reticent
cebada: barley
cebador: choke; priming horn; powder flask; fattening; feeding; priming
cebar: to feed up; to fatten; to bait; to sow; to brew; to catch; to take hold
cebarse: to gorge oneself
cebo: bait; lure; incentive; food given to animals; primer charge; African monkey
cebolla: onion; bulb
cebolleta: spring onion; green onion; scallion
cebollino: chive; dunce; onion seedling
cebra: zebra
cebú: zebu
cecear: to lisp; to pronounce s as c
ceceo: lisping; pronunciation of s as c
cecina: salt meat; corned and dried meat
cedazo: sieve; bolt; bolter; large fish net
ceder: to yield; to cede; to transfer; to give up; to give way; to submit; to stop; to give out; to abate; to slacken
cedilla: cedilla
cedro: cedar
cédula: bond; identity card
cefalea: headache
céfiro: zephyr
cegar: to blind; to fill; to become blind; to obfuscate; to dazzle
cegarse: to be blinded; to become blocked
cegato: short-sighted; short-sighted person
ceguera: blindness; obfuscation
ceja: eyebrow; brow; bridge; nut; projecting part; flange; cloud cap
cejar: to give up; to back up; to go backward; to relax; to desist
cejijunto: frowning
celada: ambush; trap; snare; sallet; helmet
celador: caretaker; janitor; warder; watcher; inspector; security guard; custodian; watching
celda: cell
celdilla: cell; niche; cavity
celebración: celebration; holding; praise; applause
celebrar: to celebrate; to hold; to be glad about; to laugh at; to honour; to praise
celebrarse: to be celebrated; to be held; to take place
célebre: famous; well-known; celebrated; funny; witty
celebridad: celebrity; fame; celebration; festival
celeridad: speed; celerity
celeste: heavenly; celestial; pale blue; sky blue
celestial: celestial; heavenly; perfect; delightful
celibate: celibacy; bachelor; single man
célibe: celibate; single; unmarried; bachelor or spinster
celo: zeal; heat; rut; celos: jealousy
celofán: Cellophane
celosía: lattice; grille
celoso: jealous; conscientious; suspicious; zealous
celta: Celtic; Celt
celtíbero: Celtiberian
céltico: Celtic
célula: cell
celular: cellular
celulitis: cellulite
celuloide: celluloid; cinema
celulosa: cellulose
cementerio: cemetery; churchyard; graveyard
cemento: concrete; cement
cena: supper; dinner
cenagal: quagmire; morass; slough
cenar: to have supper; to have dinner; to sup
cencerro: cowbell; estar como un cencerro: to be nuts
cenicero: ashtray; ash pan; ashpit
Cenicienta: Cinderella
ceniciento: ashen; ash-gray
cenit, cénit: zenith
ceniza: ash; ashes; oidium
cenizo: ash-coloured; jinxed; jinx; hoodoo; oidium; goosefoot
censar: to take a census
censo: census; tax; rent charge
censor: censor; critic
censura: censorship; censure; body of censors
censurable: deplorable; blamable; reprehensible
censurar: to censor; to condemn; to blame; to criticize
centauro: centaur
centavo: hundredth; cent
centella: lightning; thunderbolt; spark; flash
centellear: to sparkle; to twinkle; to gleam; to glint; to flash; to scintillate
centena: hundred
centenar: hundred; rye field
centenario: hundred-year-old; centenary; centennial; centenarian
centeno: rye
centésima: hundredth
centésimo: hundredth; centesimal
centígrado: centigrade
centigramo: centigram
centilitro: centilitre; centiliter
centímetro: centimeter; centimetre
céntimo: cent; hundredth part
centinela: sentry; sentinel; guard; watchman
centolla: spider crab; thornback
centollo: spider crab
centrado: correctly positioned; centered; centred; well-balanced; well-adjusted
central: central; centre back; center back; power station; powerhouse; head office; headquarters; main office
centralismo: centralism
centralita: switchboard
centralizar: to centralize
centrar: to centre; to center; to concentrate; to cross
céntrico: central; centric; downtown
centrifugador: centrifugal
centrifugadora: spin dryer; spin drier
centrifugar: to spin; to centrifuge
centrífugo: centrifugal
centro: centre; center; middle; cross; goal; aim; club; association; main office; headquarters; centro comercial: shopping mall
centroafricano: from Central Africa
Centroamérica: Central America
centroamericano: from Central America
centrocampista: midfield player; midfielder
centroeuropeo: from Central Europe
centuria: century
centurión: centurion
ceñido: tight; tight-fitting; close-fitting; thrifty; economical; reduced; condensed
ceñir: to gird; to girdle; to encircle; to fasten around the waist; to fit tight; to shorten; to condense; to haul the wind
ceñirse: to put on; to reduce one's expenses
ceño: frown; threatening aspect; fruncir el ceño: to frown
cepa: stump; stock; grapevine; vine stem; butt or root; de buena cepa: of good quality
cepillar: to brush; to plane; to smooth
cepillo: brush; plane; alms box; cepillo de dientes: toothbrush
cepo: trap; clamp; stocks; pillory; bough; iron trap; branch; alms box; stock of anchor
ceporro: stupid; thick; dunce
cera: wax; beeswax; earwax; cere
cerámica: pottery; ceramics; pot
ceramista: potter; ceramist
cerbatana: blowpipe; blowgun; peashooter; popgun; ear trumpet; small culverin
cerca: fence; wall; near; close; nigh; cerca de: nearly; almost
cercado: enclosed space; fenced-in; walled-in; surrounded; enclosure; fence; wall
cercanía: proximity; nearness; cercanías: surroundings; vicinity; neighbourhood
cercano: nearby; close; near; nearing; neighbouring; adjoining
cercar: to fence in; to fence off; to fence; to hedge; to pale; to wall in; to encircle; to surround; to hem in; to besiege
cercenar: to amputate; to diminish; to clip; to curtail; to lessen; to reduce
cerciorar: to assure; to make someone sure of a fact
cerciorarse: to check; to make sure
cerco: circle; ring; hoop; siege; blockade; frame; casing; rim of wheel; halo
cerda: bristle; horsehair; sow
cerdada: dirty trick
Cerdeña: Sardinia
cerdo: pig; how; swine; filthy; pork
cereal: cereal
cerebelo: cerebellum
cerebral: cerebral; brain; calculating; dispassionate
cerebro: cerebrum; brain; brains; head; leader
ceremonia: ceremony; formality; ceremoniousness
ceremonial: ceremonial
ceremonioso: ceremonious; formal
cereza: cherry
cerezo: cherry tree
cerilla: match; paper match; wax taper
cerillo: match; wax taper
cerner: to sift; to bolt; to scan; to observe; to have flowers in a state of pollination; to drizzle; to mizzle
cernerse: to loom; to soar; to hover; to impend; to hang; to gather; to threaten
cernícalo: kestrel; sparrow hawk; blockhead; rude ignoramus
cernir: cerner
cero: zero; naught; nought; nothing; cipher
cerrado: closed; shut; fastened; locked; broad; incomprehensible; sharp; tight; thick; bushy; narrow-minded; reserved; dim; stupid; cloudy; overcast; secretive; reserved
cerradura: lock
cerrajería: locksmith's shop
cerrajero: locksmith
cerrar: to close; to shut; to turn off; to seal; to fasten; to bolt; to obstruct; to bar; to block; to fold; to heal; to wall; to fence
cerrarse: to close; to shut; to crowd together; to close one's mind; to stand firm
cerrazón: obstinacy; stupidity; dark and cloudy weather
cerril: headstrong; broken; uneven; untamed; unpolished
cerro: hill; neck; back; backbone
cerrojo: bolt
certamen: competition; literary contest
certero: accurate; good; well-aimed; well-directed; unerring; certain; sure; well-informed
certeza: certainty; certitude
certidumbre: certainty; certitude
certificado: registered; certification; certificate
certificar: to certify; to certificate; to guarantee; to register
cerumen: earwax; cerumen
cerval: deer; deerlike; miedo cerval: great fear
cervato: fawn
cervecera: alewife
cervecería: pub; bar; brewery; alehouse
cerveza: beer; ale; wallop; brewski; cerveza de malta: malt; cerveza con gaseosa: shandy; fabricar cerveza: yo brew; fábrica de cerveza: brewery
cervical: of the neck; cervical
cérvido: cervid
cerviz: cervix; neck; nape of the neck
cesante: redundant; ceasing; on part day
cesar: to stop; to cease; to resign; to leave off; to leave a post
cesárea: Caesarean
cese: resignation; cessation; suspension
cesio: caesium; cesium
cesión: cession; transfer; conveyance; assignment
césped: grass; lawn; sward; sod; turf
cesta: basket; hamper; wicker scoop used in playing the game of pelota
cestería: wickerwork; basketmaking; basket shop
cesto: basket; washbasket; cestus
cetáceo: cetacean; cetaceous
cetrería: falconry; hawking
cetrino: sallow; greenish yellow; melancholy; citrine
cetro: sceptre; scepter; verge; perch
chabacano: common; vulgar; tasteless; tacky; in poor taste; coarse; vulgar
chabola: shack; cabin; shanty
chacal: jackal
chacha: maid; nanny; nurse; nursemaid
cháchara: chatting; talking; prattle; idle talk
chachi: brilliant; great
chacolí: light, dry wine made in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Chile
chacota: fun; noisy mirth
chacra: farm; smallholding
chafar: to squash; to crush; to spoil; to ruin; to disappoint; to flatten; to crumple; to rumple; to silence
chaflán: chamfer; bevel
chal: shawl
chalado: nuts; crackers; fool; addlepated; infatuated; in love
chalé: house in the country; detached house; terraced house; chalet
chaleco: waistcoat; vest
chalet: chalet
chalota: shallot; scallion
chalupa: boat; launch; nuts
chamaca: girl; lass
chamaco: boy; lad
chamarilero: dealer in second-hand goods
chamarra: leather jacket; sheepskin jacket
chamba: job; fluke; piece of luck
chambelán: chamberlain
chambergo: jacket; an old broad-brimmed hat with a cocked side
chamizo: thatched hut; den; half-burnt tree or log
champán: champagne; sampan
champaña: champagne
champiñón: mushroom
champú: shampoo
chamuscar: to scorch; to singe; to sear; to scorch
chamuscarse: to get scorched; to be singed
chamusquina: scorching; singe; singeing; row; quarrel
chancha: sow
chancho: pig; filthy; unclean
chanchullo: fiddle; swindle; underhand deal
chancla: flip-flop
chancleta: flip-flop; slipper
chancro: chancre
chándal: tracksuit
chanquete: whitebait
chantaje: blackmail
chantajear: to blackmail
chantajista: blackmailer
chanza: joke; jest; fun
chao: bye
chapa: sheet; plate; veneer; panel; bottle top; cap; tag; badge; button
chapado: plated; veneered; chapado a la antigua: old-fashioned
chapar: to plate; to veneer; to study hard
chaparro: short; squat; dwarf oak; dwarf evergreen oak
chaparrón: heavy shower; downpour; telling-off
chapela: beret
chapista: panel beater
chapitel: capital; spire; agate socket of the spire
chapotear: to splash about; to moisten
chapucero: botched; bungled; amateurish; bungling; shoddy; bungler; botcher
chapurrear: to jabber; to speak brokenly
chapuza: botched job; amateurish job; odd job; slight work; botch; bungle
chapuzón: dive; quick swim; dip; duck; ducking; diving
chaqué: morning coat; cutaway coat
chaqueta: cardigan; jacket; sack coat
chaquetero: turncoat
chaquetilla: short jacket; bullfighter's jacket
chaquetón: short coat; pea-jacket
charada: charade
charanga: brass band
charca: pond; pool
charco: puddle; pool
charcutería: delicatessen
charla: talk; chat; lecture; chatter; prattle; missel thrush
charlar: to talk; to chat; to chatter; to prattle
charlatán: talkative; chatterbox; confidence trickster
charlestón: charleston
charloteo: chattering
charol: patent leather; varnish; japan
charretera: epaulette; epaulet; garter
charro: gaudy; flashy; tawdry; rustic; cowboy
chárter: charter
chascarrillo: amusing story; joke
chasco: disappointment; trick; deceit
chasis: chassis; plate holder
chasquear: to click; to snap; to click; to crack; to disappoint
chasquido: crack; snap; click
chata: bedpan
chatarra: scrap metal; small change
chatarrero: scrap merchant
chato: snub; snub-nosed; low; squat; love
chaval: boy; young man; lad
chavala: girl; young woman; lass
chaveta: pin; key; forelock; linchpin; head
checo: Czech
chef: chef
chelín: shilling
chelo: cello; cellist; cello
chepa: hump; hunch
cheque: cheque; check
chequear: to check
chequeo: checkup
chequera: cheque book; checkbook
chic: chic
chica: girl; maid
chicano: chicano
chicarrón: strong lad
chicha: meat; alcoholic drink made maize; calma chicha: dead calm
chícharo: pea
chicharra: cicada; buzzer; a noisy toy
chicharro: horse mackerel
chichón: bump; lump
chichonera: padded cap; helmet
chicle: chewing gum
chico: small; little; child; kid; youngster; boy; lad
chicuelina: pass leading the bull with the cape
chiflado: mad; crazy; in love
chiflar: to whistle; to hiss; to scoff; to blow; to gulp down; to become crazy; to like
chiflido: whistle; whistling
chiflo: whistle
chihuahua: chihuahua
chilaba: djellaba; jellaba
Chile: Chile
chile: chilli pepper; red pepper
chileno: Chilean
chillar: to scream; to bawl; to shriek; to screech; to squeak; to shout; to yell; to glare; to be garish
chillido: scream; bawl; squeal; squeak; screech
chillón: strident; shrill; lurid; garish; noisy person; shrieking
chimenea: chimney; smokestack; funnel; fireplace; hearth; shaft
chimpancé: chimpanzee
China: China
china: pebble; small stone; chinaroot; Chinese woman; Indian or half-breed maid
chinchar: to pester; to annoy; to bother; to kill
chinche: bedbug; drawing pin; thumb tack; bore; nuisance
chincheta: drawing pin; thumbtack
chinchilla: chinchilla
chinchín: cheers; street music; ballyhoo
chino: Chinese; curly; offspring of Indian and mestizo; manservant; small stone
chip: chip
chipén: brilliant; great; life; excitement
chipirón: baby squid; calamary
Chipre: Cyprus
chipriota: Cypriot
chiquero: pigsty; place where the bulls are shut up
chiquillada: childish thing to do; childish action
chiquillo: kid; child
chiquito: tiny; very small
chirigota: joke; jest; banter
chirimbolo: thingumajig; utensil; implement; vessel
chirimía: hornpipe; kind of flageolet
chirimoya: custard apple; cherimoya
chirimoyo: custard apple tree
chiringuito: drinks and snacks stall
chiripa: fluke; piece of luck
chirla: small clam
chirlo: slash; scar in the face
chirona: slammer; jug; jail; prison
chirriar: to creak; to screech; to squeal; to hiss; to sizzle; to chirp
chirrido: creak; creaking; screech; screeching; hiss; sizzle; chirr; chirping
chis, chist: hush
chisme: thing; implement; utensil; mischievous tale; piece of gossip
chismorrear: to gossip; to tattle
chismorreo: piece of gossip
chismoso: gossipy; gossip; tale bearer
chispa: spark; sparkle; droplet; wit; merry
chispazo: spark; catalyst; flash
chispear: to throw out sparks; to spark; to sparkle; to scintillate; to flash; to spit; to drizzle; to sprinkle
chisporrotear: to throw out sparks; to spark; to sputter
chistar: to speak
chiste: joke; funny story; cartoon; chiste verde: dirty joke
chistera: top hat; fish basket
chistoso: amusing; funny; joker; witty; funny; funny fellow
chita: ankle bone; knucklebone; a game like quoits; a la chita callando: stealthily
chitón: silence; hush; chiton
chivarse: to tell
chivatazo: tip-off
chivato: telltale; informer; grass; warning device; kid
chivo: male kid; chivo expiatorio: scapegoat
chocante: provoking; surprising; funny; hateful
chocar: to crash; to collide; to clash; to meet; to fight; to annoy; to vex; to surprise
chocarrero: gross; coarse; vulgar
chochear: to be in one's dotage; to dote
chochera: senility; dotage
chochez: senility; dotage
chocho: gaga; senile; dotard; doddering
choclo: maize; sweetcorn; corn; corncob; clog; patten
chocolate: chocolate; cocoa; hashish
chocolatería: chocolate factory; chocolate shop
chocolatero: fond of chocolate; chocolate maker
chocolatina: chocolate bar
chófer: chauffeur; driver
chollo: cushy job; bargain
cholo: mestizo
chompa: sweater; pullover
chopo: black poplar; musket; gun
choque: crash; clash; shock; collision; impact; encounter; skirmish; dispute; quarrel
choricear: to pinch; to steal
chorizo: highly spiced pork sausage; thief
chorlito: golden plover; scatterbrains
chorra: idiot; luck
chorrada: nonsense; trinket; extra dash of a liquid
chorrear: to gush; to spout; to drip; to be dripping wet; to flow with
chorreo: jet; drip; drain; spouting; gushing
chorro: stream; string; jet; spout; gush; flow
chotacabras: goatsucker
chotearse: to make fun of someone
chotis: traditional dance of Madrid
choto: sucking calf; kid
chovinismo: chauvinism
chovinista: chauvinist; chauvinistic
choza: hut; cabin; hovel; shanty
christmas: Christmas card
chubasco: shower; downpour; squall
chubasquero: raincoat
chuchería: knick-knack; trinquet; sweets, chocolates, savoury snacks, etc.; titbit; delicacy
chucho: mongrel dog; dog
chuchurrido: withered; down
chueco: crooked
chufa: chufa; groundnut; tiger nut; slap; smack
chufla: joke
chulada: low action; very nice
chulapo, chulapón: bug-mouth; working-class Madrilenian
chulear: to brag; to live off; to banter; to rally wittily
chulearse: to make fun; to brag
chulería: bravado; insolence; pertness
chuleta: cocky; chop; cutlet; crib; slap in the face
chulo: cocky; super; cool; pimp; man kept by a woman; knave
chumbera: prickly pear; Indian fig
chumbo: higo chumbo Indian fig
chunga: joke; banter
chungo: not well; tough
chupa: jacket
chupa-chups(r): lollipop
chupada: suck; drag; pull
chupado: half-eaten; thin; lean; emaciated; está chupado: it's a cinch
chupar: to suck; to suck up; to absorb; to draw
chupatintas: penpusher; office clerk
chupe: spicy soup; pacifier
chupete: dummy; pacifier
chupinazo: rocket; fierce shot
chupito: small glass of wine; drop
chupón: dummy; pacifier; sucking; blotting paper; sucker; sponge; parasite
churra: good luck
churrasco: steak; barbecued steak
churrera: machine for making churros
churrería: shop selling churros
churrero: lucky; maker or seller of churros
churrete: stain; dirty spot
churretón: stain; dirty spot
churro: deep-fried twist of sweet batter eaten hot; mess; botch; good luck; coarse-wooled sheep; coarse wool
chusco: funny; droll
chusma: riffraff; rabble; mob; galley slaves
chut: shot
chutar: to shoot
chutarse: to shoot up
chute: fix
chuzo: short pike
cianuro: cyanide
ciática: sciatica
ciático: sciatic
ciberespacio: cyberspace
cicatero: stingy; niggardly; niggard
cicatriz: scar; cicatrice
cicatrización: healing; cicatrization
cicatrizar: to heal; to cicatrize
cicatrizarse: to heal; to form scar tissue
cicerone: guide; cicerone
cíclico: cyclical; cyclic
ciclismo: cycling; cyclism
ciclista: cycling; cyclist
ciclo: cycle; era; season; series
ciclocross: cyclo-cross
ciclomotor: moped
ciclón: cyclone
cíclope: Cyclops
ciclostilo: cyclostile; duplicating machine
cicuta: hemlock
cidra: citron
cidro: citron tree
ciego: blind; blocked; unquestioning; caecum; blind gut
cielo: sky; heaven; top; roof; covering; darling
ciempiés: centipede; scolopendra; preposterous
cien: hundred; a hundred; one hundred
ciénaga: swamp; marsh; bog
ciencia: science; knowledge; learning; certainty
cieno: silt; mud; slime; mire
científico: scientific; scientist
ciento: a hundred; one hundred
cierne: fecundation of flowers in some plants; en ciernes: future
cierre: closing; shutting; closure; shut-down; fastening; snap; clasp; fastener; fastening; close-down; hasp; action
cierto: true; certain; sure; some
ciervo: deer; stag; hind; hart; ciervo volante: stag beetle
cierzo: cold north wind
cifra: figure; digit; number; amount; code; monogram
cifrado: coded
cifrar: to encode; to cipher; to summarize; to place; to base
cigala: Norway lobster
cigarra: cicada; harvest fly
cigarrera: cigarette maker or seller; cigar cabinet; pocket cigar case
cigarrillo: cigarette
cigarro: cigar; cigarette
cigoto: zygote
cigüeña: stork; crank; winch
cigüeñal: crankshaft
cilantro: coriander
cilindrada: cylinder capacity
cilíndrico: cylindrical
cilindro: cylinder; roller
cima: summit; top; head; height; cyme
címbalo: cymbal; small bell
cimentar: to lay the foundations of; to ground; to establish; to strengthen
cimero: highest; top; uppermost; crowning
cimiento: foundation; groundwork; basis
cimitarra: scimitar
cinc: zinc
cincel: chisel
cincelar: to chisel; to carve; to engrave
cincha: girth; cinch
cinco: five; fifth
cincuenta: fifty; fiftieth
cincuentavo: fiftieth
ciencuentena: group of fifty
cincuentenario: semicentennial; fiftieth anniversary
cincuentón: fiftyish; quinquagenarian
cine: cinema; movie theater; cine; movies; pictures
cineasta: movie director
cineclub: film society
cinematografía: cinematography
cinematógrafo: film projector
cinético: kinetic
cíngaro: gypsy
cínico: cynical; cynic; barefaced; impudent
cinismo: cynicism; barefacedness; impudence
cinta: ribbon; tape; band; film; fillet; wale
cinto: belt; girdle; waist; girdled
cintura: waist; waistline; waistband; throat of chimney
cinturón: belt
ciprés: cypress
circence: circus; Circensian
circo: circus; arena; cirque
circuito: circuit; tour
circulación: circulation; currency; traffic; movement
circular: circular; to circulate; to flow; to go round; to drive; to run; to walk; to move; to pass
circulatorio: circulatory; traffic
círculo: circle; circumference; club; clubhouse; casino
circuncidar: circumcise
circuncisión: circumcision
circuncidante: surrounding
circundar: to surround
circunferencia: circumference
circunloquio: circumlocution
circunnavegar: to circumnavigate
circunscribir: to circumscribe; to confine
circunscripción: district; territory; circumscription
circunscrito: circumscribed; circumscript
circunspecto: reserved; circumspect
circunstancia: circumstance; particular; detail
circunstancial: casual; circumstantial
circunvalación: ring road; beltway
circunvalar: to bypass; to circumvallate
cirílico: Cyrillic
cirio: wax candle; uproar
cirro: cirrus; scirrhus
cirrosis: cirrhosis
ciruela: plum
ciruelo: plum tree; dolt
cirugía: surgery
cirujano: surgeon
cisco: broken up charcoal; row; breeze; shindy
cisma: schism; discord; split
cisne: swan; poet
cisterciense: Cistercian
cisterna: cistern; reservoir; water tank
cistitis: cystitis
cita: appointment; engagement; date; assignation; citation; quotation
citación: summons; citation; quotation
citar: to make an appointment with; to cite; to summon; to quote
citarse: to arrange to meet
cítara: cithara; cithern; cittern; zithern
citología: cytology; cervical smear
citoplasma: cytoplasm
cítrico: citric; citrus
ciudad: city; town
ciudadanía: citizenship; people; population
ciudadano: citizen; urbanite; civic
ciudadela: citadel
cívico: civic; civil; polite
civil: civilian; civil;
civilización: civilization
civilizado: civilized
civilizar: to civilize
civilizarse: to become civilized
civismo: civic duty
cizaña: discord; darnel
cizañear: to sow discord in
clamar: to cry out; to clamour; to clamor; to want; to require; to demand
clamor: clamour; clamor; outcry; plaint; cry of affliction; knell; toll of bells
clamoroso: noisy; clamorous; crying
clan: clan; gang
clandestinidad: secrecy; clandestinity
clandestino: clandestine; secret
claqué: tap dancing
clara: white; bald spot; thinly woven spot; break; shandy
claraboya: skylight; clerestory
clarear: to get light; to make clear; to dawn; to clear
clarete: rosé; claret wine
claridad: light; brightness; distinctness; plainness; clarity; clearness
clarificar: to clarify
clarificarse: to become clear; to be cleared up
clarín: bugle; clarion
clarinete: clarinet; clarinettist
clarividencia: lucidity; clairvoyance; clear-sightedness
clarividente: lucid; clairvoyant; clear-sighted
claro: bright; full of light; clear; plain; obvious; distinct; intelligible; thin; sparse; light; outspoken; gap; break; space; interval; clearing
claroscuro: chiaroscuro; clear obscure
clase: class; order; kind; sort; classroom; lesson; lecture; style
clasicismo: classicism
clásico: classical; classic; typical
clasificación: classification; table; sorting; filing
clasificador: classifying; classifier; filing cabinet
clasificar: to classify; to class; to sort; to file
clasificarse: to qualify
clasista: snobbish; snob
claudicar: to give in; to halt; to limp
claustro: cloister; staff; faculty; staff meeting
claustrofobia: claustrophobia
claustrofóbico: claustrophobic
cláusula: clause; proviso; sentence; period
clausura: closure; closing; cloister
clausurar: to close
clavado: nailed; fixed; identical; exact; precise; apposite
clavar: to hammer; to stick; to drive; to thrust; to nail; to pin; to fix; to set a precious stone; to rip off
clave: code; cryptography; key; clue; keystone; clef; clavichord
clavel: carnation; pink
clavicémbalo: harpsichord
clavicordio: clavichord
clavícula: collarbone; clavicle
clavija: peg; pin; dowel; treenail; plug
clavo: nail; corn; headache; grief; pain; core; tent; clove
claxon: horn
clemencia: mercy; clemency; forbearance
clemente: merciful; clement
clementina: clementine
cleptomanía: kleptomania
cleptómano: kleptomaniac
clerical: clerical
clériga: clergywoman
clérigo: clergyman; priest; clerk; scholar
clero: clergy
cliché: negative; cliché; stereotyped expression
cliente: customer; client
clientela: customers; clientele; practice
clientelismo: promise of political favours for securing votes
clima: climate; clime; atmosphere
climático: climatic; climatical
climatizado: air-conditioned; heated
climatizar: to air-condition
climatología: climatology
clímax: climax
clínica: private hospital; clinic; clinical medicine
clínico: clinical; clinician
clip: paperclip
clítoris: clitoris
cloaca: sewer; cloaca
clon: clone
clonación: cloning
clonar: to clone
cloración: chlorination
clorhídrico: hydrochloric
cloro: chlorine
clorofila: chlorophyll
cloroformo: chloroform
cloruro: chloride
closet: built-in wardrobe
club: club
clueca: broody; broody hen
coacción: coercion; coaction; compulsion
coaccionar: to coerce; to compel
coadjutor: curate; assistant to a parish priest; coadjutor
coagulación: coagulation; curdling
coagular: to coagulate; to clot; to curdle
coagularse: to clot; to curdle
coágulo: clot; curd; coagulum
coalición: coalition; league
coartada: alibi
coartar: to restrict, to inhibit; to limit; to restrict
coautor: co-author; co-perpetrator; joint doer
coba: soft-soaping; flattery; humorous lie
cobalto: cobalt
cobarde: coward; yellow; timid
cobardía: cowardice; faint-heartedness
cobaya: guinea pig
cobertizo: shed; lean-to; penthouse
cobertor: bedspread; coverlet; counterpane; blanket
cobertura: cover; coverage; tail covert
cobija: blanket; ridge tail; covert feather; covering
cobijar: to shelter; to cover; to give shelter
cobijarse: to take shelter
cobijo: shelter; sheltering; covering; lodgings
cobista: soft-soaper; toady
cobra: cobra; retrieving; retrieval; yoke strap; mares employed in threshing
cobrador: bus conductor; collector; receiving teller; retriever dog
cobrar: to charge; to collect; to receive; to cash; to recover; to get; to retrieve; to take; to acquire; to gather; to reel in; to get a slap
cobrarse: to take; to collect; to recover
cobre: copper
cobrizo: copper-coloured; coppery
cobro: collection; cashing; encashment
coca: coca; cocaine; a medieval boat; link in a rope; head; bean
cocaína: cocaine
cocainómano: cocaine addict
cocción: cooking; baking; firing; boiling
cocear: to kick
cocer: to cook; to boil; to bake; to digest; to ferment
cocerse: to be cooked; to be boiled; to be baked; to be going on; to roast
cochambre: grime; muck; greasy; stinking filth
cochambroso: filthy and stinking
coche: car; coach; carriage; tram car; pram
cochera: garage; coach house; livery stable; tramway depot
cochero: coachman; carriage driver
cochinada: dirty thing; dirty trick
cochinillo: sucking pig
cochino: pig; hog; dirty; filthy; piggish; paltry
cocido: boiled; done; cooked; baked; Spanish dish of boiled meat and vegetables
cociente: quotient
cocina: kitchen; cooker; cuisine; cooking; galley
cocinar: to cook; to meddle
cocinero: cook
coco: coconut; ugly person; bogeyman; head; face; grimace
cocodrilo: crocodile
cocorota: nut; head
cocotero: coconut palm
cóctel: cocktail; cocktail party
coctelera: cocktail shaker
codazo: poke with the elbow; nudge
codear: to elbow; to move the elbows
codearse: to rub shoulders; to mix
codeína: codeine
codera: elbow patch; itch on the elbow; stern fast
códice: codex
codicia: greed; covetousness; cupidity; acquisitiveness; lust
codiciar: to covet
codicioso: greedy; covetous; grasping; desirous; industrious; hard-working; greedy person; acquisitive; esurient; rapacious
codificar: to codify; to code; to encode
código: code
codo: elbow; bend; cubit
codorniz: quail
coeficiente: coefficient; rate
coercitivo: coercive
coetáneo: contemporary
coexistencia: coexistence
coexistir: to coexist
cofia: women's cap; hair net; coif
cofrade: brother; sister; member; member of a confraternity
cofradía: brotherhood; association; guild; confraternity
cofre: trunk; chest; coffer; trunk-fish
cogedor: shovel; dustpan
coger: to take; to size; to grasp; to take hold of; to catch; to overtake; to pick; to gather; to collect; to take up; to absorb; to cover; to occupy
cogida: goring; picking; gathering; harvest
cogido: gather in cloth; trapped
cogollo: heart; shoot; the cream; the best
cogorza: drunkenness
cogote: nape of the neck
cohabitar: to live together; to cohabit
cohecho: bribery; bribing
coherencia: coherence; cohesion
coherente: coherent; consistent
cohesión: cohesión
cohete: rocket; skyrocket
cohibido: inhibited; restrained; embarrassed; ill at ease; self-conscious
cohibir: to inhibit; to restrain; to constrain; to embarrass
coima: bribe; bribery; concubine
coincidencia: coincidence; agreement
coincidir: to coincide; to fit in
coito: coitus
cojear: to limp; to halt; to wobble; to be unsteady; to wobble; to be weak
cojera: limp; lameness; halt; hobble
cojín: cushion
cojinete: bearing; pillow block; small cushion; pad
cojo: lame; cripple; wobbly; unstable; weak; poor
cojonudo: fabulous
col: cabbage; coles de Bruselas: Brussels sprouts
cola: tail; train of gown; queue; line; last place; end; rear; glue; cola; kola
colaboración: collaboration; contribution
colaboracionista: collaborator
colaborador: collaborating; helper; assistant; contributor; consultant; freelancer
colaborar: to collaborate; to work together; to contribute
colación: light meal; comparison; conferring
colada: bucking; bleaching; buck; lye; washing; cattle run; narrow mountain pass; tap of blast furnace; outflow
colado: filtered; cast; madly in love
colador: colander; strainer
colapsar: to bring to a standstill
colapso: collapse; traffic jam; breakdown; gridlock; crash
colar: to strain; to drain
colarse: to slip in
colateral: collateral; side; relative
colcha: bedspread; counterpane; quilt
colchón: mattress
colchoneta: camping mat; air mattress; long cushion
cole: school
colear: to wag its tail; to persist; to fishtail
colección: collection
coleccionar: to collect
coleccionista: collector
colecta: collection; collect
colectividad: community; group; collectivity
colectivo: collective; public; association; corporate; jitney
colector: sewer; collector; commutator; collecting
colega: colleague; pal
colegiado: registered; collective
colegial: school; pupil; student; collegiate
colegiarse: to join a professional association
colegio: school; academy; college; association
cólera: anger; rage; wrath; bile; cholera
colérico: choleric; irascible; angry; furious; bad-tempered
colesterol: cholesterol
coleta: ponytail; pigtail; bunch; additional remark
coletazo: flick; flap; blow; slash with the tail; death throe
coletilla: word or phrase used when pausing in speech
coleto: buff coat; one's body; oneself
colgado: hanging; pending; uncertain; crazy; in love
colgador: peg; hanger; peel
colgadura: hangings; drapery
colgajo: tatter; rag; bunch of fruit
colgante: hanging; suspension; pendant; festoon
colgar: to hang; to suspend; to attribute; to impute; to dangle; to droop; to give up
colibrí: humming bird
cólico: colic
coliflor: cauliflower
colilla: butt; stub; stump of cigar
colina: hill; small mountain; cabbage seed; choline; cavidad en una colina: abri
colindante: adjoining; adjacent; contiguous; abutting
colirio: eye drops; collyrium; eyewash
coliseo: coliseum
colisión: collision; clash
colisionar: to collide; to clash
colista: last; queuer
colitis: colitis
collado: hill; hillock; mountain pass
collage: collage
collar: necklace; collar
collera: cuff link; chain gang; horse collar
colmado: full; abundant; eating house; wine shop; grocer's
colmar: to fill to the top; to fulfil
colmena: beehive
colmillo: canine tooth; fang; tusk
colmo: height; epitome; brimful; full of the top; fill; completion; crowning; thatched roof
colocación: placing; positioning; position; post; job; investment
colocado: placed; employed; stoned
colocar: to put; to place; to set; to lay; to obtain a job for; to place; to invest; to marry off
colocarse: to stand; to find a job; to get stoned
colofón: biographical details; colophon
Colombia: Colombia
colombiano: Colombian
colombino: Columbian
colon: colon; principal part of a period
colón: colón
colonia: colony; community; development; residential district; summer camp; cologne
colonial: colonial
colonialismo: colonialism
colonialista: colonialist
colonización: colonization
colonizador: colonizing; colonist; settler
colonizar: to colonize; to settle
colono: colonist; settler; tenant farmer
coloquial: colloquial
coloquio: colloquy; discussion; debate; conversation; talk
color: colour; color; aspect; hue; liveliness
coloración: colouring; coloring
colorado: red; dirty; rude; ponerse colorado: to blush
colorante: colouring; coloring; dye; pigment
colorear: to colour; to gloss; to make plausible; to show red
colorete: blusher; rouge
colorido: colouring; colour; false appearance
colosal: colossal; huge; splendid; gigantic; enormous
coloso: colossus
columna: column
columnata: colonnade
columnista: columnist
columpiar: to swing
columpiarse: to play on a swing; to rock; to swing
columpio: swing; seesaw
colza: oil-seed rape; colza
coma: coma; comma
comadre: midwife; neighbour; gossip; crony
comadreja: weasel
comadreo: gossiping
comadrona: midwife
comandancia: rank of major; command
comandante: major; squadron leader; commanding officer
comandar: to command
comandita: limited or silent partnership
comando: commando; command
comarca: area; district; region; country
comarcal: district; local; regional
comatoso: comatose
comba: skipping rope; curvature; bend; warp; bulge
combar: to warp; to curve; to bend; to camber
combarse: to warp; to sag; to become bent
combate: fight; combat
combatiente: fighting; combatant
combatir: to fight; to combat; to contest; to impugn; to beat; to buffet; to shake; to agitate
combativo: combative; aggressive
combi: minibus
combinación: combination; combining; connection; slip; underskirt
combinada: combined event
combinado: combined; mixture; cocktail; team
combinar: to combine; to mix; to match; to connect
combustible: combustible; fuel
combustión: combustion
comecocos: brainteaser; Pac-Man(r)
comedero: trough; feeding place
comedia: comedy; play; farce; pretense
comediante: actor; actress; fraud; charlatan; hypocrite
comedido: restrained; courteous; polite; moderate
comediógrafo: playwright
comedirse: to restrain oneself; to be moderate; to be courteous
comedor: heavy-eating; dining room; eating place; restaurant; canteen
comensal: table companion; commensal
comentar: to mention; to talk about; to comment on; to abuzz
comentario: comment; remark; commentary; talk; gossip
comentarista: commentator
comenzar: to begin; to start; to commence
comer: to eat; to feed; to spend; to waste; to omit words; to take
comercial: commercial; business; mercantile
comercializar: to market
comerciante: money-minded; shopkeeper; storekeeper; merchant; trader; tradesman
comerciar: to trade; to do business; to deal
comercio: commerce; trade; shop; store; a card game
comestible: edible; eatable; comestible; foodstuff
cometa: comet; kite
cometer: to make; to commit; to perpetrate; to entrust
cometido: assignment; duty; commission; charge
comezón: itch; irritation; restlessness; anxiety; hankering; longing
cómic: comic
comicidad: humour
comicios: elections; polls
cómico: funny; comic; comedian; actor
comida: food; meal; fare; repast; diner; comida basura: junk food
comidilla: gossip; talk; hobby
comienzo: beginning; opening; initiation; start
comillas: quotation marks
comilón: great eater; glutton
comilona: big meal; blowout; plentiful repast
comino: cumin; cummin; little chap; me importa un comino: I don't care a fig
comisaría: police station
comisario: superintendent; captain; commissioner; organizer
comisión: commission; committee; trust; charge; deputation; perpetration
comisura: corner; commissure; suture
comité: committee
comitiva: retinue; procession
como: as; like; such as; since
cómo: how; what
cómoda: chest of drawers; bureau
comodidad: comfort; convenience; ease; leisure
comodidades: accommodation
comodín: joker; wild card; something of general utility; habitual pretext or excuse
cómodo: comfortable; convenient; easy; lazy
comodón: lazy; lazybones; comfort-loving
comodoro: commodore
comoquiera: however; since
compactar: to compress
compact disc: compact disc
compacto: compact; solid; close; dense; compact disc
compadecer: to feel sorry for; to pity
compadecerse: to have pity on
compadre: friend; pal
compaginar: to arrange; to connect; to make compatible; to page
compañerismo: companionship
compañero: colleague; partner; companion; fellow; mate; associate; one of a pair
compañía: company; society
comparable: comparable
comparación: comparison
comparar: to compare; to confront; to collate
comparativo: comparative
comparecer: to appear
comparsa: extra; masquerade
compartimentar: to compartmentalize
compartimento: compartment; division
compartir: to share; to divide
compás: compasses; time; measure; beat; bar; compass
compasión: compassion; pity; mercy
compasivo: compassionate; merciful
compatibilidad: compatibility
compatible: compatible; consistent
compatriota: countryman; compatriot
compendiar: to summarize; to abridge; to epitomize; to encapsulate
compendio: summary; compendium; epitome; abstract; abridgement; abbreviature
compenetración: mutual understanding
compenetrarse: to understand each other
compensación: compensation
compensar: to compensate; to make up for
competencia: competition; competence; fitness; ability; responsibility; province; jurisdiction
competente: competent; able; fit; adequate; qualified
competer: to behove; to belong; to be incumbent on
competición: competition
competidor: competing; rival; competitor
competir: to compete
competitividad: competitiveness
competitivo: competitive
compilación: compilation; compilement
compilador: compiler; compilator
compilar: to compile
compinche: accomplice; pal; buddy; chum
complacencia: satisfaction; indulgence; pleasure; accommodation
complacer: to please; to oblige; to humour
complacerse: to be pleased; to take pleasure
complaciente: obliging; complaisant; compliant; indulgent; accommodating; yielding; agreeable; pliant
complejidad: complexity
complejo: complex; complicated; compound
complementar: to complement
complementario: complementary
complemento: complement; object; completion; perfection
completar: to complete; to finish; to perfect
completas: compline
completo: complete; whole; full; absolute
complexión: build; constitution
complicación: complication; complicating
complicar: to complicate; to involve; to implicate
complicarse: to become complicated
cómplice: accomplice; accessory; abetter; abettor
complicidad: complicity; abetment
complot: plot; conspiracy; complot; intrigue
componenda: deal; fix; shady or dubious compromise
componente: component; member
componer: to compose; to compound; to make up; to constitute; to prepare; to mix; to repair; to mend; to put in order; to adorn; to trim; to spruce; to reconcile; to restore; to fortify
componerse: to dress up; to be composed
comportamiento: conduct; behaviour; comportment
comportar: to involve; to bear; to tolerate
comportarse: to behave; to abear; to act; to handle
composición: composition; typesetting; agreement; compromise
compositor: composer
compostura: composure; modesty; circumspection; repair; reparation; mending; making neat
compota: compote; stewed fruit
compra: buying; purchasing; purchase; shopping
comprador: buyer; purchaser
comprar: to buy; to purchase; to bribe; to buy off
compraventa: dealing; buying and selling
comprender: to understand; to comprise; to comprehend; to include; to embrace
comprenderse: to understand each other
comprensible: understandable; comprehensible
comprensión: understanding; comprehension; inclusion
comprensivo: understanding; comprehensive; large-minded
compresa: sanitary towel; compress
compresor: compressor; compressing
comprimido: tablet; compressed
comprimir: to compress; to control; to restrain
comprimirse: to become compressed; to squeeze together
comprobable: verifiable; verificable; ascertainable
comprobación: verification; checking; substantiation; proof
comprobante: supporting document; receipt; proof; evidence; proving
comprobar: to check; to verify; to control; to ascertain; to prove; to confirm; to see
comprometedor: compromising; committing; troublemaking
comprometer: to compromise; to involve; to jeopardize; to risk; to arbitrate; to bind; to engage
comprometerse: to compromise oneself; to commit oneself; to get engaged
comprometido: risky; difficult; awkward; engaged
compromiso: commitment; pledge; engagement; obligation; fix; predicament
compuerta: sluice; floodgate; hatch; half door
compuesto: compound; composed; composite; repaired; mended; dressed up; bedecked; ready; preparation; mixture
compungido: contrite; remorseful; sorrowful
computación: computing; calculation
computador, computadora: computer
computar: to compute; to calculate
cómputo: computation; calculation
comulgar: to receive Holy Communion; to communicate
común: common; public; current; ordinary; usual; mean; low; inferior; community
comuna: commune; municipality; local council
comunal: communal; municipal; common
comunicación: communication; communiqué; official letter; link
comunicado: communiqué; announcement; statement; bien comunicado: with good connections
comunicar: to communicate; to convey; to transmit; to be engaged; to be busy
comunicarse: to communicate with each other
comunicativo: communicative; open; unreserved
comunidad: community; commonwealth
comunión: communion
comunismo: communism
comunista: communist
comunitario: of the community
con: with
conato: attempt; beginnings; endeavour; effort; exertion
concatenación: concatenation
concatenar: to concatenate; to link together
concavidad: concavity
cóncavo: concave; concavity; hollow
concebir: to conceive; to formulate; to express; to begin to have; to have; to build up; to understand
conceder: to grant; to concede; to award; to bestow; to give; to admit; to accord
concejal: councillor; alderman; councilman; decurion
concejo: town council
concelebrar: to celebrate jointly
concentración: concentration; rally; meeting
concentrado: concentrated; assembled; concentrate
concentrar: to concentrate; to concenter
concentrarse: to concentrate; to be mentally absorbed
concéntrico: concentric; concentrical
concepción: conception
concepto: concept; idea; opinion; judgement
conceptuar: to think of; to consider; to deem; to judge
concerniente: concerning; relating
concernir: to concern
concertar: to coordinate; to agree on; to arrange; to harmonize; to tally; to assemble; to fit together; to adjust; to conclude
concertina: concertina
concertista: concertist; soloist
concesión: concession; franchise; grant
concesionario: concessionary; franchise holder; dealer; grantee
concha: shell; tortoiseshell; prompt box; enclosed bay
conchabarse: to scheme; to plot; to gang up; to band together
conciencia: conscience; consciousness; awareness; conscientiousness
concienciar: to make aware; to make conscious
concienciarse: to become conscious
concienzudo: conscientious; thorough
concierto: concert; concerto; agreement; accord; covenant
conciliábulo: secret meeting
conciliación: conciliation; reconciliation; accommodation
conciliador: conciliatory; conciliating; conciliator
conciliar: conciliar; member of a council; to council; to reconcile; to accord
concilio: council
concisión: concision; conciseness
conciso: concise; brief
conciudadano: fellow citizen
cónclave: conclave
concluir: to finish; to conclude; to end; to silence
conclusión: conclusion
concluso: finished; closed; concluded; ready for sentence
concluyente: conclusive; categoric; convincing
concordancia: agreement; concordance; conformity; concord; accord
concordar: to agree; to harmonize; to accord; to tally; to jibe; to square; to tie in; to concord with; to consort with;
concordato: concordat
concordia: concord; harmony; peace
concreción: preciseness; clarity; concretion
concretar: to fix; to sum up; to combine; to unite; to summarize; to condense
concretarse: to confine oneself; to limit oneself
concreto: concrete; specific; particular
concubina: concubine; common-law wife
concurrencia: simultaneous occurrence; attendance; audience; competition; aid; cooperation
concurrido: crowded; frequented; attended
concurrir: to converge; to concur; to meet; to contribute; to attend; to compete
concursante: contestant; candidate
concursar: to compete; to be a candidate; to declare insolvent
concurso: competition; contest; game show; tender; participation; assistance
condado: county; countship; earldom
condal: pertaining to an earl or count; la Ciudad Condal: Barcelona
conde: earl; count; gypsy chief
condecoración: decoration; medal
condecorar: to decorate
condena: sentence; conviction; term; condemnation
condenación: damnation; condemnation
condenado: convicted; doomed; damned; wretched; wicked; accursed; convicted criminal; damned person; wretch
condenar: to condemn; to sentence; to blame; to damn; to wall up a door or window
condenarse: to condemn oneself
condensación: condensation
condensador: condenser; condensing
condensar: to condense
condensarse: to condense
condesa: countess
condescendencia: consideration; complaisance; obligingness
condescender: to comply; to accede or yield out of kindness
condescendiente: accommodating; complaisant; obliging; acquiescent; yielding; easy
condición: condition; rank; class; nature; disposition; state; status
condicional: conditional
condicionar: to make conditional; to condition; to conditionate
condimentación: seasoning
condimentar: to season; to dress
condimento: seasoning; condiment; flavouring
condolencia: condolence; sympathy
condolerse: to feel pity; to condole; to sympathize; to feel sorry
condón: condom
cóndor: condor
conducción: driving; conduction; conveyance; transportation; piping; wiring
conducir: to take; to show; to carry; to conduct; to drive; to lead; to direct; to manage; to conduce; to engage
conducirse: to conduct oneself
conducta: conduct; behaviour; direction; management
conducto: pipe; tube; duct; channel; conduit; canal; mediation; intermediary
conductor: conductive; driver; leader; guide; conductor
conectar: to connect; to gear; to unite; to communicate; to link up; to be in tune
conejera: burrow; rabbit hole; warren; den; low haunt; hutch; poky hole
conejero: rabbit-hunting; rabbit keeper
conejillo: small rabbit; conejillo de Indias: guinea pig
conejo: rabbit
conexión: connection; relationship; coherence
confabulación: conspiracy; league; plot; confabulation
confabular: to confabulate
confabularse: to plot; to conspire
confección: preparation; making-up
confeccionar: to make; to draw up; to prepare; to confection
confederación: confederation; federation; league
confederado: confederate; federate
conferencia: conference; public lecture; talk; long-distance call; meeting
conferenciante: speaker; lecturer
conferir: to confer; to bestow; to grant; to give
confesar: to confess; to acknowledge; to own; to own up; to profess; to shrive; to admit; to avow; to come out with
confesión: confession; acknowledgment; admission; avowal; denomination
confesional: denominational; confessional
confesionario: confessional box
confeso: self-confessed; converted; lay brother
confesor: confessor
confeti: confetti
confiado: trusting; confident; presumptuous; confiding; unsuspecting
confianza: confidence; trust; reliance; courage; enterprise; self-confidence; assurance; familiarity; informality
confiar: to trust; to entrust; to confide; to rely; to commit
confiarse: to be trustful; to confide; to become overconfident
confidencia: secret; confidence; confidence; trust
confidencial: confidential; sensitive; off the record
confidencialidad: confidentiality
confidente: confidant; confidante; informer; trustworthy; reliable; love seat
configuración: layout; configuration
configurar: to shape; to form; to configurate
configurarse: to be formed; to be shaped
confín: edge; border; boundary; bordering
confinado: confined
confinamiento: confinement; banishment to a definite place
confinar: to lock away; to lock up; to banish; to border; to abut on; to abut upon; ti abut against
confinarse: to shut oneself away
confirmación: confirmation
confirmar: to confirm; to acknowledge; to corroborate; to endorse; to favour; to fortify; to uphold; to verify; to vouch; to attest; to bear out
confirmarse: to be confirmed; to receive confirmation
confiscar: to confiscate
confite: sweet; candy; sugarplum
confitería: patisserie; tea room; confectionery
confitura: jam; confection; comfit; candied or preserved fruit
conflagración: war; conflict; conflagration
conflictivo: controversial; of conflict
conflicto: clash; conflict; problem; dilemma; fix
confluencia: confluence; meeting; point; junction
confluir: to flow together; to converge; to meet; to crowd; to assemble
conformar: to shape; to approve; to conform; to adapt; to agree
conformarse: to submit; to yield; to comply; to be satisfied; to resign oneself; to accommodate
conforme: satisfied; according; as; accordant; agreeable; conformable; consistent; correct; in order; acquiescent; suitable; concordant
conformidad: agreement; approval; conformity; accordance; stoicism; resignation; submission; patience; symmetry; acquiescence; compliance; concordance
conformismo: conformity
conformista: conformist
confort: comfort
confortable: comfortable; comforting
confortar: to give strength; to invigorate; to comfort
confraternizar: to get to know each other; to fraternize
confrontación: confrontation; comparison
confrontar: to compare; to confront; to collate; to cross-examine; to border; to face up
confundir: to mistake; to confuse; to embarrass; to mix; to mix up; to mingle; to defeat in argument; to abash; to confound; to crush; to flounder; to flummox; to fluster; to fox; to fuddle; to muddle; to mystify; to nonplus; to puzzle; to stump; to tangle; to addle; to baffle; to befuddle; to bemuse; to bewilder
confundirse: to get confused; to become embarrassed; to make a mistake
confusión: mistake; confusion; embarrassment; humiliation; shame; abashment
confuso: confused; troubled; bewildered; awed; obscure; unintelligible; blurred; indistinct; abashed; blear; bleary; confounded; confusing; dim; foggy; fuzzy; garbled; indistinct; misty; muddled; muzzy; puzzled; rambling; at sea; wooly; addled; baffled; bemused
conga: conga
congelación: freezing; frostbite; freeze; congelation
congelado: frozen; frostbitten
congelador: freezer
congelar: to freeze; to congeal; to cause frostbite in
congelarse: to freeze; to get frostbite
congénere: crony; congener; congeneric
congeniar: to get along well
congénito: congenital
congestión: congestion
congestionado: congested
congestionar: to congest
congestionarse: to become congested
conglomerado: conglomerate; conglomeration; aggregate
conglomerar: to conglomerate
Congo: Congo
congoja: grief; anguish; agony
congoleño: Congolese
congraciar: to win the good will of
congraciarse: to ingratiate oneself
congratular: to congratulate
congregación: gathering; brotherhood; congregation; assembly
congregar: to bring together; to congregate; to assemble
congregarse: to meet; to assemble; to congregate
congresista: delegate; member of a congress or assembly
congreso: conference; congress; assembly
congrio: conger eel; conger
congruencia: congruence; congruity
congruente: in keeping; congruent; congruous
cónico: conical; conic
conífera: conifer
conífero: coniferous
conjetura: conjecture; surmise; guess
conjugación: conjugation
conjugado: conjugate; conjugated
conjugar: to conjugate; to bring together; to combine
conjunción: conjunction; union
conjuntiva: conjunctiva
conjuntivitis: conjunctivitis
conjuntivo: conjunctival; conjunctive; uniting; connective
conjunto: group; collection; whole; outfit; band; combined; joint; ensemble; lump; twinset; combo; corporate; en conjunto: overall; comprehensive
conjura: conspiracy; plot
conjuración: conspiracy; plot
conjurar: to conspire; to exorcise; to ward off; to exorcize
conjurarse: to conspire
conjuro: spell; exorcism; conjuration
conllevar: to involve; to entail; to bear; to suffer with patience
conmemoración: commemoration
conmemorar: to commemorate
conmemorativo: commemorative; memorial
conmigo: with me
conminar: to order or summon; to threaten
conmiseración: commiseration; pity
conmoción: commotion; agitation; shock; consternation; disturbance; riot; concussion
conmocionar: to affect deeply
conmovedor: moving; touching; pathetic; poignant
conmover: to move; to shake; to affect; to touch; to stir; to upset
conmoverse: to be moved to; to be affected; to be shaken
conmutación: commutation; exchange; substitution
conmutador: switch; switchboard
conmutar: to commute
conmutativo: commutative
connivencia: connivance; collusion; secret understanding
connotación: connotation
connotar: to connote
cono: cone
conocedor: expert; knowing; knower; connoisseur; judge
conocer: to know; to meet; to recognize; to notice; to acquaint; to cognize; to ken; dar a conocer: to impart; to advertise
conocerse: to meet; to know each other
conocido: well-known; acquaintance; familiar; distinguished
conocimiento: knowledge; consciousness; understanding; notice; information; intelligence; sense; skill; ability; cognizance; acquaintance; acquaintanceship; familiarity; sin conocimiento: unconscious; senseless; conocimientos: acquirements; information; know-how; learning; lights
conque: so; so then; and so; well then
conquista: conquest
conquistador: conquering; conqueror; conquistador; womanizer; lady-killer
conquistar: to conquer; to achieve; to win; to win over; to capture; to gain; to attain; to win the love of; to vamp
consabido: well-known; usual; before-mentioned; in question
consagración: consecration; recognition
consagrado: consecrated; sanctioned; established; stock
consagrar: to consecrate; to hallow; to devote; to establish; to authorize; to erect
consanguíneo: blood-related; blood-relation
consanguineidad: blood relationship; consanguinity; akin
consciencia: consciousness; awareness
consciente: aware; conscious; sensible; responsible; aware
conscripción: conscription; the draft
conscripto: conscript
consecución: achievement; obtainment; attainment
consecuencia: consequence; inference; result; consistency; issue; implication; outcome; after-effect; aftermath; by-product; en consecuencia: accordingly; thereby
consecuente: consistent; consequent; resulting; following;
consecutivo: consecutive
conseguir: to get; to obtain; to attain; to succeed in; to manage to; to land; to pull off; to raise; to recruit; to rustle up; to secure; to wangle; to win; to achieve; to make; to come by; to enlist; to fremman
consejero: adviser; advisor; counselor; councilor; member of a company board; minister; mentor
consejo: piece of advice; advice; advisement; pointer; counsel; recommendation; rede; tip; admonition; council; board; meeting; bench; court; consejo de guerra: court-martial
consenso: consensus; general agreement; assent; consent
consentido: spoilt; spoiled; pampered; complaisant; cracked; slightly disjointed; unsound
consentimiento: consent; agreement; permission; spoiling; pampering
consentir: to allow; to permit; to consent; to tolerate; to spoil; to coddle; to indulge; to agree; to abet; to acquiesce; to assent; to condone; to yield
conserje: porter; caretaker; janitor; doorman; concierge
conserjería: porter's office; conciergerie
conserva: preserve; canned food; tinned food; convoy; consort
conservación: preservation; conservation; upkeep; maintenance
conservador: conservative; preserving; preservative; conserver; curator; conservator
conservadurismo: conservatism
conservante: preservative
conservar: to preserve; to maintain; to keep; to conserve; to can; to pickle
conservarse: to keep
conservatorio: conservatory; conservatoire
considerable: considerable; great; important
consideración: consideration; regard; meditation; note; reflection; sake; thought; thoughtfulness; advisement
considerado: highly regarded; considerate; considered; esteemed
considerar: to consider; to regard; to account
consigna: order; instructions; left-luggage office; baggage room; slogan
consignar: to allocate; to record; to leave in the baggage room; to consign; to deposit; to assign
consigo: with him; with her
consiguiente: consequent
consistencia: consistency; consistence
consistente: consisting; consistent; firm; solid; stiff; thick
consistir: to consist; to lie
consola: occasional table; console
consolación: consolation
consolar: to console; to comfort; to cheer; to soothe
consolarse: to console oneself; to take comfort; to be consoled
consolidación: consolidation
consolidar: to consolidate; to fund
consolidarse: to consolidate
consomé: broth; consommé
consonancia: relationship; consonance; consonancy; accord; conformity; rhyme
consonante: consonant; rhyming; accordant
consorcio: consortium; union; fellowship; marital association
consorte: consort; partner; join-parties; confederates
conspicuo: prominent; eminent; conspicuous
conspiración: conspiracy; plot
conspirador: conspirator; conspirer
conspirar: to plot; to conspire
constancia: perseverance; proof; constancy; certainty
constante: constant; continuous; persevering; known for certain
constar: to appear; to be present; to consist; to be composed of; to scan
constatación: corroboration; checking;
constatar: to verify; to state; to record
constelación: constellation
consternación: consternation; dismay
consternado: dismayed
consternar: to consternate; to dismay
constipado: suffering from a cold; cold; chill
constipar: to constrict; to close the pores of
constiparse: to catch a cold
constitución: constitution
constitucional: constitutional; constitutionalist
constituir: to comprise; to make up; to constitute
constituirse: to be set up
constituyente: constituent; component
constreñir: to force; to compel; to constrain; to restrict
construcción: construction; building; erection; structure
constructivo: constructive
constructor: building; builder; constructor
construir: to build; to construct; to make; to construe
consuegra: mother-in-law of one's child
consuegro: father-in-law of one's child
consuelo: consolation; comfort; alleviation
cónsul: consul
consulado: consulate; consulship
consulta: query; question; consulting; advisement; counsel; consultation; practice; surgery; doctor's office; consulting room
consultar: to consult; to look up
consultorio: surgery; doctor's office; consulting room; consultant's office; readers' advice column
consultivo: advisory
consumado: finished; consummated; accomplished; perfect; complete
consumar: to execute; to consummate; to carry out; to accomplish
consumición: consumption; drink
consumido: emaciated; thin; consumed
consumidor: consuming; consumer
consumir: to consume; to use up; to destroy; to waste away; to worry; to afflict; to vex
consumirse: to waste away; to reduce
consumismo: consumerism
consumista: acquisitive
consumo: consumption
contabilidad: accountancy; book-keeping; accounts; accounting
contabilizar: to count up; to enter an item into a book
contable: countable; accountant; book-keeper
contactar: to make contact
contacto: contact; touch; ignition
contado: rare; scarce; few; counted; numbered; al contado: in cash
contador: meter; counter; computer; accountant; auditor; counting
contagiar: to communicate by contagion; to infect with; to corrupt; to pervert
contagiarse: to get infected
contagio: infection; contagion
contagioso: contagious; infectious; catching
contaminación: contamination; pollution
contaminar: to contaminate; to pollute; to infect; to corrupt
contaminarse: to become contaminated; to become polluted
contante: in cash; ready
contar: to count; to number; to tell; to reckon; to rate; to narrate; to relate; to be
contemplación: contemplation; complaisance; leniency
contemplar: to look at; to view; to consider; to contemplate; to provide for; to spoil; to pamper
contemporáneo: contemporary; coeval; contemporaneous
contemporizar: to compromise; to temporize; to yield; to comply
contención: self-control; holding back; restraint; contention; contest; litigation
contencioso: under litigation; contentious
contender: to fight; to combat; to strive; to contend; to compete
contendiente: contending; contender; contestant
contenedor: container; skip; bottle bank; containing
contener: to contain; to hold; to hold; to restrain; to refrain; to curb; to check; to stop; to hold back
contenerse: to control oneself
contenido: contained; moderate; prudent; temperate; contents; tenor; context
contento: happy; pleased; contented; glad; satisfaction; pleasure
contertulio: fellow guest; fellow participant
contestación: answer; reply; debate
contestador: answering machine
contestar: to answer; to reply; to contest; to question; to confirm
contestatario: rebellious; anti-establishment; rebel; non-conformist
contexto: context; intertexture
contextura: weave; build; contexture
contienda: conflict; fight; battle; dispute; confrontation
contigo: with you
contiguo: adjoining; contiguous; adjacent; abutting; neighbouring; estar contiguo: to abut on; to abut upon; to abut against; to adjoin
continencia: moderation; continence; containing
continental: continental
continente: continent; container; countenance
contingencia: contingency
contingente: contingent; quota
continuación: continuation; continuance; prolongation; literary sequel
continuar: to continue; to carry on
continuidad: continuity
continuo: continuous; constant; endless; direct current
contonearse: to swagger; to swing the hips and shoulders in walking
contorno: outline; contour; surrounding area; environs
contorsión: contortion
contorsionarse: to contort oneself; to writhe
contorsionista: contortionist
contra: against; athwart; counter; contrarily to; facing; organ pedal; snag; drawback; en contra de: against; contrary to
contraatacar: to counterattack
contraataque: counterattack
contrabajo: double bass; contrabass
contrabandear: to smuggle
contrabandista: smuggler; contrabandist
contrabando: smuggling; contraband; smuggled goods
contrabarrera: second row of seats in a bullring
contracción: contraction; shrinking
contracepción: contraception
contrachapado: plywood
contracorriente: countercurrent; back water
contracultura: counterculture
contradecir: to contradict; to go against; to gainsay
contradecirse: to contradict oneself
contradicción: contradiction; gainsaying; opposition; inconsistency
contradictorio: contradictory
contraer: to contract; to limit; to confine; to acquire; to corrugate; to develop; to incur
contraespionaje: counterespionage
contrafuerte: buttress; counterfort; abutment; counter; spur
contrahecho: deformed; twisted
contraindicación: contraindication
contralmirante: rear admiral
contralto: contralto
contraluz: against the light
contramaestre: warrant officer; foreman; boatswain
contramano: in the wrong direction
contraofensiva: counteroffensive
contraoferta: counteroffer
contraorden: countercommand; countermand; counterorder
contrapartida: compensating factor; compensation; emendatory entry
contrapelo: against the hair
contrapeso: counterweight; counterpoise; counterbalance
contraponer: to contrast; to compare; to set against
contraportada: back page; title verso
contraproducente: counterproductive; self-defeating
contrapropuesta: counterproposal
contrapuesto: clashing; set against; compared; opposed
contrapunto: counterpoint
contrariado: upset; annoyed
contrariar: to go against; to take the opposite view; to upset; to mortify; to chagrin; to vex; to disappoint
contrariedad: setback; annoyance; contrariety; opposition; mortification; vexation; disappointment
contrario: opposite; opposed; against; contrary; opponent; adverse; hostile; harmful; unfavourable
contrarreforma: Counter Reformation
contrarrestar: to counteract; to resist; to oppose; to neutralize
contrasentido: contradiction; nonsense; inconsistency
contraseña: secret sign; password; countersign; countermark
contrastar: to test; to check; to hallmark; to be in contrast; to resist
contraste: contrast; resistance; opposition; hall mark
contrata: contract; engagement
contratación: hiring; employment; commerce; trade; contracting
contratar: to contract for; to engage; to hire
contratiempo: mishap; hitch; disappointment; contretemps
contratista: contractor
contrato: contract; agreement; bond; covenant; contrato de arrendamiento: lease
contravenir: to contravene; to infringe
contraventana: shutter
contrayente: contracting; contracting party
contribución: contribution; donation; tax
contribuir: to contribute; to help; to pay taxes
contribuyente: taxpaying; contributor
contrición: contrition
contrincante: opponent; adversary; competitor; opponent; rival; match; challenger
control: control; check; checkpoint
controlador: control; controller
controlar: to control; to check; to verify
controlarse: to control oneself
controversia: controversy; disputation
controvertido: controversial
contumaz: stubborn; contumacious; guilty of default
contundente: heavy; blunt; convincing; conclusive; forceful; impressive
contusión: contusion; bruise
convalecencia: convalescence
convalecer: to convalesce; to recover
convaleciente: convalescent
convalidación: accreditation; validation; confirmation
convalidar: to accredit; to validate; to confirm
convencer: to convince
convencerse: to become convinced
convencido: convinced; sure
convencimiento: conviction; belief
convención: convention; assembly; agreement
convencional: conventional; member of a convention
convencionalismo: convention; conventionalism
convenido: agreed; settled by agreement
conveniencia: advisability; usefulness; benefit; conformity; agreement; fitness; suitability; desirability; convenience; advantage; interest
conveniente: convenient; advisable; fit; suitable; expedient; opportune; good; useful; advantageous; desirable; fitting; handy; meet; pat; proper; adequate
convenio: agreement; covenant; pact; accord
convenir: to agree; to meet; to convene; to befit; to suit; to harmonize; to be convenient; to fit one's interests; to concur; must
convento: convent; nunnery; monastery; abbacy; abbey
convergencia: convergence; agreement; concurrence
converger: to converge; to meet; to concur
convergir: converger
conversación: conversation; talk
conversador: talkative; chatty; talker
conversar: to talk; to chat; to converse
conversión: conversion; transformation; change
converso: converted; convert; lay brother
convertible: convertible
convertir: to turn; to change; to convert
convertirse: to become; to turn into
convexo: convex
convicción: conviction; belief
convicto: convicted
convidado: invited; guest
convidar: to invite; to treat; to encourage; to move; to incite
convidarse: to invite oneself
convincente: convincing
convite: meal; invitation; treat; entertainment; banquet
convivencia: life together
convivir: to live with
convocar: to call together; to summon; to announce; to convoke; to convene
convocatoria: notification; announcement
convoy: convoy; train; retinue; cruet stand
convulsión: convulsion; upheaval; unrest
convulsivo: convulsive
conyugal: conjugal; marital; matrimonial
cónyuge: spouse; consort
coña: joke
coñac: brandy; cognac
cooperación: cooperation
cooperar: to cooperate
cooperativa: cooperative
cooperativista: member of a cooperative
cooperativo: cooperative
coordenada: coordinate
coordinación: coordination; liaison; timing
coordinado: coordinated
coordinador: coordinating; organizing; coordinator
coordinadora: coordinating committee
coordinar: to coordinate
copa: glass; goblet; wineglass; drink; cup; brazier; top; crown; suit corresponding to hearts
copar: to take; to sweep
copartícipe: partner; joint participator
cópec, cópeck: kopeck
copete: topping; topknot; tuft; pompadour; crest; forelock; ornamental top; arrogance; uppishness
copia: copy; duplicate; abundance; plenty
copiar: to copy; to mimic; to ape
copiloto: co-pilot; co-driver
copioso: abundant; plentiful; copious
copista: copyist
copla: verse; popular song; stanza; song; ballad
copo: flake; clot; bunch of wool or flax; bottom of purse net; cutting the retreat of an army; sweeping all posts
coproducción: coproduction
copropietario: joint owner; co-proprietor
coprotagonista: co-star
coprotagonizar: to co-star in
copto: Copt; Coptic
cópula: copulation; copula; link
copular: to copulate
copulativo: copulative; joining
coquetear: to flirt; to coquet; to vamp; to dally; to jilt
coqueteo: flirtation; flirting; coquetting
coquetería: flirtatiousness; coquetry
coqueto: vain; nice
coraje: courage; mettle; cheek; anger; irritation
coral: choral; coral; chorale; choir
Corán: Koran
coraza: cuirass; shell; armour
corazón: heart; core; sweetheart; middle finger
corazonada: hunch; presentiment; foreboding; impulse
corbata: tie; necktie; cravat; scarf
corbeta: corvette; sloop of war
Córcega: Corsica
corcel: steed; charger
corchea: quaver; eighth note
corchero: cork; cork-tree peeler
corchete: fastener; hook; square bracket; brace; bumbailiff; catchpole; accolade
corcho: cork; float; beehive
córcholis: gosh; gracious me!
cordel: string; twine; fine cord
corderito: sheepskin; little lamb
cordero: lamb; mutton; sheep; lambskin
cordial: friendly; hearty; warm; affectionate; ; sincere; cordial; invigorating; middle finger
cordialidad: friendliness; cordiality; heartiness; warmth
cordillera: mountain range; chain of mountains
cordobán: cordovan; tanned goatskin
cordón: piece of string; shoelace; shoestring; cable; flex; electric cord; cordon; strand; torus
cordura: sanity; good sense; prudence; wisdom
Corea: Korea
coreano: Korean
corear: to sing in chorus
coreografía: choreography
coreográfico: choreographic
coreógrafo: choreographer
corinto: maroon
corista: chorus girl; chorist; chorister; chorus man
cormorán: cormorant
cornada: thrust with the horns
cornamenta: horns; antlers
córnea: cornea
cornear: to gore; to horn
corneja: small crow; jackdaw; daw; scops owl
córneo: horny; corneous
córner: corner
corneta: bugle; swineherd's horn; bugler; broad pennant
cornetín: cornet; cornet player
cornezuelo: ergot; small horn
cornisa: cornice
coro: chorus; choir
corola: corolla
corolario: corollary
corona: crown; halo; nimbus; wreath; krone; coronet; clerical tonsure; corona; crownwork; summit; crowning; end
coronación: coronation; climax
coronar: to crown; to be at the top of
coronario: coronary; fine
coronel: colonel; coronet; top moulding
coronilla: crown of the head; little crown
corpiño: sleeveless bodice; waist
corporación: corporation; association; college; guild
corporal: corporal; of the body
corporativista: corporativist
corporativo: corporative; corporate
corpóreo: bodily; corporeal
corpulencia: corpulence
corpulento: heavily-built; corpulent; bulky
corpúsculo: corpuscle
corral: farmyard; corral; enclosure; fold; weir; playpen
correa: strap; belt; thong; lead; lash; purlin; stamina
correaje: belts; straps; belting
corrección: correction; correctness; accuracy; rectitude; honesty; adjustment
correccional: corrective; reformatory; remand house; prison
correctivo: corrective; correcting; punishment
correcto: correct; regular; polite; accurate
corrector: corrective; proofreader
corredera: runner; groove; rail; track; sliding panel; log; slide valve
corredizo: sliding; running; slip
corredor: runner; land agent; stockbroker; canvasser; corridor; passage; covert way
corregir: to correct; to mark; to proofread; to temper; to mitigate; to adjust
corregirse: to mend one's ways; to correct itself
correlación: correlation
correlativo: correlative
correligionario: fellow believer; fellow supporter
correo: post; mail; correspondence; courier
correoso: flexible; pliable; stringy; tough; leathery
correr: to run; to hurry; to hasten; to spread; to flow; to move; to blow; to ramble; to roam; to rove; to pass; to travel; to chase; to hunt; to abash
correrse: to move up; to run; to come
correría: raid; foray; wandering; excursion
correspondencia: correspondence; mail; connection; return; reciprocation
corresponder: to correspond; to answer; to pertain; to belong; to repay; to reciprocate
corresponderse: to agree; to correspond; to love each other
correspondiente: corresponding; respective; correspondent; due; accordant
corresponsal: correspondent
corretear: to run about; to ramble; to wander; to romp
correveidile: gossip monger; go-between
corrida: run; reprehension; bullfight
corrido: long; continuous; embarrassed; abashed; confused; dissipate; flowing
corriente: flowing; running; ordinary; common; average; usual; correct; afable
corrillo: small group; clique
corrimiento: landslide; landslip; running; guttering; shame; confusion; vine blight
corro: ring; circle; ring-around-a-rosy; circular space
corroboración: corroboration; strengthening
corroborar: to corroborate; to strengthen
corroer: to corrode; to erode; to wear away; to consume
corroerse: to become corroded
corromper: to rot; to corrupt; to bribe; to seduce; to debauch; to mar; to spoil; to vitiate
corromperse: to stagnate; to rot; to become corrupted
corrosión: corrosion; erosion
corrosivo: corrosive; caustic
corrupción: decay; corruption; vitiation; depravation; pollution; filth; stench
corruptibilidad: corruptibility
corrupto: corrupt; corrupted
corruptor: corrupting; corrupter
corrusco: crust of bread
corsario: privateer; corsair; pirate
corsé: corset; stays
corsetería: corset shop
corso: Corsican; privateering
cortacésped: lawnmower
cortacircuitos: circuit breaker
cortado: sour; off; curdled; shy; embarrassed; with a dash of milk
cortadura: cut; incision; slit; slash; ravine
cortafuego: firebreak; fireguard
cortante: cutting; brusque; sharp; biting; bitter
cortapisa: restriction; limitation; interference
cortaplumas: penknife; pocketknife
cortar: to cut; to slash; to cut off; to cut out; to divide; to split up; to trim; to pare; to clip; to hew; to hack; to cross; to intersect; to interrupt; to cut short; to stop; to bar; to chap; to pierce; to crack; to slit
cortarse: to cut; to cut oneself; to chap; to curdle; to get embarrassed
cortaúñas: nail clippers
corte: cut; cutting edge; style; length; court; suite; retinue; stable; dar corte: to be shy
cortedad: smallness; shortness; shyness; bashfulness; timidity; diffidence
cortejar: to court; to woo
cortejo: entourage; train; procession; retinue; court; homage; sweetheart; paramour
Cortes: the Parliament
cortés: polite; courteous; civil; gracious
cortesano: of the court; courtier; courteous; polite
cortesía: courtesy; politeness; compliment; attention; present; favor
corteza: bark; rind; crust; peel; exterior surface; rusticity; zest
cortijo: farm and farmhouse; grange
cortina: curtain; drape; shade; screen
cortisona: cortisone
corto: short; scant; scanty; wanting; meagre; bashful; timid; dim; dumb; short movie; quedarse corto: to underestimate
cortocircuito: short circuit
cortometraje: short movie
corva: back of the knee
corvejón: hock; gambrel; cormorant
corvo: curved; bent; hook; gaff
corzo: roebuck; roe deer
cosa: thing; matter; affair; drag; gadget; jigger; object; cualquier cosa:> anything; whatever
cosaco: Cossack
coscorrón: blow on the head; bump
cosecha: harvest; crop; yield; vintage
cosechadora: harvester; reaping machine
cosechar: to harvest; to crop; to reap; to gather: to grow
coselete: corselet; pikeman; thorax
coseno: cosine
coser: to sew; to stitch up; to staple; to join; to unite; ser coser y cantar: to be child's play
cosido: sewing; sewed; sewn; stitching
cosmética: cosmetics
cosmético: cosmetic
cósmico: cosmic; cosmical
cosmología: cosmology
cosmonauta: cosmonaut
cosmopolita: cosmopolitan; cosmopolite
cosmos: cosmos
coso: bullring; main street
cosque: blow on the head
cosquillas: tickling; ticklishness
cosquilleo: tickling
costa: coast; shore; cost; price; expense; a toda costa: at all costs
costado: side; flank
costal: sack; costal
costalada: injury; blow one gets when falling on the back
costalazo: costalada
costanera: esplanade; steep ground; slope; seaside promenade
costar: to cost; to take; to be hard
coste: cost; price
costear: to pay for; to coast
costearse: to pay one's way
costero: coastal; coasting; slab taken from a log; side wall of blast furnace
costilla: rib; chop; cutlet; wife; other half
costo: cost; price; expense; costusroot; dope
costoso: expensive; dear; hard; difficult to obtain
costra: crust; scab; scale
costumbre: habit; custom; way
costura: sewing; seam; joint; dressmaking; alta costura: haute couture
costurera: seamstress
costurero: sewing basket; sewing box
cota: height above sea level; level; altitude; height; cota de malla: coat of mail
cotarro: night lodging for beggars; party; riotous gathering; dirigir el cotarro: to rule the roost
cotejar: to compare; to collate
cotejo: comparison
cotidiano: everyday; daily; quotidian
cotilla: gossip; busybody
cotillear: to gossip
cotilleo: gossip; tittle-tattle
cotillón: party; cotillion; New Yerar’s Eve party
cotización: rate of exchange; price; subscription; contribution; quotation
cotizar: to quote; to be quoted; to pay subscription; to price; to pay
cotizarse: to be valued or prized; to sell for; to be quoted at
coto: nature reserve; reserved ground; preserve; boundary mark; limit; stop; restriction; set of billiard games; chub; coto de caza: game preserve; poner coto a: to put a stop to
cotorra: parrot; chatterbox; magpie
cotorrear: to chatter; to gossip
covacha: cave; hovel; hut
coyote: coyote; prairie wolf
coyuntura: situation; joint; articulation; occasion; opportunity
coxis: coccyx
coz: kick from a beast; recoil; butt
crac: crack; crash; failure; bankruptcy
crack: crack
cráneo: cranium; skull
crápula: rake; crapulence; debauchery; libertine
craso: crass; gross; thick; fat; greasy
cráter: crater
creación: creation
creador: creative; creating
crear: to create; to make; to found; to institute; to establish; to invent; to design
creatividad: creativity
creativo: creative
crecer: to grow; to increase; to rise; to swell; to accrue
crecerse: to grow in confidence; to take courage
creces: con creces: amply
crecida: flood; spate; freshet; swelling
crecido: large; big; numerous; grown-up; swollen
creciente: growing; increasing; crescent
crecimiento: growth; growing; rise
credencial: credential; credenciales: documents
credibilidad: credibility
crédito: loan; credit; credence; good reputation; trust; belief; dar crédito: to accredit
credo: creed; credo
credulidad: credulity
crédulo: gullible; credulous; credulous
creencia: belief; creed; tenet; credence; credit
creer: to believe; to think; to accredit; to accept
creerse: to believe oneself to be
creíble: believable; credible
creído: bigheaded; conceited; stuck-up; accredited
crema: cream; custard; shoe polish; crème
cremación: cremation; incineration
cremallera: zip; zipper; ratch; ratchet; rack
crematorio: crematorium; crematory; incinerator
cremoso: creamy
crepa: pancake
crepé: crepe
crêpe, crepe: crêpe; pancake
crepitar: to crackle; to sizzle; to crepitate
crepuscular: twilight; crepuscular
crepúsculo: twilight; dusk
crescendo: crescendo
crespo: curly; crispy; crisp; angry; irritated
crespón: black ribbon; crape
cresta: crest; comb; top
Creta: Crete
cretense: Cretan
cretino: cretinous; cretin; cretinic; jerk
cretona: cretonne
creyente: believer; believing
cría: breeding; rearing; nursing; suckling; brood; litter; young
criada: maid; housemaid; servant
criadero: breeding place; nursery; seam; vein; prolific
criadilla: testicle
criado: grown-up; reared; raised; bred; servant; manservant
criador: breeder; grower
crianza: breeding; nursing; upbringing; lactation; education; vintage
criar: to nurse; to bring up; to breed; to educate; to cultivate; to grow; to have; to make; to produce
criarse: to grow up
criatura: creature; baby; child; infant
criba: sieve; cribble; screen; screening
cribar: to sieve; to screen; to sift
crimen: crime; murder; felony
criminal: criminal
criminalidad: criminality; crime
criminalista: criminal; criminologist; criminalist
criminología: criminology
crin: mane; horsehair
crío: child; baby; infant; childish person
criollo: Creole; native to Latin America
cripta: crypt
críptico: cryptic
críquet: cricket
crisálida: chrysalis; pupa
crisantemo: chrysanthemum
crisis: crisis; attack
crisma: head; chrism; bonce; nut
crispación: tenseness
crispar: to tense; to annoy; to set on edge; to clench
crisparse: to tense up; to tighten; to become annoyed
cristal: glass; crystal; lens; pane
cristalera: window; display cabinet; glass door; sideboard
cristalería: glassworks; glassware shop; set of glasses and jugs
cristalero: glazier
cristalino: transparent; clear; crystalline; lens
cristalización: crystallization; synthesis
cristalizar: to crystallize; to bring to head
cristalizarse: to crystallize
cristiandad: Christendom
cristianismo: Christianity
cristianizar: to Christianize
cristiano: Christian; soul; person
Cristo: Christ; crucifix
criterio: guideline; criterion; judgement; discernment; opinion
crítica: criticism; review; fault-finding; censure
criticar: to criticize; to review; to blame
crítico: critical; critic
criticón: fault-finding; fault-finder; censorious; nitpicker
Croacia: Croatia
croar: to croak
croata: Croatian
crocante: crisp; crispy; almond brittle
crocanti: almond brittle
croché: crochet
croissant: croissant
crol: crawl
cromado: chrome; chromium
cromático: chromatic
cromo: chrome; chromium; picture card; sticker; transfer
cromosoma: chromosome
crónica: account; chronicle; feature; report
crónico: chronic; endemic
cronista: feature writer; columnist; chronicler; reporter
crono: time
cronología: chronology
cronológico: chronological
cronometraje: time keeping
cronometrar: to time; to clock
cronómetro: stopwatch; chronometer
croqueta: croquette
croquis: sketch
cross: cross country
cruasán: croissant
cruce: crossing; crossroads; crosswalk; crossed line; cross; intersection
crucero: cruise; cruiser; transept; crossroads; cleavage plane
crucial: crucial; critical
crucificar: to crucify; to torture; to vex
crucifijo: crucifix
crucifixión: crucifixion
crucigrama: crossword puzzle
cruda: hangover
crudeza: harshness; bluntness; rudeness; crudity; rawness; bitterness
crudo: raw; uncooked; underdone; unripe; harsh; natural; unbleached; bitter; crude; oil
cruel: cruel
crueldad: cruelty; harshness
cruento: bloody
crujido: creaking; crackling; crunching; grinding; rustle; creak; gnash; flaw
crujiente: crunchy; rustling; crackly
crujir: to creak; to rustle; to crunch; to grind; to crackle; to gnash
crupier: croupier
crustáceo: crustacean; crustaceous
cruz: cross; rood; burden; tails; withers; dagger; crown; en cruz: across; crosswise; a cara o cruz: toss; pitch-and-toss; hacer el signo de la cruz: to cross oneself; to sain
cruza: cross; crossbreed
cruzada: crusade; campaign; crossroads
cruzado: crossed; across; crossbred; double-breasted; engaged in a crusade; crusader; twilled
cruzar: to cross; to exchange; to twill; to cruise
cruzarse: to cross; to meet; cruzarse de brazos: to cross one's arms
cuaderno: exercise book; notebook
cuadra: stable; pigsty; block; quarter of ship; croup of horse
cuadrado: square; solidly built; hefty; inflexible; perfect; complete; quadrat
cuadragésimo: fortieth
cuadrante: quadrant; sundial; quarter; quadrans
cuadrar: to balance; to square; to graticulate; to fit; to suit; to please
cuadrarse: to stand to attention; to stand firm
cuadratura: quadrature
cuádriceps: quadriceps
cuadrícula: squares; quadrille ruling; graticule
cuadriculado: squared
cuadricular: squared; to square; to graticulate
cuadrilátero: quadrilateral; ring
cuadrilla: group; gang; quadrille; bullfighter's support team
cuadro: picture; painting; square; scene; description; frame; panel; staff; cadre; platen
cuadrúpedo: quadruped
cuádruple: quadruple; fourfold
cuádruplo: quadruple; fourfold
cuajada: curds; cottage cheese
cuajado: curdled; full
cuajar: rennet bag; abomasum; to curdle; to cover; to settle; to come to something
cuajarse: to curdle; to fill
cuajo: rennet; curdling; coagulation; calmness; phlegm; sluggishness; patience
cual: who; whom; which; like
cuál: which; which one
cualidad: quality
cualificado: qualified; skilled
cualitativo: qualitative
cualquier: any
cualquiera: any; anybody; either; anyone; nobody; tart
cuán: how
cuando: when; even when; even though; since; at the time of
cuándo: when; sometimes; now
cuantía: amount; size; quantity; importance; distinction
cuantificar: to quantify
cuantioso: substantial; large; numerous
cuantitativo: quantitative
cuanto: as long as; everything; all; a few
cuánto: how much; how many; what; how
cuáquero: Quaker
cuarenta: forty; fortieth
cuarentavo: fortieth
cuarentena: forty; quarantine
cuarentón: fortyish; person forty years old
cuaresma: Lent
cuarta: fourth gear; fourth part; span; quart; point of the compass; fourth; carte
cuartear: to quarter
cuartearse: to crack; to split
cuartel: barracks; quarter; ward of a town; plot; section; hatch
cuartelillo: police station; station
cuarteto: quartet
cuartilla: A5 sheet of writing paper; pastern of horse
cuarto: fourth; quarter; flat; room; chamber; old copper coin of little value
cuartucho: cramped room; hovel
cuarzo: quartz
cuate: twin; pal; buddy
cuaternario: Quaternary
cuatrero: rustler; horse thief; cattlethief
cuatrillizo: quadruplet
cuatrimotor: four-engined aeroplane
cuatro: four; fourth; a few
cuatrocientos: four hundred
Cuba: Cuba
cuba: cask; barrel; tub; vat; big-bellied person; estar como una cuba: to be drunk
cubalibre: drink of gin or rum and cola
cubano: Cuban
cubata: drink of gin or rum and cola
cubertería: canteen; cutlery
cubeta: dish; bulb; tray; bucket; cup; cistern; cuvette
cúbico: cubic
cubículo: cubicle
cubierta: cover; covering; envelope; deck; roof; roofing; case; casing; shoe of a pneumatic tire; pretext
cubierto: covered; sheltered; roof; cloudy; place setting; set of fork, spoon and knife
cubil: den; lair
cubilete: goblet; mould; shaker; dicebox; small round mince pie
cubismo: cubism
cubista: cubist
cubito: ice cube
cúbito: ulna; cubit
cubo: bucket; pail; tub; hub; nave; cube; brick; water reservoir; barrel of a watch; round tower
cubrecama: bedspread; counterpane; coverlet
cubrir: to cover; to wrap; to envelop; to cloak; to clothe; to drape; to shroud; to veil; to coat; to face; to overlay; to spread; to hide; to mask; to disguise; to protect; to roof; to travel; to fill
cubrirse: to cover oneself; to put one's hat on; to shield; to cloud over
cucaracha: cockroach; black beetle; pill bug
cuchara: spoon; spoonful; ladle; scoop; bucket; dipper
cucharada: spoonful
cucharadita: teaspoonful
cucharilla: teaspoon
cucharón: ladle; bucket
cucheta: bunk
cuchichear: to whisper
cuchicheo: whispering
cuchilla: blade; large knife; cutting tool; sword; runner
cuchillada: stab wound; stab; slash; gash
cuchillazo: cuchillada
cuchillo: knife; gore in a garment; truss of a bridge; frame of a roof
cuchitril: hole; hovel
cuclillas: in a squatting or crouching position, sitting on one's heels
cuco: nice; pretty; dainty; crafty; cunning; cuckoo
cucurucho: paper cone; cornet; ice-cream cone; pointed hood
cuello: neck; throat; collar
cuenca: socket; basin; watershed; wooden bowl
cuenco: earthen bowl; hollow; concavity
cuenta: sum; count; bill; check; account; bead; behalf; care; duty; responsibility; report
cuentagotas: dropper
cuentakilómetros: milometer; speedometer
cuentarrevoluciones: rev; counter
cuentista: gossipy; gossip; tale-bearer; story writer
cuento: tale; story; short story; gossip; yarn; falsehood; lie; gist; difficulty; quarrel; count; million; ferrule
cuerda: rope; string; leash; line; spring; tether; lashing; twine; chord; voice; compass; washing line; winding; cuerda floja: tightrope; dar cuerda: to wind; to wind up; cuerda elástica: bungee
cuerdo: sane; sensible; wise; prudent; discreet
cuerno: horn; antler; feeler
cuero: skin; hide; rawhide; pelt; leather; wine bag; wineskin; whip
cuerpo: body; solid; substance; figure; build; corpse; corpus; thickness; bulk; importance; company: staff; section; bodice
cuervo: crow; raven
cuesta: slope; acclivity
cuestación: charity collection
cuestión: question; matter; affair; business; dispute; quarrel
cuestionable: questionable; doubtful
cuestionar: to question; to controvert
cuestionario: questionnaire
cueva: cave; cellar; den
cuidado: care; carefulness; accuracy; charge; keeping; fear; anxiety; worry
cuidador: handler; fitness coach; caretaker; keeper; tender
cuidadoso: careful; painstaking; watchful; accurate
cuidar: to look after; to take care over
cuidarse: to look after oneself
cuita: trouble; sorrow; misfortune
culantro: coriander
culata: butt; breech; head of a cylinder; buttock; haunch; rear part
culatazo: recoil; kick
culebra: snake; adder
culebrilla: shingles; ring worm; green dragon
culebrón: soap opera; large snake; crafty fellow
culera: patch; dirty spot
culín: drop
culinary: culinary
culminación: climax; high point; culmination
culminante: culminating; predominating
culminar: to end; to culminate; to reach a climax
culo: bottom; behind; seat; backsite; buttock; rump; ass; anus
culón: big-bottomed
culpa: blame; guilt; fault; sin
culpabilidad: guilt; culpability
culpable: guilty; culprit; culpable; blamable
culpar: to blame; to accuse; to impeach
culparse: to blame oneself
cultivado: cultivated; cultured
cultivador: farmer; grower; tiller; cultivator
cultivar: to cultivate; to grow; to play; to labour; to till; to culture
cultivo: cultivation; growing; crop; culture
culto: cultured; cultivated; educated; enlightened; civilized; learned; accomplished; cult; worship; veneration; homage
cultura: culture; learning; cultivation; refinement
cultural: cultural
culturismo: body building
cumbia: Colombian dance and music
cumbre: summit; top; peak; high point; acme; pinnacle
cumpleaños: birthday
cumplido: finished; completed; accomplished; full; thorough; correct; large; ample; abundant; courteous; polite; compliment
cumplidor: reliable; dependable; conscientious; trustworthy
cumplimentar: to pay a formal visit; to congratulate; to complete; to carry out
cumplimiento: fulfilment; accomplishment; carrying out; observance; lapse; expiration; perfection; performance; acquittal; compliment
cumplir: to accomplish; to perform; to fulfil; to keep; to observe; to serve; to behove; to abide; to abide by; cumplir una pena: to aby; to abye
cumplirse: to come true; to expire
cúmulo: pile; weight; burden; cumulus
cuna: cradle; crib; beginning; stock; family; lineage; foundling hospital
cundir: to spread; to go far; to go a long way; to increase in volume
cuneta: ditch
cuña: wedge; bedpan; contact; quoin; cuneiform
cuñada: sister-in-law
cuñado: brother-in-law
cuño: die; stamp
cuota: membership fee; monthly school fees; instalment; share; quota
cupé: coupé
cuplé: music hall song; variety song
cupletista: singer of a cuplé
cupo: quota; contingent
cupón: ticket; coupon; voucher
cúpula: dome; cupola; turret; leadership
cura: cure; healing; treatment; dressing of a wound; priest
curación: cure; treatment; curing; healing
curado: cured; mature
curandero: healer; quack doctor
curar: to cure; to treat; to mature; to tan; to season; to recover; to take care of; to mind; to dress a wound
curarse: to recover; to heal; to take treatment; to mend
curare: curare; curari
curda: drunkenness; drunken fit
curia: curia; barristers; ecclesiastical court
curiosear: to act with curiosity; to inquire; to snoop
curiosidad: curiosity; neatness; cleanliness; tidiness
curioso: curious; nosy; strange; odd; interesting; net; tidy; onlooker; nosy parker; busybody
currante: worker
currar: to work; to hit
currículum: curriculum vitae
curro: work
curry: curry
cursar: to study; to send; to present; to process; to give; to frequent
cursi: pretentious; poorly affecting distinction and elegance
cursilada: pretentious action; kitsch object
cursillo: course; series of lectures
cursiva: italics
cursivo: italic
curso: course; academic year; route; flow; circulation
cursor: cursor; slide
curtido: tanned; curried; sunburst; weather-beaten; hardened; experienced; tanning
curtidor: tanner; currier; leather dresser
curtir: to tan; to sunburn; to harden; to inure
curva: curve; bend; knee
curvar: to curve
curvarse: to curve
curvo: curved; bent
cuscurro: the end of a stick of bread; crust of bread
cuscús: couscous
cúspide: summit; peak; apex; vertex
custodia: custody; care; safe-keeping; escort or guard; monstrance; tabernacle
custodiar: to guard; to protect; to keep; to take care of
cutáneo: skin; cutaneous
cutícula: cuticle
cutis: complexion; skin
cutre: seedy; stingy; miserly; miser
cuyo: whose; of which

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