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quark: quark
que: who; that; which; whom; when; than; so; if; and
qué: what; which; how
quebrada: gully; ravine; gorge
quebradero: quebradero de cabeza: headache; problem; worry; concern
quebradizo: fragile; brittle; frail; delicate; weak
quebrado: rough; uneven; rugged; broken; faltering; zigzag; fraction; bankrupt; ruptured
quebradura: crack; fissure; break; hernia; rupture
quebrantahuesos: bearded vulture; lammergeier; osprey; bore
quebrantamiento: breaking; crushing; fatigue; exhausting; violation; breach; breakdown
quebrantar: to break; to smash; to crush; to bruise; to violate; to infringe; to fail in; to weaken; to diminish; to exhaust; to fatigue; to impair
quebrantarse: to deteriorate
quebranto: loss; weakening; debilitation; breaking; crushing; grief; pain; pity; compassion
quebrar: to break; to go bankrupt; to fail; to violate; to bend; to impair or dull; to temper; to moderate; to weaken; to give way
quebrarse: to break; to crack; to falter; to rupture oneself
quechua: Quechua
queda: curfew; curfew bell
quedada: stay; remaining
quedar: to remain; to stay; to stop; to keep; to be; to be left; to become; to make a date; to look; to agree
quedarse: to stay; to remain; to take; to choose; to die; to abide; quedarse con: to kid; to keep; to go for; to prefer
quedo: quiet; soft; still; easy; gentle; low; quietly; softly; in a low voice
quehacer: task; chore; job; work; occupation
queimada: alcoholic drink typical of Galicia
queja: moan; groan; complaint; lament; grievance
quejarse: to groan; to cry out; to complain; to lament
quejica: whining; whingeing; complaining; moaner; whinger
quejido: cry; moan; groan; lament
quejoso: annoyed; upset; complaining
quejumbroso: plaintive; whiny; querulous; whining
quema: burning; fire; conflagration
quemado: burnt; scalded; burnt-out; blown; sunburnt; tanned; finished; fed up; estar quemado: to be burnt-out; to be fed up
quemador: burner; jet; incendiary; burning
quemadura: burn; scald; scorch or nip; smut
quemar: to burn; to scald; to scorch; to nip; to anger; to irritate; to blow; to fritter away; to burn out; to make fed up; to be very hot; to tan; to squander
quemarse: to burn down; to get scalded; to burn; to blow; to get burned; to get fed up; to become angry
quemarropa: a quemarropa: point blank
quemazón: burning; itch; itching; excessive heat
quepis: kepi
quepo, quepa: caber
queratina: keratin
querella: charge; dispute; quarrel; complaint; lament
querellarse: to lament; to bewail; to complaint; to bring suit
querer: love; affection; to want; to wish; to will; to desire; to need; to demand; to love; to like
quererse: to love each other
querida: mistress; paramour
querido: dear; lover; darling; beloved; paramour
queroseno: kerosene; paraffin
querré, querrás: querer
querubín: cherub
quesada: cake made of cheese and pastry
quesadilla: pastry with dried fruit and syrup filling; cheesecake; soft fried corn tortilla stuffed with cheese and other fillings
quesera: cheese board with a glass-domed cover; cheese dish; dairy
quesería: dairy; cheese factory or shop
queso: cheese; queso de bola: round hard cheese; queso rallado: grated cheese
quetzal: quetzal
quibutz: kibbutz
quicio: jamb; pivot hole; sacar de quicio: to drive mad; to strain; to exasperate
quid: crux; gist; reason; essence
quiebra: bankruptcy; crash; collapse; breakdown; failure; break; crack; fissure; ravine; loss; damage
quiebro: swerve; dodge; feint; trill; quebrar
quien: who; whom; whoever; whomever
quién: who; whom
quienquiera: whoever; whomever; whosoever; whomsoever
quiero, quiera: querer
quieto: still; calm; placid; motionless; undisturbed; peaceful; orderly; virtuous; estáte quieto: keep still
quietud: stillness; quietness; calm; peace; quietude; rest; repose; tranquility
quijada: jaw; jawbone
quijotada: quixotic act
quijote: cuisse; upper part of the haunch; Quixote
quijotesco: quixotic
quilate: carat; karat
quilla: keel
quilo: kilo
quimera: fantasy; wishful thinking; chimera; quarrel; row
quimérico: fanciful; chimerical
química: chemistry
químico: chemical; chemist
quimioterapia: chemotherapy
quimo: chyme
quimono: kimono
quina: quinine; cinchona
quincalla: trinket; small metal wares
quincallería: cheap trinkets; junk shop
quince: fifteen; fifteenth
quinceañero: teenager; fifteen year-old
quinceavo: fifteenth
quincena: fortnight; two weeks
quincenal: every two weeks; biweekly
quincuagenario: having fifty units; quinquagenarian
quincuagésimo: fiftieth
quiniela: pools coupon; quinielas: pools
quinientos: five hundred
quinina: quinine
quinqué: oil lamp
quinquenal: quinquennial; five-year
quinquenio: five year period; quinquennium
quinqui: delinquent
quinta: country house; farm; call-up year; generation; fifth gear; draft; quint; quinte
quintaesencia: quintessence
quintal: quintal; forty-six kilogrammes; quintal métrico: one hundred kilogrammes
quinteto: quintet
quintillizo: quintuplet
quinto: fifth; recruit; conscript
quíntuple: quintuple
quintuplicar: to quintuple; to increase fivefold
quintuplicarse: to quintuple; to increase fivefold
quíntuplo: quintuple
quinzavo: fifteenth
quiosco: kiosk; pavilion; newspaper stand; bandstand
quiosquero: owner of a newspaper stand
quiquiriquí: cock-a-doodle-doo
quirófano: operating theater; operating room; surgery
quiromancia: chiromancy; palmistry
quiromasaje: manual massage
quirúrgico: surgical
quise, quisiera: querer
quisque: everyone
quisquilla: trifle; marine shrimp
quisquilloso: pernickety; touchy; picky; fussy; overnice; squeamish
quiste: cyst
quita: remission of debt
quitaesmalte: nail-polish remover
quitamanchas: stain remover; clothes cleaner; spot remover
quitanieves: snowplough; snowplow
quitar: to remove; to take off; to take out; to rub off; to pick off; to eliminate; to deduct; to subtract; to relieve; to quench; to take; to steal; to rob of; to switch off; to clear; to hinder; to prevent; to forbid; to intercept; to abolish; to repeal; to abate
quitarse: to get out of the way; to take off; to come out
quitasol: sunshade; parasol
quite: parry; dodge; attracting the bull from a man in danger
quiteño: inhabitant of Quito
quitina: chitin
Quito: Quito
quizá, quizás: maybe; mayhap; perhaps
quórum: quorum

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