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nabo: turnip
nácar: mother-of-pearl
nacer: to be born; to sprout; to spring; to hatch; to grow; to bud; to come up; to rise; to have its roots; to originate
nacido: born; living man; growth; boil
naciente: new; rising; incipient; recent; growing; budding; sprouting; dawning; fledging
nacimiento: birth; coming to life; sprouting; growth; source; roots; origin; beginning; rising; descent; lineage; crib; Nativity scene
nación: nation; Naciones Unidas: United Nations
nacional: national; domestic; home; native
nacionalidad: nationality; citizenship
nacionalismo: nationalism
nacionalista: nationalist
nacionalización: nationalization; naturalization
nacionalizar: to nationalize; to naturalize
nacionalizarse: to become naturalized
naco: common; pleb
nada: nothing; anything; naught; nought; not at all; not a bit; de nada: you're welcome
nadador: swimmer; swimming
nadar: to swim; to float; to be rolling in
nadería: little thing; minor matter; trifle
nadie: nobody; no one; anybody; anyone
nadir: nadir
nado: a nado: swimming
nafta: naphtha; petrol; gasoline
naftalina: naphthalene
naif: naive
nailon, nylon: nylon
naipe: card
nalga: buttock; rump
nana: lullaby; cradlesong; grandma
nanay: no way
nao: ship; vessel
napa: nappa
napalm: napalm
napia: hooter
Nápoles: Naples
napolitano: Neapolitan
naranja: orange; media naranja: other half
naranjada: orange drink; orangeade
naranjo: orange tree; booby; lout
narcisismo: narcissism
narcisista: narcissist; narcissistic
narciso: narcissus; daffodil; narcissist; dandy; fop
narcótico: narcotic; drug
narcotizar: to drug
narcotraficante: drug trafficker
narcotráfico: drugs trade
nardo: nard; spikenard; tuberose
narigudo: big-nosed
nariz: nose; nostril; bouquet; nose-shaped catch for a latch
narración: narrative; story; narration; account
narrador: narrator
narrar: to recount; to tell; to narrate; to relate
narrativa: narrative; narration
narrativo: narrative
nasal: nasal
nata: cream; skin
natación: swimming; natation
natal: native; natal; home; birth; of one's birth
natalicio: birthday; nativity
natalidad: birth rate; natality
natillas: custard
Natividad: nativity; Christmas; Yuletide
nativo: native; natal; vernacular; born; inborn; naturalborn
nato: born; ex officio
natural: natural; flesh; native; nature; artless; ingenious; disposition
naturaleza: nature; constitution; character; sort; kind; description; nationality; naturaleza muerta: still life
naturalidad: naturalness; nationality; abandon
naturalismo: naturalism
naturalista: naturalist; naturalistic
naturalizar: to naturalize; to grant citizenship to
naturalizarse: to become naturalized
naturalmente: of course
naturismo: nudism; naturism
naturista: naturist; naturopath
naufragar: to sink; to be wrecked; to be shipwrecked; to fail; to founder
naufragio: shipwreck; failure; run; disaster
náufrago: castaway; shipwrecked; wrecked
náusea: nausea; sickness; qualmishness; disgust; dar náuseas: to make sick; to disgust
nauseabundo: nauseating; sickening; loathsome; nauseating
náutica: navigation; seamanship; nautics
náutico: nautical; water
navaja: penknife; jackknife; tusk; razor shell; razor clam
navajazo: stab with a clasp knife
navajero: criminal who carries a knife
naval: naval
Navarra: Navarre
navarro: Navarrese
nave: ship; vessel; craft; shop; plant; large hall or division in a building; warehouse; nave
navegable: navigable
navegación: sailing; navigation; sea voyage
navegante: navigator; seafarer; seafaring
navegar: to sail; to fly; to navigate; to go about
Navidad: Christmas; Yule; Yuletide
navideño: Christmas
naviera: shipping company
naviero: shipping; shipowner
navío: large ship
náyade: naiad
nazareno: Nazarene; Nazarite; penitent in Holy Week processions
nazi: Nazi
nazismo: Nazism
neblina: mist
nebulosa: nebula
nebuloso: cloudy; foggy; nebulous; gloomy; vague
necedad: stupidity; foolishness; stupid or foolish thing
necesario: necessary; needful
neceser: toilet bag; case; kit
necesidad: need; necessity; want; emergency; hunger; poverty; destitution
necesitado: needy; poor
necesitar: to need; to want; to lack; to have to; to necessitate
necio: stupid; foolish; silly; injudicious; ignorant
nécora: crab
necrofilia: necrophilia
necrología: obituary notice; necrology
necrológica: obituary notice
necrológico: obituary
necrópolis: necropolis; cemetery
néctar: nectar; sweetened fruit juice
nectarina: nectarine
nefasto: ill-fated; bad; harmful; terrible; awful; ominous; funest; noxious
nefritis: nephritis
negación: negation; denial; refusal; negative
negado: useless; hopeless; inapt; incompetent; dull; stupid
negar: to deny; to refuse; to disavow; to forbid; to prohibit; to hide; to conceal
negarse: to refuse; negarse algo a uno mismo: to abnegate
negativa: refusal; denial
negativo: negative; minus
negligencia: negligence; carelessness; neglect
negligente: negligent; careless; neglectful
negociable: negotiable
negociación: negotiation; business transaction
negociado: department; bureau; division; business; affair; shady deal
negociador: negotiator; negotiating
negociante: businessman; trader; dealer; mercenary; ruthless
negociar: to do business; to trade; to deal; to negotiate
negocio: business; deal; transaction; bargain; affair; matter; occupation; work; commerce; trade; concern; profit; gain
negra: crotchet; quarter note; fencing sword; tener la negra: to have bad luck
negrero: slave trader; slave driver
negrita: bold
negro: black; furious; filthy; fed up; crime; unlucky; wretched
negroide: Negroid
negrura: blackness
negruzco: blackish
nena: little girl; dear; darling
nene: baby; little boy; little girl; dear; darling
nenúfar: water lily
neoclasicismo: neoclassicism
neoclásico: neoclassic; neoclassical; neoclassicist
neófito: neophyte; newcomer
neologismo: neologism
neolítico: Neolithic
neologismo: neologism
neón: neon
neorrealismo: neorealism
neorrealista: neorealist
neoyorquino: New Yorker
neozelandés: New Zealander
Nepal: Nepal
nepalés: Nepalese
nepotismo: nepotism
Neptuno: Neptune
nervio: nerve; sinew; energy; vigour; spirit; rib; string; stay; nervios: nerves; poner de los nervios: to get on somebody's nerves
nerviosismo: nervousness; nerves
nervioso: nervous; nerve; worked-up; vigorous; energetic
nervudo: sinewy; strong-nerved
neto: clear; clean; simple; plain; net; dado
neumático: pneumatic; tyre; tire; pneumatic
neumonía: pneumonia
neura: craze
neuralgia: neuralgia
neurastenia: neurasthenia
neurasténico: neurasthenic; hysterical
neurología: neurology
meurólogo: neurologist
neurona: neuron; neurona; nerve cell
neurosis: neurosis
neurótico: neurotic; obsessive; worked up
neutral: neutral; neuter
neutralidad: neutrality
neutralizar: to neutralize; to counteract
neutralizarse: to be neutralized
neutro: neutral; neuter
neutrón: neutron
nevada: snowfall
nevado: snow-covered; snow-white; snowy
nevar: to snow; to make snow-white
nevasca: snowstorm
nevera: refrigerator; fridge; icebox; very cold place
nevisca: flurry of snow; light snowfall; sleet
newton: newton
nexo: link; bond; connexion; nexus
ni: neither; nor; not one; not a single; even
nicho: niche
nicotina: nicotine
nidada: nestful of eggs; clutch; brood; hatch; covey
nido: nest; den; home; abode; baby unit
niebla: fog; mist; haze; confusion; smut; rust
niego, niegue: negar
nieta: granddaughter
nieto: grandchild; grandson
nieva: nevar
nieve: snow; coke; ice-cream; pure whiteness
nigromancia: necromancy; black magic
nigromante: necromancer; magician
nihilismo: nihilism
nihilista: nihilist; nihilistic
Nilo: Nile
nilón: nylon
nimbo: nimbus; aureole; halo
nimiedad: insignificance; minor matter; minuteness; smallness
nimio: insignificant; trifling
ninfa: nymph
ningún: ninguno
ninguno: no; not one; not any; none; nobody
niña: female child; baby girl; little girl
niñada: puerility; childishness; childish action
niñato: pipsqueak
niñera: nursemaid; nanny
niñería: puerility; childish action; trifle
niñez: childhood; infancy
niño: child; childish; childlike; young; inexperienced; male child
nipón: Japanese
níquel: nickel
niquelado: nickel-plated; nickel-plate
niquelar: to nickel; to nickel-plate
niqui: polo shirt
nirvana: nirvana
níspero: medlar; sapodilla
nitidez: clearness; sharpness; neatness; clarity; lack of ambiguity
nítido: clear; sharp; unambiguous; sharp; well-defined
nitrato: nitrate
nítrico: nitric
nitrógeno: nitrogen
nitroglicerina: nitroglycerin
nivel: level; standard; levelness; equality
nivelar: to level; to make level
níveo: snowy; snowy white
no: no; nay; not
nobiliario: noble; nobiliary
noble: noble; selfless
nobleza: nobility; honesty; decency
noche: night
nochebuena: Christmas Eve
nochevieja: New Year's Eve
noción: idea; notion; nociones: rudiments; elements
nocivo: harmful; noxious; pernicious
noctámbulo: night-wanderer; night-wandering; nocturnal; night owl; night hawk
nocturnidad: night-time; condition of nocturnal
nocturno: night; nocturnal; nocturn; nocturne
nodo: node
nodriza: wet nurse; node
nódulo: nodule
nogal: walnut tree; walnut wood
nómada: nomad; nomadic
nombramiento: appointment; appointing; naming; nomination; commission
nombrar: to name; to mention; to nominate; to appoint; to commission
nombre: name; fame; reputation; nickname; noun
nomenclatura: nomenclature
nomeolvides: forget-me-not; identity bracelet
nómina: payroll; salary; payslip; catalogue of names
nominación: appointment; nomination
nominal: nominal; face
nominar: to appoint; to nominate
nominativo: nominative; nominal
non: odd; uneven; odd number
nonada: trifle; nothing
nonagenario: nonagenarian
nonagésimo: ninetieth
nonato: not naturally born; unborn
nones: no
nono: ninth
noquear: to knock out
norcoreano: North Korean
nordeste: northeast
nórdico: Nordic; Norse
nordista: Northerner; Yankee
noreste: northeast
noria: noria; Ferris wheel; big wheel; water wheel
norma: norm; model; pattern; regulation; standard
normal: normal; standard; model; regular; two-star
normalidad: normality
normalización: normalization
normalizar: to normalize; to restore to normal
normalizarse: to get back to normal
Normandía: Normandy
normando: Norman; Norseman; Northman
normativa: rules; regulations
normativo: normative
noroeste: northwest
norte: north; aim; goal; lodestar; direction
Norteamérica: North America; the United States
norteamericano: North American; American
norteño: northern; norther
Noruega: Norway
noruego: Norwegian
nos: us; to us; for us; each other; ourselves; we
nosocomio: hospital
nosotros: we; us
nostalgia: nostalgia; homesickness; regret
nostálgico: homesick; nostalgic; regretful
nota: note; eminence; account; bill; statement; schedule; mark; grade
notable: marked; noticeable; noteworthy; notable; prominent; striking; good mark
notación: notation
notar: to notice; to feel; to observe; to note; to mark; to annotate; to set down; to blame
notarse: to be noticeable
notaría: profession of notary; notary's office; notarial studies
notarial: notarial
notario: notary
noticia: news; news item; notice; report; tidings; knowledge; information; intelligence
noticiario: news reel; newscast
noticiero: news; newsreel; newsman; reporter
notificación: notification; official notice
notificar: to notify of; to inform of; to announce; to intimate; to inform
notoriedad: fame; renown; notoriety; self-evidence
notorio: obvious; clear; well-known; famous; evident; manifest; glaring
novatada: joke; hazing of a new comer; beginner's blunder
novato: inexperienced; beginner; novice; freshman
novecientos: nine hundred
novedad: novelty; newness; change; alteration; recent fashion; surprise; astonishment
novedoso: novel; having novelty
novel: new; inexperienced; beginner
novela: novel; romance; fiction; story; lie; yarn
novelar: to novelize; to make into a novel
novelería: gossip; fondness for novelty; curiosity; worthless fiction
novelero: fond of fiction; romantical; very imaginative; fickle; inconstant
novelista: novelist; novel-writer
novena: novena
noveno: ninth
noventa: ninety; ninetieth
noventavo: ninetieth
novia: bride; girlfriend; fiancée; sweetheart
noviazgo: engagement; betrothal; courtship
noviciado: novitiate; apprenticeship
novicio: new; inexperienced; novice; beginner; tyro
noviembre: November
novillada: fight with young bulls; drove of young bulls
novillero: apprentice bullfighter; truant
novillo: young bull; heifer; hacer novillos: to play hooky
novio: bridegroom; groom; boyfriend; fiancé; suitor; novios: betrothed man and woman; bride and groom
nubarrón: storm cloud; large black cloud
nube: cloud; swarm; horde; film; spot
nublado: cloudy; overcast; clouded; storm cloud; impending danger; shower
nublar: to cloud
nublarse: to cloud over; to become cloudy; to become fogged
nubosidad: cloudiness; clouds
nuca: nape of the neck
nuclear: nuclear
núcleo: nucleus; essence; core; kernel; stone
nudillo: knuckle
nudismo: nudism
nudista: nudist
nudo: knot; noose; hitch; bond; tie; link; tangle; difficulty; burl; gnarl; crux; heart; development; junction; node; joint; nudo corredizo: slipknot
nudoso: knotty; gnarled
nuera: daughter-in-law
nuestro: our; of ours; ours
nueva: news
nuevamente: again
nueve: nine; ninth
nuevo: new; novel; fresh; newly arrived; novice; beginner; further; de nuevo: again; over and over; afresh
nuez: walnut; nut; Adam's apple; nuez moscada: nutmeg
nulidad: nullity; inability; incompetence; uselessness
nulo: void; useless; hopeless; null; nonexistent; incapable; incompetent
numeración: numeration; numbering; numerical order; system of notation
numerador: numerator; numberer
numeral: number; numeral
numerar: to numerate; to enumerate; to number
numerario: full; permanent; numerary; cash; coin; specie
numérico: numerical
número: number; numeral; figure; issue; item; size; act
numeroso: numerous; many; large; harmonious
numismática: numismatics
nunca: never; ever
nupcial: nuptial; hymeneal
nupcias: wedding; marriage; nuptials
nutria: otter; otter-fur
nutrición: nutrition; filling; increasing
nutrido: nourished; full; abundant; large
nutrir: to feed; to nourish; to supply; to fill; to increase
nutrirse: to feed
nutritivo: nourishing; nutritious; nutritive
nylon: nylon

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