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fa: fa; fah
fabada: Asturian stew made of beans, pork sausage and bacon
fábrica: factory; works; mill; plant; manufacture; fabrication; invention; building; masonry; fábrica de papel: paper mill; fábrica de cerveza: brewery
fabricación: manufacture; manufacturing; fabrication; make
fabricante: manufacturer; maker; factory owner
fabricar: to manufacture; to make; to build; to construct; to fabricate; to make up; to invent; to forge
fábula: legend; fable; story; rumour; gossip; mythology
fabuloso: mythical; fabulous; fantastic; fictitious; enormous; extraordinary
faca: curved knife; large pointed knife
facción: faction; insurgent party; action; combat; facciones: features
faceta: facet; side
facha: appearance; look; mess; ridiculous figure; sight; fright; fascist
fachada: façade; front; exterior; appearance
facial: facial; intuitive
fácil: easy; likely; easy-going; fluent; frail; wanton; easily
facilidad: ease; easiness; aptitude; facility; facilidades: facilities
facilitar: to facilitate; to make easy; to expedite; to make possible; to provide; to supply; to furnish
facón: large knife; gaucho's knife
facsímil, facsímile: facsimile
factible: feasible; practicable
fáctico: factual; poderes fácticos: the church, military and press
factor: factor; agent; luggage clerk
factoría: factory; agency; factorage
factorial: factorial
factótum: factotum
factual: factual
factura: invoice; bill; facture; execution; pastries
facturación: turnover; net revenue; checking-in; registration; invoicing; billing
facturar: to bill; to invoice; to turn over; to check in; to register; to remit by rail
facultad: faculty; ability; skill; power; right; authority; permission
facultar: to authorize; to empower
facultativo:> facultative; optional; professional; medical; doctor; physician; surgeon
faena: task; work; job; toil; passes performed by bullfighter using his cape
faenar: to fish; to work
fagocito: phagocyte
fagot: bassoon; bassoonist
faisán: pheasant
faja: girdle; sash; cummerbund; corset; strip; belt; girder; newspaper wrapper; stripe; band; zone; fascia
fajín: sash
fajo: wad; bundle; sheaf; roll
falacia: deceit; trick; fallacy; deception; deceitfulness
falange: phalanx; phalange
falaz: false; deceitful; deceptive; fallacious
falda: skirt; lap; slope; mountainside; brisket; plate; brim; falda escocesa: kilt
faldón: tail; folds; shawl; flap; triangular slope of roof; mantel of chimney
fálico: phallic
falla: fault; defect; flaw; break; Fallas: celebrations in valencia during which cardboard figures are burnt
fallar: to pass sentence on; to judge; to award; to get wrong; to miss; to fail; to go wrong; to give way; to break
fallecer: to pass away; to die; to decease
fallecimiento: decease; death; demise
fallido: unsuccessful; ineffectual; irrecoverable; uncollectable; bankrupt; abortive
fallo: mistake; miss; fault; verdict; ruling; decision
fallutería: hypocrisy
falluto: two-faced
falo: phallus
falsear: to falsify; to distort; to forge; to counterfeit; to slant a surface; to give way; to be out of tune
falsedad: falseness; falsehood; hypocrisy; lie; falsity
falsete: falsetto; head voice; plug; spigot; small communication door
falsificación: forgery; forging; fake; falsification
falsificador: forger; counterfeiter; falsifier; faker
falsificar: to forge; to fake; to counterfeit; to falsify
falso: false; untrue; forged; fake; counterfeit; sham; imitated; deceitful; insincere; treacherous; perfidious; vicious horse
falta: lack; want; shortage; absence; deficiency; fail; fault; infraction; mistake; error; foul; offence
faltar;: to be lacking; to be needed; to be absent or missing; to be necessary; to die; not to go; to be absent from; to be false to; to fail somebody; to break a promise
falto: lacking; short; devoid; wanting
faltón: disrespectful; rude
fama: fame; reputation; renown; rumor
famélico: starving; famished; hungry
familia: family; household; relatives; kin
familiar: family; friendly; overly familiar; informal; relative; relation
familiaridad: familiarity
familiarizar: to familiarize
familiarizarse: to familiarize oneself; to get used to; to get to know
famoso: famous
fan: fan
fanático: fanatical; fanatic; fan
fanatismo: fanaticism
fandango: fandango; row
fanega: measure of volume or land
fanfarria: bragging; bravado; boast; fanfare; brass band
fanfarrón: boastful; show-off; swaggerer; braggart; boaster
fanfarronada: boast; fanfaronade; swagger
fanfarronear: to boast; to show off; to bluster; to swagger
fango: mud; mire
fangosidad: muddiness
fangoso: muddy; miry
fantasear: to fantasize; to daydream; to fancy; to imagine; to boast
fantasía: imagination; fancy; fantasy; imitation; vanity; airs; conceit
fantasioso: fantasizing; vain; conceited; vain
fantasma: ghost; phantom; apparition; vision; illusion; show-off; bighead
fantasmagórico: ghostly; phantasmagoric
fantástico: fantastic; very good; fanciful; vain; conceited
fantochada: ridiculous action
fantoche: puppet; marionette; jackanapes; ridiculous sight
faquir: fakir
farándula: theater; show business; troupe
farandulear: to boast; to brag
farandulero: wandering player; swindler; swindling
faraón: pharaoh
faraónico: pharaonic; very big
fardar: to show off; to be cool
fardo: bundle; bale; package
farfullar: to gabble; to splutter; to stutter; to stumble through
farináceo: farinaceous
faringe: pharynx
faringitis: sore throat; pharyngitis
fariseo: pharisee; hypocrite; hypocritical
farmacéutico: pharmaceutical; chemist; druggist; pharmacist; apothecary
farmacia: chemist's; pharmacy; drugstore
fármaco: drug; medicine
farmacología: pharmacology
farmacopea: pharmacopoeia
faro: lighthouse; beacon; headlight; headlamp
farol: street lamp; street light; lantern; lamp; bluff; boaster; show-off
farola: street lamp; street light; lamppost; harbour beacon
farolear: to show off; to boast; to brag
farolería: boastfulness
farolero: showing off; boasting; lamplighter; show-off; boaster
farolillo: Chinese lantern; small lantern; heartseed; farolillo rojo: bottom team or player
farra: lavaret; spree; revelry; binge
fárrago: mass; jumble; farrago; medley
farragoso: muddled; confused; disordered
farrear: to go on a binge; to carouse
farrero: carouser; reveler; carousing; reveling
farruco: cheeky; cocky; bold; fearless
farsa: farce; empty show; mockery; humbug; company of actors
farsante: deceitful; impostor; fraud; fake; farce player; hypocrite
farsear: to fool around
farsista: writer of farces; farceur
fascículo: part; instalment; issue; fascicle
fascinación: fascination; bewitching; spell
fascinante: fascinating
fascinar: to fascinate; to captivate; to bewitch; to deceive
fascismo: fascism
fascista: fascist
fase: phase; stage
fastidiado: ill
fastidiar: to spoil; to ruin; to break; to annoy; to bother; to disturb; to cloy; to sicken
fastidiarse: to be ruined; to go wrong; to break down; to put up with; to be disappointed
fastidio: nuisance; bother; annoyance; distaste; nausea; boredom
fastidioso: annoying; bothersome; irritating; cloying; tedious; tiresome
fasto: auspicious; happy; splendour
fastos: celebrations
fastuosidad: pomp; splendour
fastuoso: lavish; sumptuous; splendid; pompous; magnificent
fatal: fatal; terrible; awful; inevitable; terribly; very badly; destructive; unpostponable
fatalidad: fate; destiny; misfortune; mischance; fatality
fatalismo: fatalism
fatalista: fatalist; fatalistic
fatídico: fateful; ominous; fatidic
fatiga: tiredness; fatigue; hard breathing; fatigas: hardships; troubles; difficulties; pains; anguish
fatigar: to tire; to weary; to fatigue; to annoy; to harass
fatigarse: to get weary; to get tired
fatigoso: tiring; fatiguing; wearisome; hard
fatuidad: fatuous remark or act; conceit; vanity
fatuo: conceited; fatuous; half-witted
fauces: fauces; mouth; jaws
fauna: fauna
fauno: faun
fausto: fortunate; lucky; luxury; splendor
favor: favour; service; support; help; succour; accomodation; a favor de: por; in favour of
favorable: favourable; advantageous
favorecer: to favour; to favor; to suit; to help; to aid
favoritismo: favouritism; favoritism
favorito: favourite; preferred; best-liked; pet
fax: fax
faz: face; visage; aspect; obverse
fe: faith; assurance; certification; fe de erratas: errata
fealdad: ugliness; hideousness; badness; foulness
febrero: February
febrífugo: febrifuge
febril: feverish; febrile; hectic
fecal: faecal; fecal
fecha: date; day
fechador: date stamp; postmark
fechar: to date
fecho: done; executed
fechoría: misdeed; villainy; misdemeanour; misdemeanor
fécula: starch; fecula
fecundación: fertilization; fecundation
fecundar: to fecundate; to fertilize
fecundidad: fertility; fecundity; productiveness
fecundizar: to make fertile; to fertilize
fecundo: fertile; prolific; abundant
federación: federation
federal: federal; federalistic
federalista: federalist
federar: to federate; to federalize
federarse: to federate
fehaciente: irrefutable; proven; authentic
feldespato: feldspar
felicidad: happiness; felicity; good fortune; felicidades: congratulations; happy birthday; best wishes
felicitación: felicitation; congratulation
felicitar: to congratulate; to felicitate; to wish joy to
feligrés: parishioner
feligresía: parish, parishioners
felino: feline
feliz: happy; fortunate; good; felicitous
felonía: perfidy; treachery; felony
felpa: plush; drubbing; reprimand; beating
felpado: plush
felpar: to cover with plush
felpo: mat; rug
felposo: plush; velvety
felpudo: doormat; plushy
femenino: female; women's; feminine
femineidad: femininity
feminismo: feminism
feminista: feminist; feministic
femoral: femoral
fémur: femur; thighbone
fenecer: to conclude; to finish; to die; to come to an end
fenicio: Phoenician
fénico: phenic; carbolic
fénix: phoenix
fenobarbital: phenobarbital
fenol: phenol
fenomenal: phenomenal; great; wonderful; enormous; very well
fenómeno: phenomenon; freak of nature; prodigy; fantastic; superb; really well
feo: ugly; plain; homely; unbecoming; bad; dirty; serious; alarming; slight; affront
féretro: coffin; casket; bier
feria: fair; deal; agreement; rest; feria de muestras: trade fair
feriado: día feriado: holiday
ferial: fair; fairground; ferial
feriante: fairgoing; fairgoer; stallholder; exhibitor
ferino: fierce; ferocious
fermentación: fermentation
fermentar: to ferment
fermento: ferment
fermio: fermium
ferocidad: ferocity
feroz: ferocious; fierce; ravenous
ferrar: to plate or trim with iron
férreo: ferrous; rail; railway; iron; strong; harsh; severe
ferretería: hardware store; ironmonger's; ironmongery
ferretero: hardware dealer; ironmonger
férrico: ferric
ferrocarril: railway; railroad
ferroso: ferrous
ferroviario: rail; railway; railway worker
ferry: ferry
fértil: fertile; abundant in
fertilidad: fertility; abundance
fertilizante: fertilizer; fertilizing
fertilizar: to fertilize
ferviente: ardent; fervent; fervid
fervor: fervour; fervor
fervoroso: fervent
festejar: to celebrate; to fête; to feast; to court; to woo; to beat; to trash
festejo: festivity; celebration; fête; courting; wooing
festín: feast; banquet
festival: festival
festividad: festivity; feast; celebration; holiday; humour
festivo: festive; public holiday; humorous; witty; merry; joyful
festón: festoon; scalloped border
festonear: to festoon
feta: slice
fetal: foetal; fetal
fetén: great; fantastic
fetiche: fetish
fetichismo: fetishism
fetichista: fetishist; fetishistic
fetidez: stench; fetidness
fétido: foul-smelling; fetid
feto: foetus; fetus
feúcho: ugly
feudal: feudal; feudalistic
feudalismo: feudalism
feudo: feud; fief; fiefdom; vassalage; sphere of influence
fez: fez
fiable: reliable; dependable; trustworthy; responsible
fiado: on credit; trusting
fiador: guarantor; surety; bail; safety cord; strap; catch; pawl
fiambre: cold meat; stale; corpse; stiff; estar hecho fiambre: to be exhausted
fiambrera: food container; lunch box
fiambrería: delicatessen
fianza: bail; guaranty; security; bond; guarantor
fiar: to answer for; to give credit; to vouch for; to trust; to sell on credit
fiarse: to trust; to rely on
fiasco: fiasco; failure
fibra: grain; vigor; energy; vein; staple
fibre: fiber; fibre; staple; grain; energy; vigour; stamina
fibrocemento: asbestos cement
fibroma: fibroma
fibroso: fibrous
ficción: fiction
ficha: counter; domino; chip; token; ticket; number; index card; exercise sheet
fichaje: signing
fichar: to open a file on; to clock in; to clock out; to sign up
fichero: file; filing cabinet; card index; archive
ficticio: fictitious
ficus: rubber plant
fidedigno: trustworthy; reliable
fideicomisario: trustee; fiduciary
fideicomiso: trusteeship; fideicommissum
fidelidad: fidelity; faithfulness; loyalty; fealty; accuracy
fideo: noodle; vermicelli; estar como un fideo: to be very thin
fiduciario: fiduciary; trustee
fiebre: temperature; fever; bug; excitement; agitation; fiebre intermitente: ague; fiebre tifoidea: typhoid; fiebre aftosa: foot-and-mouth disease; murrain
fiel: faithful; loyal; true; trustworthy; accurate; believer; needle; pointer; accurate
fieltro: felt
fiera: beast; wild animal; ace; cruel person
fiereza: fierceness; cruelty; ferocity; ugliness
fiero: fierce; ferocious; cruel; wild; ugly; hideous; great; violent; intense; rough; rude
fierro: iron; small change
fiesta: party; holiday; festival; feast; merrymaking; endearment; caress
figura: figure; drawing; picture card; face card; whizz; ace; note
figuración: imagination; imagining; fancy; figuration
figurado: figurative; figured; represented; imagined
figurante: extra; figurant
figurar: to be; to appear; to represent; to depict; to feign; to be counted among
figurarse: to imagine; to fancy
figurín: sketch; fashion magazine; ir hecho un figurín: to look smart
figurón: large figure; show-off; pretentious nobody
fijación: fixation; obsession; fixing; appointment
fijador: hair gel; hair spray; fixing; fixer; fixative
fijar: to fix; to attach; to concentrate; to establish; to set; to nail
fijarse: to notice; to pay attention; to notice; to observe; to set
Fiji: Fiji
fijo: fixed; attached; regular; firm; immovable; set; intent; fast; stationary; definitely; for sure
fila: line; row; tier; rank; dislike; hatred; en fila india: single file; en fila: in a row
filacteria: phylactery
Filadelfia:> Philadelphia
filamento: filament
filantropía: philanthropy
filántropo: philanthropic
filarmónica: philharmonic orchestra
filarmónico: philharmonic
filatelia: stamp collecting; philately
filatélico: stamp-collecting; philatelic; philatelist
filete: sirloin; fillet; listel; narrow hem; border
filiación: filiation; personal details; sympathies
filial: filial; branch; affiliated; subsidiary
filibustero: filibuster; freebooter
filigrana: filigree; watermark; delicate work
filípica: diatribe
Filipinas: Philippines
filipino: Philippine
filisteo: Philistine; tall and corpulent fellow
filmación: filming
filmar: to film
filme: movie; film
filmina: transparency
filmografía: filmography
filmoteca: film library; movie library
filo: edge; hunger
filología: philology
filólogo: philologist
filón: seam; vein; lode; mine
filosofal: piedra filosofal: philosopher's stone
filosofar: to philosophize
filosofía: philosophy
filosófico: philosophic; philosophical
filósofo: philosopher
filoxera: phylloxera
filtración: filtration; leak; leakage
filtrar: to filtrate; to filter; to leak; to percolate
filtrarse: to filter; to leak out; to ooze out
filtro: filter; percolator; filtro solar: sun block
fimosis: phimosis
fin: end; objective; aim; purpose; fin de año: New Year's Eve
finado: deceased; late
final: final; last; end; ultimate; finale
finalidad: purpose; objective; end; finality
finalista: finalist
finalizar: to finish; to end; to conclude
financiación: financing; finance
financiar: to finance; to back
financiera: finance company
financiero: financial; financier
finanzas: finances
finca: estate; property; country house
finés: Finnish; Finn
fingir: to pretend; to feign; to simulate; to sham; to act; to affect; to counterfeit; to dissemble; to fake; to personate; to pretence; to put on
fingirse: to pretend to be
finiquito: settlement; acquittance
finito: finite
finlandés: Finnish; Finn
Finlandia: Finland
fino: thin; refined; elegant; soft; acute; pure; sheer; slender; polite; shrewd; subtle; nice; fino
finolis: affected
finta: feint
finura: fineness; quality; refinement; acuteness; sharpness; politeness; courtesy
fiordo: fiord
firma: signature; subscription; hand; firm; company
firmamento: firmament
firmante: signatory; signer; subscriber
firmar: to sign; to subscribe
firme: strong; firm; adamant; assertive; steadfast; fast; foursquare; hard; ironclad; road surface; roadway; roadbed; secure; single-minded; solid; staunch; steady; stern; stout; sturdy; trig; unswerving; unwavering; out and out; tierra firme: mainland; firmes: attention; mantente firme: hang in there
firmeza: firmness
fiscal: tax; fiscal; prosecuting; public prosecutor
fiscalía: public prosecutor's office
fiscalizar: to control; to inspect; to pry into
fisco: fisc; fisk; state treasury; tax authorities
fisgar: to snoop; to pry; to peep; to smell out; to fish
fisgón: nosy; snooper; prier; peeper
fisgonear: to snoop; to keep prying into other's business
física: physics
físico: physical; physicist; physique; looks
fisiología: physiology
fisiológico: physiological
fisiólogo: physiologist
fisión: fission
fisioterapeuta: physiotherapist
fisioterapia: physiotherapy
fisonomía: physiognomy; appearance; features; face
fisonómico: physiognomic; physignomical
fisonomista: physiognomist; one who has a good memory for faces
fístula: fistula; tube
fistular: fistular
fisura: fissure; crack
fitófago: phytophagous
fitografía: phytography
fitopatología: plant pathology
flabelífero: fan-carrying
flabelo: flabellum
flaccidez: flaccidity; flabbiness
fláccido: flaccid; flabby
flácido: flaccid
flaco: thin; lean; lank; meagre; weak; feeble; frail
flacucho: rather lean; thinnish
flacura: leanness; thinness; weakness; feebleness
flagelación: flagellation; whipping; scourging
flagelado: flagellate
flagelante: flagellant
flagelar: to flagellate; to whip; to scourge; to lash; to flay
flagelo: whip; scourge; affliction; flagellum
flagrante: flagrant; gross; blazing; flaming; en flagrante delito: in the very act
flama: flame; reverberation
flamante: radiant; bright; flaming; brand-new; new
flambear: to flambé
flamear: to blaze; to burn; to flap; to flutter
flamen: flamen
flamenco: Flemish; flamenco; flamingo; insolent
flamenquería: swagger
flamígero: flaming; flamboyant
flámula: streamer; pennon
flan: flan; solid custard; crème caramel
flanco: flank; side
flanela: franela
Flandes: Flanders
flanquear: to flank
flanqueo: flanking
flaquear: to weaken; to give way; to lose strength; to lose heart; to be weak
flaqueza: skinniness; thinness; leanness; emaciation; weakness; frailty; failing
flash: flash
flato: flatulence; wind; sadness
flatoso: subject to flatus
flatulencia: flatulence
flatulento: flatulent
flauta: flute; flautist; flutist; recorder
flautado: flute; flutelike
flauteado: flutelike; sweet
flautín: piccolo; octave flute
flautista: flutist; flautist
flavo: flavid; golden yellow
flébil: sad; tearful; plaintive
flebitis: phlebitis
flecha: arrow; flèche; spire; sweepback; deflection; como una flecha: like a shot
flechadura: ratlines
flechar: to fit an arrow to the bow; to wound or kill with arrows; to inspire sudden love
flechazo: arrow wound; love at first sight
fleco: fringe; tassel; frayed edge; loose end
flema: phlegm; sang-froid; calmness; slowness
flemático: phlegmatic; imperturbable
flemón: gumboil; phlegmon
flequillo: fringe; bangs
fletar: to charter; to hire; to freight
flete: freightage; haulage; cargo; freight; fast horse
flexibilidad: flexibility
flexible: flexible; pliant; lithe; supple; cord; flex; soft hat; adaptable; amenable; elastic; fluid; limber
flexión: press-up; push-up; squat; inflection; flexion; bending
flexionar: to flex; to bend
flexo: adjustable reading lamp
flipar: to turn on; to send; to amaze; to have a great time
flirtear: to flirt
flirteo: flirtation
flojear: to slack; to weaken; to lose strength
flojera: lethargy; laxity; weakness; slackness; carelessness
flojo: loose; weak; poor; lazy; flaccid; light
flor: flower; blossom; bloom; cream; elite; floss; a card game; echar flores: to flatter; en flor: abloom
flora: flora
floración: flowering; florescence
floral: floral
floreado: flowery
florecer: to flower; to bloom; to blossom; to flourish; to prosper
floreciente: thriving; flourishing; flowering; abloom
florecimiento: flowering; prospering; flourishing
Florencia: Florence
florentino: Florentine
floreo: idle talk; idle compliment; act of vibrating the sword; continuous flourish on the guitar
florería: florist's
florero: vase; flower pot; flower seller
florescencia: efflorescence; florescence
floresta: pleasant woods or grove; glade; beauty spot; anthology
florete: foil; fencing foil
floretear: to flower; to fence with foil
floretista: fencer
florezco, florezca: florecer
floricultor: floriculturist; flower-grower
floricultura: flower growing; floriculture
florido: full of flowers; flowery; florid; blossomy; florid; choice; select
florífero: floriferous
florilegio: florilegium; anthology
florín: guilder; florin
florión: boastful; braggart
floripondio: big flower; rethorical flourish; extravagant figure; effeminate person; pansy; lily of the valley
florista: florist; flower seller
floristería: florist's
florístico: botanical; floral
florituras: excessive ornamentation; floweriness
florón: rosette; fleuron; glorious feat; big flower
flósculo: floscule; cada una de las flores que forman parte de una cabezuela
flota: fleet; shipping; long-distance bus; lot; crowd; heap
flotación: flotation; floating
flotador: rubber ring; armband; float; floater; ballcock
flotante: floating; hanging loose; braggart
flotar: to float; to flutter; to flap; to wave; to hang loose
flote: flotation; a flote: afloat
flotilla: flotilla; small fleet
flou: soft focus
flox: phlox
fluctuación: fluctuation; wavering
fluctuante: fluctuating; fluctuant; floating
fluctuar: to fluctuate; to waver; to hesitate; to totter
fluencia: flowing; running; source; spring
fluente: flowing; running; fluid
fluidez: fluidity; fluency; fluidness; flowingness
fluido: fluid; free-flowing; fluent; power; electric current
fluir: to flow; to run
flujo: flow; flux; incoming tide; discharge
flujograma: flow chart
fluminense: inhabitant of Río de Janeiro
flúor: fluorine; fluoride
fluoración: fluoridation
fluorescencia: fluorescence
fluorescente: fluorescent
fluorización: fluoridation
fluorizar: to fluoridate
fluoruro: fluoride
flus: suit of clothes
flute: champagne glass
fluvial: fluvial; river; freshwater
flux: flush; suit of clothes
fluxión: fluxion; cold in the head
fluvial: fluvial; river
fobia: phobia; dislike
fóbico: phobic
foca: seal; very fat person; lazy individual
focal: focal
focalizar: to focus; to focus on; to get into focus
focha: coot
foche: smelly; pongy
focino: goad for elephants
foco: focus; focal point; source; spotlight; floodlight; streetlamp; light bulb
fodolí: meddlesome
fodongo: filthy; lazy; bone-idle
foete: whip
fofadal: bog; quagmire
fofera: flabbiness
fofo: flabby; soft; spongy; fluffy; fat; plump
fofoscientos: umpteen
fogaje: scorching heat; sultry weather; heat rash; flush; fluster; fire; blaze
fogarada, fogarata: blaze; bonfire
fogaril: cresset
fogata: bonfire; blaze; fougasse
fogón: hearth; stove; range; firebox; bonfire; vent
fogonadura: mast-hole
fogonazo: flash; flare; explosion; coffee with spirits added
fogonero: fireman; stoker; chauffeur
fogosidad: fire; spirit; mettle; dash; verve; vehemence
fogoso: spirited; fierce; mettlesome; ardent; vehement
fogueado: expert; experienced; weary
foguear: to scale a gun; to fire on; to accustom to the discharge of firearms; to cauterize
foguearse: to gain experience; to become hardened; to have one's baptism of fire
fogueo: bala de fogueo: blank ammunition
foguerear: to burn off; to set light to
foguista: stoker; fireman
foie-grass: foie gras
foja: European coot
foil: foil
folclore: folklore
folclórica: singer of traditional Spanish music
folclórico: traditional; folk
folgo: foot muff
folia: light popular music; Portuguese dance
foliáceo: foliaceous
foliación: foliation; page numbering
foliar: to foliate; to folio; to number the pages of
folicular: follicular
foliculario: pamphleteer; news writer
folículo: follicle
folio: folio; sheet of paper; tip
foliolo: foliole
folk: folk
folklore: folklore
folklórico: traditional; folk
follada: fuck
follado: petticoat
follador: fond of screwing; fornicator
follaje: foliage; leaves; leafage; gaudy ornament; bombast; fucking; screwing
follar: to fuck; to screw; to blow with bellows
folletería: leaflets
folletín: newspaper serial; melodrama; sopa-opera
folletinesco: serial; romantic; sensational
folletinista: serial writer
folletista: pamphleteer
folleto: leaflet; brochure; booklet; pamphlet; tract
follín: bad-tempered individual
follisca: confusion; shindy; brawl
follón: fuss; rumpus; mess; hubbub; lazy; arrogant; petticoat; drinking bout
follonarse: to fart silently
follonero: outrageous; provoking; rowdy; trouble-making; boisterous; rowdy element; rebel
fome: boring; dull
fomentación: fomentation; poultice
fomentar: to promote; to foster; to encourage; to found
fomento: promotion; fostering; encouragement; fomentation
fonación: phonation; uttering of voice
fonda: inn; tavern; boarding-house; cheap restaurant
fondeadero: anchorage; berth
fondeado: anchored
fondear: to anchor; to sound; to search; to examine closely; to throw into the sea; to rape
fondearse: to get rich; to get drunk
fondeo: searching; anchorage
fondero: innkeeper; restaurant owner
fondillos: seat of trousers; bottom
fondista: long-distance runner; innkeeper
fondo: bottom; essence; back; background; content; nature; disposition; collection; stamina; fund; kitty
fondón: big-bottomed; broad in the beam; weighty; fat
fondongo: bottom
fonducha: cheap restaurant
fonducho: cheap eating house
fondue: fondue
fonema: phoneme
fonémico: phonemic
fonendoscopio: stethoscope
fonética: phonetics
fonético: phonetic
fonetista: phonetician
foniatra: speech therapist
foniatría: speech therapy
fónico: phonic
fonje: soft; spongy
fono: earpiece; telephone number; phone
fonocaptor: pickup
fonográfico: phonographic
fonógrafo: phonograph; gramophone
fonograma: phonogram
fonolita: phonolite
fonología: phonology
fonológico: phonological
fonoscopio: phonoscope
fonoteca: record library; sound archive
fontana: spring; fountain
fontanal: fontal; spring; source; place abounding in springs
fontanar: spring; source
fontanela: fontanelle; fontanel
fontanería: plumbing; pipelaying; water supply system; plumber's shop
fontanero: plumber; pipelayer; back-room boy; investigator of leaks
footing: jogging
foque: jib
foquismo: theory of guerrilla war advocated by Che Guevara
foquillos: fairy-lights
forajido: outlaw; bandit; malefactor; desperado
foral: pertaining to the rights and privileges of a region; pertaining to a special jurisdiction
forámen: foramen; hole
foráneo: foreign; strange; outside
forasta: forastero
forastero: foreign; outside; foreigner; outsider; guest; visitor
forcejear: to struggle; to strive; to contend with
forcejeo: struggle; strife; struggling; floundering
forcejudo: tough; strong; powerful
fórceps: forceps
forcito: little Ford
forense: forensic; legal
forestación: afforestation
forestal: forest; forestal; woodland; tree
forestalista: owner of a woodland
forestar: to afforest
forfait: absence; non-appearance; withdrawal; flat rate
fori: hankie; handkerchief
forito: old car; old crock
forja: forge; forging; ironworks; foundry
forjado: framework; wrought; forged
forjador: forger; inventer
forjar: to forge; to create; to build; to invent; to shape; to make
forjarse: to create; to build up; forjarse ilusiones: to have false hopes
forma: form; shape; style; way; method; host; formas: social conventions
formación: formation; education; training; form; shape
formado: formed; grown
formaje: cheese mould
formal: formal; reliable; serious; explicit; earnest; dependable; dignified; adult; grown-up; well-behaved
formaldehido: formaldehyde
formaleta: bird trap
formalidad: formality; reliability; seriousness; exactitude; restraint; composure; gravity
formalina: formalin; formaline
formalismo: formalism; conventionalism; red tape; useless formalities
formalista: formalist; conventional; rigid; stickler for the regulations
formalito: prim and proper
formalizar: to make official; to regularize; to formalize; to formulate; to state; to grow serious; to take offence
formalizarse: to settle down; to become serious or earnest
formalote: stiff; serious
formar: to form; to shape; to fashion; to make; to frame; to model; to mould; to constitute; to make up; to train; to educate; to develop; to fall in; to draw up
formarse: to form; to grow; to develop; to become educated
formateado: formatting
formatear: to format
formateo: formatting
formativo: formative
formato: format
formero: side arch of a vault
fórmico: formic
formidable: wonderful; great; huge; enormous; formidable; fantastic; magnificent
formidoloso: timorous; frightful
formol: formalin; formol
formón: chisel
fórmula: formula; solution
formulación: formulation
formulaico: formulaic
formular: to formulate; to make; to express; to prescribe; to draw up; to make out; to frame; to pose
formulario: form; formulary; perfunctory; routine; ritual
formulismo: formulism; red tape; useless formalities
fornicación: fornication
fornicador: fornicator; adulterer; fornicating
fornicar: to fornicate; to fuck
fornicio: fornication
fornido: well-built; hefty; robust; sturdy
fornitura: furniture
foro: forum; debate; bar; back of stage; court of justice; legal profession
forofada: fans; supporters
forofismo: volume of support
forofo: supporter; fan
forrado: lined; covered; very rich
forraje: fodder; forage; foraging; hotchpotch; mixture
forrajeador: forager
forrajear: to gather forage; to forage
forrajera: shako guard
forrajero: used for fodder
forrapelotas: rotter; berk; idiot
forrar: to cover; to line; to plank; to pad; to upholster; to lag
forrarse: to make a fortune; to stuff oneself; to stock up
forro: cover; lining; sheathing; planking; tyre; sheath; swindle; fraud; aptitude
forsitia: forsythia
fortacho: strongly-built car; good car; old car; old crock
fortachón: strong; well-built; tough; sturdy; burly
fortalecedor: fortifying; strengthening
fortalecer: to strengthen; to make stronger; to fortify; to encourage
fortalecerse: to become stronger; to grow strong
fortalecimiento: fortification; strengthening; fortification; encouragement
fortaleza: fortress; stronghold; strength; vigour; fortitude; resolution; stench
fortalezca, fortalezco: fortalecer
fortificable: fortifiable
fortificación: fortification
fortificante: fortifying; fortifier; tonic
fortificar: to fortify; to strengthen
fortín: small fort; pillbox; bunker; blockhouse
fortísimo: very strong; fortissimo
fortuitamente: by chance
fortuito: fortuitous; chance; accidental
fortuna: luck; fortune; success; chance; fate; wealth
fortunón: great fortune; pile
fórum: foro
forúnculo: boil; furuncle
forzado: forced; compelled; constrained; strained; compulsory
forzador: forcer; ravisher; violator
forzamiento: forcing; ravishing; violation
forzar: to force; to compel; to constrain; to break; to storm; to take; to ravish; to rape; to violate
forzoso: compulsory; obligatory; necessary; unavoidable
forzudo: strong; strapping; vigorous; brawny; thug; tough guy
fosa: hole; pit; grave; sepulture; trench; trough; cavity; fossa; chasm; wide gap; fosas nasales: nostrils; fosa séptica: septic tank
fosar: to dig a ditch round
fosco: sullen; frowning; dark; wild; disordered
fosfatina: estar hecho fosfatina: to be exhausted
fosfato: phosphate
fosfaturia: phosphaturia
fosforecer: to phosphoresce; to glow
fosforera: matchbox; match factory
fosforescencia: phosphorescence
fosforescente: phosphorescent
fosfórico: phosphoric
fósforo: phosphorus; match; coffee laced with brandy; hothead; redhead
fosforoso: phosphorous
fosgeno: phosgene
fósil: fossil; fossilized; old crock; old square
fosilizado: fossilized
fosilizarse: to become fossilized; to fossilize
foso: moat; ditch; fosse; foss; hole; pit; trench
foto: photo; picture
fotocopia: photocopy
fotocopiadora: photocopier
fotocopiar: to photocopy
fotoeléctrico: photoelectric
fotofobia: photophobia
fotogénico: photogenic
fotografía: photography; photograph
fotografiar: to photograph
fotográfico: photographic
fotógrafo: photographer
fotomatón: photo-booth
fotómetro: light meter
fotomontaje: photomontage
fotón: photon
fotonovela: photostory
fotosíntesis: photosynthesis
fototeca: photograph library
foxterrier: fox terrier
frac: full-dress coat; tails
fracasado: failed; unsuccessful; failure
fracasar: to fail; to be unsuccessful; to fall through
fracaso: failure; unsuccess; disaster; calamity; abortion
fracción: fraction; part
fraccionar: to divide; to slit; to break up; to fraction; to fractionate
fraccionarse: to divide; to split
fractura: fracture; breaking
fracturar: to fracture; to break
fracturarse: to fracture; to break
fragancia: fragance
fragante: fragrant
fraganti: in fraganti: red-handed
fragata: frigate
frágil: fragile; brittle; breakable; weak; frail
fragilidad: frailty; fragility; brittleness
fragmentar: to fragment; to break into fragments
fragmentarse: to break into pieces
fragmentario: fragmentary
fragmento: fragment; piece
fragor: clamour; clamor; noise; roar; crash; thunder
fragua: forge
fraguar: to forge; to fabricate; to concoct; to plan; to plot; to hatch; to harden; to set; to succeed
fraile: friar; monk
frailecillo: puffin; lapwing
frambuesa: raspberry
francés: French; Frenchman; blow job
Francia: France
franciscano: grey friar; Franciscan
francmasón: freemason; mason
francmasonería: freemasonry
franco: frank; sincere; above-board; cordial; notable; clear; free; franc
francófilo: francophile
francófono: French-speaker; francophone
francotirador: sniper; sharpshooter
franela: flannel; duster
franja: strip; band; stripe
franquear: to stamp; to frank; to pass; to cross; to free
franquearse: to open one's heart
franqueo: postage
franqueza: frankness; candour; freedom; liberty
franquicia: exemption; franchise; privilege
franquismo: the Franco era
frasco: small bottle; vial; flask
frase: sentence; expression; phrase
fraternal: fraternal; brotherly
fraternidad: fraternity; brotherhood
fraternizar: to get on well; to fraternize
fraterno: fraternal; brotherly
fratricida: fratricide
fraude: fraud
fraudulento: fraudulent
fray: brother
frazada: blanket
frecuencia: frequency; con frecuencia: frequently
frecuentar: to visit; to frequent; to practice
frecuente: frequent; common; usual
fregadero: sink; scullery
fregado: difficult; tricky; annoying; cleaning; moping; fight; argument; mess; pain; nuisance
fregar: to scrub; to mop; to rub; to scour; to clean; to wash; to bother; to pester
fregón: dishcloth
fregona: mop; cleaner; kitchenmaid
freidora: deep-fat fryer
freiduría: fried-fish shop
freír: to fry; to bother; to pester
freírse: to roast; to fry
fréjol: bean
frenar: to brake; to curb; to restrain; to bridle
frenarse: to restrain oneself
frenazo: sudden braking
frenesí: frenzy; vehemence; distraction
frenético: frenzied; frenetic; furious; mad
frenillo: frenum; muzzle; tarred rope
freno: brake; bit; bridle; restraint; freno de mano: handbrake
frente: forehead; brow; front; face; obverse; abreast; de frente: forward; abreast; frente a: opposite; facing
fresa: strawberry; cutter; drill
fresar: to mill
fresca: cool; blunt remark
frescachón: healthy; robust
frescales: cheeky monkey; forward and careless person
fresco: cool; coolness; fresh; new; cheeky; bold; fresco
frescor: coolness; freshness
frescura: coolness; freshness; cheek; nerve; unconcern
fresno: ash tree; ash
fresón: large strawberry
fresquera: meat-safe
frialdad: coldness; coolness; calmness; indifference; unconcern; dullness; sang-froid
fricción: friction; rub; rubbing
friccionar: to rub
fríe: freír
friega: rub; rubbing; nuisance; scolding
friegaplatos: dishwasher
friego: fregar
frígida: frigid woman
frigidez: frigidity
frígido: frigid
frigorífico: refrigerator; fridge; refrigerated; cámara frigorífica: cold-storage room
frijol: bean; kidney bean
frío: cold; cool; frigid; calm; chill; indifferent; unmoved; unconcerned; abeigh; dull; coldness; primera persona del singular del presente de indicativo de freír
friolera: large amount; trifle
friolero: sensitive to the cold; chilly
frisa: frieze; fraise
frisar: to be getting on for; to be close to; to approach; to frieze; to frizz; to rub
friso: frieze; dado; mopboard; ornamental band on a wall; wainscot
fritada: fry; fried dish
fritanga: greasy fried food
frito: fried; fast asleep; worried to death; exasperated
fritura: fried dish
frivolidad: frivolity; frivolousness
frivolizar: to trivialize
frívolo: frivolous; trifling
fronda: frond; leaf; foliage
frondoso: leafy; luxuriant
frontal: frontal; head-on; head-to-head
frontera: border; frontier; boundary
fronterizo: border; frontier; facing; opposite
frontón: fronton; pediment; pelota court
frotar: to rub
frotarse: to rub
frotis: swab
fructífero: fruitful; profitable; fructiferous
fructificar: to be fruitful; to bear fruit; to fructify
fructosa: fructose
frugal: frugal
fruición: enjoyment; pleasure; fruition
frunce: gather; gathering
fruncido: gathered; tener el ceño fruncido: to frown
fruncir: to knit; to pucker; to gather; to wrinkle
fruslería: trifle; triviality
frustrante: frustrating
frustrar: to thwart; to frustrate; to baulk; to foil; to defeat
frustrarse: to come to nothing; to get frustrated; to miscarry; to fail; to fall through
fruta: fruit
frutal: fruit; fruit-bearing
frutería: fruit stall; fruiterer's
frutero: fruit bowl; fruiterer; fruit seller
frutilla: strawberry
fruto: fruit; yield; crop; result; consequence; frutos secos: nuts
fu: faugh; ni fu ni fa: neither one thing nor the other
fucsia: fuchsia
fue: preterit tense of ir; preterit tense of ser
fuego: fire; drumfire; light; beacon light; hearth; house; ring; passion; fuego fatuo: will-o'-the-wisp; fuegos artificiales: fireworks
fuel: fuel oil
fuelle: bellows; bag; folding carriage hood; fold; pucker; talebearer
fuente: fountain; spring; serving dish; platter; source; origin; font; issue
fuera: outside; out; without; away; out of town; preterit tense of ser; preterit tense of ir
fueraborda: outboard
fuero: right; privilege; charter; jurisdiction
fuerte: strong; intense; severe; loud; heavy; violent; forte; fort; fortress; hard; healthy; vigorous; good
fuerza: strength; force; power; duress; compulsion; violence; vigour; efficacy
fuerzo: forzar
fuese: preterit tense of ser; preterit tense of ir
fuete: whip; horsewhip
fuga: escape; flight; leak; leakage; elopement; ardour; fugue
fugacidad: fugacity
fugarse: to escape; to run away; to flee; to elope; to abscond
fugaz: brief; fleeting; fugacious; fugitive; transitory; estrella fugaz: shooting star
fugitivo: fleeing; fugitive; runaway
fui, fuiste: preterit tense of ser; preterit tense of ir
fulana: so-and-so; prostitute; tart; hooker; mistress; paramour
fulano: so-and-so; guy; bloke
fular: scarf; foulard
fulero: lying; cheating; poor; liar; crook; swindler
fulgor: glow; shine; light; brilliancy
fulgurante: shining; brilliant; glittering; flashing
fullería: cheating; trickery
fullero: cheating; double-crossing; cheat; cardsharp; sharper
fulminante: withering; immediate; instantaneous; sudden; explosive; fuse; detonator
fulminar: to fulminate; to thunder; ti hurl; to strike with lightning; fulminar con la mirada: to look daggers at somebody
fumadero: smoking room; fumadero de opio: opium den
fumador: smoker
fumar: to smoke
fumarse: to smoke; to blow; to spend; to skip
fumarola: fumarole
fumigación: fumigation
fumigar: to fumigate; to spray
funámbulo: funambulist; ropewalker
función: function; duty; performance; show; action; battle; en funciones: acting
funcional: functional
funcionamiento: operation; functioning; working; running
funcionar: to operate; to function; to work; to run
funcionario: civil servant; functionary; government employee; funcionario de prisiones: prison officer
funda: cover; case; pillowcase; holster; sheath; sleeve; envelope; slip
fundación: foundation; establishing; founding
fundado: well-founded
fundador: founder; founding
fundamental: fundamental; basic; foundation
fundamentar: to base; to lay the foundations of
fundamentarse: to stand; to be based
fundamento: basis; foundation; ground; root; origin; seriousness; sense
fundar: to found; to establish; to base; to stand
fundarse: to be based
fundición: casting; smelting; foundry; cast iron; font
fundido: molten; smelting; fade-in
fundir: to smelt; to smelt; to cast; to fuse; to found; to unite; to bring together
fundirse: yo blow; to fuse; to burn out; to merge; to squander; to be ruined
fungicida: fungicide
fundo: ranch; land; country property
fúnebre: funeral; mournful; gloomy; sad
funeral: funeral; funeral pomp
funerala: with arms inverted; ojo a la funerala: black eye
funeraria: undertaker's; funeral parlour; funeral home
funerario: funeral; funerary
funesto: ill-fated; fatal; baneful; pernicious; unfortunate
funicular: funicular; cable car
furgón: van; wagon; boxcar; luggage van
furgoneta: van; pick-up truck
furia: fury; rage; force; fit of madness; hurry; speed; violence; Fury
furibundo: furious; livid; angry; choleric
furioso: furious; livid; violently insane; tremendous; excessive
furor: rage; fury; furor; enthusiasm; violence; vehemence; passion
furtivo: furtive; clandestine; cazador furtivo: poacher
furúnculo: boil; furuncle
fusa: demisemiquaver
fuselaje: fuselage
fusible: fuse; fusible
fusil: rifle; gun; musket; fusil submarino: harpoon gun
fusilamiento: execution by shooting
fusilar: to execute by shooting; to plagiarize
fusión: melting; fusion; thawing; amalgamation; merge
fusionar: to merge; to amalgamate; to unite
fusionarse: to be merged
fusta: crop; whip; brushwood; a woolen fabric; an ancient two-mast boat
fuste: shaft; fust; importance; consequence; wood; timber; saddle-tree
fustigar: to whip; to lash; to reprimand; to censure
futbito: five-a-side football
fútbol: football; soccer
futbolín: table football
futbolista: football player; soccer player
fútil: futile; unimportant; trivial; trifling
futurismo: futurism
futurista: futuristic; futurist
futuro: future; fiancé; fiancée
futurólogo: futurologist

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